Today’s post brings a quick heads-up that US shopping site Rue La La are hosting another sale on Pandora from tomorrow (Friday 21st October)! The sale offers significant discounts on retired Pandora products, and usually includes charms, jewellery and watches.

Rue La La got in touch with me ahead of time to let me know about two exciting things: firstly, there are brand new charms and jewellery included this time around! This is not just a relisting of charms from previous sales. The banner for this month’s sale is below, and I can see some amazing items included – the beautiful two-tone Happily Ever After Castle, the Frog Prince and a personal favourite of mine, the Royal Carriage, plus other beauties such as the Field of Daisies and the Forest Trinity bead (both on my list!).

pandora rue la la october 2016

Secondly comes some very good news for international fans: Rue La La now offer international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now! So it’s now much, much easier for us fans all around the world to go shopping on Rue La La. :D There’s more info on their website about how it all works. If you spend over $100 USD, then you only have to pay $9.95 USD to ship internationally.

The sale is due to start at 11am ET on tomorrow and it is currently listed on the Rue La La site.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my invite code to access the website. Happy shopping!

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      • Yes!! Soo Great!! Last month I got the bird song charm from them throgh a friend who was at US at that time! Now I can get them by my own! Hope I can find some thing worthy ! So excited!

        • The songbird is another of my favourites! <3 <3 Can't believe it's retiring. So glad that you got one too!

    • Charms in picture are not on sale. Same old charms with maybe 2-3 new iitems. Growing bored of Pandora on ruelala.

      • It is puzzling to not see all of the charms in the poster on sale, but there were way more than 2-3 new items – there were tons of things that Rue haven’t offered before! Fairy-tale beads, Scottie Dog, Cherry Blossom murano, the Peacock, Field of Daisies, Tropical orange flower murano, London Calling, to name just a handful! :) I actually picked up quite a few things I’d been waiting for <3

  1. Are the charms genuine Pandora charms? Bought a couple in their last sale but they don’t look real. Are they 100% real?

  2. Hmm, I still can’t seem to add a Canadian address, it’s still asking for my State. Any idea how to get around that?


  3. Hi! Do you know how Ruelala mark their packages (do they put the real value on there?) Because shipping to my country is pretty expensive and if I have to pay customs and handling on top of that it hardly seems worth buying from them ;)

    • Hi Laura! I’ve only ever had packages shipped within the US before, as a friend forwards them to me. On those, I don’t think they declare an external value. However, if they’re shipping internationally, I think by law they have to declare the value of the parcel I’m afraid :( so I guess you’ll have to weigh up whether or not it works out to be worth it! A lot of the value in this for some will be in snapping up some retired beads before they’re gone perhaps!

      • Thanks for your reply! I will definitely see what they’ve got but the fairytale charms haven’t been retired here yet and we’ve got sales twice a year when they are ^^

  4. Yes, I am very excited! I haven’t bought from a Rue sale in a while (probably over a year), but I have a long wishlist of the newly retired charms.

  5. I am excited to be able to shop at Rue La La for the first time! I am all confused with the time – I googled ET and am I right that 11am ET will be 4pm UK time? I don’t want to miss the start haha!

    • Yup, I have it down as being on for 4pm UK time :) I’m planning my tea break at work for then haha! If you log in to the Rue website and set your account as being British, then it usually gives you the local time that each sale starts in the ‘Coming Soon’ section. I just checked it and it does indeed say 4pm! :)

  6. Nice to be able to shop from outside the States!!!!!! It´s such a good news. Anyway, let´s see if it¨s worth, having to pay customs and so. many thanks for letting know:D

  7. I can’t see all the items shown on the pictures. Disappointed! I was hoping for the trinity dangle and the lion head! :(

  8. Hi Ellie, thanks for the heads up about the Rue La La sale. I was very excited to learn that they now ship internationally too. I had a good look at, all the items, and I am gutted to say that I decided not to buy anything. This is because by the time I have paid for postage, and then import taxes, it just wasnt worth it for me:(

    Anyway I am on sort of a ban not to buy anymore Pandora, cos I spent too much on the free bracelet promotion, and I have recently bought the care kit and the rose gold infinite shine charm.

    • Hi Ab! Aw, I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t worth it for you. They do offer reduced rates of shipping if you spend $100 USD, but I guess it depends on how much you would have wanted. I didn’t do the free bracelet promo so that I’d have the opportunity to indulge in this sale, and I did get quite a few bits and pieces I’d been waiting for :)

  9. I wonder why there were so many charms pictured for the sale that weren’t actually available for purchase. They didn’t have the star,sitting fairy, Laurel leaves, sparkling leaves or sparkling butterfly. But, despite that they did have a lot of great ones I didn’t expect. I got the unicorn, pink pave~ stars, moon dangle, mystic flowers, and the peacock.

