The day’s finally here – the Pandora summer sales have started here in the UK, offering significant discounts on retiring or soon-to-be-retiring jewellery! The sale is running both in store and online – it’s always worth having a flip round all the various online retailers, as the stock does vary slightly between them, and you might find something different! :)

There are some great deals to be had this time around: my pick of everything is definitely the oxidised bracelet for £25. I’m torn as it’s great to be able to get it at such a nice discount, but also really sad to see it going! :( (If you want to be sold on whether you should get one, check out my review here!)

My other favourites include some of the newer beads, including the Shimmering Medallion (£35) and the Petals of Love (£25).

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

pandora valentine's 2016

I think it’s quite interesting that so many of the more recent pave beads have gone into the sale, considering how hard Pandora has been pushing them lately. Perhaps they were priced just a little too high to be big sellers. In any case, it’s great to have a chance to purchase them at a more affordable price point!

Of the older beads, I’m also keen to pick up the two-tone Apple, the black enamel Mystic Floral clip and perhaps the silver Bells dangle. I already purchased a couple of things from the official UK eStore, which had a few much older pieces left over from their spring sale – I got two Seattle two-tone spacers, plus two Elemental Flow clips. Two-tone spacers are hard to come by these days, and the clips are such a classic!

Are you purchasing anything?

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  1. Yes, I already did :)) In Germany the VIP Sale started yesterday and the official one today, so I already bought a few pieces, namely the Dog Bowl Charm, the Springtime Pendant Charm and the Butterfly Silver Stud earrings. I´m really excited to get them :D
    I´m looking forward to see your new designs and reviews!
    Br, Emöke

    • Very nice! The Dog Bowl is such a cute bead, I was very tempted by that one but I already have the I <3 My Dog bone dangle. My list of pieces is very long indeed, but I'm waiting to see how many of my US pieces actually make it to me - I've already had one thing refunded to me as being out of stock.

      Thank you, I'm looking forward to using all the new things in designs :D and I need to get round to actually posting some summer reviews! It's been so busy that I've got one ready to go, there just hasn't been a chance to post it!

  2. I’ve just checked out the sale and am going to have a pot of tea and have a think about which of the 2 tones to purchase! I am worker be on my two tone bracelet but they are usually so expensive so I’ll be using the same. Definitely getting the Devine angel and the heart jewellery box with the ring inside!

    • Sounds absolutely ideal – a cup of tea and some Pandora planning! Hope you came to some good conclusions ^^ I got that heart jewellery box in a Rue sale recently – I’m not engaged or married, but I just thought it was such a pretty bead! And some day I will be, haha, so I didn’t think it was too off. For now it’s more of a representation of my love of jewellery (and being given presents :P) in general!

  3. All great plans………… I changed my mind and left the oxidized bracelet Was quite sensible or so I thought — bought 2 two tone clips, santas sleigh, the light blue leather bracelet, I am glad to have purchased the blue butterfly moranos in the spring sale as they have gone up in price in this sale (but the blue leather bracelet went down) I was hoping for more earrings in the sale – I purchased 6 of the very reduced essence charms so now my essence bracelet is complete with colour and alternative silver charms and have started on my 2nd. I was hoping for the dark blue leather to be in the sale. OOooo it has been better than christmas:) :) I will be keeping an eye on this sale to see if there is anything left at the end of the month (pay day) I quite fancy the china doll and lantern …..but that will mean another bracelet. Whilst I move my charms around I do like having separate bracelets So spoilt for choice. I may go back for more two tone…….. But I may be sensible and purchase some items for xmas presents. … or I may not. Thanks for a wonderful blog not only in keeping us all up to date but in providing inspiration for how to wear our Pandora

      • ……….And I buckled after reading your review of the oxidised bracelet – went and purchased on in the sale…

        • Ahaha, I love these little periodic updates on your purchases! ? It’s so how my sale spending went as well, haha. I also helped a couple of friends out overseas with our sale, so the amount of money that’s gone out to Pandora from me over the past couple of days is breathtaking!

          Glad to hear the review helped persuade you, the oxidised bracelet is a favourite of mine!

    • Ah, amazing! I was hoping one of the shops would have the garnet Santa’s Sleigh for sale, as that’s a classic Christmas bead I don’t own, but I’ve not found one yet. The two-tone one is beautiful, I got it for Christmas the year it came out :)

      So much fun to read about all your purchases and plans – and very glad to hear you enjoy the blog! Thanks for commenting :D

  4. just checked out the site, I saw those rose gold dangles, those are 70% off! just like in the Netherlands, such a good deal! :o

    • They’ve been on there for a while – I got a couple from Rue La La a little while ago too! A very good price, although they were super expensive to start with.

