Yet another promo and a post from me: in addition to the UK sales and the enamel bangle promo in Australia, Pandora are having their first ever sale in the US as well! It’s available from the 15-25 June and offers discounts on a surprisingly wide range of charms, bracelets, rings and other jewellery.

Running both in store and online, the sale works slightly differently to those in other countries: if you buy one item, you get 30% off; if you buy two, then you get 40% off; and if you buy three or more, then you get 50% off.

The sale includes a number of retired or soon-to-be-retiring items, but I’m told that not all the pieces included will be discontinued. There are some beautiful things on offer – my top picks include the muranos, the beautiful two-tone Heart safety chain, the adorable Candy Cane and the charm bracelets (the oxidised chain and two of the pave barrel clasp colours!).

Are you taking part? If so, what are you getting? ?

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  1. I got the purple pave clasp bracelet, a couple of rings, and quite a few charms and spacers. For those in the U.S., you can shop at and get free shipping and no sales tax if you’re outside MN.

    • That’s where I shopped! The sale was live at midnight so I hopped online, got a ton of charms, and bonus…no sales tax and free shipping :)

      • I got on only around 10–sometimes with them you have to call, so I didn’t realize the items would be available online. Quite a few items were showing as “backordered” when I was shopping.

        But I’ll hit a store this weekend, too, to see if I have missed out on something. :)

        And love the $25 savings on tax. That’s another charm!

    • After reading your comment, I went and looked there as well – may have ordered a few things! ?

    • Thank you very much for the info. I was able to get 2 lobster clasp bracelet in 23cm (to be worn as an anklet) and a couple of charms to avail of the discount.

  2. Hi, I’m pretty new to pandora but I found this site and I just love it. I bought two lobster clasp silver bracelets this morning because the price was so good and they were selling out fast (I got one for my daughter). I already have a barrel clasp so I thought I’d be nice to try that style. I also got the remarkable rabbit because I needed a third item to get the 50% off and nothing else at the lower price point appealed to me. I also bought through MOA site because they had a better bracelet size selection unlike the pandora e-store.

    • Hi Sarah, I’m so pleased to hear that – hope you’ve had fun starting with Pandora! ^^ I did the same with the Becharming site as they had the pink pave barrel clasp in a 19cm, which was completely sold out via the eStore. Most of the stuff on the UK site has not sold out at all, but the US sale seems to have sold through like wild fire! Enjoy your new pretties :)

      • My my Pandora , just when I started to loose faith in you you get very us thus fantastic sale. I had so much fun shopping and I hit some very nice things. The two tone safety chain, wild heart murano, pave strawberry, apple, watermelon, starburst clip, key to my heart, two tone apple, 14kt heart ring, and a few others. It was like my birthday, Christmas and Easter all rolled into one .

        • Ah, what an amazing haul :D I’ve picked up so many things myself. I know what you mean about Christmas and birthday all in one! It’ll keep me going until the Autumn launch, which is great as I’m not planning on anything from the Pre-Autumn collection in July :D

  3. This morning, the 15th, the U.S. pandora online store had 280 items in sale, but by nightfall only 44 item are left. I decided to go in store to purchase and see charms in person. Got a lot, spent a lot, but could have even spent more. Pretty awsome sale.

    • Aha, I saw that! It was a great sale :) I got a couple of pieces myself even though I already shopped the UK sale! Oh dear!

  4. I went to my local Pandora store today to take advantage of this sell and wow so many nice items to choose from. I ended up getting two starshine spacers and the crystal moon and star dangle for my star braclet and I got two blush eternity spacers and one white looking glass for my flower braclet. I got the oxidized bracelet and the purple barrel clasp braclet also and I got the mother of pearl ring and the star trail ring. They also let me pick out two pairs of earrings for free cause they were running some other promo if you spend 125$ you got a pair of earrings. I got dazzling daisys studs and the in my heart studs. I am very excited about this sell and am actually thinking about going back to get more. They had a lot of gold essence beads on sale, I could not believe that.

    • I know, I am kind of bowled over by the selection across all the various countries and sales! Seems like almost everything has been in at least one country’s sale, haha. What will be left? Love your choices – I was tempted by the Starshine spacers but went for bracelets in the end. We never got the pave barrel clasps here in the UK and I guess they’re thinking about retiring them in the US, so it seemed like a good opportunity to get them.

