There are only a few days to go until the official launch of the Pandora Spring 2017 collection on Thursday, and today’s post will hopefully get you in the mood to go shopping later this week with HQ images of all the new charms coming out! :D The collection is heavily decorative, with few character beads, but there are some beautiful new glass designs and floral options that will undoubtedly look lovely in person.

I’ve included prices in USD/CAD where I have them; to see an HQ preview of the accompanying jewellery, please take a look at my post here. Otherwise, read on to look at all the charms and charm jewellery! :D

Pandora Spring 2017 Collection Preview


Of course, I have to start with the beautiful Field of Flowers muranos! ? These feature painted flowers set over a looping ribbon pattern and a softly glittering core, and are available in three beautiful shades. The pink is definitely coming home with me! ^^ They’re priced at $50 USD each.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

As is the purple! I like that the soft white detailing stands out a little more against the darker background colour with this one. It really showcases how on point Pandora’s glasswork is these days. They’ve done some catching up with other brands, even if they haven’t quite reached the heights of some – but the vast quantities in which Pandora produces its beads mean that often the more complicated glass designs hit production issues, so you can understand why there aren’t so many glass beads as some smaller brands, perhaps.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The third colour, a pretty cornflower blue, did not appear in the NA catalogue, and so I guess it’s not coming out there. It should be launching in most other regions, however, including the UK. I can’t wait to see it in person; I hope the blue isn’t too bright!

Pandora Spring 2017 Field of Flowers

Next up, we have a couple more entries for the Dazzling Daisies series, including a spacer priced at

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

And a statement pendant charm, which is on the pricier side at $85 USD/$95 CAD:

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

My favourite new Dazzling Daisy piece is this Meadow charm, however, which has looked consistently stunning in all the live shots I’ve seen! It’s like a more delicate variation on the Radiant hearts charms. It’s also pricey, however, at $85 USD/$95 CAD.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

We’re also seeing more pieces in the Poetic Blooms collection, with a very pretty set of floral petites for the Floating Lockets. I haven’t yet indulged in one of these necklace, but think how pretty these florals would be in the Mother’s Day 2017 heart-shaped floating locket that’s due out in April!

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

One of my favourites of the new florals is this new Poetic Blooms clip, which has looked beautiful in every campaign image I’ve seen so far! I’m very tempted to get one maybe further down the line for either my forest-green bracelet or my pink/purple Field of Flowers bracelet.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

To match, we have the Poetic Blooms clasp bracelet, which is a must-have for me. Collectors have been asking for a floral-themed special clasp for a long time, and it’s nice to see them come out with one!

Pandora Spring 2017 Poetic Blooms bracelet

Next, we have a brand-new set of florals for spring: the delicately tropical pink Magnolia Blooms. This range is surprisingly extensive already, and it’s hard to know how they could possibly expand this range – there are already two charm designs, a pendant, a dangle, a spacer and a clip, in addition to matching jewellery!

I very much like the brighter pink, which manages to be delicate and yet also vibrant at the same time. This openwork charm is $65 USD or $75 CAD.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

However, I prefer this pretty version of the charm, without the extra pavé. It’s also slightly more affordable at $55 USD or $60 CAD.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The clip is also lovely:

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

But the spacer is possibly my favourite piece, as I think the magnolia design looks at its best in this smaller form, clustered around each other:

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

In terms of dangles, you can choose from a bigger statement charm ($60 USD / $70 CAD):

Pandora Spring 2017 collectionOr the subtler pendant version:Pandora Spring 2017 collection


Next up, we have more decorative pieces! There certainly isn’t any shortage of those in this collection. My favourite of these is the new safety chain, which is a clip design and would be perfect with the threadless bracelet from last year’s spring collection!

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

There is a matching Insignia clip, as well:

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The Fairytale Crown is a rather fun addition, but the addition of CZs means that I probably won’t be indulging in this one. It would be great on an Alice in Wonderland or UK-themed bracelet, I think! Its openwork design means it’s a little less expensive than some other pieces in this collection, retailing for $50 USD or $55 CAD.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The Radiant Hearts charm will also be available with a clear stone:

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

And then, next, we have a whole new series of decorative for you to use across a variety of colour schemes! These are the Radiant Droplets, and they’re a little more neutral in style than the Radiant Hearts charms, which have always struck me as big, statement pieces.

