Barely a month after the launch of the Spring 2017 collection, today heralds the global release of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 launch! I still have a long, long wish list from the regular SS17 release, so thankfully there’s not that much for me this time around. The collection is heavy on the hearts and family-themed jewellery, with only a few offerings outside of those general themes.

The UK got some of this release early back in February, due to our Mother’s Day falling earlier in the year. The rest of the jewellery coming out tomorrow is being marketed as the Pandora Spring 2017 Drop II as a consequence. You can shop all the new pieces online at authorised UK retailer The Jewel Hut!

As usual, I’m celebrating with lots of live shots of all the new pieces! <3 For a full overview of the charms & jewellery coming out today with stock images, have a mosey through the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 tag – otherwise read on for a selection of live images of the new jewellery. :D

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Collection Live Shots

The little teddy bear dangle remains one of my favourites of this new launch (although I’m not keen on the dummy that goes with it), and the silvery pearlescent enamel does look prettier again in person.

The other charm that looks gorgeous is the Luminous Love Knot. Thankfully I don’t have anywhere to put it, but it is very pretty!

There are also some new gift sets for the US & Canada, presented in pretty pink gift boxes – I’ll update with more info on that later today when I’m back from work! ^^

My Comment

I’ve already spoken about my ambivalence to this collection on the whole; there are some pretty things, and the pearlescent whites do look nice in person, especially with a little dash of two-tone, but I’m not a mother and so there’s little for me here. I do want to get the new script safety chain at some point, but it’s not a priority! Thankfully ;)

The other thing that maaaaybe tempts me is the limited edition bangle, which will be on offer as a GWP in Australia from the 27th of April. I’m thinking about cleaning up the rest of the my Spring 2017 wish list (the pave safety chain, the Club charm and the pink Field of Flowers murano) then and getting the bangle for free- but I doubt I’ll buy it out right otherwise! Too many bracelets…!!

Are you buying anything today? What’s on your wish list?

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  1. The Mothers Day collection is a great launch for me. Not only will I be getting the limited edition bangle as gift with purchase, but I will also be saving $50 when I buy the silver and 14ct gold moments signature clasp bracelet and the new tree of hearts gift set that they released today for $199, would normally retail for $248. I have been wanting to get that bracelet for a while. It has definitely proven to be with the wait, new bangle, new bracelet. Super happy?

    • Oh amazing! :) I have not bought anything from it yet, but I expect that safety chain will make its way to me at some point.

  2. Though I’m a mom three times, there’s nothing in this collection that’s MUST-HAVE-NOW, or ever. You know, after 34 years of carrying the ‘mom’ label, the excitement of seeing it over and over and over wears thin. :-)

    The spherical clips with threaded ends on the new leathers just aren’t doing it for me. I love the new white leather, but I wish it had smooth ends. Threaded ends look so beastly next to smooth ends. I’ll hold off buying the white in hopes Pandora will release the same color with smooth ends later on, and I also want to see if people complain about the white getting dirty.

    • You and I feel very differently about the threaded ends, haha. The number of times I almost had charms on the floor taking those leather bracelets on and off ?

      • Clips. :-) I only wear clips on leather, and then only one. The slipping around of charms, especially heavy threaded charms, can harm the leather, wear it down, make it dirty.

  3. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks again for the update on this collection. There seems to be a lot of updates for the new or expectant mother. A clever way to get hook new customers. I am not opposed to a special collection for moms, it helps to give my pocket book a break. A few years back they released the silver & gold vintage hearts that I loved, so sometimes they release something in the MD collection that attracts me, just not this year. Ok I have to ask is a Dummy the same as a baby Soother in the UK?
    I agree the pearl encased love knot is very appealing.
    I hope that moms out there enjoy this collection. They deserve to be celebrated.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, usually there’s one of the more generic pieces in the Mother’s Day launch that catches my eye, but not this time around. The Vintage Heart from a few years ago was a stunner. :) And yes, dummy means pacifier in the UK! ^^

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  4. I love the new ‘tree of hearts’ charm . Will definitely be buying it , it will look lovely on my ‘family ‘ themed bracelet !

