Today’s post brings (on time, for once!) my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for July 2017 – and beyond!

We’ve got a lot going on this month, with the launch of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 collection later on, the continuation of the summer sales, and the launch of various promos. :D I’ve also included a couple of extra sneak peeks, including some live shots and some teasers for the limited edition Black Friday and Children in Need charms for 2017!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 Release

The biggest event of the month would be the launch of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 collection on the 20th July worldwide. This year’s launch eschews any of the usual travel beads entirely and goes for friendship-themed beads and fabric bracelets. There are also some girls’ night out pieces that might be a good match for the brighter enamel Summer 2017 charms!

For a full preview, see my post here. My favourite of these is the little cocktail glass, but I’m not sure that anything from this collection is a must-have. I’d have preferred some more more travel beads – perhaps a cute collection of animals or cultural motifs. :)

New Unforgettable Moments pendants for the US

When Pandora want to produce a commemorative bead for a specific region, an affordable way for them to do so is often to create a limited edition design using the engravable Unforgettable Moments dangle. This allows them to produce something a little bit fun and special, without having to craft an entirely new design.

Pandora have been running various campaigns to capitalise on the spring/summer wedding season, and recently you might have seen this stock image floating around on social media. It’s a charm for brides-to-be to give their bridesmaids or hens, and retails for $60 USD. It seems to be widely available from most online Pandora retailers in the US:

The other recent addition is this little bead, to celebrate the 4th of July in the US. It’s available from the US eStore, or participating Pandora stores. I’m told that the stores have only received very limited stock of it, however. It’s retailing for $60 USD.

Pandora AW17 Live shots & Updates

I mentioned in my preview of the Pandora Autumn 2017 collection that there were a few charms that had appeared in the live shots that I didn’t have stock images for. I now have them, as you can see below! I’m not sure why they didn’t appear in the NA catalogue I saw – perhaps they are a winter release. :)

Press and media previews continue in various regions around the world. These latest images from an event in Hong Kong are particularly fun as they give us a glimpse of the new Disney beads in person! Bambi and Thumper look reasonably big, but the detailing is so sweet that I will be getting them whatever. ?☺️?

Image by carriebloomwood
Image by Elle Malaysia
Image by elle malaysia

In other photos, you can see the new Fairytale Tiara earrings (first image, bottom left), which look like fairy wings, and lots of other charms from the upcoming AW17 collections, especially the new Rose and signature Pandora pieces. There are also a couple of images at the end of the gallery that give us a great look at some of the upcoming Christmas charms – a new stocking dangle, a pave Santa, a candy cane, and an enamel wreath dangle!

Pandora Summer 2017 Sales Continue

The summer sales are still running in various regions; sales in Australia are set to finish today, from what I understand. There’s new stock in the Pandora UK store (pink faceted muranos, the bouquet two-tone safety chain, etc), while Pandora in Australia and New Zealand have actually taken another 20% off their sale stock, as an additional incentive (a move that I’m not sure of the wisdom of, but hey ho).

Official sales are now running in France, Belgium, and Spain, and continue in Germany and the Netherlands. The range is particularly in good in these European countries (with the exception of Spain, which had lots of gold online, but not much else when I looked), and it’s probably a good thing that I don’t have access to them!

Pandora in Hong Kong are doing their own version of a sale by offering various gift sets at discounted rates. For example, this bracelet gift set is retailing for $1,499 HKD, down from $2,196 HKD:

Finally, US shopping site Rue La La currently have a sale on with a lot of things on offer, which will be running for another four days or so! It’s members only, but as usual you can sign up via my affiliate link. :)

Below is a little sneak peek at one of my latest bracelet projects, which features a lot of what I got in the UK sales haul, along with some things I had previously. I was thinking of doing a little haul post on my various sales purchases – let me know if this is something you’d be interested in!

Pandora Promotions for July 2017

And it’s on to the promos for this month! Before I get into this, I wanted to apologise for not keeping the promos page updated. I’m going to try and spend some time on it soon :) In the meantime, the news round-ups and the promotion alert tag are the best place for latest promo news!

