It’s that time of year again, and Pandora have started to host a few media and press previews for their Spring and Summer 2017 collections! Unfortunately very few pictures of the jewellery itself have leaked out, but we have a couple of campaign images and some very good hints at what we might be able to expect from next year’s collection.

The theme for this year’s SS17 collections appears to be all about bright colours and festivity, with bright balloons and fun campaign image adorning the press rooms!

Pandora Spring/Summer 2017 Teasers

However, I have been told by a couple of sources that we can also expect the usual floral charms and jewellery for Spring 2017, too. We’ll be getting a new set of floral Petites for the Floating Necklace locket:

Pandora Spring 2017

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Teasers

I previously posted some info I’d had from a source regarding the Pandora Spring collections, including the Essence and Disney collections! I’ve since heard a bit more – the Winnie the Pooh characters we will be seeing next year are, in fact, Tigger and Piglet, which is what I was very badly hoping for :D I can’t wait to see what the designs are like!

The other tidbit of information I have heard is that, in addition to Donald and Daisy Duck charms, we will also be getting new Tinkerbell designs and a couple of Beauty & the Beast beads, which will tie in nicely to the new Beauty and the Beast live action film coming out next year.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Teasers

I’ve also heard a few bits and pieces about the upcoming Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 collection! We will be getting another limited edition bangle; it has been described to me as having a circle clasp, much like the new two-tone Pandora Signature bracelet, that has a heart design and the Pandora signature around it. It’s apparently plain silver, and it sounds exactly like the kind of thing I would like! It would be nice to have a Mother’s Day LE bangle that isn’t so explicitly family-themed next year :D

My Comment

I’m not sure that bright colours are necessarily my thing, but at the same time it’s really refreshing to see them go for a completely different aesthetic and style from their usual SS17 collections, which up until now have always been soft, pastel-themed and floral. This is a bit more punchy! And the variety of colour means that you can pick and choose which you like best, of course – you don’t have to mix and match, as they have done here.

Ideally, I would love to see more character charms – I can’t wait to see the Pandora Disney Winnie the Pooh beads, and it would be amazing to see some other animals and original ideas in the regular collections, too. I have already decided on two designs I’d like to put together next year – soft lilac/lavender purples, and one deeper, green forest-themed bracelet. I’ve been hunting down retired beads for them, but it would be great to be able to add some new beads to them too!

What would you like to see from the upcoming collections?

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  1. Hi Ellie, i’d like to know if the bracelet you previewed a few months back that was supposed to be for Autumn/Winter 16 the textured popcorn bracelet will be released in 2017.

  2. Hi Ellie
    Eeeek new beads how exciting! I wish we could see some pics of charms and stuff but this will have to do. I for one love bright bold colors so this appeals to me ( hopefully it won’t just be radian hearts in a million colors and rather some new fresh beads ) new bracelets do not excite me much and I own too many Pandora bracelets. the Disney stuff seems great and I am thrilled we are both getting the piglet we were begging for ( will it be full bodied ?) belle and Cinderella were always my
    Fave princesses and I am
    Hoping they do this collection some justice ( I
    Hope they have a cogsworth as he was always my fave supporting cast member. )
    ‘Miss u ☺️

    • Hi Alex! :D I know, it’s often very frustrating seeing all these posts from people who have attended the event and yet they don’t post any pics of the jewellery or really talk about it at all! I guess they’ve been told not to, or they’re just genuinely not as interested as we would be haha. I own too many bracelets but I am always tempted by more and thinking of new designs to do…! Both the designs will be full bodied I am told :)
      Cogsworth would be amazing!! I would love a whole host of B&B characters but am not sure what characters specifically they’ll be doing yet :)
      Miss chatting with you too – we must catch up! ^^

  3. I’d love to see Mrs. Potts and Chip in Beauty and the Beast collection. Vivara (a brazilian jewelry) and Chamilia already did this characters, and they’re really cute, so I hope Pandora do it too!!!

    • That would be amazing :D I’d still love them to do a murano with the Beauty and the Beast rose inside the glass, too!

    • Hey Anne, few days ago I came across vivara brand and I loved the beads. I tried ordering online but they don’t seem to ship from Brazil to Europe? How do you get your beads from them? For me their style is very similar to pandora style and I’m looking to buy sugar skull and buda bead. Any information would be appreciated!

  4. When will the Spring 2017 collection likely go on sale? Also when might we see pictures of the Donald and Daisy charms?

