There seems to be a veritable flood of promotions running this summer; in addition to all the offers I wrote about in my recent promo round-up, Pandora in Australia and New Zealand have surprised us with a rather amazing offer on the Spring 2017 enamel bangles!

This “Stack and Save” promotion is as follows: get one bangle for $49 AUD; 2 for $69 AUD; and 3 for $99 AUD. If you buy more than three, each additional bangle is priced at $33 AUD. Not bad considering the retail price on these is $119 AUD each, eh!

The offer is running, while stocks last, both in Pandora concept stores and online at the Australian eStore. There’s a limit of nine bangles per customer (which I think would do it).

These bangles were launched back in the spring, and are very new; I guess they can’t have sold well if Pandora AU/NZ are selling them off so cheap, but I personally love them. I think they look gorgeous with all the colours stacked together, too:

Image by Pandora WEM

If I wasn’t planning on spending all the monies in the Pandora UK sale tomorrow, then I would be sorely tempted by this offer! Are you going to be taking part?

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  1. I was tempted!! I’m holding out for Australia sale which hopefully is in NZ too . If not one of my sister’s lives in Australia so she could be my personal shopper! Or my other sister lives in U.K

    • It’s tough isn’t it? ^^ I know that I’ll probably enjoy shopping the sales more, but this deal is too good!

    • Amazing! I’d have gone for mint, pink and lavender, I think. :D but all the colours are so lovely!

  2. The Australian sale starts mid next week apparently. However the good charms always sell out straight away. So best of luck to you.

    • Yep, the 22nd I was told for Australia – I remember how quickly the charms sold out online last time! It must have been a proper frenzy, haha. :) I think I’ll try for a pear anyhow!

  3. Hi Ellie,

    We just had the spend more save more, now we are having (the first-ever, I think) actual sale (June 15th) in the US, plus the leather bracelet promo next month, etc. (I think the sale is a trial at edging out the Rue sales so they don’t have to share the profit!) And we are seeing drastic price cuts and almost new items go directly to the sale rack! What is up with Pandora? They must really need help moving the merchandise…

    • They do need help at the moment. Retail sales are down 30% in the US. They’re frantic right now to move product out of stores.

      • Maybe they need to try making a few original products, with greater variety and a lower price tag! 99% of their beads are now made to be expensive focal beads. What about beads to fill up a whole bracelet at a reasonable price!! I am not crying for them!

    • Hi Lisa! I know, there’s been a real shift hasn’t there? It wasn’t so long ago that they were trying to crop back on promos in NA. And now we’re having so many! It would be interesting if they did stop using Rue to host sales. I’d be sad, as I like the regularity of the Rue sales. If you decided against something before, you can usually still get it a couple of months later if you change your mind.

  4. I check it out online yesterday night and they are mostly out of stock. Hope they replenish the stock online. Will check out my local jeweller to see if they are participating in this promotion. I don’t know which 3 to choose. All very pretty.

  5. Is anybody able to help with this promotion? I love these bangles and really want to partake, but I live in the U.S. There was a thread about it on Pandora’s Angels, but it was since deleted. :(

  6. I went on the estore as soon as I saw the comments on your blog last night. I have wanted the white bangle since they came out. The stock was disappearing as I was trying to check out. My size was gone, went back later & was able to grab one. Even with shipping on one bangle the price is still less than 50% of original price (with 2 young kids I couldn’t go around to stores today). If I wasn’t saving for the sale next week I definitely would have got more. They had restocked some sizes online early this morning. Thanks again for the info.

    • That’s why I didn’t go for it – the sales! There are so many promos and offers going on at the moment that I’m all turned around, haha. My budget is all shot to pieces! You’re welcome, glad you were able to get one at least!

  7. Wish we had this offer in the UK. I think these look lovely stacked together, but I’d only get them if they were on offer, as I’d want more than one.

    • Yes, it would be great if they did this in other regions, too. Maybe they’ll see how well it’s gone in Australia and copy it!

  8. These bangles sold like hotcakes in Australia, i rang up my local Pandora store at 9:00 in the morning & she was kind enough to put away 2 for me ( i choose the lavender & pink they look amazing together with my bow bangle which i brought earlier this year.
    By the time i arrived at the Pandora store around 12:00 they were all gone & their was a lady their waiting to buy mine
    Thank god that the sales assistant put aside 2 for me.
    Thanks again ellie for the promotion alert
    I would not of knowen about it without your e-mail

    • Julie, you should sign up for the Pandora Club. It’s free to join. You can do it on the Pandora Australia website. They send out emails which will give you info about any upcoming sales (usually you get 24hrs notice) including special one day sales like the earing promo last week.

    • They have sold out so quickly, but it’s hardly surprising I guess when it’s such a heavy discount! Amazing price. :D You are very welcome, and apologies I didn’t get it out sooner – I had to head off to work so the post was done when I came home :)

  9. You’re right, Ellie, they haven’t sold well at all. Nothing is selling well in retail at the moment, but jewelry is taking a large hit. Pandora is also working at opening 400 new concept stores worldwide by 2019, with a focus on India, if I’m recalling the report correctly.

    Pandora’s aim is to direct the herd toward concept stores, because it’s a marketing fact that people buy more while in-store under the shining lights. :-)

    It’ll be interesting to see where the brand goes in the next two or three years.

    • Yes, it will be very interesting. Once all these retirements settle down and we see a few more collections, it’ll be interesting to take stock and actually see what’s in our Pandora catalogues! They’ll be very different to those even two years or a year ago, it seems.

  10. Thanks Lozzie for your information on the Pandora club, i did sign up for it a little while ago & i was receiving their promotion alerts. I think the problem is that I have way tòo many e-mails & they are no longer getting through.I have now created a new email account so I should receive their next promotion.
    Thanks again & have a great day.

  11. Hello. Do you know when this promotion ends? I just saw this post and would really really really like to buy them and I’m hoping it hasn’t finished yet.

  12. These are in the sale in the Netherlands for half price! The new droplet rings too!
    Not sure what is going on with Pandora at the moment.

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