Today’s post brings a little round-up of promotions on Pandora that are running over Summer 2017, with further details on the Pandora summer sales, upcoming North American promos, and a very cute Malaysian mug offer that’s running this month!

I did recently mention the sales in my June round-up, but I have a few more details on them as well as more info about other promos, so I thought it was worth doing a little update. And, as usual, please do leave a comment if you have some info about a sale or promo in your area that I haven’t listed here! :)

Pandora Summer Sales 2017

The sales have already started in some regions – or they have online in the Netherlands, at least. If you go to the Netherland eStore online and log in with your Pandora Club account, you’ll get access to their pre-sale event. It’s worth taking a look at, even if you’re not in the NL, just to see all the many new beads that are included! I only hope that our sales in the UK are as good.

Pandora UK Summer Sale 2017

As previously mentioned, this is due to start this Thursday, on the 15th June, and will be running both in store and online. Some lucky members of the Pandora UK club have been invited to ‘pre-sale’ in-store events on the 14th, too.

 I’ve been told that there will be a variety of interesting pieces included – the oxidised bracelet, some two-tone and gold charms, plus a fair few beads that only came out last year. A couple of retailers have posted some sneak peeks at the charms that will be discounted – last year’s Shimmering Medallion, which I always really liked but found too pricey, is up for grabs, as is the Black Friday 2016 Poinsettia.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

Pandora Australia Summer Sale 2017

The Australian sale, I’m told, is due to start a week later on the 22nd June, both in store and online. A hat tip to Carolyn Klement for sharing these very interesting collages of many of the charms that are going to be included this time around – my brother is still out in Australia for the summer, and I’m tempted to give him a nice long shopping list..! The green pave Pear is on there, as are some very recent 2016 beads – Mrs Claus, Santa’s Home, the Origami Crane. 

I find it puzzling how so many of the ones I like and bought always seem to be the ones that end up on sale! ?

Just as an additional note – there’s also going to be a Pandora Rose free bracelet promo for Australia & New Zealand in October (hat tip to Sandra Frida for the info). Spend $179 AUD / $219 NZD on the Pandora Rose collection and get a free Pandora Rose bracelet!

Pandora Malaysia Raya Mug Offer

There has been a lot of buzz online about this next promotion – an absolutely adorable mug set, which is available from Malaysian stores from 9-26 June with a spend of RM788 (about £145 / $185 USD). 

Pandora Malaysia Mug Set

Thanks to Sandra Frida, we have this absolutely stunning shot of the mugs and paper envelopes. I would absolutely love love love to own a set of these! I haven’t heard anything about these pretty mugs coming to other countries yet, unfortunately, though. :(

Pandora North American Promos

There’s currently the free leather bracelet event going on in Canada until the 18th June:

The US is not included in this one, but not to worry, as there are other offers on the horizon! I’ve been told that there will be a different promo there, running from June 15-25 – I think in all stores, but I’ve only had this info from one source. This is an offer on retiring jewellery: purchase one item from the last call tray and get 30% off; purchase two, and get 40% off; purchase three, and get 50% off. This includes all kinds of jewellery.

After that, there will be a promo running in both the US and Canada from 6–16 July, offering a free ring, pair of earrings, or leather bracelet with spends of $125 USD. The gift can be worth up to $65 USD / $75 CAD, but cannot be upgraded or substituted for anything else (e.g. a more expensive bracelet).

There will also be a ‘Girls’ Night Out’ promotion in August, running from the 10th to the 20th: spend $55 CAD and receive a Pandora tote bag. I assume this will be offered in the US as well.

My Comment

For me, the sales are getting me the most excited – there are way too many pretty older beads up for grabs at the moment. I’m hoping to see the oxidised bracelet, Shimmering Medallion, and the Sparkling Apple Blossom in the UK sales, while the pave Pear and the S clips look tempting from the Australian sale. I did take advantage of the Canadian leather bracelet offer to get the silver & Rose versions of the Insignia safety chain, and that has kind of tied up all my absolute ‘must-haves’ from the Spring/Summer collections. There are still a couple of things I am super tempted by, but nothing that I need for designs I’m making currently. I was bowled over by this White Orchid design in store on Saturday – it looked so pretty on the new white leather bracelet!

Having said that, I’d love to get my hands on a set of those Malaysian mugs and I’m sure I could find some more pretties to make up that spend, but I think the logistics of that are going to be too tricky. :(

What are you looking forward to this month?

