Today brings my next Pandora AW17 sneak peek, with a look at the Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 collection! As is usual for Disney AW collections, from what I’ve seen so far, it seems to be a small release, with just three new charms pictured. However, there is also a new set of Disney Petites!

Pandora always release two sets of Disney charms with each collection – one that’s exclusive to Disney Parks locations and one that’s sold in both the Parks and Pandora concept stores. The charms pictured here will be those sold in all locations. They should also be launched in all regions that carry the Disney line.

This collection is due out in November with the Pandora Winter 2017 collection; I don’t have a firm release date on that yet, but I would predict it to fall on the 2nd of November, going by past collections.

Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 Preview

There are three new Moments charms coming out with the Pandora Disney AW17 collection: Lilo & Stitch, and two absolutely adorable characters from one of my Disney favourites: Bambi. Pandora always seem to limit themselves a lot with the AW Disney collections, which tend to be very small; however, unlike last year’s, I think this year’s launch makes better use of the collection’s size by introducing something completely fresh and new, rather than just more Mickey/Minnie pieces.

The plain silver detailing on Bambi and Thumper gets a huge thumbs up from me as well, while the fun enamel colours on the L&S bead suit the spirit of that particular film.

Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 collection

For Mickey & Minnie fans, there will be a set of Disney Petites for the Floating Lockets, detailed in CZ and black enamel. These are rather cute, I think!

You might also notice that this is a new Floating Locket design, too – this one has CZ detailing around the edge. The current offerings are plain silver. :)

My Comment

In my opinion, this is a really great little Disney launch from Pandora: I can’t tell you how excited I am to see Bambi and Thumper! Dangles aren’t always my first choice for character beads, but I think in this case it has given Pandora the scope to really get the styling of each character just right – right down to the little butterfly perched on Bambi’s tail! At first I thought that the detailing on Bambi’s face looked potentially a little off from the stock image, but then I realised that his head is actually turned to look at the butterfly, just like that classic image of him. When you see it that way, his details look perfect. Thumper, too, is absolutely spot on.

I have never seen Lilo & Stitch, but I like that charm’s design – the characters have been captured well, I think, and Stitch looks particularly cute!

What do you think of these new Pandora Disney designs? Are any going on your wish list?

78 Comments on Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection Sneak Peek

  1. I literally cannot wait for Lilo and Stitch!!! I’ve been wanting them since the Pandora Disney came out! So excited!!!

  2. I love Disney, in this case Bambi and Thumper are in my wish list, I’ll wait to see L&S bead in person to decided about it. I don’t have a floating locket, I really don’t like necklaces, but the Disney petites are very tempting… Thank you for the good news!!!

    • You are very welcome! :D Glad to hear you love Bambi and Thumper, too. I think the Lilo & Stitch bead is so fun and the blue enamel really pretty – but I’ve never seen the film and I think I’d find it hard to style.

  3. Bambi and Thumper are on my must have list! I’m happy to see that they’re plain silver. I like some enamel detailing, but all – over solid colors similar to Piglet and Dumbo are are a bit less versatile, I think. I’ll be buying those two for sure! Thanks for the update, Ellie!

    • Me too! I was so pleased to see them, and even better that they’re plain silver. I already have a space marked out for them in my collection! :D

  4. Thank you so much for the previews! My daughter loves Stitch so she will be happy to see that charm!

    • Glad to hear it! I’ve heard a lot of requests for a L&S charm, so it’s great that they’ve finally done one.

      • Hi Ellie, I was just browsing on the Disneystore website and guess what , it’s Lilo & Stitch 15th anniversary.

  5. necklace is Soufeel copy. Pandora copy other brands ( Sabo, Soufeel etc.). I don’t buy anymore Pandora. It’s over…

    • yes they do copy other brands, but then again i think other brands copy them as well. i like the quality and detail Pandora has in their jewelry, i think this makes it better and prettier and more special than the other brands.

    • For sure Pandora isn’t based on originality; their brand is based on a few repeated designs, and Disney, which has a limited market at best. Pandora stock is down this last quarter. Part of the drop is due to slow retail sales across the US and UK, and part because of branding changes in shops, stores closing (700 locations in the US and Canada), etc. The downturn isn’t yet a trend, but it could very easily become one given higher prices for jewelry lacking in originality, and fewer buying options.

      • Yes I got a floating locket for my 10th birthday and that was 15 years ago. I was shocked to see pandora released a floating locket.

    • Sorry to hear that. I am buying a lot of retired beads at the moment myself, but I’m still hopeful for the future!