    • That’s one of my preferred ones from this launch as well, although I’m saving my Pandora pennies for hoovering up the rest of my picks from spring!

  5. I noticed today on the AU Pandora store site they have the moments rose bracelet with heart clasp available as a “limited edition” set with the rose ‘filled with romance’ bead (AU $139). The rose heart clasp bracelet has not been available in Australia before, and it is only available in the set.

    • Seriously? I have to check it out. I like both the charm and bracelet. Seems like a good price too. Thanks for the heads up.

      • You’re welcome. I love the bracelet, not so fond of the bead. And I already had my spending planned to get the GWP!!!

        • I had that planned out as well. Thinking if i should go for a 2nd free bangle with the set and some other charms. However in the end i decided that means i will be spending more. So…. i bought the set yesterday and super happy. :)

  6. not mothers day related but ive had confirmation today from my local pandora that the essence promotion starts on the 20th! happy shopping!

      • Hi Ellie, any further news on a UK Essence promotion? Id’ve expected it to start today if it was going to be on this month, but there’s nothing on the e-store?

        • Hi Polly,

          I’m eagerly awaiting the Essence promotion too! (See my comment from last week below!) Last year it started on 28th, so I’m thinking it could possibly start tomorrow?? Hope its soon because I have a list and have been putting off purchasing anything so I can take part in this promo! :-) x

        • Hi Jess, ah, I think I must have been confused about last year, I’d thought I remembered it starting on a Thursday! Anyway, I’ve just phoned my local store and they confirmed it is starting tomorrow, yay! Me too with the list and waiting for this promo, so good news for both of us :-)

        • Oh wow good thinking.. phoning your Pandora store! Thanks for the info, now I am super excited :D x

  7. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for your updates, I enjoy reading them! I have a question and I think your the best person to ask!….

    Do you know if there is a promotion for free Essence bracelet coming up soon here in the UK? If so, do you know what the terms are? I know its usually if you spend £95 but I wanted to know, say if you spent £200 in one transaction, does that mean you’d get TWO Essence bracelets? Is there a limit do you know? I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that its 3 per customer but not sure if that’s in one transaction or if it has to be across 3 transaction…

    Please Ellie, can you help me on this? :-)

    I already have an Essence bracelet but I would like another one to wear with it and one for my teenage daughter..also named Ellie, good name! ;-)

    Many thanks in advance for any help on this x

    Jess x

    • Hi Jess!

      Yes, there’s one starting next week. I think, but haven’t had it confirmed, that they are pretty much the same terms as last year. I’ll double check with my source and see if I can add a little more info to that. So, spend £95 for a silver Essence bracelet. Usually the UK stores are sticklers for the rules and you can only get one bracelet per transaction, but I’ve not seen the T&Cs for this year’s promo. x

  8. I am going to get the clip on safety chain. i like these because i can just clip it on any bracelet without taking charms off, that way i dont need to buy any more safety chains. i’ve also had my eye on the two-toned circles charn in spring collection, its very celtic looking.

    • Good plan! That is the advantage of the clip-on safety chains, it’s just that they take up more charm space :)

  9. Thanks for using our pictures for the overall preview! There are some of the pieces i want for myself like the tree of hearts and the running shoe charm (i did the pictures for the st vital previews)

    • They are beautiful pictures! <3 The running shoe charm did tempt me a little as my OH runs marathons and is a very keen runner, but the CZ puts me off a little.

  10. I’m not planning to get anything from this year’s Mother’s Day release (unlike last year!), but that’s certainly fine since I’m wanting to get some Disney Parks beads. It is a bit of a shame though, that the beads are the same type of bead (CZ/hearts) we keep seeing over and over. On a positive note, I like the change to the spherical clasp on the leather bracelets, as I prefer the spherical clasp over the barrel clasp.

    • I agree with you re the repetition. It’s such a shame! But it makes the Disney releases even more exciting, as they are the ones where you’re almost guaranteed to get character beads.