    • It is strange! I would guess that they’ll be featured later on? Maybe in a later sale, so that it’s not always the same things being repeated over and over again in consecutive sales? Glad to hear you got some bargains! I got some muranos, a pave charm for my Christmas bracelet and the London Calling bead :D

  10. Hi! I agree with the others that it’s a little disappointing that some of the charms displayed in the poster were not featured in the sale. Regardless, I snagged some items I’ve been really wanting like the gold teddy bear and the prince frog. Thanks Ellie for keeping us informed about these promotions.

    • Yay, the Frog Prince is gorgeous! And going for gold is also very exciting. I keep trying to work myself up to it, but I think once I got one I’d want more! You are welcome, glad you were able to find some things :)

  11. I agree with others that the sale was a bit disappointing, as it did not feature some of the items from the picture. I did buy two charms though: the fairytale book–which I’ve wanted for a while–and the ‘Cheers’ glasses (an anniversary gift for my mom).

    • It is odd! I’ve emailed them to ask, although I don’t know if I’ll hear. The Fairytale Book is one of my favourite, favourite charms – lovely choice! <3 I adored that entire fairy-tale collection from 2013, it's so counterintuitive to see it being sold off at discount!

  12. I didn’t notice this sale until I saw Rue’s email several hours into the sale, surprisingly most were still available! I haven’t bought Pandora from Rue for myself for probably over a year, but I actually found charms I wanted today, so excited :-D I got the cow, safari, Black Friday Christmas Ornament, Purple CZ Butterfly dangle, and vintage allure charm. Some of those might have been offered before but I don’t really like to pay for the shipping unless I want a few things. My mom bought some too for herself so we are splitting the shipping <3

    Hope you got some great charms too Ellie!

    • I know, I think they must get more stock these days – back in the day, it used to be terrible trying to actually check out with anything before it sold out!

      So glad to hear you found things! :D Sounds like an amazing haul. The Black Friday bead was a nice surprise! I got a few things too – some muranos, the London Calling box among others. I’m still hoping that they’ll add the missing pieces from the banners at some point too :D

      • :-D Yeah, it’s nice it’s not such a rush, that was a little nerve wracking before! I went back on to check out the added items, I didn’t buy anything else but was surprised to see so many nice charms still available.

        Your haul sounds great too! Glad you were able to get your Forest Trinity and Pixie you wanted too <3 I love that Pixie, I bought her pretty early on in my Pandora collecting.

        I was kind of off Pandora, but this sale has gotten me into it again! I do wish they'd put out some more charms in the older style, I don't mind pave but I do like the cute figural charms better than ones that are more purely decorative. Or stop doing the same charm over and over in different colors!

  13. Thank you for the info… I got 4 charms: the song bird, carousel, easter bunny, and happily ever after. I start my first pandora bracelet last september, so I am so happy that I can get those retired charms from Rue la la (at such great price). And happily ever after is at top of my list, I am surprised that it’s on sale this time.

    • Oh lovely! You picked some beautiful beads – I have all of those myself, although I paid rather more for them back in the day. ^^ I don’t really understand how they have been retired, it’s baffling to me that they don’t sell!

  14. Hi Ellie!
    Thanks so much for the heads up concerning the Rue La La sale. I was amazed to see some of the beautiful, newly retired charms. There were actually quite a few that I liked. But, I have been spending a fair amount on charms as of late. I did manage to purchase the two tone open works Floral charm. (It actually looks like four leaf clovers). What a great deal for a two tone charm!

    At some point, I would like to purchase the Vintage Allure and the Carousel charms, but I have to budget accordingly. I’m making a trip to the Trollbeads Concept store tomorrow! Lol!

    I was also interested in the Wishing Star because that is the one charm from the original Celestial collection that I do not have! Mainly because of the original $80 price tag! Unfortunately, that one was not listed as of yet. As you have mentioned, perhaps in the near future?

    I can’t wait to see what you have purchased and how you will style your new charms! <3

    • Hi Carol! I’ve been abstaining (a little!) of late so that I could grab some things in this sale, (relatively) guilt free. I got that Floral charm in the UK sale. It is beautiful, and I have it on my classic two-tone bracelet, which is all pretty golds!

      It’s weird that it’s not included in the sale despite being on the poster! I see another commenter below has noted that they’ve since added the Laurel leaves dangle into the sale, so maybe they’ll keep adding new beads?