    • It’s usually mid-March – pre-release images normally get leaked around January/February time, although it does vary from year to year!

    • Me too! Eeyore was my top pick when I heard that Pandora were doing Disney charms, but Tigger was a close second haha.

  5. Hmmm. I can´t make out much. I don´t reallyknow if there is something new or it is just the whole collection of the already existing Radiant Hearts on the same bracelet. The picture is quite confusing for me. Anyway I can´t wait to see more images. At first sight I must say I´m a bit alarmed at such display of bright colours. I´m more the soft pstels, girly type. This year I´d have like to see more enamel for Spring but it seems that won´t be the case. The bangle looks very promising, though. By the way, do you happen to know what became of that bracelet, which was part of the autumm collection and then it was postponed?. Rumour had it that it would be launched in spring. Have you heart anything new about it?.
    Changing the subject I like your ideas to put your make up designs!. Lavender/ lilac sound very beautiful and inspiring, Romantic if I may say so, And deep green for a forest theme … wow! so misterious and bucolic!
    And to end up, I also like the look of those macaroons ;)

    • I would have liked to see more enamel. Sorry for the mistake. I have the bad habit of typing very fast and the click send even faster:(

    • Hi Marie! Those are for sure new charms – I had been told about them previously. They’re decorative CZ beads in a variety of bright colours, with no extra pave around the edges like the Radiant Hearts! :) I like soft girly pastels for the most part, too, but happily enough I hear that there will be some of those too.
      Unfortunately, I have not heard anything more about that lovely bracelet ?I am keeping everything crossed that it still makes it out but no one seems to have heard any more about it. I absolutely loved the look of it and it would be perfect for one of those designs I want to do for next year (glad you like the sound of them, btw! ?). If they don’t bring it out, I might have a go at oxidising one of the threadless bracelets for something of a similar effect…!
      Aha, I know – I have such a craving for macarons now! ^^

      • What a shame! I really liked the look ofthat bracelet! ??? It’s been on my mind and in my heart ever since you posted that pic. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!
        Thanks for all the info you provide, Ellie. I’m looking forward to seeing clearer photos. Have a nice day!

  6. It’s exciting to see what is coming up next year! The colours look so fun. I am so excited about the Tiger and Piglet charms! I have Eeyore on his way to me but I would love to see another Eeyore charm too. Maybe just the head like the Pooh charm. Thanks for the teasers x

    • No new Eeyore, from what I’m told, but maybe they’ll do another in the future! As a rule I do prefer the full bodied charms to the portrait beads, but I am very taken with the Pooh portrait charm now that I have him ^^ x

  7. Omg imagin for the new beauty and the beast charms I’d wanna see chip and Mrs Potts

    I don’t know why but I just love enamel color to my Disney bracelet especially just cause Disney is known for being colorful & happy I love a bit a silver but equal to color as well like putting a plain silver Disney charm next to a color Disney charm I especially can’t wait for the new Disney parks exclusives as per usual but I’m hoping the collection for the exlusives will be a bit bigger then this past winter/fall one I mean it was pretty small like only 5 to 6 charms & not even a single Christmas charm this year in the winter fall exclusive collection

    • Absolutely, Mrs Potts and Chip would be adorable! I love enamel detailing, too, especially for cute character beads – it just brings the whole to life, a lot of the time, even if the colours can be hard to style sometimes.

      I’d be surprised if the Spring Disney Parks collection wasn’t bigger – this year’s AW16 Disney Parks collection was particularly small! I was also disappointed not to see any Christmas Disney Parks beads :(

  8. Hiya, I love the Disney charms that are going to come out! Piglet is my favourite ? I always thought that they were only sold in the US, is it going to stay like that or are the UK going to be getting them too? I love your website as well, it is so informative and I love your little comments after every article, I couldn’t live without your page! Thank you ☺️ X

    • Hi Nathalie! Disney charms are currently sold in North America, Australia & Asia – no news so far on releases for Europe or the UK :( I would also absolutely love it if they were released here in the UK – it would be great to be able to actually see the beads before I buy them!!
      Thanks so much for your lovely words about the blog ☺️ I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy it, as it’s a lot of fun to do! <3 x

  9. It’s always exciting to see previews of a new collection! I really like the bright colors, and I’m happy to hear they are not just repeats of the Radiant Hearts charms in various colors, as that’s what I thought at first. I am also really liking the new colors of the enamel/pave rings. I do hope some news comes out on the textured bracelet, as I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one. I haven’t bought any Disney beads in quite awhile, but I’m looking forward to seeing Daisy, Tigger, and–especially with the new movie coming out–the new Beauty and the Beast charms. I still hold out hope that Pandora will release a Marie charm–as Chamilia has–but with The Aristocats not being as popular of a film, I’m not sure it will ever happen.