    • Pandora, Chamelia, Persona, are all companies with their own style and particularity and of course they will compete among other brands and maybe offering better quality. Some charms look best in one brand than others and there is nothing wrong with mixing them together as long as your happy with each one. I also think it is important to let Pandora know what we expect from them and wish for.

      Dreams do come true! At the time, I did not buy Thumper from Chamelia which I regretted. I will get this time the Pandora style including Bambi. I do hope Jeremy the cricket and Pinocchio will eventually be available.?

      I am so glad to see that Bambi’s legs are on a surface (looks like grass) so the charm will not get stuck into knitting sweaters.?

  6. Hi Ellie,

    Bambi and Thumper are so adorable! I’m interested in seeing the Parks exclusives as well. I’ve yet to purchase a Floating Locket, but I do like them. I’ll reserve my opinion of this new one with CZ’s until I’ve seen it in person. There was such a small collection of petites to choose from, I couldn’t justify buying a locket. The Mickey/Minnie petites are really cute though.

    Thanks for the sneak peek, Ellie. I’m anxious to see the Parks exclusives as well.

      • Aha, sometimes I read back over posts and think the same thing! Late night blogging is not a good combo!

    • Hi Emily! Totally agree. They look lovely! I don’t have anything at all on the Parks exclusives yet, but I’d like to see some more festive beads. I love my Minnie holly charm from a couple of years ago.

  7. I’m loving the Disney floating petites, these are a must st for me. Just need someone to help me get them shipped to the UK

        • I work in a Pandora Store in Australia and a lot of customers have asked about the petites in the Disney Range and my manager asked a representative of Pandora and Pandora quoted there will not Petites available in the Disney anytime soon as this is still on the discussion board. I am just curious????

  8. Thanks for a lovely preview. I like the look of Thumper, so cute. I’m not usually bothered for the Disney dangles, but I’ll probably get this one.

  9. Very cute, i’m anxious to see park exclusives now. By the way, thanks for the info about the % off sale in the U.S. this week. I dont knoe if i would have heard of it other wise. I will definitely be taking part in it. I called my local pandora store and they said that there will be a lot of charms included in this sale! So, it sounds good.

  10. I like the disney locket. Petites are cute, locket with Cz rim looks nice and not over the top to me. But i think it will b too pricey for me. Gotta save up for that.

    • By the way, there is a promotion in Australia on radiant heart bangle. Buy 1 $49, 2 for $69, 3 for $99.

      • Ooohhh thanks! They seem to be doing sly promos in Australia lately. Had free earrings last week!

    • The Petites are super cute, but I’m reluctant to invest in the locket as I just don’t know how much I’d wear it. :)

  11. The thumper looks even cuter in other images I have seen, so he is a must. I believe there will be 6 disney petites rather than just the 3 shown, something like Mickeys glove and his shorts ect

    • I think he looks cute enough in this one, so I’m glad to hear that haha! Yes I heard about that but haven’t had a pic of it so far.

  12. Also any one who is signed up to the Australian newsletter would know that the coloured enamel bangles are now 3 for $99 rather than their RRP here of $119 which is a huge reduction. Not sure if this is everywhere or just Australia.

  13. Hi Ellie! My son’s childhood bracelet is almost finished. Just need the panda bear tomorrow on the last call tray sale. Time to start my childhood bracelet. Bambi and Thumper for sure! I haven’t indulged in a floating locket yet, I have an antique one that I wear a lot. To me, lockets are supposed to be closed and the contents hidden. Just an individual quirk of mine. Looking forward to the AW releases. Thanks for showing the pics!

    • Hi Deborah! I know what you mean about lockets. I’ve such a soft spot for a good old-fashioned locket, but I don’t own one. I had one that I used to wear when I was little a lot, but have never reinvested in one. I should! Glad to hear you also like the Bambi and Thumper charms – hopefully there will be more in future previews that we both like. :D

  14. I love Thumper! I don’t like dangles that much but he is just perfect! I have been thinking of signing up for one of these services that pst on from the US to UK – does anyone have any experience of those? I know it may be a little expensive, but is it ridiculously so? Just an idea, if not my neighbour is going to New York later this year, hopefully it will be after the launch!

    • I have done that in the past, and it is reasonably pricey. You have to pay a reasonable amount for shipping, and then you get charged customs as well. So it added a good £30 on to the total for me last time. There may be a better way of doing it. I much prefer getting an actual friend to help me. :)

  15. Hi ellie these pieces look really cute I was expecting just the heads for the bambi pieces. My favourite has to be the mickey and minnie for the necklace.

    • Hi Nicola, ohh I’m so glad they didn’t do portraits. I would not have liked that, especially with a deer! It would have reminded me of a hunting trophy I think, haha. Glad to hear you like them too!

