There have been a few Pandora AW17 press events hosted over the past couple of days, including the annual show at JCK Las Vegas, but as is often the case with these previews, finding actually live shots of the new jewellery is like drawing water from a stone! However, I’ve finally managed to track down some actual teasers of the new charms themselves – it’s only a handful of images, but they show off what’s next for Pandora Rose, and give a hint at the regular Pandora Autumn 2017 collection too.

Image by periwinkle boutique

The Pandora Autumn 2017 collection is due out on the 31st August – I haven’t a date confirmed for the Winter launch, but it will be some time in November. Read on for a little sneak peek at some of the new Pandora Autumn beads and other jewellery, plus some Pandora Disney teasers! :)

Pandora AW17 Teasers

These images come from a CASAPANDORA event hosted by Pandora Spain – I’ve not managed to track down anything useful from the JCK 17 events yet! They’ve decked out a house in Madrid in beautiful autumnal colours and done some pretty fun things in displaying the jewellery, too:

Image by anasanchezrodero
Image by anasanchezrodero

There were also some AW17 sneak peeks available to members of the press, and a couple of live shots have filtered onto social media.

First up, we have a great look at some of the new Pandora Rose beads here: a Rose version of the Cosmic Stars clip, a pink Rose Radiant Droplets, and a Rose pave bead that reminds me of the Fairytale Treasure charm from last year’s AW collection. However, most intriguing for me is our first Pandora Rose murano..! I’ve also been told, although it’s not shown in this picture, that there will be a Rose Petite for the Floating Lockets, as well.

Image by Eugenia Marcos

I do also have one better shot of the murano. I’m not sure about the combination of what looks to be the Pink Shimmer murano with the Rose core, but I love that they’re doing more with the Rose line!

Pandora Rose Autumn 2017 murano

Next, we have a shot of one of the new regular Pandora Autumn 2017 beads. I’ve been told that there are a lot of geometric and decorative designs in this launch, including some pretty teardrop-shaped jewellery. We can see one teardrop-shaped button charm in this live image. I like this one, and think the shape is super pretty, but it’ll likely be expensive..!

Image by Eugenia Marcos

We also have this little sneak peek of a gold Moments bead that’s coming out for AW17. This is the Colour Fresco bead, with a mixture of different pink CZs. I know it’s another pavé style, but I think the design is so fresh and interesting. It reminds me of paintings on narrow boats, it’s kind of festival-esque.

pandora autumn 2017 gold fresco bead

Next, we can see more of the regular collection here – some more decorative pave beads, in what look to be Rose (or gold?) as well as silver.

Image by Eugenia Marcos

Finally for new AW17 pieces, here’s a shot of the new Essence beads – I can see what looks to be a new heart charm, but it’s hard to make out much here with any accuracy!

Image by Eugenia Marcos

Again, I have one stock image for the new Essence beads. This is a gold version of a previous design, and it looks like its value will be ‘Love’.

We also have a couple of live shots at the new Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 pieces – we’ve already seen the previews for this collection, but it’s always fun to see real photos of the new jewellery!

Here we can see the new black Friendship fabric cord, which has charms looped over two of the strands at a time, along with two of the new girls’ night out charms:

Image by viryulia_3

In this next shot, you can see the bracelet and beads from another angle, plus get another teeny-tiny shot of the champagne bottle in the bottom corner. ^^

Image by viryulia_3

Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 Teasers

I’ve also been told a little bit about Pandora’s upcoming Disney AW17 release! It’s due out in November and, as with previous AW Pandora Disney collections, it’s only small. However, it sounds like an absolute winner to me: apparently, the collection will contain a Lilo & Stitch bead, Bambi and Thumper…! I absolutely cannot wait to see these!

My Comment

It goes without saying that I am beyond excited to see the new Disney beads now – I’m sure I can safely say that I’ll be getting at least two charms from the Pandora AW17 collections. I was chatting with a reader only yesterday about how they might tackle a Bambi charm, and will be very eager to see how they do it!

For the rest, I like the shape of the teardrop button beads, and I think it’s cool that they’re potentially having a little more fun with the Pandora Rose range – I’d love some white Pandora Rose muranos, or the new Mint Glitter muranos with a Rose core. The gold Fresco bead is also a beautiful design, but it will be way out of my price range! However, nothing here screams ‘must have’ to me yet, as it’s all very decorative and pave based. This is only a teeny tiny teaser, however, so I’ll wait patiently to find out more of what’s going to be in the collections before giving any real opinions!

What do you think of these initial teasers?