The Radiant Droplets all have artificial stones, but have a softer, more natural look (in my view) than other pave decorative offerings. They’re priced at $60 USD or $70 CAD.  My absolute favourites of these are the purple and pink shades, which again have looked stunned in live shots and campaign images. 

Finally for decorative pieces, we have the two-tone Interlinked Circles. Two-tone charms are always slightly spoiled for me when paired with pave – I’d much rather this design with some oxidised silver instead of the sparkle. Nevertheless, the style itself is pretty – but very expensive, with all that gold and CZ detailing, at $100 USD or $110 CAD!

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

Love, family & occasions

Moving on again, we now come to hearts, love and family! Starting off this section, we have a beautiful two-tone clip design that could have walked straight out of a Pandora catalogue from years ago – the Classic Heart. This is rather reminiscent of the beautiful two-tone flower clip that was a staple of Pandora’s clip range for years.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The Lavish Heart features a pretty ochre-coloured stone that would match the Russian-exclusive Fairytale Fish rather excellently! It’s $75 USD or $85 CAD.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The Signature Heart again mixes CZs and gold detailing, and is definitely more contemporary in style:

Pandora Spring 2017 collectionThe Wedding Heart goes all out on the pave – it looks like a big charm, and I think it would probably work best as a centrepiece or a lone piece on a bangle. It would be easy to make this one look too sparkly! Unsurprisingly, this is a higher end piece in terms of price at $95 USD /$105 CAD.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The Celebration Heart is a bit more understated, although reminiscent of many of Pandora’s previous designs. It’s $40 USD or $45 CAD.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The Thank You heart will retail for $50 USD or $55 CAD.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The Happy Birthday Cake offers another take on the birthday cake charm, with extra pink enamel and CZs. I loved the delicacy of the rose detailing on the original cake charm, which was a lovely plain silver design. This one is a tad more expensive than the original at $55 USD or $60 CAD.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

The Lucky Day is a design that I very much like, mixing a four-leaf clover and a horseshoe disc in a delicate good-luck charm. I just wish that there wasn’t the dusting of CZ on the bail!

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

Finally, we have one of the few plain-silver designs of this collection; its surface is textured like the Pandora Essence original Wisdom design (Pandora calls it ‘diamond pointing’), which is a very pretty effect indeed in person. It’s surprisingly expensive at $60 USD or $70 CAD – I guess the effect is expensive to do.

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

Birthstone Petites

The other new launch for the Floating Locket necklace are the new Birthstone Petites, which match the other new birthstone jewellery

Pandora Spring 2017 Birthstone Petites


Finally, we have four new designs for gold lovers. Unfortunately, they’re all CZ designs, but there are some absolutely lovely inclusions nevertheless.

The Romantic Heart would make for an absolutely stunning centrepiece on a gold bracelet or necklace:

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

And the Embellished Floral has a similarly Victorian feel to it:

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

However, my favourite is the Opulent Floral, which seems to have been something of a Marmite charm for collectors. Personally, I think this colour combination is beyond stunning:

Pandora Spring 2017 collection

My Comment

There are so many pretty pieces that I’m excited to see in person from this launch, although I’m limiting myself to just a few designs from this core launch (the bulk of my spending is going to be on Pandora Disney, I think!); the floral glass looks just beautiful, both here and in the live images I’ve seen, while the new safety chain design is also very welcome! :D I’m definitely getting the pink and purple versions, and will keep an eye out for the blue in store. The Poetic Blooms bracelet is also on my hit list.

I’ll say again, however, that overall I do feel that this catalogue suffers from a lack of good old-fashioned character beads. These pretty floral charms would be perfect, and so much more exciting, if there were some sweet animals or other fairytale characters to accompany them. Variety is sorely missing from this launch and, while I’m sure this launch will do well commercially, it’s something of a shame for long-term collectors who have many similar beads already.

