Today’s post brings my next AW17 preview, with a much-anticipated look at the Pandora Rose Autumn/Winter 2017 collections! Typically, new releases for Pandora Rose are very small, but that is definitely not the case for this collection. There’s a fun mixture of decorative and more character-based pieces in this season’s launch, introducing our first Pandora Rose Christmas beads and even a Rose murano.

The majority of the new Rose items will be coming out with the Pandora Autumn 2017 collection on the 31st August, but some of the more festive charms and a couple of jewellery pieces will be making their debut with the Winter 2017 collections instead.

Read on for a full preview!

Pandora Rose Autumn/Winter 2017 Preview

Let’s start with the two new charm bracelets coming out for Pandora Rose! The Pave Heart clasp bracelet is similar to other bracelets on offer in Rose, but the other is a little more unusual: a fully Rose version of the smooth threadless bracelet. Pandora must be pretty confident in the durability of the finish by this point to release a Rose bracelet chain – think of all the wear and tear that a bracelet chain has to undergo with all those charms moving around on it. It’s a testament to how well the Rose collection has held up so far, I think!

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Smooth bracelet – $150 USD / $165 CAD

Pave Heart clasp bracelet – $100 USD / $110 CAD

Next, we have the Pandora Rose Autumn 2017 decorative charms. These feature a rosy pink colour scheme, which does work well with the coppery hue of the rose gold finish. My favourites are those with a warmer tone, however, such as the blush Radiant hearts, which looks stunning!

There are also three charms that didn’t appear in the NA pre-release images I saw – the Radiant Droplet, and the two unnamed charms. I’m not sure why that is.

pandora rose autumn 2017 decorative charms

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Shining Path clip – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Pink Shimmer glass – $60 USD / $70 CAD

Shining Elegance clip – $60 USD / $70 CAD

Cosmic Stars clip – $100 USD / $125 CAD

Intertwining Radiance – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Radiant Hearts (blush and clear) – $95 USD / $105 CAD

Shining Elegance safety chain – $125 USD / $140 CAD

In addition to those pieces, there will also be a selection of love/family beads! My favourite of these is the pave Open your Heart clip, which will go really nicely with the new charm bracelet – but my oh my is the RRP eyewatering!

Pandora Rose Autumn 2017 Preview

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Petites – $25 USD / $30 CAD each

Friendship Heart – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Love Locks – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Open your Heart clip – $100 USD / $110 CAD

Family Heritage – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Joined Together – $75 USD / $85 CAD

There’s a decent amount of new Rose jewellery coming out for Autumn 2017, too. If I’ve not labelled them with a name and a price, then I didn’t see it in the NA booklet. My favourites of these are the two new Puzzle Heart rings – these are designed to fit into each other when worn together, with the smaller heart ring sitting within the frame of the larger one. It’s a cute concept!

pandora rose autumn 2017 jewellery

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Hearts of Pandora earrings – $100 USD / $110 CAD

Classic Elegance pendant – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Hearts of Pandora Halo ring – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Classic Hearts of Pandora ring – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Classic Elegance ring – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Hearts of Pandora ring – $115 USD / $130 CAD

Puzzle Heart ring – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Shimmering Puzzle Heart Frame ring – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Finally, we also have some Pandora Rose items coming out with the Winter collection for the holiday season!

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Twinkling Christmas Tree – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Petites – $25 USD / $30 CAD each

Sparkling Snowflake – $100 USD / $110 CAD

Sparkling Surprise – $90 USD / $100 CAD

To finish off, we have a couple of Pandora Rose jewellery pieces for Winter 2017.

Pandora Rose Winter 2017 jewellery

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Classic Elegance necklace – $125 uSD / $140 CAD

Classic elegance earrings – $100 USD / $110 CAD

My Comment

I find the Rose finish a really beautiful colour, and I’ve been a big fan of the line from the start, so it’s great to see Pandora really put some effort into expanding its scope this season. The introduction of Rose murano glass is a great idea, and it would be lovely to see more colours next season. Pink works well, but other shades would also look beautiful. A white murano would be perfect, or some floral glass designs, perhaps.

Seeing some Pandora Rose character beads is really fun, as well. The Rose finish lends added elegance to the festive designs, and I think it works particularly well for the Petites. I’m not sure how I’d feel about starting a whole Pandora Rose Christmas bracelet, as I’d want to do a more festive colour scheme than pink, however.

As usual, the major downside for me is the price. To buy two of the new pave heart clips would set you back $200 USD! It’s a very pricey collection.

As a final aside, I’m aware that I owe replies to a lot of comments on my news round-up, but it’s proving somewhat hectic this week, and I have so far been prioritising getting new previews and posts ready! I will get to them as soon as I can :)

What do you think of the new Rose jewellery? Would you buy a Pandora Rose Christmas bead?

40 Comments on Pandora Rose Autumn/Winter 2017 Preview

  1. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I prefer the sparkling snowflake charm with the it looks terrific.

    • That one is gorgeous! I’ve always loved the silver version but for some reason never got it.