89 Comments on Pandora Autumn/Winter 2017 Teasers

  1. I’ve seen the Bambi and thumper, they are hanging versions of the characters (like the maximus one!) Very cute.
    Lilo and stitch one has the two characters in enamel on one charm. Exciting!

    • Awww I’m disappointed to hear that thumper is a dangle. I was hoping he’d be like tigger and sat with a flower ? x

      • I think dangles are often good at allowing Pandora to produce a really stylised, true-to-the-original charm, though, so I can appreciate why they do it! :)

    • Thanks very much for the info Charlie! :D I love that the Disney collection still gives some plain silver animal designs, like old school Pandora.

  2. Like Charlie said the bambi and thumper are hanging. The stitch charm looks to be round and white similar to olaf with lilo on one side and stitch on the other.
    Lots of rose, mostly with pink. Also there is new rose essence. Midi rings and stackable rings. Some new colours in the radiant hearts it looks like too, along with matching accessories.
    New bracelets too apparently.

    • I heard that there’s a lot of Rose – they seem to be really investing in it this season. There’s also going to be a Rose bracelet promo for Australia & New Zealand, so I guess they’re pushing that for the moment. I wonder why!

    • Hi Sasha, do u have any more info regarding the radiant heart colours? And when u say accessories do u mean bangles and rings? Thanks:)

      • I was told that they were darker gem colours like emerald ect and small accessories so I would assume rings or earrings. However they sound like they will probably come with the November release.

  3. I wish they’d DO something more with Essence, such as DO more gemstone beads. The last of the real gemstones are beginning to retire now, and it’s looking like CZ will replace them, which will destroy the Essence line because gemstones are the connections to the “essence” in the line–the gemology meanings and properties associated with the natural stones. The definition of essence the line uses is natural, not manufactured. Sad all around.

  4. Thank you for the updates and photo’s. I’m interested to see more photo’s of the collections. It’s nice to see them doing different shape charms like the teardrop. So glad their doing more Disney character charms.

  5. Thank you for sharing the lastest news. I’m obsessed with the teardrop charm. I’m hoping for more color choices in the future. The black leather bracelet pictured looks to be a quadruple leather with the new fall charms that I love. I would put the champagne bottle with those charms. This will end up being my 12th once I get that bracelet. So cute!

    • Yes, that one seems to be a popular choice so far! :) I think that black stranded bracelet is maybe two of the new Friendship bracelets from Pre-Autumn 2017 stacked together, but I could be wrong!

  6. The disney line sounds exciting. I thought for the essence line looks like there are some rose gold beads and snake chain bracelet. Nothing scream out to me with these pictures at the moment. Thank you for the hard work in finding all these pictures. Looking forward to more. Have a good week.

    • I have heard that there will be some Rose Essence coming up, so you might be right. You are very welcome – Pandora sleuthing can be tough these days! There used to be many more live shots that came out of JCK and similar events. :) Have a good week too!

  7. Hi Ellie,

    This is my luckiest day of the week!!! I just found my black leather bracelet and now…. knowing that Pandora will be making Bambi & Thumper. I am so happy.????? As a child, I would get so excited to see them on television with my family on Sunday nights… and I still love them so much. I know what I will be getting for my birthday in November.

    Thank you for such good news. You just brought sunshine in my heart. God bless you!???

    • Hi Rachelle! Aw, reading your comment made me even happier! I’m really excited for the Bambi beads, too. The film was one of the ones I used to watch over and over again when I was little. My OH has just revealed that he’s never seen it – how did I not know this?! – so I will have to make him watch it with me at some point between now and November!

      So pleased you enjoyed the sneak peek, and thanks for commenting! <3

  8. Thank you for another exciting new post! What a fun thing to read today.
    I have been contemplating starting a rose gold bracelet as I now have plenty of other bracelet colors and themes but no rose gold yet. I really like the rose droplet and the rose murano so far. Love the tear drop shaped charm in what appears to be a pale blue perhaps. That would look good on one of the new open bangles. I love the new gold colour fresco charm. That will be a definite must have for me but i will wait for another spend and save event to purchase whether it be later this year or not until next year since i only buy my gold charms during those events. That charm with the mix of yellow topaz, blue, pink and purple would go with so many different charms and as a centerpiece you could change out the side charm colors at will to create a new design or leave it by itself as a statement. I wonder if the deep yellow is a hint of a new fall color palette.

    • I think that the teardrop bead is clear CZ, but it would be very pretty in pale blue! It would go nicely with the summer 2017 oceanic beads if it were blue :) The Fresco charm is lovely, I agree, but would be way out of my price range! Buying on promotion sounds like a good way to do it though.