What do you think of this collection? Do you have anything on your list to buy come Thursday?

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  1. Wow Ms. Mora, the Spring charms are Beautiful!!! Love those droplet charms, and the Birthday Cake charm is terrific. Keep it coming with the new charms!!!! And May God bless you.

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Well, my top pick is the new double clip safety chain. I love the threadless bracelet & this will be a welcome addition. I have the sparkling daisy charm along with the clip so I will probably get one of the matching spacers. My favorite of the Muranos is the blue, but I will have to wait & pick it up next time I am overseas. The new colours pink, purple & Blue would look great on an Easter themed bracelet.
    The hearts are always in abundance, nothing striking there. The lucky day charm is a must for my St.Patty’s day theme, I agree it could have gone without the pave on the bail.
    I love the crown, where the abundance of pave makes design sense. I have the oxidized crown that I picked up in France a few years back – no paves. This new shiny version appeals to me and would be great to create a symmetrical design. I loved viewing the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London a few years ago.
    I am hoping some new travel charms will be released in the summer collection. On another note do you know if there will be anymore Asian exclusives?

    Lisa K

    • Ellie,

      I realized after writing my first post that you had already mentioned the weather doll as an Asian exclusive. Also, I paid my local store a visit & picked up the new safety chain for the threadless bracelet, it has the built in silicon to keep it from sliding, I love this double clip. It is very elegant. The new dazzling daisy spacer is quite large, but lovely. Lastly they had the new pink & purple field of flower muranos but not the blue, I guess you were right the latter must be for outside NA markets.

      Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Ooh, I love your idea of putting all three muranos together for Easter. That sounds lovely! A favourite Easter combination of mine I saw years ago combined all of the pastel candy-stripe muranos and that looked so pretty – it would be nice to be able to do something similar with the new beads as well.

      I suspect that the weather doll bead might be an Asian exclusive, but don’t know for sure. It could be a European release as well, possibly, or just not up for release in North America. We will have to wait and see! ^^

  3. All I can say is WOW! Love the colors of pink flowerw,love the celebration heart; perfect gift for our 30th anniversary (dear sister!!!) and I just might get the most expensive one the wedding heart to wear on my future B&B bangle!!!

      • I probably would keep it simple; this way we could see the inscription on the bangle better and let the beauty of the special charm stand out. If I can get the Belle dress with the free offer, I want to add it to my existing blue irradescent muranos and star murano. I think yellow and dark blue would look great together. The lion king I just bought would be going on that one too along with my Mickey Sorcerer hat which is the perfect blue….oh I am getting excited. Just a few more days to come.

    • The pink is super pretty! I know it’s repetitive of what’s come before, but luckily it’s my favourite colour. ;) I can understand why others are getting a bit tired of it though.

  4. While the muranos are impressively detailed, they just aren’t my taste, and most of what I’ve seen with all the bling has not been for me either. It definitely makes it easier to control my Pandora spending. They’ve just gone in a direction that I don’t care for. Aside from the Disney Pooh charms…. I’m afraid they’re losing my loyalty. I’d really love to see more plain silver charms, more of the great quirky pieces that we’ve seen in the past. There are so many hobbies I’d love to see charms for, so many travel destinations ( like Alaska!) and so many diverse interests with women I know that go beyond pink, bling, flowers and hearts….

    • Same here…. and that pricing…..
      Artificial stones, CZ’s and enamel…..
      not sure where Pandora is going with this….
      All I know that my hunt for retired charms continuous ?

      • My retired charm hunt is so much fun too! I just got the Hot Air Balloon and the green Ladybird murrain from the UK eStore sale :D

    • I know, I miss the plain silver beads so much. Right now there are still enough older beads I’m enjoying collecting, but I do worry about further down the line if they don’t start doing more character beads

  5. Hi Ellie, beautiful images! I love the poetic bloom bracelet and clip, also the dazzling daisy meadow, this last one is perfect for a center piece in my spring bracelet! I really like this collection, but I’m going to wait for the promo. The new muranos look awesome, I hope I can get the blue one… The new safety chain is a must have for my threadless bracelet… Conclusion: I’m going to be broke, lol. Thanks as always for your amazing blog! :)

    • Hi Priscilla! Oh my gosh, me too. I have such a long wish list when I really didn’t think I wanted much! I’m getting the Disney beads I want to start with during the promo as well, and then I’ll come back for some more of the regular collection :D

      So pleased to hear that you enjoy the blog <3 it honestly makes my day to hear that!

