Today’s post brings a Pandora AW17 update, with a further look at the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 collection! I first posted about this little release back in March, but I now have some additional pictures of some fabric friendship bracelets that we haven’t seen before, plus names & prices of the new charms. :D

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017

The theme of this collection is friendship, and  it’s scheduled to come out on the 20th July – just a couple of weeks before friendship day, which is on 6th August this year.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 Collection

The new friendship bracelets come in six colours, and are designed to hold 3-4 charms each. They’re made from polyester, with a little silver heart clasp, and are refreshingly affordable at $35 USD or $40 CAD each.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 fabric bracelets

The charms you’ve seen before, but I’m posting them again with their names and North American prices! Plus, these are the ones that are definitely confirmed as coming out in the US and Canada – there were rumours that we might see engravable charms, a Mickey Yin/Yang bead and some new muranos also coming out with this release, but they didn’t appear in the most recent North American catalogue I’ve seen.

There are two main themes to this collection, and the first set of beads all centre around the idea of friendship. The Heart Bond clip will retail for $54 USD or $50 CAD.

The Best Buddies charm is plain silver, and a more affordable version of the existing two-tone Bear Hug charm; this new version is priced at $35 USD or $40 CAD.

pandora pre-autumn 2017 bear buddies

The Loving Ties will retail for $65 USD or $75 CAD.

The Girlfriend bead will be $45 USD or $50 CAD.

pandora pre-autumn 2017 girlfriendThe Devoted Heart will be $60 USD or $70 CAD. The inscription reads You make my heart smile. The pink does look quite vibrant here, but remember that it’ll be mostly peeking out from behind the silver heart overlaying it! The Friendship Star charm retails at the same RRP of $60 USD or $70 USD, and offers up the inscription My friend a star. 

Finally for love and friendship charms, we have the Hearts of Friendship heart charm – this is intended to be split with a friend, with each of you wearing a piece. I do love the original butterfly friendship charm that Pandora did, so I have slightly mixed feelings about this new one! It’s also pricier at $65 USD or $75 CAD.

pandora pre-autumn 2017 hearts of friendshipThe next series of charms are fun and bright, and are themed around a girls’ night out. The bright enamels also put me in mind of fun nights on holiday, and some of these would look great with the brighter summer 2017 enamels, too!

This Red Stiletto is quite a vampy little charm, but rather fun nevertheless – it’s priced at $40 USD or $45 CAD. I can’t quite picture how I’d style it though! It would go well, however, with this next bead – the Glamour Trio. It’s priced at $50 USD or $55 CAD, and includes a miniature shoe, lipstick and LBD. The Fruity Cocktail is maybe my favourite of this selection – I love the pink and orange together, it reminds me of a delicious fruit smoothie. It’s retailing for $45 USD or $50 CAD. I could picture it looking great on its own on that new black fabric cord bracelet.

The Celebration Time champagne bottle has a cute little red heart, and is priced at $50 USD or $55 CAD. The Clutch Bag is priced at $45 USD or $50 CAD.

My Comment

As I said in my previous post, I’m not sure that the charms in this collection are exactly my cup of tea – I really like the little silver bear design, but I have the two-tone Bear Hug already, so I don’t think I’ll be getting the silver as well. However, I really like the new friendship fabric bracelets – they look a bit sturdier than the old multi-strand fabric cords that they released before, and the little petite silver heart clasps are adorable! They’d be so fun and easy to style for summer – I can see them looking nice with maybe just one clip in the centre, or with a focal dangle, bracketed by spacers or silicone clips.

What do you think of this collection? Are you a fan of the new bracelets?

59 Comments on Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 Friendship Bracelets Preview & Other Updates

  1. The new bracelets look amazing, I will be getting few of them for sure. The coctail charm is very cute so it might be going home with me too :) Ellie, thank you for another great update on Pandora’s news. Your blog is an absolute ‘MUST DO’ for any Pandora lover. Have a great day :) :) :)

    • Glad to hear it! I think my favourites of the new bracelet colours are the dark blue, grey/green and the black. One would be great for holiday, so I’ll definitely consider one :D and yay, thank you very much, and for taking the time to comment ?

