Disney week continues on Mora Pandora, with my next Pandora Disney Spring 2017 review: last time we covered Tigger, one of my absolute favourites from the new collection and from Winnie the Pooh in general. Today we’re dipping into the world of Peter Pan, with a closer look at the two new Tinker Bell charms for this season!

Pandora had previously brought out Tinker Bell charms for both 2015 and 2016, but this is the first release that has firmly convinced me that I need to indulge. For 2017, they’ve brought out Tinker Bell’s Dress and Shoe, both of which are detailed in a lovely shimmering emerald enamel.

Read on for close-up shots and to see how I’ve styled them!

Pandora Tinker Bell’s Dress and Shoe Review

One of the things that strikes me most about these two new Tinker Bell beads is that, while they’re undoubtedly sweet, they nevertheless have a touch more elegance about them than some of the other Disney beads, which are often brightly coloured (e.g. Mickey/Minnie) or on the cutesier side (e.g., Eeyore, Pooh, or Maximus). These charms would go beautifully on a fairy tale theme, or a floral bracelet design, without being too explicitly ‘Disney’.

My favourite thing about these two beads is their beautiful colour: I’d describe it as a shimmering emerald, with a touch of sparkle. It’s wonderfully rich, and picks up the light beautifully without being garish or too luminous. Like the other princess dresses, Tinker Bell’s name is engraved on the bail. The dress itself is small and delicate; it’s my first Disney dress charm, as I think it’s one of the more elegant and versatile of the series. Only using one colour also adds to that; the overall effect is neat, streamlined and petite.

The princess dress charms have always been a little divisive among collectors, with some finding them adorable, and others finding them a little strange without their heads. Some dresses are more cartoon-like than others, too. However, I feel like Tinker Bell’s Dress works particularly well, because of the addition of wings – they’re a beautiful detail, and they give the charm that bit more balance.

The shoe lacks the delicate lines of the dress charm, but it makes up for this somewhat by the lovely addition of a pearl. I absolutely love pearls, and it’s so nice to see one used as an accent in a character charm, which is quite unusual for Pandora these days.

The enamel extends right the way around the charm, including the base of the shoe. The smoothness and lack of detail on the shoe really works to show off how pretty the enamel is – it’s very reflective and glassy in its finish.


I’m focusing on just the one styling today – one of my works in progress, my forest green Tinker Bell bracelet. I feel like this bracelet really shows off my preferred method of styling newer Pandora pieces – mixing my favourites of the new collections with classic charms that I’ve picked up on sale. The green Ladybug murano was a recent bargain from the Pandora UK eStore at £5, while the peridot Birthday Bloom, Peacock, Folklore muranos and daisy clips are all among my latest Rue La La purchases. The Autumn 2013 collection in general looks stunning with the Tinker Bell beads!

I went for the Poetic Blooms bracelet for this bracelet, which I wasn’t sure would work ahead of time (I ordered everything sight unseen from the US, as the Disney collection isn’t available in the UK) due to the mix of colours. The theme of my bracelet is definitively green, whereas the Poetic Blooms bracelet has delicate pinks in the clasp – however, as it’s only a very small amount, I thought it might go. And it does – or at least, I think so! The Poetic Blooms clasp is very subtle, and delicate – and the green of the Tinker Bell charms looks surprisingly pretty with the soft pink pastel anyway. It just adds a softer touch to go alongside some of the brighter murano glass beads.

I like to mix my Disney charms with regular beads; I’ve tried a couple of times to build more explicitly Disney-themed bracelets, and I so love to look at other people’s, but I’ve found that, when I’m designing a bracelet, I prefer just a little bit of that Disney magic mixed in with my regular beads. My bracelet has Tinker Bell hidden amongst the grass, and fairies lurking in the forest, rather than a full-on Disney theme. I’d like to add the green-eyed Wise Owl, or maybe the Happy Little Bird.

