Good news today as US shopping site Rue La La has just announced that they’ll be offering 65% off Pandora tonight in their Moonlight Madness sale!

The banner for this sale doesn’t offer many clues, but I imagine it will mostly be leftovers from the previous couple they’ve run, offered with a bigger discount.

The sale is due to start at 7PM ET, which will inevitably be too late for me here in the UK – but happy shopping to those will be awake to take advantage of the deals, haha.

Just a reminder, also, Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now! Plus, for certain countries (not all, apparently), if you spend over $100 USD, then you only have to pay $9.95 USD to ship internationally.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

41 Comments on Promotion Alert: Moonlight Madness Pandora sale on Rue La La tonight!

  1. Thanks for the update! I will definitely take a look. I’ll probably get a few beads because I have free shipping since I ordered a bead in the last sale.

  2. Is that 65% off the last listed price? Or is it 65% off the country suggested price, so just a fraction off the last listed price? Does anybody know?

    • I can’t see it either. I wonder if it’s because of daylight savings time…..maybe they forgot to change their clocks LOL.

      • My email this morning definitely said 7pm, so I guess they either got it wrong or they’ve changed it! Too bad I’m not staying up until midnight haha :)

        • I spoke to a representative and they said it’s part of the 9pm sale. But I would check back at 8pm just in case.

      • I have the Rue app and it says the sale starts at 8. Today in the US we did “spring forward” so we moved our clocks ahead an hour.

        • The sale started at 8 but I didn’t see anything I wanted to get. Smaller selection than prior sales. Lots of rings in this sale.

      • I did receive an e-mail notification but when I was on their Website, Pandora was not on the list under Brand Name. Last time I got a pop up on my screen using my tablet but did not get anything this time :(
        I still need couple beads for my Fairy Theme Bracelet (frog, royal carriage…)

        • Hi Margaret,
          The castle is absolutely gorgeous and really stands out on my Cinderella bracelet. It is a must for a princess theme bracelet! Also would look really nice on a two tone bracelet. Since it is big, it could also be between 2 smaller charms + your stopper. Voilà! Hope you get one next time!

        • I did not buy this time since the frog prince was 70.28$ and the song bird cage was 50.60$ and the royal carriage was 64.65$ in canadian $. I am wainting for abetter deal in hoping they will still be some left on the next round. I know the stiletto dangle and the bunny dangle were sold out. They were cute too but I have to refrain myself… my collegue says I have an addiction hahaha better than than drugs anyway LOL

  3. Pandora jewelry is selling rapidly on Rue La La tonight. I couldn’t believe how much was already sold out about 15 minutes after the sale started. There were items disappearing from my cart only moments after selecting them, which was frustrating to say the least. I decided to buy what was in my cart before looking through the entire list of items, so I wouldn’t lose those too. There were some charms that I already owned that I wanted to buy again, because they were so well-priced. : ) The happily ever after castle was $25.99 and royal carriage $30.99. But, I refrained from doing so.

  4. There are things i want but not enough to make up $100. Things are dissapearing fast in there. I will wait till next sale. Hopefully the castle and blue pave star charm still there.

  5. I had a look at the sale last nyt and i think i managed to buy from the sale early because i purchased 4 charms for £91 on friday. They came up really cheap so i added them to basket then all the pandora items disappeared but it still let me check out the next day. I got all 2 tone charms (happily ever after, royal carriage, pixie & fairy) there was only the black cord bracelet that i would of had if i had waited for the sale :)

    • I am happy for you Emily. I will remember to keep mine in the basket like you did. Hopefully, new items will come for the next sale.

    • The sale was just an overnight event. For me it began at 5pm yesterday, and ended at 7am today. I had a peek last night, but it was all the same stuff as the last few sales, and only a dollar or two lower than the last sale, so not worth the shipping cost. As others have said, I hope the next sale has different items.

        • I do think it will be. It’s been there the last four sales, at least, and this morning when I peeked, it was still there, not sold out! :-) I have that charm and I love it, but I think it’s not for everyone. Grab it fast next sale! It’s beautiful.

        • Thanks I think it would be nice addition to my Disney bracelet
          When you say it isn’t for everyone what do you mean?

        • Margaret, if you love Disney, get the castle, you won’t regret it.:)
          It looks nice on both sides, adorned with a pink zirconia and gold crown underneath.

        • :-) I just mean being a specific structure not everyone will want it or will find room for it on a bracelet, not like with a round ball of color you can put anywhere. For example, I have the castle on my marriage bracelet because I grew up and was married in Italy near Juliet’s castle on my uncle’s estate. Without that history, I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at the castle charm.

  6. Hi, i am from the Philipines and it was my 1st time to purchase from Rue La La. As recommended here by Mora Pandora i did trust they (Rue La La) sells authentic Pandora charms. However i read some negative comments that some items are not authentic. Is ot true? That Rue La La has mix of authentic and non-authentic charms? Hope to hear and thanks in advance.

    • I doubt thats true hun. Im from the uk and would never normally trust buying from another country but i do trust pandora themselves and they recommend rue la la as a trusted seller. Pandora would never taint their image by allowing rue la la to sell if they had any idea of even 1 single fake item x i mde my first purchase on saturday after calling pandora and confirming they are authorised sellers

    • Hi Anna Lee,
      I am thrilled with all my Pandora charms I bought from Rue Lala last couple sales. They are real Pandora and have all the proper identification. I have been buying from Pandora stores for quite sometime so I know my jewels. When browsing on the Web for ideas for my bracelets, I can tell which one look fake. Keep faith and you will be smiling when you get your order!

    • Rue sells authentic Pandora items, but, sometimes the item received in the original Pandora zip-lock package is the wrong size item or factory faulty. Rue buys discontinued items from shops and sells them at discount, so if there’s an original error or fault in the product, you’ll receive that error just as you would if buying the item directly from Pandora or an authorized dealer. I’ve had the wrong sizing in the package issue from Rue. I notified them about it and they were kind enough to refund me, though I didn’t ask for a refund, I just wanted them to be aware of it. They’re definitely legit and very approachable.

  7. Ekkk
    Never been so excited in my life!
    Just tracked my rue la la sale items and they are in the uk distribution centre!!! Hopefully ill receive them today or tomorrow… first buy from rue so im extremely excited

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