  2. Hello again Ellie :-)

    I like the new bracelet : the pink, the turquoise and the dark blue.
    For the beads, I a quite sceptical. The friendship theme is appealing to me but some of these charms are too vibrant in color for me and some other seems too girly…. And I don’t really keen of the glam side of these new dangles.
    But I really like the bear hug silver plain and the friendship star pendant…..
    I will be waiting to see them in person and decide then ;-)

    Have a nice day

    • Hi Valerie! The colours are all really fun and pretty, but I think my favourites are the darker ones – the black, dark blue and the grey-green, although I can see the others being amazing to wear with a pendant for holiday.

      Good idea! A lot of the newer charms really don’t look as nice as they actually are in the stock images. I have to say that, just thematically, these don’t so much appeal to me, but that’s fine as I am still retired charm hunting and working on my Spring 2017 list still!

      Have a lovely day too!

  3. Hi Mora, thanks for your new post. I really want some of the new bracelets, do you know if they wil be released in the Netherlands?

    • Hi Manon! Yes, these should be a global release as far as I’m aware. I’ll update if I hear otherwise!

  4. Hi Ellie!

    I guess is not a real claps but a silver “knot” like the concept of the trollbead single leather bracelet….I can see the heart closing it when you pass through the hole…they are very nice and easy to wear!

    • Hi Sara, yes I think you’re right! I don’t think it’s a clasp in the traditional sense :)

  5. Hi, Ellie! Thanks for another very usuful post. I like the green grey bracelet. As I´m sure that they will be huge in size ( that¨s what happens when one has wrists 3 cm under average) I really hope they can be cut. And I agree about the prize. They are surprisingly affordable!!!!!! I can also imagine them just on their own or with a mini design. Anyway, I´ll try not to be too be too enthusiastic about it just in case ( my size issues). As for the charms, I haven´t change my mind since your first post on this collection. I like the two bears but it´s not a must have, and I find the clutch cute, but again too many czs. The rest of them are totally uninteresting to me, but here I must say that this is normal for me with this collection. I tend to skip Valentin´s, Mother´s Day and Pre- Autmm. In fact, I´m surprised that I liked the bracelet!!! Thouth leather and fabrics are not my cup of tea, the´ve come out with a color I cannot resist. Finfers cross!
    Have a nice week ahead and thanks again for the update.

    • Hi Marie! I like the grey/green too! My other favourites are the black and dark blue. I don’t know whether the size is adjustable – they seem to be one size. I hope they do fit you! :)

      I normally don’t find much in Mother’s Day either, but Pre-Autumn historically has had a couple of fun travel beads or something that I’d like, so it’s a bit of a shame that this year’s doesn’t. Last year I got the koala, which is a very cute bead!

      Thanks for commenting, and have a lovely week too! <3

  6. Not a fan of polyester fabric, but it does mean that the band doesn’t get frayed and ugly, like eg the cotton essence bracelets did.

  7. I like the new bracelets, but I wonder how secure the clasp will be. Does the clasp clip into something or is it just like a button that fits through the loop? If the clasp locks I definitely want to get at least one of the bracelets.

    • It’s not a clasp in the traditional sense, it’s a loop and you pass the silver heart through it. I am not entirely sure how it will work, tbh!

  8. Liking the bracelets, the rest not so much ?
    Hoping the bracelets will be for sale in The Netherlands ?

    • The bracelets are my favourite too! The charms are not so much for me, although the cocktail glass is so fun!

    • I’m the same as you Sarah! :) Bracelets are a definitely possibility, but the charms not so much.

