Today brings the annual September promotion for North America, with the launch of the Buy More, Save More event for the US and Canada, and news of the latest Pandora sale at discount shopping site Rue La La!

Pandora NA Spend & Save Promo

The promotion will be on offer from today until 17 September. It’s available in store and online for the US. The US rules are as follows:-

In comparison to previous bracelet promos or spend and save offers, this isn’t the most generous offer in the world, but it’s still a good opportunity to pick up some things from the new Autumn 2017 collection!

In Canada, the promotion on offer is as follows:

Pandora sale at Rue La La tomorrow!

The other offer starting is the next Pandora sale on US shopping site Rue La La, if you’d rather dip into Pandora’s older offerings! The sale starts tomorrow (15th September), and will offer discounts on retired Pandora products. I don’t think there are any new styles, but I do love the banner for this month’s sale:

The sale is due to start at 11am ET, tomorrow. 

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

My Comment

I’m a little put off taking part in the NA spend promo as the discounts just don’t work out very well in terms of GBP – it’s tempting to try and get the Sweet Panda, which didn’t come out here in the UK (why?! We love pandas as much as anyone else!). But I think I might wait until Black Friday/Christmas season, when some of the most fun GWPs rear their heads instead! :)

Also, on a side note – I’ve not been very present on the blog over the past couple of weeks and I’m taking something of an unofficial hiatus. I’ve got so much on at work at the moment and it’s pretty stressful, and I just don’t have the time/energy to blog when I’m home at the moment. I’m wearing my Pandora but not writing so much about it! ^^

Are you taking part in any promos today?

81 Comments on Promotion Alerts: Buy More, Save More for North America & Pandora on Rue La La

  1. Hi! Always love to read your posts! Don’t apologize for being busy! We all know life gets in the way of the fun sometimes!
    And yes you are right about the promo’s, we have ‘spend €99 and above and receive a Pandora juwellery box’ (this looks like a nice bigger one though) but again, the charms I still have on my wishlist, are not released here.
    Very good for the budget I say ?
    And like you, I’m kinda waiting for the Black Friday promo’s, last year I scored huge at Xjewellery ?

    Love from The Netherlands

    • Hey. A small tip 30 September it is national glamourday in the netherlands. I you buy the magazine (have to show it in the stores) you get in a lots op shops 20% discount inclusing Pandora.

      • Hi!
        The Glamour event is also on in Germany – and there is a promo running in Germany (shops and online) until September 17: buy 3 pieces and the one with the lowest price is free – the bonus one can not be from the rose collection or a pure gold one but if one combines the right ones it might turn out :)

  2. Does anyone know anything about the 3 for 2 offer on charms in the UK? I’ve had an invite to a special event next Wednesday but I think it might be open to all after that too, I’m guessing next Thursday. I’ve booked my place but still haven’t received my tickets yet :-/. I wonder if all charms, and clips, are included or if we have to choose from a limited amount.

    • Hi Pat I know about the 3 for 2 offer: it officially starts on Fri 22nd and runs for 10 days. If you have got a VIP invite you have to RSVP to get on the invitation list at your local store and to get a ticket. This appears to only be valid for the Wed 20th from 4pm until close and does not appear to allow you to then shop the promo on the Thurs 21st. The promo the n starts 22nd. My local store said they will let me chose charms for the promo and put them away for me for 7 days until I shop. With that in mind you should be able to put them away now if you are shopping next Wed or Fri. Mine were put away on wed for me as I am going to the VIP event on Wed. I hope that helps.

        • I was told that it was all charms I expect that would include clips and spacers but the 6 that I chose were all charms so didn’t test out that theory. I’ll have a look at the Ts&Cs and see if it specifies.

      • Thanks Ali :-D. I have responded to the invite but I have yet to receive a response to my response. Do you know how long that should take? I presume if I don’t hear anything then I didn’t get in quick enough or my local store isn’t participating :-/. I’m not sure if going all the way to the store is going to be worth it just to get the tote bag anyway, lol, so I might have to settle for waiting until next Friday ;-). At least it’s going on for 10 days rather than just a weekend :-D. I wonder if safety chains are classed as charms ;-).

  3. This is actually the first fall promo I’m not participating in. The 20% discount is not enough to lure me. Like you, I’m going to wait for another promo. There aren’t many beads I’m interested in at the moment anyway. (And I agree it makes no sense to not release the panda bead in the U.K.!)

  4. I wish NZ/AU would get a buy more save more or 3 for 2 promotion on charms . :) I think I’m a bit addicted to promotions! I was hopeful we’d get a promotion here in September. I did the June, July and August promotions . I’ve got the November Christmas ornament promotion to look forward to though if nothing else .

