There’s just over a week to go until the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 collection and so today I’m taking a look at all the new pieces in more detail, with lots of lovely high resolution images and individual pricing! Also included are some extra tidbits of Valentine’s info, including a sneak peek at the Valentine’s 2017 limited edition gift packaging and some live shots of the gorgeous new CNY 2017 Lion Dance bead!

The Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection is due out on the 12th of January; read on for some HQ images of all the new charms, plus a sneak peek at this collection’s limited edition gift packaging and boxes, and a couple of bonus live shots!

Also – before we get started – I also have confirmation on dates for the January North American ring promo, which I’ve added into the Promotions page for 2017!

Pandora Valentine’s 2017 Charms Preview

First up, we have one of my favourite pieces from this launch – the Sparkling Heart bracelet! I know logically that this is just a regular bracelet put together with an existing clip, but I am such a sucker when it comes to special clasp bracelet designs. ? I’ve wanted a bracelet like this ever since they released the Circle of Love LE bangle back in 2014! This will retail for $75 USD / $85 CAD / 69€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

The Cerise Hearts murano has been another popular choice with many collectors, offering a deeper pink version of the 2015 Pink Hearts murano. It features sweet little CZ heart stones deep within the glass, and will retail for $55 USD / $60 CAD / 39€.

The Ribbons of Love charm offers an openwork version of last year’s heart charm, putting a more contemporary twist on a classic design. It’s $40 USD / $45 CAD / 35€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

This little bead caused some confusion when I first posted preview pics, due to the words ‘Amo Te’ written on it – most people are more familiar with the Spanish form ‘Te Amo’. However, the name of the charm reveals that the words are actually taken from Latin. I really love the pattern engraved into the enamel, and the stone graphic effect applied to the lettering – this will definitely be one I’m interested in seeing in person! This is priced at $45 USD / $50 CAD/ 39€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

The Encased in Love charm continues the rich cerise trend, and features highly polished open silver hearts over a large pink stone. This is another stand-out piece for me; if I didn’t already have too many pink bracelet designs, I’d be tempted to do a whole bracelet around this pretty colour scheme! It’s a bit pricier at $65 USD / $75 CAD/ 59€, although it will only be available as part of a bracelet gift set until after Valentine’s Day in North America (see here for info on the North American Valentine’s gift sets!).

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

The Struck by Love charm, retailing for $65 USD / $85 CAD/ 59€, will be presented as a ‘charm gift set’ in the US & Canada, which essentially means that it’ll be sold in a special red gift box until Valentine’s Day. <3 I’m not sure why there’s quite such a discrepancy between the US and Canadian prices! :S

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

The Gift of Love is another fun offering, finished with a bright pop of pink cerise enamel. I love enamel detailing, especially in this rich pink shade, and I’m rather a fan of the present box charm motif (one of my favourites that’s rather similar is the With Love bead from the 2015 Valentine’s collection) – so this is another one that appeals to me rather. It’s on the pricier side, however, at $75 USD or $85 CAD, or 69€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

Next, we have a new baby pink version of the Open your Heart CZ clip! This should be rather beautiful in person – I have the Circle of Love LE bangle from Mother’s Day 2014 and the existing pink Pave Heart charm, which should match this in shade, and they are gorgeous in person! This is $75 USD / $85 CAD / 59€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Pink Pavé Open Your Heart clip

The Wonderful Love charm offers a sweet baby pink enamel heart and a lot of cubic zirconia detailing – it’s priced at $70 USD / $80 CAD / 65€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

Next, we have a couple of two-tone designs. The Love Script bead has a cute dash of gold in the top corner, and the script is rather elegant, but the dusting of CZ detracts from the design a little for me. It’s priced at $75 USD / $85 CAD / 69€.
Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

Next up, we have the Love You Forever bead, which will retail for $65 USD / $75 CAD / 59€ – as you might expect from the name, the back of the charm reads ‘forever’! Again, this would be a very sweet bead for me, but I’m put off by the gratuitous CZ on the bail.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

The Lace Bow Heart stands out from the rest of the collection, offering something a little more delicate and soft amongst all the vibrant hot pinks. The webbed lacy detailing looks to be created against a softer peach enamel, while the bow itself is a soft pink. This is again one that I’m so very tempted by, but I have so much pink already…! It’s not too expensive at $50 USD / $55 CAD / 45€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

Now, from what I understand, the next two charms are set to be Jared exclusives (Jared’s Galleria is a chain of jewellery stores in the US). The strange thing about these beads is that I haven’t seen them yet in catalogues for other countries, and I’m wondering if these are possibly the first actual Jared exclusives, and that they might not even be sold in other countries? If you have seen them advertised outside the US, please do let me know!

We have, firstly, the Be My Valentine bead, which is very similar to Wonderful Love with the addition of a romantic script.