We have a few things coming up for July. Pandora NA will be running the following promo from 6th to the 16th of July, offering your choice of a free ring, pair of earrings or leather bracelet (of up to $75 USD value) with every spend of $100 USD or $125 CAD or more. From the small print, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to upgrade or swap out the bracelet. I think that this will also be available in Canada as well as the US, but I’m just waiting on confirmation on that. :)

There will also be a ‘Girls’ Night Out’ promotion in August, running in Canada from the 10th to the 20th: spend $55 CAD and receive a Pandora tote bag. I would assume that this will be offered in the US as well, but again, there’s been some disconnect between US and Canadian promos recently, so I’m not sure.

In Singapore, there’s also an offer on a cosmetic pouch, which is free with spends of $200 SGD or more while stocks last.

Image by Patty NG

I’m leaving an exciting bit of news until last, however – I’m hearing that Pandora UK have done an about turn on the bracelet promo, and that one has just been dropped into the end of this month, running from the 27th July until the 6th of August. More details to come on that :)

Pandora Children In Need Charm 2017 Teaser

For the past couple of years, Pandora UK have released limited edition charms in support of the BBC charity Children in Need and I’m happy to confirm that there will be another exclusive bead this year.

No conformation yet on price or its release date, but we have a few details about the charm’s design. Unfortunately, it’s very similar to last year’s Pudsey, with the exception that the 2017’s version has one arm raised.

For reference, here’s a shot of the previous two together:


I am told that Pandora UK will be working with a different charity next year, so happily enough any design will have to be something entirely different. :)

Pandora Black Friday 2017 & Christmas Ornament GWP Teasers

More teasers are up next, with some hints at the limited edition Pandora Black Friday 2017 charm and the Christmas ornament GWP for this year! ? For the uninitiated, every year Pandora offer (in select regions) an exclusive Christmas ornament as a gift with purchase around November/December time. They also release a limited edition charm in celebration of the Black Friday shopping event – this used to be a North American exclusive, but last year they made it available in all regions. :D

The Christmas ornament for year is a bell, in the usual white porcelain finish. It will be available in Australia from 16 November, but I don’t have details on other regional availabilities yet. :)

The Black Friday 2017 bead is an ornament in a similar red enamel finish to that of the CNY Lion Dance bead, with swirls and a ruby red shade. It’s also engraved with the year, and is set to be much more Christmassy than last year’s!

My Comment

Another month gone! I know I continually talk in cliches, but this year is just zipping by. At the end of the month, I’m finally going away on my holiday and I’ll be looking to see if there’s anything special I can purchase in the stores in Spain. :D I cannot wait!

My renewed zest for Pandora continues, and has been a really positive little hobby for me over the past couple of months. :D With the latest sales, it’s been fun to pick up some of the older charms, and I’ve definitely overspent, haha! I’m not anticipating getting anything from Pre-Autumn, but I’m looking forward to the AW17 releases. With a combination of bracelet projects centred around some wonderful HTF retired beads, and my favourite decorative beads from the latest collection, I’m planning some designs I’m really excited about. :)

What are you looking forward to this month? Have you got any more purchases planned, or are you all shopped out from the sales?

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    • Oh, is that right? That’s a shame if they’ve let you know that! I’m only ever really a Pandora purist, so I guess I don’t have that problem. Have a lovely week, too.

  1. Fab round-up, Ellie.

    Sad me though, still no online sale for Canada, but online sales for the rest of the world. I don’t understand why we can’t get an e-store that ships from Canada so we can have online sales too.

    Your retired beads are precious. The little rhino and ram are adorable.

    • Thank you! :) That is a shame. Our UK eStore doesn’t ship from the UK technically, I think – or at least, it never used to. It was always from Belgium, traditionally. So I don’t think they should prevent you from having sales on that basis! :)

      Glad you like them! I just love all the classic animals. :D I went on a real search for some a couple of months ago!

      • Yep, the UK e-store ships from Belgium still-I received a gift from a family friend at the end of June from the E-store (still in the shipment box because it had to picked up from the post office!) and the shipping and returns info stated Belgium. I wonder what will happen when brexit is complete and we leave the EU customs zone? shipping between EU nations doesn’t incur tax but shipping outside of it does.

  2. Thanks for all the updates Ellie. I’m looking forward to seeing more from the AW collections. Thumper looks so cute. I might have to give in and get it, when it comes out.
    I hope we do have the bracelet promo. I have a few charms I want to get, so will wait to see if the promo goes ahead and then I can get them then.
    I think a haul post would be great.

    • You’re welcome! I definitely want Thumper and Bambi. :D They’ll be my first Winter purchases, I suspect!