  6. These charms are pretty, but all of my Pandora bracelets are full, except for the non-Halloween orange bracelet, of course. That may take decades to finish! I would be tempted if these charms were substantially different from others I own, but they are not. Even I can’t justify assembling another pretty pink floral bracelet, or purple, or blue. I do have a shopping list for Summer, but not for Spring. I will just keep hoping for something new and exciting. Thanks, Ellie! I appreciate all your hard work.

    • You’re very welcome, so pleased that you enjoy the posts! I can totally appreciate your fatigue with these beads, though. They are beautiful but very similar to what’s come before. The muranos I love, and the new bracelet, but those are my only must-haves.

  7. Really sad that all of the items I want are not going to be sold in North America. Pink droplet bracelet, blue murano hopefully they will launch here.

  8. I just received the Russian Fairytale Fish and was wondering what to do with it. You hit the nail on the head of adding the new Lavish Heart and the new Classic Clips. I am going to do a bracelet with a number of two tone charms! I love when you give suggestions on how to put charms together! I also love the new safety chain and will have to get the thread less bracelet for it to go on. I will also be getting the new bracelet with the floral clasp. So pretty! I’m thinking a mostly pink bracelet. Love your review and please keep the suggestions coming!

    • Ah, fantastic! I’m so pleased that the post sparked off an idea for you. That sounds like a beautiful combo. I will be doing more reviews soon (I’ve not bought very many new beads lately – been saving for the US bracelet promo!), so there’ll be more inspiration soon. :D

  9. I also, am not necessarily a fan of flowers and hearts.
    Not only did Pandora remove all of the black coloured charms from their current collection but now I see that they haven’t replaced them with any newer black charms! That disappoints me. It would be nice to see silver black charms with a touch of yellow gold in them.

    • Ah, I guess the Midnight Hearts charm must be a favourite of yours. :) It would be great to see more of that kind of bead!

  10. pity that no beads carved in silver e.g. beautiful roses. There are only cast and studded with cubic zirconia. Pandora relies on mass production.

    • Yeah, although I can’t think that the plain silver ones are that more expensive? It just requires a mould to put the silver in surely… I think it must be that the new style uses less silver and that the sparkling style is more marketable in some way.

  11. I really like a lot of the spring collection even though I’m not keen on flowers this collection is quite fresh and there’s lots of stuff in there I love and the price is pretty good

    • Glad to hear it! The prices in the UK for all the new pieces are very high though in my opinion :)

  12. I cant wait for Thursday, I have been wanting that floral clasp bracelet ever since I first saw it in the previews! I want to look at the matching clips too, but I may just go for plain silver clips, depending on how it looks in person, I can imagine me going into sparkly pink floral overload with this bracelet design! I am going to put all my flower charms on this bracelet with the dazzling daisy fairy in the centre. A family member has been kind enough to get Eeyore from Australia for me, I havent seen him yet but I am so excited as we cant get the Disney collection in the UK, and I have been trying to get him for ages! He will be going on the floral bracelet, in amongst the flowers to cheer him up!

    • Aww I’m so glad that you got Eeyore! He’s one of my absolute favourite beads. If I to pick one Disney bead, it would be him. <3 I'm pretty excited to get Piglet and Tigger to go with him, too :D

  13. Enjoyed reading ur blog ellie.
    I wondered if you knew the price of the poetic blooms bracelet? Its defintely one for me! Im going to add my cherry blossom clips, dazzling daisy spacers, poeti bloom dangle and then maybe add a few charms from this range to complete :)

    • Sorry, I actually didn’t find out the prices for the Poetic Blooms bracelet before launch day :( getting the RRPs ahead of time is much harder than it used to be!