The next Jared bead is more to my taste; this is the contemporary-looking Love Struck dangle, which features a cute, modern font and a CZ arrow. I can imagine this one being a bit of a marmite bead – you either love it or hate it!

There are also two new Disney beads making their debut with this collection; I had been a bit ambivalent towards this one, but when I got the high-res images, I was delighted to see that there is actually Minnie Mouse with her sweet red bow on the back of the charm, as well! This one is $80 USD or $90 CAD.

Pandora Disney Valentine's 2017 Preview

The same goes for this next Disney charm, which is very similar, but with a subtler Minnie Mouse design on the other side without the red. It’s also $80 USD/$90 CAD.

Pandora Disney Valentine's 2017 PreviewFinally for charms, we have a new set of Petites for the Floating Locket necklaces! These come in the collection’s signature bright cerise and the arrow motif that occurs in other charms. They’re relatively inexpensive at $30 USD / $35 CAD / 29€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

Other Jewellery

The selection of accompanying jewellery with this collection is only small, but there are some cute pieces. The Ribbons of Love ring is priced at $55 USD / $60 CAD / 49€.

The Forever Hearts ring is another CZ design, priced at $80 USD / $90 CAD / 69€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

The Sparkling Bow bangle has been another very popular design, and offers a sleeker alternative to your regular charm-heavy Pandora bracelet! It’s a bit more expensive at $125 USD / $140 CAD / 119€.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

There are two new earring designs: these pavé earrings are actually reversible, meaning you can wear them either way round! They’ll be $125 USD / $140 CAD / 99€ – so pretty expensive!

Pandora pavé necklace

Next, we have the Ribbons of Love earrings, which are much more affordable at 45€!

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Preview

Finally, we have a couple of necklaces. The Ribbon of Love matches the ring and charm seen previously, and will be priced at 69€.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2017 preview

The Hearts of Pandora necklace is €129. In the US and Canada, it’ll initially be available as part of a gift set with CZ heart earrings.

Finally, we have new sets of birthstone pendants and earrings – I won’t reproduce them individually in high res, as I’m sure you get the gist more from the collages! ^^ The birthstone pendants are priced at $40 USD / $45 CAD, while the earrings will be $50 USD / $55 CAD.

Pandora Valentine’s 2017 Limited Edition Gift Bag & Boxes

We have another exciting tidbit of Valentine’s info, as images have leaked online of the limited edition gift bag that will be coming out with this collection (hat tip to Eloise Scaut for first finding this on Instagram!). It’s a lovely pink and red design, with PANDORA embossed in pretty silver writing. For the uninitiated, Pandora always offer special gift packaging during holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and these gift bags become quite collectable themselves!

I have proper stock images for each of the special Valentine’s gift boxes coming out this month; the heart-shaped red gift box will be offered as a GWP in Australia & New Zealand from the 2nd of February with a $120 AUD ($150 NZD), and in other regions, too, I’m sure.

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Live Shots

This absolutely gorgeous Lion Dance CNY 2017 charm will be out in many regions, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other Asian countries, on the 12th of January with the rest of the Valentine’s collection. It’s by far my favourite of this launch, with its gorgeous red enamel swirls, sweet face and thoughtful detailing. It doesn’t seem to be up for release in North America yet, though, although some stores in the US will be getting their own LE CNY 2017 bead.

It’s priced at $79 AUD / $99 SGD / 59€.

pandora chinese new year 2017 dancing lion

As this charm launched early in China, a few live shots have crept on to social media and I’ve picked some out here. Thankfully, it looks just as stunning in person. I cannot wait to get mine! Please don’t reproduce these beautiful images without crediting the original posters! :)

My Comment

Overall, while there isn’t a great deal that stands out as a ‘must have’ for me, I do very much like the more contemporary feel of these beads  – the lovestruck arrow motif is rather pretty, and the richness of the cerise colour scheme is very attractive, even if it would have been nice to have some more red for Valentine’s Day. I notice that a lot of the designs are derivative of those from previous collections, such as the Ribbons of Love pieces, the Sparkling Heart Bracelet or the Cerise Heart murano, but they are nicely done and it’s always fun to have more options if you were a fan of the original designs. :D

After doing a romantic-themed bracelet based on last year’s Valentine’s collection, Im not really ready to do another, and so I’m going to use the two pieces I want from this collection to complement two distinctly non-romantic designs. One will be a CNY Asian-themed bracelet and the other is to go on an oxidised travel-themed bracelet!

The Lion Dance charm is just. stunning. and I absolutely cannot wait to get mine! Every single photo I’ve seen of it so far has been beautiful!

What do you think of this latest collection from Pandora? Are there any must-haves here for you?

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    • I just received mine this morning (I managed to get hold of one early as it launched early in some Asian countries!) and it is so stunning! Even prettier in person :)

  1. Thank you for 2017 valentine collection preview…I am really interested in the dancing lion…How do I get my hand on one when I live in the US and it doesn’t seem like it will be release here?