  2. very expensive but very pretty! I love the rose gold Murano. I hate to think what the prices will be in NZD if some as $100USD per charm. Thank you for the post, I always look forward to reading them.

    • Haha, I know, I’m cringing at the thought of the UK prices too. Thanks Emma, lovely to hear that :D

  3. Hi Ellie
    I’m very excited about this collection. I love all the charms in this release and am looking forward to adding the rose to my collection with the bracelet promo you announced for Australia in October. Yes, it’s a long time to wait but the bonus is more time to save so I can complete my new bracelet in one hit lol, that’s the plan any way. I have been looking forward to this post and I’m definitely not disappointed. Thank you ?

    • Hi Janelle! Yes, you can see that they’re really pushing Rose at the moment aren’t they, with this big collection and the promo as well. I’m hoping that that continues through to next year! Glad this didn’t disappoint :D

  4. Oh.My.Goodness. I love the entire collection. I would mix the pieces with another accent color, like a blue. They are really going all out to make this a real collection again. They retired so many pieces recently it really decimated the collection. Rose is back!

    • Yay, that’s so lovely to hear! I think that blues would be a great pick. Maybe some of the pretty winter navy blues would be cute with the Rose snowflake? I am glad to see them filling in the big gaps left in the Rose line by the heavy retirements we’ve seen recently!

  5. Hi Ellie!

    There’s a lot to love in this collection. Where to start…

    I would love the pave hearts bracelet with just the two pave heart clips on it. Then a green (prosperity) and white (hope) Essence bracelet on the left wrist with my watch. The Rose snowflake pendant on a silver chain, and a green droplet necklace inside. Rose hearts of Pandora earrings. Rose radiant hearts band in a stack between 2 white ones. Christmas cocktail party jewelry planned! On Independence Day!

    Thanks for the preview. Your hard work keeps me up to date on my planning.

    • Hi Deborah! Ah, great shout. That would look lovely just worn on its own! I always do like the look of empty Pandora bracelets stacked together, but the temptation to fill each one up is always too much for me, haha. The copper and green would be gorgeous!

      You are very welcome! Thanks for commenting.

  6. Hello Ellie,
    The rose collection is so pretty, so pretty that I will be tempted to add some of these beads on my wishlist.
    I love the Murano, the radiant droplet and the snowflake pendant.
    But there are mostly two reason why I am a bit hesitant. The first one is definitely the price. There are gorgeous but really pricey in my opinion. The second reason is I have no place on my actual bracelet to put them and I am not sure I want to start a new project :-)
    But hey… maybe I’ll change my mind when I will see them in person… haha….
    Thanks for the great post. As usual It is wonderful to find one of your review in my mailbox on the morning :-)
    Have a nice day and take care

    • Hi Valerie! I share both your concerns – I’ve finished (or almost finished) two bracelets with a Rose clasp, so I’m not looking to start a third just yet, haha. So I wouldn’t have anywhere to put my favourites from this launch for the minute (the snowflake, the murano, the safety chain). and yes, I find them very expensive as well! So I do tend to mix Rose with silver when I do a Rose design. :)

      Thanks so much for commenting! <3 Have a lovely day, and enjoy the weekend, too.

  7. Beautiful collection but way too expensive. I think the joined together charm looks pretty in rose. The puzzle ring is really cute and interesting. Love the idea. Thank you Ellie for the preview. Appreciate your hard work bringing us all these info despite your hectic life.

    • The puzzle rings really leapt out at me, too! And there’ll be silver versions too :)

      You are so very welcome! Preview season is always full on, so I’m used to it, haha. <3 Thanks for commenting!

      • Is there a way to see completed bracelets on this site? Have no problem picking out charms I love…not so great at designing. I do mostly online ordering. I have SO many charms collecting dust-not to mention wasted money

  8. The puzzle piece ring isn’t surprising. If you read Pandora’s Facebook page before they separated all the pages to country specific and removed a customer’s ability to post, for years now customers have been asking almost to distraction, when Pandora would come out with a “charm for Autism,” specifically “a puzzle with a piece missing.” I wonder if they’ll do puzzle piece charms too eventually, finely caving full-out. It’ll be interesting to watch.

    • Well, there is the Asian exclusive puzzle pendant, which does have a puzzle piece missing. you think that would have been a great one to release worldwide, it’s funny that they didn’t.

  9. Hi Ellie I am exited for every collection and this one is one is one of them their are some nice charms that we can mix with the silver collection and that will be nice I am sure there will be some other surprises in thanks for letting us know ahead of time it makes me exited have a nice summer and post more when u have

    • Hi Gilit! You are welcome, previews are always lots of fun – and useful for budgeting, too! <3 I will post more when I can, yep!

    • I’m sure social media will look very pretty come September with everyone’s bracelets :D

  10. I don’t suppose you have any preview pics of the new pandora jewellery box that is supposed to be coming out soon? ☺️

      • I’m not sure but when I asked in the store the other day they said there should be a cream one coming out? I really want one for all my pandora jewellery so would love to see what it’s like as was thinking of maybe buying the dove grey one (they didn’t have any of those in store sadly) I’m in the UK ☺️ Really excited about the release of Disney pandora in the UK to !

