Today’s post continues our Pandora SS17 previews with some close-up live images of the majority of the charms coming out this season! Live shots are always so useful when planning purchases, as often beads (particularly murano glass) differ in colour in person from how they look in the stock images; thankfully, all the murano glass revealed here looks as lovely as it did in my previous previews. :D

Image by Pandora UK

The Pandora Spring 2017 collections are due out on the 16th March; the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 collection is due out on the 13th April; and the Pandora Summer 2017 collection is due out on the 1st June. I’ll leave links to each collection’s preview with full stock images throughout the article!

Read on for lots of live shots!

Pandora Spring 2017 Live Shots

First up, we have some gorgeous live shots of all the new Spring 2017 charms strung on to a bracelet, along with some close-ups of the new pretty enamel bangles. I still love the look of those worn together, but unfortunately that’s an expensive way to enjoy them! ;) If I had to pick one or two, I think I’d go for the brighter pink and then maybe one of the softer lilac shades.

Next up, we have some beautifully detailed shots of all the new beads. Of course, my eye goes straight to the beautiful new Field of Flowers muranos! These look super pretty in person, thankfully, although the colour is perhaps a little more matte than I was expecting from the glittery stock images. They’ll definitely be coming home with me, however!

The Magnolia collection looks such a beautiful shade of pink, and the gradient effect of the colour is also rather nice!

To see a full preview of the Pandora Spring 2017 charms, please see my post here! I’ll be following this post up with an HQ preview of all the accompanying jewellery very shortly, too.

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Live Shots

Exciting, we have some amazing close-ups of all the new Disney beads!

Just look at how beautiful the mossy enamel green of the Tinker Bell charms is! I can’t wait to add those two to my planned forest green bracelet (I’m thinking that the Mint Glitter summer muranos might be nice with them, too?).

This live shot reveals the amazing little details on Tigger’s back as well, with silver oxidised detailing etched in and his tail on full show! Piglet also looks rather cute, and the enamel doesn’t look too bright, either, which is one thing I was worried about – I didn’t want him to be too hard to style!

An HQ preview of the new charms is available here!

Pandora Rose Spring 2017 Live Shots

Next up, we have live shots of the Pandora Rose Spring 2017 collection – including the brand-new safety chain! This will definitely be on my list to get for my Pandora Rose heart-clasp bracelet, but it’s not top of my wish list – I need way too much from the Disney and regular Spring collections! The Filled with Romance also looks just as pretty as I hoped it would, and that’s definitely one to consider for the future.

A full preview of the Pandora Rose SS17 collection is available here.

Pandora Essence Spring 2017 Live Shots

Following on from the Rose beads, we have some great shots of the new Essence charms. Essence is seeing another change this season, with the introduction of dangle charms for the first time ever, and our first Essence spacer.

Personally, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with changing things up for Essence and making sure that there are lots of different styles and options available to people – those who like the traditional spherical beads can stick to those, and those who would like to add a few different textures and shapes can pick from these. However, what I wouldn’t like to see is the traditional Essence natural stones and pretty colours vanish to make way for these new pavé-ified offerings.

Of these new beads, my favourites are the pretty enamel charms, which look nice and subtle in these images; although it is also fun to see a two-tone Essence bead in the style of the Moments charms, as well.

A full preview with stock images of this collection is available here!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Live Shots

Starting off the Mother’s Day 2017 live shots, we have this close-up of the new limited edition bangle. This is already out in the UK (not that I’ve had a chance to go and see it yet!), but I thought I’d include it for good measure:

Finally, we’re lucky enough to have this wonderful shot of all the new Mother’s Day charms together on this oxidised bracelet; and the combination of the pearls, gold and pearlescent enamel is actually rather striking against the oxidised chain, I think, which gives the softer Mother’s Day colours a bit more of an edge!

A full preview of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 collection is available on the blog; scroll through the posts for previews of both the charms and jewellery!

Pandora Summer 2017 Live Shots

Rounding off this live image preview, we have the Pandora Summer 2017 beads! Again, my eyes are drawn straight to the murano glass and I’m so happy to see how pretty both the Mint and Pink Glitter glass charms look in person! I loved the stock images so much that I’d have been gutted if the charms weren’t so pretty. The Asian red murano is also lovely, and I imagine that’ll go on my wish list for my CNY bracelet, too.

You can see a bit more of the script on the button charms from this angle, too, and the colour on the muranos is a bit crisper. The bright enamel button charms look pretty much as they did in the stock images, which is either good or bad, depending on how you felt about them ;) Reactions to them were pretty polarised!

