*UPDATED* Pandora have changed things around since I posted this preview – the Black Friday charm has been released with the Winter 2017 collection as a regular limited edition for the holidays. Today’s post brings something of an exciting AW17 preview, with a sneak peek at this year’s Pandora Black Friday charm! If you’ve not come across this before, Pandora release a limited edition bead for Black Friday every year, and have done since 2011.

This used to be a North American exclusive release, but last year’s charm was launched worldwide, and the same is set to happen in 2017. :D This year, Black Friday falls on 24 November, which is when we can expect this charm to launch. It marks the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US, although it is increasingly catching on in other regions too.

Read on to see this year’s design!

Pandora Black Friday Charm 2017 Preview

Last year’s poinsettia charm wasn’t so explicitly festive or wintry as those in previous years – the 2017 charm returns to a more Christmassy theme. It’s a red ornament, detailed in vibrant enamel and pave swirls that remind me very much of the popular Lion Dance charm that came out for CNY 2017.

As is traditional, the charm has the date tucked away on the side, adding to its collectability. Its official name is the Bright Ornament, and it will retail for $75 USD or $85 CAD.

My Comment

I’m sure this won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I very much like this design! Cute enamel detailing often proves a winner with me, and I like the vibrancy of the colour. It fits in nicely with other Pandora holiday beads, which traditionally feature a lot of red.

I’m actually thinking of adding this to my Asian CNY red bracelet, as I do think it’s a lovely match for the Lion Dance charm!

What do you think of this year’s design? Is it coming home with you?

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  1. Are the Black Friday charms tough to get? Can you order online or do you need to wait in line for hours at a store hoping they won’t run out before you get one?

    • These beads never sell out. Wait for them to be on Rue on sale. :-) Other Black Friday charms are on there at every sale.

      • The only thing about the Rue sale is that you don’t get the special box with it. Obviously the discount may well outweigh that for you, it depends on how invested you are in the LE trappings that go with it ^^

    • Lola’s right – they don’t sell out fast, and they often get discounted on Rue La La or other countries’ official sales. :) No need to rush out on the day, going by previous years.

    • Are you sure the red ornament is the 2017 Black Friday charm? My store has had that charm available for 2 weeks now. It was released on November 1st with the rest of the holiday collection.

      • It was originally going to be the black friday charm, but it’s now been released with the winter collection as a regular limited edition :)

  2. As I think the Lion Dance charm is one of the best charms Pandora has ever come out with I think this charm is equally brilliant! The red color is spot on for the holidays! I will most definitely be getting this for my Christmas bracelet I am designing for this year. Gorgeous bead! bTzw, I plan to put the new Panda charm on my Asian bracelet.

    • Yay, so glad you agree! I think that the use of sparkle can be so effective when employed thoughtfully and with a little pop of pretty colour. :D

  3. How beautiful! I love the swirls and the red enamel. It could have been designed just for me! Thanks for the preview!

  4. Gorgeous! I will for sure be standing in line for this one.
    Thank you for the thorough job you do to bring all the up to date info. to us.
    It was a lucky day for me when I happened on your blog.
    You’re the best.

  5. I’m not so sure about this one. I will wait to see it in person to decide. I already have so many red Christmas charms! I may concentrate on emerald green with the new Rose Christmas charms this year. But thanks for the preview. It is a beautiful charm, I’m just not sure where I would use it.

  6. Yes please! I love the Chinese Lion charm but I had nowhere to put it on my bracelet. Loved the colours. If this one is the same colour, it will be coming home with me. Hopefully it will be released worldwide but who knows with Pandora…

    • I know! I’d like to think that they’ll release it the world over again. It’s been fun importing them from the US in the past, but it was even more so to be able to see all the promo posters etc in the shops last year!

  7. Hi Ellie,

    I’ve been anxious to see the 2017 Black Friday charm since you first mentioned it some time ago. I love it! My favorite to date. I will definitely be adding this lovely charm to my collection! Thanks for the preview. It made my day!

    • Hi Emily! Ah, I’m so glad it didn’t disappoint. :D I’m super keen to add it to my collection as well!

  8. I love it – I finally managed to get Lion dance and it’s my favourite bead ever so I will definetly be getting this one if available in the U.K.❤️

  9. I´m not sure about the colour. From the photo above it´s colour seems too vibrant to me and very “asian-like” with all those cz swirls, but stock images tend to be very tricky, so I´ll have to see it in person first. I plan to begin a Christmas bracelet this year, but so far my must- haves are from former collections, especially last year´s. Then I guess I´ll add something new but I won´t know for sure till I see the pieces in the shop. I can´t wait!!!
    Many thanks for your hard work to keep us well informed. Have a nice week!

    • Vibrant might not be the right to express what I mean. There´s nothing bad about being vibrant. From the pic, I think it could be a bit loud, garish. Of course that may change when seen in person.

    • Might just be the stock photo – I’m picturing it as being similar to the CNY Lion Dance, which was such a lovely colour in person! Have a lovely week too Marie, and thanks for commenting :D

      (P.S. I’m sorry about the lack of edit function! It’s something I’ve looked into a few times but it’s a bit fiddly and I’ve not been abel to find an easy fix yet)

  10. don’t think this is very christmassy I know that is not a real word it looks a bit oriental in colour only but not in style I agree with others will need to look at

    • I think it still has a nice festive feel but it’s a little bit different too. But yes, I am thinking of using it on an asian design!

