Today’s post brings a little extra Pandora AW16 preview, with a sneak peek at a new choker necklace that’s due out very soon! I hadn’t heard anything about this new piece until a couple of days ago, so I assume that it’s a later addition to Pandora’s line-up for this season.


To see what else is coming out with the Pandora Winter 2016 collection, have a scroll through my previews here – otherwise, read on for a sneak peek at this new necklace, plus details on pricing and availability!

Pandora Choker Necklace Preview

For their choker necklace, Pandora have opted for a simple black weave – the only thing to denote that it’s Pandora is the little silver tag with their logo at the clasp. It’s relatively inexpensive, at $30 USD or $35 CAD – it may well be exclusive to North America for now, as none of my sources from other countries have heard about this yet.

The necklace is 32 cm, but it has a sliding clasp and can be extended up to 38 cm. *EDIT* The choker is designed to hold 3-5 charms, although Pandora recommend trying one pendant or bead as a focal point.

Pandora Choker Necklace WInter 2016 Preview

I’m told that North American stores are able to order in this piece currently, and that will be out in a couple of weeks or so – I guess with the Winter 2016 collection launch (3rd November) or around then at least.

My Comment

The choker trend is very big right now, so I can understand why Pandora have added one into their collection to capitalise on this. The choker is pretty, but the only thing I wonder is how obvious the Pandora silver clasp and branding will be if you don’t have short hair or wear your hair up very often.

What do you think of this necklace? Would you try one?

36 Comments on Preview: Pandora Choker Necklace for Winter 2016

    • No, I don’t think so – think it’s just a plain choker! It looks a little flimsy, I don’t think you’d want to put the weight on it. perhaps just a single, small pendant would be nice!

    • Hi again! I was completely wrong as it turns out. I’ve just had it confirmed that the choker is designed up to 3-5 charms (although they recommend wearing it with a single pendant or focal bead, which is how I think it would look nicest too!). Sorry about that!

      • Thanks for the reply!! I think it might be interesting to put one charm on the center with one spacer on each side (although I love the idea of a single pendant too). I’m excited for this! But can’t really decide till I see it for myself :D Hope the choker does reach my country though. Thank you for asking!! Love your blog!! ^_^

        • You’re welcome! :D Maybe they’ll roll out the choker to more countries depending on how it does in North America. Love the idea of putting a spacer on either side of the charm, that would look really nice I think.

  1. This is very different for pandora I’m not sure about the shocker. I used to wear one when I was little and they first came around but not now. I think this will be a miss for me.

    • I never did wear one when I was younger, but I get tempted by some of the prettier ones these days! I’m not sure whether I’d splash out the extra for a Pandora one, especially as idk how long the choker trend will last for!

  2. I think Pandora is loosing it’s appeal with this kind of jewelry. They should stick to making their beautiful charms and chains. Pandora is a name associated with a style and when digress too much you loose the appeal.

    • It is a bit of a controversial one! I can understand them wanting to look fashion-forward and on trend, but I’m not sure whether people will pay the extra for a choker from Pandora. I guess we’ll see! <3

  3. Although the choker is a huge trend that’s won me over, I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I do wear black chokers with casual outfits, but I wish Pandora would have gone the more elegant route here, as there are a lot of great dressy chokers out there. This piece just doesn’t look that special to me and looks like it can be bought anywhere. The lack of branding really exacerbates this issue. I have to say, though, that I’m not surprised they are coming out with a choker. I follow quite a few Pandora store pages on Facebook and Instagram and have seen on multiple occasions stores suggesting how to wear their leather bracelets as chokers, as customers have come into the store asking if they have chokers. It seems like the demand is there,

    • I toy with chokers but have never gone for it yet! I think adding a pendant or something like that would make it look more special, but I think you’re right in that there are cheaper options that offer something similar.
      That’s interesting – I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to follow charm things on social media, but I will definitely check that out for some inspiration! The leather bracelet as a choker sounds like a really good alternative.

  4. I think it’s very pretty but chokers don’t suit me, and this reminds me too much of the elastic ones that were everywhere in the nineties. If this came out as a bracelet, I’d consider it :)

    • I have toyed with getting chokers before, but haven’t gone for it yet – I think I’d probably go for one that’s a bit cheaper to start out with!

    • Haha, I was going to say that the Black Friday charm is a good upcoming NA exclusive – but that’s coming out in multiple countries this year!

        • I am a little torn when it comes to country exclusives – on the one hand, I actually find it really fun to track them down and make connections with other collectors around the world… on the other hand, when charms are genuinely really hard to find, such as the Fairytale Fish, it becomes a lot less fun!

