Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all that’s coming up for November 2016! This month we have so much to look forward to, with a whole range of new product launches, holiday promotions and more. :D

pandora holiday gift wrapping 2016

In terms of blog news, I have more reviews and previews coming up this month – Winter 2016 reviews won’t start until a little later on in the month, as I’m only planning on getting Christmas beads from this launch, but there are still plenty of gorgeous Autumn 2016 beads to review! ^^

There’s quite a lot of information in this round-up about various promos and Pandora news, and I found it a little tricky to know how best to categorise some of it – I hope it’s all easy to digest! :) Feel free to ask any questions if you’re not clear about anything. I’ll consolidate all this info and add it to my Promos page, too.

Pandora Winter 2016 Launch

The highlight of the month is undoubtedly the launch of Pandora’s last major collection of 2016, with the release of the Winter 2016 collection this Thursday, on the 3rd of November. For live shots and high quality stock images of all the new jewellery, have a mosey through the Pandora Winter 2016 tag. I’ll be posting in more detail again about the collection on Thursday!

Pandora Winter 2016 Banner

Stores will start handing out the beautiful limited edition gift packaging for this year with purchases soon; the exact dates vary from country to country, and even from store to store. The bags are a gorgeous mix of red and silver, with gift wrapping to match!

pandora gift packaging 2016
Image courtesy of Sharon Williams

Pandora Black Friday Charm & Promotions

The other launch for this month is the limited edition Pandora Black Friday 2016 charm, which is due out on the 25th of November. Previously, this charm has always been a North American exclusive but finally Pandora have decided to widen its scope and release it in other regions, too! The UK, Europe and Asia will be getting it, and I think Australia as well.


Some people have already been able to purchase this charm in the UK (some stores have been confused about the release date), and we have some gorgeous live shots courtesy of Elaine Rose Harris. I hadn’t actually been very keen on this charm from the stock image alone, but the colour and detail look really pretty in these live shots. I might be converted…

Image by Elaine Rose Harris

The Black Friday charm comes in a special LE box, as usual. This one has a lovely silver and rose gold colour scheme that matches the other GWP boxes for this season, too!

Pandora Black Friday LE Box

I already posted about North American Black Friday promos; the UK will be getting their own exclusive Black Friday gift set, too, which comes with a beautiful metallic travel box – I’m pretty sure that this is the same box that the US and Canada are getting with their holiday gift sets! <3 This set will retail for £149.

Pandora Christmas Ornament GWP

Pandora will be offering this lovely Hidden Gift ceramic tree ornament as a gift with purchase over the next couple of months in various regions. This is one of my favourite Pandora holiday traditions, and a promotion that I’m really looking forward to. For more details on the ornament itself, please check out my preview here!

Image courtesy of Sharon Williams

This promotion will run in various countries (I haven’t confirmed exactly which, yet), but these are the dates for the regions I’ve heard about:

  • In the UK, the promo starts with the launch of the Winter collection on the 3rd of November and runs while stocks last – it will be available with a spend of £125
  • In Australia & New Zealand, this ornament will be available from the 17th of November until the 8th of December with a $150 AUD ($180 NZD) spend
  • In North America, this ornament will be available from the 1st December while stocks last, with a qualifying spend of $125 USD

Pandora Australia & New Zealand Unique Snowflake Bangle GWP 2016

Good news for Pandora collectors in Australia & New Zealand, as Pandora will once again be running a GWP on the limited edition holiday bangle!

From the 8th of December, spend $150 AUD ($180 NZD) and receive the limited edition Unique Snowflake Bangle for free:

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Black Friday Bangle

Pandora Preferred Card Holder Promotion for the US

Just to finish up with, we also have news of an exclusive US promotion for those who have a PANDORA Preferred Card (credit card). This will run for just a few days, from the 4th-6th November:

  • Spend $350 USD or more and receive a Pandora card wallet


My Comment

I know that there’s been a lot of posts in a very few days, but sometimes all the Pandora information and events just fall this way! ^^ I actually had last week off work, and so it’s given me some time to put together lots of blog posts in advance, for once!

I am super excited for the launch of the Winter 2016 collection, but I’ll be planning my purchases carefully so as to maximise the number of holiday promos I can take part in, haha. I definitely want the lovely Hidden Gift Christmas ornament, and if Jared in the US offer another exclusive ornament this year, I’ll probably try for that too!

