A quick little update this morning with news of a flash ring promo for Pandora collectors in the US! Running for two days only, this promotion offers you the chance to pick up a free ring when you spend $125 USD. The event started yesterday and will finish after today!

I’m a little late posting this, as I’ve been dealing with some technical issues with the blog over the past couple of days; the promo alert has been up on my Pandora Promotions Page for 2017 for a few days though! This morning has been spent in making some tweaks that I hope will help, but when you don’t necessarily have all the technical know-how, it can be utterly perplexing as to where to start to fix the problem. I’ve also managed to pick up yet another cold, so am struggling to keep up a little bit – please bear with me in terms of comments etc, and if you see any funny behaviour from the blog, too! ^^

Anyway – with that got out of the way – read on for details on this little bonus promo for North America!

Pandora January 2017 Ring Promotion for NA

This is just a flash promotion for the US (I’ve not seen it advertised for Canada) – it started yesterday and will finish today. The rules are simple: spend $125 USD and receive a free ring of up to $65 USD value. The promotion is only available in store.

The terms aren’t quite as generous as the Pandora NA free jewellery event that just passed, but it’s a good opportunity if you missed that one or if there was something you wanted in that promo that you would like to go back for!

My Comment

I love my Pandora rings and have amassed quite a collection of both older and newer styles, mostly over the past couple of years (historically I’ve always been a charm’n’bracelet purist). I recently got the very pretty two-tone Petite Bow ring from the German winter sale, so I’ll sit this one out however! :)

It’s a shame that this is running just before the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection, but nevertheless it’s a fun little extra promo to start off the new year!

Will you be participating? :D

24 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora January 2017 Ring Promo for the US

  1. Hi Elli. We have an earring promo running here. If you buy a pair, you get 50% off in the second one.
    Get better!

  2. Do you have any suggestions on how I can purchase any of the CNY beads from past years? I live in the US and recently purchased thru eBay but wound up returning the bead as it wasn’t authentic.

    Love your blog! You do a great job.

      • HI
        Apologies for butting in. I believe this to be the same Kelly that helped me. It was a great experience and she is a great seller. I highly recommend her.

      • Hi..Kelly..I would really interested in having your help for past year CNY as well upcoming one along Chinese zodiac charms..So can I email you as well to see how it works?

    • Hi Maria, I see that Kelly has very kindly offered to help out – my other recommendation is always the Pandora Facebook pages (Pandora’s Angels, Pandora’s Tribe, Pandora Freedom, etc). There used to be stores who would ship internationally but recently many have shut down!

  3. Hope you feel better soon!!! I went yesterday to take advantage of the promo. You can get up to 3 so I stocked up on some charms and started my ring collection as I didn’t have any but was eyeing them. I’m super knew to Pandora (about 3 weeks in) but already have acquired over 40 pieces! Obsessed much? Yes and proud of it!

    • Thank you!! It’s just a matter of getting rid of my cough now, haha. Oh my gosh, forty charms is awesome! You will be up there with the rest of us in no time aha!

  4. Hi Ellie
    The two tone bow ring you just purchased, is that retired or just available in certain regions? I would love to get one, it’s so cute!

    • Hi Emily! That two-tone bow ring came out last winter but never made it to the US. It’s been in a lot of sales recently, so I guess it hasn’t sold well. It’s in the UK sale here for £50, but it was cheaper elsewhere. It is gorgeous, but very small for the original RRP – so I can understand why it maybe hasn’t done as well as it should have!

  5. Hi Ellie. I hope you feel better soon! I wasn’t going to do this promo until I called my store, and they told me they had gotten “a lot” of the Valentine’s Day collection in stock. It turns out out they really didn’t have too much of the new collection and were pretty cleaned out of rings in my size. However, I managed to get the new bow bangle–which is gorgeous–and the Alluring Brilliant Princess Ring.

    As a side note–I don’t know if you have seen the live images of the Lace Heart, which I have seen on Instagram, but it looks very disappointing. The enamel looks to be a cheap-looking pink, and it also looks as if the enamel color of the background of the heart and the bow are switched around from what is shown in the stock photo–with the peachy color being the color of the bow, not the lace background. It’s a shame since I was really interested in this charm and I know you were too, Ellie.

    • Hi Joanne! Thank you :) I’m so envious that your stores get the Valentine’s collection early. I was in store earlier this week and they had all the Valentine’s campaign artwork up but none of the jewellery out. It’s a shame they didn’t have as much as you hoped but yay that you got the Bow bangle! :D

      I did see that live shot, and was kind of puzzled by it as it’s so far out from th stock image and not very nice at all. I’m just about to post some live images of my own and in that the Lace Bow Heart looks much more like the stock image, so it will be interesting to see how it actually does look in person…!

  6. Happy New Year Ms. Mora, I’m not really a ring person but, I really love the bow ring in the picture and it would look good on my hand too. So keep up the great work on the PANDORA jewelry updates and have a blessed 2017!??

  7. Hi Ellie hope you are feeling better, great ring colection I too have got quite the ring collection. There are some really lovely designs, I do still tend o get distracted with the charms lol. I love and wished we had the promo like the us but I’m kind of glad we’re not getting this one lol I have spent a lot in the sale lol. Hope you get better soon loving the blog as always.

    • Hi Nicola! I get distracted with the charms, too, haha, but I often get rings when they crop up on Rue La La or on sale! Or when there’s a promo ^^ I spent a lot in the sale one way or another, so I reeeeally need to cut back a little going forward this month lol! Thanks Nicola, on the mend now I think ! ^^

  8. My mom and I always do the deals together and go every other “free gift”. So during the free 75$ item I got the smooth heart clasp bracelet which I am so excited about because now my heart charm bracelet is well underway! And my store (Naperville, IL) did have out the new valentines collection but my boyfriend picked out the “I love my pet” charm for my valentine gift ❤ I
    personally do not care for this valentines collection so I’m ok with that. My mom was really excited because this was her first pandora ring! She got 2 charms to complete
    Our 125 total which was a clip and a spacer. I think everyone should have a pandora buddy to do these deals with because it makes it more affordable and keeps my collection from getting to big to quickly ?

    Also, I love how your blog changed and went throughout 2016 and I follow ur intsagram. I do wish we could see more of your bracelet designs as a whole when you finish them! I look forward to all your posts to come in 2017 and thanks for keeping us all the most informed!

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