Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for March 2017 – and beyond! There is so much going on in this month’s round-up, which includes details on upcoming bracelet promos, Mother’s Day live shots and some sneak peeks at previously unseen charms. :D

Read on for all the latest news! :)

Pandora Spring 2017 Collections Launch

The biggest event on the calendar for this month is undoubtedly the 16th March launch of Pandora’s Spring 2017 jewellery collections, which include new pieces for the Rose, Essence and Disney lines! :D If you have a look through the ‘Preview’ tag on the blog, you’ll be able to take in previews of all the new collections, and some lovely live shots of most of the new pieces, too.

The collection has already started to make its way into some North American stores, which is super exciting!

pandora spring 2017 campaign

In addition to the charms and bracelets I’ve already previewed, there’s also this gorgeous blue version of the Field of Flowers murano coming with the Spring 2017 collection! It’s such a pretty cornflower blue, and an usual colour choice for Pandora’s spring releases – it’s nice to see them doing something different. This wasn’t in the North American catalogue, and so it probably won’t be coming out there, for whatever reason (unless it proves to be a Jared exclusive, which would be unusual), but it should be available in most other regions, including the UK.

Pandora Spring 2017 Field of Flowers

Pandora Mother’s Day UK Release

A small selection of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 collection launched in the UK at the end of last month; I finally managed to go and see it all in person this weekend!

The charms, as usual, look so much more striking in person – but nevertheless, I’m holding out for the new Spring 2017 beads, so I didn’t buy anything. I was quite tempted by the bangle! ^^ I still haven’t managed to get my hands on one of those lovely Mother’s Day bags yet, though (so if anyone has one available, please let me know! I’m a sucker for the pretty gift bags! :P).

You can go shopping for all these pretty pieces online at authorised UK Pandora stockist The Jewel Hut. :)

Pandora Summer 2017 Collection Mystery Bead

There’s always at least one slightly kooky Pandora country exclusive a year, and today we have a sneak peek of one for this year! ^^ I have been given a stock image of this Summer 2017 charm – a little ghosty-looking bead, which initially stumped me, I’ll admit.

pandora summer 2017 weather doll japan

Some online discussion, however, has suggested that this charm could be a teruterubozu, or weather doll, which seems to make a lot of sense to me! I hadn’t heard of these before, but apparently they’re Japanese good luck charms, designed to bring in the good weather (heaven knows we could use them of these in the UK!), I found this little image on Pinterest:

This charm wasn’t in the NA booklet, so I assume it won’t be coming out there. As Pandora is becoming increasingly popular in some Asian countries, it makes sense that they’re making some fun little charms that tap into the culture there.

Pandora North American March 2017 Promos

First up, and most excitingly, the free bracelet promotion will be returning to North America this month! It will be running from 23-26 March, with many stores offering pre-sales starting from the 18th (but check with yours). The only difference is that, this time, you have to spend $125 USD to get your free bracelet of $65 USD value – which is a higher spend threshold than previous promos. :(

You will be able to upgrade to certain styles – I’ve asked whether the new Beauty and the Beast bangle will be available with the promo, and the answer I’ve had from stores is that Pandora has not explicitly forbidden it – but that it’s possible they might get more specific nearer the time about what is and what isn’t eligible. One thing I did notice is that some stores are advertising this as Pandora’s only free bracelet event for 2017 – I have not had this confirmed, but that’s definitely something to bear in mind!

The other promo that will be on offer is this Beauty and the Beast Pandora gift set, which will be available for $185 USD ($210 CAD). It includes three B&B charms, including the new Mrs Potts charm, and an exclusive lithograph. Stores are only getting very limited numbers of these (some as low as two sets), so perhaps it might be worth trying to reserve one if you want one!

Image by Bow Valley Jewellers

Pandora Germany Free Bracelet Event March 2017

There’s also a free silver bracelet event currently running for Pandora collectors in Germany until the 15th of March – details are included in the poster below!

My Comment

I am beyond excited for the Pandora Spring 2017 collection, and have already got all my purchases mapped out! My purchases will include the pink and purple Field of Flowers muranos, the new Poetic Blooms charm bracelet, Tigger, Piglet and Tinker Bell’s Dress and Shoe! I’d also like to get the new Pandora Rose safety chain. :D So I’ll be very busy!

