Today’s post brings my last major preview for the Pandora SS17 season, with a full preview of the upcoming Pandora Summer 2017 collection! I’m very excited about some of the pieces in this launch, which is unusual for me, as summer brights normally aren’t so much my thing – but there are some beautiful new glass offerings, and some very pretty shades. The popular Orchid motif from the Summer 2015 collection makes a comeback, and there are also the usual oceanic blues and teals.

Pandora Summer 2017 Preview

This collection is due out on the 1st June, so we have a little while to wait. Read on for a full preview in the meantime, however!

Pandora Summer 2017 Preview

First up, we have the usual tropical charms! My favourites of these are the pretty delicate blues and teals in the the oceanic offerings. I quite like the Flamingo as well, even if he is a button-style bead.

The bright enamel button charms have script around the edges; the Tropical Sunset is engraved with All I need is a little bit of paradise; while Summer Fun says Live in the sunshine. I often don’t like writing on charms, but the charms themselves are so quirky and bright that the little messages seem part of the fun of them. They’re a bit too vibrant in colour for my personal style when it comes to Pandora, but they are certainly a bit different to what’s come before!

Pandora Summer 2017 Tropical Paradise charms

However, it’s this next selection that I’m really excited for, with three stunning new murano glass offerings included! The flecks of gold in the Pink and Mint Glitter muranos look just lovely, and I just hope that the subtlety of colour plays out as well in person as it appears to in the stock images.

There are also some tropical makeovers for the Cosmic Stars clips and the Shining Elegance silicone-lined spacer clips; of these, I think the pink one is undoubtedly the most versatile, and would look beautiful on designs from all the year round.

Pandora Summer 2017 Colour

I looked up the term ‘koinobori’ and apparently it is a Japanese term meaning ‘carp streamer’, and refers to ‘carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no sekku, which is otherwise known as Children’s Day (thank you, Wikipedia!). So, I suppose the lovely patterning on the murano is intended to be reminiscent of fish scales.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Similarly colourful are the limited edition leather bracelet offerings with this collection – even more so than usual, as both of them are ‘mix’ weaves with two colours plaited into them. I like the colours Pandora have gone with for these; they’re very much in keeping with this collection’s charms, both the oceanic beads and the pink/white orchids, but they’re muted enough too that they can be worn all year round!

Pandora Summer 2017 Leather bracelets

Finally, we have a couple of earrings; this is all I’ve been given in terms of Summer 2017 jewellery, and I’m surprised not to see any rings. However, my source has noted that this might not be the full extent of it and I’ll update the post if anything more comes to light!

Pandora Summer 2017 earrings

My Comment

For me, there’s no doubt about it; the Glitter muranos, if they’re as lovely in person, are by far and away my favourites of the collection.They offer a beautiful pop of colour with a dash more subtlety than the other charms included in this launch. I also absolutely adore the red Asian murano, and am very tempted to get it for my new CNY-themed red bracelet. Of the other charms, I like the pretty orchids, but I already have the original 2015 pendant and don’t feel much need to add more pieces to my collection.

There are once again very few silver character beads but, after what we’ve seen already, I had been prepared for that. My picks from this collection will look lovely with some of the retired beads I’ve purchased recently; I’ll be wanting a couple of the Mint Glitter muranos for my Tinker bell green-themed bracelet, and hopefully they’ll look nice with the two Folklore muranos I’ve bought recently from Rue La La!

What do you think of this year’s summer line-up? Does anything tempt you?

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  1. Ooooooh! I think I might need the orchids! I have the dangle so need to think how this could play out on one bracelet. I’m half thankful that we have to wait so long as I’ve recently splurged on gold pieces in Las Vegas as well as on Rue La La! Hope you love your folklores! Thank you sharing!!

    • I think the whole Orchid collection would look stunning together! My problem is that I always fill bracelets up too quickly so I can’t go back in and add more when Pandora release more charms in the same line later on ;)

      • Ah the geniuses at Pandora in the marketing department! When you have no more room on the first bracelet of a given theme, you just have to rearrang and start a second bracelet! Pretty soon you have a nice little stack.

  2. Hi Ellie

    As you mentioned the collection is fun and bright, but does not fit in with my pandora colour collections. I also am loving the muranos, and look forward to seeing them in person. I recently purchased the frosty mint shimmer faceted murano for my white bracelet as it actually looks white with gold glitter specks thru it and looks great with my two tone beads. So, if the mint murano in this collection looks more white than mint I will be definitely purchasing for my white bracelet. ( the ladies in the pandora shop also had the mint murano in there white tray)?
    Thanks again for another great preview?