  9. Hi Ms. Mora, WOW! You got some very interesting charms, like The Red Shoe charm, The Black Dress charm and The Clutch charm, but then I have to endure the Summer to receive those charms, but it’s going to be a very interesting Autumn. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Aw, glad to hear you’re excited Karen. Hope the wait doesn’t feel so long in practice!

  10. Hi Ellie, i think the new cord bracelet looks studier than the multi strand too. Thicker fabric cords. Has a similar look of double leather bracelet but at a more affordable price. Instead of opting for the colourful ones, i might get the black one for easy styling. The friendship bears are adorable. The two tone one is retiring here. I might get the two tone in the sale if the sale price cost as much as the all silver one.

    • Hi! <3 Yes, my thoughts exactly - a bit of a tougher version of that earlier concept. The black one would be easiest to style, and is probably the most sophisticated, but I do also really like the grey/green and the dark blue. I'll definitely consider one - they would look really nice with a little pendant, I think! And it would be nice to have something lighter to wear on holiday than a traditional charm bracelet!

  11. Hi Ellie,

    I really like the new cloth cord bracelet. The Navy & turquoise are my preferred. The multi strand were nice but struck me as fragile. I am not a “dainty” person, my husband says I am very animated, and I tend to get my sleeves caught on things so a more sturdy version of this bracelet is for me. The friendship theme & girls night out themes are lovely. The girlfriend button charm would be nice to receive. I recently picked up the Silver purse with the CZ bow from the last call tray. I like a large purse when I do go out with the gals, holds all the stuff I need to get through the
    You have a point about the enamel charms really popping with colour on the cloth bracelet. Last year I surprised hubby with a trip to CUBA. I bought the enamel I love to travel suitcase charm only available on international flights since there is now Pandora charms to buy in Cuba and on my return the fustian orchid dangle. These would look lovely on a turquoise cord bracelet. For other travellers to tropical places some of the new enamel charms like the colourful martini glass could be a good travel charm option.
    Ellie, thanks again for your review.

    Lisa K

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Aha, I always catch my bracelets on things as well. I am not a person imbued with a natural grace! ;) The other day I was trying to make a point at work to a colleague, and caught a dangle on my jumper, pinning my hand to my side – I had to try and continue, sans my usual animated hand movements, while we both pretended that I hadn’t done it :P

      I love the idea of the orchid dangle on the turquoise bracelet! Bright colour mixes like that always really appeal to me, and the turquoise and pink would look gorgeous together. It’ll be fun to see what people come up with when this launches!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  12. I’ll have to see how the bracelets close. If they seem too difficult for one-handed closing with a tremoring hand, then I’ll pass. I have many of the multi-strand and the Essence strands, without any trouble–the strands haven’t frayed or faded. The thing is, you shouldn’t put charms on strand bracelets, or on leather for that matter. Secured clips are fine though, as they don’t scrape along the fabric or leather. Fabric and leather take a little more thought and care, such as don’t get them wet, don’t wear them in direct sunlight for long periods, don’t get hand lotion on them, and do wipe them down occasionally with the white Pandora cleaning cloth…but they’re worth it.

    • That’s true – I have a Tiffany beaded bracelet that I love, but I just cannot for the life of me do it up on my own, and it’s so frustrating! If I don’t catch my boyfriend before he leaves in the morning (he has a longer commute than I do), then that’s it – can’t wear it on that day, haha.

      • I have the same problem, but now I own a couple of “bracelet buddies.” They are available on etsy–basically a stick with a clip on the end that helps keep one end of a bracelet in place while you bring the clasp toward it.

  13. Hiya!

    Thank you for your post it’s really interesting and informative, I always look forward to your updates!

    As for me there isn’t really anything in this collection for me (which is a bit of a relief as I’m still working through a rather hefty wish list being relatively new to Pandora and almost bankrupting myself in the Essence promo!).

    I do find the the dangly friendship star and devoted heart charms really pretty but wouldn’t have them mainly because I don’t like the inscriptions, they are a bit saccharine for me (maybe that will play well in the US?). I’m not a massive fan of CZs or they really bright charms – like you I would struggle to style them and they aren’t really my thing!