I’m also hoping that the Mint Glitter muranos from Summer 2017 will work with the colours I have here already, although I’m worried it’s a bit more blue than green! The Folklore peacock muranos do have a little bit of blue in them as well as green, so hopefully the Mint Glitter muranos will provide a nice accent to both shades. Incidentally, I just wanted to mention how in love I am with the Folklore muranos. I never paid them much attention when they first launched back in Autumn 2013, but truly the colour is stunning – I never quite appreciated it until I got a good look at them in person. I got mine from Rue – I’m not sure if they’re still there, but you should really consider them if they are!


For me, of these two beads, the dress is my favourite – the one that can stand alone, with its delicate wing detailing. The shoe is gorgeous, too, and earns extra brownie points for its pearl – a very elegant little touch – but I feel like this bead works best as a complement to the dress, and to the other Tinker Bell charms. It makes less sense to me styled on its own!

I get why Pandora have chosen to make Tinker Bell into a charm, as she’s a very popular Disney icon, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to see other charms from Peter Pan? I’d love to create a Neverland-themed bracelet.

Both the Pandora Tinker Bell’s Dress charm and the Shoe charm are $65 USD.

What do you think of these latest designs from Peter Pan? Have you bought them, or are they on your wish list?

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  1. I just love all of this! Couldn’t agree more on the folklore muranos. I have one on my Pocahontas bracelet. I agree with more Peter Pan! Or just pirates in general. I was hoping for a tiny dangling gold doubloon because of the upcoming movie. Could be so cute with the little parrot and Jasmine and Belle’s muranos. Maybe next time! Thanks for a fun post!

    • Also, I have been meaning to ask. Is there any rhyme or reason to when charms are retired? I really want ocean treasure for my Jasmine bracelet, but not for full price! It came out in 2013, so I’m hopeful it will retire and go to Rue soon.

      • Not really, no – it’s hypothetically based on which charms sell the slowest. It’s seemed like lately that they’ve been deliberately clearing out a lot of their plain silver/gold/two-tone beads to make way for new styles, even though historically many of those designs have been popular. The Ocean Treasure is the gold charm with the topaz, right? Gold charms have been going for the chop lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it retire, although I haven’t seen it on any lists yet.

      • Aw, thanks! Idk how to add a picture, but I am happy to describe it to you! I am pretty proud and it was just finished at Mother’s Day thanks to my sweet husband. It is a silver bangle with a rose gold clasp. The charms are blue tendril clip, turquoise looking glass murano, tree of life bead (on rue now!), family roots dangle (my splurge from spring promo :)),heart of freedom (Mother’s Day gift), folklore murano (also on rue now) and rose gold light as a feather. I love it! The colors of the wind. You’ve made my day! <3

        • If you’re on Facebook, Lizzie, you could share it to the Mora Pandora FB page and then link it here? It is tricky getting the wordpress comments system to allow you to post pictures!

    • Oh, a gold doubloon would be so cute! The crocodile, and a clock, would be cool, too. And a charm saying ‘second star to the right’, perhaps!

      Thanks so much for commenting! :)

  2. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I adore the Tinker Bell shoe. It’s a fabulous green color. And it could match any green outfit. Thank you for the update and God bless you.

    • The green colour of both is stunning! <3 And the shimmer is gorgeous, too. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Ellie,

    How timely, May is the month for emerald Birthstones so a bracelet that features emerald coloured charms is just the ticket. I own one Disney charm, the Tinkerbell Murano to compliment the green looking glass Muranos that I purchased a whole back. I agree A Tinkerbell Character charm would be lovely and having watched The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights as a small child I would actually by such a charm to celebrate that part of my childhood. One can hope.

