Today is an exciting day on the Pandora calendar as the Autumn 2017 collection launches worldwide! With lots of geometric designs and metallic colours, this collection is rather a sparkling and stylised affair. There are new piece for the Pandora Rose and Essence lines as well as Moments, too – and even a Pandora Rose/Essence crossover. :)

While we might not have many character beads to collect in this launch, there are a few really interesting new bracelets, and some beautiful decorative beads – including a stunning-looking new murano glass charm. <3

For previews and live shots, have a look through the Pandora Autumn 2017 tag. Otherwise, read on for my usual round-up of launch-day images from various retailers! <3

Pandora Autumn 2017 Collections debut

A lot of retailer images have focused on the new bracelets – the new all-Rose smooth bracelet does look particularly stunning! I saw it in store myself last week, and it looked great with a mix of silver and Rose-accented charms.

In terms of the charms itself, the decorative and geometric beads look nice – particularly the new teardrop-shaped charm – but aren’t really different enough to tempt me. My favourite is the little enamel Panda . There’s no sign of the two-tone heart & lock charm that cropped up in one of my previous previews yet, however – perhaps a country exclusive, a Winter release, or pulled entirely. I will keep an eye out for news!

Also, if anyone comes across a live image of the new Shimmering Stripe murano, I’d love to see it!

The new UK-exclusive Pudsey Bear charm for 2017 appears to be out today, as well.

My Comment

I will be going to see the new beads over the weekend – my favourites remain unchanged from when I originally previewed the collection, I think, but it’s hard to know what my first purchases should be! I’d like the Teardrops openwork, the Shimmering Stripe murano glass beads, and the new Embossed Hearts safety chain with the CZ. The Blooming Heart was also very pretty. This collection has some very expensive charms and bracelets in it, but it was also nice to see a good smattering of lower-priced charms, too – the new Glitter balls, the openworks, etc.

I saw the new Mesh bracelet in store last weekend, but I actually wasn’t convinced, after having waited so long for it! I think the design must have changed in some way, as it was so much shinier than it originally looked in the stock image and campaign images, and much more like a bangle than a bracelet, I thought. So I am weighing it up still!

The other jewellery pieces I really like are the Fairytale Tiara collection – so pretty! <3 And the puzzle rings are a really cute concept, too.

What are you going to be buying from this launch?

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  1. Nothing I only wanted the sweet panda and so far no sign of it in the U.K., getting a bit fed up of pandora if I’m honest.

  2. Panda is cute, but need to see it in person, IF it will be availeble here….. Pudsey will be hunted down, is a must have for my UK bracelet….
    After that, I think I’m hunted out ??

  3. I really wanted the Panda – but there is no sign of it been released in the UK, I am really disappointed. If anyone has any news on this lovely charm please let me know. Thanks

    • I have 2 on hand i run a Facebook pandora group youre more than welcome to join …we do fun things like raffles
      I ship all over the world

  4. Hi Ellie, I’ve checked back through the ‘autumn 2017’ tag, but did you ever do a post with HQ images for the whole autumn collection? And what about the non-charm jewellery? I totally understand if you didn’t get round to it as I know you are so busy with full-time work as well as the blog, but I’ll admit I tend to use your posts to make my initial choices for my wishlist, so I wouldn’t want to miss anything!

    So far I think most of my autumn wishlist comes from the rose collection, with maybe the new stripe murano especially if the colour will go nicely with rose, and similarly the rose glitter ball. Panda also a possibility. I saw the mesh bracelet in store and rather liked it, so that’s also a maybe, and was also very taken by the blooming heart – and by the very reasonable price! I love the look of the puzzle rings too.

    The one thing I’ve bought so far, from the UK early release, is the ‘love makes a family’ dangle, which will be part of the mini-design I’m making to represent my new god-daughter. She is adopted, so the inscription is just perfectly fitting for her and her new family :-)

    A *relatively* short wishlist from the main autumn collection (at least compared to the last couple of years!) is a good thing considering the length of my wishlists from the rose and winter collections though!