      I’ve heard from another source as well that there will be one, so it’s looking good. They swapped it for the usual ring promo at the last moment apparently. :)

  3. Hello again! Thanks for the news. In the pre-Autumn, I need the champagne bottle to finish out a bracelet. It is a teal salute to summer and has the pave martini glass and pineapple on one side, but no counterbalancing dangle on the other. (My husband laughs every time I say “need”!). I’m looking forward to the promo because I need to get a couple of Essence bracelets – really added to my collection of charms during the Rue La La and 50% sale. This will afford me the opportunity to pick up some earrings I’ve been wanting.
    Would love to see your latest haul! It’s always interesting to see how people style their collection. I just spent the weekend rearranging a lot of my styles using more color on some and a lot of silver and white on others. This tends to be my approach for Summer. I’ll go back to some heavier styles for Autumn when it finally cools off.
    Thanks again for all your hard work!

    • Hi Deborah! Aha, I also talk frequently about all the things I *need* – I’m aware that I’m doing it, but I’m also quite serious about having to have them aha! ? Whether it’s Pandora or an adorable mug or a new cookbook, it’s always a need! ;) Your bracelet sounds adorable, and very much like you need (ahem) that champagne bottle!

      I’ve put most of my newbies on one purple bracelet, but I’ve also got an oxidised bracelet to start a periwinkle blue theme and another to start a full silver Halloween bracelet theme. So I do have a few things to show off!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  4. Hi, I’d love to see a haul post! As far as the previews, nothing strikes me as a must-have. This is okay because I’m concentrating on retired pandora charms. Therefore, Rue continues to temp me into some purchases.

    • Hi Sarah! Yay, I’m working on one :D there are still so many previews to get through though that I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to post it, haha. :) But I’ve taken the pictures, I just need to write it!

  5. Nothing new coming up that interests me except the Black Friday charm which sounds like a must have. Love seeing your haul from all the sales and how you style your bracelets. You gave me so much inspiration for my Asian bracelet! And, like you, I have been on the hunt for anything old that I like. Love the thrill of the chase! Love your ram and hippo! I just got the picnic basket! Please keep us all updated on news and your lovely finds. Thanks again Ellie.

      • I would love a picnic charm too. Rue LaLa was selling one back in February but my order was already too long.. I wish I had since now I have a few two tone charms on my Disney bracelet.

    • It’s really pretty! Or so I think, at least. It does have some pave detailing, however, so it might put some people off.

      Haha, the thrill of the chase is a great way to describe it! It’s so satisfying ticking them off my list and finally getting to see in person all the retired beads I’ve admired in other people’s pictures for so long. I will be doing a post on my sales purchases for sure, and I will think about doing a general retired haul or some retired features as well. At the moment there are just so many previews! Thanks for commenting Susan :D

  6. I’m certainly not going to complain about the July leather etc. promo for NA, given the abundance of sales we’ve had recently, but I’m not going to spend $125 to get a free $50 leather bracelet. In my opinion that’s not a good deal. However, I am looking forward to the rose options for fall!! And bambi and thumper look great.

  7. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I took part in the Pandora sale campaign and I got a Tropical glass charm and it looks beautiful in person. So, I’m going to look forward to get the Glamour Trio charm in the Fall.

  8. I’m really looking forward to AW17! Can’t wait to see this years Christmas ornament and festive packaging(I’ve always been a sucker for pretty packaging, especially during the festive season). The lavender Daisy meadow is lovely on your bracelet :)

    • Yes! I would love to know what the xmas bag will look like. It always makes me feel so Christmassy when I get my first Pandora purchase in the pretty packaging :D

      Thank you! I hadn’t really noticed it before, but it’s a lovely bead.

  9. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the July Round Up. Pre-Autumn Release doesn’t hold much for me except maybe the Champagne Bottle and Clutch at some point in time. It’s nice to get confirmation on the US promo as I had heard it was a no go here. My store finally received the Open Bangle with the smooth end caps, but no pave’. Oddly enough, they only got one small and one medium. I’ll take part in the July promo if more bracelets come in. Free earrings valued at $75 is a pretty sweet deal. I’m most interested in the Autumn/Winter releases. Can’t wait to see the new charms. Maybe we’ll have another Spend/Save event in September. Happy for everyone in the UK getting the bracelet promo. As I recall, you ‘needed’ another one for a new design you’re working on at the moment. Wish we had something like Children in Need here in the states. Such a good cause. You’ve piqued my interest with info regarding the LE Black Friday charm. Any confirmation on the Christmas bangle for this year. I’ve read it will have the Heart of Winter clasp.