    I was looking forward to the yin/yang mickey charm and the muranos but as you said that haven’t popped up yet so here’s hoping they do in the near future.

    Thanks again for your posts, hope you are well!


    • Hi Kerry! Thank you, that is lovely to hear :D

      ‘Saccharine’ is always the word I use to describe some of Pandora’s more OTT inscriptions. I usually prefer charms that I can lend my own meaning to, without any writing on it. So, no, these beads aren’t really for me either!

      I haven’t heard anything more about the Mickey bead or the muranos, unfortunately. It’s not looking good on that front currently! :(

      Thank you, hope all is well with you too, and thanks for commenting! <3

  14. I have two very young friends (early 20s) so I think I will be buying these bracelets to give as gifts at Christmas — and what a lovely way to brighten up wintry British weather in December. If they are very lucky some of these charms may also be on their Christmas list if not birthday gifts.
    The dark blue appeals to me but I will leave the brights for my friends.

    • A very good idea – lucky them! :) The darker colours appeal to me more as well. I particularly like the dark blue!

  15. Thanks again for the previews! Have you seen any previews for the other jewelry (rings, etc) for the summer release? Just wondering if there will be any new rings that i’ll ‘need’ ;)

    • Hi! No, I’ve not been given anything further on the Summer collection. I’m told that that is all there is. It is unusual not to have any rings though!

  16. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the Pre-Autumn updates. I’m a little disappointed the Mickey Yin/Yang and the muranos probably won’t be released in the US. They were my picks from this release. I do like the Celebration Time wine bottle and maybe the Clutch Bag, but I’ll need to see them in person to be sure. The Fruity Cocktail would be nice with some of the new summer charms being released. This release may be a miss for me. I’ll be needing a break after the summer release anyway.

    • Hi Emily! Mm, the lack of muranos is disappointing, but I’ve not seen any official mention of them myself for this launch. :( So it looks like I might be disappointed for a second time, haha!

      I think the Cocktail is rather fun, but it would be very tricky for me to fit it in with any of my existing designs. I do go in for some quirky charms, but not ones that are quite so bold, so it would be a bit out of place. It would be cute on its own on one of these bracelets though! Maybe the black…

  17. Hi Ellie,

    IMHO the bracelets are just a retread. They are so similar to the cord bracelets, which I have a number of. I think the charms are more for 20 something’s. I think Pandora is really trying to appeal to a younger demographic. The whole theme – friendship- is really for a younger crowd.

    I did get the blue encased in love, and it’s very nice:).

    • Hi Lisa! They are similar to what’s gone before, but I really quite like them – the little silver heart clasps are very sweet. They do have a younger, fun vibe, which is what makes me think of holidays, I think. The darker colours I think you could dress up a little, though!

      Oh lovely! That one looks the nicest to me from the live images I’ve seen so far <3

  18. Hi Ellie this collection not really for me I’m not a big fan of any of the charm. I’m undecided on the new bracelets I like the little heart clasp but I think it will be one I have to see in person.its probly a good thing that there nothing for me as my wishlist is so long.

    • Hi Nicola! No, the charms aren’t my cup of tea either. I like the bears, but I already have the bear hug! I also really like the little heart clasps, so we’re thinking very similarly on this collection ^^ there’s plenty of charms I’m still chasing too, so I’m also not too concerned that this collection doesn’t have too much for me – although it would have been nice to have even just one bead. :)

  19. Hi Ellie. I hope you are doing well. I actually really like these friendship bracelets. They are affordable, come in a variety of colors, and the cute little heart clasps are a nice touch. I am disappointed that the muranos do not seem to be a part of this collection because I thought they were gorgeous!

    • Hi Joanne! Thank you, hope all is good with you too! :) I like them, too. I think they’re fun, and the darker colours should be easy to wear the year round, too. The heart clasps are very sweet!