  5. I think it’s pretty and I would be glad to wear it just
    by itself or with a dangle or pendant. Unfortunately it seems that won’t be the case if it’s exclusive to NA, at least in a near future.
    About the changes Pandora is introducing in its designs I also think it’s controversial. On the one hand I find some of the new charms beautiful but on the other I also miss more silver plain ones.
    Anyway it’ a bit frustrating that just every brands come up with exactly the same themes for their bracelets. There’s no room for a bit of exclusivity or originality. I am not normally into brands just because. I’d never pay more for wearing an “it brand”. But if I find one whose products I like, then I stick to it no matter how much it costs. And I still stick to Pandora, because every charm is soooo beatiful. Small pieces of art.
    Anyway it is normal that they are trying to keep up with the new trends and demands from customers, some of them new. Otherwise they would go bankrupt and then we wouldn’t have any more releases or reviews ;)
    But yes, I’d also love more of the old items and a bit more personality.
    And sorry for this long comment!

    • Well, I don’t know for sure that it’s NA exclusive, it’s just odd that no one else from other regions has heard about it yet! Perhaps it’ll get rolled out elsewhere next season :)
      Please don’t apologise for your long comment – you raised some really interesting points! I agree with you that brands inevitably keep up with trends and what sells, but it would nice to see some of the classic-style designs come back. It’s exciting but also kind of depressing to see so many of the older beads vanishing… and at such a fast rate!

      • Yes, I totally agree. As I said, I also miss more personality and more of the traditional pieces. Ín my view they should be able to be innovative and keep to their standards at the same time.

  6. Ellie,

    I realise I am late commenting, super busy week. My first love is my 19inch Pandora necklace, that I sometimes extend using a bracelet for wearing with blouses. As much as I like the idea of a Choker I have never been able to tolerate anything too close to my neck. I agree with a previous comment that Pandora’s Choker design is reminiscent of a 90’s design. I am a huge fan of maximizing the ways to use my charms, I use the earing adapters, necklace & I have considered the idea of an essence chain bracelet as an anklet.
    The Choker is a nice idea, but I will give this a miss. If it were solid cloth or more elegant I might try it as a bracelet, since it could potentially be wrapped around a wrist several times.
    On another note will you be doing a Halloween post? I know Pandora has made this difficult with only three actual Halloween charms, & you have done an amazing job of working in other Pandora charms to create Halloween themes. Not sure if you feel you have exhausted that bank of ideas yet. The choker does have a gothic feel.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I am not sure whether I’d get on with a choker or not, both aesthetically and in terms of comfort, and so have decided against getting one so far – I’d be tempted to get a cheaper one to try before indulging in this one! Love the idea of an anklet made from the Essence bracelet though – they’re so light and delicate, they’d make a nice anklet!

      Thanks, Lisa, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed my previous Halloween posts! :D however, I don’t think I’ll be doing a fresh Halloween post this year, no… as much as I love my current Halloween bracelet, I feel a bit disappointed that Pandora haven’t decided to bring anything new out this year. :( What I was thinking of doing was a review of the Charming Owls bead, and then adding a little Halloween inspiration at the end of it!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

      • Hi Ellie,

        I love the idea of the charming Owls review with a Halloween spin. When I was looking for your Fairytale fish review I came across a recent post where you mentioned that you didn’t feel you had anything new for a Halloween post. Sorry about that.

        I can’t find you fairytale fish review, what title or date is it under?

        Lisa K.

        • Hi again Lisa, I’ve not actually published the Fish review yet! I just finished it and it’s due out this week, everything going to schedule :)

  7. Love the new choker. Reminds me of a leather choker I wore back when I was a teenager. Now I cannot stand to have anything around my neck so it’s a no go for me even though I love it. Bet my grand nieces would love to have one.

  8. Interesting! I know chokers are popular again, I still have mine from years ago, need to get those back out. I even still have one of the black plastic stretchy ones everybody had :-D That’s what this reminds me of, just thinner and you can wear beads on it. I don’t know that I’d pay $30 for basically a piece of string but it’s a cute idea.

    • Haha, I think I missed that trend first time around! I agree that I’m not sure I’d pay the extra for a Pandora choker – I’d be more tempted to indulge in a cheap one from Forever 21 or something, especially since we don’t know how long the trend will stick around for this time!

  9. I love the fact that Pandora stays on top of the jewelry trends. I had a choker way back in the day I wore almost every single day I loved it so much. I’m definitely going to purchase this one as it is affordable and nostalgic for me. It’s funny how certain trends come back (high wasted jeans, fanny packs, etc). Some trends I have no interest in reliving but this one I will!!

    It’s surprising to me that we are getting a new Pandora piece in North America that wasn’t in my Fall/Winter catalog. Does that happen very often? I like it as is but I wonder how they will advertise wearing it. I do think it will be pretty with a single clear pave bead for just a hint of sparkle. I wonder how the beads will fit over the clasp? Lots of things to discover in a few weeks!!

    • Oh good, I’m glad to hear you’re on board! :D It is pretty rare for a piece to creep into a launch this late in the day – as you say, this one is a bit of a last-minute addition (presumably to capitalise on the choker trend while it’s hot) so it doesn’t appear in any of the catalogues or in any of the pre-release info that I previously saw. I’m also curious as to how it’ll actually look with beads on it, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for any live shots!

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