98 Comments on Pandora Summer 2017 Promotions Round-Up

  1. The malaysian mug set is adorable, as well as that white leather bracelet design with the white orchids and the pink murano!<3<3<3

  2. Hi there I was just wondering if there were any sales going on in South Africa? It seems like its the only country without any decent sales on Pandora?

      • We don’t have “sales” in Canada either in concept stores, like they do in the US and elsewhere, and no promotions online, as they do in other countries. And then Pandora wonders why their North American sales have fallen so far. Lol. We also have only one place to order from online. We’re very limited here too.

    • Hi! I’m afraid I’ve not heard anything, but I don’t really have any contacts for South Africa – if I do come across something, I’ll add it in. :)

  3. Hi, just thought I’d mention that there is a promotion running on the French site at the moment, spend 89€ and you get 30€ off any bracelet including the latest poetic bloom bracelet

    • Yes, I saw it but the promo is only for boutiques, not online and not every
      boutique in the country is taking part. Apart from that, if memory serves me good, you have a 50% reduction on any bracelet up to 59 Euros and 30 Euros discount on pricier ones. With a purchase of 89 Euros, of course. Not bad at all ( if only every boutique in France were partaking)

      • It’s not just boutiques as I was going to order last night on line and had it all in my basket with the reduction on the bracelet

        • Yes, I´m afraid I had previously more interesting in knowing if my nearest boutique was partaking and went through the list very patiently and then only skimmed the rest of the information. CHequed after commented and realised I was wrong. Sorry.

  4. Hi, I just wanted to say I love Mora Pandora blog. I especially love your Disney reviews and updates . I live in New Zealand so really appreciate when your blog mentions AU/NZ promotions, I’m excited for the October bracelet promotion now . I have only been collecting Pandora again since November. I really enjoy reading about all the charms I missed before collecting again!

    • Hi Emma! Yay, thanks very much :D I do try and get in the Aussie/NZ promos where I hear about them. The Rose sounds like a really fun one, and there are a couple more promos coming for AU/NZ I’m told – one on the Floating Locket, for example.

  5. I will be checking out the summer sale this week. I’m interested to see what they’ll be.
    Do we know if we’re going to be getting any promos in the UK?

    • I think there’s a rings promo scheduled for later this year, but haven’t had any firm details on it yet :)

  6. Love those mugs. Wow, there are a lot of nice charms in the Australian sale. I can understand you giving your brother a long list…I can see myself having a long list too, Obviously the paper crane and some of the new Christmas charms didnt sell too well. Thanks for the update Ellie. I;m off to compile my wish list now.

    • I can’t understand how the adorable little Santa’s House didn’t sell – I was super surprised to see it in the sale already. It’s so cute! I can see how Mrs Claus would be more divisive, but I personally loved her. Have fun putting together your wish list – mine will have to wait until I know the damage I’ve run up during the UK sale, haha!

  7. Hi Ellie great post, Australia have a great sale there all really good new charms they won’t have anything left lol.

    • Hi Nicola! Aha, I know – I was looking at the Netherlands sales as well and was wondering what wasn’t discounted..!

  8. HI Ellie,

    I took advantage of the leather bracelet promo, twice!! The new bangle had just arrived, if I knew how much I would like the new bangle i would have upgraded my free leather and walked home with two open bangles. Still the teal leather is a stunner. The pink was lovely but teal is truly one of my colours – still hesitant about the white, I guess I feel it will eventually turn and look like the pearl.

    The promos across the world are amazing. My husband would say we need more mugs like we need more tupperware, meaning we don’t the poor man already deals with a cupboard of cascading plastic containers. Yet, I can imagine sipping my morning java out of the blue mug.

    Thanks again, it’s always nice to check out what is going on in other Pandora worlds.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Excellent, I am very glad to hear that ;) I will be getting the open bangle as my free bracelet, too, but only because I have so many leathers already and I’d like something a bit different! The white leather caught my eye last time I was in store, too, but I don’t think it’s worth me investing in another one tbh.

      Aha, I’m the same with mugs! I love all kinds of cute mugs, and I secretly take quite a lot of pleasure in choosing the mug that I think will suit people best when they’re round lol. So I’d love these ones! ^^ My OH also got me a Mora Pandora mug as a joke anniversary present last year, so I do kind of have a Pandora mug ;)

  9. Hi, I bought some things in the online presale in the Netherlands yesterday, there were quite some old retired charms and jewellery on offer, some were even 70% off! I heard from staff that this time around, sale items won’t be discounted like before, when items first were 30%,then 40%, and ultimately 50% off, but the percentage has been determined beforehand and will not drop later on. It will be interesting to see whether this is true and whether it is something other countries will adopt too.