    I would love to see your HTF retired charms included in your bracelet designs. I love all the cute little animals. Hope Dumbo arrives soon. I’m anxious to see that review.

    Hope you’ve had a nice weekend.

    • Hi Emily! I have seen some live shots of the cocktail glass and it is tempting me increasingly! It’s a very fun little charm, and it would be fun to maybe just buy the black friendship bracelet to wear it with, perhaps. Maybe it’ll be a holiday purchase when I go away!

      I did *need* one but then I bought two oxidised bracelets in the UK sale so I’m all set again ;) oh, and the pink pave clasp in the US sale! I have seriously outdone myself, even for me, this time around! ?

      Thanks, Emily, I’m working on a few different things to showcase the things I’ve been buying. A couple of haul posts and maybe a feature on retired beads. My Dumbo has been posted and so it should show up soon! My friend in the US was waiting for me to finish ordering stuff before she posted everything haha.

      Hope you’re having a lovely week, and thanks for commenting!

  10. Thanks again for another fantastic round up and for showing all the teasers – I did not think I would want much more after the summer sale haul but I am wrong. I am sure I will have space for a pave santa and I am really looking forward to sourcing a bambi and thumper. I look forward to your blog it is a real inspiration I love your retired beads and your bracelet.

    • Haha, I always do that as well. I am actually wanting a lot from this year’s AW17 collections, which is a little bit unusual for me :D Bambi and Thumper are must haves!

      Thank you so much! It makes me really very happy to hear that. :D

  11. Hi, any details for the AU /NZ locket promotion? I think I’m a bit obsessed! Thank you for the thumper photos ?

    • Thanks Lozzie! I am in the middle of putting one together, and I will try and slot it in amongst the previews!

  12. Hi Ellie

    I would love to see pics of all your wonderful pandora purchases. I went back to my Pandora store on Friday and grabbed the oxidised bracelet in the extra 20% off sale, which I actually wasn’t to impressed about as I think I would have waited for all my purchases till then rather than the VIP event. But saying that I’m very happy with my purchases and my new oxidised bracelet is going to be a vintage inspired bracelet with royal blue, I think it will look amazing once completed.
    I just got an e-mail this morning, Australia has launched the new open end bangles today. I definitely would like to have a look in store. I must admit I was a bit surprised at the pricing $99 for the plain and $159 for the pave.
    Whether I like a release or not I always look forward to reading about and then checking it out in store.
    I’m excited for you with your upcoming holiday, my thoughts are it’s very well deserved you have definitely been a busy bee of late and deserve some R and R.
    Thanks Ellie for the update

    • Thanks for the heads up re the opened ended bangle. I missed that email. I seen some lovely photos of it on insta. Might have to put in a bday request.

    • Hi Janelle! That is a pain, but I’m glad you’re pleased with your buys :) your oxidised royal blue theme sounds amazing! I just started a periwinkle blue bracelet on an oxidised bracelet with some retired muranos, which is great timing as they’re actually bringing out a murano in a similar blue for winter :D

      Thank you, I really can’t wait! And I want to do some shopping in the Pandora duty-free at the airport as well, hopefully! :P Got lots more posts on the way, too! So many more previews to go. :D

      Thanks for commenting!

      • I did a bright silver, blush, and white on the oxidized bracelet. The blush against the dark gray is really pretty too. I have some topaz colored items too. May have to try a blue as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Margaret,

      The Christmas Stocking is second to last in the gallery (Image by ehmalaysia). It’s hanging on display between the wreath and candy cane. You’ll get a better look if you click on full view. It’s super cute! Hope this helps.

      • You can also get a good look at the stocking at The Art of Pandora. It’s listed as the last entry under Ellie’s Blog roll (bottom right hand corner of this page). Click on Autumn/Winter 2017 posted June 23rd.

    • As Emily says, it’s near the end of the gallery! You can’t see it that clearly in these images.

  13. Hi Ellie…thanks for the updates! I plan to do the upcoming US promo three times. I have wanted to get a few colors of the Radiant Hearts of Pandora rings to stack, so I’ll probably get these as my free items. Interestingly, the mailer I received send the spend is $100, so I’m unclear on that. I hope my store received the Pave Open Bangle, as I would like to check it out during the promo.

