Today’s post covers a surprising little mini launch that has landed in the UK and Europe, offering a small selection of the upcoming Pandora Autumn 2017 collection early! The release includes the much anticipated Mesh charm bracelet, plus some very affordable selections from the upcoming collection.

The collection is officially scheduled to make its debut on 31st August, but Pandora in the UK and Europe seem to have decided to release a couple of pieces early (not that I’m complaining!). Read on to see what’s included!

Pandora Autumn 2017 UK & EU Mini Launch

This mini launch includes the following items:

These include some of the most affordable pieces, with many of the beads priced at a very reasonable £25 – making it very tempting to go out and buy a new bracelet and a selection of new beads! They’re now available to purchase from all official online retailers!

My Comment

I was so pleasantly surprised to see these new beads – and so many of the ones that were my favourite from the collection! The piece I was most excited to see, of course, was the new Mesh bracelet! There are already some great photos online, and these ones from Noelle Lamont show it off wonderfully:

I’m in town shopping tomorrow, and I will definitely be stopping by the concept store to see the bracelet for myself! I would also love to get my hands on that safety chain – and possibly the new Blooming Heart and Teardrops openworks….

Have you bought anything? What are you looking forward to?

41 Comments on Pandora Mesh bracelet & other Autumn pieces launch in UK & Europe

  1. The three generations charm has also been released at £35. I will be going to our local store today to have a look at it in person.

  2. The Pandora Rose smooth bracelet has also been released in the U.K, I saw it in-store yesterday, £125. The mesh bracelet is lovely, not quite as dark as the promo pictures.

  3. The mesh bracelet, of course! ????
    I’m sooo eager to put my hands on it. Now, it seems rigid from the photos above. Shame, but not the end of the world. As I said I like it either soon as I arrive in Hamburg ( on my way there) I’ll visit a Pandora store. I’ll need to have it sized, so I won’t be able to get one till I’m back home ???
    Maybe that helps when my holiday is over ?

  4. The mesh bracelet looks lovely. I wonder if its more like a bangle? It seems abit stiff in the third picture and not soft like normal bracelet.

    • I had a look in store and it’s a little stiff like most new Pandora bracelets but you can tell it’s flexible and to be honest the photos don’t do it any justice, it’s stunning in real life I’m going away on Sunday and was going to buy it but thought I would hold off until then and buy it duty free at the airport

  5. Rigid mesh? It didn’t look quite as rigid in the last promo shot as it does in the snaps above. If it’s as rigid as it looks, that thing will be so uncomfortable. Rigid round bracelets are not ever comfy.

      • I would have preferred it to be soft, but I like bangles as well. However, I wonder WHY they use the word for “bracelet” in every language ( I’ve checked various official Pandora pages by now). Couldn’t it be that it soften with wear, as someone commented?

      • I would have bought the soft, just to wear on its own. It looks hideous with charms on it. But I won’t touch a rigid mesh — the movement will be all wrong for the look.

  6. Ellie,

    Thanks for this terrific update. The mesh bracelet is top on my list. My guess is that it will soften with wear. All of my silver classic Pandora bracelets started out rigid but didn’t stay that way, even if the mesh one doesn’t soften with wear I still want one! Are the top three charms Essence?
    Some of the new charms are appealing especially the teardrops charm. I have held off making any purchases since coming back from vacation in anticipation of the fall release.
    If you do pick up the mesh bracelet I hope you move that to the top of your items to review . I love seeing how you style your bracelets and quite frankly I plan to copy you or as close to your design as possible. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! I believe that’s how the saying goes.

    Lisa K.

  7. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the update, I have been looking forward to a few pieces from the autumn collection! I like the mesh bracelet but will have to see it in store as I would have preferred it as a bracelet and not a bangle. My guess is they ran into production issues for the soft version last year and came up with the rigid model instead. It is still pretty though! I am also drawn to the teardrop openwork because it reminds me of autumn rain :) However, I am more excited to get the origami crane which my store confirmed arrived in Canada! It’s going to be $45, which makes me even happier! Good luck with your shopping! I am looking forward to your reviews :)

    Take care!

  8. Oh I wish things were early in the US! I can’t wait to get the mesh bracelet. With the titanium core, I expected it to be more rigid like a bangle. It will be lovely with or without charms. Oh well, if I can hold out til buy more, save more…

  9. I like the teardrop spacers and want to get them at some point. I’m going to wait till the full collection comes into store, to go see it.
    When are you posting the Autumn jewellery preview? I’m interested to see what rings there coming out with.

  10. Hi Ellie I was so shocked to see these pieces released earlier I love the rose gold, gold and silver petit and I can’t believe how affordable they are the same goes with a few of the other charms priced at £25. The last collection I was saying how expensive some of the charm are I glad they have done more affordable charms.

  11. Oh, well. The store where I shop said they’re not allowed to sell anything from the Autumn collection before the release date, so I will wait with my customary impatience. I did get two Piggy Bank charms they ordered for me recently. That will hold me. Thanks, Ellie!

  12. Two Pandora concept stores both told me they are no longer able to sell before the official date for the fall collection. They do however have the merchandise already.

  13. Hi Ellie,

    It’s so nice you’re getting an early look with the Mini Launch! I’m most interested in your opinion of the long anticipated Mesh Bracelet. My first impression seeing the 2016 Campaign image was a soft bracelet. After seeing the above shots, it appears more like a bangle. Either way, it’s lovely! Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to review this one soon!

    Thanks for the update and have a nice weekend.