    • Hi Janelle! Ah, I bet this new murano would go great with the Frosty Mint <3 I think this one will be more green than white, but they'd be a lovely combination nevertheless – even if it might be darker than you'd want for a white bracelet! You're welcome, glad you enjoyed the preview!

  3. Hi Ellie! Although there isn’t much for me in this year’s spring and Mother’s Day collections (aside from some upcoming Disney pieces), it appears I will have a long wishlist from this collection! I love the Tropical Sunset,Tropical Flamingo, and Summer Fun charms and–although they are bright colors–I think they will work on some of the leather bracelets I have (honeysuckle pink, pale blue, or green). The Tropical Petites are adorable as well. The original orchid is one of my favorite charms, and I would love the new white orchid to pair with my Flower Garden Murano on my honeysuckle pink bracelet. I totally agree with you that the mint and pink Muranos are absolutely stunning! The flecks of gold really remind me of glistening sand, and I’d have a tough time choosing which color to get. I’m pleased to see the remake of the Cosmic Stars clips, and the green one is a must have for my green leather. I also love the mosaic versions of the Shining Elegance spacers. The leather bracelets look like fun colors, but I may go for the white leather from the MD collection if there is a leather bracelet promo this year. This collection is a pleasant surprise!

    • Hi Joanne! Oh good, I’m glad one of the collections was a hit with you at least! For me, the Mother’s Day collection was mostly a miss – I went to see what was released in the UK yesterday in store, and it was pretty, but not groundbreaking. So I didn’t get anything. What I want most is one of the bags! ;)

      The muranos are beautiful from this collection, and I will certainly be getting at least the Mint Glitter and the Asian red murano. The Mint glitter will be lovely with the Tinker Bell pieces, I think, and the red Asian one will be perfect for my CNY bracelet! So for once I am very excited for the summer launch! <3

      • Ellie,
        I just spent a long time at my Pandora store this week redoing my tropical/teal bracelet before the Spring release this week. I planned to buy many charms to get a couple free bracelets. But now after I’ve seen what’s coming this summer I am going to have to redo my redo! Love the two starfish dangles! I will also be getting both leather bracelets. The SA said the new tropical beads are really pretty. I will see if I can get the new two tone bag and set it aside for you since I don’t collect the packaging. I’ll let you know after this weekend when I pick everything up.

  4. I think it’s the best summer collection I’m not normally a fan I like the murano especially I’m intrested to see the colours of the bracelets too.

  5. Hi Ellie,
    thanks for these pictures! For the live shots the pink leather bracelet was looking more red/orange but I guess it’s definitely pink!!! so…as I was trying to get the last summer one I might wait for this one! I actually think I will get both…and there is nothing else really interesting for me! but the two bracelets are really amazing and perfect even without charms!
    thanks again!!!

    • Excellent plan! I got both of last year’s summer leathers – they are so great for something light and colourful to wear when you’re on holiday :D I’ll probably skip this year’s bracelets on that basis, but they are very pretty!

  6. The bright colour is a nice change but not something that will fit into my collection. I like the blue woven bracelet and the mint murano. So pretty. Like what Joanne said, the golden flakes are like the sand on the beach.

    • Mm, I love to go into store and look at all the bright summer colours but usually the more subtle shades are what actually come home with me!

  7. Oh too bad. From the last sneak pictures the summer bracelet looked orange, not pink. Why more pink? Why is Pandora afraid of color now? They’re giving us grandma colors. Give us some orange and yellow and bright green and neon purple, and bring back the triple leathers too. I have the teal and red leathers and the teal and orange cords and they’re awesome, so much fun to wear. I bought more teal and orange cords from Rue this past weekend–my daughter and her friends love them to bits too; they’re in their mid-twenties. Buy the larger size, tie knots in them to make a perfect fit, and they’re on trend. :-) Pandora needs an intervention in their design department. I realize they’re making money by the truckload by throwing up the same tired designs and colors seasons after season, but that can’t last. Maybe when that cash starts to dwindle again, they’ll change things up again. I hope.

      • I think they have; it’s just that a lot of the dedicated collectors don’t like the end result :(

    • My big hope is that they eventually return to doing more silver classic beads. They do a lot of colours that I like, fortunately, but I do miss the characters to mix in with all the decorative beads!