      The muranos are gorgeous, and this is the second time they’ve potentially disappointed me, haha. I’ve not seen any further mention of them!

  20. Hi Ellie,

    I have been busy lately but wanted to take this moment to wish you health and rest, where body and mind comes as one.

    Since I have been spending a lot (I should say a whole lot hahaha) on retired beads and the ones on last call trays, I am happy to see the only thing getting on my wish list is the celebration time bottle to finish my wedding anniversary theme bracelet. Can’t wait to wear it… just couple more weeks.??

    The bracelets are cute but just not my style. So is the enamel beads… for younger generation, or different tastes.

    I wish I had the teddy bears holding the gold heart…

    I hope the yin and yang Mickey will be available in Canada. I cross my fingers.

    It is always a pleasure to read your blog, brigthens my day!

    Wish all of you a beautiful mothers’day May 14.

    • Hi Rachelle! Thank you, that is very sweet of you to say – hope all is well with you :)

      The charms aren’t to my taste either, but I think the friendship bracelets will probably prove quite versatile. You can dress up or dress down the more neutral colours to look a bit more sophisticated, I think – a little silver pendant, maybe a little pearl, would look lovely on the black one!

      THank you, that is lovely to hear! Thank you for taking the time to let me know, and I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day too <3

  21. Hi, Ellie!

    More hearts! The friendship charms seem rather uninspired. The girls’ night out charms are cute, but except for the champagne bottle, they aren’t calling my name. I still am holding out hope for Autumn and Winter. Thanks for the preview!

    • Hi Angie! The friendship charms are very, very similar to what has gone before, which is why I think they haven’t really grabbed me. It’ll be interesting to see what AW17 brings, for sure!

  22. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that nothing from this collection appeals to me. On one hand, I can focus (my wallet) on my existing wishlist. On the other hand, now I’ll have to wait for the next quarter’s release to get excited about upcoming charms. There is that galactic/pale blue radiant hearts charm that I’m looking forward to from the summer charms but that’s about it. Oh! But I’m getting the Disney park exclusive Dumbo with the help of someone so that’s quite exciting ! I expect it will arrive in the mail sometime soon. Are you planning to order dumbo too Ellie?

    • I’m taking it as a good thing! I can catch up on Spring 2017 purchases and keep on stocking on retired beads. I’ll find plenty to stock up on I’m sure :) I have more than you to look forward to from Summer as well, as I love the two muranos and the little Weather Doll, so there are those to tide me over!

      Oh how exciting that you’re getting Dumbo! He will definitely be coming home with me, but I’m going to wait until the summer launch to see whether he launches in the US first, as it’ll be easier for me to get him that way. Hope he makes it to you soon! <3

      • Oh yes I forgot about that little weather doll! It’s too adorable, I need to find a way to get my hands on that too. I’m hoping some live images of it will come up on instagram soon, please let us know if you spot it!

    • Hi Alli! Sorry for the delayed reply – yes, we’ll be having one next month, I’m told. :)

  23. I am a Supervisor at a Pandora Store in the Uk and always use your website get an insight of what’s coming up. However what I would like to know is where you find out and how you find out what is coming out in new collection. Are the pandora watches coming back into re-contiunation ?

    Thank you , emma! x

    • Hi Emma! The sources of previews often vary from season to season, although I have a few regular ones :) I’ve not heard anything about Pandora watches coming back, no! x

  24. Your posts are so informative, love them. I just would like to know…where is the gold? So much silver but I am a Pandora gold wearer…any news of gold charms or rings being released? Thank you kindly….Sheila.

  25. I really am tired of flowers, hearts and bling. I like the charms of old, plain silver or two tone. This collection is again not to my taste.

  26. Look good !
    I have a very good friend with whom I do a lot of sports (swim bike run) it would be very nice to find a triathlete best friend charm one day ;)
    Think about it please ;)
    Very nice new collection

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