  14. Hello Ellie

    I was not convince when I saw at first the Mesh Bracelet in photo. I am currently in holidays in the south of France and I stopped by the local Pandora store. I had the chance to take a look at this new bracelet and I was amazed. This bracelet is absolutely stunning. It’s really a gorgeous piece and the next thing on my purchase list :-). It immidiately catched my eyes. It is so bright.
    I was reasonable and I not purchased it but I already asked my local pandora store at home to put one aside for me ;-)
    Have a nice weekend and take care.

      • Hello

        It is difficult to say. It is just in between ?. Not too soft not rigid. But beautiful…. ? I saw a combo with charms…. Really gorgeous….

        • Hello Valerie, Thanks for your comments regarding the mesh bracelet. It’s nice to get an opinion from someone who’s actually seen the bracelet in person. I’m glad it’s bright and also looks pretty with charms. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  15. Hi Ellie,
    I really like the safety chain and will add this one on my wish list.?
    I am not sure about the mesh bracelet until I see it in store; bangle or flexible ? I would definitely wear it on its own.
    I could use some nice little golden balls on my two tone bracelet. I am saving for our promo in September.?
    Going back to work, just finished my holidays doing renovations, it never ends.?
    Have a great week!

  16. No, it looks like a flexible bangle from the photo where it is being pulled open. If it is maybe they will still come out with the soft version later.

  17. Love the silver mesh bracelet even though I am a Pandora gold wearer but I really want this mesh bracelet. I am currently visiting Europe and have so far asked for it in Serbia, Slovakia and Austria and no one seems to have it in stock until the start of September. I will be back home in Australia in 2 weeks time. Will the mesh bracelet be available in Australia some time? Thank you kindly. Sheila.

  18. I have just bought the adorable silver mesh bracelet, although I believe it is more like a bangle as it is a stiffer style, not like woven brackets, but simply a harder more bangle shape. My sister has also bought one and she will only wear the bangles and believes this bracelet to be a bangle! Either way it is absolutely gorgeous, compliments other bracelets and bangles when stacked together, has a lovely creative silvery texture. I also like the openwork teardrops charm and intend getting one later.

    • Sorry for typing error – meant the silver mesh bracelet is more like a bangle as it is a stiffer style, not like woven bracelet

      • I agree with you sister. It is a bangle but it is thinner than the regular Moments one, that’s why it looks softer. I have tried it on twice and I think it’s somewhere between Moments and Essence (bangles). It cannot be cut shorter, so but news for those of us who would had needed a smaller size. After seein it I’m no longer head over heels in love, but it’ s still pretty to stack with other bangles ot to wear it alone. Anyway, withou charms for my taste.
        Btw the smooth rose bracelet it’s absolutely gorgeous.

        • Hello Marie, thank you for your reply. I do agree with you (and my sister!) that the silver mesh bracelet is more of a bangle and yes thinner but a lovely texture. I will just use mine to stack with what I call my main charm bracelets. I will not be putting charms on it, seems a little delicate for that, but is gorgeous on its own. Lovely for the Christmas season too. I can see many buying this delicate silver mesh ‘bangle’ for Christmas presents. I do also like the reasonably priced teardrops charm, want to get that.

        • Ouch, sorry for the typos above. I meant that it’s bad news for those of us with very tiny wrists. I was walking and typing after seeing and trying it on for the second time!. Although I expected something thicker, like the regular Moments bangle and hence I’m a bit dissapointed, I’d still buy it if it weren’t so HUGE ?

        • Hi Margaret, I did reply but I do not think I clicked the reply button, but just put a response on the website, I now realise. I would normally wear a full moments bracelet with the new mesh silver bracelet (or really that is a bangle), on my other wrist I would wear either a semi full bracelet or a bangle (moments or essence) with a double woven leather. I went into a bit more detail on other response.

  19. Hi Marie, my sister and I bought the 19 cm silver mesh bracelet/bangle and we have medium wrists sizes. It is available in 17 cm, 19 cm, 21 cm. If my daughter were to have one she would be the 17 cm and she does have small wrists. (My daughter is more into rings although has a couple of Pandora bracelets). The 17 cm would be her size, maybe that would fit yourself too. P.S. I have just bought the new teardrops charm (for a different bracelet) and it is gorgeous and reasonable price.

  20. Hello Margaret, in reply to your message above, it depends on whether I am wearing a full moments traditional bracelet or otherwise, for example I would wear a full traditional moments bracelet on say my left wrist either on its own, or with the new, lighter, silver mesh bracelet (although as discussed above it is more of a bangle) and I wear the silver mesh bracelet/bangle without charms on it as I feel it is enough to put that alongside my full traditional moments bracelet. On my other wrist I would wear a moments bangle with a few charms and match that with a double woven leather bracelet with a few charms. Or I would wear an essence bangle or essence bracelet with essence charms (essence bracelet and bangle being a lighter weight) with a double woven leather bracelet. Or I would wear my oxidised moments bracelet that is almost full on its own. It all depends a bit on how full the bracelets are as some care also needs to be taken I think not to wear something too heavy all the time on wrists but also I try not to put everything on at once as it would possibly look too much.

  21. I’ve also ended up buying the adorable new silver embossed safety chain that has the lovely diamanté half way in the chain, arrived today and I love it!

  22. I’m eager to see this bracelet, here in Serbia.
    The new collection has arrived, but not this bracelet.
    I’m also looking forward to seeing some new promotions, which are not often in our country, in ln this year. In 2016 and 2015 it was different, but now there is lack of promotions, and that’ why I’m looking at this blog, to see many beautiful promotions, taking part in other regions.
    I hope so, this bracelett will come soon in my country.

  23. hello, tell me this bracelet has changed over time whether it has become oxidized or darkened, whether it has become softer with use and lost its shape?

    • This bracelet is more of a bangle, stiffer in shape, lovely and has remained same over time. I have a lot of positive comments on it.

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