  11. I’m not sure what the design team was going for here. It looks like too many hands spoiled the bead. Lol. For an abstract bead it’s not horrible, just a bit messy. The color is great though.

  12. Has anyone been to current rue sale had items in my cart they vanished when I went back still available but price had increased

    • I read about items vanishing from carts on Rue, but even during the most frantic Moonlight Madness sale I’ve never had items disappear from my cart.

      Most shoppers think items only disappear from carts when someone else takes them through check-out, but that’s not always so. It can be a website problem that happens most often when the site is too busy–faulty load balancing is mostly to blame. Rue has a lot of website issues, especially on the international pages. For instance, I’m in Canada, but sometimes Rue will only show me US pages and prices, and then I can’t order. I’ve missed sales because of it.

      • Sometimes the sale expires and another Rue boutique has the same beads, only at the original price. For instance, the Moonlight Madness boutique was discounted 65%, then it was over. The Still Want It Picks boutique had the beads, but they were at the original price of 40% off.

      • With the new Autumn/Winter catalog out, I notice quite a few things from the previous catalog are gone. Hope Rue will have them soon. One charm in particular, Cathedral Rose, is missing. I always meant to pick it up, but never did.

  13. I like it. I appreciate it is not overtly wintery, as I am in the Southern hemisphere with a summer Christmas.

  14. Thanks for showing it but I probably won’t be getting it. I do like that it’s an ornament that isn’t a dangle. But I’m not a fan of the color or design on it, unless it looks way different in person. Like PP Lola said it looks a bit messy; like there are too many textures and styles put into one bead.

    Seeing as I don’t have any of them and I don’t participate in black Friday shopping, I’m okay with not loving it! I’d rather get something I love on rue.

    • That’s fair enough! Especially as you’re not trying to collect the set or anything! :) I have all of them to date and just love the tradition so much that it would be hard to make a design that I actively wouldn’t get… they’ve got,me, haha!

  15. I find this to be a pretty bead. It’s festive and sparkly mood is just right making it a must have for me. I can just imagine how this bead will perfectly sit in your Asian CNY bracelet together with your Lion Dance, garnet cabochon and birthday bloom.
    I also hope Pandora will come up with another christmas bangle (just like last year’s Unique Snowflake Limited Edition bangle). It gave a home to my Poinsettia and Winter Wonderland clip so I’m hoping to do the same this year.
    Thank you very much for the preview. I’m so excited for the holiday season. It’s my favorite time of the year ❄??

    • I like it, too! And it’s so nice that you remembered what my Asian bracelet looks like <3 glad you think it'll fit well there. Thank you! <3

      There will be a Christmas bangle - I'm just getting my Winter preview together and it will be out shortly :) glad you enjoyed the preview and thanks for commenting!

  16. I’ve recently gotten rid of all the Pandora beads that had pave or cz’s. I’m mostly just doing the retired silvers now. This charm is a “no” for me.

    • Oh interesting! I’ve mostly bought plain silvers lately as well. I went on a retired bead hunt over the summer and got so many classics i’ve always been wanting :)

  17. I love the snow globe charm because I used to have a snow globe collection as a child.

    BTW,Canada’s Pandora page finally has the silver origami crane dangle! I was so excited – I love origami!

    Anyway, the CNY Dragon is being sold on Canada’s Pandora page too. Come to think of it, all the Asian inspired charms that weren’t available before are being offered now – including the Asian piggy bank, money pouch, and that weather doll dangle.

    • That is one of my favourite BF charms as well. They’re also bringing out another snow globe bead this year for the regular Winter launch :)

      Yes, I did do a little update about that some time ago but glad to hear that they have officially launched now! <3 I wish the UK was getting them too!

  18. From the picture I LOVE this Christmas charm! I also love the idea of adding it to a bracelet with the Chinese Lion (assuming the reds work together). With the scroll work I think it could be worn all year paired with Chinese Lion! Very festive as a Christmas charm. Love it!

  19. This charm is beautiful in person! Somehow my store got it early and was able to purchase last night! Also, Pandora is apparently doing things different this year. The cost of the charm is $85 USD but in purchasing the Black Friday charm you automatically get the Christmas ornament when it arrives so I won’t have to spend the $125 this year yay! They were also calling this charm the “Rockettes” charm so I will have to look into that story …

    • I got mine on the 18th @ a local store (Diamond Center) and mine was also $85 USD. The charm comes in a hugh ornament. I was told that Pandora is not doing a Black Friday or Pandora Club this year and instead they did this. Anyone hear anything different

      • My local Pandora in New York said they’re having a sale of buy 2 charms get one free on Black Friday. They’re not going to have a limited edition bangle like they did last year :(

        • Oh and I just picked up this charm along with the ornaments today! It’s beautiful! I was able to purchase that with a military discount and get it for 63

  20. Does anyone know what the black Friday charm will be this year. I know it’s a lil early but I’m really curious as to what it will be???

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