Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all that’s coming up for December 2017! We might not have any new releases left for this year, but there are some fun promotions running this month, including my favourite porcelain ornament GWP, and then sales at the end of December to look forward to as well. ^^

The festive season is in full swing in my household, and we’re off to get our Christmas tree this weekend – I’m trying to work out how I can hang my precious Pandora ornament collection on it. I’ve always been too afraid of them falling and smashing to put them up before. One of my suggestions has included ‘festive cushions or a throw’ to place underneath the tree, which has been soundly scotched by my OH! ?

I won’t be doing lots of Christmas reviews this year, but I’m planning on doing one big epic one in which I showcase all my Pandora Christmas collection as well as my new festive charm for the year! ?

Read on to see what’s going on in the Pandora world this month!

Pandora Heart of Winter Bangle Promotion

This year’s limited edition holiday bangle is the Heart of Winter, engraved with the words You Melt My Heart, and it’s being offered as gift with purchase across many different regions this season!

  • In the US, the bangle is on offer from today until 6 December, both in store and online, and is available with spends of $125 USD or more.
  • In Canada, this begins on 7 December, and will be available with spends of $150 CAD
  • In Australia & New Zealand, the offer also begins on 7 December. I was told that this would be available with a spend of $150 AUD ($180 NZD), as with the ornament last month, but rumours are floating around that this has been reduced to $120 AUD, which would be nice!
  • The bangle was also meant to be on offer with spends of £99 or more in the UK until 3 December, but stores ran out of stock much more quickly than anticipated and so the offer has finished early. :(

Pandora Christmas Ornament 2017

This year’s festive Pandora Christmas ornament is a pretty porcelain bell, with the usual silver detailing and the year engraved on it.

  • In Canada, it is available both in store and online from today until 6 December with spends of $125 CAD or more
  • In the US it will be available from 7 December with spends of $125 USD or more

This offer has been and gone in Australia/New Zealand, and it’s not officially running in the UK anymore – however, some UK stores are still offering it if they have stock left. I got mine last month, and love it! It actually chimes (although not very strongly ^^) if you try and ring it.

Pandora Jared Christmas Ornament 2017

There’s also going to be another festive Pandora holiday ornament on offer this month  – this one is exclusive to the chain of Jared’s Galleria store in the US, and will be available with spends of $125 USD or more from 7 December both in store and online. The design is a pretty porcelain reindeer, which is very cute – I imagine it’ll be a popular one! :)

pandora christmas ornament 2017
Image courtesy of Cecy Elena

The Jared exclusive ornaments tend to become very hard to find, so I’d advise snapping one up while you can if you want one! Jared don’t ship Pandora abroad, so if you live outside the US, you’ll have to find a US friend to help you out. :(

35% off select styles for Pandora US

As an additional promo, there’ll be a 35% discount offered on select styles for Pandora shoppers in the US from 7–10 December. I don’t know yet which pieces will be on offer, but I’ll definitely be having a gander – I’m not sure whether you’ll be able to combine this offer with the US ornament promo, but that would be good!

Pandora Engravable dangles for December 2017

Pandora US seem to release new versions of their stock engravable charms every month at the moment, and I’ve seen some new designs for December popping up online and in stores’ social media. These never get a very official release, and aren’t listed in catalogues or on, so it gets really hard tracking down information on them!

This month I’ve spotted some new ‘inspirational’ designs (that’s not me being sarcastic, but rather what Pandora term them as!). They’re quite contemporary in style, and I can imagine these doing better among a younger audience, as they’re quite bright and cartoony.

The Set Goals & Crush Them charm retails for $65 USD, offering a sprinkling of gold-coloured for extra positivity.

The We Rise by Lifting Others charm is a little cheaper at $60 USD.

The Be the Change is also $60 USD.

However, my favourite of these is the So Many Beautiful Reasons to be Happy dangle, also retailing for $60 USD. I like the simplicity of the wording, along with the cheerful colours used. I’ve been thinking about getting a charm engraved for myself with a little happiness motif, but this fits the bill rather nicely. Unfortunately, it’s sold out everywhere I’ve seen it online. ?

*UPDATED* Thanks to Lady G Forty, we now have these lovely shots of the dangles in action! I still love the So Many Reasons charm. <3

Image by Lady G Forty

Also spotted were these careers-themed dangles, representing the police force, nurses, firefighters, and teachers. However, I’ve only seen these advertised on social media – they’ve not cropped up anywhere online yet as far as I’m aware.