    I had a horrifying experience yesterday when my pale blue leather bracelet–one of my favorites–broke. An outlet store recently opened up in my area, so I took it there to see if they would exchange it for a new one. Unfortunately, they looked up when I bought it, and the one-year warranty expired just a month ago! Interestingly, the outlet store was running a promo in which you could receive a free pale blue leather with a $100 spend, but I wasn’t prepared for this and wanted to save my money for the upcoming promo (plus I just bought a bunch from the sale). What I ended up doing was just buying a new bracelet for $35 (not too bad)! I also recently got the Mint Glitter Murano and was so disappointed by the lack of gold glitter in it, but it was the last one my store had. I may try to exchange it for another one at another store.

    My early wishlist from the Pre-Autumn collection includes the Glamor Trio, the Cocktail Glass, and two of the fabric bracelets (black and hot pink). Some of the upcoming Christmas charms look so cute. I can’t wait to see more!

    • How did your leather bracelet break, Joanne, did the leather snap, or did it separate from the silver end? If the leather separated from the silver end, you can secure it again with jeweler’s glue. I’ve done this multiple times using e6000, but there are many other adhesives available for leather and metal.

      • It separated from the silver end. I might have pulled on it a bit too hard when trying to remove a silver stopper bead, so I have to be much more careful with that from now on. Thanks for the tip Lola!

        • It’s crazy how easily that separation happens. I think Pandora doesn’t use a very good adhesive to begin, and it gets brittle. Also, the center threads on Moments bracelets can come loose. It’s happened to my daughter twice. She didn’t re-glue those, but took the bracelets back. Very annoying. This is one reason I prefer no threads on all bracelets, the end bits are still glued, but there’s less stress on them.

    • Hi Joanne! Oh no, that’s such a shame about your bracelet :( is there nothing to be done for it? In the UK,, they will send your bracelet off for repair sometimes. My OH’s mum had a similar problem with a leather bracelet. I think Lola’s is a good shout re the glue, seems like you may as well try and save it yourself if Pandora can’t :)

      I like the Cocktail Glass as well! It looks super cute in live photos :D very tempting!

      • At the outlet store, they said there was nothing they could do to repair it. They said I could take it to the regular Pandora store to see if they could do anything about it, but they sounded doubtful. I just decided to buy a new one to be on the safe side, as it is one of my favorites.

  14. Anyone know if when they mean “excludes Disney jewelry” for the free earring, ring or leather bracelet promotion in the US, does it only mean that the free item cant be Disney or the 125 purchase cant include it? I want to do the promo but one of the items I want to buy is the Ariel charm. I’ll be bummed if I can’t get it during the promotion to get a new leather bracelet.

    • Hey Sandy! I looked just now on the eStore and it let me buy Disney charms to qualify for the promo, but offered no Disney jewellery as the free item. I’m guessing it must be the same in store!

  15. Thank you again for updating us on all things Pandora. It’s always a treat getting an email regarding a new post. ;)

    I do have a quick question regarding the ring promo. It says it ecxcludes Disney jewelry. Does that mean from a Disney piece being a free item or using Disney pieces to qualify for a non Disney free item? Thanks again!!!!!

    • It means buy whatever you please , including Disney, but the free item can’t be Disney. However, many stores will let you take a Disney item for your free item.

      • In the past, my concept store would not count any Pandora Disney jewelry purchases toward the free item. The free item could not be Disney jewelry. It would be nice if Pandora would be very clear on their policies, so there could be consistency between stores.

        • Thanks for the reply. I’m hoping my store will bend the rules a bit. I also have three $10 off coupons that I want to use but we’ll see if they let me use them as well.

        • Hopefully, your store will have policies like Mireya’s store and not like mine!

        • I’m hoping they let me get the Minnie ring and earrings that I want as my free items. Keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

    • Hi Mireya! Thank you very much, that is so lovely to hear :) thanks for reading!

      I was just saying to Sandy above, I looked just now on the eStore and it let me buy Disney charms to qualify for the promo, but offered no Disney jewellery as the free item. I’m guessing it must be the same in store!