    • Oh, I know – I think that textured bracelet is breaking all our hearts! ;) I’d be so happy to have it confirmed that it’s coming out next year, but no news as of yet. It would be perfect for one of the designs I mentioned above – I just got the lavender pave lights from Rue to start that lilac themed bracelet, and I would love it if I could put them on a darker bracelet like that.
      I’ve not heard any word of Aristocats charms yet. It would be great if they dipped their toes into some of those older classics though – Bambi and 101 Dalmatians, all those would be wonderful!

      • I love the sound of your bracelet idea with the lilac on the textured bracelet, Ellie. I have actually been playing around with using this color on my silver metallic leather bracelet using the Light Purple Shimmer Murano. Yes, I really hope Pandora goes for some classics like 101 Dalmatians someday. Also, I adore your idea of the Beauty and the Beast rose murano that you mentioned!!

        • Yay, thanks Joanne! I’m quite excited to start them next year :D that sounds like a gorgeous combination, and something similar to the look I’ll be going for!
          If they did that B&B murano, it would be an absolutely must-have for me :D

    • Very CZ heavy for Essence Spring 2017 I hear, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for some new plain silver designs too!

  10. Thanks for sharing these Ellie! I’m excited to see a full Spring preview (hopefully soon!). Not too excited by these CZ charms in various colors, I feel like I have enough of that type of thing, I’m more interested in seeing what other new charms they will have. I’ve been looking for pictures nearly daily for the past week as I know this is around the time it usually comes out, haven’t seen anything other than what you showed here though.

    • You are welcome! I’ll keep an eye out for more preview images ? the CZ charms are pretty (and the rings are such lovely colours, too!) but I have much of the same, too. It sounds to me like the Disney collection is what will get me! ;)

  11. More colours, hurray! This is my first peek at the Spring collection and I know I will be buying teal rings! Thank-you for the sneak peek, Ellie!

  12. Terrible.Unfortunately or fortunately I find everything horrible, repetitive and rude. I wonder why all Pandora models look like travesti.Thanks for your post Ellie.

  13. I am still hunting two toned retired charm, cz is not my taste. I don’t mind purchase something new during promotion for fun. I got retired X’mas two toned Sleide, Snowglobe & Snoflake Can $70 such a deal.

  14. Unfortunately, there is nothing here that appeals to me. I’m more into flora, vintage, pastel colour sort of design. Hopefully there is something like that in the collection.

    • There should be more of that too from what I hear! The spring petites are a good indication that there’ll be more florals and pastels in any case :)

  15. I’m excited like many of us on here, I’m looking forward to seeing the Disney collection. Time will tell though once we get more previews closer to the time of release.

    • The Disney collection sounds amazing from what I’ve heard! There should be plenty of new character beads to choose from, hopefully. <3

  16. Hi Ellie thank you the preview. I can’t wait to see more pictures. I always love the Spring collection.
    So happy to hear there doing Tigger, can’t wait to see a picture. Also looking forward to seeing the other Disney charms, especially the tinkerbell and beauty and the beast.
    Hope we get to see more pictures soon.

    • Hi Sarah! Me too, more Winnie is what I’ve been dying to see from Pandora! I hear that the Tinkerbell beads are nice, too. :D

  17. Hi Ellie,
    I just saw that the Disney Store has a sale (10% off) their Pandora charms right now until midnight Dec 15 PST. It’s not a huge sale, but I’ve never really seen a sale except for a few beads that were tied to an event or year. The Disneyland 60th anniversary charms are about 40% off.

  18. Can not wait to see this new ss17 collection. I am a green addict and hope for some beautiful light green/ mint colours which is difficult to get. Either it is dark green or teal.
    Impatient to discover that new le bangle too.
    Not really a pooh fan but i will definitely take a look at the beauty and beast beads as it is in my top 3 disney movies.
    Once more thank you for always sharing so many great news with us. It just make the waiting easier we can prepare for future purchases ?

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