I’ve also spent way too much on retired beads this past month, but I’m so thrilled with some of the beauties I’ve snapped up before they go. These are the highlights of what I got from the Rue La La sale (picture courtesy of my helper in the US) – I have lots of bracelet designs and ideas coming up that so many of the retiring beads this season are perfect for!


What are you looking forward to this month? Have you mapped out which promos and purchases you’ll be indulging in?

54 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for November 2016

  1. Thanks so much. I look forward to your posts. It’s great to see actual release dates and spends to get freebies. You’re a star!

  2. Hi Ellie, thanks for the updates on the upcoming promos in the various regions. I just wish that Asia gets the free Unique Snowflake bangle promo. ?

  3. Thanks again Ellie for the great info. I tried to pace myself during the last Rue event so I could participate in the upcoming promos. I definitely want the poinsettia to offset the new hatbox shaped gift. The snowflake bracelet as well. I need to see the tree ornament before making a decision on that one. Look forward to your reviews this month!

    • Unfortunately I went full tilt at the Rue La La sales as there was so much I wanted, and so I’m going to have to persuade people that they want to pool my Christmas presents for this year so that I can take part in the ornament GWP I think :P The ornament looks gorgeous in all the photos I think, I know that I’ll want one!
      Thanks, Deborah! I’ve already got started on this month’s reviews <3

  4. Hi Ellie. No Pandora purchases or promos for me this month (thank goodness), but I’m thinking I may need to add the snowman to my wish list, even though he will probably flip. Like other readers, I’m looking forward to your upcoming reviews!

    • Hi Judy! Ah, I hate months where I have to be charm sensible ^^ hopefully you’ll get some lovely beads as Christmas gifts!
      Thank you, I have already started on my next ones – really excited to do some Winter 2016 ones as well!

  5. Hi Ellie

    I am actually a long time lurker and would like to say my gratitude for this blog as it keeps me updated throughout the few years of my Pandora charms collecting. I posted once or twice here and I would like to apologise if I haven’t said my thank you for your fabulous job here. I look forward to many more years of your Pandora blogs and I wish you a wonderful last two months of 2016 xoxo

  6. Hi,Ellie, I didn’t buy anything in Ruelala because I prefer to participate in this promotions…I can’t wait for the snowflake bangle!! Also I’m planning to get the Christmas Ornament, but it isn’t my favorite. The limited gift packaging it’s gorgeous but we never received those special bags in my country, last week I asked in the store and the girls told me that they aren’t going to received it. :( I like a lot your new beads, can’t wait for your styling!!

    • Hi Priscilla! Very sensible! I went way overboard in the Rue sale, but am going to do my best to get a few things from this collection ^^ I really like this year’s ornament, as well – it isn’t perhaps quite as nice as the snowflake from last year’s, but it’s still very pretty! But I’m sad to hear that you won’t get the pretty bags! :( that’s such a shame! You should write and let your local Pandora know that you feel that you’re missing out.
      Yay, thank you!! I am working on my next reviews already :D

  7. Thanks Ellie. Really looking forward to reading your upcoming reviews and seeing your purchases. It’s typical that I don’t actually like this years BF charm and it’s available in the uk. :-(. Last years was beautiful and I still haven’t tracked it down. Lol.

    • Thanks so much, Libby! <3 Really looking forward to getting stuck into the Christmas stuff later on. Haha, I wasn't blown away by this year's BF design but seeing the live photos makes me kind of love it. It's definitely on my list to consider! You should definitely get last year's if you stumble across one though :D

  8. Hi Ellie I love your retired charm I can’t believe they retired those murano they are so pretty. I’m really looking forward to the Xmas collection even those it’s kind of out in the uk. I will probly do the Christmas ornament promo, my mum a Pandora fan so I will get her Xmas present then some of the Xmas beads for me. I wished the uk would do the bangle promo. Love your posts Ellie

    • Me too, I’d rather have that bangle for free than the ornament :-/. I’m getting the ornament, though, as I want the heart rose bracelet bundle and have been waiting for a promo to maximise my value, lol ;-). I’m going to order it next Monday when my credit card has been made up to give me an extra month, lol ;-). Hopefully there’ll be some over-time coming up to Christmas as I got 3 free bracelet deals last month :-O.

      • Oh wow pat three bracelet, yes I’m going to get the ornament to. My mum a Pandora fan so I’m going to get her Xmas present and I want a few of the Xmas beads

      • See, I’d rather have the ornament! ^^ I’d be really scared about importing one from abroad, what if it broke haha.

