More Christmas shopping options are headed our way as US shopping site Rue La La has just announced that their next sale on Pandora jewellery will be starting on Monday! This is a nice surprise, as they usually leave a gap of a month or so between each sale. :D

The sale offers significant discounts of up to 50% on retired Pandora products. The promotional imagery for this sale is the same as last time, so it looks like they are offering people another chance to pick up items they might have missed in the Black Friday sale and to get their Christmas shopping sorted! Rue La La have guaranteed that any orders placed before the 21st of December to a US address will be delivered in time for the 25th! ?

pandora rue la la black friday 2016

The sale starts on Monday (the 12th December) at 11am ET and will run for ten days until the 22nd December.

Just a reminder, also, Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now! Plus, for certain countries (not all, apparently), if you spend over $100 USD, then you only have to pay $9.95 USD to ship internationally.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate code to access the website. Happy shopping!

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  1. Thank you for the news, isn’t good for my budget, but I hope it will be good for my collection, in Black Friday I tried to buy the star bangle but it was sold in my size. Maybe this time I can buy it, the problem is that the ship is a little expensive to my country so I had to buy more than one piece for make worth it.

    • Aha, I felt the same when I saw they were having another sale – a mixture of ‘yippee!’ and ‘oh dear!’ at the same time. Fingers crossed they have your bangle in stock again! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, another Rue sale already! Even though I spent too much during the last sale, I’m still going to take a look. It’s hard to pass up the great deals!

    • I know! I always seem to find something that I have *have* to have in a Rue sale, regardless of what’s in it ;)

  3. Do they post to the UK for 9.99? $100 is about £85, I think, might even check out the full price as they quite often seem to be cheaper in America anyway. I can see a Christmas tree in the photo but to me it looks like the two tone one with the gold star on top rather than the tree of light that I really want. What time is 11am ET here? I want that star clasp bangle too ;-).

      • They have definitely had the Tree of Lights before (and it’s in the banner in the post) so hopefully they will again!

    • I think the UK was included last time, yes… but you have to watch for import charges etc is the only thing! The Tree of Lights is the one pictured in the campaign banner, but they have had both versions in the past. We will have to wait and see! It starts at 4pm UK time :)

      • Well, I finally decided to get the gold star Christmas tree, 5 station bracelet and the lighthouse as none of those seem to be available here anymore but for an order of £85 they wanted to charge £19.09 tax :-O, so I’m not going to bother and hope that there is something good in our Boxing Day sale. Most of the items that I bought from the Swag sale were cheaper anyway so adding another £19 on top is not good :-(. Maybe they’ll have something that I absolutely can’t live without at some point in the future but for now I’ll wait and see what they give us here on Boxing Day ;-).

        As an aside, I noticed that they have the peacock charm for £25, it was in the sale here for £19. I was desperate to have that but I was too late to get it online before everywhere had sold out :'(. We were both off work in August (both our birthdays, lol) so we went over to Bury as hubby wanted to look at (drool over) guitars and I wanted to look at (drool over) Pandora ;-). I asked if the had the peacock, they didn’t but they searched on the computer and told me that there 3 of them in Colne, quite a trek but we were off work so we decide to go on the Thursday, the day after my birthday. On our journey, we were involved in an accident :-O, we were waiting our turn to go around a roundabout in the centre of Burnley when some stupid woman smashed right into the back of us :-O, obviously not paying attention. I did get my peacock charm but now I call it ‘The Peacock Effect’: when you get into an accident because you were on a road that you wouldn’t have been on if the product you were looking for was available online, lol ;-).

      • Thanks, yes, I saw it :-D. I’m not sure what to do, there are quite a few charms in their sale that I have already bought from Swag for less, so I’m wondering if it would be best to just wait and hope that it goes in our Boxing Day sale. I didn’t realise there would be import charges, I thought I’d read they were included :-/.

        A couple of questions about Ruelala: do they have regular priced Pandora the rest of the time as I can’t find any full priced items? Do they have the promotions there that the rest of America has? In other words, can we take advantage of all the free bracelet promos America has now that Ruelala ships internationally?