The Radiant Hearts charm looks gorgeous in a more aquatic blue; I don’t actually have anywhere I could use this bead, but it’s one of the more striking colours in that series to date, I think!

Finally, we have a live shot of one of the new mixed leather bracelets – the mixed pink cord.

My Comment

My favourites are unchanged from this preview; the Spring collection definitely wins the most brownie points for the beautiful Field of Flowers muranos and the new bracelet (which I was disappointed not to see in these live images!), while the Winnie the Pooh characters and the Tinker Bell charms are undoubtedly must-haves for me from the Disney collection. The Pandora Rose charms are very pretty, and I’ll definitely get the safety chain at some point, but I think the range would very much benefit from some more original designs, and a greater emphasis on styles that don’t purely rely on pavé detailing.

The Summer murano glass is also to die for! But, again, what’s missing are the traditional silver beads to complement the beautiful new murano glass charms and the bright pops of colour in the enamel or pavé beads. I am actually considering mixing charms from other brands into my upcoming bracelet designs I’m planning, particularly from Redbalifrog, who have done beautiful work with their Enchanted Glade collection.

What do you think of these latest live shots? Do they change your mind on anything?

64 Comments on Pandora Spring/Summer 2017 Live Shots

  1. The Tinker Bell dress dangle is a must and the Dumbo Disney park Exclusive is a must as well lol if I add anymore charms to my list I think I’ll be broke

  2. I love the aqua radiant hearts charm. I want to do a Little Mermaid/ ocean theme bracelet. I want to complete my very first bracelet that I just started in January before I get started on the Ariel bracelet.

    • That sounds so cute! I do love the colour of all the lovely Ariel beads, and that Radiant Hearts bead would be perfect. It looks such a pretty shade!

  3. Thanks for the previews!! :)
    Question for you – I heard from someone who was at one of the Pandora road shows that there are some new rings coming out – including a 3-band rolling ring with CZs on it (similar to Droplets Stackable rings), and a Dazzling Daisies ring that was “open” with a big daisy on one side, and a small daisy on the other side. I was really hoping to pick up both of these rings, but i haven’t seen them in any of the previews yet… have i missed them on here? do you know when they’re coming out? (The road show was displaying everything up to and including the summer stuff, so it could be spring, mother’s day, or summer launch, i’m not sure). Thanks for any help! :)

    • Hello Katherine. You can see a pic of the dazzling daisies ring in Pandora’s FB page. It’s comming out with the spring collection. And I guess the other one you mention belongs to the Droplets lot, though this one is not stackable. It seems to be a broad white enamel band, bordered with czs.

      • Oh thanks! That’s great. I want the daisies ring for sure. For the other one, it’s not the enamel one I meant. It’s the droplets one (I think) and its 3 individual bands that are linked together and it “rolls” up and down when you put it on (and all 3 interlocked bands are the same). Does anybody know when that one is coming out? Thanks! :)

        • Got an answer to my own question today! Both are confirmed coming out with the spring release (yay!). Also, the 3 band rolling ring only has one band that has CZs on it (like the droplets ring) and the other 2 bands are just plain silver (still probably a must for me!)

    • I just haven’t done my spring jewellery preview, due to the various other commitments I have at the moment – I am sorry it’s so late this year! I have all the pictures done, I just have to actually write it. It’ll be going up early next week :)

  4. Thanks for the live images! Seeing the images confirms my original picks – both Field of Flowers muranos, the pink and lilac Radiant Droplets, the Piglet dangle, and the pink and white enamel Essence beads. I also really like the Tigger bead and Tinker Bell dangle. Ah, too many! I’m looking forward to seeing the muranos in person. The Piglet dangle is just adorable! I really like the green enamel and the swirly wings on the Tinker Bell dangle.

    • You’re welcome! Your picks are very similar to mine – I do like the lilac and pink Radiant Droplets as well, but I need to try and be a bit good and not go crazy with my spring purchases. My wish list stands at both Field of Flowers muranos, Piglet, Tigger, Tinker Bell’s dress and shoe, and the new bracelet. I think that’s enough! ;)

  5. Ok so the summer fun and sunset charms are too bright. But I do like the ocean life charm. That one still fits into my cruising theme bracelet. The Asian murano is striking. It looks orange to me. Is it red or orange? If I can find somewhere for it on one of my bracelets, I will buy. Lastly, the new pink and white essence charms are lovely. Thanks for all the photos Ellie.