  9. I will take a wait and see approach. So far, I agree with another comment: need an uplift to the Essence line. Not fan of the fabric bracelet especially if we are spending a lot on the jewelry itself.
    Just my thoughts…


  10. Thank you for the update. I do feel the rise gold line needs to be kept simple and not rely on glitter and sparkle. The beauty of the rose gold for me is in the colour and it would such a shame to spoil it with overdoing it’s simplicity with so many other components being added to the beads.

    I would love to be able to purchase the Disney charms in the U.K. especially the tinker bell range!

    • You’re welcome! There seems to be a lot of sparkle at the moment when it comes to Pandora Rose – they mainly seem to use it as a a decorative fashion line, without any characters. But that has kind of been the case with it from the get go, especially in comparison with the regular Moments line.

      Oh, me too! I can only hope that it happens some time soon :)

  11. Another vote for Bambi and Thumper! The character beads have always been my favorites of Pandora’s pieces, and the Disney line seems to be the one place I can still get them. My next bracelet may need to be a misc. Disney one – Dumbo included! Sadly, I don’t see anything else that appeals to me yet. More of the decorative bling and fewer and fewer charms that represent the “Moments” of our lives ( I so miss those, but it’s helped me behave in my purchases, I suppose). I’ll look forward to more previews, Ellie!

    • Yep, Disney is definitely bringing some of the most interesting charm designs to the table :) it’s so fun to see them doing more characters outside the Mickey/Minnie designs and princesses they have focused on from the start. I would also love to see more characters in the regular Moments line, but I am keeping my expectations grounded – it’s good to know that I’ll be getting at least two charms from the upcoming collections (Bambi and Thumper!).

  12. Always great to see the new stuff!! Very excited about that new rose gold diamond shaped button charm, will definitely be getting that piece!!

    • Yeah, that one caught my eye as well! It reminds me of the Fairytale Treasure from last year :)

  13. Was that a rose gold Essence bracelet, or a yellow gold? Either way, yay! I will look forward to seeing Bambi and Thumper. Maybe for my childhood memories bracelet. The radiant droplets look weird to me; the ones out so far are so transparent that they look triangular instead of round. An optical illusion I know. The new ones in the picture look to be solid and pave so maybe appear round. I will have to see in person. I always look forward to the new releases. Thanks for the preview!

    • I think the essence bangle pictured is yellow gold and the snake chain is pink, though I may be wrong. There has been a solid yellow gold essence bangle for some time, though it’s never been marketed to the US.

    • I’m told that there might be a crossover between Rose and Essence, although I haven’t seen any pics yet, so that’s a possibility! You’re welcome – glad to hear you’re also excited for Bambi and Thumper. I can’t wait! <3

    • From information that I got it’s a full essence Rose bracelet!! And I’m really excited about it ?

  14. Yes, finally Bambi and Thumper charms. I wish they weren’t dangle charms, but I’m still going to purchase them.

  15. fantastic Blog and the teasers are just that especially the colour fresco Be aware the Pandora estore has added to its spring sale I was able to pick up a number of essence charms, Xmas sleigh and 3 wise men prior to the summer sale

    • Jacqui, thanks so much for the heads up about the eStore! I just grabbed a couple of two-tone pieces for a bracelet design I want to do in the future. Shouldn’t have done, seeing as I’m sure I’ll want some things in the actual summer sale too, but I couldn’t resist!

  16. Hi Ellie,

    I love the teardrop bead!! Can’t wait to see it. The pandora rose selections are gorgeous. Something exciting from Pandora!!! Yay!

    • Hi Lisa! So pleased to hear you’re excited :D I personally can’t wait for the new Disney beads!

  17. I am happy that the trickle of information about Autumn has begun. Now I can look forward to the flood! Thanks, Ellie!

  18. Oh! What a nice surprise I was really eager to see what could be comming for autumn/winter!!!!!
    Some pieces have already caught my eye. The new teardrop-shaped charm is so far my favorite, but I also like that pink rose radiant droplet. I personally find it much prettier than the silver version. Nice stuff on the rose line. TOO studded with czs, as usual, but the addition of cristal pieces helps to give the line a more elegant look.
    Sadly I must agree to what Lola commented above about Essence. It was a totally different line with the natural gemstones and they are spoiling it with more pavé and button-like charms.
    All in all, I think this collection will bring some nice novelties, despite the fact that the pavification continues, which doesn´t surprise me. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Yes, the Teardrop bead seems to have been popular. I love the shape of it – paisley designs are always so pretty. But I’d like to see some more teardrop-themed beads that maybe aren’t button style – or some different colours :)

      Hopefully there’ll be lots of interesting designs alongside the pave, as you say! Glad you enjoyed the preview!