      • I just wish I could find something to buy. I ordered two Essence beads this morning, old ones I figured I should get before they’re retired. So that made me happy. But in the Moments line, there’s nothing for me to buy. It’s sad-making. :-(

        Pandora does hear the criticism, but change takes time. I bet we start to see more plain silver in a year or so.

  8. Hi Elli,
    I like both orchids, though I don´t know if they will come home with me. But above all I absolutely love the clips. I find clips and spacers very versatile to give continuity to a desing and this year Pandora seems to have read my thoughts with the magnolia range. despite the fact I don´t like the pink shade they´ve chosen for it :(. And now the cosmic and shining elegance clips!. Among these I´m sure I will find a couple of them which match my style and the beads I already have.
    However I´m confused about the new Rdiant Hearts. In formar pics it seemed to be more teal, whereas in the photo above looks like aquamarine. I like both colors and would like to build a teal design at some point. And Radiant Hearts is the only button-like charm I really can put up with. As a matter of facr I even like it ;). on the other hand, if it were aquamarine it might go well with the upcoming blue Radiant Droplets which I´m really looking forward to seeing in the flesh!.
    All in all, patience and waiting! And finally the hardest part: taking dcisions ;)!
    As always, thanks for posting!

    • Hi Marie! This is a new version of the Radiant Hearts that is more of an aquamarine colour – I think it looks such a lovely colour! <3 I hope that you do find some pieces that you like, and have fun making your decisions. Pandora have made choosing from this collection easy for me with those gorgeous murano glass beads, though, aha!

  9. Hi Ellie

    Will pandora be doing any free bracelet promos this year?
    Congratulations on your new job and your new,apt!


  10. Ellie,

    I find this collection very interesting. My first pick is the white orchid charm Non-dangle. This will look lovely with so many themes. I could even see it on a winter flower theme bracelet, and as a pendant. The Japanese theme murano did catch my eye, similar thinking to yours, a nice addition to the CNY bracelet design. Even though Pandora has yet again relied heavily on the pave charms I am pleased that they are tying into previous collections, the cosmic spacers & clips that compliment the celestial themes & the mosaics from a few years ago.

    Will there be some new travel charms?

    I too would love a couple of plain silver charms.

    I typically don’t spend very much on the summer collections, however I do see an opportunity to add one or two items, particularly the white orchid & red murano.

    The bracelets are lovely but I Picked up the blue & green versions from last year & will stick to those.

    Thanks for the sneak peak.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I think it’s a great idea to tie together new collections with themes they’ve done previously. It’s great for people who build their bracelets over a longer period of time but would still like continuity. It would be good if they went for more entirely new concepts these days – we haven’t really had a new theme as such, for a long time – as they tend to rely on flowers/daisies for spring, hearts galore for Mother’s Day, oceanic/tropical animals for summer, etc, friendship/travel for Pre-Autumn… it would be great to have something more original thrown in as well, I think.

      I am with you on the bracelets – these are very cute, but I’m very happy with the summer leathers I have chosen to date!

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! <3

  11. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the preview! Your favorites pretty much parallel mine; I love the new muranos! I love that Pandora is branching out a bit and adding some new touches to these charms with the gold flecks. The koinobori charm looks so unique, and I can’t wait to see it in person. I might have to add either the mint or pink glitter charm to one of my bracelets!

    I do like the orchid charms a lot too, but I’m not sure that I would purchase these. I do, however, love the white orchid earrings. As for the other charms, I think the Ocean Life is adorable! I don’t know that my designs have a place for it, but I love the colors they chose and the little addition of the tropical fish is precious.

    Thanks again for the updates! :)

    • Hi kristen! I know, how could you not fall in love with those muranos? ? I was so excited when I saw them, and they look gorgeous in the live shots too!

      The ocean beads are always so cute, and I think the colour of that Radiant Hearts charm is so beautiful and refreshing. I have filled up my oceanic summer leather with a couple of beads and I don’t want to add anymore, however, so I’ll pass on those. The muranos are more than enough to make this collection very exciting for me!

  12. I LOVE the white orchid dangle. I already have the pink one on a pink leather bracelet and although I had said I had already too many Pandora charms I will definitely get this one…

  13. Ms. Mora, It’s the mixed leather, The mint glitter, and The tropical charm. Got me saying….Ready for the Beach!!!!! YES!!!! God bless you Ms. Mora, Happy Happy, Summer!!!!