      • No worries hun. I expected it to be 85 to be honest so im pretty happy its only 75 :) ill be waiting until september promo though as i want this and the new two tone bracelet and quite a few charms… i bought 4 2 tone charms in rue la la sale last week and my friend is going to oz next week aswel so also having some from over there so looks like ill have to wait for my new bracelets :(

  14. I wanted to know the price of the Field of Flowers in the UK. I’m thinking of putting 2 on my purple bracelet with the Forget me not pieces and purple shimmers. I put my cherry blossom on it at the weekend and that looks really nice so I may just get another one of those to pair up instead if the Field of Flowers are too expensive. I was hoping they’d be £35 but $50 is £41.18 so I expect we’ll get ripped off as usual and it will be £45 here :-(. I’ll be waiting for the free bracelet promo in October in any case but I like to play around and plan for a while, it’s half the fun ;-). I love the new bracelet and would like to get that for free in October, or the two tone signature clasp one, or both ;-).

    • Im on the same wavelength as u haha i need the two tone bracelet and the new poetic bloom bracelet aswel :) waiting until sept/oct for the uk promo though… although i doubt they 2ill even be included in the promo :/

      • Well, they did let us have the pave clasp ones and the rose gold one last year, so I’m hopeful, lol ;-). I also think that someone from Pandora might be reading this blog in order to judge opinions so I keep mentioning it whenever I can, lol ;-). I want a bangle with a fancy clasp too, I probably won’t bother with the bracelet promo if they don’t let us have something different but if they let me have what I want then I’m not averse to spending enough to get all 3, lol, I did last year ;-).

        • I stopped smoking 16 years ago and I have always spent my cigarette money on jewellery, £10 a week, I bet I actually couldn’t afford to start smoking again for that nowadays :-O. If Pandora want that money then I am more than happy to give it to them if they make me an offer I can’t refuse, lol ;-).

    • £40! Which is a bit of a joke, isn’t it? I couldn’t quite believe it – and I certainly wouldn’t pay £45…! They are beautiful, but I think I’m going to get my Field of Flowers from Australia, where they work out quite a lot cheaper.

  15. Hi Ellie

    I was cheeky today and went to my local Pandora store to see if they put the spring collection out early. Unfortunately they haven’t, but one of the girls had been to a work seminar and was given a few pieces. The rose gold filled with romance is stunning and a must have. The muranos are also a must have, but unfortunately Australia will not be getting the blue murano, which I’m really disappointed. Good news for Australia is the rose gold enamel white daisy which we did not get last year is being released with the spring collection here, so I’m super excited with that. I don’t think my bank balance is as my list just got bigger haha. Also they had a tray filled with the latest retirements, some of these are dragonfly meadow open works, pink present, white faceted murano, Disney Ariel’s signature murano, oriental bloom, sweet cherries. I’m pretty sure on the top of my head there was already the Disney Ariel charm and a heap of others I just can’t remember of the top of my head. Oh, nearly forgot Australia is also getting the rose gold clasp bangle. I’m also excited about this, and my list goes on lol?

    • Oh yes, i saw the rose gold daisy meadow pop up at the website when i did a search for daisy and was very surprised. However it did not automatically appear in the rose category of charms. Seems like alot of new ones are retiring. The pace of charms retiring are really fast. Ive not been to a concept store for a long long time. Time to hit the store and check out what is on the last chance to buy tray to see if anything i would like to buy is there.

    • Hey Janelle,

      If u need to bring those blue muranos over to Australia, I can help with them! You can drop me an email at if needed! Its retails for SGD$89 per piece in the store!