      • Ooohh! Teardrop that aren´t button style. That would be wonderful. And I totally agree with you on having them in more different colours.

  19. Hi Ellie I had a feeling we would be seeing Autumn price ores so I was very excited when it popped up. The rose pieces look really pretty. Excited to see what else there is to come especially the Disney piece I have a feeling the Bambi charm is going to be so cute. Still holding out for some lion king charms one day. Also can’t wait for Thursday for the uk sale looking forward to seeing what’s included.

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, it’s about that time of year ^^ It would be so great if they did some Lion King beads. I hope that they get round to doing all the big hitters from the Disney line at some point or another :) I’m also desperate for Thursday to come around! There are some pieces I’m really hoping to see :)

  20. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the heads up in the fall release. I love the cord bracelet, and it looks like you can put a fair number of charms on the bracelet, by a fair number I mean more than three. I would most likely put my less expensive charms on it until I am confident the quality is good. The gold charm with coloured CZ’s is very interesting and looks like stained glass, may be out of my price range but what a focal bead it would make, a real statement piece.
    The new enamel and pave girls night out series still don’t appeal to me but I’m sure other opportunities will present. I have a Chamilia martini shaker with a single row of Swarovski crystals that sums it up for me.
    The rose cores in the muranos are pretty but I’m not sure they are the best use of rose gold, I thought the same thing about the gold core muranos. I guess I like the expensive metals to be more visible. My tendency is to fill my bracelets so the cores end up not being visible. Perhaps I’ll step out of that comfort zone. Still the pink with rose gold is a pretty combination & I agree I would be interested in seeing what a mint Murano with rose gold might look like.
    Again another wonderful review. I don’t know how you do it, pulling all the info together but I am so glad you do.


    • Hi Lisa! Mm, I know what you mean re the fabric friendship bracelets – maybe just wear a light pendant on it to start with. I think that would look nice anyway! Stained glass is the perfect description of the gold Fresco bead! :) A combination of cathedral-like elegance and vibrant gypsy colour.

      I know what you mean about the coloured murano cores. If you wore them on a bangle, though, or perhaps a leather bracelet, you’d definitely notice the colour :) you could always fill your bracelet a little less – sometimes it’s fun to have a bit of movement when you wear it! I always end up adding extra charms and filling up the space, though, even if I don’t mean to. ;)

      Haha, I’m so glad you enjoyed the round-up. :) Hunting for info can be stressful at this point as people start to ask a lot of questions and I don’t want to disappoint, but it’s always very rewarding to hear how excited people are! <3

  21. I wish there would be fall,darker colors. Your coming out with a pink morono glass bead there is a lot of pink beads. Maybe have dark orange,brown maybe some red,dark purple colors. I do like the rose gold collection. Thank you

    • They do have a lot of pink, it’s true – but there’s so much that we won’t have seen yet :)

  22. Awesome! I was wondering if they would make Bambi charms, because I think it is it’s 75th anniversary this year. I’m really excited for those charms. I hope the Lilo and Stitch one is sold in the US. Stitch is really, really popular in Japan. I also hope that they make a charm for most of the movies. There are some movies that aren’t very popular that I can’t see them ever making charms for, but it would be great if they made charms from more of the movies. Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations, maybe Robin Hood or The Aristocats, The Jungle Book, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Mulan, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Princess and the Frog, Wreck-it-Ralph, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, and Moana seem like possibilities. I’m also hoping they do some from Pixar movies. I would think that Up and Toy Story charms at least would do well. I’m surprised they haven’t made any Moana or Lion King charms yet. Those seem like they sell well.

    • Ah, it’s the anniversary – I do keep meaning to keep an eye on Disney anniversaries and upcoming film releases, as they are often very good indicators as to which beads we’re getting next! Ah, I would love so many of those films you mention – the cute animal ones and Mulan in particular! Pocahontas would also be fun. They should do a cats and dogs release, and just do some favourites from 101 Dalmatians, Lady & the Tramp, The Aristocats… and maybe The Lion King would count too. ^^

      They don’t seem to have done any Pixar films – I wonder if the contract doesn’t include them, perhaps..