      • Thank you for your reply. I shopped the sale online last night and they had the Minnie bow ring and earrings as free items. I got one of each. ;) they also had a pave Mickey ring as well. Those were the only three pieces I saw. I know Be Charming didn’t have any Disney pieces as free items. I ended up ordering some things from the Pandora estore and placed another order through Be Charming to avoid paying the sales tax. And they offer a free cleaning cloth!

        • That’s super weird as it definitely said no disney in their own T&Cs! But glad you managed to get them ?

  16. Hi Ellie. Thanks for yet another post. First of all, I´d like to inform you that critics towards Pandora on FB have been fierce for some months, due to the lack of promotions or sales. And now it´s the same. A good number of very angry ladies have benn sending pics of other countries sales and saying that they always buy in Germany, the UK or even USA. Sales manager informed that in boutiques there were a wider range of charms to choose from than online. I still can´t confirm that because I´m recovering from surgery and I haven´t jumped to my nearest boutique to see for myself, but I, too find the online offerings quite uninteresting, except maybe for a couple of christmassy pieces I like from last year. Hope you can find something you like when you come!
    As for this year´S collections, I´ll try to resist rose in autumm because there are several charms that have caught my attention from the winter collection,On the one hand I want to finish my wintry starry night from last year and I´m already considering a couple of “blues” that could be a match. However, I need to see them in person first. And there´s always the vintage starry night (?) from last year, whose matching dangle I have and absolutely love. On the other, I like some of the Chirstmas pieces you have shown us above, too. That red stocking has to be mine and you´ve picked my curiosity about the BF exclusive. If it´s red I´ll probably like it. I can´t resist Pandora´s blues and reds at Xmas. Apart from that I have other designs in my head, so as you can see I´m in trouble!!!
    At the moment, I´ll see if I can snap some Essence beads, which I have been long wanting (hope Essence have a discount, too) or perhaps the Xmas Kitten and Gingerbread man at the sales and then it will be time to prepare for my summer holidays, so I will put myself on a streng ban for Pandora until the winter release.
    As always many thanks to have us so well informed!. You don´t know how much it helps to know what´s going to come in advance and plan your purchases ahead! Have a very nice week.

    • Hi Marie! I wasn’t really aware of that – I didn’t know you could still message Pandora on FB, as it seemed to me like they’d taken away the ability to post on their wall. I remember that, towards the end, the messages on there were usually complaints or irate messages, which was a shame as that used to be a really fun place to go and share your Pandora bracelets. There are a couple of things I could maybe get in Spain – the Protection murano, or the Tropical Flamingo from summer… I will have to see!

      The winter blues this year are gorgeous! That blue snowflake bead is so delightful. I don’t normally go for the midnight blues, but it has totally won me over this year :D

      You are welcome, and I’m so glad it’s useful! :) Have a lovely week and weekend, Marie, and thanks for commenting!

  17. Hi Ellie,

    Yes! Yes please do some posts featuring your latest finds. I am always looking for new inspiration for the older pieces in my collection. I think your finds are fabulous and will look great with all retired charms or new charms too.
    I just came back from a Holiday overseas and have revamped my travel bracelet. I spent way too much in France but the sale was amazing and I was able to get some country exclusives and travel charms at great prices!
    I agree it would be nice to see a few more travel charms and have my fingers crossed for next year. I kind of blew the budget on my trip so nothing for me in the pre-fall release.
    The Moments charms that Pandora are doing for regions & counties are a nice idea, but I use dangles sparingly so I am wishing & hoping that Pandora releases a non dangle version.
    The Canada promo starts next week on the 6th but I will be passing on this as I have already overspent and am on a self imposed break.
    I really want to make better use of the charms I have , create more personal narratives & have some fun with themes, colours & designs.
    During my travels, one of the store managers in France showed me his fantastic travel bracelet and he used a 5 to 3 ratio (perhaps a standard Pandora formula). He had three charms then a Murano. I don’t have five Muranos all the same colour but I have various shades of blues. greens and purples. What I truly loved was hearing about the places he visited and the charms that represented his experiences.
    I plan to give that ratio a try for a full bracelet.
    Ellie, I don’t know how you keep up with everything, you truly are a marvel!
    I am intrigued by the Black Friday charm with regard to the BFC red colour I would love to bring out my dancing lion a little earlier this year.