      How cool that you got another promo thrown in as well! I hadn’t heard about that one. :) Enjoy your new pieces, I’m looking forward to receiving mine!

      • Yes the SA told me that the earring promo was a promo that they only called the Pandora credit card holders and let them know about it. I don’t have a credit card but I am thinking of getting one because of these little promos that we could miss out on. You don’t have to have the card in order to participate in the promo but you would not know about if you did not have the card. She did say that they only called the first two pages of the list and then quit so not everybody on the list got called. I don’t think they were supposed to let me take part in two promos at the same time but heck I took it. Anyway hope you find your braclets. I just placed another order and I am hoping it goes through.

        • Thank you – I think I’ve found another pink pave clasp bracelet after b charming refunded me, but they’ve not dispatched it or confirmed it yet, so we will have to wait and see! :)

  5. Hi there! If “Shop til you drop” was in the dictionary, my picture would be there! I hit Be Charming at 10:00 pm last night (midnight in Minnesota). Then I went to Elisa Ilana for some things that got taken from my cart at Be Charming before I could check out. My main hunt was for the Daisy Mother of Pearl and gold Signet Ring in my size. Went to Pandora in Scottsdale Quarter and found it today. And way too much other stuff! Bracelets, gold Mystic Serenity and Wanderlust, tons of Essence (4 gold), and charms, spacers, and clips that had been on my wish list for a while. Pricing was too good to pass up. I will be able to finish several bracelets now that have been works in progress. Finally got to see the open bangle in person. It looks good with a Murano and the stoppers on either side. Or open on top with stoppers next to the end caps. My friend bought the plain one and put the new mint Murano with it. Just stunning!

    • Mine would be right up there with yours, Deborah! ? Amazing haul, though – I got the Mother of Pearl daisy pendant in a Rue sale last year. That whole collection is stunning! I like that you got so much gold, it’s a great time to buy :) I’ve stuck to silver, but the gold prices are always very tempting!

      Enjoy your new haul! I can’t wait for all my things to arrive. :)

  6. Took part in the sale and was happy that my concept store had some older charms so i decided to get mainly charms that have memories for me. I got 2 starfish/sea star charms(which I paired with my teal parrot on an open bangle and they look great together) , the shell with pearl charm, the happy crab charm(all these have very distinct meaning to me and my hubby) and the birds of a feather charm. I also got the luminous floral to pair with my two Koinobori muranos(the mother of pearl glow against the white fish scales looks great also) and these also go on the open bangle. And lastly i got the apple blossom charm which i put on my sparkling strand bracelet. It looks gorgeous hanging from the bottom.
    Opps, thought of one more, I went on the Pandora website yesterday afternoon and got the Free Spirit horse charm since my store didnt have it and the horse also holds great childhood memories for me. I was delighted with my haul and amazed I only got one charm with sparkling cz’s

    • Hi Katie, sorry I missed your comment first time around! :) You got some really lovely pieces – lots from the 2013 summer collection, which was such a hit at the time. Love that you got so much old-school Pandora without the sparkle! I am not sure what I’ve got from the sales at this point, as online stores keep seeming to have oversold and I’ve been refunded twice. :( Hoping my final order will be going through!

  7. I just got a call from the becharming site that one of the bracelets I ordered will not be able to be fullfilled…that is not right. It was in stock when I ordered it pretty early in the day yesterday. So beware if you ordered from there.

    • I just got an e-mail about the same thing. They were likely overwhelmed by the traffic and orders yesterday. As long as I get a refund, I am okay. I’m going to check at Jared and a Pandora store tomorrow, and I’ll see if either has that bracelet.

      • They haven’t refunded me yet, but they wrote a note saying that it would take a little while to process. In the meantime, I just found the pink bracelet at charmsattheplaza instead :)

        • I found my purple one, but I am in FL, so I had to pay tax. And they charged me tax on the full price of the items, so I just sent an e-mail asking why.

        • Ah, okay, I don’t really know how the tax system works in the US. I didn’t have to pay it on mine, I don’t think, so I guess it’s to do with my helper’s address.

      • In annoying news, Be Charming now informs me that they will be sending the purple pave bracelet, so now I will have two.

        • Oh dear, that’s no good. I expect you can return it, especially seeing as it was their error? I do hope they don’t do the same with me as I don’t want two either!