  5. Hi Ellie, than you for posting! I want a couple of teardrops openwork for sure and I’m now considering the hearts, too. There’s been been so much pavé and button charms that I really need plain silver round pieces. I saw both rose bracelets in store in Germany and they Are gotgeous. I never thought that I would like them so much. And the same for the glitter balls above all the rose one. Unfortunately there’s no way I can have the mesh bangle adapted to my size (asked in two different german stores and then in Amsterdam), so I won’t buy it. It’s just huge for me. Even SAs said it! Like you I had been a bit dissapointed by the look of it, so I am not terribly upset. I like it (and still would buy it) but I don’t “need” it.
    Apart from the openworks I’ll surely get sth else but still have to see everything in store and then decide.
    Thanks again and have a nice week ahemad ( here is cloudy and pouring; mood for autunm novelties) ?

  6. The Panda is my “must have”. I’m planning on him to go on a blank double leather bracelet. Eventually, I’ll probably get the two toned signature clips with the pave` detail to match my bracelet. I have a Winnie the Pooh themed one going on my two toned pave signature bracelet. I also like the heart from that collection. It may show up on my bracelet eventually. I’m hoping for more Pooh in the spring. Silver with small enamel details would be my preference.

    Ellie, I was in Alaska and Seattle recently, and found out there are “travel exclusive” Pandora dangle charms that I had no idea existed. Have you seen them? My Alaska one has a totem pole, and my Seattle one has the Space Needle and Mt. Ranier and is different from the Seattle charm from the regular travel collection. Both were bought at Pandora stores. I’ve not been able to find either of the designs online, but can send you a photo. This was news to me, but I may end up with a travel bracelet if most major cities have these.

    • Yes, they are available in many cities, although show just the state name. I have an Arizona, a Charlotte, a Chapel Hill, and some from islands in the Caribbean.

      Makes a trip to a new place fun–I have to find the Pandora store and ask about any exclusive charms!

        • Good to know! I’ll be on the lookout now.

          I bought my panda today. Goodness, is he cute! I think he’s one of my all time favorites. He’s big and chunky like the CNY lion, so he was perfect for a leather bracelet.

  7. Oh boy, so much pave I’m going blind. I sorry to say this collection reminds me of the costume jewelry my great grandmother used to collect. I wish Pandora would go back to a few years ago, just a hint of sparkle, lots of soft color and new, interesting shapes. I just can’t see myself wearing any of this. Almost all my Pandora purchases have been older gold, two-tone and silvers from the Rue La La sight. As always, thank you for the review.

  8. Getting back into Pandora after some time, I don’t think I will purchase anything. What happened to all the great charms and seasonal designs? Nothing here is for autumn and everything is starting to look the same in a little too glitzy . I did buy the open bangle a week ago and I absolutely love it. My wrist is 5 1/2 inches and I bought the smallest one. None of the charms hang on the underside of my wrist. They are on top . Looks great with 4 or 5 charms!

    • I’ve just tried it for you: the stopper wont go over the screw thread. I also tried getting it onto my smooth moments bracelet (which is thread-less and it won’t go on that one either. I suggest you get the ones from Amazon that do fit on the regular threaded bangle and look the same as the ones on the smooth bracelet. Just search for “silver stoppers for bracelet” and check that the description states that it fits Pandora bracelets. I have a lot of them. They fit on all of my bracelets except my barrel clasp leathers (for some reason.

  9. I am excited to see the Origami Crain and the sunny doll available in the US. I put them on my wishlist! But there is nothing I’m going to run out and purchase right now. I do love some of the teardrop shaped ones and the openworks ones though.

  10. It’s the end of the line for Essence. Pandora, in general, has run out of ideas. You can find all of Pandora’s recent designs (lipstick, etc.) in Thomas Sabo, and Sabo’s came out months ago. The prices are extreme also. 155 CAD for the Essence rose bracelet is nuts, considering the Moments rose is 165 and much thicker. It’s too bad.

    • The rose collection is ridiculous. Some metals are plated, there are a lot of negative comments. I think Pandora does not respect hers customers by producing low quality products with cheap materials (enamel, some metals alloy, zirconia) and paying for them a lot of money.
      Big shame

      • I really agree with you about the Rose collection. I do not care for it. I like everything else apart from the Rose collection. It is made I believe from mixing with copper. I really only like the pure silver and the pure yellow gold.

        • Authentic rose gold 10k amd 14k is mixed with copper as well.. Standard jewellery accepted approved practice.

    • Replying to myself!!!! Lol.

      I also just noticed the petites aren’t sold as sets anymore, 3 for 30 or 40.00, but singly for 15 and 20.00 each. Incredible price gouging. I’m so sad at Pandora.