    • You should join one of the Pandora’s FB pages (Pandora’s Angels and Pandora’s Tribe are good) and see if you can get help there! :) That’s my go-to for country exclusives. If you still can’t find one, drop me an email and I’ll see if I can find somewhere you can get one!

  2. First off – I love your blog!! Second. I just started my Pandora collection two weeks ago and I have 3 bracelets already!!! The CNY charm is soooooo adorable!’ Am I unable to get it since I live in the US?!?!?! Or can I acquire it online!? I neeeeeed it!!

    • Three bracelets already? ? that is excellent going! You probably won’t be able to order it online as Pandora are very strict about retailers not shipping anything internationally. There’s a chance it might come out in North America with the spring collection, but we don’t know that yet for certain. Your best bet is to join a Pandora FB selling page (Pandora’s Angels, Pandora’s Tribe, Pandora Freedom, etc.) and ask for help there. If you are really stuck, drop me an email and I’ll see if there’s anything else I can suggest once the charm has officially launched and we know exactly what is available where :)

      • Thanks for that tidbit! I’ll definitely join those groups!!! I asked my Pandora sales people if there was a secret society I could join too (yes I’m desperate). They suggested FB as well and are are the lookout for customers traveling to China soon. So if all else fails you may hear from me again.

        • Aha, that’s so nice that your SAs are keeping an eye out for customers going abroad for you! Good luck finding one :)

  3. Hi Ellie,
    The CNY 2017 charm is a must have, I love it! You indicated the price of EUR 59 so that’s proof of the fact that the charm is definitely coming to Europe. Do you know in which countries in the EU-zone it will be available? As previously indicated, my local retailer doubted that it was coming to Belgium (he still isn’t sure) and if that’s the case, I sincerely hope that it will at least make it’s way to one of the other surrounding countries, as I don’t want to miss out on this one.

    • If it coming to Belgium I need your help to get it ?? these are never released in Holland, and shipping restrictions are ridiculous!! Let me know if you have more info from your jeweller please!!

      • Hello Marikaisa,
        I’d be willing to assist if this comes to Belgium. For your information: the 2016 CNY charm (Piggy Bank) is still available here – I got one about a month ago, I think it cost EUR 39. Other things like the original Gingerbread Man dangle still appear in the Autumn-Winter catalogue and it also costs EUR 39. The gingerbread Man will be going out of collection in the future but for the time being, my retailer has one still in stock.

        • Hello, ladies. Should the Dancing lion come to Spain, which I have good reasons to doubt, I could help you get it if you are interested.

        • Such a kind thing to do! Thank you so much! Are you on Instagram? My insta name is: beadsmarikaisa

        • I’m not on instagram or FB but that shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, let’s wait and see if the famous lion make an appearance here first!. I’ll let you know as soon as the collection is out. Could we contact privately?. I don’t feel it quite right to use Elli’s blog for that.

    • Hi Brenda! I’m afraid I don’t have any definitive list of which European countries it’s launching in :( i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you in Belgium though! ?

  4. Que hermoso el león danzante ojalá llegue a Panamá, si lo liberan en Canadá es muy probable que llegue aquí.
    por cierto felicidades por tu página desde que la descubrí ha sido mi favorita

    • Hola Nixa, que interesante que Panamá coincida con Canadá, soy de Costa Rica y nosotros por lo que he podido apreciar coincidimos más con Estados Unidos, por eso no estoy segura de que llegue acá, pero si llegara y a Panamá no, podríamos coordinar para ayudarte. :)

      • hola Priscilla, creo que será un poquito difícil que llegue acá por lo que veo vamos a tener que buscar la manera de conseguirlo por otras latitudes. y sí aquí en Panamá los precios son un poquito elevados y coinciden con los precios de venta en Canadá. saludos

    • hola Priscilla, creo que será un poquito difícil que llegue acá por lo que veo vamos a tener que buscar la manera de conseguirlo por otras latitudes. y sí aquí en Panamá los precios son un poquito elevados y coinciden con los precios de venta en Canadá. saludos

    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it gets released there too! :) And thank you, that’s so lovely to hear!

  5. Thank you Ms. Mora, I would go for the Lace Heart Charm and the decorative bag over a box of chocolates any day!!!!

  6. It’s the Lion Dance charm for me too. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to get it but you never know. I always seem to want the ones that are hard to get!

    • The country exclusives are often some of the most interesting designs! :( The Fairytale Fish and the Arabian Coffee Pot are two other great examples of that!

    • Hi Jean, If you provide me your email or tell me your Facebook name we can connect and I can angel you the lion dance charm from AUS. It’s on the website here today :) I will join the Facebook groups suggested above as well if that helps us to better connect.