    • Hi Lisa! 70% off is an amazing deal. There were some pretty steep discounts in the UK’s spring sale, so I’m hoping there’ll be some similarly good prices this time around for us as well!

  10. I love, love, love the pear! I’m in US though…darn! Looking forward so much to the last call promo! So many things I want…thanks again for the heads up!

    • Me too! I’d love to get one :D I might have to tag my brother in for that one. It depends on how bad the damage is from this UK sale haha!

  11. Hi Ellie

    Australia had a promo on Friday just gone spend $150 and receive a free pair of earring to the value of $59, and of course I took advantage of that?. I’m looking forward to our sale coming up, our half yearly sale is always better than the Boxing Day sales. I’m very excited to read we are getting a free rose gold bracelet promo in Oct, I will definitely take advantage of this as I have been wanting to start a rose gold bracelet, nothing like a promo to get you started?. Thank you for your wonderful updates.

    • Hi Janelle! Oh wow, I completely missed that. The summer sales tend to be better than the Boxing Day sales here as well, so I’m excited for the UK sale that starts tomorrow :) glad that the updates were helpful, and thanks for commenting!

  12. Ellie thank you for all your amazing updates :) I am really looking forward to the UK sale and hoping it will be as lovely as the one in Netherlands. Fingers crossed! Have a great day and enjoy all your shopping ;)

    • You are welcome :D Enjoy your shopping as well – can’t wait to see what’s online tomorrow in the sales!

  13. I’ve seen some of those beads on last chance to buy tray and very suprise so many new beads are retiring here in Aust. White abundance of love is a beauty i yet to buy. Must get it before its gone from Australia. The two safety chains are much needed for my bracelet. I have to start compiling my list. I find it easier to shop online than in store during sale because they have the full range. In store only what they still left unsold.

    • Sounds like you’ll be busy come next week! ^^ I like to buy online as well. It’s just easier to see what’s there and to go shopping around to find the best deals.

    • I was having a look at last chance because it’s usually all the stuff they put out at sale time and most of the charms from the pictures were there except the Santa house and Mrs Claus. The girl also said those two sold well and she would be surprised if they went on sale. I am however pretty happy the paper crane is going on sale so hope to snap that up as well as some of the gold rings and charms she said would be on sale this week. Apparently the oxidised bracelet which my friend likes is being reduced as well.

  14. Hi, I just found your blog and I’m loving it as I am an pandora addict too! Its very exciting to see in the advanced the next collection and very helpfull to choose new charms! I live in Japan and I feel doesn’t have many sales around here… do you know anything about it??
    Thanks for all the helpfull informations!!

    • Hi Paty! Yay, I’m very glad to hear that :D I haven’t heard of any Japanese promos, but I don’t really have any dedicated sources there. :( If I come across any info, I will post it :)

      • Hi, here in Japan they are doing just ring sale…? You buy 2 rings you get 20%off… not very exciting…

  15. Just looked at the Netherlands site and couldn’t believe how much is on sale and really new charms too! I hope the UK sale is as good! Today i got the mint glitter murano and I absolutely love it, the gold glitter is inspired! I didn’t know if i would like the open bangles, but I tried them on today, just with a rose or blue radiant heart and they looked so nice, of course they are on my wishlist now! Thank you for the news on all the promotions Ellie!

    • I know! I doubt our sale here in the UK will be as good, but I’m hoping there’ll be a decent amount of overlap :) glad to hear you liked the open bangle in person as I’ll be getting one in the Canadian promo. Very exciting :D

  16. I’m looking forward to the UK sale! It’s my birthday soon, so hopefully I’ll be treating myself to an early birthday present…or a few! I missed out on the two promos with the jewellery cases (the valentines and mothers day) because it takes me too long to convince myself to make a purchase, but I really want the Sparkling bow bangle- I doubt it will be in the sale, but hopefully it may still be available during the next promo… The shimmering medallion charm is lovely, it’s a shame I’m planning to have a blue themed bracelet. I have a few friends who are currently in Australia, the temptation to give them a call!

    • Ah, that’s fun! I wish I had the justification of a birthday – as it is, I’ll just be spending for no good reason ;) I’m also tempted to do the Australia sale as well as the UK one – with my brother right there and able to bring me back some things, the temptation is strong..!! And the conversion is so good, too.