      • I agree with Tanya; the collection reminds me of old time rhinestone costume jewelry. The materials are cheap and horrible and the prices are crazy. While the polar bear and panda are cute, I find them targeted to a younger audience. Even pandora’s models are young 20 somethings out for a night on the town. This collection is the worst. The Pandora rose smooth bracelet for $150? Way too much for plated jewelry. My time with pandora is done.

        • I find Pandora’s current advertising awkward. They’re featuring young girls wearing grandma’s jewelry. The jewelry looks wrong on them. The jewelry just looks wrong in general with this collection. But the piggy bank with the red bow is adorable, so is the koala, and I’m pretty sure I’ll grab a couple of the sunny dolls. I was planning to get lockets for my daughters this week, but not now the petites are separate–that just destroys the line for me. Essence is done for me, and I’m sad about that, but it’s just hideous.

        • One funny thing I noticed about the models, and then couldn’t unnotice it,is that their tongues are always visible in their mouths:)! I think Pandora thinks this makes it looks like the models are having fun. Kinda hilarious, really.

        • Lol. Now I’ll never unsee that.

          Pandora advertising is confusing. It’s not immediately clear who they’re aiming at; they see to be aiming for too broad a market–all women–and that can’t work. The jewelry also has no identity, and this lack shows in the marketing pictures; the models are simply mannequins, the same for every line.

          Look at Thomas Sabo images; their target markets for each line are instantly identifiable by the different model types, (and their male models are hot), the aim of the jewelry lines is clear, the versatility range shows, etc. Sabo’s jewelry suits the models too, so everything works, and that makes the jewelry approachable. I’ve bought so many Sabo pieces based on marketing because the second I saw the pictures, I knew exactly who would love those items. I’ve never had those moments with Pandora marketing.

  11. I was only interested in the Sweet panda but alas The UK don’t seem to have it :( Looks like I will be hanging on the the winter collection and hope it’s not as disappointing as most of the collections this year.

  12. The new mesh bracelet has titanium in it which I was suprised at. I agree though I was expecting a bracelet not a bangle. Love the panda too but so so on the rest of the collection

  13. Hi Ellie!

    I’m afraid I don’t agree with everyone on this release. I like the geometric shapes of a lot of the new charms. I think the teardrop would look stunning on either side of the diagonal squares. Maybe the key to this collection will be less is more. Instead of a full bracelet, maybe 3-5 charms will be enough. They are pricey, but each piece will pretty much stand on its own.

    I also love the sweet Panda and true Yoga. I have places reserved for them on existing bracelets.

    I love the new Rose Pave Heart Clasp Bracelet but I will wait on the full Rose to see how the finish holds up. If I cave and get it, I will definitely lock my charms in place with clips to minimize sliding as I have on the oxidized bracelet. I’m also looking forward to checking out the mesh bracelet.

    The cascading glamour earrings look like a blast from the 70’s past, and the double ring looks pretty.

    I’m heading to the store today to check out everything. But I’m pretty sure that the buy more, save more promo will leave a pretty big dent in my credit card.

    Another heads up, there is a bracelet stack event going on here in the US with the Enamel bracelets. 3 for $139. Don’t know if you were aware, or maybe you posted it and I missed it.

    Thanks a lot for the hard work you do to keep us posted on all things P.

  14. Hi Ellie,

    I agree about the mesh bracelet. It was totally remade into the bangle we now see. Not impressed with the change.

    • I actually really like the mesh bracelet that is really a bangle. I feel best worn on its own with no charms and used simply as it is but next to a full bracelet as it seems to compliment my full bracelet.

      • I tried it in the store with a few Rose charms. I think it looks equally good on its own or with a few charms on top. I liked the contrast of the bright, almost white silver with the warm Rose. It is very delicate, and I think it is perhaps a dressier look.