  8. Hey In case anyone is still looking for the bracelets they are still available at the Pandora international plaza in tampa florida and I believe Reeds jewerlers has them also. I got the purple one yesterday at my local store but I was on the hunt again today for the pink one. They are still out there just look at the authorized Pandora online retailers list and then shop from there.

    • Thanks, I just found a pink pave bracelet at charmsattheplaza! Hopefully the same thing won’t happen and they’ll actually send me one :D

  9. I am still shopping today and managed to get the heart safty chain and the pink pave bracelet today. I added another starshine spacer cause I really do like that one and the vintage allure charm and the fairly tale cz charm. Also ordered the dazzling daisy meadow charm. This sell is so much fun and I do not know if I am done yet. Not all of the online stores are sold out yet so might keep looing.

    • Amazing! The heart safety chain is such a great buy. I really, really need to stop, as I’ve picked up so many pieces :D but at least I know that I’m safe from the Pre-Autumn collection, so this is like, all my summer shopping rolled into one haha!

      • I hear you!! I really need to stop too but this is the best sell I have seen Pandora do and I keep thinking of getting more. I just placed another order with charms at the plaza and got two more blush eternity spacers, two starburst clips and another oxidized bracelet cause I wore mine today and fell in love with it so had to have a second one!! LOL, I really hope those orders are going to come thru cause I could have just went to the store and be sure of having them. I went to the outlet today near Pittsburgh and they were running another special buy two charms and get one free I got the iffel tower and the statue of liberty got oopsie daisy free. I bought the reminder ring with rose and got a free leather braclet. Really am looking for the syndey opera house, they said I have to get a personal shopper online from tanger outlets to find some old charms that they do not have locally. I would love to have the old moonstone charms and the old moonstone ring if I could find them. Oh well I will keep looking. Been on a Pandora frenzy lately but not much new coming out that I like so after I find the old I want to get I probably will not be buying much cause the cz and crystals don’t appeal to me as much. I like some of them on a braclet but don’t need a lot.

  10. Here in Holland we also have a fantastic sale!
    I bought the vintage heart dangle, the bangle with the star, en the 3 kings charm for my christmas bracelet.

    • I saw, I wrote about it on Monday! :) It was harder to say what wasn’t in the sale, haha! They’ll have nothing left afterwards ?

  11. Again, thank you for the heads up. I was able to get a few items online, both on and pandora estore as all items are selling out fast.
    To those who are near Hollywood,California, there’s a new Pandora store that formally opened yesterday (June 17th) on Hollywood and Highland. They have a pretty good stock of sale items. I’m so happy about this store because i just need to cross the street to get to the there lol! Happy shopping to everyone around to globe ❤

    • Good morning,
      You are one lucky person? I am too addicted to live across a Pandora store LOL I can’t imagine seeing Pandora from my front window hahahaha My husband would want to move ???

      I am waiting for my last order from Rue La la (I live in Canada) with excitement… but I wish I could have taken part of the US sale… oh well my wallet is happy thow?

      Have a great week everyone!

    • Oh wonderful! I’ve struggled, as both BeCharming and CharmsatthePlaza have refunded me for the pink pave bracelet. I’ve found it on the eStore, but in a size up from my usual. I hope that will be fine – I do have one 20cm bracelet that I just wear a bit looser!

      Aha, I agree with Rachelle – I think living across from a Pandora store would be killer for me, too! There is one down the road from me, or at least a jewellers that sells Pandora, but luckily they close before I get home from work so there’s no real danger there, haha.

      Happy shopping to you too!

    • I just got refunded for the full amount of my order, so I guess not :( but weirdly enough all the items i ordered are still showing as in stock. :/

      • I had place three orders with charms at the plaza and today they called about one of the orders. They said the ring I had ordered had sold out so they wanted to know if I wanted another item instead to keep the order at 50 percent off, so I just had them add another Murano, She said she would have to refund me for the entire order and then place the order again cause of the price difference and I said that was ok. I just found the ring I wanted on another site. Their website was down for a while so I guess they really got busy. Sorry to hear about your bracelet, I am not sure if all my orders will be filled or not but I hope we know in time to try and find the items that were sold out.

        • Good luck with your orders after all that effort.
          I know ordering from Rue La la can be stressful too.☺

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