Today brings another update on the upcoming Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection (due out the 12th of January – aka, this Thursday!) with a round-up of live shots of all the new romantic jewellery and the adorable new CNY 2017 Lion Dance, too!

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Live Shots cover

The collection has started making its way into stores in the US & Canada, and I’ve been enjoying hearing about various readers’ purchases already! I have my first buys all planned out – my must-have remain the Cerise Hearts murano and the Sparkling Heart bracelet, but I can’t wait to go and see it all in store to see if anything else leaps out and surprises me!

In the meantime, read on to see some live shots ahead of the collection’s official release date!

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection Live Shots

We have a series of close-up live shots of the vast majority of the new Valentine’s pieces, including a few of the new birthstone jewellery items. The Cerise Hearts murano looks a lovely rich colour, but I’m reserving judgement on the other beads until I get to see them in person I think ?

The Lace Bow Heart looks really lovely with neutral peachy-pinks and Victorian lace detailing, but I don’t currently have a use for it and I’d have to have a real think about where it would really fit into my collection!

The Valentine’s Petites for the Floating Locket come in the usual black packaging:

Pandora CNY 2017 Lion Dance Live Shots

We have some fab live shots thanks to Patty Ng, who has opted for a gorgeous red and gold styling to showcase this lovely bead:

Image by Patty Ng
Image by Patty Ng
Image by Patty Ng

In certain countries in Asia, the charm also comes with a traditional Hong Pao red envelope.

Image by Patty Ng

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll already know that I also got mine this weekend! It’s only a very low-res image, as I was so over-excited that I didn’t even stop to find my iPhone to take the photo instead of my very old iPad ? but here he is! It is just as gorgeous as person, and I’ll be reviewing it very soon :)

My Comment
As I’ve said before, while there are some pretty beads here and the cerise colour scheme is gorgeous, I’m not planning on acquiring too much from this release. My CNY Lion I am beyond thrilled with, and I am really excited to get the two Valentine’s pieces I mentioned before – the Sparkling Heart bracelet on which to put my CNY Lion and my other red Asian themed beads, and the Cerise Hearts murano to complete my oxidised travel bracelet, which I recently took apart and redesigned a little. I’ve never been quite happy with it and I hope that this murano will be the piece to finish it off and pull it all together!

I keep saying to people that I haven’t made any Pandora new year’s resolutions, but maybe I should, haha. I’d certainly like to be a more careful curator of what goes into my collection going forward, as I took stock of everything I had recently and there’s so much of it! I could do with picking the pieces I really most love and maybe mixing my review posts of new pieces with some features on my favourite older beads, perhaps. Well – we’ll see if that sticks or not! ?

Do these live shots change your mind on anything at all? What do you think?

85 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 and CNY 2017 Live Shots

  1. I.just got a whole bracelet for xmas with the new winter collection which cost a.little fortune and just a few weeks now there is the valentine collection?. I really like the cerise murano and the Amo Te heart charm… they are so much more expensive here in Mauritius. Anyway will see… thanks for the great reviews always look forward to them.. happy shopping.

  2. Hello Ellie, I love reading your blog and appreciate the work you put into keeping us all informed :) I look forward to your reviews and feel that last paragraph sums me up perfectly as well! So I don’t think I’ll be indulging in the upcoming release, it doesn’t resonate with me, unfortunately. I do like the idea of mixing older bead reviews with new however, part of the charm (please excuse the pun) of Pandora is the chasing of retired and rare items, and not all charms are retired at the same time in all regions. So for me, there will always be as much appreciation to see older products featured as new. Take care :)

    • Hi Kiara! Thank you, that’s so nice to hear :) I am only going to get a couple of pieces from the upcoming release; I’m going to try and be better! I know that there’s a lot I’ll want from the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 collection, but that’s okay – so long as I don’t hoover up any other unnecessary beads as well, I’m okay with that. ;)
      I also enjoy chasing the retired charms, too – although, again, I need to be a bit more specific about which ones I really want to add to my collection ;)
      Take care too, and thanks for commenting!

  3. Ms. Mora, I will stop by the PANDORA store this month and take a look at the valentine’s day charms. May God bless you.