      Thanks Carol! I’m thinking about doing a haul post when they arrive… I feel like some of the older charms deserve showcasing as well as the new. ^^

  15. I checked up the sure and found so many charms i like. Due to budget constrain, i got the black friday charm, Rose gold light as feather and jewellery box charm. I still like the royal carriage, but since i got the cinderella pumpkin coach, i try to be sensible and unwillingly let go of it. The Easter bunny is also another that i have to let go. Maybe next time it will show up again. The shipping is about $13 to Aust when spend more than Usd$100. Pretty affordable. So happy that i can shop on ruelala now for retired charms.

    • You picked such nice things! The Black Friday charm was a nice surprise, but I already got one at the time. :) The Royal Carriage is gorgeous… maybe think about coming back for that one, haha. It’s one of my very favourite beads! I’m so glad that you are able to take part in the deals now, Pandora sales are the best ^^

  16. Hey! FYI. I just noticed that the Laurel leaves dangle charm is now on the Rue La La site; and it wasn’t at the start of the sale. It seems as though they may be adding new items here and there throughout the duration of the sale. I hope the trinity dangle shows up :)

    • Oooh thanks so much for the heads-up Kisha! Perhaps they’ll keep adding stuff as in you say… I need the Forest Trinity if they have it! ^^

      • They have Forest Trinity now. I believe Rue La La has every charms in the pic listed now. Thank you for such an awesome website.

    • There actually quite a few new charms and other pieces of jewelry that have been added! I just picked up the Sparkling Leaves charm and the Pink Fizzle Murano. Good think Rue offers free shipping for 30 days after you make an initial purchase!

      • Omg! You are so right! They have just about everything from the poster now in the sale….Lion head, trinity forest, sitting pixie fairy charm and the star. Ellie maybe you sending that email to the folks at Rue helped. Hope you get the trinity charm:)

        • I did get the Trinity charm, thank you! <3 So excited for all these latest goodies to arrive ^^

      • I saw! :D I got the Forest Trinity and the sitting pixie bead, both of which I’ve toyed with on and off for years.

  17. Hi Ellie,

    They did add the forest trinity. Hope you get it!

    I got the moss and the tree of life, 2 two tones I always wanted.

    • Hi Lisa! I did, thank you! So glad I finally have it, it’s been on my wish list for years.

      Lovely choices! I got the moss in a previous sale, it’s so simple but really beautiful.

  18. Actually, I’m glad there aren’t too many new charms in the sale because it makes it harder to decide what to get! Yesterday I ordered the blue/white pave Follow the Stars, Happily Ever After castle, and the Floral Heart Padlock. There are a few more I like, but I haven’t decided if I’ll order them or not. With no additional shipping charge I’m likely to buy more!

    • Well there were quite a few newbies in the end! I definitely ended up with more than I intended haha. I got the blue Follow the Stars as well – I’m wanting to make a blue mini Christmas bracelet this year, on a navy leather. My other two Christmas designs are red or red and green. :) Love your choices, the Floral Heart Padlock is gorgeous and perfect for one of your mini designs! And you should definitely go back for more :P

  19. The trinity forest, the only one I wanted and I was willing for paying rhe high taxes.. is not available.. don’t understand why the picture is there as if it is available but actually is not.. disappointed :(

  20. Hi Ellie, I checked out the Rue sale relatively late and was surprised at some of the listed items. I already own the king of the jungle (lion king) and pave swan, which are my favorites since they’re so well-designed. If anyone is on the fence about either one of those, I would highly recommend buying them! But I’m sad to see a lot of the fairytale charms go, and also the other simple silver animals as well.

    However, I decided to pick up the two-tone castle, the green CZ/two-tone birds charm, a plain spherical clip, and the carousel. Kind of a larger than average purchase for me but the prices are too good to pass up, and I’ve been eyeing most of those charms for a while now.

    Hope you and everyone else will enjoy their hauls :)

    • Hi Kris! Yes, they added more stuff yet again! The two-tone Solaris clips and Winter Wonderland clips were particularly exciting – but again, it leaves me wondering what on earth will be left in Pandora’s collections once all these beautiful beautiful beads go… :(

      Great haul! The Carousel and Castle are ones I already own and they are gorgeous. You will love them – I’m surprised that more isn’t selling out, as these are beads I would definitely be scrabbling to get before they’re gone. I guess Rue just have lots of stock!

      Thanks, Kris – and you! :)

      • I know, I thought things would be going quickly as well. In the past I have missed out on lots of charms because they sold out before I could purchase. But this time hardly anything sold out. I bet the next sale will be like that because it will be closer to Christmas. So I’m glad I got what I did. The castle is awesome, so is the wish list Christmas charm. I got some animal charms too!
        Oh, and I really enjoy all your posts and info. I usually know more about what’s coming out than my local jewelry store does. I live in a very small town in Alabama so there isn’t a Pandora store close by, I have to drive to Florida.

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