  15. Got to be honest I am a bit disappointed today! I only wanted the panda and I can’t find it on the UK websites. This seems like quite a big launch with all the jewellery as well, but it all seems much the same – I don’t collect the Rose because it is plated although it is very pretty. And nothing stands out to me from the rest, except the fairytale tiara earrings, which are nice. It might just be because I have been buying Pandora for several years now, since I was given my first bracelet in 2010! I do like the more recent emphasis on sparkles and shine, old style Pandora was just a bit clunky for me, I prefer something delicate and quite ornate, because I like to see that imagination and craftsmanship. I love my Arabian coffee pot, the pave swan, the beautiful muranos we have been treated to. But now its just gone too far for me – the fake stones are too big, all the gold is covered in cz, there is nothing different or cute and everything is so expensive now. I would rather save for real gold and diamonds than pay a fortune for fakes and plating. This is really hard for me to say because I love Pandora and my bracelets are probably my most cherished possessions, because of the memories they hold of friends and family, the original idea of the Moments brand. I am still very excited for the UK Disney launch in October, so I havent given up yet, and I will be getting the Christmas polar bear (if we get it!) from the Winter collection. Sorry to be negative, Pandora is usually my happy place!

      • I completely agree. I’m looking
        forward to the polar bear, and I LOVE the Panda, but Pandora has always been my special treat to myself. Now the prices have skyrocketed, and for what? Fake stones, unnecessary glitz, and a lot of boring “same-ness” and rehashing of old designs. There are Disney pieces, and a few others here and there, but overall, the number of charms I want seems fewer and fewer with each release. I AM almost 50, though, and do enjoy the animal charms, though. ;-) I’ll do continue to buy the charms that interest me, but if Pandora doesn’t get it together, I’m going to have to consider some other sort of treat for myself.

  16. I really like the embossed heart safety chain but I am sad to say I cannot find it in the US. Is it not being released here?

  17. Hi Ellie! The Pandorawestfarms and sarinak23 Instagram pages each have live images of the Shimmering Stripe Murano, and it looks gorgeous. Sarinak23’s image shows it paired with the Mint Glitter Murano, and they look lovely together, which is great because I was considering pairing these two Muranos together with some of the new Glitter Balls on the Mesh Bracelet. I’m sorry you didn’t like the Mesh Bracelet IRL; I’ll have to check it out myself. Aside from what I already mentioned, I am interested in the Puzzle Heart Ring duo and of course the Sweet Panda. I really want to hold out until September for the promo. Do you have anymore details on this promo, Ellie?

    Also, I’m not sure if you would know the answer to this, but I had heard Pandora was coming out with some midi rings. I saw that the three chevron Wish rings are available in size 44 (midi ring size) on the John agreed website, but I can’t find them in these sizes on any other website–whether US or UK. Do you know anything about this?

      • Really?????!!!!! Oh that would be great. I always wear Pandora rings on my middle finger, size 48, of course. If there were smaller sizes I could wear them on my ring finger :)

        • Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was talking about the danish size, being 48 the smallest, so I assumed that 44 would be smaller. However I now realise that perhaps you were talking about english or american sizes (?)

        • Yes, I was talking about the European sizing. Typically, a 48 is the smallest available (4.5 US), but I have seen in a couple places some smaller sizes in the Wish Rings, including size 44 (around 3 In US size, I think) and 46. I hope these smaller sizes are released everywhere.

  18. Hi Ellie I’m looking forward to seeing everything in person especially the orange stripe murano. I can’t believe how pricie the Rose pieces are I really those one I like he safety chain too but that too is pricie????

  19. Hi Ellie,

    I just came back from my local shop in shop hoping to snag a couple photos of the new Muranos for you but the don’t have their stock out yet. So I will have to wait. It does however, make me appreciate more the photos on your blog and the time you have put into the posts.
    The mesh bracelet is still on my list. I think I will be ok if it ends up looking more like a bangle it is the texture that I am after, so I can layer it with the all sliver or leather bracelets. The Panda looks to be extremely well done the little bamboo shoots with leaves are a wonderful touch. I think it would look lovely mixed in with white Muranos & teal open works circles charms. I have some charms from the tame the wild collection, I wonder if any of them would work with the Panda?
    My list for the fall is pretty much the same. What I would love to know is what from the release is a country exclusive and what is not. Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Lisa K

  20. I just went to check out the new collection and found myself liking the rose glitter ball very much and also very affordable at $39AUD. Dissapointed that they have not gotten the murano, perhaps next week. The new rose essence caring charm which is a duplicate of love in rose gold is going on my wish list as well with the rose glitter ball. Other than that, nothing for me. Have to see the murano in person to decide. Have a nice weekend.