        • Oh I see, no I don’t think I’ve seen any on that yet. I will ask around ! :)

          And yes, you and me both :D

  11. Hi Ellie. This is a very beautiful collection. My favourite piece is the blush Radiant Hearts but I like some of the others too.In my view rose and pink blend so good toghether! Anyway I´m sure there will be more colours and they will look equally stunning. It seems that Pandora has found a way of mass- producing at a low cost and keep their loyals. Personally, I will wait before buying into rose. I think there´s still much to come and I still have some silver designs in progress and I prefer to finish those first, so it´s not a priority for me. I must say, however, that I wouldn´t put a whole rose bracelet toghether. Same with gold. I find it too luxurious for my taste and way of life. I love TT. And, for the same reason I think that a whole rose design would be more elegant for Essence because of its daintiness. Can you imagine those natural stones with a rose core?
    So, I´m giving it a pass for the moment. I want some Christmas enamels, and I will save my money for them. BTW, the Christmas tree in rose is a cutie but part of the “wow effect ” of Christmas pieces, in my opinion, is due to red enamel. Sooo …. let´s say that I see rose for a dressy dinner like pave and sparkle. Reminds me, for some reason of champagne bubbles, whereas the funny enameled silver characters are more cosy, something I would wear around everyday during the season.
    Well thank you for this post and looking forward to the next ( as usual)

    • I totally agree with you about TT. the gold and the Rose gold both pop against the silver. I have done a couple of each alternating silver and gold, or using silver, color, gold. I like the pale pink with the Rose, but white is my favorite. And with gold, I like dark blue and emerald green (September and May) as well as white. I am on a severe white kick this summer in the heat! Sounds like you have some great projects going!

  12. Hi Ellie I love all the Rose pink charms they are beautiful they would look great on a bracelet together.

  13. It’s interesting to see so many Pandora Rose pieces. Pandora must believe there’s enough demand to warrant this many pieces (or maybe they’re trying to draw more customers into the line, but as many others have mentioned, the pieces are pricey).

    I do like the pink and rose gold combo, but I think I’ll probably stick with Pandora Rose pieces with a white murano (for more versatility) on a silver bracelet. I actually just ordered a retired Pandora Rose bead from Rue La La, so that bead wasn’t as expensive as these!

    • My Pandora Rose bracelet has a lot of white on it as well – it’s a really beautiful combo that adds a bit of softness to the contemporary look of most of the Rose pieces. And now is a good time to be purchasing retiring and discounted Rose pieces as you say, so I do wonder which way most collectors will swing! Maybe both, haha – that’s often my solution!

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you for the Rose Autumn/Winter Preview. This is a gorgeous collection, but extremely pricey. The prices seem to be escalating with each new drop these days. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Blush Radiant Heart, but I really like them all. I doubt I’d go for an all Rose bracelet, tho’. I prefer a mix of colors. If Pandora were to come out with a Rose bangle with a silver spherical clasp, I’d be all over that to stack with my original Rose clasp bangle. I do like the Rose Christmas charms, but I’ll have to see what my budget looks like once I’ve purchased from the A/W collections. I love the pink stones set in Rose. I’m going to need a good Spend/Save promo for all the things I’d like to have from A/W.

    I hope you’ve had a good day. As always, looking forward to the next post!

    • Hi Emily! Oh yes, I had forgotten the blush Radiant Hearts. It looked so lovely in the live photos! I have the silver one already though, so I couldn’t really justify another. I love your idea of a reverse two-tone bracelet! The pricier way to do it, haha. That would be really fun!

      Thanks for commenting Emily! More posts are on their way :)

  15. This collection looks so lovely I am definitely going to add two of the rose Christmas charms in with my silver Christmas bracelet, and the warmth of the tone draws my eye but I suit silver better and will keep to silver —but my friends youngest daughter loves rose tone jewelry so I think I will spoil her, I am currently collecting for her sister – she will have a japanese theme from items in this years summers sale. Shhhh :)
    Thank you again for a great review looking forward to your “haul” posts for ideas

    • Aha, those are two lucky girls! I love the Japanese charms and the Rose collection, so those are two very solid choices for spoiling people, haha. :) I am working on the haul post and it should be ready soon, hopefully!

  16. Hi Ellie,
    This collection is very pretty but I am trying to avoid it so I can concentrate on finishing a few bracelets. Besides, they are too expensive.
    My niece might ask for one for her birthday and Xmas. It will be interesting…

    • Hi Rachelle! I won’t be getting anything from this launch (I think), unless I do that thing where I get dazzled by the store lighting and al the pretty new things and end up buying things I can’t afford! But I certainly don’t plan to. They are pricey though, I Agree!

  17. Hi Ellie,
    This collection is very pretty but I will stick to the sterling and two tone charms and stay away from any temptation hahaha. My niece however will probably ask one for her birthday and Xmas.

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