    • It’s red! I’m pretty sure it’s red. It’s red in the stock images and it looks red to me there! You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed them :D

  6. Hi Ellie

    Such an exiting time of year with all these upcoming collections. Like you, I’m still definite on purchasing the charms I have on my list after seeing these live shots, I actually think I’m more exiting now and the 16th March can’t come quick enough. There was also a few surprises like the Magnolia collection and the Essenes collection. If one of the Magnolias will work with my bracelet I will definitely be purchasing one and I have been thinking about getting an Essense necklace, which now seeing the beautiful upcoming beads I think it’s become a definate. I think these collection will keep me busy for a while. Thankfully nothing for me in the Summer collection.

    • Hi Janelle! Yep, I’ve been pretty consistent with my wish list all the way through this time – nothing has crept on or off despite the various previews and live images. I’m excited to get the muranos to start with when the collection launches, and then I’ll probably wait for the US promo to get a couple of the Disney beads!

  7. Greetings Ms. Mora, my favorites are the enamel bangles in the mint green and the light blue and the mint glitter charm looks great along with the summer charms and the mixed leather bracelets.

    • Great picks! I love the enamel bangles as well, it’s just that I’d want to wear them all in a stack like Pandora have done in their campaign images – which would be very expensive, haha.

  8. Wow, so much to see that my brain cannot process it yet!. I’ve been going through it all carefully for somd time and I still need to see them in person before deciding. The reason is that nothing really strikes me so much as to fall in love with, as it happened last year. Like you I’m missing some plain silver pieces to soften all that glitter and colour. I also think that button-like charms have become a real nightmare ???. They are uncomfortable to wear. In my view, they work well as centre pieces but nothing else. I even find some of them beatiful but they need round, plain pieces that make them stand out. Otherwise they look bling-bling and feel uncomfortable to wear.
    On the positive side, however, I must say that I love the idea of the whole magnolia set. There are more than enough pieces to make up a whole design. This time I won’t be buying anything from it, but I really hope that they’ll do it again in future releases.
    So, my favorites?. Aquamarine Radiant Hearts, blue and green Radiant Droplets (maybe pink,too), some clips and spacers, including two tone ones and maybe some other. Nevertheless, I feel I need to see them in person first ??

    • Interesting favourites! <3 Mine are pinks and purples - I do very much like the teals and blues, but I have mine on a summer leather that I really can't add any more too, so I'll probably give them a miss. Although I do think that that aquamarine Radiant Hearts charm would be beautiful on an oxidised bracelet with other teal beads!

  9. Sorry, I meant that nothing really,in these current collections, strikes me so much as to fall in love with, CONTRARY to what happened last year, when I was eager to put my hands on several pieces of each new release. Ouch!, I’ve been more involved with German for some yesrs and my English has seriously resented from it!!! ????????
    By the way, I forgot to mention that I also find lovely the enamel Essence beads, thouth I’d like to see more natural stones again.
    Have a nice week and thanks for another post. The third one in a week. I don’t know how you can cope up with everything! You’re my heroine!

    • I like the enamel Essence beads as well! There are some real gems in these collections, tucked in among the sparkle :)

      Aw thank you! So pleased to hear that you’re enjoying them! :D

  10. Must the see the Asian red murano in real life, hope it will be availeble in The Netherlands. Had some luck with the Lucky Cat charm, and steadily filling up my CNY bracelet. No new bracelets in the future, as the enamel and overkill on CZ’s is not for me.
    Hope to see some more original designs in upcoming releases.
    Thank you again for all your hard work, keeping us up to date! Very much appreciated!!!!

    • Hi Marikaisa!
      Did you ever succeed in ordering the CNY Lion Dance charm from the Dutch e-store? I remember from a previous post that you saw it advertised and then it disappeared. Just for your info: it still hasn’t made it’s way to Belgium but only yesterday, I managed to secure one. Via, via, via, it came all the way from China.

    • Sad to hear that you’re not planning any more bracelets! :( I still have designs that I’d like to do, it’s just that a lot of them depend on finding older charms :)

      Thank you! <3 Glad you enjoyed the update and thank you for taking the time to let me know :)

    • Haha, most of the interesting Mother’s Day beads aren’t out in the UK yet either! The ones that did come out here are pretty but not different enough to really grab me!