  4. I like the heart bracelet, so will be buying this at some point, as I need a new bracelet. There’s a ring I might look at, but that’s it for me. Last year I started being really picky and buying what I loved most and could use in a design, as it’s endless if not.
    I would love to see both new and old charms for reviews. I enjoy reading your reviews.

    • I am really going to start trying to do the same Sarah! I have so much already, there’s no excuse for just buying so much for each new collection, haha.
      I did try and get a couple of catch-up reviews out in the run-up to the Valentine’s collections but the blog issues have meant that I’ve dialled back on all ‘unnecessary’ posts, lol.

  5. I spend a lot for two toned retired extra 25% off during boxing week so have to take a break this time. Wait until next promotion, I want Cerise Heart murano. Lion Dance is a must have for Chinese New Year, I have a friend will back from Hong Kong in two week. 2017 I will spend for something I really love not just like :) since I have a big collection already.

    • The Lion Dance is such an amazing bead! He’s definitely the one to beat for me this year :)
      I will try and do the same Michele! The problem is that there’s always so much temptation ?

  6. Hi Ellie,

    Congrats on receiving your Dancing Lion. I love Patti’s pairing of the gold the gold with the red. I think you will have a lot of fun styling DL. I feel like this little lion needs a name, but I tend to anthropomorphize animals and some of my character charms.
    I love my cerise murano, it hasn’t left my necklace. I found your comments on inventorying your collection and purchasing charms that you could work into existing designs particularly interesting. The lace bow is very Victorian but the colour is too muted for my taste as I discovered last year when I bought the glittering heart soft pink enamel charm and rarely use it. I pull it out for my leather bracelets and used it as a filler for my Pandora rose but the red or violet version of this charm seems to make its way into onto my necklace and bracelets throughout the year.
    With some of Pandora’s price increases over the past few years I have been a little more selective in the collections. Sometimes I have waited until the last call tray comes out at my local store to really decide if how much I want the charm or even if I have a place for it in my collection.
    The more I see the encased in love & the silver CZ glittering ribbon heart design the I think these two would be good investments.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks, it’s so gorgeous in person! :D I am totally in love. Patty has put together some beautiful photos, I love her stylings too!

      A few people have said the same to me as you Lisa, that they’ve been a bit more careful. I did manage to whittle down what I was adding to my collection a little bit last year, but then fell off the wagon towards the end of it again lol! I ended up catching up a lot of beads that I’d decided against earlier, unfortunately, aha!

      The Encased in Love bead is gorgeous! Luckily I genuinely don’t have anywhere at all in my collection that I could put it, so I’m safe haha.

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. I love reading your blog and look forward to receiving emails every time there’s a new blog because I know there’s either a new collection or a new review of a charm! Lol honestly, I think I’m gonna sit this collection out. I always look forward to the Valentine’s Day collection and my boyfriend always gets me a new charm every year, but I am sitting this year out because he will be deployed very soon so I am skipping Valentine’s this year. However, I am looking very much forward to the upcoming new Disney collection. I have been waiting soooo long for the piglet charm! I also look forward to see the spring collection too. I look forward to receiving an email to that blog post! Enjoy your new charms!

    • That’s so nice to hear, thank you! ?Aw, I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be skipping Valentine’s this year, but I do hope that the new Disney beads will help to make up for it for you :) Tigger and Piglet are both very cute, from what I hear!

  8. Hi Ellie, I hope you feel better, congratulations for your CNY lion!! It looks beautiful!! Thanks for the live shots, the pink heart gift looks prettier, I wasn’t interested in that bead but now I need to see it in person. In January 16th I’ll have my holidays in US, and there’s a Pandora outlet… maybe I can get a nice haul! Have a nice week!

    • Hi Priscilla! Thank you, I am finally feeling much better! Hope that your haul is a successful one, I’d love to go Pandora shopping in the US, especially after a Pandora Disney launch! ;) Have a lovely week too!

  9. Thank you for sharing the details of the exquisite CNY LION. I am a new subscriber to this website and not sure if it is appropriate to ask what the price of this charm is. I hope to get it when I am in Japan in mid March.