    In 2013 when the Folklore charm was released I was all over it like a cheap suit! In the end I purchased three!! Each one slightly different, one seems to have more emphasize on the red, another the blue seems to catch the eye and my third Folklore bead shows off the green more than the others. All look fabulous together or as an individual accent depending on what colour theme I anm show casing!
    This charm has managed to stay off the chopping block for a long time and I think it us because it did well. I haven’t seen a Murano charm with this kind of original design since. The Muranos with flowers Pandora are putting out most recently are lovely, yes, but they are in the end still flowers. The Folklore design is an interpretation of the colours & designs associated with traditional cultures albeit more Historical European traditional cultures.
    Ellie, I love the mix of Disney beads in with other Pandora charms I think the unique characteristics of these charms would get lost in a sea of Disney.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Haha, I wish I could say that I had thought of that May association! But I’m glad it works. I do really like the TInker BEll murano as well, but my green Looking Glass is firmly situated on my Christmas bracelet with the green Candy Stripe murano to complement it, so I don’t have anything to put with the Tinker Bell murano as it stands.

      Aha, you appreciated the loveliness of the Folklores from the start then! I do remember everyone going crazy for them at the time, but I think I was building my pink two-tone fairy tale bracelet at the time, so I wasn’t really interested.

      Pandora do a lot of floral glass, it’s true – but I just love floral glass, I have to say! Even with all the floral beads coming out, I’ve still picked up some retired floral beads as well – the Tropical Flowers and the Field of Daisies. But, yes, it would be nice to see some more abstract designs, too. They used to do those cute little murano sets in all the colours – they could do more like that!

      Glad you like my design :D thanks very much for commenting as always, Lisa!

  4. Hi Ellie! I agree that the Tinker Bell beads are stunning. I love the delicate wings and the pearl too. My friend is seriously considering doing something like yours, mixed with other more traditional beads. I love, love, love my folklore beads. They are quite versatile. I use them in a lot of different ways to bridge green and blue together. They look stunning styled in a stack with an Essence Prosperity and Peace arrangement. Thanks for the review! I’m looking forward to seeing what you end up with from the summer charms.

    • Hi Deborah! Ah, sounds like your friend is on to a winning plan then! ;) I can’t quite tell whether the Mint Glitter beads are more blue or green from pictures, but I’m hoping that the Folklore muranos, which have both green and blue in them like you say, might help them to work with my green pieces regardless of which shade they prove to be. But we’ll see! Thanks very much for commenting <3

  5. Hi Ellie, i love what u did with your bracelet. I’ve been thinking alot about the tv series Once Upon A Time. It would make the perfect theme for a bracelet​. It has all the well known characters from all the fairy tales we grew up with including tinker bell.

    • Hi Leanne! Thanks, really glad you like it :) Once Upon a Time would be an amazing theme to start with when making a bracelet! I’d love it if Pandora did some more charms that represented some of the older fairytales, some of the more off-beat ones, too.

  6. I have allways loved these charm and hope to own them one day, I love your bracelet design. I feel the same about that murano when it was out I did really like it but recently I really like it and all the colour in the bead. Trust me to like it know it’s retired lol.

    • Aha, I know! I’m having a real old-school Pandora moment, and I’m kicking myself for not picking up more of the really older beads while they were still easy to find. ^^ Not that I’d have had the money at the time to just like, hoover them all up, haha, but it’s still frustrating to know that they were so easy to buy at the time!

  7. Hello Ellie! ?

    Thank you for taking the time to write these amazing Disney reviews! ? Though I am not a huge Peter Pan/Tinkerbell fan, I absolutely adore these two pieces, even more so than some of my most cherished Disney Character pieces. Your sentiment was absolutely impeccable: these two charms are elegant. I LOVE that Pandora elected to forgo their infamous (these days) pave design and settled for a more timeless look. Pearls are my favorite gems, so it’s no surprise the slipper charm is every bit charming in my personal opinion; that is a lovely touch. The wings on tinkerbell are whimsical and seem to work well with the floral motifs such as the poetic blooms, peacock (both murano and animal) and even the daisies! ? Most of all, I love the vibrant green hue that matches them perfectly together; What a beautiful color! I think you did an exceptional job matching them to the greens in the peacock charms and wise owl and also contrasting with the beautiful paler pinks! Your bracelets can easily be recognized as Disney bracelets or inconspicuously garden/whimsical bracelets- these two pieces are very versatile! ?

