It’s yet another post from me, as today marks the start of Pandora’s Spend More, Save More promotion for the Memorial Day weekend in the US! The promo offers you savings off your total bill if you hit certain spends, and encompasses the entirety of Pandora’s jewellery collections – charms, bracelets, rings, the lot.

Usually, promotions run simultaneously in the US and in Canada, but this promo is exclusive to the US. If you need any inspiration as to what to buy, I’ve been doing reviews from the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 collection all week – I’ve reviewed Tigger and Tinker Bell so far, and have one more post lined up for the weekend, too!

Otherwise, read on for the promo details! :)

Pandora Spend More, Save More May 2017 Promotion

The promotion is set to run from today until Monday, and will be available in store only. The rules are as follows: spend $125 USD and save $25 on your bill; spend $300 USD and save $75 on your bill; spend $500 USD and save $150.

Just as a reminder, international readers should note that retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions – if you want to take part, you will have to find a friend in the US to help you out!

My Comment

This is a fun little bonus promo, but it has to be noted that the savings this time around aren’t as good as in the previous spend & save promo Pandora NA ran last September. With the terrible exchange rate for GBP to USD at the moment and sales tax factored in, this unfortunately just isn’t worth the while for me! Which is a shame, as I’d have liked to pick up one of the new Spring 2017 clip-on safety chains. But I’ll wait for another opportunity!

Are you taking part in the promo? If so, what are you getting?

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  1. Hi Mora, I would prefer this promo than the Canadian Leather promo in June. Greater opportunity to fill in the gaps for your Pandora jewelry set. By the way, Mora, you are doing a fabulous job with your update blogging on Pandora. Just the right attitude, diplomatic without being biased or pushy. Keep up the great job!

    • Hi! Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you to say! ? Glad to hear that you’re pleased with the promo :)

  2. Hi Ellie this charm looks so nice but in Canada we don’t have it I think the summer collection we will but all the shipments are dellied I don’t know why do u know when. They are coming I want them if u have a date let us know thanks

    • Which charm do you mean? The one at the top? If so, that one was a spring collection release! Seems like Pandora is making some stores at least hang on to sell the Summer collection until the official release date next Thursday.

  3. My store is running the promo until Monday the 29th. Do you think some stores are doing it until Sunday?

  4. My nearest concept store ALWAYS gets charms a week before the launch date. This time they said it would be June 1. Very puzzled. Wondering if Pandora slowed shipments to keep people from getting the new items with promo. I was planning to spend $500 & my order for $350 plus tax. Not now though.

    • My store received the summer collection but said they could not sell it until June 1st. They always sold the collection immediately after receiving it before. I’d definitely bet that this is because Pandora doesn’t want people to buy the new items with the promo. I was very disappointed.

      • Yes! When my store said June 1, I knew they couldn’t be getting in exactly out June 1. Pandora fail.

        • Wow, do they really think their customers won’t notice? I’m not participating either.

    • My concept store’s advertisement for the Memorial Day Event even reads NO RETURNS on purchases made May 25-29 in teeny tiny print. I know a lot of customers will be disappointed if the Summer release isn’t included in the sale…bad move Pandora.

      • Emily, do you know if exchanges are permitted? I really wanted the Tropical Petites, but since the store was not selling any of the summer items yet, they said I could purchase the floral Petites and exchange them for the tropical set.

        • Guess it depends on your store, Joanne. I’m thinking by my concept store’s ad reading no returns on purchases made May 25-29, they didn’t want to let customers take part in the promo then exchange for the Summer charms in a few days. I’ll be shopping my Jared’s store since they will allow exchanges from the promo.

    • Yep, I spoke to a store and they said that they were expecting the collection in time for the promo. I imagine it’s probably a deliberate move, they often do stuff like that in uk stores.

  5. 2016 Sept spend Can $450, save $200, I only pay $250. This is not a good deal even though not in Canada, I don’t miss it.

    • It’s not a deal at all. Pandora would do better to respect their clientele’s intelligence. They’re angering far too many people in far too many ways to stop sales from slipping sooner than later.

      On a brighter note! I’m looking forward to the leather bracelet event! :-) I’m hoping my store gets enough supply to go around this time.

    • I am not sure how this is not a good deal. Comparing to previous promotions is not useful; this promotion is what it is, and if one spends $500, one saves 30%, which is more than most of us might expect to save.

      I will be spending $500 to save $150. ;)

      • There are so many reasons; I’d have to write a million words to cover them all. I’ll stick to this one, and keep it light. :-)

        Spending thresholds are a marketing gimmick, a game to get consumers to spend more on artificially high-priced items at a particular time than they would have spent normally at that time, often through buying items they don’t want just to meet the threshold. It creates a lot of consumer debt, which is my field.

        Pandora is a money-making corporation; every promotion guarantees big profits, or they wouldn’t dare play it. Do most people win in Vegas? Nope. Pandora is in this game to win your money, and if you play, you’ll lose every time. :-)

        That doesn’t mean don’t play; play, by all means, but understand the game. If you Google search, you’ll find explanations much better than mine. But if anyone finds themselves buying unwanted items just to reach a spending threshold, they should stop.

        • I understand your comment, and of course it is just information about marketing, which is a strategy not exclusive to Pandora. But for people who want items, this is a better time to buy–why pay $500 when one can pay $350?

