The Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 collection is due out worldwide on Thursday, and today I’m getting into the swing of things with an in-depth, high-quality preview of all the new charms and bracelets!

The collection could not be more typical of Pandora’s usual Mother’s Day releases, with lots of love- and family-themed beads. There are a few more generic hearts and a couple of hobby beads – one for runner’s, for example – but there aren’t as many charms with as wide an appeal as last year, I feel.

The collection is due out on the 13th; this preview specifically encompasses the charm jewellery making its debut. To see the other jewellery pieces, such as rings etc please see my preview here. Otherwise, read on for an HQ look at the charms & bracelets!


Let’s start off with this year’s limited edition bangle, which features a white pearlescent enamel heart in its clasp and a signature logo clasp. I much prefer this year’s inscription to last year’s, as it’s a bit more generic and has a wider appeal for those of us who aren’t mothers.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collection

In addition to the bangle, Pandora’s leather bracelet collection is getting a makeover! The traditional barrel clasp is leaving the leather collection and being replaced by the bangle-style spherical clasp. You wonder if the classic silver bracelet is ever going to get the same treatment…

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collection


The Love Always safety chain is the only piece that seriously tempts me from this selection – I’m always on the look out for new designs for my bracelets! There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about this one, and it’s very similar to the Family Ties safety chain; nevertheless it’s a sweet variation on the design and it’s (relatively) affordable at $40 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Dazzling Dress is priced at $50 USD, and would go well with some of the girls’ night out charms from the Pre-Autumn 2017 collection:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Running Shoe is a long-overdue charm for runners, and features a very cute little heart on the sole. My OH ran the London Marathon last year and I’d be tempted to get this bead to represent him, if it weren’t for the CZs. The depth of detail is lovely otherwise, though! It’s priced at $45 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Graduation charm is a nice, plain silver bead, priced at $40 USD. I wouldn’t be surprised if they retired the original silver Graduation Hat dangle to make way for this one at some point soon.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Dazzling Heart is a fancy-pink pavé heart design that I imagine will look very eye catching in person. It’s quite a bright colour, however, so it might go best with some of the new Summer 2017 enamel brights, or maybe as a single focal piece on a leather bracelet or a bangle.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Infinite Love spacer is $40 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Luminous Love Knot is a lovely pearl bead, and one of my preferred charms from this collection. It’s $75 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Heart of Love charm features the collection’s signature pearlescent white:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Hearts of Romance, retailing at $75 USD, offers a standard Pandora design, with two-tone open heart detailing and a hint of CZ.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 PreviewThe Interlocked Hearts motif is making a return for this collection, with the addition of an extra sprinkling of CZs – how pretty would this be in plain silver and gold?

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Ribbon Heart charm is getting an opulent makeover in gold and is a little on the pricey side at $400 USD:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

Some of the next selection of beads have already been released in the UK and are more explicitly maternal.

The Tribute to M♥m bead makes for another in an increasingly long line of heart-shaped mother-themed beads that they’ve released for Mother’s Day. It’s very similar to what has gone before, but has the addition of a cute little elevated disc to make it a smidgen different. It’s priced at $50 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Love for Mother bead features the usual strategic heart that functions as both an ‘o’ for Mom and a ‘u’ for Mum. ^^ It’s priced at $45 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Mother Son Bond has a pretty script and retails for $45 USD – the back of the charm, as you might have guessed, reads ‘Son’.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

I love locket-style beads, and would love something like this for a non-maternal theme. If you replaced the CZ with some intricate openwork detailing or some oxidised silver patterning, it would be so gorgeous! This charm is priced at $60 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Mother & Daughter Hearts charm is very similar to the Travel Together Forever charm from the Pre-Autumn 2015 collection. It’s priced at $65 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Mother’s Love charm is a slight puzzle for me, as I’ve not seen it listed in any catalogues since being given the stock image. Possibly a Jared exclusive? I’m not sure!