    • Haha, it was so freezing cold outside when I posted this, but this collection preview definitely helped me to think warmer thoughts ;)

  14. I absolutely LOVE the look of the two-toned leather bracelets. So much fun for summer! Ellie, you know I love Muranos, but when I first saw these I will admit to thinking they looked quite a bit like a couple of Trollbeads called Blossom Shade and Mediation. ? It will be interesting to see them in person. I think the white orchid dangle looks very elegant!

    • Ah, see, that’s what I never know – when Pandora has ‘borrowed’ an idea from somewhere else (or vice versa!). I can see what you mean about the TB glass beads, but it’ll be interesting to see if you still think the same after you see the Pandora ones in person. I personally can’t wait for these, if only because TB glass doesn’t fit my Pandora bracelets! <3

      • Indeed! Glass beads always look so much different/better in person than the stock photos. In my opinion, anyway. ?

  15. It’s nice to see them doing brighter colours. There isn’t anything for me in this collection. I need my money for spring. Thanks for the preview.

    • Me too – I can’t wait for the 16th! Although there’s a fair few beads I want from this launch too :P

  16. I love, love, love the ocean starfish and the flamingo charms. All of them! Uh oh! Better start saving now. These will coordinate so well with the oceanic starfish and the flamingo dangle respectively. I love the glitter Muranos. And the new bracelets. My credit card is melting already!

    • Aha, it’s good to hear that there’s lots you like! My credit card is having a similar meltdown in light of the upcoming spring 2017 launch… :P

  17. Hello Ellie,

    I was pleasantly surprised to see the Summer Collection Preview today! The perfect pick me up for the dark gloomy days we’ve had lately. Summer collections are usually my least favorite, but I am totally loving the Mint and Pink Glitter muranos! The new Radiant Hearts will be another must have for me, especially if the color is aquamarine. I can’t wait to see these in person. I immediately thought of your awesome Asian themed bracelet when I saw the Asian Koinobori murano. This is a must have for you, Ellie.

    • BTW…I saw a picture of a blue Field of Flowers murano from the Spring release along with the pink and lilac. Have you seen the blue one?

      Thanks for the Summer preview!

        • Hi Joanne,

          I was told today the stock image of the blue FOF was from Europe. It’s a nice shade of blue and appears to match the lighter blue Radiant Droplets. Unfortunately, we may not get this one in the US. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • Thanks for the info Ellie. That’s quite a shame. I saw a new live photo of the three Muranos today, and the blue is by far my favorite of the three.

      • Yes, I have, some time ago – I just haven’t got around to posting it! Things have been so crazy with all that’s going on, that I’ve missed a lot of updates I’ve been meaning to do, including about promos and things. All getting chucked in my round-up for this month, I think ;)

    • Hi Emily! Oh, I know, I got given the pictures during a horrible cold snap earlier this week and this helped me keep dreaming about warmer months late run the year ;) and yes, I can’t wait to add the Asian murano to my CNY bracelet! I’ll have to do some reshuffling, but this will be perfect. I like that Pandora’s summer releases tend to include a couple of more cultural beads these days.

  18. Love the tropical sunset and summer fun. Will be great mementos of my summer cruising holidays. Just hope the colours aren’t too garish in person. The Asian Murano is quite striking isn’t it? It would go well with your Russian goldfish. I will get the orchid charm if it’s not too chunky. Thanks for the update.

    • Ooh, I’ll have to try that fairy-tale fish/asian murano combo when I come to review it ^^ I hadn’t thought of the fishy link, haha. The colours of those button charms look pretty lively in the live shots I posted, but it’ll be interested to see if they’re quite as bright in person!

  19. Hi Ellie!

    Lovely preview, thanks for the new post and congratulations on your new job! I was very happy to see the new Muranos, I was worrying there wouldn’t be any from the earlier preview. The mint one is the contender for me! The green leather bracelet of 2015 is a favourite of mine and this bead would be a lovely addition to it! I am not a fan of the button style charms in general as I feel they lack character, but I might decide to get one as a statement piece from this year’s collections. Right now the flamingo and the dazzling daisy meadow have caught my eye, but I will wait to see them in person before I decide. I find dangles more and more appealing lately, so the starfish and shell will find their way to my collection! I was disappointed the pink leather bracelet in not orange as I thought, but I might still go for it because I quite like the double strand design and I didn’t get last year’s pink. Yay for the threaded ends! :)

    Take care!