        • Trying to track down the rose heart bundle in 20cm is proving difficult :'(. Swag have it but they don’t have the ornament :-O. Other places have the ornament but either don’t have the 20cm length or don’t have it at all :-O. I’ve emailed Swag and they say that they’re hoping to have the ornament later in the week. I just hope the 20cm rose heart bundle hasn’t sold out there beforehand otherwise I’ll be waiting, and hoping, to get it as my free bracelet next October :-/. I’m also hoping for the new two tone bracelet for free next October ;-). I’ve convinced myself that someone from Pandora reads these comments so I’m going to keep banging on about getting the two tone bracelet for free with the next bracelet promo, lol ;-).

        • ………and now Swag have discontinued the rose bundle so I guess I won’t be getting the ornament after all :-(. TBH, I do think that we have to spend rather a lot to get these ornaments when you think about how much a bracelet is worth and we have to spend the same amount, I can’t imagine ever paying £55 for one of those ornaments :-O. Oh well, I suppose I’ll save my money for a promo that I really do want :-/.

        • Oh right! I had a look and not many retailers seem to be offering that deal anymore. I just got the rose heart clasp bracelet on its own from John greed so maybe they’ve just discontinued the gift set..

    • Hi Nicola! Thank you – I know, I can’t believe all the gorgeous beads that we were all scrabbling to get just a few years ago are now in the sale :( I mean, it’s great for us now as we can get them on discount, but I feel kind of bad for people who might start collecting in the future. So many beauties are leaving the collection!
      Aw, good plan! I will be getting the ornament, too, I can’t wait :D I’m not so fussed about this year’s bangle, but I do like to collect the ornaments! I look forward to seeing pics of what you get, I loved your latest holiday haul. Thanks for commenting, as always Nicola <3

  9. Hello!. it´s always exciting getting Pandora news so I, too, look forward to your posts. I think we are very lucky lately ;-). Hopefully you will have plenty of free time in a near future(lol).
    As for purchases intentions I have a lot either on my list and on my mind. For example, the dark blue radiant heart and I must take a look at other frosty pieces to see if they are a good match, as a starry night/ wintry design appeals to me. I can imagine it representing my favourite season, a mixture of night darkness and the magical sparkle of snow. Something mistical and cosy. I´m also in love withe the vintage allure pieces, at least the charm and the earrings, the galaxy spacers and there are some pieces I want from previus colletions. Oh!!! and a couple of other radiant hearts,too. The cerise one caught my eye from the beginning, but due to my self- imposed ban, which officially ended last weekend:D, I have not been doing any purchases. So now I´m free and willing to go on a spending spree for Pandora soon. I´m only planning ahead because I want to put my hands on two jewellery boxes, one for me and the other for my sister, so I´ll try to concentrate most of my wishes in one or two big purchases instead of buying regularly, as I do the rest of the year.
    Oh! and I know this post is long enough but I´d like to comment on one of your purchases above,as I´ve recognised a charm of mine among them. It´s the small rounded one with the butterflies. I have four of them and I style them with silver plain pieces a couple of pave spacers and some three dangles. I call it my “everyday” design, for casual outfits and it looks great with black!
    And I apologise again for commenting this long!

    • Hi Marie! Aha, thank you – really pleased to hear that you’re enjoying all the updates and aren’t sick of them yet! I have so enjoyed getting back into blogging over the past week or so. It’s so much nicer when you actually have the time to sit down and plan everything out!

      Sounds like you are going to have a really amazing spree! :D And there are so many pretty beads to choose from. The cerise radiant hearts is gorgeous – I hope they do more in that colour, as it’s quite a nice gateway colour between all the pink beads they do and a more sophisticated red. I’m still hoping that they’ll do red for Valentine’s Day at some point in the future but, in the meantime, this cerise would be rather nice!
      That butterfly bead actually arrived with me today! :D It is beautiful – I have it with some two-tone beads on a bracelet I’m working on with the Jasmine muranos form the Disney collection. I am smitten! <3 Your everyday design sounds lovely - the clear pave beads do look great with black, I imagine that looks so elegant!

      Please don't apologise! I love reading the longer comments and I'm sure other people do :D Thanks Marie!