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

This following bead is another charm that I’ve not received confirmation on:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Precious Heart is the collection’s limited edition offering, with two-tone detailing and soft pearlescent enamel.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Tree of Hearts offers a slightly more interesting variation on the design, with pretty polished silver branches extending out throughout the pearlescent enamel. The little gold heart in the centre is just the perfect finishing touch!

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Family & Love clip offers a two-tone piece without the white enamel, and is priced at $65 USD:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

This is another pretty locket bead, but it’s dedicated as a gift for a husband to give to his wife, alas. It’s $55 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Baby Treasures charm is kind of adorable, despite the CZ clinging to the bail. I love the combination of the white heart tag and the little teddy bear. So cute! It’s $55 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Baby’s Pram is another I quite like – it’s very sweet and old-fashioned in style. It’s retailing for $45 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

Finally, we have a selection of new Petites charms for the Floating Lockets. These are $40 USD.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

The Love Heart Plate is described as being ‘small’ and it’s only $25 USD, so I imagine it’s like purchasing a single petite charm for the lockets.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

This next charm, priced at $30 USD, is designed for the medium floating locket:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

And then there’s the Love Heart Plate, also designed to fit the medium locket. With the extra enamel, it’s $35 USD:

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 Preview

My Comment

For me, this isn’t the most inspiring collection – but then, not being a mother, Mother’s Day collections are often mostly misses for me. The pearlescent whites and gentle two-tones are very pretty, and there are some nicely sophisticated designs in the baby pram and the baby treasures charms. Nevertheless, I feel like this collection once again leans heavily on designs and motifs that have worked well for Pandora before and that it doesn’t offer much in the way of originality. This is a problem that we’ve had a lot of in this year’s collections so far, and I do hope that they go for something a little different for AW16.

Of these beads, my favourite is the new safety chain, but I still have a few beads on my wish list from Spring 2017 to be getting on with, so I won’t be rushing out to buy that one yet!

Which beads are going on your wish list from this collection?

55 Comments on Preview: Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 HQ Images & Prices

  1. I am a mother and I have been collecting Pandora about ten years. I agree that the collection is completely uninspiring and I am so tired of hearts, hearts, and more hearts! The pearl and infinity are the only two I’m remotely interested in.

  2. All I could say is, Smile if you love the dress, running sneaker, graduation cap and most of all the color PINK! Thank you Ms. Mora and God bless you and to all the mothers!!!!

  3. I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. On the two-toned charms are the yellow gold accents plated or solid? Pandora says they are solid, but I have charms that have faded. Is that an indication that I have been swindled by a knock-off?

    Please advise – another Pandora addict!

    • Pandora don’t do plated yellow gold – only the Rose collection is plated. I’m afraid you have a fake :(

  4. Gosh how I get so excited when I get an email that you have a new post! Thank you so much for everything that you share!! I for sure want the running shoe as well as the gold ribbon heart. The tree of hearts looks like a potential gift for my mom.

    • Aw thank you! That’s so lovely to hear. I’ve not been as present as I usually am this week as I’ve been a bit under the weather, so sorry for the slow reply <3

  5. Nothing for me, I don’t like button style charm. Only have one from 2015 X’mas gift set, Radiant Bloom still sit in jewelry box.

  6. Hi Mora, the small hart plate is bigger than a normal floating locket charm. In my pandorastore they told me it would fit in the biggest floating locket collier.

  7. Hi Ellie! Love the running shoe! You are right – the pink Mother’s Love dangle is a Jared exclusive. It’s in their catalog that I picked up in the store during their Pandora rose promotion this weekend. The My Wife Always would be a great addition to my 25th Anniversary bracelet. I must drop some hints! And I love the white leather bracelet. It will be stunning with the white orchids coming out this summer. I’m on the fence about the Mothers Day bangle – I will wait to check out the clasp in the store! Thanks again for the heads up – I can barely keep up with what’s going on here in the States, even with all your help. You have the whole world!