  5. I wasn’t thrilled with the discounts at first either, but then I realized that it’s not 25% off of $300 like in the past. In the past you would have to spend more than $600 to get more money off. Now it’s like a sliding scale; I spent $335 and got $84 off. So the savings does increase as you spend more, unlike last time. But there’s not enough I like to get me to spend $600:(

  6. I went already, needed a new essence bracelet for my rue la la beads. Also got the mesh bracelet, which is so pretty it doesn’t need any beads. So happy to see your post, just realized yesterday had not seen any posts from you in a while so I went searching to see if I was missing them, nope, so good to know all is well.

  7. Hi Ellie!

    Glad to hear from you, and glad you are just busy and nothing else is wrong. You do not owe us an apology – we are much in your debt for keeping up with all the Pandora news WORLDWIDE for all of us.

    My local store was kind enough l to let me lay away my haul during the pre-sale since I was going to be traveling out of state the whole time during the sale. I bought the ROSE Pave Heart Clasp Bracelet, the two matching clips, and a two tone rose/silver arrangement of the new geometric charms. It is stunning,, and I can’t wait to pick it up when I return home. I also got the mesh bracelet with a dainty Rose pendant and 2 Rose clips. And I scored the Inspiration safety chains in silver and Rose. True Yoga also slipped into my things. I’m going to check out Rue tomorrow as my granddaughter went crazy for my unicorn yesterday. Hope they still have one.

    Thanks again. I missed you and am so glad you are alright.

    • Hi Deborah,

      Just curious your pandora store does layaway? Can you elaborate more? Just curious as this could be useful if my store would do it too given the holidays will be fast approaching.

      • Not every time, guess it has to be a qualifying sale, but sometimes during the pre-sale I can go and pick out my charms and other stuff and pay for them at the sale price. I just can’t take them home until the sale starts. Worked out great for me since I was going to be gone. Also, if there’s something you want and there are only a few in stock, they don’t sell out before you can purchase it.

  8. HimEllie,

    I have taken advantage of the promo and sent hubby in to pick up my graduation gift. It is the closest thing to discounted Pandora we can get. I feel like it was a good enough deal to invest in a retired gold charm. Of course we have 15% sales tax in my province but it is added on after the discount.

    On new charm that really surprised & impressed me was the new enamel glitterball charm. It reminds me of an essence charm. They come in three colours, gold, rose and silver. The price point is fantastic at $40 Cdn and the charm looks amazing and feels substantial. I bought a gold one for my fall bracelet. The rose is lovely too and would look great woven into a rose gold design. Especially if you want an economical way to add to a rose gold bracelet.

    Good luck catching up on your work. Thanks for getting this info out at such a busy time. I love reading the comments .Your blog posts are sparking a lot of dialogue that I enjoy reading, well be here when your able to join in again.

    Lisa K.

    • I agree and just had to have those three for the open bangle. Sparkly and fun. Better on the bracelet than off. Rose gold and silver splash for a simple look and few pieces.

    • Congrats on graduation, Lisa! Nice of your hubby to pick up your gift. I keep saying I’ll start investing in solid gold during a sale, but haven’t committed yet. Sweet graduation gift!

  9. Went to the wonderful sale today and bought mainly rose gold pieces and the bracelet. Met a person who has not had any problem with her bracelet so ginny pig me. I bought it and will let you know…the essence bracelet. Tried the mesh and could not fit me:(. But did buy the gold necklace. Several of the new geometric. Blew my yearly budget.
    Missed you Mora and thank you for your service to us all!

  10. Loved the new pave caps for the open bangle bracelet. Check them out. Shimmering cap is pretty, too. Glittering shapes, beautiful with cascading glamour clear c z and the cascading glamour spacers tie it all together on that open clasp bangle ( a new favorite). Really vintage and classy.

    • yes, i almost got those charms to go with my pave’ opend bangle yesterday, but instead got two rose spacers to go on each end, it simple and pretty i think.

      • The rose spacers are pretty. I loved the light pink cap and the purple. These are
        so fun. I did buy the rose gold clips, pave and also the hearts in rose gold clips. You will love your spacers.

  11. Ugh! I just spent $185 just 3 days ago. I’m new to Pandora so I’m glad I found and subscribed to your alerts. I was so happy to see the Prague charm on Rue La La today. I really want the Berlin one, too, so I’ll keep checking. I want one for all the places I’ve traveled to this year and it turns out they’re all retired.