  10. Hi Ellie, I’m excited for the GWP in Australia. The bangle is a must have. I have a look at those to b retired charms here and did not spot any fairytale ones. So far nothing interest me except the raindrop safety chain as i need a chain for my Christmas bracelet. However i believe i only see some of them only,althought ive looked into two stores. Hopefully nothing too tempting for my wallet.

    • I forgot to mention those two tone spacers with the gold hearts. Unfortunately they have been an online exclusive here and I haven´t seen them in person so far. However I hope they´ll be on stores from tomorrow on. If so they may be a must have for me, in which case i would forget about the galaxies. I don´t need so many spacers after all!
      Anyway, a big Pandora binge!

  11. Hi Ellie, thanks again for your monthly updates. You do a fab job with this blog. Appreciate the time you put into it.

    Like you that BF poinsettia charm is growing on me.

    • Hi Lozzie, thank you so much! I appreciate all your comments over the years, too; it’s really nice to hear that you are still enjoying it.

      Mm, charms are tricksy like that aren’t they? I thought for sure that I was safe from this year’s BF bead, but now I don’t know…!

  12. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the News Round-Up for November! Excellent job breaking down the promos and dates for different regions. Once again, you’ve put me in the Christmas Spirit.

    I am planning to take advantage of the upcoming promos. I have quite a list of must haves from the winter release. Can’t wait to see everything tomorrow. The LE gift bags and matching wrap are so lovely this year and the metallic jewelry boxes are a must.

    Like you, Ellie, the Black Friday Poinsettia charm is growing on me. I was quite disappointed when we saw the first pictures, but I’m having a change of heart after seeing live shots in this post. I ‘m planning to get the Shimmering Gift and I think they would go nice together.

    The Snowflake bangle is a must have for me so I’ll definitely take advantage of that promo on the 25th. Hope it comes in the metallic box too.

    I’m really looking forward to the Hidden Gift. Such a neat idea being able to put charms inside. I’m hoping Jared will have an exclusive ornament this year also.

    Love your latest Rue haul. Can’t wait to see them in your designs. The Forest Trinity would be a lovely addition to your Flower Garden bracelet since you were fortunate enough to get the green faceted murano. I put my Field of Daisies with the soft pink Glittering Hearts and they have ended up being some of my favorite charms.

    Looking forward to the next review and designs.

    Hope you are having a good week!

    • Hi Emily! You are welcome, glad it was useful. I am feeling rather Christmassy myself with all these wintry posts! ^^ I actually started my Christmas shopping yesterday due to feeling so festive.

      Absolutely, those live images of the BF charm have completely turned it around with me! I did think it would look gorgeous with the Shimmering Gift on a bangle (the Shimmering Gift is one of my faves from this collection, but it’s so pricey) – but I already have the Red Robin, which has the same coloured stones also, and I was thinking it might look nice with that on a mini Secret Garden themed bangle. We shall see!

      The Snowflake bangle should come in that metallic box, but stores seem to be a bit disorganised here in the UK at least as to what packaging goes with what item. I hope you get a pretty box when you get yours in any case!

      Yay, thanks Emily! My Forest Trinity and some other bits and pieces arrived today and it’s gone straight on my Flower Garden bracelet, which is now finished. The Trinity looks perfect, it’s such a nice charm! I love the sound of the Daisies muranos with the soft pink hearts charm – that sounds gorgeous. I am thinking of putting mine with the Tropical Flowers on the Pandora Rose bracelet and doing a really warm pinky-orange sunset-themed bracelet, which I could use for a summer design next year!

      Hope you’re having a good week also Emily, and thanks for commenting! <3

  13. I would have liked that jewellery box, but not bothered about the bracelet set you need to buy to get it. I’m going to keep a look out on Facebook selling pages and see if I can get one at a reasonable price.
    Looking forward to your reviews.
    I’ve briefly seen the new collection at the weekend and there were some nice pieces,but nothing for me.

    • I know, I’m not madly keen on the Vintage Allure bead (it just reminds me of the older Vintage Allure, with the green spinel and gold, which I love) so I won’t be springing for the bracelet set this year. It’s a shame as the box is really gorgeous! I hope you find one :)

      I’m surprised to hear that you’re not at all tempted by the new collection! But all the more room to save for some things from next year’s collections, nevertheless! :)

      • I know I’ve bought quite a bit this year and I’m just trying to be really selective about what I buy. So I’m having a break and saving for next year. I usually buy the most from the spring collection. In this release is the normal Pandora, Disney and essence (which I have one charm so far), so I need to save well in advance. Looking forward to seeing what there going to release in these collections.