    • Hi Janelle! It’s such a shame that the blue murano has been limited. It seems that whenever Pandora do do something a little different from the norm (e.g., not pink or purple!), uptake in a lot of regions is slow and a lot of places opt not to stock them. :(

      Wow, I can’t believe Ariel’s murano was in the retirement tray. That seems like an odd choice, especially as it kind of breaks up the symmetry between the different princess’s collections. Thanks for all the info! :):

  16. Hi Ellie,
    Great post again, than you!
    Well, my opinion remains the same. I´m not head over heels in love with this collection but there are some details I like. First of all, the magnolia range. There are enough pieces to choose from and make a whole design. Like you, I like especially the spacers. Lately I´ve developed a liking for clips and spacers, as I find them very versatile to give continuity to a design without being too bright. However I´m not sure I´ll be getting them or anything else from this set, as I´m so much in love with last year´s Dahlia clips. They are so soft in colour that I can´t help thinking the magnolias seem too striking. Oh, may Pandora come up with some more dahlia pieces in a future!!!!!
    Secondly, I´m eager to see the Radiant DRoplets and I keep to the aqua blue. I normally love pink and that is always my first choice but this year I tend to blue, blue and blue, which is a nice change and looks more beautiful against my pale skin. I´ve read that the green one is a bit washed off and looks almost clear, so it has fallen off my list.
    Then there are the Daisies. Oh, I love that pendant charm. I would paired it with the white enamel matching spacers. I think there are already a good number of daisy pieces to play with and make beautiful designs, but I can´t justify getting another clear pavé centre piece:(
    And little by little the idea of beginning a new two tone desing is growing on me. I´ve been postponing it because every piece with a little bit of gold on it is sooooo pricey!, but those heart clips are simple and elegant. Yet, I don´t like that clear cut shape, as if they were wheels! But that´s how Pandora makes things these days!. Anyway I´ll wait for the Mother´s Day ones to compare them.
    And last but not least, prices. I´ll put it short: Pandora has completely lost it´s common sense!.

    • Hi Marie! A very reasoned set of comments about the new collection :) there’s lots here for me that I am completely indifferent to, but the pieces that I do love, I really love. The muranos, the Disney characters – Tigger and Piglet! Which is all I want, really. Some pieces that I have to have!

      I do agree with you on the prices. The UK RRPs for the latest release today are eye watering!

  17. Hi Ellie I love the bracelet, the muranos and the magnolia flower pieces are stunning. I like the radiant droplets too I think they would add so much colour to a bracelet. I think it would be nice for them to of added some classic silver charms maybey in a feature range. I quit like the safety chain too. Can’t wait to see the pieces in person.

    • Hi Nicola! A feature range would be great – some themed silver beads would make my day! I’m going to see the new pieces this weekend, can’t wait either :)

  18. I love the safety chain! And you know, glitter can work if you just put one or two glittery things on a bracelet. Taken separately, the pieces are lovely, put all together, as shown in some ad imaging, the gaudy factor kicks in. It’s hugely subjective though.

  19. Hi ellie.i will be getting the floral petites on thursday as i got the large floating locket on sunday from my hubby as a anniversary present i also got the love feelings petites its so gorgeous.hopefully i get the magnolia ring for mothers day and i love the blue field of flowers murano i hope they have that on thursday too.i cant wait 2 feast my eyes on all the new beauties.ha ha.its just so hard to know what to buy first when theres so many gorgeous things.

    • Hi Kerry! Aw, lovely. I wish I could get some pieces this weekend, but I have to be good and save my pennies for the US bracelet promo! But those muranos will be very tempting. I’m getting the blue Field of Flowers muranos for a friend in the uS, but nothing for me yet!

    • I just called our local store and the ballet slipper is on the last call tray… retiring soon. Just in case someone has this item on her list, get it before it is gone… I sure will.:)

  20. Hi Ellie, I guess I’m just old school in nature . I’m a fan of the silver charms with gold and diamond accents. I dislike the abundance of the cubic zirconias and all the jewel tone pieces. I do however love the new poetic blooms bracelet and clip. I think I’ll continue hunting down the older retired pieces of which I have a pretty sizeable collection! Love your blog and appreciate the time and effort you put forth to keep us updated!

    • Hi Marsha,
      I agree with you. We need more plain sterling silver and dark tone silver to add among the zirconia charms; the latter are so expensive. The old style charms are more affordable to treat us on payday… hahaha…and get the expensive charms for a special occasion. This sounds reasonable..hope Pandora owner are reading this blog. We are the customer afterall?