I’ve got one bracelet ready for Spring purchases – this oxidised design with some classic floral charms, and a little sparkle, too:

The other, a forest-green design, is waiting for the Poetic Blooms bracelet, which I’m hoping to get in the US bracelet promo! <3

What are your plans for the month?


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    • Me too! I’ll have to see if I can make it work on my Asian bracelet, along with the new murano for summer :D

      • Hello Ms Mora,

        Do you or anyone know of any way or anyone who we can connect with outside the USA, if I wanted to purchase other countries charms?

        I would love to purchase charms from other countries and I would also offer to do so for others who would like something from the US.

        • Hi I use a shipping forwarding company called MyUS to order from the US. I’m sure the U.K. Would offer something similar

  1. I am so sad the blue Field of Flowers charm will not be available in NA. It is gorgeous & would look so great on my blue bracelet. I’ve already had my eye on the purple & pink ones.
    Thanks for the update!!

    • It’s beautiful! I think we’re getting here in the UK, so I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out to see what it’s like in person. I hope it’s a delicate cornflower blue and not too electric in person. :D

      You’re welcome!

  2. Moi… The Cerise Valentine 2017 collection along with the Silver Grey Leather Bracelet.
    May add one of their rings.

    Thanks Mora for sharing.

    ‘Charge It’

  3. Hi there
    Can you let me know , the free bracelet for this upcoming promotion will be a bangle or soft bracelet . I m lso excited about it. Thanks

  4. Hi Ellie. Thanks for all the info! I really do hope Pandora allows us to upgrade to the Beauty and the Beast bangle, as this is number one on my wishlist! The bangle is at a high price point of $95, so it would be really nice to get it for $30. Also, I hope they will allow customers to take home their purchases on March 18th, as I am seeing the Beauty and the Beast movie that day and, along with the bracelet, I plan to get Mrs. Potts & Chip and Belle’s Radiant Rose as well. Sometimes, they allow Pandora preferred credit card users to take their purchases home during the presale, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I am disappointed in the Beauty and the Beast gift set. I was hoping it would include the new bangle, and I’m surprised they included two of the older beads, as I already have these. The Blue Field of Flowers murano is beautiful, and I plan to purchase it from overseas,

    • Hi Joanne. A sales person at my local Concept Store told me Pandora credit card holders can take their jewelry home during the pre-sale. Surely that’s the case at your Concept Store as well. It would certainly be neat to get your Beauty & the Beast bracelet and beads the same day you see the movie.

      • Thanks Judy! I actually did get this confirmed with my store today. Also, I asked her if the B&B beast bangle will be included. She said she believes it will be included, but she has to check for sure with her bosses and get back to me, so we’ll see!

      • Hello,

        I’m from Poland. Can I buy bracelet Beauty & the Beast online? Where?
        I would be very grateful for the information :) I’m dreaming about it. I love bangle.

        • Ags, are you a member of any of the Pandora selling pages on Facebook? Your best bet is probably buying one from there.

        • Joanne, which fb groups are ok? I’ve been waiting to get onto pandoras angels for months, with no joy…..I also have difficulty getting hold of the Disney charms here in the uk.

        • Hi! I will be able to help with getting the Beauty and the Beast bangle or the other Disney designs :)

    • Hi Joanne! I was also surprised to see that the B&B gift set didn’t include the bangle, but I guess they’re hoping you’ll buy both the bangle and the charms. I just saw the gorgeous LE sleeve for the gift set and it almost makes me want to go out and buy it myself! I’m such a sucker for packaging. :D

        • Someone offered to get a set for me but I want so much from Spring already that I had to be good! But I was so tempted there for a second!

  5. Hi Ellie, i live in Australia & i just wanted to know if there was any other way to order disney parks exclusive charms, as the postage price is quite high just to have 2 charms posted it would cost me around 100 Australia dollars to post them which is expensive.
    Thanks very much for all your review’s i really do enjoy reading them.
    Have a great day.

    • Hey Julie, if u need help u can send them to my shipping address and I can receive it and send it to u from Singapore to Australia! Shipping from Singapore to Australia cost about $5 with tracking and $5 from USA to Singapore too. My email is if u need!

    • Hi Julie! There aren’t really any other official ways – you could try a US forwarding service (I’ve done Comgateway, but it’s expensive), but your best bets are unofficial routes. I get a friend in the US to send me things!