  10. Hi Ellie,


    I’ve been following your blog for 2 years. Thank you for your work and specially your details, it helps to do my wish list before my Pandora store even knows what is coming ? which I think is hilarious!

    I’m creating a Chinese New York bracelet. I got all the CNY pieces and a few Asian themed charms on it as well. Unfortunately living in the US, I don’t know how the piece will look like on my bracelet until after purchasing. The charm itself looks like it’s going to be my favorite up to this moment. According to the images, it looks bigger than any of the other CNY charms, will that even look good? Could you please describe, compare, the size a little bit more? Thank you!

      • It’s not oversized at all. In person it looks even more stunning. I’m putting mine on my two tone bangle with gold silicone Clips either side. It sits beautifully- I’m over the moon!

    • Hi Andrea!

      Happy new year to you too!! :D and thank you too, for tagging along and reading for two years! That’s wonderful to hear :D we Pandora fans do seem to always be more in the know that the employees a lot of the time aha!

      I find that the CNY Lion Dance is a little bigger than the other CNY beads. It’s quite tall and weighty, and a little wide too. It’s gorgeous, but you might want to balance him out with some other bigger charms or put him as a focal point on your bracelet. :)

  11. I love this Chinese lion and hope to get this in the Uk love the red and gold bracelet combo my hope also is to purchase a gold Pandora bracelet for this charm also going on the red and gold theme

    • Oooh a gold bracelet would be a wonderful way to showcase this bead! If only I could afford to do the same haha.

  12. Hi Ellie

    No nothing grabs me i’m afraid with this release so I won’t be buying anything i’m waiting for the Mothers Day collection as I quite fancy the pink double enamel and CZ bangle in the upcoming Mother’s Day collection provided it’s a hinge clasp fastening. Do you know when the Mother’s Day collection will be released.

    • Hi Carol! In the UK, we normally get a handful of the Mother’s Day jewellery early – usually February time. But the global launch date is April :)

  13. I love my CNY charm the lion is beyond beautiful. Even better in person. I saw the whole collection yesterday. There’s not much that’s spectacular enough to tempt me in this drop, but I tried on the bow bangle and that is my next ‘must have’ in this collection. Great review, thanks.

    • The bow bangle does look sweet from the pictures, and I’ll be taking a look at it in person tomorrow! However I know that the bracelets that get the most wear for me are the charm bracelets, so I rarely indulge in others :)

  14. Hi Ellie,

    I still think I’ll skip it. There are indeed some beautiful pieces, but not my style and I still want some other beads. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person, though. That lace bow heart will be a work of art to look at through the glass!!! ?

  15. Hi, im in the uk……I’m desperate to get hold of the dancing lion. Do we know if it will be released here?

  16. Hi!
    Thanks for those liveshots!! I am not a pink person so this collection is not really for me but i will definitely be getting the sparkling bow bangle and i may consider buying the lace bow heart if it looks as lovely irl.
    Can not wait to be thursday and for the valentine’s promo. Wish i could get one of those lovely valentine boxes this year!

    • Hi Kelly! Ah, I guess most Pandora Valentine’s releases won’t be for you if you’re not a pink person :) at least you can save for spring for the most part! I’m considering doing the valentine’s UK gap to get the red box myself – I just have to plan out my spending carefully, aha.

  17. I am astonished as to how much I love the Valentine’s Day charms when I look at the live shots. The Lace Bow Heart charm looks so delicate but like you, I do not have an inkling as to how to work it into my existing bracelet. The darker Cerise pink appeals to me more than the baby pink enamel which tends to look washed out against my skin. Perhaps I should mix the two pinks for my heart bracelet so that the baby pink complements rather than trying very hard to make the baby pink charms I own to stand out. I have come to realise that I have a soft spot for hearts and Christmas Charms and primarily building my collection around these themes. That said, this year’s CNY dancing lion charm is so unique that I will like to build a simple CNY bracelet featuring a red theme. Thank you for sharing these live shots, Ellie. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • Ooh I very much like the idea of mixing the darker and lighter pinks – the cerise hot pink might give the softer pastels a bit more ‘oomph’, so to speak! ;) The CNY charm is gorgeous in person, just as pretty as he looks! I’m doing an all-red CNY bracelet design this year as well, and it is looking lovely! I’m really pleased with it, so you should definitely consider doing that :D

  18. :-) Hi Ellie,
    I’m all for hearts, so I believe I might get myself something from the Valentine’s Day collection. We’ll see, what they have to offer here in Austria.
    Who knows, perhaps there will be a new Opera Ball Charm? We’ll see in a couple of weeks.
    Take care and have a very HAPPY week :-)

    • Hi Claudia! You definitely should! And a new Opera Ball charm would be amazing, you’ll have to let me know if they go for one ^^
      Have a lovely week too!