This live shot from Waterfall Jewellers shows them all off:

Image by Waterfall Jewelers

These designs are all exclusive to the US, unfortunately. Other regions don’t seem to be quite as quick off the mark to release new engraved designs as often as Pandora in the US does!

Pandora Disney Holiday Gift Set 2017

This limited edition Disney Parks US gift set is now available to purchase online, and offers a limited edition festive twist on Mickey & Minnie mouse. The charms are just variations on Pandora’s usual stock engravable charms, however.

This retails for a slightly eye-watering $225 USD, and is available online at the official US Disney store online (

Pandora Boxing day sales 2017

After these exciting Christmas promos are over, it will then be time for the Boxing Day sales! These will be running again this year after Christmas in many countries, including the UK. There’s limited info on them just yet, but they offer discounts on retired charms and jewellery, and it’s usually worth putting aside a few pennies to scoop up some discontinued beads!

Pandora Australia Summer Sale 2016

My Comment

And I think that just about wraps it up for this month’s round-up! Lots of promos still ticking along. I took part in the UK’s Heart of Winter bangle offer (or, rather, my boyfriend and I both did, as he got me a Christmas present as part of the spend), and I’ll also be doing the Jared Christmas ornament promo, which I’m super excited about! I know that I’ll be getting the Sweet Panda, but not sure what else. Probably the pretty Celestial Mosaic – maybe to go on my Halloween bracelet. I’m not sure whether the Mosaic charm will look too blue and not go with the black/orange theme I’ve got going on at the moment:

I’ll also be keeping my eyes peeled for that new US-exclusive Happiness charm. I know that it’s hardly value for money at $60 USD, but it’s actually just the kind of thing I’ve been looking for, and I would really like one!

I know that I’m behind on my comments (again!) but I should have some time this weekend to get stuck in to them! :)

What are you looking forward to this month? Have you made any exciting purchases lately?

73 Comments on Pandora News Round-up for December 2017

  1. Hi Ellie – thanks for the update. I hope I’m not in the minority here but I kinda love those little inspirational charms. I like that there are pops of color and not just black or white words. Are these being released all over or just regional? Xox

    • Hi Alex! No, I don’t dislike them at all, I think I’d just find them hard to style with the rest of my Pandora! :) Perhaps on a bangle or a leather. The one I really like is the happiness one, I think it’s lovely. They’ve been listed on the US store, so I’m guessing that these are set to be released across the US, but I’ve not seen them on social media or anything yet.

  2. Happy Holidays Ms. Ellie, I do like the Heart Of Winter bangle promotion. But, last year’s Snowflake bangle is the one I prefer. I would like if anyone gets this year’s Heart Of Winter bangle.

  3. Hi Ellie!

    I too ordered my $125 for the free bangle today. I got an ice crystal charm and an extra Essence bracelet for my new Essence charms in the jewel tones. I went $10 over, but it’s worth it.

    I started a really blingy all silver design with all the snowflakes a couple of years ago. But for some reason, I was missing the ice crystal…

    The Celestial Mosaic isn’t blue at all to my eye. I am wearing it with the Delicate Beauty and Royal Victorian 14k gold charms with black spinel and black enamel respectively. It will look great on your gorgeous Halloween bracelet. Mine might make a temporary change of residence next Halloween!

    Next are the ornaments. I’m saving room for them on the tree. The fact that the bell chimes pushed me off the fence, I’m getting it too.

    Happy Pandora Holidays to Everyone!

    • Hi Deborah! Yay, glad to hear you took part :D I already did our UK bangle offer, but it’s been put away for Christmas so I won’t get to have a look at it until the 25th ^^

      Ah, good to know that it isn’t very blue. It’s really hard to tell from pictures what shade it actually is, primarily as I think a lot of people have put it with blue in their designs. I was going to put either it or the Disney Parks Wishes charm on that bracelet, opposite the My Boo. ^^

      Happy holidays to you too, Deborah, and thanks for commenting! <3

  4. I will probably participate in the bangle promotion. I love the heart of winter designs, so I would like to get the bangle. I wish Pandora would offer the bangle without the engraving, as it just doesn’t suit me. Now, I’ll just need to figure out which charms to get….

