Today brings an exciting little sneak peek, with a preview of the Jared exclusive Pandora Christmas ornament for 2017! In addition to the regular Pandora porcelain bell ornament that will be offered as a gift with purchase worldwide, there will be another festive ornament offered exclusively by Jared’s stores in the US.

For those who are new to this, Pandora have a close relationship with a chain of jewellery stores called Jared’s Galleria in North America, and often run special exclusives with them. They have offered a Jared exclusive ornament for the past two years – these have become very sought after, especially the first one, as they’re available nowhere else in the world. It’s just Jared, in the US, and they don’t ship Pandora internationally.

Read on for a sneak peek at this year’s design! :)

Pandora Jared Exclusive Christmas Ornament 2017

Thanks to Cecy Elena, we can now see that this year’s Jared ornament is a porcelain reindeer design, with pretty curlicue detailing!

pandora christmas ornament 2017
Image courtesy of Cecy Elena

The ornament will be available from 7 December with spends of $125 USD or more. If you want this design, I advise that you don’t hesitate – as I mentioned previously, Jared exclusive ornaments usually become very hard to find! If you live outside of the US, you’ll have to get a friend to help you, as they’re not permitted to ship Pandora items abroad.

The previous two Jared designs, offered in 2015 and 2016, were a Christmas tree and a wreath:

My Comment

The Christmas ornament GWPs are probably my favourite promos of the year, and I’ll definitely be trying to get hold of this pretty ornament with the help of a friend in the US. I missed out the first Jared exclusive ornament, and have been kicking myself ever since! I got last year’s, which is super pretty. :)

What do you think of this year’s design?

39 Comments on Pandora Jared Exclusive Holiday Ornament 2017 Sneak Peek

  1. Hi
    Thank you so much for this update. It’s great to know there will be a new Jared”s ornament and it’s super cute. I’m not in the US but I will be definitely trying to get one. I missed out on the first one as well. I would love to some day get my hands on one at a reasonable price. ? I know! I know!

    • Hi Janet! You’re welcome! I know, the first one goes for crazy prices. And I literally had the option of getting one, but thought, ‘No, I’ve spent way too much this year!’ I figured I’d be able to get one later. So annoying, haha.

  2. I can’t believe this, I sent a message to Pandora last year that we really needed a Reindeer to go with father Christmas and the sleigh and what happens one is produced just for customers in the U.S. I don’t know anyone in the U.S so therefore have no way of getting one unless they become available on eBay at exorbitant prices. Why oh why can’t we have a Reindeer available in the U.K.

    • Oh, I’m sorry, Jenny :( the exclusives are fun, but so long as you can can track them down. Why don’t you join a Pandora Facebook group and try and find help? There are usually kind people who will help out with these kinds of offers.

    • Jerry, I know exactly how you feel. In my country (Serbia) we do not have at all Chrismas ornaments?
      We have lack of promotions, too and no one from the Pandora team in Belvrade can t explain to me why is it like this.
      I adore Pandora and we pay the same price for thejewellery and I don t see why we can also enjoy in prkmotions.


  3. I emailed last week about Jared having another Christmas Ornament. They told me there were no plans to have one. Someone was out of touch.

    • They did the same last year! I think stores often do it deliberately. I was in a UK Pandora store a week or so before winter launch and asked about our ornament GWP – I had heard that stores had already received them in, but she told that me that they didn’t know yet!

  4. Hi Ellie,

    I love this one! Even better than the bell… but I’m a reindeer fanatic and decorate with them all over the house for the holidays. I even have two that move in the front yard. The doe bends her head to “drink” from our river rock that we light with running blue lights to resemble a stream. The buck turns his head back and forth like he’s keeping watch.

    So of course I’ll have to buy some of my charms at Jared’s just to get the ornament.

    Thanks for the sneak peek!

    • Hi Deborah! I know, I love reindeer too. I am wearing reindeer festive pyjamas as I type this message, even though it’s only November. ^^ And one of my favourite beads is the leaping reindeer Pandora dangle. So I’ll definitely be having this. Your decorations sound amazing! I imagine your house looks wonderful over the holidays. We’ve never really done much apart from putting up the tree and our Christmas cards. ^^

      Me too! I’ve already planned what I’ll get, haha. Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. Oh, this is a ‘must have’ to go with my other 2 Jared’s exclusives…I am in Australia but I will move heaven and earth to get one…it is absolutely beautiful…thank you for sharing…Sheila.