    • Hi Victoria! Thank you very much! <3

      I'm not mad keen on the majority of the button-style charms (although there are exceptions - I love the Radiant hearts, and the new floral version that's coming out for Spring), but I have rather a soft spot for the flamingo as well. The mint murano would look lovely with your leather, especially perhaps if it was mixed with the Frosty Mint murano from last year as suggested above!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  20. Since the Disney Parks charms have little to do with actual park icons, I have started a Magic Kingdom bracelet with inspired charms. The non dangle orchid will be perfect to represent the singing flowers at the Enchanted Tiki Room. Liking the summery ones in general.

    • Ah, what a great idea! I often do the opposite with Disney Parks charms – use them to represent things other than the Disney Parks, haha.

  21. Hi Ellie!

    Its interesting how the designs have changed over the years. I love the variety Pandora finally has for various styles. I am so happy they came out with a bead orchid in both pink and white and a white orchid dangle to match its pink counterpart in 2015. I was always puzzled why they went with that pink tone for the first release of orchid beads; these new variety pieces will assuredly appeal to a multitude of people. :)

    Like you, I am most ecstatic with the Murano beads, specifically the mint one. I have a Summer Fun bracelet which I may add the Mint Glitter after I have purchased a few items from the 2017 Spring Disney Collection. While I am partial to the some of the older summer pieces, I am so happy they have broadened their horizons on design to include a plethora of different styles. For now, until I see them in person, I may just start acquiring a few more older pieces before they retire. THANK YOU for updating up us on Rue La La! :) <3

    As usual, I am so thankful for the beautiful post you put together! I hope you are enjoying your new position and city with your other half. :) :P (HOW EXCITING!!) Did you get a chance to poke your head into the shop that sells Pandora near your work? Its such a treat to live/work so close to things that we love. As for Pandora, as I am sure you share the same sentiment, "These are a few of my favorite things…"

    Thank you again, Sweet Heart! :)

    Margaret :)

    • Hi Margaret! Yes, I think the white orchids are really pretty – and they’ll go so nicely with the original pink ones, as well. I like the little pink stones at their centre, as well, just for a hint of pink!

      I only just got the chance to go and see the new pandora collection yesterday, which is ridiculous considering how close I am to a store now, aha. But they close before I get home from work, so I guess it’s kind of understandable. The UK Mother’s Day pieces are all rather pretty, but nothing groundbreaking for me, so I left empty handed. I do not anticipate the same happening when spring comes out, haha ;) Thanks for your kind words! The new job is going well, I think, and the new flat is gorgeous, but I’m still settling into a new routine and all the rigamarole that comes with big changes like these. :)

      Thanks for commenting Margaret! <3

  22. Unlike this year’s Valentine’s Day, Spring and Mother’s Day collections, I like almost all of these. The orchids and the Asian Koinobori murano are my favorites, but I have a sinking feeling that the Koinobori won’t be released here in North America. I don’t know why Pandora can’t imagine we would like Asian designs, but they haven’t released the last two Lunar New Year charms here. Thank goodness, I finally got the Piggy Bank (and pears!) from Perlen. Thank you for the preview, Ellie!

    • Thanks for showcasing the summer line! I like that there is more color, and not just more glitz, but what about rose gold? Did I make a huge mistake in getting a rose gold bracelet and then a few rose gold charms? I know I can mix them with silver, but the bracelet will end up with much more silver than rose gold. I must say that I am very disappointed.

  23. I love your posts!! Thanks for all of the previews. I was just wondering if there is going to be a free bracelet promotion in North America in March like there normally is? Thank you!!

  24. Hi there!
    I work in pandora UK, I am wondering!
    I love love love the starfish earrings, and we have just launched out Spring collection this week!
    I was wondering have you seen the starfish earrings in person?
    how small are they? are they sparkly? please let me know!
    thank you

  25. they will fit perfectlu on my bracelet . im patiently building it up in the sea&travel concept .. thank you for exposing these itmes , as a pandora sales girls i cant wait to buy these already !

  26. hello there :) i work for pandora in israel
    i wonder if all of these beuatiful items are going to land here ?
    what date ?
    btw thanks for sharing with us !!

  27. Hi, I’m new to Pandora. I’m trying to figure out how to get the summer 2017 charm collection. Do I need to be on a waiting list or how is that done? I don’t want to miss them! Thank you for your website.

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