      Cindy has helped me get some Pandora items before – people are often kind enough to offer to help within the Pandora community!

  6. Hi Ellie u make me exited each day I am waiting for all the new bracelets and charms thanks for the heads up like will be there for the new March 16

  7. Does anyone happen to know what the Canadian amount will be for the bracelet promo? Ours used to be $125 for the $75 bracelet… if the US cost is going up, I wonder if the Canadian one is too? :(

  8. Greetings Ms. Mora, I know you pointed out the charms and bracelets. It really looks beautiful including Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Charms even though I was the animated version as well. So thank you Ms. Mora for the update and may God bless you.

  9. The blue Field of Flowers murano is gorgeous. It looks even prettier than the pink and lilac ones. The weather doll charm is very cute! It does look like a little ghost.

    I’m so glad the spring release date is soon! Not much more of a wait. The spring release is usually my favorite. My 4 must haves are a Field of Flowers murano and matching Radiant Droplet (I’ll get one color now and the other later in the year), the Piglet dangle, and the Essence pink enamel bead. I know I’ll get a few more beads, but will have to see the beads to decide. I may get Tigger and the Tinker Bell dress like you are.

    • I think the pink is my favourite of the FoF muranos from live shots, but they are all beautiful! Those are lovely picks of yours – I wish my wish list was so succinct! I just remembered that I also want the regular silver silicone clip safety chain at some point, and the Club charm… oh dear!

  10. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the March Round-Up. It’s nice to get confirmation on the free bracelet promo. Hopefully, it won’t be too limiting and we’ll be able to do upgrades. By chance, have you seen a price for the Poetic Blooms? I’m interested in this bracelet and the Beauty and the Beast bangle. I would love to get both during the promo.

    The blue FOF murano is lovely. Too bad it’s an exclusive, but I expected as much since it wasn’t included in your first preview.

    The little Weather Doll is so cute! I had never heard of a Japanese Weather Doll. I would be tempted to use it as ghost for Halloween.

    Can’t wait to see the Spring release in person, but I’ll wait for the promo to make my purchases.

    • Hi Emily! You are welcome! I actually haven’t seen a price for the Poetic Blooms bracelet in USD yet. I assume we’ll have to pay for upgrades if we want that one – that’s my pick for the US bracelet promo as well. So hopefully they’ll let us upgrade!

      I’m also waiting for the promo – and I’ll be focusing on the Pandora Disney collection for my spend, seeing as I can’t them here. It’s actually more expensive to shop for certain things in the US these days, thanks to Brexit shenanigans!

  11. Hi
    Once again thanks for your updates they always have something in I want ?. Do you know when the free bracelet promo is for Australia? Thank you x

    • Aha, I do always think that part of the fun of collecting Pandora is hunting down the exclusives and meeting people from all over the world along the way. So long as you do actually find the charm you’re looking for! ^^

  12. Hi Ellie great post the blue murano look lovely, look like that’s going on the growing list lol. The new charm I thought was a ghost for Halloween I thought there early. I think it would fit for a Halloween design.

    • Hi Nicola! I think you could definitely adapt the little doll to be a ghost for Halloween – it’s probably the closest we’re going to get to an actual Halloween charm from Pandora these days, haha.

  13. Hi Ellie

    I’m absolutely loving the blue field of flowers murano. Will go fantastic with my new purchases for Mother’s Day. I’m creating the Mother’s Day bangle to represent my beautiful son, this bead will be making an appearance in Australia I hope. So happy to hear you say the Mother’s Day charms look even better in person, just makes me more excited for its release. 8 more days and counting for my spring purchases?

    • Hi Janelle! The blue does look pretty, i’m looking forward to seeing it in store this weekend! I don’t get why they wouldn’t release it in the US, some of the decisions they make are strange, haha. I am very much looking forward to the US bracelet promo, although choosing what to get is going to be tough..!

  14. Hi, can someone please tell me how I can get hold of the Disney charms. I’m only interested in the Alice in Wonderland charms for my daughters bracelet including the new Alice in a teacup charm, I live in France.
    Im only collecting Rose charms at the moment for my bracelet and I wish there was a little more choice. Any suggestions what colour Murano would tone nicely with the rose

      • Hi Clara
        Thanks for your reply. I know they sell the Disney charms on eBay uk but I think they are fake, there are so many fakes out there these days. Thank you for the offer of help, how does it work. I’ve tried to contact someone on the Facebook sites but haven’t had a reply

    • Hi Kay! I always recommend the Pandora FB pages – there’s more info in my FAQ page :) but you can always try ordering from the Disneystore,com (the US version), if you’re prepared to pay a little extra for shipping. international shipping is expensive from there!