  7. Hi Ellie,

    You should have seen the look on Hubbies face when I showed him the photos from the review! His response was a bit of shock and awe, especially since our Christmas tree is still up. I assured him he had a didn’t have to rush out and shop, for Valentines. Not yet anyway.
    I really like the love struck dangle, sorry it is a Jareds exclusive, the silver hearts on the bail are so much more appealing than the CZ’s. I love the cerise murano and have plans to add it to my necklace. It literally looks edible! I was surprised at how much I liked the enamel gift of love. I bought the red Enamel Christmas present in 2015 (now retired)and loved the pop of colour it gave my bracelet, I think this Valentines version could make a nice centre piece. As for the price difference, well, I used to think it was because of the difference in the Cdn dollar against the US dollar, but even when our dollar surpassed the US in value a few years back, our retail prices didn’t decrease. I guess Canada is a smaller market and it must cost more to distribute in Canada. It still stings yo see the price difference.
    The pink pave Open You Heart clip is another favorite, I have the clear one released a few years ago & love it.
    The dancing Lion appears to be quite a sizeable charm, and that is appealing to me, This charm won’t get lost on a bracelet. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for stylings. No pressure!

    Thanks for the wonderful run down on the Valentines release!
    My New Years resolution was to set a Pandora budget & stick to it, I might as well have said I would go to the gym everyday! lol

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Aha, I can well imagine! My OH tends to let me get on with all my Pandora habits these days (he’ll contribute on special occasions and admire my bracelets when they’re done) as it’s really spiralled since I started the blog aha. He used to be the only one who bought me beads, and my earliest bracelet is the most special because of that, but now I get too carried away with new releases, chasing older beads and putting together designs. He really can’t keep up! ;)

      I much prefer silver hearts on the bail too! If there’s one ‘new’ Pandora trope that I cannot get on with, it’s the CZ on the bail. :( I only have a couple of dangles at most where they do that (the Summer 2015 Orchid, which is a favourite), as I just don’t like it. The Cerise Hearts murano is top of my list, too! It’s not going on a romantic theme, though – I want it to complete a pink travel theme that I keep tweaking but can’t quite get right. I’m hoping that this is the bead that will pull the whole thing together!

      Aha I didn’t bother making any Pandora resolutions. I should probably have put a general resolution in there about spending money on useless pretty things that I really have no need for, but it’s not going to happen lol! Enjoy picking out your Valentine’s beads, I look forward to hearing about them :D

    • I always recommend the Pandora Facebook groups I mentioned in the comments above – that’s how I got started getting all the international exclusives! They’re such a great resource. If you go on my latest post, too, Kelly has also offered to help people out in the comments :)

  8. Hi Ellie! I forgot all about the Sparkling Love bracelet. I really like the round clasp bracelets. I was thinking about maybe getting the Cerise Hearts murano and Encased in Love bead, but since the Encased in Love bead is initially part of a gift set, maybe I’ll get the Cerise Hearts murano and the Sparkling Love bracelet.

    I love the red enamel detailing on the Dancing Lion bead. Hopefully the release (of this bead) will be wider than we expect.

    • Hi Judy! I really like the round clasps as well. I think many people are still half expecting Pandora to replace the barrel clasp classic bracelet with a round clasp, although I hope they don’t, if only for tradition’s sake. ^^ Those sound like good picks, mainly as they are the two I want to get myself – great minds etc! ;)

  9. Thanks so much for keeping us updated on what’s to come , I live in Australia and I like to be ready for when the special promotions come out or they sell out pretty quick here , so many thanks for that , and I also love the new CNY lion how beautiful it is , do you know if they are going to give away a free bracelet with $$$$ value purchased here , as I need a new one as the other 2 are now full :) also loving the valentines gift box will be getting that as I have the other boxes also , many thanks again for keeping us informed

    • Hi Samantha, there’s no GWP bracelet promo planned in Australia for now unfortunately, but there will most probably be one for the Mother’s Day collection later in the year :) so glad to hear that the updates are useful, thanks for letting me know ?

  10. I am no fan of hearts, but I love the cerise color. I hope it will show up in charms for spring or summer. I would love to do an entire bracelet in the color if Pandora will give me something to work with.

    • I love it, too, and your idea for a cerise bracelet sounds lovely (provided we get some non-heart-themed cerise beads!)! It’s just that I have so many pinks already, but it feels a bit much for me to start a whole new pink bracelet based on these beads. ? Last year I compromised by doing cerise pink and cinderella blue as a colour scheme, but inspiration has rather run dry for new ways that I can use pink charms without making very similar bracelets aha!

  11. Hi Ellie,

    This is not a bad pandora Valentine’s day release. Even though much of it is similar to past charms, they are really pretty. I just can’t believe how expensive all the charms are!! Don’t know if I will be buying…

    • Hi Lisa! I know, it’s all at a very high price point! I think the cerise murano and the heart clasp bracelet (hopefully) won’t be too bad, but I am definitely trying to dial back on what I buy – and will hopefully limit myself to those two things. I got the CNY Lion early from Singapore and that was very pricey, too, but so so gorgeous in person!