    • Hi

      The Dumbo charm is released actually but it’s just sold out at the Disney Parks and two unfortunately it’s sold with 2 other charms
      So the 3 charms including the Dumbo are sold as a set only at Disney Parks and there’s no telling of when the charms will be sold separately

      • I think I read that they were releasing the charms individually on July 1st, but maybe they completely sold out of everything they had as the sets? I think Mrs. Potts sold out really quickly as well and it is still out of stock, although you can get that one at regular Pandora stores. I was waiting for them to be sold individually to get them, so now I guess I’ll have to wait a while. The up side of the quick sell out is that they’ll definitely make more of these, and maybe they’ll make more ride charms. Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn, Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room, It’s a Small World, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean would be awesome!

        • You can get Dumbo on the US Disney Store website. I’m sure that they will restock it eventually. There is also a Disney Parks shopping app that lets you buy anything from any of the stores in Disney World and ship it to your house. Sometimes things are available more quickly through the app.

    • Dumbo, Alice in the teacup, and the carousel are available in a set and individually on the Disney Store website right now.

    • Dumbo, Alice in Teacup and the carousel are all available separately on the Disney Parks shopping app now.

  16. Omg sometimes I seriously scar myself of how I predicted these charms

    And Bambi is exactly how I imagined it and how I would of designed it and I also imagined the floating lockets to be like this

    Though I did imagine stitch to be a plain silver dangle so I’m a little disappointed in the stitch charm and the new Lion King live action will be coming out in 2019 so I’m definitely pridicting some amazing charms to go with such a perfect movie

    • Aha, I know – I couldn’t believe it when I saw Bambi there, looking at the butterfly, after reading your comment. You are a good source of info regarding upcoming films and anniversaries – it is a very good way of predicting future charms! The Lion King would be so cute in charms. I hope they do that!

      • Yeah well Lion King the animated version is due for a 25th anniversary in 2019 which is also the same year they decide to release the live action Lion King movie so it’ll be a pretty big year for lion king in 2019 so I can’t see them not making any lion king charms as lion king is just such an iconic movie And I do strongly feel like Simba should be a dangle for sure and Nala too I mean I swear if they put Simba and Nala on beads like they did Stitch and Lilo I think I’m gonna kill Disney

        And I actually feel like a Bay Max dangle charm would be so cute

        • Hi MAJ, I laughed so hard after reading your comment regarding Disney’s character not being dangles… because I felt so frustrated when I saw Olaf’face on a bead instead of a dangle (Chamelia did such a cute one but is not sold in Canada?☹?)
          Bambi looks so cute with the butterfly and I think my new purple CZ butterfly dangle will make a nice match, adding Thumper, a few lilac beads… there goes my new bracelet ?

  17. Ha and it’s kinda funny how they would release Spring summer characters in the winter time

    Cause lilo & stitch are both Hawaii summer character and Bambi and thumper are spring characters like it just doesn’t make much sense I guess and Minnie and Mickey are obviously an all year round kinda thing

    And they should also release flower from Bambi

    • Mm, they are slightly out of season I guess, although I’m not complaining! Although one of the most iconic Bambi moments is him running in the snow, so there’s that I suppose.

  18. I want them all. :) I wonder if they are going to get a collection going of mostly plain silver dangles. So far they’ve done the castles, Piglet, Ariel as a mermaid, Alice in a bottle, Maximus, Dumbo, and now these from Bambi. They are basically the old style of charms that Disney sold in the parks from the 50s to the 90s. They stopped selling them almost completely after that. I really like Pandora bracelets because they don’t have the problems of getting caught on things that my regular charm bracelets do. However, I love the Disney dangles they’ve been making and at some point I may just make a bracelet with all dangles. Pandora ones still have the benefit that you can switch them around on your bracelet.
    Is the Lilo and Stitch charm white in the background like the Olaf charm? I like the tea party, Fantasia, Snow White anniversary, and Sleeping Beauty fairy charms the best of all the Disney charms, but it is kind of difficult to make out the characters on the beads. The Olaf, Gelatoni, and this Lilo and Stitch one seem like the characters really stand out nicely.

    • Yes, I think that’s right re the Lilo and Stitch. It seems to be the same sort of design! I think the enamel’s quite nice and vibrant on these beads (love the sapphire blue enamel on Stitch!) so they should stand out all right on this one, as you say! And they’re a bit different to Pandora’s other beads, which is also nice.

  19. Hi do you know when they plan on releasing the Disney necklace? I’m going in October 15th- 4 November

  20. I was at Disneyland this weekend and they already have the charms available except the park exclusives. I was able to pick up Bambi and Thumper on my way out. They’re adorable. ;)

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