      Blush pinks always look stunning with Pandora Rose, or pretty whites are lovely too!

  15. Hi Ellie
    I thought they were going to have a Donald Duck charm for Disney for the US.
    Can you confirm?
    I useto love him as,a kid and would like to get one.

    • Hi there is release of a Donald and daisy due for release in the us and aus I believe on the 16th march :)

      • Hi Ellie
        I was wondering if you had posted prices for the,Spring 2017 collection and for the Disney collection.
        I have looked at your blog and can not seem to find them.
        If so came you please tell me where to click because maybe I missed it somehow.
        Also I camt wait to purchase the field of flower Muranos in pink and purple. Jyst wish tje,Us,would have the blue as well. That one is really pretty

  16. The Mother-Daughter charm does look better in person. Your pictures are always so good.

    I like how you used “all ready” properly in your Instagram shot. :-)

    I wish they’d do the promotions online too. They’d certainly increase sales if they did. When we had shop-in-shops here we could phone order the promotion, but those nice days are gone. :-(

    • Thanks Lola! :D I made that bracelet with the spring muranos in mind – so nearly at Thursday now! Although I have to work out if I can actually afford to buy them straight away, as I have to budget for the US bracelet promo (which has become more expensive since Brexit, lol). But sooner or later, I’ll be able to add them!

  17. HI Ellie,

    Thank you for another wonderfully informative post. The ghost charm looks exactly like teruterubozu – weather doll and I have heard of it, in fact I have the OHM Weather Doll. Once it became apparent that Pandora was not going to release more Halloween charms I started looking elsewhere – and found the OHM Weather Doll that they clearly state is teruterubozu. When I did some research I discovered the Japanese connection or rather inspiration behind this charm. In Canada, the weather is a national past time so I loved the idea of a charm that might bring good weather – it was minus 29C a few days ago ugh! Anyway, the Pandora version is definitely more playful than the OHM version and will be on my wishlist. I like the red string detail and celebrate the lack of pave – the bale is a lovely plain silver – yeah!
    I still haven’t made up my mind about the Spring Collection other than the new pandora safety chain but I will reserve final judgement until I have seen the new release in person.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, I find the Pandora weather doll a fair bit cuter than the Ohm one – although that one has the bonus of being plain silver, for extra brownie points! ^^ The weather has been pretty miserable here in the UK lately, which is especially depressing having moved towns – I want to be able to see what it’s like when the sun’s actually shining and to not drive to work when the roads are wreathed in fog, haha. So this weather doll would be very welcome here!

      I have unfortunately decided that I need a fair bit from the spring collections :( but it will definitely be a matter of pacing myself haha, which won’t be too bad seeing as I don’t want anything from the later April release. So I can take spring a bit more slowly!

  18. Hi I always love reading your blog. Only started collecting pandora last month, and I’m already obsessed. Hubby and our son took me to Pandora last week to get sized up for the mothers day bangle, but then made me leave the shop so they could carry on shopping by themselves. They came out with a few bags, so fingers crossed a bangle is actually in one of them and possibly the jewellery box for the promotion. Not long to wait for mothers day now. Can’t wait for the spring collection. Also love the look of the weather doll, hope we can get a hold of it in the UK x

    • Hi Katie! Ah, that’s really exciting – starting out with Pandora is always so much fun. I was totally obsessed for months when I got my first bracelet, and then started the blog about a year and a half afterwards to try and get myself to write about charms instead of constantly buying them lol. I’m not much better now though haha!

      I’m sure there’ll be some new things you absolutely love in those bags your husband got you! :D And only a couple more weeks until you can know for sure! x

      • Ellie, i just love your blog and its such a pleasure to share our passion for Pandora jewels with friends from all over the world. Keep writing, you are doing an excellent job!!! (I think its a nice hobby)

  19. Thanks for the lovely update Ellie. I can’t wait to see the new pieces in store, though I will have to buy them over a few months. I’m hoping they will have the jewellery box still on offer, as this runs till 26th, as I would like to get it.