  19. Hello, I saw in another post that you would willing to help someone get the dancing lion charm and was wondering if you could help me get one also, thanks

  20. Hi Ellie,

    I will definitely be looking forward to your review of the CNY Lion charm. I’ve seen it in person and it looks brilliant. However I do find it a tad bulky and thus am not sure how to style it. I am sure I’ll be getting it as it’s a beautiful piece. Hence, I can’t wait for your styling tips on this one.

    I would also love the idea of you mixing your review posts of new pieces with some features on your favourite older beads as that would benefit the ‘newer’ collectors like myself. I absolutely adore the older classic Pandora charms and it’s always a joy to try to hunt them down. ?

    Thank you for a wonderful post and wishing you a great week ahead. ?

    • Hi Jen! It is a little bulky in person, but it works really well as a focal point in any bracelet section or if you balance it out with other bigger charms :) when I review it I’ll post some suggestions!

      Oh I’m really glad to hear that. I’m quite excited about doing some features on older beads. There are such lovely ones retiring at the moment that I feel they need a little bit of showcasing, as I’m sure there will be many people considering purchasing them alongside all the new releases!

      Thank you, hope you have had a great week too :)

  21. Hi Ellie – love your blog! I’ve been a longtime reader, but this is my first time commenting. Thank you for all that you do.

    I am in love with the dancing lion charm and am so sad that it won’t be available in the US. If anyone might be willing to help me out (I’m in California), I would be super grateful!

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Marie! Lovely to hear from you, that’s so nice to hear :) I’d recommend having a chat with Patty, as she’s the lovely lady who got me my Lion Dance bead! Happy new year to you too!

  22. I will for sure be looking at the cerise collection. I’m trying to come up with a dark pink theme and I think the collection will help me decide on what it should look like. Thank you for the preview!

  23. How exciting that you have a Lion Dance charm! I’m looking forward to your review of him. I’m not a big fan of red so he won’t be joining my collection. I’m pleased to see the Lace and Bows charm looks more like the stock image than in the other live shots I have seen of it. It looks like the same colours as the Dahlia clips to me.
    Thanks for the post!

    • I never used to be that big a fan of red, but the CNY beads are so gorgeous in person that they’ve totally won me round. I also have a bracelet that features some Minnie Mouse reds that I’ve become rather fond of :D

  24. hi
    i was checking out the bracelet red leather in SG n its pretty dark
    the one u posted seem brighter
    Do they used to have brighter red leather? bright vibrant red? batch by batch difference in colors? Thanks

    • Hi! I suppose it’s possible that the one you saw may well have discoloured – and there is variation. I think I remember another reader saying that she had two and that they seemed different colours, depending on their age.

    • I’ve just bought the double ‘red’ leather bracelet from ebay to go with my chinese new year present for my girlfriend and on the internet it’s bright red, but opeing it today in the post I am very disappointed as it’s really a dark burguny and very unimpressive colour indeed and totally unsuitable for the CNY red charms, lanterns and others so I have bought a silver one instead… this bracelet is nothing like ‘red’ or at least not the one I have been sent..

  25. Hi Ellie the lace bow heart keeps growing on me the colours looks really pretty and I love how detailed it looks. Ellie I would love to see your collection ??

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, I’m really looking forward to seeing that one in store and getting a handle on what the colours are actually like :D
      I have plans for how I might showcase my collection so stay tuned! ;)

  26. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the live shots. I see congratulations are in order on getting your Lion Dance already. That was quick! I know you are on “cloud nine”. Can’t wait to see it on your new bracelet.