  11. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for the great live shots. I was at my favourite Pandora Concept Store yesterday and I got the tree of hearts (which is going on my anniversary bracelet – we got married in the fall so a great addition) as well as the Mother’s Day petits release for the locket. I got the mini locket for my daughter and she likes switching things.

    I might get the luminous love knot for my mom for Mother’s Day as she was admiring it.

    However – the charm I am MOST excited by yesterday was an EXCLUSIVE to CANADA charm that Pandora made for our 150th birthday. It is really pretty! It is the same circular pendant that they used for all the cities, like London, New York and Toronto. But Instead of being silver there is a gorgeous white enamel background with beautiful modern-geometric interpretation of our maple leaf in red enamel in the centre with Canada 150 underneath. I purchased one of the last ones at my concept store. I will send you a picture if you like – I can’t seem to attach anything here.

    I know what you mean – I still have a very lengthy list of charms from the Disney Collection and Spring Collection. I am also excited for the summer collection. Thanks for your great blog! Have a great day!

    • Hi Tara! Oh, I love that the Tree of Hearts has that meaning for you! It’s a very pretty charm, and that extra layer of meaning just makes it perfect. :D It was one of the only ones that caught my eye in store.

      Ah, you could always send me a picture via my Facebook page? It’s too tricky logistically to upload pics directly to the blog, but Facebook is a good second choice – or, if you have Instagram, you could always tag me in a photo? :)

      thanks for commenting and have a great day too!

  12. Hi Ellie, thanks for your post! I thought there’s not much for me in this collection, but the gift sets are a must have, the Tribute to mom gift set is perfect because I want the pink jewelry box, the sparkling heart bracelet and the clips, and my mother keep the charm. The tree of hearts LE set looks beautiful and I love the pink box! But I have to wait for someone to travel to US, because the gift sets are very expensive in my country :( Have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Priscilla! Pink boxes are always the best ^^ I have a couple but have had to stop myself trying to collect ’em all as that way madness lies, haha. Have a lovely weekend too!

  13. Hi Ellie,

    Nothing for me in this collection. I wish my niece was pregnant though so I could get the baby pram, it is so cute!

    I was hoping to get an email from Rue Lala Pandora sale this Easter weekend ?.

    So I went shopping to Costco Warehouse and got the Shimmering-Droplets-Blue-Charm and the gleaming gift charm to add to my starry theme bracelet. They offer a small choice of charms but their price are so low compare to Pandora store.

    I can’t wait for the Spring & Summer collection.

    Have a great week everyone! I need to burn some calories for eating too much chocolate hahaha??

    • Hi Rachelle,
      I was at Costco this past week too. I picked up the Around the World Charm. I love shopping at Costco for Pandora!

      • Hi Tara, Yes it’s great to visit Costco especially at different location since they carry different ones each week. I live in the Ottawa region so I have access to many Costco.:)

        • Hi Rachelle,
          I agree – the locations can vary so much! I live in Toronto and I find that the stock goes really quickly. Last year my mom was in Ottawa and picked up some great charms for me! It is a little bit like a treasure hunt and sometimes I find I will pick up something that I would not have otherwise and those always end up being my favourite charms and the prices are great.

        • Hi Tara,
          I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who goes hunting for those precious charms. On a positive note, I feel free to return a charm, bought impulsively, which does not match my color or theme bracelets.?

        • Make sure check Pandora Tanger Outlet Cookstown or Niagara on the Lake before you go. Buy 2,get 1 retired charm is best time to go. I influence my friend like Pandora and Trollbead so we can go together for fun. We just boiught Trollbead for buy 3 get 1, drive to Brampton and Oakville for bead hurting.

      • Pandora has two Outlet in Toronto, I and my friend are Pandora Cookstown Outlet regular customer. We buy retired items with 40% off during Outlet store promotion, you go there facebook to check their promotion. We bought many silver and two toned charm there. We both don’t like the new expensive CZ everywhere charm, no way a CZ charm for $80.