    • Hi Deborah! Ah, thanks very much for that confirmation! It’s weird that the Jared exclusives seem to be genuinely exclusive to Jared now and are not released elsewhere. It does make them genuinely more tricky to track down though, which is fun.

      You are so welcome! I’m so glad it’s helpful, and thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know. :)

      • The pink Mother’s Love dangle charm is not on Jared’s website though – they have the clear I love you Mum in a pink box though. If anyone can locate it I would really like one…

  8. Pandora is for years by launching the same models with minor changes.
    It is necessary to review the design team

  9. The baby treasures is adorable. I’m glad to see the mother-daughter charm is reasonably priced, given the older version is $110 CAD, I was expecting this new one to be the same. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at many of the prices.

    On a different note: I’m sad to see the mother-of-pearl mosaic Essence beads are gone from the Canada e-store already, though they’re still showing on the website. I’ll buy them from the website right after the Easter holiday, before they disappear from there too.

    • Aw, I didn’t realise the Essence mosaic beads were retiring – I hadn’t heard that. What a shame if true, as they’re so so pretty!

  10. The Spring collection, while pretty, was not my style. Anything I might have been interested in wasn’t launched here. I didn’t like the 2017 Club charm either but bought it because I collect these and didn’t want to miss out. As far as the Mother’s Day collection is concerned, the only thing that interested me was the white leather bracelet. If I’m speaking in the past tense, it’s because about a month ago, I learned that the launch of the white leather had been postponed until the Summer (this is definitely the case for Belgium, I don’t know about other countries). I’m now waiting for the launch of the Summer collection, maybe I’ll finally find something I like – or should I say, I will certainly find something I like!

    As far as the new Hearts of Love charm (featured above) is concerned, this figures in the Belgian catalogue, it’s priced at €59.

    • I am not mad mad keen on the Club charm 2017 but I’m planning on getting it for similar reasons to you, just not immediately. Maybe when a good promo crops up!

      Thanks for the info re Belgium as well, Brenda! That’s handy to know. it’s hard to keep up with all the regional news :)

  11. I am so excited for this release in Australia on Thursday. I’m hoping to make it to my local Pandora on Thursday, confirm my wish list by seeing them in person. Definitely coming home with the infinite love petites and the rose filled with romance, which is being released with the Mothers Day collection. The rest of my wants and possibly a few more added once I have seen in person, I will leave till the 27th so I can take advantage of the limited edition bangle as GWP. I am so excited.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    • Hi Janelle! Aw, I hope that you enjoyed seeing everything in person. That’s a good decision to leave everything until the 27th , I’m considering getting help with that promo too :)

  12. Hi there ?
    Another release, how time flies!. The good think is that we have another post to read!
    Well, as it happens I had decided it was time to treat me to a Pandora charm so I’ve just return from a shop in shop near work. I did’nt get any of ghe Mother’s Day pieces but a blush pink Radiant Heart, whose shade I had been adoring since I began collecting. Stupidly enough I have been postponing it in favour of other beads, which were easier to combine with what I had. So, the delay has costed me an additional amount of 10 €!!!!!!!!???????
    Regarding Mother’s Day’s pieces I must acknowlege they look much better in flesh. They were all so perfectly arranged and so white that seemed to be calling everybody’s name,lol!
    Having no children this is usually one of the less interesting collections of the year for me, so I will skip it for sure. I agree to you that last year was much more beautiful.
    Well, again that’s good because I’ll be catching up with older wishes although some have gone up in price grrrrh ???
    Have a nice week ahead and looking forward to your next post. And a very big thankyyyyyooouuuu!!!!!!???

    • Hi Marie! I know, I’m finding it hard to keep up with all the releases ? but luckily I don’t *need* anything from this one. I agree that this is a less interesting collection, and I think it is regardless of whether you have kids or not tbh! It’s just a bit repetitive compared to previous ones, while many of the individual beads are pretty.