  11. Thank you for you post. It is wonderful to see such great pictures even though I am not impressed with the summer collection at all. The color and glitz pieces are nice but why so much? I would like to see more solid silver and two tone pieces. Pieces like Forever Entwined, a Cloud’s Silver Lining, Picking Daisies, Ocean Breezes, Amazing, and Serendipity along with Butterfly Garden and Open Your Heart are among my most treasured pieces. The button charms like Filled with romance and Loving Sentiment are nice. All of these are plain but adorable on a bracelet and even more importantly – they are so affordable! The two tone pieces are a little more costly but equally beautiful and can be easily mixed and are interchangeable on any bracelet no matter what color pieces you may choose to put them with. We need more plain pieces to offset so much color and glitter.
    Interlinked Circles may be the only piece I purchase. But just to be fair I will wait on judgment until after I see everything in person. Thanks again for your wonderful post and for keeping us on top of what is to come.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more re the silver and two-tone pieces. I’m lucky to have been collecting for a long enough time that I have managed to get many of the classics, but it’s sad to know that there won’t be many more for the foreseeable future, at least.

      You are more than welcome – I am very glad that the posts are useful to you, even if you are feeling nostalgic for older designs! :)

  12. Fab post, Ellie.

    You know the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all”? I never follow that saying. :-)

    It looks like a pawn shop display of costume jewelry. Ugh. And now they’ve destroyed the Essence line with bejeweling and hearts. It’s just awful. I’m so sad.

    So far this year I might grab the white leather and maybe the Mother-Daughter charm. The charm will depend on price. It’s not worth 110.00 CAD, but I think they’ll price it there or higher, as the older version is 110.00. I can’t see them pricing the new lower than the old. It would be nice if they did though.

    • Constructive criticism is nothing to be ashamed of! Companies value it as much as the positive, so long as you flag both I guess. It’s a shame that there’s nothing really here for you :( there’s a lot that’s not for me but luckily there are some glass beads that I am totally in love with!

  13. I agree with Lola. The summer collection is just awful!
    Cheap looking, not at all Pandora.

    • I love the summer muranos! The bright summer button enamel beads aren’t for me – but for the most part I don’t dislike at all what they’re putting out, it’s just that I miss the older styles, too.

  14. Good afternoon, Ellie. I look forward to seeing the complete Pandora Spring collection with all the earrings, rings and necklaces. It’s a mystery to this collection. Thank you for the post.

  15. On my list is the poetic blooms bracelet, the magnolia bloom spacer and clip, dazzling daisy spacer, tigger and some rings are on my list. Nothing for me in the essence, Mother’s Day or summer collection. I have enough to keep me going for a bit with this list.

    • Very nice list! I want the Poetic Blooms bracelet as well, along with Tigger, from your list, but also Piglet, Tinker Bell and the two Field of Flowers muranos. I’m going to be busy building bracelets come Spring :D

  16. The collection definitely didn’t disappoint, I don’t like the way they have displayed the charms. It look like they have shoved all the charms on the bracelet. I really like the red murano and I like the colours of the leather bracelet. It a mix of last year summer bracelet and the original pink one.

    • That’s exactly what they’ve done Nicola! :) This is just what the sales reps have done so they can easily show the Pandora employees what’s going to be coming out with which release. Glad to hear you like a couple of pieces! <3

  17. Hi Ellie,

    Seeing the close-up live images have confirmed my original list of must haves from each upcoming release. The Field of Flowers (both the pink and lilac) remain at the top of my Spring list. I’d like to have a couple of the lilac Radiant Droplets. Such a pretty color. I’m hoping to pick up the Poetic Blooms bracelet should the March promo come about.

    Tinkerbell’s Dress and Shoe have moved to the top of my Disney list after seeing today’s live images. The little wings look like a pretty butterfly. I’ll probably add them to my freshwater pearls and Mother-of-Pearls bracelet from last year.

    I have a feeling the Beauty and the Beast bangle will be exempt from the bracelet promo, but it’s definitely on my list along with Piglet and Tigger.

    The LE Precious Heart, Tree of Hearts, Luminous Love Knot and pendant top off my Mother’s Day collection.

    Last, but not least, here comes the Summer Collection! The beautiful Mint Glitter and aquamarine Radiant Hearts are definitely must haves.

    I realize this is a rediculous list. I’ll probably still be working on these charms come Christmas!

    Thanks for the live shots, Ellie. You really did a lovely job putting everything together.

    • I am also worried the Beauty and the Beast bangle will be excluded from the promo, which would be terrible because that’s what I want the most! Someone on one of the Facebook groups did post that a SA at her store told her the B&B bangle would be eligible for upgrades (the bangle is $95, so the cost after the upgrade would be $30), but this is only coming from one source, so let’s keep our fingers crossed! Also, I’m disappointed that the bangle is not a part of the LE B&B gift set that is upcoming. This includes Belle’s Dress, the (old) Enchanted Rose), and the upcoming Mrs. Potts & Chip charm, as well as a custom lithograph and CD.