        • hi Michele,
          I am so happy for you. Cookstown is 5 hours drive from my hometown Rockland so I cannot justify to my husband driving 10 hours especially the cost of gas lately :(… but I must admit I did check the goodle map how to get there (hahaha)

          Is the Facebook address… Pandora store at Tanger Outlets Cookstown

        • Hi Rachelle,
          Yes – it is the Tanger Outlets Cookstown. It is a nice mall – although closer it is at least 90 minutes from where I live and that is with no Toronto traffic (which is never!). I’ve been once and got some great older charms.
          I’m hoping to go to the Niagara outlet sometime soon too.
          Michele – that is so great you are so close to the outlet!

      • We spend a lot in Pandora Outlet store, my friend and me both like classic silver and two toned charm. Once there is promotion, we go there for half day fun. I got first 14k item which is circle spacer buy 2 get 1, $120 for 3, half price. One time got 2 14k murano $70 each, so many great deal there. We don’t go regular shop unless there is something really special. But after 3 years collect Pandora, less and less new charm I like, CZ is not my taste.

        • Wow those are great deals! I will follow the Tanger Pandora Outlet on Facebook for their next sale. I might plan a trip with my sister since she loves Pandora too… But she actually does not drive, humm got to bring along another driver (over 10 hours) It’s too bad that my friends do not share my passion; they actually think I have an addiction to Pandora. Hahaaha!

    • Hi Rachelle! There’s another Rue La La sale coming up very shortly and there’re some exciting pieces in it this time I think :D

  14. Nothing for me either. More time to catch up on what I really want?
    Can’t wait to see the autumm collection!

  15. All I really want to know is if that beautiful Dumbo dangle Disney Parks exclusive charm is coming to the parks in the US and not just Hong Kong cause then I’ll never see it or get a hold of it

  16. Joanne, it is a lot of fun to shop in Pandora Outlet. You will have chance to see and buy those beautiful retired charm in a very good price.

  17. Does anybody know if the white double leather will be available in Canada? I don’t see it on the Pandora website or e-store, though all the other new leathers are there.

    • The launch of the new white leather bracelet has been postponed till the Summer. This is definitely the case here in Belgium, so I think that the same may apply to other countries.

    • It’s being delayed until Summer, yes, as Brenda says. They’re launching these open bangles earlier instead.

  18. Hi Ellie,

    I have yet to see the Mother’s Day collection in person. The Tree of Hearts and the Luminous Love Knots are my favorites from this release, but I’m in no hurry to add them to my collection. I think the Baby’s Pram and Treasures are adorable for new mothers. I’m still in a saving mode for the summer release. I’m also excited to see the new open ends bracelet coming out in May. I certainly do not need another bracelet, but I think I’ll like them for mini designs.

    I hope you’re feeling much better by now. I’ve really missed your presence on the blog…I’m so addicted. Looking forward to reviews and seeing how you’ve designed your latest hauls.

    Take care of yourself and hope you have a nice weekend.

    • Hi Emily! Thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say. I have missed blogging a lot! My OH forced me to the doctor’s a couple of days ago and I’m starting to feel a lot better haha.

      I saw the Mother’s Day collection briefly earlier this week but was underwhelmed, tbh – pretty things but no must haves! Spring is much more exciting. I can’t wait to get that other pink Field of Flowers murano to go with the purple one I already got. :)

      • Glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery! I’m looking forward to adding the purple FOF murano to my collection. I decided to get the pink first. Wish the US had been offered the blue. All three colors would be so pretty together.

  19. I just got my LE bangle today as GWP. I’m quite suprise and happy that the heart is at both side. So the two sides of the clasp are the same. I was thinking of giving it to my sis in law as present. Now change my mind and will keep in.

  20. I went shopping today and passed by Pandora store, the glass jewelry box is still available with Can $ 150 purchase. The jewelry box is much bigger than I though so I bought LE Mother”S Day bangle set $150, I usually don’t like button style charm but 2 tone Tree of love and the clasp are both nice together as a set. Haven’t buy regular Pandora since January promotion. I am happy with this set and free glass jewelry box.

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