  12. A little sad as none of the charms have stood out for me :/
    Have you heard of any news as to when there will be new additions to the pandora rose collection? Also, will there be a bracelet event in March this year?

    • There will be new additions to Pandora Rose in spring – haven’t heard about a bracelet promo yet ! :)

    • Not for Valentine’s – there’s a possibility it might come out in Spring, as I haven’t seen the US catalogue yet, but no confirmation yet.

  13. There are several of the Valentine’s charms that I actually really like the style of, the Gift of Love and beautifully detailed Latin charm in particular. BUT… the color is very much a deal breaker for me. I’d love to see Pandora do something similar in red ( which I say every year). Until they do, I have no choice but to vote with my wallet, I suppose.

    I DO really love that Dancing Lion, though. How unique. He doesn’t really fit into my collection, but I may need him anyway.

    • I would also love to see some red for Valentine’s day – but the cerise does appeal to me! I like that it’s such a rich colour, at least, rather than being baby pink or pastel. I can understand why Pandora do it, though, as they’re probably trying to reach out to people who bought from previous collections and who will want more pink charms to go with what they already have. It would be good to see them throw in at least a couple of different things though!

      I know, isn’t he great? He’s going to be a tough one to beat for favourite charms this year! :D

  14. Just like Peggy Bank CNY charm not a real Limited Edition, still available in Hong Kong, so no need hurry.

  15. Peggy Bank HK$ 399, you can check Hong Kong site will see many charms not available in North America still there.

  16. Love the sparkling bow bangle & the love struck dangle. Hopefully the dangle will be released in Australia as we got the xmas Jared exclusives as part of our release.

    • Usually Jared exclusives have been launched worldwide, you’re correct, but I have not seen these two particular ones in the pre-release information for any other countries, which makes me think that these two might be different… So these would potentially be a little harder to find than the usual Jared beads!

  17. Hi Miss Mora,
    All Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year charms are for sale online in Australia! Boxing Day sale ends in three days….Some stores here had amazing deals. I couldn’t resist buying the large Shimmering Rose ring reduced to $40aud from $119! My Shimmering Rose set is now complete!
    Love the look of ” Struck by Love” charm and the bow bangle. My daughter gave me the pearl bow earring for Christmas, so the bangle will look lovely together.
    Happy shopping at the launch!

    • Hi Lydia! Thanks for the heads-up on the Australian launch – they seem to have gone now, so I guess they were put up by mistake haha? Congrats on getting an amazing deal on the Shimmering Rose ring too, that’s amazing! It’s funny how much more generous some regions are than others with their sales!
      Happy shopping to you too :)

  18. Hi thank you for updating us. Is the new bow bracelet going to be available in the UK and how much? I already have the bow ring and earrings this would match perfectly I think thank you xxx

    • Hi Sam, it will be available in the UK, but I don’t know how much for yet I’m afraid :) I’m sure it will look perfect with your ring and earrings! xxx

  19. Hi Ellie.
    As I’ve said before nothing really seems to suit me, so I think I ‘ll take a break and save for the spring collection or buy a couple of older beads if I still can find them.
    Changing a bit the subject, I think it’s an intelligent commercial strategy from Pandora to release pieces that match previous ones little by little. That way, you buy a bead you like one year and match it as you can. The followong year, for instance, they bring out a bracelet with a matching clasp and of corse you “need” it, so you are suddenly thinking of a new design around that previous piece, which now has another bracelet to live and needs perhaps new “neibourghs”. And then it’s the clips and/or the spacers in following releases. So it may take you over a year to complete a design around a theme, a colour or a piece. In the meantime you have, of course bought many other “friends” to keep that first bead company. And now they either have their own “siblings” or they just need to be accomodated somewhere else to make room.
    Now let’s imagine that Pandora made “coherent” collections ?. You might fell for one (or two) and made the whole design up either at once or along the year but you complete a bracelet that you really love and may not “need” another wintry/ Valentine’s/summer design. So, little by little is, in my view, more profitabe.
    And if I may just say one more thing, tomorrow we have The Wise Men’s Day and it’s my first Pandora birthday!. I can’t believe I’m a year old ???

    • Hi Marie! Ah well, it’s always something of a relief for your wallet when you can write a collection off ^^
      Yes, I think you’re spot on in your analysis :) collections are very samey these days, but you can see why they do it – they’re wanting people to be able to build their bracelet designs in a continuous way from collection to collection. It’s just for us hard core collectors that it’s a problem – we’ll often design a whole bracelet or most of one from a collection and be ready for something else by the time next year rolls around! ?
      Aha, I hope you enjoyed your first Pandora birthday!! Here’s to many to come ;)

  20. I simply adore the Lion Dance charm- guessing from the Euro price, guess if it released in the UK, it will be around £50? Only slight issue with the pictures, it looks rather large, styling it is going to be a little harder than I imagined-though you can never have too much of a good thing, and the Lion is gorgeous!!! Roll on 12th January, can’t wait!!!