  6. Hi Ellie,

    It is indeed a lovely ornament! I think what stands out for me is the animated quality of this design. It looks so elegant and reminds me of the Royal Doulton figurines my mother in law collects. I was able to find last years Jared wreath but missed out on the Christmas tree, oh well you win some lose some. Perhaps in the near future Pandora Co. will see fit to release a similar Christmas tree design as their main ornament promo. I will be shifting into holiday mode after Remembrance Day. Right now I am all Wil Hearts Muranos & poppies, but the tree will be going up the next day and I have to admit that Reindeer would look great on my tree.
    Like you I have pulled out the flannel Jammie’s. Today I switched out the summer quilt for the goose down duvet. I have a co-worker bringing me back my favorite hot chocolate from Prince Edward Island that we will be drinking while decorating the house for Christmas.
    This winter collection is my favorite thus far, I doubt I’ll have trouble making the required spend other than narrowing my choices. Hubby will have a substantial wish list to choose from.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, I totally agree with you – it’s a little bit different to previous designs. I like that they’ve gone a little bit off piste and maybe we’ll see some similar designs again next year! Haha, sounds like you are making some good preparations for the winter season. I’ve put our winter sheets on the bed (and the cover I picked incidentally also has reindeer on it!).

      I really like this winter collection too, but as I’ve already got lots from previous years, I’m limited in what I will get! The Wintry Delight, Ice Drops murano and Polar Bear are my picks, I think. ^^ I look forward to hearing about your haul! :)

  7. Hi, Will Australia be getting the free disney clutch with purchase when the new disney charms are released will Australia be having any promotions during the Christmas period? I wish the free locket promotion was available again as at the time my daughters 3 of them did not want any lockets and now they do. It would saved me during the christmas season.

    • Hi Maria, the new Disney charms are already out in Australia -if the Disney clutch is coming out there, I’ve not heard about it, I’m afraid. :( Australia will be having the ornament GWP and a free holiday bangle GWP.

  8. I don’t do Christmas, but this ornament really doesn’t have anything Christmas in it, especially with the solid moose-like antlers. It’s cute tho.

    • Really, I think reindeer are very festive! Or they are here. Lots of reindeer ornaments in the shops right now :)

      • Reindeer are festive, but that ornament doesn’t look like a reindeer, the antlers are moose antlers. But then we hunt deer here (and moose, etc.), so I’m probably seeing what lots of other people wouldn’t see. It’s a cute ornament, just not a reindeer, to me.

  9. Hi Ellie! Hope you are well and as always, thank you for the informative updates! I am yet to purchase a Pandora Christmas ornament…I don’t think they are that well advertised in my local UK store tbh.

    I have a question regarding the small heart floating locket pendant. I have one of these and it comes with a petite pave heart inside it, but I was wondering if you would know, if you can buy separate petite floating charms, for this particular pendant? I know it can only fit 1 charm, just not sure if you can replace the charm with another one. Thank you x

    • Hi Jemma! Very well thanks, hope you are too :) You should definitely take a closer look at this year’s ornament, it’s really sweet! And it actually rings. ^^

      Yes, you can purchase individual petites to swap into it. I’ve considered doing this myself a couple of times but have yet to bite the bullet and do so! :) x

      • Hi Ellie, I am good too, thank you! When I next visit my local store, I will ask them if they have the ornament.

        Thank you for confirming about the small heart floating locket pendant. I shall let you know if I buy a different petite to replace pave heart. X

  10. Hi, I am not sure if you have already mention this but do you know if CANADA is doing a get a free bracelet or bangle promotion this November? Thanks for all your information!

    Tracey, Onatario, Canada

  11. The banner says this reindeer will be available with an online purchase, I thought these were in store only? which is true?

    • If the banner itself says online, then I guess they must be changing it up a little this year and running it online! :)

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