      • Thanks ladies! I didn’t even think about the 30 days part. I started my Pandora experience on 9/3 and since then, I’ve spent $785 at Pandora. So, if I return all that and repurchase it, I’ll save $275!!! Thanks SO much for this wonderful suggestion.

        • Yes, if you plan ahead with MoraPandora, you will always know what sales are coming up and the release dates of the new collections. That way, you can maximize your purchases. It’s amazing to me that she keeps up with this pretty much world wide. That would be a full time job, not something to do after a full day of work. She’s so awesome. Between the Pandora promotions and the Rue La La website, you can build a beautiful collection quite reasonably.

        • Thanks again ladies! I took your advice and started over by returning everything and repurchasing it plus 6 more items. I got a bracelet and 17 charms and saved $332!

  12. Hi Ellie good to see you back hopefully all the work stuff will calm down, i miss you blogging but understand that work can be stressful.

  13. Hi Ellie, so glad to hear from you again! And don´t apologise to us for not being able to post, please. I know that feeling of lack of energy after work ,too. In fact, I don´t know how you can do it.Pandora should release a charm with the words Mora Pandora on it to thank you for your loyalty and for keeping us hooked, too (lol).
    As usual I won´t be partaking in any foreign promo. At least not now. I´m always tempted but in the end I´m put off by the thought of having to wait too long for the items to arrive all the way from NA and then there are ship payments and taxes to consider as well as currency change, so I´m not sure if it´s worth it. Besides I did my own little hawl in Germany only three weeks ago!
    Now, all I want from the Autumm collection are the all silver teardrops. And some Essence natural stone beads, which have just been discontinued here but they´ll have to wait as I´m travelling again this week to a family gathering and we´re planning a trip to Portugal together. Hence, my wallet and my brain are telling me not to dare think about buying Pandora at least for the rest of this month (ouch!). Not even come near it ;)
    Well, I hope you get better. Take it easy and a good care of yourself!

    • Btw, does anybody know what became of the rose RH ( or the RH clips)?. I haven’t taken a proper look at rhe collection, since I’m on a self imposed ban at the moment but I’ve missed them in the shop window. True that I have only look at it while passing by ( don’ t want to stop, just in case ha ha) but I’m quite sure they are not on display which means they have not been released ?

      • Hi Marie, I just checked my new catalogue I picked up on Thursday for the Rose Radiant Hearts. I do see both the blush and clear. I’m certain the rose was released in the US because we put a rose bracelet together in the store and used the rose RH in the blush pink color. I almost certain I remember seeing the rose clear one as well. I purchased the silver RH clips, so I know they were released here. The catalogue only shows the clip in silver and so does Ellie’s Autumn Rose preview. I must say the clips are quite large…larger than the charm. I also got the Radiant Teardrops and the Geometric Radiance. I will say as much as I love the different shapes, Pandora used the duller gray looking stones for these charms. I’m a bit put off by this. The first time I can remember Pandora using this stone was the center stone in the Fairytale Bloom. I guess a good comparison would be the nice clear stones in the Vintage Allure from last November. Much prettier.

        • Hi Emily. Many thanks for your answer. I’ve gone through the spanish catalogue and definetely they have not been released here. I’m a bit surprised at the amount of pieces we are missing out on lately. In summer it was the lovely aquamarine RH. I had to make a one-day trip to France to get it. Blush is one of my favorite colours, I have the silver one and I was considering the rose one for a Ttbracelet sometime in the near future but of course the very “intelligent” Pandora crew decided otherwise! ?
          Funny that the clips are larger than the charm, though. That means they are not for my wrists!

        • Hi Marie, Just compared my RH clips to the charms to give you a better idea of the size. The clips are a little taller. I guess they would have to be since they open. Only a tiny bit wider. I don’t understand Pandora’s way of thinking when it comes to the difference in releases for different regions. Glad you were able to make a trip to France to get the aqua RH. I would have done the same. Such a beautiful color. I also have the blush in silver and it’s gorgeous in the rose. I’m so taken by the new rose release…stunning in person. It’s a must have for me. You may have to make another trip to France, but well worth the effort to get what you want.

        • In the US we were supposed to get many of the pieces like the piggy bank, sunny doll, kangaroo etc that we never got. They are not in the NA catalog and the stores don’t have them. They are listed on pandora us estore as out of stock. I have no idea why they want to disappoint so many customers.

        • I hope it has been released in neiboughring countries, so that I can grab it sometime when I decide to put a TT rose bracelet togetherIt has to be gorgeous in rose!