      Have a lovely week and sorry for the delayed reply! <3

  13. Hi all,
    I am a mother of one! Inshallah! But, I don’t wear it on my sleeve. With the exception of the baby’s pram..totally uninspiring. Rather celebrate, family whatever that means to all. That’s my 2cents

  14. Good morning! Saw the dazzling pink pave heart in our Pandora store in the USA, and the cz’s are not bright pink. Actually a light pink, with a peach undertone. I wish it was a bright pink! Still a gorgeous bead and may have to purchase it anyways!

    • Oh that sounds nice! I quite like more subtle pink beads. I haven’t seen it in person yet myself.

  15. The pram and the bear dangle are cute, but I’m well past the baby stage of life, so not for me. I may get the running shoe for my daughter – I was looking for one about a year ago. Otherwise, nothing there that peaks my interest. Pandora just seems to want to grind out more and more of the same thing. Hearts, pink, flowers and glitz. I guess what they’re doing is selling… but not to me. I’m really missing the plain silver charms. They’re what I’ve liked best all along.

    • If they’re going to go crazy with the flowers, I’d love to see silver, non-glitzy charms with birth month flowers. I’d do a bracelet with the birth month flowers of my kids, and maybe even my grandkids. Troll beads or somebody did something similar a while back.

      • Trollbeads were the ones who did it I think – I absolutely love that collection! Lots of oxidation and very detailed designs :)

    • I always try and stay positive about new designs, and there’s lots I like from spring – but, yes, I’m not quite as excited about new launches these days either. I miss the silver charms and the variety of design that we used to enjoy. 2013 was the golden year for me, as I always say! ^^

  16. Hi Ellie no charms for me I like the white leather bracelet and the Mother’s Day bangle. I really like the clasp but I would cover the words with charms.what will happen to the leather bracelet with the old clasp, I like the new clasp but I find it annoying that my charms fall off every time I open it.i think I would like to get a grey leather bracelet before they change the clasp. My fairytale bracelet is full and there a few more fairy tale charms I would like so I might do another design on that.

    • Hi Nicola, I like the new leather bracelet clasp because it looks like another charm to me, I agree with you about the problem with the last summer bracelets, but if you take another look of the picture they have threads!! So I hope they won’t fall off from the new editions.

      • Oh do they, that would be so much better I do like the new clasp that was my only problem with it. Thankyou ???

  17. Hi Ellie,

    I saw the collection at my pandora concept store. I must confess I bought the mother’s day bangle, which comes with the white enamel tree charm in a gift set, the limited edition white bead and some others. Then I returned it all!! The white was so bland in person, and the special edition white charm is actually silver enamel, which looked dirty next to the white. Too much money for a look I didn’t like. I did buy the pink pave heart and I like it. I kept that one!

    The white leather and pink cz bracelets have been postponed until summer. The white leather bracelet would have made the mother’s day beads blander than the collection already seems, to me at least. The pink cz dangle and the button bead and pendant with the multiple hearts may be at Jared’s as they are not in the catalog.

    I took a look at the last call tray and there are so many beads that just came out, like the steady heart clips with pink cz, the openwork button silver bead with hearts, the tiny lace dangle, etc. There are beads there from winter 2016, just can’t recall which ones. I guess they didn’t sell…

    After years of collecting pandora and really loving it, I now have pandora fatigue. I still love the muranos, but so many beads are retreads, and collecting them just doesn’t excite me too much any more.

    Very sad…

    • Hi Lisa! I have something to confess – I am feeling slightly Pandora fatigued as well. Or, at least, this collection got me down a little bit as I was writing the post and thinking back to last year and how much more I liked! And years gone by, too. I’ve been super under the weather this past week as well, so I don’t think that helped! There’s lots I liked form the Spring 2017 collection but I have to say that I was feeling so nostalgic for my early days of collecting when everything as exciting and new and I so looked forward to each new release! I miss that feeling!