    Since I’ve moved, I no longer have a Jared jewelry store nearby. The closest store is two hours away. So, I probably won’t be indulging in the reindeer ornament promotion which should make my wallet happy!

    • Oh, I know, I would much prefer it if they left out the engraving – or, at least, if it were optional and you could choose whether to have it or not. :) The first two bangles (the Circle of Love and the pave star designs from 2014) didn’t have engraving, and are so much easier to style.

      Ah, well, the Jared poster does say that they’ll be running the offer online so perhaps you might be able to order something to get the offer? (Apologies if this suggestion hurts your wallet haha!)

  5. I got the free bangle today with two matching clips and the plain silver present.

    I also have my spending planned for the two ornaments; I hope to get them both at Jared on the 7th.

    • Oh lovely! Sounds like a rather elegant little festive combo. Glad to hear that you’re getting both ornaments, too – I already got the UK one and will definitely get the Jared too ^^

  6. I really enjoyed Pandora’s 2016 holiday calendar giveaway. Will there be a similar promotion this year? I haven’t seen any advertisements for a similar promotion. However, last year, it was a week into the advent calendar offering before I realized it was available!

    • Hi Emme, I haven’t heard anything official, but it doesn’t look like they’re running anything special this year :(

  7. Hi Ellie! I did participate in the buy 2 charms, get one free promo. I purchased the Celestial Mosaic, Ice Drops Murano, and Orbit! I thought about participating in the bangle promo, but since I have the Snowflake from last year, I just wasn’t that impressed with this one, since it’s another similar design.
    By the way, it looks like Pandora isn’t promoting an Advert Calendar contest this year? I’m so disappointed! Do you know why? I thought that this was a Pandora Christmas tradition!??

    • Hi Carol! Oh yay, I’m still after the Celestial Mosaic and the Ice Drops murano :) think I’m going to get the Celestial Mosaic as part of the Jared promo, but not 100% yet! I can understand you not wanting both bangles, I didn’t go out of my way to get this year’s, but my OH offered to go in and hit the spend with me, so it worked out well :)

      No, it doesn’t seem like it, and I’m afraid I don’t know why :( running some kind of online giveaway has been a tradition ever since I’ve been collecting, I feel pretty sure, but apparently not this year ?

  8. I did the Bell Ornament promotion I’m very happy with it. For that promotion I got 4 petites in birthstones of my life and the pink opalescent charm. I kind of wished I’d got a different charm now as I saw it half price as part of Black, Friday but oh well ! :) During Black Friday sale I got the springtime charm I’d been wanting and the Dazzling Daisy open work charm ! I was very happy I hardly ever get to a pandora stockists. I’m not going to participate in the bangle promotion when it’s in NZ instead I’m hoping to do the Boxing Day Sale ! I’m excited for the Boxing Day Sale.

    • Oh lovely, the ornament is beautiful :D that Black Friday sale was rather good, but it would have been tricky for me to take part. My brother was living out in Australia last year and he was happy to be my Pandora mule whenever he came back to visit, but he’s back in the UK now ^^ I’m excited for the Boxing Day sales as well, although I notice that the Pandora UK stockists seem to have a permanent outlet section on these days – hopefully lots more will get added after Christmas though!

  9. Hello the free bangle offer with £99 spend in the UK is still on in some stores. Got mines today (1st December 17) in Oxford Circus if anyone is still looking (maybe give them a call first as they were very busy at the time I went to the store). Also other stores still have the bangle on offer until Dec 3rd but only had size 21. Just thought I would share if anyone needed to know.

    • Thanks Jay! That’s good to know ^^ I had to order mine online as by the time I went into town on Sunday no stores had any left!

      • I missed this promo :( went into the city centre , only to get bashed on the head outside of the shop by someone with very poor manners!I had to go home as I didn’t want to risk my medical condition kicking off while I was out & by the time I got online it had gone and local store sold out. I had spent ages deciding my purchase too. I’m still going to get two Christmas themed charms I wanted but hold out getting the mesh bracelet & safety chain at the moment.

        • Oh no, that’s awful :( sorry to hear that that happened to you, and that you missed out on your bangle. <3

  10. Hi Ellie, thanks for you roundup. In the netherlands we have a promotion of you spend €129 you get a braclet op to €69 free and if you spend €149 you get a braclet op to €79 free. Ofcourse i’m going to participate.