  17. I love your blog and yes I will be participating in the UK sale – I have a list of charms to finish off a couple of bracelets as well as looking forward to buying the oxidized bracelet & yes I am one of those lucky ones invited to the pre sale. I can hardly wait. I love the new open ended bangles but will save these for xmas. But those mugs Ahh to die for and like tupperware you can never have to many :)

    • Thanks Jacqui! ? I hope you enjoyed the pre-sale – I’m all over-excited waiting for the online sale to start! I definitely want a couple of oxidised bracelets for some upcoming designs I’m planning. :D

      Aha, I totally agree with you on the mug front! I get very into my mugs, haha. We have a whole cupboard full of them even though it’s just the two of us!

  18. I am just so envious of those sale prices, even after conversion! I love that medallion as well and it is next on my purchase list…to think I could get another charm for spending the same amount if only I were in Netherlands! I hope you snag many goodies during your UK sale and can’t wait to read about your purchase posts from that event :D By the way Ellie, do you know of any region exclusives and/or promos that I can take advantage of while I’m in Italy at the end of this month?

    • I really liked the Medallion from the start – it’s just so pricey at full RRP that I couldn’t really justify spending that much on it. Hopefully it’ll be reduced by a lot here in the UK! Thanks very much, I’m looking forward to browsing everywhere tomorrow :D hoping to get a couple of oxidised bracelets and maybe a couple of the charms!

      I don’t know of anything off the top of my head for Italy, but I’ll let you know if I hear anything! Enjoy your time there :D

  19. Hi Ellie,

    I was in Pandora today and was told about the US sale. SA showed me the list; gold items were on it, and lots of new charms. Sale will go thru June 29. I will buy 3 charms, then all will be 50% off.

    Very excited!!!

    • Lisa,
      Can you provide any teasers of some items that will be involved in the sale? Any bracelets? I’m in the US also! :)

      • Hi Chelsey,

        They had some bracelets like the Hearts of Pandora; they had last summer’s leathers also on the list for sale and a couple of others. For charms they had the mother’s day limited edition 2017, some of the shimmering droplets, the new pave fairytale, entwined, some dangles, like the tiny lace flowers and last summer’s red enamel dangle, tons of muranos (not the most recent ones), the Korean doll, the horse dangle, the 2 tone disney beads, the black mickey murano etc. Some of the beads will be retired, but some will continue in inventory at regular price after the sale. I think the SA said there were about 300 items in the sale. The list is very extensive.

        Hope that helps!

        • Lisa,
          Thanks so much for your reply! There looks like there will be tons of great items to choose from! I was worried maybe my local store wouldn’t be participating in it, however they just posted that they are! Thanks again!

    • Hi Lisa! Ah, I’m excited for you :D it’s great that they’re finally doing a sale of sorts for customers in the US. Sounds like the selection is great!

    • Promos aren’t usually available online in the US, so I’d be surprised if this one were too, but I’m not sure on that one.

  20. Hi, there are a lot of items for sale on the uk site at the moment, but still for the spring sale. Do you know if they will “disappear” on the 15th when the summer sale starts?

    • I am hoping they just add to the sale as I notice that items in the spring sale have changes over the past couple of weeks with extras going on than when it originally started. I found this great as I could stagger my spend over different pay days.

  21. Hi Ellie,

    The Summer Promotions Round-Up is very much appreciated. It’s nice to see so many promos/sales across the world. I’m interested in the retiring jewelry from the last call trays. Certainly good savings there. It’s hard to keep up these days with charms being retired so quickly. I’ll also use my reward dollars during double redemption day this weekend at Jared’s. It’s nice the rewards are allowed for Pandora items now.

    The Malaysian Mug Set is lovely. Wish we could get these in the US! I would love to have them.

    I’m trying to decide how best to take advantage of the upcoming sales. Thanks for organizing the promos according to dates and regions. It was starting to get confusing.

    Have a great day!!!

    • Hi Emily! I know – you used to feel pretty safe about waiting a little while to get beads from new collections. Not now! It seems like a lot of newer beads are getting retired almost immediately if they’re not instant big sellers. I wonder if it’ll make them more collectable later on, perhaps?

      I’m doing the same, Emily! Although what I mean by that is that I’m trying to work out how I can participate in them all at once ? unfortunately this is not practicable, but it doesn’t stop me daydreaming, haha. :)

      Have a lovely day too!

  22. Hi Ellie
    I heard today that the Pandora 2017 leather promotion for the US was cancelled. Is that true?
    I heard this from a Pandora Rep. I live in the US in NYC.
    Can you please confirm.
    Also I never heard back from you when I asked if it was ok to order from the Pandora e-store.
    Please get back to me.