    • Hi Lisa! It seems like a few people would be interested, so I have started taking some pictures and will try and put something together this weekend. I realised as I was doing it just how much I have got – definitely need to instigate a bead ban until my holiday at the end of this month and I can hit the Pandora duty free at the airport :D

      I loved reading about all your country exclusive finds! It seems like you went at just the perfect time to not only find some HTF beads but to get them at great prices, too. That’s the dream, haha!

      That manager’s bracelet sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s always so nice when you get a Pandora SA who’s as into it (or nearly, perhaps :P) as you are! I had a similar experience in a Pandora store in Paris a few years ago. The guys in there were so friendly and enthusiastic. Both times I’ve been to that store, I’ve had such a wonderful experience. The first time was back in 2012, when I found the silver Hong Bao money bag charm unexpectedly. That was super exciting!

      Aha, I’m only just about keeping up! I keep falling behind on comments, but I’m getting there ;) the Black Friday charm is lovely, I think, but I can see that with lots of pave and enamel that it might not be to everyone’s taste.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  18. Wow, Ellie, thanks for all the updates on so many fronts. It’s interesting that the some of the sales outside the US ran as long as they did. I guess I’m glad the US sale didn’t run any longer, or I would have spent even more!

    Thankfully I’m not interested in any of the pre-Autumn collection. From the AW collection I think I like the True Yoga bead (even though I don’t do yoga) and the glittering shapes bead.

    Even though the Children in Need bead Pudsey bead will be similar to the prior two, i’m interested to see it. The Black Friday bead sounds like it’ll be one to get. Since you collect the ornaments, I hope you like the ornament this year.

    Please do review some of your recent purchases. Many of us would love to see your designs. Those are some great retired beads you got. I love the rhino!

    I’m glad you have your Pandora zest back! Even if Pandora releases a lot of beads we aren’t too fond of, sales and at least some beads we like are always around the corner!

    • The UK sale is almost due to finish, which is good as I keep going back and ‘topping up’. My latest addition is courtesy of Greg, who went and found me the silver chick in the little Pandora shop in my town when he came back early from work one day, after I was having regrets about not getting it from the store. ^^ But now I’m really done, I swear! :P

      The Yoga bead does have a very yoga-themed inscription, but the design is lovely! I am tempted to take up yoga, just for the bead :P

      I am working on a little post with my UK sales haul, and then I’m thinking I might do a follow-up with my US sales haul and then maybe my retired haul in general. It’s nice to hear that people would be interested! :D

      Yes, it’s so fun to be back into blogging and beads! It’s helped a lot, actually, just with things in general. It’s nice to have that focus back. And there are lots of beads I like around the corner, there’s actually more on my wish list up front than I had for Spring, I think. Glad that you like some of the upcoming things as well!

  19. Hi Ellie I definitly overspent it’s so bad but this sale was probly the best although I am sad to be seeing some of the charms go. especially the ones which were just released in the December I’m wondering if it was because the were highly priced items. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing about the bracelet promo good for me, saying that I have a lot of unfinished bracelets. Possibly bad for my bank account. I would love to see your sale haul I love seeing what everybody got. Im surprised they are doing a Pudsey design I can’t think of what else they could do. It’s strange we are talking about Christmas charms in July lol I always find it funny lol. Hope you have a good holiday and you find a few Pandora goodies.

    • Hi Nicola! I know, I saw your amazing little collection of boxes from Swag on Instagram! Glad to know that I’m not the only one. I think you’re right about the RRPs being too high on some of the charms they’re retiring – people do like a little sparkle, but £70 for a single decorative pave charm is probably a bit steep :)

      There are a few things they could do, I think – the Pudsey Murano would be cute, or his little girlfriend – I can’t remember her name off the top of my head!

      Haha, I know, Pandora Winter previews are always funny like that. You see the Christmas ornament and feel all festive prematurely!

      Thanks Nicola :D I’m sure I will!

  20. Hiya,

    Thanks for the review, very interesting as usual! I’m so pleased we are having a bracelet promo in the UK! I have wanted the poetic blooms clasp bracelet for ages and I’m hoping to be able to upgrade to it in the promo.

    Nothing really catches my eye in this release but that’s fine by me as I have loads to get from releases over the last year anyway and I’m still playing with designs with what I got from the sale :-)

    I’d love to see a post on your sale haul btw!

    Ta again and have a lovely hol!

    • Hi Kerry! Oh, I hope that you can :) UK promos are often quite strict in what qualifies, but maybe this time will be different!