    • Again!. This was a correction to my own comment, so it should go right below it!
      I do apologize for messing up on your blog Ellie, it´s been a bit hectic lately and I can´t concentrate properly.

  21. I got the panda, which is very cute, and the mesh bangle. I asked my retailer about the Weather Doll being available in the U. S. She knew nothing about it, but she promised to ask their rep. I hope it will be forthcoming. Thanks, Ellie!

        • I bought three sunny dolls on Friday from the Canada e-store. I also wanted a few of the Chinese money bags, but that charm’s been “out of stock” since the collection launched. Sometimes on Pandora e-stores “out of stock” means never coming back, as with the Essence pearl, it’s been “out of stock” online since January. I hope the doll and the money bag come back soon. :-)

  22. Hi Ellie,

    I actually went to the pandora store today. Good news: I loved the new bangle. It’s very white and shiny and contrasted beautifully with the pandora rose pink intertwining radiance. I also bought the teardrop charm, which I love. The bad news: it’s all pave, pave and more pave. I don’t mind the small pave, but the large czs look so fake to me. Nothing in plain silver. I found the murano very pale, but if you want it search through a bunch, because some are much darker and well defined than others. The Pandora rose pieces were disappointing; many of the charms hardly differ from their silver counterparts. I loved the pandora rose cosmic stars clips but they are $100 each and I would need 2. Really could only afford to buy very little with these prices.

  23. Hello Ellie, thank you for your helpful information on Morapandora. From this new collection I have bought the silver mesh bracelet (really more of a bangle), the silver teardrops charm, the embossed hearts silver safety chain with the small CZ (or could I say diamanté) half way down. I am very happy with these purchases. I quite liked the blooming heart charm. I saw the Murano pink shimmer with the Rose gold locally and did like that although so far have not been too convinced about the Rose gold but may be converted ….. I also saw the Rose gold moments smooth bracelet that had been paired with the new clip safety chain but I did find the clip safety chain clips themselves too shiny and pave. If I were to buy some Rose gold it would have to not be too overpowering, more subtle. I am waiting for the Autumn collection over all as the preview looked like some very promising pieces.

    • I found the all rose smooth bracelet too much rose. I like the rose clasp silver bracelet with silver and rose charms.

      • To my astonishment I found it really beautiful in the store window …. but it was exposed with no charms on it ;). That could mean something …

      • Actually Lisa, that combination is lovely and I could get converted to a bit of the Rose, that is the Rose clasp on a silver bracelet with silver and Rose charms. Will have to think about that!

  24. Hi Ellie,

    I finally got to see the new mesh bracelet. It is quite shiny and I think it is meant to hold its shape similar to the bangle, and that appeals to me. I love it! I think it will look great with an icy or frosty charm theme or with rich deep blue & red muranos (jewel tones). It would be great for some of my Christmas charms. I would love an oxidized version of this bracelet for Halloween. I feel as though this bracelet is meant to be worn with the more blingy charms, that I would pull out for a dressy occasion. I can understand your hesitation as it may not be your go to bracelet for styling.
    I haven’t had a chance to see the rest of the collection, the staff at my shop in shop are still sorting things out.
    The spend more save more is just around the corner. Tonight I was telling my husband that Pandora had a new promo and made a flub by saying “Buy more Spend More!” Oops! He said that’s an honest tag line. I said probably way too honest for Pandora!

    Lisa K

  25. FYI: rue la la has the NFL pandora charms on sale right now. The same ones they offered before – the dangles and the helmets.

    • They’re part of the secret sale on now too, nothing new on offer though. I feel Moonlight Madness on Pandora is just around the corner!!! That’s always the funnest sale. :-)

      • Do you work for rue? How do you get every secret sale?! I was hoping for a moonlight madness with this last round! Hopefully soon!

        • I get all the emails, and I honestly don’t know why I do considering I don’t buy from every sale. The current secret sale is on for 5 more days, but Rue is due for a full Pandora sale before month’s end, given they’ve been happening about once a month this year. I hope a Madness sale comes before that though.

          NA is having a spend more save more promotion next week, Ellie remarked it in her August round-up, I believe, so maybe Rue will try to make fans broker with a Mad sale at the same time. :-) I HOPE!

  26. Just to let the ladies know, regular Pandora boutique opens on Rue La La tomorrow morning, 8 a.m. my time – Western Canada time. :-)

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