    • With the Valentines day collection-love the Latin Amo Te heart and the Lace heart but the problem is I already have a special heart charm (Feathered Heart) which means a lot to me. So although I like, it will probably be a no from me.

      • That’s probably sensible :) Pandora do so many hearts, it’s probably good to establish some rules at the beginning ?

    • It is rather large in person! Which is nice, as it feels so much more substantial than a lot of the more detailed character charms they’ve done lately – it’s good that detail doesn’t always mean compromising on size :) I am hearing conflicting things about the Lion launching in the UK, so I think we may just have to wait until Thursday to see if it does!

  21. Hi Ellie! Long time, no comment! :) Happy new year!

    I have to say, I usually ignore the Valentine’s Day collection, but the Lace Bow Heart is so beautiful! I like that it has an antique look, and is more “versatile” than most of the Valentine-themed charms. That peachy pink is so pretty, and neutral at the same time! I may have to start a third bracelet and incorporate that charm somehow :)

    While I won’t buy it, the Lion Dance charm is so incredibly beautiful. It really showcases Pandora’s attention to detail, and their ability to do so much with a really small space. Their use of CZ and enamel were executed so well, and the swirl pattern in the red is another incredible detail.

    Thanks, as always, for the detailed preview! I can’t wait for more in-depth spring and summer previews! Do you have an idea when you’ll be doing those posts? :)

    • Hi Kristen! Happy new year – nice to hear from you! :) ‘Antique’ is such a nice way of summing up the appeal of the Lace Bow Heart. That’s why I like it so much, too, and the peachy tones are quite unusual from Pandora. I hope it’s as pretty in person!

      I got my Lion Dance bead yesterday and it is just as stunning! The enamel is such a pretty rich colour, and the detailing is just as amazing in person. I am in love!

      I never really know very far in advance when I’m going to get previews – hopefully soon but can’t make any guarantees! :)

  22. Aww, I love Valentine’s day and I think this collection is so pretty. I want to start by saying how pretty I think the campaign image is with the birthstone jewelry. My birthstone is the Emerald and I plan on getting the trio in March as an early birthday/St. Patty’s day gift for myself. I love all of the cerise colors in this collection. I am actually doing a cerise themed bracelet. I plan on asking my husband for the gold clasp bangle bracelet to put them on for Valentine’s day. I got some gold clips during the Rue sale the last time and I want to add some gold spacers too. The top items on my wish list are: encased by love bead (bummed I can’t get it separate until after Valentine’s Day), struck by love bead, the love feelings petites (for my locket), sparkling bow bangle, and pave drops earrings. I expected the bangle to be expensive but those earrings are more expensive than what I thought!! I love the packaging too, how pretty!! I actually didn’t get the Christmas packaging and I wonder if it sold out? I was disappointed. I think that the dancing lion CNY charm is so cute!! I don’t have any of those though so he wouldn’t fit with any of my bracelets.

    As a side note, I think the ring promo is kind of random. I thought the spend was a little high and I thought it was strange it’s only for two days. I haven’t seen it advertised yet either. I’m going tomorrow though to participate of course!! I missed out on the after Christmas promo and I was bummed by that.

    • I went to get my rings today and they had the new Valentine’s day collection in and wow, so pretty!! The bow bangle is to die for, I can wait to get it!! Also, the birthstone collection is very pretty in person. Especially on a tray in the store with aLl the colors together!!

    • Ooh gold and cerise sounds amazing! I love that idea! They should really bring out the rich tones in each other. You picked out some gorgeous beads, that should look amazing – the gold will certainly pull it all together and make it look so beautiful and sophisticated. I know, I was surprised by the earrings! Maybe they’re much bigger in person than you’d think?!
      The LE packaging can be really hard to get hold of, depending on your store and when you buy! I actually had to ring an online retailer and ask them to put one of the special gift bags in my order as I kept striking out when going to stores as they had all run out of the gift packaging ? I like to collect the LE packaging as well, so there was no way I was going without lol!

      Yeah, the spends aren’t so good with this promo, it’s odd. I guess it’s just a little bonus promo, and they’re not as worried about uptake, which might be why it’s not so widely advertised and the spends aren’t so good?

  23. Hi Ellie, the color in this collection is one of my favorites, so there’re a lot of must have for me!! Do you know if the sparkling heart bracelet is a LE? I love it, but really want the heart box of the gift set, so I can’t afford bought in this moment, because I need another pieces. I’m so excited because the struck by love it’s my favorite bead of this collection and it comes with the red box!! :) Thanks for this beautiful preview!!