    • Me too, although like you I’m going to have to be sensible and space out my purchases. I think the first things will either be a spring murano on the weekend or the US bracelet promo! Can’t wait! :D

  20. Does anyone know the price of the Disney batb bangle in aus $ please, won’t be able to get the promo but at lease I can have that shipped to me :)

  21. Hi Elli,
    Nice to have it confirmed that the charms look better in person!
    In fact, I have been thinking that perhaps it would be a good idea to start a new two-tone design. I already have some dangles, but still no charms and there are two couple of clips that are comming up that attract me. So I might be getting one pair of them, however I don’t know which ones. Then the rings. I will buy two or three for sure. And there are some charms on my wish-list, which is getting increasing again ??.
    Going a bit off topic Elli, I thought you would like to know ( in case you don’t) that the colourful, stackable Radiant Hearts rings will be sold at 59 €. The two broader bands go up to 79 €. I found this information on the potuguese Pandora FB page and I guess this will be the price for the Euro zone, as a whole.
    Have a nice week!

    • Hi Marie! They often do – the stock images often don’t capture how pretty the jewellery can be in person. :D my wish list is very long from this collection (it started out small and got bigger, haha) but I will have to pace myself unfortunately. Moving place is expensive!

      Oh, thank you for that info Marie! <3 Pricing info has been hard to come by this season, unfortunately. Have a lovely week ahead too!

  22. I am so excited for the upcoming season!! I will definitely get the blue field murano for my blue/white/ flower theme new bangle.
    And i am dying for the teru teru bozu got some handmade near my window and sometimes attached to bags. I need it!!! Hopefully i have few contacts in japan who may help me get it if it does not come out in western countries which ks about 99,99% sure as it looks like a ghost to westerners and has no meaning for them…

    • Your bangle sounds adorable! I love soft blues and white together, especially with florals. The Blue Butterfly Kisses murano is a favourite of mine for that reason :)

      I think many of us will be trying to track down that cute weather doll! I may not have known about the weather dolls before I saw this charm, but I still think it’s adorable and we could always use some luck when it comes to the weather in the UK…!

  23. I am so excited with this promo!! Do you know if this promotion in only the stores or in the web site too? Can I bought online? Thank you!!

    • When I get that information – often I don’t get given it in the same way that I do previews and things. :) So not on a regular basis, no!

  24. Hi! For Germany (and the online shop), there is another option to save on the new spring collection – presently there is a shopping card included with the magazine Glamour (in shops now). During the shopping week (beginning of April), you will receive 20% reduction for Pandora. Last year, also the new items of the spring collection were included in the offer and it seems as if there are no restrictions this year as well.

  25. Hi! For Germany (and the online shop), there is another option to save on the new spring collection – presently there is a shopping card included with the magazine Glamour (in shops now). During the shopping week (beginning of April), you will receive 20% reduction for Pandora. Last year, also the new items of the spring collection were included in the offer and it seems as if there are no restrictions this year as well.

      • Hi! Since all the new charms seem to sum up, it always helps to make use of the offers available ;) I was told in the store that the German e-shop also delivers to the UK and the shopping card is apparently also available in some digigtal version (if one can wait till beginning of April :))

    • Hi Kinga! No, I haven’t unfortunately – but then I haven’t had time to go looking. :( it’s very difficult to find the time to blog at the moment! :(

  26. How about in Australia? Do they have promotion for this Month? Looking forward for the free bangle or atleast the jewerlly box like in UK. ☺️

    • I haven’t heard of an Australian promo for this month – I expect the next one there will be for Mother’s Day in April/May. :)

  27. Hi Ellie and all,
    My store already has the entire spring/disney/jewelry collection in and I have already built an entire magnolia and daisy themed bracelet using all the new charms. Love them, the pink in the magnolia is a medium pink, not hot pink but not too light either. The pink stone with crystal daisies in front of it is beautiful and the pink on that one is softer than the pink on the magnolias but still striking. The radiant droplets are gorgeous especially the cerise, pink, lilac and royal blue, the greenish one is a little washed out and in some light looks almost clear (and it wasnt’t the clear one) I have my magnolia charms on hold until the bracelet promo and the new magnolia bracelet is absolutely beautiful! Easy to open and close and I cant wait until promotion day(at my store its included as an upgrade)
    The Disney charms are adorable and Tigger, piglet (which is especially cute), Mrs. Potts and the encamted rose all came home with me today including the cerise radiant droplet which goes perfectly with the enchanted rose and is already on my cerise bracelet. Piglet goes super well with the magnolia charms in case anyone wants to mix in some of those with Disney.
    Some people asked about the daisy necklace, it is beautiful but very long and non-adjustable. The center daisy in thr “y” does not slide up and down and the clasp isnt adjustsble either. Loved the daisy earrings but those will have to wait until later in the summer as my March purchases are already going to be quite enough.