    • You can use a shipping host like Shop and Ship, which for a membership fee gives you addresses in different countries so you can take advantage of sales. Your purchase goes from the in-country address to a Shop and Ship outlet, which then redirects it to you. I haven’t used the service, but The Art of Pandora has used it, and says it works great.

    • The US has a sale going on now. If you buy three of the sale items you get 50% off. Buy one you get 30%, buy two 40% off. The sale is online and in stores. They have some really good items on sale .

    • Official retailers can’t ship internationally, so I’m afraid not :( the best way, I find, is to get yourself a helper via one of the Facebook pages or just through friends you’ve made through Pandora communities online! People are very good about helping each other out :)

  5. Sales, sales, sales… crazy. Rue is having a Just For You mini-sale right now. I looked, but there’s nothing for me. I’m hoping for a full Rue sale soon with newly retired items. Fingers crossed.

    • I saw that! I got the ballet shoes charm from it to go with the pink pave clasp bracelet I have bought in the US sales (provided they don’t refund me!). I’d love another Rue sale with new items too – but I’d appreciate a little breather after these, haha.

  6. Hi Elli. I commented in another post by mistake that I´ve seen some more stock images from the event at Casapandora in Madrid. They belong to the upcomming A/W collection. How could I send them to you?

  7. I have noticed quite a sales price difference between retailers this time around (online) I usually buy from the Jewel hut, but I compared offerings from the Pandora Estore (bigger selection obviously) and the house of fraser too and the Jewel huts sales prices are more than that of the other two retailers e.g the Shimmering Medallion charm is £50 on TJH vs £35.

    • Yes, the Jewel Hut often put their sale prices up a little higher, but it’s been a bit of a bigger gap this time I think. You just have to shop around!

  8. OH YES I hope to purchase soon… glad they have it online. because where i live they have no store and have to always ask someone to pick up stuff for me.
    yeah yeah yeah .
    so happy with the online ability to shop.

    • I did that sale too! I’ve been appalling with my spending but I’ve picked up a few pieces I’ve wanted for a while, so I’m happy really! ;)

  9. Ooh, sales excitement here too! I do enjoy a nose round all the websites to see what’s on offer. So far I’ve only bought a two tone cupcake, which I’ve looked at a few times previously. Hoping to get into one or two shops over the weekend, so looking forward to seeing what’s on the sale trays, fingers crossed I can pick up another bargain or two :)

    • Me too! I spent mostly on the eStore this time around as they had the biggest selection, but the free shipping on the others means that it’s tempting to nip back for just the odd item. Very dangerous! Hope you find some stuff this weekend too!

  10. I was wondering how many silver bracelets do people wear at one time?
    I have a regular one starting a Disney and debating on beach theme but don’t want to have bracelets i don’t wear often

    • I have 3 charm bracelets and 2 essence bracelets. I only wear one at a time. One each day at work. On the weekends, I add a Pandora bangle on my other arm.

      • I wear a leather bracelet and essence bracelet every day on my watch arm and wear my moments silver bracelets on my right arm. At weekends I add my disney moments to my left and don’t wear a watch (I have one on a chain) and alternate others. I have two essence bracelets and three (one is a christmas theme) moments bracelets (starting my 4th in two tone) and have two leather bracelets.
        I tend to pick up older charms or charms in sales based on the charm rather than having a coordinated bracelet. Even my Disney is a mish mash — blue moranos next to Cinderella and frozen let it be charms, with Mickey and minnie then pink muranos next to my newest additions on tigger and eyeore then yellow red flower muranos either side of Pooh and his honey pot charm. But my others are just silver
        I have worn my two moments bracelets together and my husband said I looked like a gypsy. My view —A girl can never have to many and although relatively new to Pandora I see it as a collection and a hobby so do not worry that some are worn more than others.

        • thanks Jacqui for your reply your essence is it a beaded essence?
          I was wearing my essence on my watch arm as well but not i got a apple watch andthink it looks funny together.
          do you often wear 2 moments together?

    • Usually just the one, but sometimes I’ll wear two charm bracelets or a charm bracelet plus a leather/bangle. I always wears two Essence bracelets together – I find just the one looks too dainty on my wrist.