    I think i will choose the open bangle.

    • Hi Manon, ah, great choice! I love my open bangle, although I actually wear my one and only Trollbeads murano on it :) it’s the only Pandora bracelet it will fit on!

      • Trollbeads small core will also fit Essence bracelets. I wear Trollbeads amber on my Essence bangles between silver Essence beads. Amber has no weight, so it’s fab, light and lovely. :-)

        • I was going to say, you’d want to avoid putting anything too heavy on an Essence bracelet, but I hadn’t thought about the bangle. :)

  11. Ellie, I have been trying to get the Russian pandora charm fairytales fish 792014CCZ which my friend was in Moscow – she said it is discontinue! ? Would you know how else I can get it

    • Hi Mandy,

      The Fish was retired in Russia since 31/12/16 meaning last year since it was “limited edition”, the released it as part of the regular collection in Spring 2017 in afew countries. Poland is the 1 I remember but I don’t remember which other countries have them. Poland have them for sure! Hope u can find someone to help u!

      <3 Cindy

      • Much thanks, nope don’t have friends going Poland? So it is still available in Poland for the time being?? Chasing rainbow?

      • True, Poland does have it n I don’t have any friend traveling there now, so I am considering eBay what is your take? Please advise I have never get my charms from them before

    • Hi Mandy, I always recommend going to the Pandora FB pages as you’re most likely to get help that way :) official retailers can’t ship outside their countries, but there are usually collectors online who will help other people out. I’ve seen a couple of Fairytale Fishes advertised over the past few weeks – try Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels.

  12. Lots of good stuff going on all over the place. I’ll look at the Pandora Boxing Day sale, but their website has been awful lately, with charms repeating three and four times down the page, and all sale items “out of stock” before the sale even begins. I appreciate Pandora having these sale online for Canada now, but if nothing is actually available to buy on sale, what’s the point of the sale?

  13. I’m glad to hear the US will have a 35% off sale. The previous 40% off sale included several beads, so I’m hoping this sale does as well. If not, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a bracelet promo right after Christmas.

  14. Does anyone know if you can still get the silver dice charm (not with czs) in Vegas? Either at any pandora or the outlet? My H is going there soon and I’d like him to pick up a few if they still sell them!

    • I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to this for sure – I wouldn’t have thought that they would have any of the original dice left as it retired such a long time ago! They were advertising the CZ dice recently though.

      • Just heard from H and they had them at the outlet store only! I can’t wait to see them. They are representing our friday family game nights (my daughters are 4 and 2)! Also yahtzee is one of my favorite games!

  15. Hey Ellie, happy holiday season! Great post as always. Just sad that as always in the UK, we never get any offers :( I am waiting for my last Pandora order of the year (just bought some earrings/ring from the on-going online sale) and I am not too much excited about the festive charms, so won’t be buying anything until possibly the boxing day sale. I really should be on a Pandora buying ban ? xoxo

    • Hi Jemma! Aw, well, we did have the bangle offer just recently :) it is true that it’s a bit of a promo circus over in the US though, haha. good luck holding steady until the boxing day sale! ^^ I have a couple of purchases still planned between now and then! ;)

  16. Hi Ellie,

    So many wonderful promos! I wanted to pass along a tree tip to you. I do this with my artificial tree and my parents always did this with our real trees growing up. We tied it to the wall using a cup hook and clear fishing line. Our tree was usually placed in the corner of our living room. Highly recommend tying down your tree to the wall or something sturdy.
    I love the Jared ornament but it is not available to me, however, the Bell is so I will be content with that for my tree. The Bangle promo is something I will let my husband pick up along with some items from my wish list.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks very much for the tree tip :) I am still nervy about putting my ornaments on it, however (and in fact, a bauble randomly fell off and smashed yesterday, so I think that might be a well founded fear!). But I’ll try and get a plan of action in place for next year at least, haha.

      The Bell is very pretty, it’s no second prize :) I’m lucky to have a friend who can shop all the US promos for me! Enjoy your new purchases and thanks for commenting!

  17. Hi ellie I brought the Christmas wreath dangle today it so lovely. I love the enamel work and the colours are so vibrant and I love the price. What did you get in the promo. I’m very excited about the sale I love a good pandora sale.