  6. Today I went into my concept store and took advantage of this promo and bought the ocean treasures gold bead and i paired it with two mint glitter muranos and they look fabulous together.
    I also got two white non dangle orchids to go with my lavender and white bracelet. My store got in the blue encased in love charms recently so i picked up a pair of these and rounded it all off with some blue and pink mosaic shining elegances to go on some of my blue and pink themed bracelets.

    • Ah so your store let you get summer beads for your spend at least! Excellent ☺️ sounds like an excellent haul. The mint glitter muranos are my only definite from the collection but I do very much like the orchids ?enjoy!

  7. Hi Again! I am planning to finish my feathers, pick up some clips – I never have enough!, and work on my honeysuckle pink leather bracelet from last summer. I just picked up the watermelon charm, and need things to go with it. Maybe some green spacers and silver clips. Not going to load it with much so it won’t pull the other side so tight. I’ll get to the $500 mark I’m sure. Oh, and one red pave light to go with my robin, then that bracelet will be complete. And Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Oh no, here I go again! Thanks for everything! If you have ideas for the watermelon, I’d love a suggestion.

    • Hi Deborah! Leathers, I’m guessing ^^ Ah, the watermelon is such a fun bead! You could thrown in some other of the pavé fruit to go with the honeysuckle beads. Or, I quite like the idea of pink and green muranos to go with the colours in the melon – the Looking Glass muranos, perhaps? Or the Shining Elegance clips in green and pink? There are new colours coming out for Summer 2017!

    • I paired the watermelon charm with the green Inspiration Within Spacers on my honeysuckle pink leather bracelet. The combo is gorgeous, and the spacer matches the green pave from the watermelon perfectly!

      • Thanks for the suggestions! I was thinking the green pave lights would overwhelm but the spacers would be awesome! The geo facet ruby I’ve seen done, but I’m not sure how it will look against the leather. I’ll let you guys know what I come up with!

  8. I went in looking to get maybe one or two things to add to the Little Mermaid / ocean themed bracelet I’m building and ended up almost completing my bracelet! I was able to get two of the summer 2017 charms. I went in yesterday during their pre-sale since I have their store card. They didn’t have the new summer charms out on display but I asked the sales lady about them and she let me buy from that set. She said I was the first person to get them in that store. ;). I am absolutely in love with my Ariel bracelet.

    • Ah now that sounds like good customer service! UK stores will never let you see things early. I should go and find a little Shop in shop here who might be more willing to bend the rules a little haha. :) what did you choose?

      • I ended up going back and ended up completing my bracelet! I ended up getting two teal studded lights, two teal shimmering droplets, Ariel’s dress, ocean life bead, the new blue radiant hearts and the filled with romance bead and a pave safety chain. The sales lady was super nice and gave me some good options for designing my bracelet. I was hoping to complete another bracelet and ended up filling this one up instead. I absolutely love it.

        • Ah, now that sounds absolutely gorgeous! It’s always nice when the SAs are good. Although I find that I get talked into buying charms that I just hadn’t even thought of when the SAs get involved. Glad you found so much you loved, I can just picture all those lovely blues together!

  9. Hi Ellie!

    I completely agree that waiting for a better sale deal might be more prudent. I partook in last September’s sale as well; the savings were nearly 35-40% whereas this sale seems 20-30% with decrease in spending cap. The ROI is not as great this year as last year, but… I too am holding out on a better sale later in the year. Perhaps last year was such a hit with the demand so high, they decided to increase the prices. At any rate, its great to see the promotions are prevalent and continuing. Hopefully this will be a wonderful annual affair! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day and THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping us informed!


    • Hi Margaret! Yep, I’m trying to find out more about the leather promo I was told about :) I’m hoping that I might be able to take part and upgrade to another silver bracelet. There’s always another design to make! ;)

      Thank you for commenting, and have a lovely weekend too! <3

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I’ll be taking part in the Memorial Day Event even though the savings are not as good as last September’s Buy/Save Promo. I’ll hit the $500 for $150 save. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Summer release and was planning to buy from this collection anyway. Why not take advantage of the savings? Here in the US we never get sales, only promos. This is the first time I’ve known of a Memorial Day Event, but I’ll take it. It was disappointing for Pandora to delay shipment of the Summer release until
    after the event. My concept store’s ad read no returns on purchases made during May 25-29. I took that to mean they didn’t want to make exchanges for the Summer charms a few days after the sale. Fortunately, Jared’s are not so strict. The Encased In Love charms were delivered while I was in store yesterday, so I did get to see those. All three colors are very pretty. I’m wondering if Pandora will get the problems resolved with the Open Bangles anytime soon. I was looking forward to getting one. Hopefully, they won’t be pushed to the back burner like the mesh design.

    Looking forward to your next post. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Emily! Glad to hear it! I’d have been tempted, but the savings with GBP as it is just aren’t there. At least you have Rue La La in the US, on a pretty regular basis! In the uK, we only usually get sales every summer and post-Christmas – although we did have the bonus spring sale this year, which was a nice surprise!

      The plot thickens with the bangles – I’ve heard from a UK source that they’ve been delivered to stores here for the summer collection, so I am completely turned around on whether there are problems with them or not. We’ll have to wait and see whether they come out in the US/Canada on 1 June or not :S

      Have a lovely weekend too! <3

  11. Bloomingdale’s has summer charms on their website. They aren’t doing this weekend’s Pandora promo, but if you are a member of their loyalty program, you get a $50 gift card for each $200 you spend this weekend.

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