      • So some people do wear two moments at one time?
        With the essence which bracelet do people prefer?
        I was going to get the beaded one but lady said she has seen them break

  11. Hiya!

    Having read your review on the oxidised bracelet I decided to get one! (£25 such good value couldn’t not get it!) I got 2 swirl clips to go with it, I like the little bit of gold on them which I think will go well with the oxidised bracelet. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

    Also got the turtle for £10 which I think was on sale from spring but I hadn’t noticed it then for some reason – I will be putting it on my new blue mix leather bracelet from the Summer release as a feature :-)


    • Hi Kerry! Ah, so glad to hear that the review has convinced you as well – I’m a big fan of the oxidised bracelet. It’s such a shame that they’re going. I guess you have to be more of a dedicated collector to purchase one though, as I think most people would prefer the classic silver Pandora bracelet if they’re just buying one bracelet more casually. An oxidised bracelet tends to be a later purchase, going by what I hear from other people. <3

      Anyway, I think that the swirl clips would be perfect with them! Mine arrived yesterday and I love them. I was worried they'd be a bit bulky from the stock image but they're actually a very nice size. The oxidised detailing on them will go so nicely with your bracelet too! Turtle is also adorable - I paid a similar price for it back in the Dutch sales a couple of years ago when I was on holiday in Amsterdam. Great buys! xx

  12. I was browsing the online sale first thing this morning but decided to think carefully about it today as I wanted so much but mustnt overspend! So after careful consideration I decided to spend most of my Pandora fund on the beautiful rose gold Essence Love bead, I have been wanting that one for so long but it was out of my price range! I also got the supercute forest fairy, which is going on my pink flowers and fairies bracelet, I have been saving a place for it. There was so much I wanted, but I have started to think it would be nice to save up and get a few more expensive beads rather than a lot of cheaper ones, as I have quite a few bracelets now. I don’t know whether I will stick to that though! Happy sale shopping everyone!

    • Ah, I was looking at how beautiful the rose gold Essence bead looked as well. It is stunning! My Essence bracelets are pretty much how I want them though, so I passed on it. The Forest Fairy is a gorgeous bead – such a shame that it got discontinued so early.

      Happy shopping to you too – you picked two very lovely pieces!

  13. I bought two of the eternity pink spacers and the black daisy clip in the preview sale in store and I just caved in and bought the honeysuckle pink leather bracelet for £25. Loved it last summer but couldn’t justify at that time at £50. Will definitely stop now. Wasn’t going to get the pink bracelet and leave some Pandora funds for the new open bangle, the purple glitter Murano and maybe the white orchid dangle but is was too much of a bargain for something I really like and will wear frequently. I already wear my double purple leather bracelet with my purple and pink themed silver moments bracelet so I can “triple up” with this one now.

    • Ah I got the black daisy clip as well! <3 And I got the honeysuckle leather on promotion last year - so I very much approve both your choices! <3 I'm sure you'll get around to the open bangle soon. I've got one on its way to me from the Canadian promotion and I'm really looking forward to trying it out!

      • OOO my honeysuckle pink bracelet came toady and it is FAB U LOUS !
        I have put my flower garden Murano on it and it is just perfect. The bracelet really showcases the Murano charm and picks out the pink in the charm. Nothing has done this charm justice up to now. (I think I got that idea from you Ellie). So pleased. That’s deffo it for sale. Planning on the open bangle in Duty free on 9th July. Did your open bangle come yet Ellie?

        • It is not here quite yet but very soon I’m hoping! I’m not too disappointed it’snot here yet because it spreads out all my purchases out quite nicely haha. The honeysuckle and the flower garden are such a great combo, enjoy! <3

  14. This morning, the (15th), there were 280 items on sale at pandora online store in the U.S. And now tonight there are only 44 items left.

  15. I must tell you I have received two of my three orders from estore. Fantastic to play with my new charms in the sun

  16. Hello Ellie, I am new to this blog but like reading it and your helpful comments. I have ended up getting quite a lot in the sale and other charms over the past few weeks. After reading your comments I have just bought the oxidised silver bracelet 19 cm, but also in the sale bought the honeysuckle pink double woven bracelet, purple fizzle Murano. Blue butterfly kisses Murano. Pink butterfly kisses Murano, Majestic Swan charm, Sparkling Leaves clip, Lots of Love (gold and pink enamel hearts) charm, then not in the sale bought the Purple Intertwining Radiance charm and Pink Nature’s Radiance charm. Also got my daughter a blue double woven bracelet and blue butterfly Murano, and for later a spirituality essence charm, I have found that putting a clip at the end of the honeysuckle pink double woven bracelet prevents the charms falling off. Really like your blog and news. Will have to save for Christmas now! Liz

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