    • Hi Nicola, oh lovely, I really like that one! If I had space for it, I would definitely get it! :) For the UK bangle promo, I got the Christmas Polar Bear and then my boyfriend got me a rose bracelet to put away for Christmas along with the bangle itself. :D

  18. looking forward to the boxing day sales, i want to add colour to my bracelet. I really like this years winter collection. I hope we get more Disney charms in the future.

  19. Hi Ellie,
    I think my next purchases will be a couple of orbit charms but I’m waiting for the jewellery box promo, which will be running from 6th December. I’m going to hit the spent anyway, lol ?
    I’m also want to get one or two pieces from last year and maybe start a Christmas bracelet with the stocking, candy cane and wraith. Finally the Snowy Wonderland has unexpectedly grown into me lately, so I’m seriously considering it. As yo can see my list is quite long, so I’ll probably end this season with more than one jewellery box to add to my collection! ??
    My latest and always exciting purchases have been two Wintry Delight charms ?, which are living on my blue starry bracelet at the moment, till they can have a house of their own
    and the Shining Wish ring, so now I have the whole Wish Bone (size 46 is perfect for my ring finger!). Btw, thank you, Pandora for the midi sizes! ?
    And above all another verrrrry big thank you to you, Ellie for your dedication to this “Pandora Family” throughout the year. You deserve the best! Pandora should treat you to everything you fancied.
    Looking forward to your next post!
    I’m putting up my Christmas tree today too ?, so Christmas spirits everwhere! Happy Advent time, ladies!

    • Hi Marie! Yay, glad to hear that you’ll be getting a few pieces :) you should definitely start a Christmas bracelet, they’re so much fun! And you can admire them all year round, even if you don’t want to wear them haha :)

      Aw, thank you Marie! You are always so sweet in your comments ^^ I have definitely treated myself to way too much Pandora over the past couple of months without them getting in on the game, haha. Thanks for all your lovely comments, too, and I hope you had fun putting up your tree!

  20. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the December Round-Up. I’m planning to take part in the promos this month for the free Heart of Winter bangle, Jared’s exclusive Reindeer ornament and the Jingle Bells ornament. No problem hitting the spends with all the beautiful charms this month. No need to worry about the Celestial Mosaic matching your Halloween bracelet. It’s definitely black or at least the ones I looked at were. Lovely charm and on my wish list.

    Have fun putting up your Christmas tree. I’m decorating my home this weekend, too. I usually put a tree in every room. I’ve finished the main tree in my living room and two smaller trees in my family room, but still need to do a fairly nice sized tree in the master bedroom. I’ve yet to add my Pandora ornaments to a tree for fear of them falling off and breaking. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to display them this year. Maybe inside my China cabinet.

    Hope you’re having a fun weekend. It’s my most favorite time of the year!

    • Hi Emily! Yay, glad to hear that you think the Celestial Mosaic will go with what I’ve got so far. I’m quite excited to get it as it looks so pretty in all the live photos online! I almost got the Disney Wishes instead, but this way I can do the Jared promo as well. ? You’ll have fun with all those promos! It’s funny how close they are together in the US. You can enjoy one big Pandora hit this month haha :)

      Your china cabinet sounds like a good call! I don’t really have any proper display cabinets that I could put mine in, but I’m thinking about investing in an ornament stand or something as Sarah suggested. I’ll have to be more organised next year!

      Hope it’s been a good week so far, and thanks for commenting! :)

  21. How about a metal ornament display stand ? I don’t have any so I’m unsure of if the size would work or not but I use those for my more precious ornaments. It is safer then the christmas tree.

  22. Hi Ellie,

    I just found out that the 35% sale in the US will be combined with the GWP ornament promo. So excited as this will be my first Pandora ornament! I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this little gem all these years.

    There’s quite a bit that are part of the 35% sale, so I definitely plan on making some purchase (although I have to save for the CNY and Valentine’s release).

    Thanks for all your timely updates! So great to see!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    • Hi, yes, I saw them post on twitter about which items were included :) I want to do the Jared promo and I don’t know whether they’ll be offering both, I hope so!

      Enjoy your first Pandora ornament, that’s very exciting! <3 Thanks for commenting and happy holidays to you too :)

  23. I like that one too, reminds me a bit of folk art . Debating whether to splurge on the evergreen box gwp. Happy holidays!

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