      • I can definitely see them doing cats and dogs. I would think there would be a lot of interest in that. I noticed that Alex Woo has Finding Dory necklaces and also Moana. I wonder if different jewelry companies can have exclusive rights for a movie. The Alex Woo stuff is so cute, but it’s quite expensive at ~$150/ charm necklace.

  23. Nothing catches my eye just yet. Thank you for being u to the task of keeping us informed. I ordered a new pink glitter murano from the summer line. I am excited for it to come in. I also picked up another bracelet at an estate sale. I paid $12 usd for it, it is one of the original lobster clasp styles but I don’t have that style so I’m excited on a good find. I like the new white orchids but I’m hesitant as I worry they may yellow. I think for now I will just try to stock up on some of my older wish list items.

    • Hi Ashley,

      I tried on the white non-dangle orchids a couple of times and didn’t like them. I found them very bulky. I think the orchids are better as dangles. And if they yellow, it would ruin them completely. I don’t think I could wear them if they turned yellow.

      I bought the 3 summer muranos, the ocean life and the glacier radiant hearts which give a teal look, not really blue. I just couldn’t get into the orchids.

      I really like the tear drop fall charm…

      • Hi Lisa,
        Same here on the white not wearing if it yellowed. I’m liking the fall gold charm with colored stones but it’s out of my budget lol I will have to see more in person to decide.

    • Ah, I’m glad you got a glitter murano! They are just so gorgeous. I keep meaning to post my review of the Mint Glitter ones, but then other info comes out and it keeps getting bumped. :) The lobster style bracelet is a good find these days! I never wanted one as I am useless at doing up lobster clasps on my own. I can barely manage a necklace sometimes aha!

      • Mostly I could not pass up the bracelet at such a cheap price. I may just do a mini bracelet with that one. I have my glitter murano came today it is georgeous a very subtle pink it looks darker in the book but as you know the murano vary. It’s subtle to go with anything . I don’t have any necklaces just yet.

      • Have you seen the paper clip trick to help with putting on your own bracelet? I just tried it today (with a random bracelet I own) after watching a YouTube video and it was amazing! It worked for me which I’m glad about bc I just ordered the lobster clasp bracelet!

  24. They pushed the pavé charms and now they will push the rose plated charms because they are cheaper to produce than solid silver or charms with gemstones BUT they charge us the same price! Everyone should be angry about this but Pandora is thriving because everyone keeps buying the same darn heart bead with just a slightly different design. If you’re frustrated by the repetitive designs that keep coming out, you should write to Pandora and tell them you’re tired of the generic hearts and you want some real cool, innovative, original designs back.
    I’ve met so many girls who can not tell the difference between a Wal-Mart pavé heart charm and a Pandora. The only difference = about 40$- 65$. That’s the difference. Let Pandora know that you want them to work harder for your money!

    • Hi Lin,
      I agree they can be somewhat competitive. For awhile I got into other brands such as chamilla and James Avery .

    • You should definitely let Pandora know if you’re not happy :) It might not be what they want to hear, but all feedback is valuable. And definitely don’t keep buying variations on the same heart bead for the sake of it haha! :)

  25. The double ended silver bangle will also have changable ends sold separately some time in the future rather than just the plain and pave styles.

  26. Hi Ellie, a little bird told me that there may be a possible free bracelet promotion for the UK in July? Have you heard anything regarding this? Thanks :)

    • Hi Amanda, I’ve asked a contact in a UK store and they haven’t heard anything, but I’ll let you know if I hear otherwise :) the next promo as far as I was aware was one on rings, but not sure when!

  27. OMG Bambi and Thumper!!! I cannot wait. It was the first movie I watched as a child. Love it! Can’t wait. THANK YOU for the post Ellie!!

  28. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the Autumn/Winter Teasers! Love the teardrop shaped charm. Hope this will come out in different colors. Glad to see Pandora expanding the Rose line. I, too, would love to see a white murano with the rose core. That would be gorgeous! The diamond shape charm caught my eye as well. I can’t wait to see Bambi and Thumper! As Sasha mentioned above, changeable ends for the Open Bangles would be a neat idea. I’d be all over that! It was nice to see some sneak peeks of the A/W and I’m looking forward to seeing the entire collection.

    Thanks for another wonderful post. Hope your week got off to a good start.

    • Hi Emily! You’re welcome :) a white Rose murano would be perfect – there are some Rose Christmas charms coming out later in the year, and a white Rose murano would go beautifully with those!

      Hope your week is going well too! :)

  29. I like the rose gold cosmic clips. They look like they have some blush stones in them. I may have to get them for my rose bracelet
    or for one of my leather bracelets.

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