    • I am in the Uk and buy from the e store all the time – I find delivery is made in reasonable time and it is always well packaged and they send both boxes and bags

      • The only thing I gripe about with that is the delivery charge, but then again it’s very easy to hit the £75 spend for free delivery – especially when there’s a sale on! ;)

    • Hi Laura, there’ll be the promo in July that will include the leather bracelet as far as I’m aware. I haven’t been told that it’s cancelled, but I’ll let you know if I hear otherwise.

      Which eStore is that Laura? Do you have a URL?

  23. Australia Promotion Alert: Starts today 14th June. Radiant Heart Enamel Bracelet Promo- Buy 1 $49, Buy 2 $69, Buy 3 $99. Doesn’t say when it ends, just limited time while stocks last.

      • Hello

        Yes I’m very excited two promo in 2 weeks. I already have 2 of the bangles and wanted another 1, but I’m going to get 3 as it’s such a good deal?

        • They mustn’t be selling well here and Pandora must be wanting to offload stock. Great deal though.

    • Thanks Janelle, I just posted about it, although it looks like it’s mostly sold out online. Hope people can still find some in stores :)

  24. Hi Ellie
    I received an email from Rue Lala, Secret sale including Pandora until June 29th. There were many rose gold charms and a few dangles among other Essence beads.

    I am finally getting the frog prince for 69.27$ CAD, the butterfly lilac crystal dangling for 49.87$ CAD and the effervescence murano whine color 45.71$ CAD (which will be perfect with my pink butterfly kisses murano).?

    Wish I could get the pear from Australia.?

    Thanks Ellie for keeping us informed. ?

    • Hi Rachelle! Yes, I saw that too – but didn’t want to post it as I’m not sure whether everyone can access it or not. ? I’m kind of tempted by the ballet shoes charm, as I recently stumbled across my childhood copy of Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild and felt so nostalgic! I still quite like the idea of doing a bracelet made up of charms inspired by my favourite childhood books. :)

      That’s an amazing haul you’ve got there! It’s a little annoying that I paid full price for them back in the day but also nice that other people are getting to enjoy them for a little less. :)

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  25. Hi Ellie
    I’ve been to the UK in store presale preview today. Although I managed to get the(planned purchase)of a black enamel daisy clip that has been on my “to get” list for some time for half price (£19) and two (unplanned)rosy eternity spacers for half price (£15 each), I was disappointed overall with the choice especially compared to the amazing Netherlands sale which I had (foolishly)used to plan my purchases and got all exited. There were only two trays of charms and one small display of charms (about 6 more) on sale. There did however seem to be a lot of rings on sale but I don’t collect those. The were 4 charms overall that I had wanted that were in the Netherlands sale but the store confirmed that the three I couldn’t get (springtime garden, dark purple Murano and Pandora signature pendant) were not on sale in the UK store.
    Going to try online Argento, John Greed, Swag and Jewel Hut tomorrow eve to see what they have on sale in case any different.
    happy shopping everyone. May the Pandora odds be ever in your favour

    • Hi Ali! Ah, that’s a good price on the Mystic Floral clip :D I’d like that one either for a Halloween design I’m planning or maybe to go on my multi-strand bracelet. :) Sorry to hear you were disappointed by the selection, perhaps there’ll be more online to check out? Store inventory can often be a bit hit and miss, so here’s hoping!

      Enjoy your new purchases anyhow <3

      • The Pandora website have many more charms, less rings and more essence on sale that the store but still not what was in the Netherlands sale. No more temptation for me except maybe the honeysuckle pink bracelet. I love this but already have a single strand pink leather and a double purple leather which I wear with my purple and pink themed silver bracelet. As I want to save pennies for the open bangle I can’t quite justify.
        the other websites I checked out had the same small range of charms as the Pandora store. Pandora website seems the best choice for charms overall.
        p.s. yes I am (sadly) wide awake at 1am so taking the opportunity to do some shopping online LOL !!!

        • ARGGHH caved in and bought the honeysuckle pink bracelet today!
          In hindsight, after my initial disappointment in the Pandora store sale stock (when comparing to the fast Netherlands online sale stock) I’ve ended doing well out of the sale. I take it all back. Not disappointed any more. Happy person !looking forward to delivery of my bracelet. Ellie, Ive just been reading back over your honeysuckle pink bracelet review last summer so really excited to get it now. I have the flower garden Murano and really love it to look at but never really found a place to wear it. I can put it on my pink bracelet now like your review.

  26. Hi Ellie. Pandora has published some more stock images from the event at Casapandora in Madrid. How can I send them to you?

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