        • No and no. From my understanding only discontinued items go on sale and there aren’t the regular promos.

        • Lily is right, yes – they exclusively run sales on discontinued items, they don’t stock anything full priced or current, or offer any of Pandora’s regular promotions.

  4. Do you have any idea if they accept Paypal? Thenew shipping is flipping amazing, now hoping that I can pay as I normally do when buying online.
    Thank you so much for the update!!!

    • They definitely accept US Paypal – I’m not sure about international PayPal. You can always try it and see! I don’t see why they wouldn’t accept all Paypal payments now, but I haven’t tried it myself <3

  5. This will be my first time accessing this website. What is your affiliate code & do I log in using my own email I assume?

    • Hi Desiree – the affiliate code is just the link provided in this post, which gives access to the site – if you follow it, you can sign up by giving your email and choosing a password.

  6. Great news!!!! Last time I got Shining Star 14K Spinel Ring on rue la la sale and now I’m dying to get another one like this – gold but with pink ruby (or pink sapphire?)But it’s impossible to find it :( Can you help?
    Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Hi! :) I’m afraid that most of my established sources for checking for retired pieces have dried up over the last year or so as retailers have closed or gone offline – your best bet is to join the Pandora FB pages and put out ‘in search of’ posts or to stalk the pages until one comes up! Otherwise, try Googling the item code and seeing if any legit stores have any in stock? :)

    • Hi Naz, no I’ve not had any official lists yet! Jahndra from had the latest info that I’ve seen anywhere yet though :

  7. Oh that’s good that they are shipping internationally. I think I will wait for the uk Boxing Day sale as it’s normally quite good.

  8. Hi Ellie, do u have any idea what items might be on the Boxing Day Sales in the UK. I did ask a Sales Assistant when I went into the shop recently, she said they are constantly getting lists, and wouldnt say anything else.

    I ask cos I have not been buying from Rue La La and waiting for the Boxing Day Sales, byt worried it might not be a very good sale, and then I wil regret not buying from Rue La La. Thanks.

    • I’m thinking the same :-/. If I buy them from Ruelala then they’ll go in our Boxing Day sale and be cheaper but if I don’t then they won’t and I’ll miss out, aaarrrrggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!

      • Rue do often restock items, so it might be worth waiting until after the UK sales and then going back to check Rue again in a future sale?

    • Hi Ab! No, I don’t have any inside info on the UK Boxing Day sales unfortunately :( so I can’t really say whether it’s a good idea to wait or not yet. I’ve decided to go for some Rue deals and any UK boxing day treats will be a bonus!

  9. Hi
    Wanted to let you know i used PayPal for Rue La La in Australia 2 sales ago. Had no problems ordering and their site converts it to Australian dollars for each item. I was very impressed with the whole process. Paid about 13-14 aus dollars for postage. Took about 2 or so weeks to arrive. I didn’t get charged any import fees extra.

    • Hi Leanne! Thanks so much for letting us know – and fab to know that the whole process went so smoothly! <3 This new international shipping has been long requested, so it's good to know that it's working well!

  10. I couldn’t resist picking up the Plum Pudding and Unicorn dangle! I bought my mom’s gift in their last sale 2 weeks ago so at least still had free shipping :-)

    • Aw, lovely choices! I got the Christmas Pudding a couple of sales ago, too, and the Unicorn is an old favourite of mine :)

  11. Hi!!!! I live in Greece and I have tried to make an order from rue la la but the shipping were more than 100$…is there a site that makes such a great offers but they don’t charge as much for postage in Greece?

      • I already have done that and they said that “International taxes, tariffs (or duties), and value-added tax (VAT) are calculated at checkout (and will be included in the order total). “??is there a site with such a great offers In Europe?

        • Crikey! There isn’t an equivalent, although Pandora themselves in many European countries do run good sales after Christmas and in the summer. also offer some discounts on Pandora, but not really on the same scale!

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