    Thank you for showing different variations of these charms intermixed with other charms from different Pandora collections; it just showcases how beautiful and timeless these two pieces truly are! Thank you for all of your effort into these posts! Pandora fanatics such as myself truly appreciate it!

    Margaret ?

    • Hi Margaret! Yay, I’m glad you like them too. I am quite a specific Disney fan – I wouldn’t say that I’m a big Disney nut in general, but I have certain films that I have a huge amount of nostalgia for and that I’d like to see in charm form. Peter Pan was always a favourite of mine! But yes, these TInker Bell are so pretty in their own right, and work well as pretty fairy charms on their own, I think. Pearls are my favourites, too, so it was lovely to see Pandora use one as an accent on a character bead! Other than the seashell, I can’t think of many instances where they’ve done that before.

      Also, I’m thrilled that you like the bracelet design! It’s almost finished, and I’m pleased to have made something that’s quite different to my other bracelets. It’s very tempting to keep making similar bracelts over and over again, so I’m trying to branch out more in terms of colour. ^^

      Thank you for th elovely comment, Margaret! It makes my day to hear that you enjoy the posts. Have a great weekend! <3

    • Thank you very much, Sarah! I’ve experimented a lot more with colour as my Pandora collection has grown :)

  8. Hi Ellie, the tinkerbelle pieces are beautiful. Among all the princess pieces, my favourite are those from tinkerbell. The green star, dress & shoes. I’m just not sure if they will work with my olive muranos. As i don’t really want to create another green theme bracelet. Folklore is one of the first murano i fell in love with together with the pink/purple butterfly when i start collecting pandora. Thank you once again. Your blog always make my day. :)

    • On second thoughts, maybe i can squeeze them into my Christmas bracelet. It has fair amount of red. Houses both my folklore and holly muranos with green that will match. What do you think?

      • That would be fun! And Tinker Bell could be the Christmas fairy that sits at the top of tree. The green of the Tinker Bell beads is kind of pine-tree-like, it’s reasonably dark – so there’s that as well!

      • It sounds lovely. Never thought of mixing green and red charms together… and XMAS theme is the perfect choice. Thanks!

    • They are! I like many of the princess pieces, but I think Tinker Bell’s collection as a collective whole is probably my favourite, as well. Cinderella’s muranos are hard to beat for beautiful colour, though! :) I think that the Tinker Bell pieces could look really nice with your olive muranos, you’d just need to be careful with what you put with them – maybe some pearl or white pieces in between, so that the different greens aren’t quite on top of each other.

  9. Thanks for showing the backs of these charms as they are quite delightful! I shall put them on the list. I really like how you mix the classic charms with new ones-that’s the way I have to go as I have so few newer charms, but I think it looks so lovely that way.

    • You’re welcome, so glad it was useful! They are delightful charms all round, as you say. ^^ I agree, there’s something so nice about seeing some of the really classic beads working with well with the newest collections. A nice little bit of continuity!

  10. Ellie, I totally agree about the headless dresses. Usually I’m a diehard Disney fan so it amazes me that I haven’t gotten any of the dresses yet. I don’t hate them, just that as you say they can look a bit cartoonish and are hard to match! Maybe my strong love for Disney has just made me convinced that I like them more than I actually do… In any case I haven’t bought any yet but some of them are on my wish list, particularly the Cinderella one. I must say reading your review has made me rethink Tink too. I’m so glad to be in Canada and have them in the stores so I can take my time mulling over buying them haha

    • Hi! :D Yes, that’s the nice thing for you – you can also go into store and try them on your bracelet and make a really informed decision. It’s hard for me to get a good feel for size/weight on the dresses without seeing them in person. The TInker Bell one I was confident I’d like, but the others I’d have to see, I think. I was tempted to get Anna’s dress at one point, which has always struck me as rather pretty in its own right as well, Disney associations aside, but have held off for that reason!