    • Hi Katie,

      Thanks for taking the time to share this information. It’s always nice to get confirmation on how the new charms look in person. Your new selections sound amazing. Glad to know the pink dazzling daisy meadow is pretty. It’s on my list, too. Did you happen to take a look at the new muranos?

      • I saw the collection too and agree with Katie , I think most people will be very happy. the flower muranos are very pretty and the flowers show up very nicely they are a must have for me. the only disappointment for me was the floral essence beads you could hardly make out the flowers on the beads so they are off my list since I have the same shade of pink and white in other essence pieces. didn’t think I would go for the magnolia beads but the pink and white was very pretty now they are on my list for the promo,also the droplets were the perfect size not too big or too small will probably get more then one , the highlight is the flower clasp bracelet I may get two in the promo. you could wear it just by itself. this is going to be very expensive for me for sure, hope everyone has fun picking out there pieces!

      • Yes, the new muranos are definitely a highlight of the collection, the pink field of flowers is lovely and is going on my mew bracelet, its a lovely shade of pink not dark pink but not that really pale pink. The lavender one is lovely too and I will be getting that at some point, it is soft shade of purple, not dark but imho just the right shade to go with all their other purple hued charms.

        • Thanks Debbie and Katie. The Poetic Blooms bracelet is on my list for the promo, too. Glad to hear it’s pretty. I have the PB charms from last year and I’m happy to get a matching bracelet. I’m so spoiled now that Pandora has started to come out with all these pretty clasps on their bracelets. The muranos sound lovely. Can’t wait to see everything in person!

    • Congrats on your new charms. Can’t wait to see them in person and do a pre-sale next weekend for the bracelet promotion.

      Curious how much are the Beauty & Beast enchanted Rose and Mrs. Potts charms? I am trying to figure out what I want to purchase next weekend, and it would be helpful if I knew the prices on those 2 charms.


    • Hi Katie, I so enjoyed reading through all your comments! I can’t wait to see the UK spring release this weekend; and it’s disappointing that I can’t see the Disney pieces in person at all before I buy; but it was fun to hear what you thought. I didn’t think that the daisy necklace would be adjustable, judging from the high-res images of it. :( But great to hear that Piglet matches the new florals, that’s a great tip!

      So excited to see it all for myself soon!

  28. I went to the local store to check if the spring collections are in. Yes, they are. However can’t sell them before 16 March. I managed to have a look at a few pieces because they are actually not allowed to display them. But i was lycky to caught them arranging the new stock. The open daisy ring is beautiful. The pink radiant heart with daisy is also something that i will add to my wishlist after having looked at it. The muranos are as awesome as they look in the blog. I’ve chossen and had one reserved for me to buy on 16 March. Can’t wait for next week. I will get the club charm and daisy ring later during mother’s day promo. Just the murano for now.

    • Oh well you’re lucky to be able to see them at least! UK stores won’t let you see them even before the release date :) but I’m glad to hear that you think the muranos look as lovely in person. I’ve been seeing some stunning live shots of theme and I can’t wait to take them home with me myself! So I thoroughly approve your first choice from the new collection ^^

  29. Hi there. I am new to this site and Pandora jewellery. There are some lovely pieces. It’s my birthday in April and I wonder if you know if there will be a free bracelet promo in the Uk. I’m wondering if it is worth waiting or just buying from the new collection when it comes out. Have you any ideas? Thanks

    • Hi Caron! No, the UK free bracelet promo usually runs much later in the year – September/October time. They sometimes spring surprise promos on us, but as far as I’m aware you’re best just buying what you like when it comes out this month :)

  30. Thanks Ellie for the wonderful pictures and information. It is such a pleasure to read you and all the following comments.
    The flue field of flowers murano looks georgous and it would be sad not to see it in our Canadian stores. The weather doll looks cute but not on my wishing list for now. I am waiting for the free bracelet promotion and hoping to choose the New B&B bangle. Belle’s dress is so nice but I don’t particularly like the orange red color of the rose they choose. Actually, I don’t understand why they picked that color since in the movie, the rose is actually dark pinkish red. For this reason, I will not buy the exclusive offer B&B, only the beautiful yellow dress and other old charm (before they end up on the retired list). Do you have an updated list of the retirement beads?