      • Hi Joanne, I’m very disappointed too about the B&B gift set, I was hopping that it includes the LE bangle and the new rose, I have the dress and the classic rose and don’t need more of them, but I really want the lithograph :(

      • Thanks for the info, Joanne. Fingers crossed the B&B bangle will be available with upgrade during promo. $30 sure beats $95, especially since I would like to have the matching clips!

      • I was able to place a preorder today and upgrade to the BatB bangle for $30. I got the new Radiant Rose and Mrs. Potts with it.

    • Hi Emily! Excellent! I’ve not changed my mind on anything either. The pieces I like still look stunning in these images, so I’m very pleased (and also apprehensive, credit-card-wise :P sometimes it’s a bit of a relief to cross something off the list after seeing the live images..!).

      Lovely to hear that you’ve got something from each collection to buy! I’ve got lots from Spring and Disney, then I’ll be skipping Mother’s Day, and then there are the summer muranos. So I’ll be pretty busy too!

      Thanks, Emily – glad you enjoyed it! I love seeing the live shots, and I like to go into a fair bit of detail, haha.

  18. After looking at the live shot pictures i actually like the white Orchid charm not dangle very much. Ive already got the punk dangle but will still add the white one to my collection as there is a spot for it. The mint murano somehow doesn’t look as good here. Will have to look at it in real before i decide. Thanks for the lovely pictures Ellie.

    • I think the mint murano will look gorgeous when we see other pictures of it – I suspect it will look at its best in natural light, when the gold flecks are really highlighted. :) You are welcome!

  19. Hi Ellie, I’m in love with the Disney charms, and the spring clip is a must have, also the leather bracelet. There are other pieces that I like, but I prefer to see them in person first. Thanks for your amazing preview and have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Priscilla! Great choices. I wish I could see all the Disney pieces in person before I make my decisions – but then again, I am 99% confident that I will adore Tigger and Piglet as soon as they arrive! ^^ Hope you had a nice weekend too!

  20. I have both an essence and moments bracelet. My moments bracelet is now very full and does represent moments important to me over the past 21 years. My essence charms are quite plain but I love the way the charms stay in place. I will be waiting for the new spring bracelet and going all out on a pink floral theme. I have however, digressed from Pandora and just purchased a pre sale soufeel bracelet which is a fantastic “flip” colour of purples, pinks and green. Has anyone any experience of this brand? I notice they have some very cheeky coloured charms which I would not wear but cannot help but admire. I will be looking to purchase some of new muranos and button charms from Pandora for this bracelet. Thanks again for a wonderful preview

    • Hi Jacqui, I purchased two soufeel sterling silver photo charms, they are holding up beautifully and I’m going to purchase another. I mixed them with my Pandora charms and they blend in perfectly!

    • I have never bought from Soufeel but at least one person I know have, with good results I think. One charm was not at all like the stock image, so that went back, but she was pleased with her others. How they’ve held up (this was a year or so ago), I do not know, though!

      • The photo charms are beautiful and there is something special about having a favorite memory close at hand. I would recommend the photo charms. :)

  21. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for your reviews & previews- I really enjoy reading them.
    I have 2 beautiful completed Essence bracelets that I love & hope to start a third one shortly with some of the beautiful new charms–depending upon the US spring/summer release promotion. I am so hoping that they will offer a free bracelet with purchase . Do you know what Pandora is planning on doing for their promotion and will it include Essence? Lots of times in the past the free bracelet was only for Moments . I hope that is not the case this time around. I would love to start my new Essence bracelet!!!

  22. I’m likely in the minority-my fave choices are the bright enamel summer pieces! I adore Jimmy Buffett, tropical music, and summer! Most excited about those 2 and the wife orchid charm and earrings. They will go perfectly on my summer bracelet with the palm tree, sailboat, and parrot! I’m also thrilled about Dumbo, who has been long overdue! Hopefully they will do a Lilo and Stitch one for the 25th anniversary. Fingers crossed!

  23. Hi Ellie! I have been waiting so long for any GWP bangle promo here in Australia. Do you have any information of the dates? Thank you

  24. There is still a lack of rose pandora! For example you have dazzling daisy charms and ring but no earrings? In the silver you have 3 Daisy’s in a drop stud which are beautiful but need this in rose to complete sets

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