      Thanks, I’m working on a sales haul and am aiming to have it ready some time next week! <3 And then I'll do a couple of follow-ups on retired beads if I have the time. Thanks for commenting! <3

  21. Hi again!

    I noticed a lot of people like me who spent on charms during the fantastic sale, and now find themselves needing more bracelets. Thought I might share how I store my charms and bracelets so that I don’t need so many bracelets. I find bracelets to be quite seasonal, and I hate to tie up a bracelet when it’s not the right time to wear those charms. But I like to store them in such a manner as to keep them from tarnishing as much as possible. Jareds packages your charm purchase in a box on a cardboard with strings that feed into 2 holes on each side. But you can only get about 4 charms on each cardboard. So I got the idea to buy mask strings (on Amazon – 4-5 inches long with fasteners on both ends). I string the charms on, use a clear round stopper on each end (also purchased from Amazon), and place the strings in an anti-tarnish bag. The charms are ready to slide on a bracelet, and you don’t lose your design. The ladies at my Pandora store thought this was such a good idea that they are doing it for their own collections!

  22. Can’t wait to hear more about the UK bracelet promo! It’s my birthday month and I can’t say I haven’t already got wishlists at the ready. I have just completed a ”love you to the moon and back’ bracelet and I’m finishing my favourite ‘dazzling daisies’ collection ASAP x a bracelet promo is fab but would much prefer vouchers or 3 for 2 on rings!

    • Ah, what good timing! :D Your moon and back bracelet sounds lovely – romantic and starry is what I’m picturing, hearts and stars. I always most prefer a bracelet promo or a spend and save, but the rings promos are fun. They’re great if you’re getting started with Pandora rings, or have a stack you’d like to wear in mind!

  23. Just saw the free ring/bracelet/ earring promo up and running online as well as in store. I was able to select the Disney Minnie bow ring and bow earrings as my free items. I ended up getting the Mickey clip, Mrs. Potts and the crystallized blossom charm and the butterfly garden charm. I won’t be able to go to the store because of my work hours so I took advantage of ordering online.
    I do have a question. the $10 off codes that you sometimes get on the bottom of the receipts: do they have an expiration date? I think I remembered reading 6 months but I’m not sure. I wasn’t able to use them online but I do want to buy the Bambi and Thunper charms next and will definetly use them at that time if they are still valid. ;)

    • Ooh, I don’t know re the $10 off. As I’m in the UK, I’ve never seen one of the receipts. It would probably say in the T&Cs, if you come across an old one. :) Someone else might know!

  24. Thanks Ellie for this wonderful news round-up.

    I would also be interested in the design with your new discoveries (old and new charms).

    I can’t wait to see Bambi & Thumper. I try to get as many butterflies to make a new bracelet with these two Disney beads.

    I will be buying the celebration bottle for my wedding anniversary bracelet.

    That’s it for me.

    • Hi Rachelle! Butterflies is a very good call for a Bambi bracelet. And flowers, too! There are lots of great Pandora florals and nature-themed beads that would work for Bambi.

      Ah, that’s a nice idea! I’m undecided about Pre-Autumn. People keep posting nice pictures of the new beads and I get all turned around, even though I decided I wouldn’t get anything haha!

  25. I just took part in the US promo and got another red adornment, my zodiac bead, and then for my free piece the silver radiant hearts enamel ring. I think you should do a review on these rings – you are basically getting 2 rings in one, you can flip it and have cz or flip it and have enamel. It’s very comfortable. I will probably get some more of these in the future if they run a ring promo. This was a very generous promotion, $100 spend for up to $75 in free gift. I think it is smart though because I have a bunch of rings on my wishlist now which weren’t there before…!

    • I would do a review on them if I had any of them! :) I haven’t bought any of the new rings in some time. I have so many already, and I’m not quite as mad for the rings as I am for the bracelets. Glad you enjoyed the promo! <3

  26. Hey Ellie
    only just spotted the bit about the turnaround on the UK bracelet promo. Any more news on that?
    I’m annoyed with myself as I missed seeing it on this post (I did read it but missed that bit) and then I bought £140 worth of Pandora on my recent holiday/ duty free. Although I got is all for cheaper I would have waiting and got it all end July for the promo instead that would have been worth more than the savings I made. I might have to get my next haul early for the promo then complete abstinence until Christmas!

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