    There is so much choice in the Disney collection; I can’t wait to see them in person. Since I have a Winnie the Pooh already, I am tempted to start a new theme bracelet (but my wallet says NO!!! after buying so many with Rue La la) I might have to wait for a few months… will see LOL

    • You are more than welcome :) glad you’ve enjoyed reading through it all! The new Enchanted Rose Radiant Hearts-esque charm for Beauty and the Beast night be more your speed if you don’t like the original enamel one – although of course that’s not included in the gift set. :( I don’t have any info on the latest retirements myself, but if you go and read, Jahndra (another bead blogger) has posted some information for 2017 :)

  31. Hi Ellie, Thank you for all of the wonderful information! I was wondering, do you have to be a Pandora preferred credit card holder to take advantage of the presale? Thanks again!

    • Hi Stephanie. At my local Concept store, the pre-sale is available to both card holders and non-card holders, but you can take your jewelry home (at the pre-sale date) if you have a Pandora credit card.

    • Hi Stephanie! I see that Judy has already answered your question. I think that should apply to all stores, but it’s always worth double-checking to see if your store is going by different rules :)

    • Hi Kay, not in the immediate future – but they are offering a spend & save in UK stores at the moment. If you buy something this month in UK stores, they give you a £20 off voucher when you spend £120 or more. Not as good as a bracelet promo, but still something!

  32. Oh my! I love the teruterubozu charm, but it will probably be an Asia exclusive. Is there any chance it will be released in Europe?
    If not then I need to search for a kind soul residing in Asia that could help me get it ahaha

    • I don’t have any confirmation on where it will be released yet, other than it wasn’t in the NA booklet I was shown for Summer 2017. Europe may well be getting it! :) Fingers crossed!

  33. I went to a local Pandora store in the mall today and was able to get the new rose charm from Beauty and the Beast (Disney) and the Mrs. Potts charm also. In fact they had perhaps all of the new spring charms in the case for sale. Are they already out? I thought all of these were to come out on March 16th but perhaps I’m wrong? In any case they are beautiful and I’m excited to have them! She told me the Beauty and the Beast bangle would be available on Monday (as in the 13th). Are other people finding them at their Pandora stores in the USA?

    • US stores often get things a little earlier than the official date – but the online etc won’t update until the 16th March. They’re much stricter in a lot of other regions, and here in the UK they absolutely will not sell before launch date, which is always frustrating when you hear about collectors in other regions getting things early haha.

      • Ah thanks for the info! I was so surprised to see the new charms already! The new B&TB ones are beautiful and I loved the Tinkerbell ones too. I’d love to see a ring with the same sort of of rose pattern inside the stone as the charm!

      • I did receive an email today from regarding the B&B limited edition offer starting March 13 th in Us stores I guess. I will visit my local Pandora store sometime this week but lunchtime seems not enough time to browse..hahaha

  34. Do you know if you can purchase Disney charms to count towards the $125 for the free bracelet? When I was in store they said I couldn’t but then I heard you can? If so I’m totally getting the new spring charms!

    • Hi Alex,
      I really hope there is no such exception regarding Disney charms in order to get a free bracelet. I would need a plan B.

      I have been waiting for the perfect moment to purchase the orchid dangling from Spring 2015 and looking at the post for this coming Summer, I am thinking of getting the white orchid charms too. They would look great on a theme bracelet for my wedding anniversary. In my wedding bouquet I had white orchids and pink roses so it would bring me great memories… Disney charms would have to wait :(

  35. Toronto store start pre order for spend $150 get $75 free bracelet. My friend and me went to shop pre order 2 transactions, pick oxidized bracelet $5 more and Disney bracelet $20 more. My friend will give 2017 charm club dangle as my birthday gift, she reserved one too. I like 2017 charm club without any CZ with a touch of tiny diamond inside locket, very classic on necklace.

    • Hi Michele,
      Do you know how much the 2017 club charm is in Canadian $
      Happy birthday! Enjoy your new purchase.

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