    • Hi Priscilla, sorry for the delay in reply! I’ve been under the weather and trying to tackle technical issues with the blog and have not had as much time as I’d have liked :) I’ve not seen the Sparkling Heart bracelet marked as LE anywhere, so I assume not – but Pandora have abruptly retired items in the past, so I don’t know for sure!
      Glad you enjoyed the preview and thanks for commenting! <3

      • Oh Ellie, please don’t worry about the delay, you don’t need to apologize, I hope that the technical issues are going to disappear soon, please take care

  24. Hi Ellie!

    I had a sigh of relief in early November when we first saw sneak peeks of the 2017 Valentine’s Day Collection. Thinking I was fairly safe, I added the Cerise Hearts murano and a couple of Lace Bow Hearts to my list. Then in early December we get updates and I added the Gift of Love to my list. Last night after seeing the lovely HQ Images, I’m thinking the Struck By Love charms would make a nice addition to my Cerise collection. I purchased the Cerise Radiant Hearts before the holidays to build my Christmas bracelet around. Such a beautiful color and quite different to anything else I have in my collection. I’m hoping the gorgeous Lace Bow Hearts will be pretty with my Glittering Hearts and Field of Daisies murano. The pink Open Your Heart clips have caught my eye as well as the Sparkling Bow Bangle. In summary, this has turned out to be quite a lovely collection for Valentine’s Day when I initially thought I was about to get a much needed break from Pandora. lol!

    Thank you, Ellie, for the lovely HQ Images and reviews. You never disappoint. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated. I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Day and the best new year ever!

    • BTW, I almost forgot to ask…you mentioned a while back that you had seen a picture of a glittery new pink murano on Facebook, but were never able to get permission to share it. Have you seen any more pictures of that particular murano? You had my attention at glittery and pink! lol

      • Hi Emily! No, I haven’t; and info suggests that it’s actually a bead from a later release. :) I’ll update if/when I hear more!

    • Hi Emily! Aha, I often do the same – I write off a collection when the first images come out, and then spend the next couple of weeks talking myself into adding all the pieces to my wish list ? that sounds potentially like a stunning combination – the Lace Bow Heart with the Glittering Hearts and the Field of Daisies. I recently got two FoD muranos from Rue La La and put them with my new Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet – they are so beautiful, and go beautifully with richer colours, too.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Emily! The HQ previews are some of my favourites to do. I love getting down into detail about all the new beads, haha. Wishing you a wonderful 2017 also, and here’s to many more Pandora chats along the way! ^^

  25. Hi Ellie!

    Happy New Years! What a lovely post! ? I adore all of the hearts ? charms. I’d say the lace heart charm is my favorite out of all of the valentines charms as well, unfortunately, not enough to purchase it. I would be most inclined to purchase the cute Dancing Lion! That would go lovely on my newly developed winter bracelet! I finally did get my Christmas Kitten; they would go well together!

    What a beautiful post! Thank you for putting together another awesome post! Cheers to the New Years! May your year be filled with much joy, peace, and prosperity! ?


    • Happy New Year, Margaret!

      Just wondering if your mother ever tried the Jared store near her since she doesn’t have a Pandora shop close by?

      • Happy New Years to you too Emily! ? Thank you for asking about my Mama and her getting into Jareds. She did make it into that store for that amazing promo last fall.. Now, I cannot get her out of that store! ? I am visiting her for the holidays so we have visited that store a couple times together (which is priceless to me as I consider it Mother Daughter bonding time.) ? It is so kind and thoughtful to inquire about my Mama, THANK YOU THANK YOU! ?? I hope you have a wonderful New Years filled with an abundance of joy, peace, and prosperity! ?


        • Thank you for such a kind, lovely message, Margaret. Glad your Mama made it to Jareds for the fall promo. That was a good one! It’s so nice you’re getting to spend the holidays together and Pandora shopping is the icing on the cake. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    • Hi Margaret! Happy new year to you too! Glad to hear you like all the hearts; there are some pretty beads here, but my favourite is also the Lion Dance bead! It’s just adorable, and even more so in person. I’ve not been able to stop taking peeks at my wrist whenever I’m wearing it!

      You are so very welcome, I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed it! I do love doing the HQ previews ? wishing you a very happy 2017 also! <3 <3

  26. Hi Ellie great post, I to am a sucker for a new clasp bracelet. I really like this bright fushia pink enamel shade. I looking forward to seeing it in person the chinease new year charm has grown on me I love the bright red enamel again I can’t wait to see it in person. I was so surprised by the Disney pieces I like the first one more than the second. Do you know when the uk sale finishes just wondering. Thankyou ???

    • Hi Nicola! Aha, the bracelets are almost as collectable as the charms aren’t they? ^^ I’m not sure when the UK sale finishes, tbh – normally they have it in the terms and conditions on the UK estore, but I couldn’t see it there this year. :(

  27. Hi, from the US, Virginia to be exact. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and this is my first ever comment. Thanks for all your hard work and keeping everyone informed about everything Pandora.
    I’m in the process of collecting everything from your rare list. I have about 12 really rare charms now. I too am super excited about the dancing lion, I will need to have one. I’m also really into this about this valentines collection I may be indulging in that peachy Lace Heart, and I’ve yet to get a heart charm in my collection of Pandora (I’ve just never been fond of hearts).
    Finally, I read a few posts back that there were more Disney Charms coming out (Tiger, Piglet, Beauty and Beast), and I’d just like to share my two cents and beg Pandora for a Toy Story collection, I’d die for Mr and Mrs Potatoe Head! lol I hope they read your blog.
    Thanks again for all you do.