      • I too live in Canada and it is really great to see the Disney beads in your hand. I find the Disney dresses lovely. I just imagine them as an item on a hanger {not a charm without the characters without a head hahahaha}
        I have the Snow White and the Cinderalla and each one look so pretty and stands out on my bracelets.
        Anna’s dress is really pretty and is on my wish list… but I just don’t know yet where she could go on any of my bracelets right now. I really hope Pandora will not retire the Disney dresses in the near future.

  11. Though I’m not a fan of Disney, I find both pieces just gorgeous. Beautiful colour and lovely detailing with the wings and the pearl on the shoe. Enjoy them!

    • Exactly! I don’t think you need to be a big Disney or Peter Pan fan to appreciate either of these. They are very pretty in their own right!

  12. Hello Ellie,

    I am not a Disney fan but I alway like Tinkerbell. These charms are so gorgeous. My favourite is the dress and it’s a shame that it is not available here in Belgium because I would definitely get one :-)
    And on a top of that, green is one of my favourite colors. And it seems to me that there are not so much Pandora charms with green….
    That’s why I am waiting impatiently to see the mint glitter murano in person… I really hope it’s more green than blue…. just like you….
    Your styling is amazing as ever :-)
    Have a nice day

    • Hi Valerie! I know, Pandora need to hurry up and sort Disney for us in the UK and Europe! We’ve waited long enough. ;) Pandora green is hard to come by, as you say, and I’ve found myself picking up a fair few retired charms to go with these new Tinker Bell beads. I’ll be going to the Pandora store next Saturday, I hope, and hopefully the Mint Glitter beads will slot right into this design! I’ve been hoping for months that they won’t clash :) Fingers crossed!

      Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for the lovely comment!

  13. Hi Ellie,

    I purchased Tinker Bell’s Dress, Shoe and Star during the March promo and I love that the dress and shoe add a bit of elegance to a bracelet. At the moment I’ve added them to my pearls and mother-of-pearl charms. I had been wearing my Wild Flowers murano with my pearls and MOP charms and discovered the Tinker Bell charms look nice with the Wild Flowers murano, too, especially the ones with the brighter shade of green. Like you, I never really paid any attention to the Folklore muranos when they came out, but they look beautiful with Tink’s charms. I’ve never been a fan of the Disney dresses, but had to have Tinker Bell’s. The wings are such a lovely addition, as well as, the little pearl on Tink’s shoe. Thank you for this delightful review and sharing your design. Loved it!!! Have a great weekend. Looking forward to the next post.

    • Hi Emily! Ah, that sounds lovely – I have my Wild Flowers with my Rose charms, and a few soft pearls and white enamel beads, too! It’s a really lovely bead, and I can imagine that the Tinker Bell beads, which are rather elegant, go nicely with it.

      Back when the Folklores first came out, I was still making bracelets that were mostly pinks or purples, and I wasn’t so brave with my colours. Now I really appreciate just how nice they are! I’m hoping that the Mint Glitter muranos go really nicely with them but, if they don’t, I think that the Folklores carry this bracelet design on their own.

      Thanks for your lovely comment! Piglet’s review will be up tomorrow. I had forgotten the Memorial Day promo was this week, so I wanted to give myself a bit of a breather haha! Haven’t posted three reviews in one week before ever! ;) Have a lovely weekend!

      • Great ideas ladies. I just love this post so I can imagine new bracelets with different colors.
        I am not so found of green but might see in store the wild green flower murano with Tinkerbell’s charms. I just don’ wear green clothing but adding my fushia orchid dangle might balance the colors… mmm my creativety is very active at the moment hahahaha maybe I will go do some gardening instead of shopping for today since I am literally broke.

        Can’t wait to read your new post for Piglet!

  14. Shoe is beautiful and elegant. I am in Europe. Where can I buy it?
    It is USA only I understand. But where? Every store (Chicago , LA , San Francisco) or only disney stores in parks? My friend is going to San Fran soon.
    For me it is stand alone piece.?

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