    • Hi Marsha, I wouldn’t mind two-tone charms with diamond accents – I just don’t like CZs with my gold :) my retired charms collection has grown exponentially in the last year or so! It’s so much fun keeping an eye on Rue La La and the UK sales to see what’s there. My most recent purchases are a two-tone floral bouquet ring and the Up & Away balloon charm! <3

      You are very welcome - its wonderful to hear that you appreciate it! :)

  21. Been looking at lots of live shots on Instagram and there are some lovely pieces. My first purchases are going to be the poetic bloom bracelet and dazzling daisy spacers. I’m getting help with getting Tigger. The rings I will probably ask for my Birthday in May. Then I’ll have to save my money and buy the magnolia bloom spacers and clips at a later date. Looking forward to seeing the collection in store.

    • Yes, I was just swooning when I was putting together my collection launch post for today. The Fields of Flowers muranos are so gorgeous! I can’t wait to go and see it in person either. You’re being very sensible with your purchases – I’m getting the four Disney beads I want in the US bracelet promo and then I’ll wait to get the Field of Flowers muranos, the Club charm and the two safety chains. That will keep me busy for a long time!

  22. Hi Ellie,

    Lovely HQ images! My absolute must haves from this collection will include the gorgeous pink Field of Flowers murano, Poetic Bloom bracelet and matching clips, Dazzling Daisy Meadow, Magnolia Bloom Dangle Duo and matching spacers.

    I have a few more prices in USD if anyone is interested. They were included in an invitation from my local shop in shop. The Poetic Bloom clip is $70, Magnolia Bloom clip $60, Dazzling Daisies Spacer $40, Ring of Daisies ring $45, Magnolia Bloom ring $60, Dazzling Daisies ring $60 and the Radiant Hearts of Pandora Bangles are $85 each. Apparently, pricing has been hard to come by this time around.

    Thank you for the lovely post. Looking forward to seeing everything in person. Will wait for the promo to make my purchases.

      • Wow, I thought it would be more than that :-O, I was thinking it would be £85 but obviously not if it is only $80 :-D. To give me an idea of how much it should be here, how much is the standard bracelet (£55), the rose clasp bracelets (£65) and the pave clasp bracelets (£75)? If this is going to be £65 or less then I’m definitely having it, lol ;-). x

        • Hi Pat,

          Sterling Silver, Oxidized, Smooth Heart and Smooth Clasp are all $65 USD. All three Rose are $80 USD. The Pave’ Clasp all go for $80 with exception of the new Sparkling Heart priced at $75 USD.

          I’m loving all these pretty clasps Pandora is coming out with now! I’m planning to get the Poetic Bloom bracelet during next week’s promo. I’ll be very disappointed if it’s not eligible for upgrade.

    • Hi Emily! Beautiful picks. I can’t wait to go and see it all in person. Putting together the live images for the post this morning made me want even more – the Dazzling Daisy Meadow pink bead bead look gorgeous, as did the Magnolias – but I’m sticking to my list! The eye watering UK RRPs are helping me stick to my resolutions, too. £40 for each murano! Yikes!

      Have fun promo shopping, and thanks for commenting! <3

  23. The spring collection is appearing online at the Pandora US website and the Dancing Lion is on there but whenever I click to buy a charm it says it’s not found on the e-store. Called my local Pandora to see if they have it in store but they said they received everything but the Dancing Lion. Really want it!

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      I just tried the Pandora Website for Canada and the search for lion or dancing gives zero results. I think its such a beautiful charm and it would be nice if Pandora would offer it everywhere!!!

  24. I saw the Pandora ladies setting up for today’s display yesterday . The magnolias are not what I’d call subtle pink, they remind me of a loud hibiscus style shirt not trying to offend but they’re really not my thing at all . My niece was just asking me for a St Patty’s day charm but I don’t like those thin bales either. I just purchased the pink box promo so I don’t even think I’ll go in for a further peek .

    • The green lucky four leaf clover murano is probably my favourite St Patrick’s Day appropriate bead! :) It’s a shame that you were that turned off by the new beads though.

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