        • Mm, I’m not quite sure what I’m hoping for from next year yet! I’ve got a few bracelet designs that I’ve started or am planning… Hoping for some brand new Disney characters and some more character beads, although it’s unlikely!

    • Sarah, the jewelry boxes are already starting to trickle out there on the FB selling pages. I, too, didn’t want the bracelet set, but I was able to purchase the box from a seller for $50.

  14. Why do you have to spend so much money to get the card wallet I may just order it on line separately from someone cause I just can’t afford to spend 350 probably 400 in Canadian if it’s 350 in USD I just can’t do it as much as I would love to but there’s other things I need to get for 400 dollars for Christmas time before I get pandora jewelry

    I definitely have some of the new winter/ Christmas/ Disney charms on my wish list but unfortunately they’re not all in one transaction to get the wallet and you have to spend 350 at once to get the wallet
    I have to spread it out into 3 different transactions at 3 different shopping dates

    • Yeah I know, I got my OH to proofread this post before it went out and he couldn’t believe what he was reading haha. He was also baffled that it was such a high spend! It is a shame, especially as it sounds like you have a fair bit of spending planned! :(

    • I did the promo today and got the wallet, and it’s definitely not worth the high spend. The only reason I did it was because I am on vacation, and my mom and I had already planned to purchase three exclusive destination dangle charms (one for each of us and one for my friend), plus my uncle agreed to buy me the Vintage Allure set with the necklace and earrings for Christmas. So, I combined all the purchases into one on my Pandora credit card and added one more to charm to meet the spend requirement. The wallet is a small dark blue card wallet that has no closure, and the Pandora branding is hard to see. I saw Pandora stores in Canada recently had an anniversary promo to receive a very nice jewelry box with a spend of $150 CAD. I would have much preferred that!

      • Oh dear! That doesn’t sound good at all, especially considering how high the spend was. Thanks for letting us know anyhow. Sounds like you got some lovely things that compensate tho! :)

  15. Hi Ellie,

    I love the retired charms you purchased very versatile. I have the peridot & openeorks leaf charm, both are used a lot. I believe someone already said it would go well with your flower garden. I agree.

    I think the special wrapping paper & bags are lovely but we never receive them where I shop.
    While I’m not likely to keep the bags or paper l’m sure some would like the wrap & special gift bag because it feels more like it is a Christmas gift. I’m just so happy to get the Pandora item.
    The Bangle is a must. I love my Bangle with the bow clasp that came out last year.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Yay, thanks – I already have homes mapped out for all of them, too. There are a few more purchases that aren’t in the picture, too, I was very bad this time! My Forest Trinity bead actually arrived today – it is gorgeous and, as you suggested, I have put it on my Flower Garden bracelet. It looks perfect!

      I know that you may not be too interested in it, but I think that’s such a shame about the special gift wrapping! :( It’s such a big part of what gets me excited for Christmas, I kind of collect the special bags. It’s a shame that some Pandora stores don’t get to honour it – I wonder if it’s their decision or Pandora HQ’s.

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! I hope you get your bangle when it comes out <3

  16. I can not see these zirconia anymore … In my opinion, Pandora has left a lot in terms of design. Where have the real designs from the past with precious stones and semi-precious stones? Always only zirconia, terrible!
    Sorry for my English!

  17. Hi Ellie,

    I made a quick stop to the pandora store yesterday and take a look at the windows shop. The limited snowflake bangle was there.
    I was not really into bangles so far. I preferred the regular bracelet for stupids preconceptions I guess….. But when I saw this one, it seems so gorgeous… I decided to get in to take a closer look …. oh my gosh…. I found it so lovely that I bought it…. It is really a beautiful bangle. I also had the chance to take a look at the dainty bow bangle and it’s also a really delicate and classy bracelet.
    Back at home, I put on some charms and I was amazed to see how different the charms look on the bangle… Maybe it’s just me but the effect of the charms seems totally different…. Surely only in my head :-)
    For now, I don’t really have a clue on what I will be doing with it, maybe just wear it with no charm on it…. I don’t know. Any ideas for me ?
    Anyway, in conclusion I think that’s happening : i will become a fan of bangle too. As if it was not enough to be a fan of regular bracelet already ;-)
    Have a nice weekend :-)

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