  14. Good to see you Ellie! I was glad to see the Rue sale today, it’s my birthday, so I’ll buy things from it even if there’s nothing I want. :-)

  15. A good September sale if you want to go for the 600 mark, otherwise not as good as Pandora’s previous sales! But if you have a lot to buy, maybe for Christmas too, then 35% isn’t to bad.

  16. Hi Ellie. You take care of yourself and rest as much as you can. It is exactly a year since I went off work with stress and it just destroyed my health. I was ill for 4 months. Only do what you really have to do and not what you think you should do. There is a big difference.X

  17. Good to hear from you! Hope your load lightens.

    Regarding the Rue sale, I was a bit disappointed with the prices this time. They seemed higher than usual. I only bought the silver flower power charm. I’m hoping for a mightnight madness soon. Or one of your reader exclusive sales (those are awesome)!!

    Regarding the spend more save more, I’d rather save for Rue sales so I’m not participating. Even 35% is not a good deal and you have to drop a lot of $ at once.

  18. Hi Mora,
    Thank you for your insightful ideas about Pandora. It has been an inspiration. I was sitting on the fence about the ‘Spend more, Save more’ promo but like you nothing essential that it cannot wait until Black Friday. Quality and taste not Quantity. These days, I am being mindful about purchases and how it fits into my wardrobe and fashion. Please take care and all the best,

  19. I wanted to take part in the Buy More, Save More event but my store STILL doesn’t have the new fall stuff in. it’s disappointing.

  20. Hi Ellie!

    It was so nice to see your post! I’ve missed your presence on the blog, but totally understand what you’re going through. No need to apologize. We will all be here when you come back. I’m just grateful to know you’re alright.

    I took part in the Spend/Save yesterday and marked off quite a few must haves from my Autumn wish list. With that said, I wasn’t able to stretch my dollars enough to include the rose, but I’ll definitely be saving for it now. I thought it was gorgeous!

    Hope your weekend is great and do take care of yourself!

  21. Hey! So 2 days ago I bought my first pandora bracelet and it’s too stiff. I know that they’re suppose to be stiff since it’s brand new but this one in particular is too stiff to the point where when I try to close the bracelet it feels as if my bracelet is going to kink or snap in half. I was wondering if this is normal and that I should give it more time or should I go ahead and exchange it.
    Thank you! Btw I wanna say that your blog has inspired me to get my first pandora bracelet! ?

    • I’m fairly new to pandora too and I know what you mean so I will be watching for responses. When that happens to me, I spin the bracelet (probably 180 degrees) and it seems to work for me. It’s like basically bending it the opposite way. Hope you know what I mean!

    • Hi Teresa, It’s quite normal for a new bracelet to be a little stiff in the beginning, but not to the point of breaking. Try holding it out in front of you to close. If it’s too stiff to close easily, then pull up in the opposite direction. You should be able to feel the direction to close by moving the bracelet around a little like Sarah suggested. Hope this helps.

      • The chains with the heart clasps are much stiffer and more difficult to bend and manipulate. This is normal for this bracelet. It is because the end of the chain goes into the heart clasp at a slight angle.

    • Hi Teresa, I have 3 of the snake chain traditional bracelets: The first is a traditional barrel clasp one which I have had for two years that initially was slightly stiff but I used to rub the chain in my fingers to loosen it and it did not take long to loosen up, is very comfortable to wear and is full with charms, safety chain and clips. My next was an oxidised barrel clasp one that was a little stiff again but using same method of rubbing the chain between fingers plus holding up straight to untwist , seems fine now, again now almost full with charms, safety chain and clips. However my newer bracelet is a larger heart clasp one and is giving me more trouble, I am doing the same methods to loosen it which seems to help but is remaining stiffer than my other two, I do not know whether this has something to do with being a different bigger clasp as well. I am persisting and have put some charms on this third one, but not many, together with safety chain and clips. it is also more difficult to fasten being a larger clasp and stiffer. I have had it almost 2 months, I tend to rotate wearing it. I am hoping it will be OK but I remain a bit concerned about this one, having had such good experiences with my other two. I think, however, the more a bracelet is worn, the more likely it is to loosen up. However, if your bracelet even with gently rubbing it between your fingers, or holding it up to allow it to untwist itself, or given time and wearing, if after all that it remains overwhelmingly stiff to point of snapping, then really should be checked where you bought it as it should not remain as stiff as that. Hope things get sorted.