    I’ve noticed the Cerise charms vary in color quite a bit, so I’ll need to see them in store to make my final decision. A couple of them look hot pink. Still a pretty color though. I stopped by my favorite department store a few days ago and noticed the bright pinks in everything from clothing to handbags for spring. I’m starting to wonder if the Cerise charms from the Valentine’s collection is going to blend well with the Cerise Radiant Hearts. Guess I’ll find out soon.

    I hope you are feeling better. Looking forward to seeing all your new charms and bracelet designs as always!

    • Hi Emily! I am absolutely on cloud nine. He’s such a cute bead, and the detailing is beautiful! He will be a hard one to beat this year :D

      Ah, I hadn’t noticed the variation – I will definitely keep an eye out for that in store. I’m considering making a couple of purchases tomorrow, but I’m not sure yet :) Iw ould imagine that all the cerise beads will go well together, as Pandora will most likely have designed them all with cohesive designs in mind!

      Thanks very much Emily! I will hopefully be putting together some reviews v. soon!

  27. Hi Ellie,

    Went into my Pandora concept store today and forced them to drag the new charms out of the back room for me, lol. Ended up buying, of course, even though everything was pretty expensive…I got Amo Te (really pretty), the lace bow heart which is a nice delicate pink. The texture of the smooth bow vs. the bumpy heart is nice. The background color is called transparent misty rose and the bow itself is called soft pink. Somehow it blends nicely. I also bought the button style pale pink heart (Wonderful love), which has very delicate pave on the sides. And I had to get the bow bangle, which is great. Oh, and 2 cerise muranos for my grumpy cat Christmas bracelet. Not a bad haul!

    The little heart box for the promo is really nice. I may ask my boyfriend for it for Valentine’s day…

    • Hi Lisa!

      Aha, I wish I had your gumption! I’m always wondering how far in advance local stores get the collection in. I did like the Amo Te heart a lot from the live images I saw, but I”m really looking forward to seeing it for myself in person! The fact that you have a grumpy cat Christmas bracelet is so awesome, aha. I hope your cerise muranos look beautiful on it!

      I’m tempted by the little heart box too! The box GWPs are very good at twisting my arm and testing my resolve, lol!

  28. Thursday 12th is here. Ok, it definitely looks as though the UK is Not going to get the Dancing lion charm. Strangely though looking on Australia’s website, they are still out of stock (not released online yet possibly). I still find it strange that the UK gets most of the collections, (though not Disney, but I can sort of see why, with distribution and whatever other reasons) but something so obviously popular here isn’t being released here.
    So sad.

    • Hi Jen! It seems to be in stock when I look on the Pandora Australian store now? I guess maybe the Piggy Bank didn’t sell well in the UK last year and so they’re not bringing the Lion out here. It’s a shame as I think the Lion is a cuter design and that it would do well, but I can understand it.

  29. Hi Ellie,
    Rue La La is having a special 70% off Pandora sale tonight 1/12/17 at 8:00! One night only! Please pass it on! Thanks Ellie!
    I Love your blog!!!!

  30. Hi Ellie
    I was in the store the other day to view the collection. I was not impressed. I think they could of put a lot more effort into it this year.
    I think they should of did a hot pink enamel heart or something.
    None of the pieces call to me. I guess its,everyone’s preference.
    However it will save some money in my pocket. I skipped quite a f promos due to xmas and the holidays but nothing I was interested in.
    I just think last year’s collection they outdid themselves and this not.
    Do you know of any bracelet promotions coming up?
    Hope to hear from you!

    • Hi Laura! Aw, well at least you’ll save money for later in the year. I’m not aware of any bracelet promos yet, no, but I’ll update if I hear anything of course! :)

  31. Love reading your reviews! I am in love with the Dancing Lion charm! Is there any way that I can buy this – I live in the US? Thanks!

  32. Hello, I’m in love with the dancing lion charm!!! Is anyone helping us in the US? I’m willing to help out with any US charms you can’t get.

    Best, Ray

  33. Hello Patty if you see this I have messaged you on FB under my name ‘Solo Thailand’ I am seeking help to purchase the 2017 lion charm and also the 2017 USA chinese new year pendant… if you or your group can help me I would be very grateful – they are for a special gift…. or if anyone else reading this can help please contact me here…. thank you all

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