    • I feel the same way. I am a huge pandora fan and have been for years. I literally have a different bracelet put together in every color Murano pandora has made. The only thing I’m hoping to get is the new white leather bracelet and I’m sad it’s release has been postponed. I did get the lion dance charm, but had to order it online since my store said they didn’t think they would be getting any. I even managed to get a hold of the Russian exclusive fairy tale fish. Those are some of the few new things they have released I’ve actually been excited for.

      I also love the muranos, but the other charms pandora comes out with just seems more of the same and it is so disappointing. They just don’t have that uniqueness anymore. And as for the last call trays I too saw them retiring many things that have recently been released. I feel like if I do actually like something I need to get it soon after it comes out or I’ll miss out on it.

      I confess I’ve recently been checking out different brands. Elf beads and Troll have some gorgeous Muranos. Redbalifrog has stunning and detailed sliver pieces and even ohm beads have some super cute charms. I really am a pandora girl at heart though and would love to see more pieces that aren’t hearts, flowers, or covered in CZ.

  18. Hi Ellie. I agree, I’m not as interested in this collection as I have been wth past MD collections, but there are a few pieces I like. I have been looking for new Petites for my floating locket necklace for a couple of months now, as I only have the seasonal Christmas and Valentine’s Day sets so far. I was thinking about getting one of the birthstone sets or the floral set from the spring collection, but I actually love the look of the Infinite Love Petites here, so I’ll probably get this set. I also really like the Pink Sparkling Strand Bracelet and new white leather bracelet. I hope there is an upcoming leather bracelet promo, as I don’t plan on picking up the white leather anytime soon otherwise. The dress also looks pretty–though this is less of a need for me now that all of the girly charms are coming out in pre-autumn. I plan on getting this one for my mom for Mother’s Day, so I’ll see how it looks IRL.

    • Hi Joanne! The Christmas Petites are my favourites of the ones released so far, and I think I’d like them even better in the heart-shaped Floating Locket. However the lockets are quite an investment so I’ll probably continue to hold off for now until there are Petites that I love!

      • The heart Floating Locket is very pretty, but–you’re right–because of the price, I probably won’t get it for a while. I do wish it had some Pandora branding on it like the regular locket, though, as it looks slightly generic as is. I ended up getting the white enamel Small Heart Plate for my locket (the medium-sized heart plate only comfortably fit the large locket and the heart-shaped locket). I hope you are feeling better Ellie!

  19. Hi Elli, thanks for this preview, nice pictures! I like the special edition bangle and the white leather bracelet, I’m happy because it came with threads in the image… the thread less editions of last summer are a little annoying with the charms falling off all the time! The luminous love knot is perfect for my mother, but in Costa Rica Mother’s Day is in August, so it has to wait. The new safety chain is a must have, thanks God it’s very affordable, since a friend lost her bracelet full of charms I’m putting safety chains on all mine, and I need a couple more because I don’t like to repeat them. The Pandora store is going to be close for the Holy Week, so I have to wait for the new collection a couple of days. Thanks for the news! :)

    • Hi Priscilla! Yes, I was very pleased to see that the threads are back for the leather bracelets! I got annoyed with charms falling off mien as well, and had to buy clips for the ends of the bracelet, which is a bit frustrating. ^^

  20. .-) I’m not quite sure I like this year’s Mother’s Day collection, as I’m no fan of the new rounded, flat clasps.
    Well, I’ll see what the store will have to offer tomorrow.
    Have a very HAPPY day :-)

  21. Pandora charm collector for about a year now and proud mother of a 2 year old son. I have to say I love a couple items, the bangle, love always safety chain, and mother son charm! Also hoping my hubby will get me “my wife always” dangle charm. Can’t wait to celebrate my third mothers day!

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