    • This is hard to describe in words, very easy to show in person. I’ll try this anyway. Hold the bracelet in front of you stretched out, bring the two ends together slowly in a circle and watch how the bracelet is moving, then stretch it out again, swivel the ends a little in your fingers, and bring them together again. Doing this you’ll get a good look at how the snake chain is moving. If the two ends are swiveled opposite–I’ll say for lack of a better description–the ends won’t meet easily and the chain will buckle. If this buckling tension happens no matter what you do, I’d take the bracelet back. A snake chain should never be bangle stiff, or even close to it.

      • That’s exactly it. Sometimes you have to twist on end slightly to find the way it forms a perfect circle. If you fasten it and it’s not rounded out while it’s stiff, it puts stress on the bracelet. Sometimes I fill the bracelets with charms and hang them from a door handle. The weight of the charms helps the bracelet relax.

    • I’ll just add, maybe for a bit more clarity, or not. :-) A snake chain is a coil chain, and all the coils have to be going in the same direction when you close the circle. If you twist the chain in opposite directions at both ends and then try to close the circle, you put opposing tension on the coils and the chain will buckle and maybe snap.

      No help at all. Lol.

  22. Hello, I am new to MoraPandora blog and absolutely love it!! I really like your posts and pictures of the older and retired Pandora charms! Thanks for all the tips on the promotions and Rue La La sales!

  23. Hello, I believe in the UK there is a buy 2 and get 3 charm offer with a complimentary tote bag coming up towards the end of this week, v exciting news.

    • Hi Liz,

      I’ve had emails about that too! Pandora club members have received VIP invites for a preview event on the 20th and the offer roles out on the 22nd I think (just in time for my Birthday which also happens to be on the 22nd lol).

      Happy shopping! x

      • Thanks Kerry, I have booked my preview place locally on 20th Sept. I think this must be one of the better offers, 3 charms for price of 2 and a tote bag! Happy shopping too!

        • Have you had any kind of confirmation? I booked mine last Wednesday and I still haven’t heard anything, I even emailed them about it and still nothing. I’m not really sure what to expect :-/.

        • Having selected the Pandora store from the store locator, I got an immediate email response back (from Pandora club) confirming my invite. My local store is expecting to hold the event and I have reserved some charms already! The only thing not reserved is the tote bag which cannot be reserved apparently.

        • I’m guessing my store aren’t holding the event, then :-(. They sent me a reminder to book, which I went through the rigmarole again and got a message saying I was already registered on that email :-O, so I emailed them about it and still I’ve heard nothing :-/. Oh well, I suppose I will save my money instead :'(.

        • Hi Pat,

          have you checked your junk email folder? I responded to a preview event a couple of months ago and right up to the day before I thought they hadn’t responded but then on the off chance checked my junk and my confirmation was in there! I found that odd because Pandora email is on my list of trusted addresses but hey ho there it was!

          Either that or ring your store?

          In terms of the 3 for 2 I think it’s really worth while – especially since I want a few £60 charms/clips and don’t like paying that much for them! 3 for 2 means I can get them for £40 each :-)

          P.s thanks Liz :-)

        • Hello Pat & Kerry, I have just done this offer at my local store, buying 3 X £40 charms for £80 meaning each £40 charm cost me £26.66 each to be precise! Also the complimentary tote bag which is very useful. Very worthwhile offer and I think will be open to all shortly, just nice to be able to have the preview event and being able to buy earlier because of belonging to the Pandora Club.

        • Yeah, I did try my junk mail and my deleted items folder and there was nothing there :'(. I’ve emailed them again but I don’t suppose there’s anything they can do now, it’s too late :-(. I don’t suppose the tote bag will come with them from a Swag Jewellers on Friday so I guess I’ll never have one :’/

        • Hi Pat, I am sure the offer will be available online and locally at end of this week. Today was a preview. Hope you get what you want.

  24. Dear Pat, I think this 3 for 2 sale and tote bag starts in Pandora stores at the end of this week for a while and possibly also on the estore online. Today was I believe a preview so by Friday you’ll be able to get what you want. Hope so.

  25. Happy birthday to all of you in September.???

    I have been busy myself so I know how it feels when you wish you could everything but needs to slow down and choose your priorities in life. Take good care Ellie and we will be there when you feel you are ready to spend time on your beautiful blog. Remember health is wealth.???

  26. I almost bought from Rue La la but this time around, stop by my Pandora store to get my Tinkerbell dangle and the Lion dance bead, and was able to get the sweet Panda for 10$. I am very happy with my purchases.???

  27. My store had this promotion this weekend because the mall was closed during the original dates because of Hurricane Irma. So I treated myself to a few new things, including the teardrop charm and a rose ring.

    The store gave me a flier that says from Oct. 16-23 they will have 20% off $125 or more.

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