It’s been all about the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 collection this week on the blog, and this post rounds off my earlier previews with a fun little sneak peek at the Mother’s Day gift bag & packaging for this year! :D I did previously describe what it looked like in my jewellery preview, but we now have a great live image of it.

pandora mother's day 2017 gift bag

For those who are new to Pandora, or to collecting it seriously, every year they release limited edition gift bags for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and, of course, the Christmas season – the bags are always very pretty and, of course, very collectible!  Read on for a sneak peek :)

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Gift Packaging

This year’s bag is quite different from last year’s; it’s more contemporary in style, and features a pretty pink block-colour design, with the ubiquitous rose gold for the writing at its centre.

This image is published with the kind permission of Dora Melinte, so please don’t reproduce it without crediting her! :)

pandora mother's day 2017 gift bag
Image by Dora Melinte

The UK will be seeing their Mother’s Day release on the 23rd of February, so we should be getting this packaging here very soon! Other regions will have to wait until April, when the Mother’s Day 2017 collection comes out more widely. Having said that, a lot of special gift packaging isn’t released in every region, so you may have to wait and see to find out whether your local store will be getting any special bags or wrapping.

My Comment

I very much like this cute little bag (I’m a sucker for both pink and rose gold!), but my problem is that I don’t plan on getting any of the Pandora Mother’s Day collection this year, and so I’d have to try and persuade a retailer to let me have one with a regular purchase! We’ll see if I make any headway with that, as I do collect the gift bags and I couldn’t miss out on this one. ^^

What do you think of this year’s gift bag design? Is it going to tempt you into a purchase?

37 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Gift Bag Preview

  1. It’s beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing ❤ I wasn’t sure if I REALLY liked any of the Mother’s Day collection but I want this bag so I will let my son (1 year old) choose my Mother’s Day charm lol

    • Yay, glad you like it too! <3 Aww, that sounds like a plan haha. I really don't want any of the Mother's Day charms enough to buy one, I'm pretty sure, so I will have to consider my options ?

  2. i buy in pandora e-store. There aren’t packing bag. In my opinion it doesn’t matter that packing bag will be pink, white or gold. It’s only packing bag.

    • You either get it or you don’t! ;) I love getting a pretty bag with my purchase, whether it’s online or in store. Just gives it that something extra!

  3. I don’t collect the bags anymore. Ran out of storage space. I just tell the shop assistants that the charms are for myself and the small Pandora pouch is all I need.

      • Thats a good way of doing it. When I went overseas, I took an empty bracelet with me with the intention of filling it up with Pandora charms which I did. I wore it immediately. At home though, I like to have some sort of “packaging” to acknowledge that I have just bought something new from Pandora. Also, I like to come home with the new charm and redesign my bracelet, rather than have the sales staff do it.

    • I only collect the special bags, and my collection of them isn’t huge, so I have them on a little shelf in my wardrobe! ^^

  4. Ooooh! Bags are normally not my thing because, at some point, they must be cleared out and that ususally breaks my heart ;) but this one is one of the prettiest they´ve brougt out!!! Do you know if there will be another jewelry box promo? There is usually one for Mother´s Day.
    By the way,in Spain we celebrate Mother´s Day on the first Sunday of May, so I guess I will have gathered enough info from you all by then :)
    Thank you for yet another update, especially now that you are so busy!

    • I never clear out my pretty Pandora bags, but they don’t take up too much space! The regular bags I am not so precious about as there have been so many over the years, haha. I don’t know about the Mother’s Day jewellery box promo – there certainly seems to be a special jewellery box, so I would imagine that there would be though.

      You’re welcome Marie! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for commenting :)

  5. It’s so pretty I love the colours, I really like the necklace too I’m getting more and more intrested in these necklace my favourite of the charms to go with the necklace are the three flowers coming out with the Spring collection.

    • Yes, they’re very pretty! The heart-shaped necklace is really nice, and I’d be more tempted by that than the regular Floating Locket I think.

  6. If the pretty box is for Mother’s Day with a special purchase I just may have to get it! Love the box and the bag as well. I don’t necessarily collect the bags/packaging. I just haven’t thrown any of them away yet because I haven’t been collecting Pandora for even a year now. I do love the new bracelet coming out with the flower clasp so I know that will be coming home with me for sure. I have been inspired by your Asian bracelet and have been concentrating on putting mine together. It’s a lot of shopping but so much fun! Thanks again for the update Ellie.

    • Oh yay, glad to hear that my Asian bracelet has prompted some purchases of your own! :D It’s so fun when you first start collecting and you see new ideas everywhere. I’m excited about a couple of designs I have planned for this year, one of which will also be on the flower clasp bracelet. Enjoy your new purchases! <3

  7. “DO Celebrate” is very cute.

    Off topic, Ellie. Do you ever wear your Essence snake chain on its own, or with only one or two beads, and if so, does it rip the hairs out of your arm? I have the bangle, and I want to get the snake chain, but as I tend to wear my Moments bracelets with just one or two charms, the chains constantly pinch the hairs out. Hence my love of leather. Lol. No pinching!

    • I know! It hurts and is annoying, the essence bracelet is much lighter so I would imagine it would do it a lot less but with that kind of chain it is always a possibility.

    • I did wear my two-tone Essence bracelet for a long time with just one bead and it didn’t pull charms in the same way than an empty new Moments does. Essence bracelets are so much softer and not so stiff even when you first buy them, so I imagine they’re less prone to catching on hairs on your arm.

  8. I personally stopped collecting the packaging because I had so much and never did anything with it but let it sit there. I do however have them wrap things for me as if it’s a gift sometimes because it makes me feel special and excited when i get home and can open it, then I give the packaging to my mom who likes to hang onto it.

  9. Hi Ellie!

    The pretty gift bags do make your purchase feel more special and this years’ Mother’s Day packaging is lovely. Recently, I’ve been shopping our new Jared’s store for most of my Pandora. Unfortunately, they don’t have the special packaging, but in the end it gets cleared out anyway. It’s the special gift boxes that get me every time. I’m a sucker for those. I hope the US is offered that pretty pink zippered jewelry box Alexandra reveals.

    Maybe you’ll be able to add this lovely bag to your collection, Ellie.

    I hope you’ve had a smooth transition into your new home. Thanks for the post despite such a busy schedule!

    • Hi Emily! I do hope that i manage to get my hands on one, yes. I’ve not missed one since I started collecting Pandora. ^^ The gift boxes are often more difficult to get hold of and there are so many that I only get those when the opportunity presents itself, but the bags are always too tempting if I know that stores here have them!

      Thanks Emily! It’s been so hectic, but the new job has been okay for the first couple of days :) will hopefully still get some blog posts in too!

  10. The Mother’s Day bag is very pretty and different! I assume it won’t be available in the US. I also love your live shot of the new Heart-Shaped Floating Locket with the new Petites coming out in the Mother’s Day collection. Im definitely going to forgo the Birthstone Petites now and get these instead!

    • The heart-shaped locket is tempting! But I’ll wait and see what other petites they bring out first before indulging! Those Christmas ones would be very cute in it, though.

  11. Why wolud anyone care about gift bag is beyond me. :D
    Better they concentrate on charm design, it’s getting worse with every upcoming collection.

    • If you like collecting Pandora then there’s a high probability that you like pretty things in general, and the bags are often very pretty! ^^

  12. My hubbie while on a business trip purchased a charm at the Dublin Airport in March and it came wrapped in the darker pink paper and was packaged in this bag. It’s really pretty, I took longer than usual to open it up. I showed it to my local store in the US and they all liked it!

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