    • Hi Amy! Lovely to hear from you, thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know that you’re enjoying the blog. :D You’ve done well to avoid the heart charms so far (there are so many of them!) but I think the Lace Heart would be a very worthy first heart charm to add to your collection. <3 The Filled with Romance bead from last year's Valentine's collection is also another special one, and quite a contender!

      Toy Story would be amazing! I'd love them to do some more off-beat Disney movies - not just the princesses. I don't think they've done any Pixar yet, but there are so many Pixar films that would be adorable as charms. :D

      Thanks again for commenting! <3

  28. The Floating Locket is slowly and surely working its way to my heart. I will have very much prefer the Pandora branding to be inscribed behind the pendant instead of being on the front but the petites are so adorable, especially those of Christmas and this Valentine’s Day release. I might just pull the trigger on my first LE bracelet. That heart clasp looks so lovely and I do like the spacers and the Encased in Love charm. Looking forward to checking out these pieces in person. Great post, Ellie! Thank you!

    • The Pandora branding on the lockets isn’t so bad when you see them in person, I don’t think – they’re much more petite than you’d think from the stock images! But yes, I would have preferred something a little more subtle also. I also like the Valentine’s and Christmas Petites best. They almost had me when I saw how cute those Christmas Petites looked in person, but I managed to resist ?
      Thanks for commenting Ariane!

  29. I love the Lace Bow Heart definitely getting it. Im really disappointed the US isn’t getting the Dancing Lion, really want it!!!!
    Love your blog Ellie, thank you for all the updates!

    • Hi Elizabeth! The Lace Bow Heart looks lovely from the stock image :D the UK isn’t getting the Lion Dance bead either, from what I hear, which is a real shame! It’s such a gorgeous bead.

      Thank you, that’s so nice to hear! Hope you continue to enjoy! <3

  30. Hi, Just popped into my local Pandora store In Melbourne, Australia and the sales lady Ki fly let me look through the new Valentines Day catalogue! Lovely selection! Australia’s gift set will the sparkling heart clasp Moments bracelet with one Encased in Love charm for $159aud. Not sure if it comes in red gift box, but maybe that will be the GWP.

    • Hi Lydia! Ooh thanks for the info on the Australia gift set. :) the red gift box will be the GWP for Australia, yes – that starts on the 2nd of Feb!

  31. Love the previews! I agree with you, there aren’t any must haves for me either but I overall like the collection. I like the cerise colors too, something a bit different than their usual baby pink all the time!

    • My thoughts exactly – it might not be the nice rich red we’re all wanting for Valentine’s Day, but cerise has certainly got a bit more kick to it than the regular pastel pinks :)

  32. Hi Ellie!

    I got my cerise murano last Night! My local shop in shop got their collection and I was able to go in after work and check out the new charms. The staff there are great at letting me know when stuff comes in, I am glad to have my shop in shop? I know a lot were closed across the country to make room for the new online site.
    The cerise is now on my necklace. There was quite a variation in size and slight variation in colour but I think the later had more yo do with the light. In the store the cerise colour seemed to lean a little towards the purple hue. This morning when I hold it up to the daylight it looks a little more magenta. I love it! The gift of love, turned out to be hot pink so I have moved it off my wish list but the silver & CZ Ribbon of Love is really elegant.

    I haven’t done anything special with the cerise murano other than to put it on my necklace with the other charms already on it. I chose one that you could really see the clear heart crystals.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa!

      Ooh I’m so envious! I won’t be getting my Valentine’s picks until this weekend at least! I just saw your email, and the cerise colour looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to try it out on my travel bracelet..! It is a shame about the closures of many of the smaller Pandora stores. I’m glad your one made the cut! I don’t really have one special retailer I go to anymore (I tend to go shopping online, and I don’t have any physical stores that close to me), but I used to go to one store in particular when I was at university – it does make the shopping experience so much better when you have a relationship with your local store!

      Am very interested to see the enamel beads after your comments – hot pink is kind of the shade I was expecting, as I’m pretty sure they are the same enamel as the cerise Essence Freedom bead, and I found that rather bright in person also.

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! You’ve made me even more excited to see everything myself haha.

  33. Oh I so want the Lion Dance charm, does anyone on the site help out other Pandora lovers in other countries with charms they can’t get? I’m currently in North America!

    • Hi! If you check my latest post, Patty is offering to help out – and Kelly has also offered on my promotion alert for the ring promo :)

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