Today’s post brings my next review from the Pandora Winter 2017 collection, with a closer look at a rather special bead – the Bright Ornament charm! This is Pandora’s limited edition offering for the holidays this year, replacing the traditional Black Friday exclusive bead.

Image by Pandora

I did mean to get this review out over the Black Friday weekend, as I figured that many of you would be thinking about picking it up as part of your spends for the various promos and offers, but I simply ran out of time. It’s been a busy week with more to do at work and family things, and I’ve been here, there and everywhere! But, perhaps a lot of you have bought one and would like a little inspiration, or just to pat yourself on the back for picking out a beautiful charm. If so – please do read on!

Pandora Bright Ornament 2017 charm review

The charm looks like a pretty Christmas bauble, decked out in red enamel and clear CZs, with a silver bow to finish. The enamel has a really pretty, translucent quality – it’s a bright red, but the glossy finish gives it a more elegant quality.

This was originally going to be Pandora’s traditional limited edition release for Black Friday – but they seem to have changed their mind at the last minute. It’ll be interesting to see whether we get a Black Friday charm at all next year, either!

The charm itself is threaded, and feels reassuringly weighty to touch. As is traditional for Black Friday charms, it has the date inscribed – this is tucked away on the side like a hallmark.

Of course, if you’re in the US, one of the major draws to this bead is the rather spectacular packaging. Pandora US teamed up with the Radio City Rockettes this year and, in honour of the association, have rebranded the Bright Ornament as the ‘Rockettes charm’. It comes packaged in a pretty red and silver ornament gift box, which matches the styles of the charm itself. ^^ This isn’t available in any other regions, however, not even Canada.

Pandora NA have historically always been great at putting out limited edition packaging, offers and other little extras that are perfect for making an exclusive release seem that bit more special – I’ve never understood why other regions don’t follow their lead more often. It’s a shame that this wasn’t on offer with the charm elsewhere.

I had thought that this box was porcelain, but it’s actually metal – it fastens with a magnet. The upside of this is that it will most probably be more durable if it should fall off your tree. I never hang my Pandora porcelain Christmas ornaments, as I have a horror of them falling and smashing into pieces!


However, despite all the festive marketing and branding, I’m actually not using my Bright Ornament in a Christmas design! In fact, it’s going on my Asian/CNY bracelet, with its vibrant red colour scheme and celebratory aesthetic. This is one of my only works-in-progress left out of my collection, and I’m so enjoying adding to it a little more gradually as new Asian/red beads are released.

The swirling combination of red enamel and CZ is so reminiscent of this year’s CNY charm, the Dancing Lion, that you can’t help but wonder if Pandora’s designers were inspired by their CNY collection anyway when designing the Bright Ornament!

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance

It fits in beautifully with the other Asian reds, and the theme of celebration is undoubtedly appropriate. I’m going to add the new God of Fortune dangle to this bracelet when it comes out for the Pandora CNY 2018 release.


This charm does have a lot of CZ, but the vibrancy of the colour means that it doesn’t overwhelm the design, and the overall effect is uplifting and cheerful. The name ‘bright’ is a good one, in that sense! It has a good weight and it’s so nice to see a threaded design, in comparison with many of the more recent Black Friday LE charms, which have tended to be lighter openwork designs. The only downside is that the pretty Rockettes box is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for this charm, and it’s such a shame that it’s not more widely available.

Apologies if you were hoping for a little more festive inspiration – however, the Christmas Polar Bear from the new collection did sneak its way into my shopping bag over the weekend, and I’ll be reviewing that very shortly! I’m planning on showcasing my whole Pandora Christmas collection as part of that post, as I have used my Christmas beads in a few different ways and designs :)

Did you get the Bright Ornament? If so, how are you using it?

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  1. Hi Ellie, I’m in the UK and I’m not so patiently waiting for the postman as I have a lovely lady in the USA helping me as that packaging is too good to resist! I completely agree with you when you say you don’t understand why we don’t get better exclusives! It doesn’t seem fair!! Anyway enjoy your beautiful charm and ornament :)

    • Hi Amanda, oh yay, I hope it gets there soon! I’ve found that the post between the US and the UK has been pretty good lately! :) It is a shame, and I guess down to the different marketing strategies of each region, but at least there are lovely collectors around the world who will help each other out!

  2. Hi Ellie!

    I ordered my Bright Ornament on line the second it was available! I love the charm – as you stated in the review, it is weighty like some of the older charms. – very substantial.

    I too have styled it a bit differently, albeit on a Holiday Bracelet. I used the Cerise Radiant Heart on one side of the Silver Bells and the Bright Ornament charm on the other. Every other charm is a Dangle – all four of the ornament baubles, a family TT, and a reindeer. I have used my fairytale treasures, my cerise encased in love, and the poinsettias from last year. I used my bracelet with the round clasp with a pave Heart. The clip stations are sporting the twinkle, twinkle clips. I call it my I Love the Holidays Bracelet!

    I too ordered the Polar Bear in the 3 for 2 and it is arriving tomorrow. It is the only Christmas charm I added this year other than the Bright Ornament.

    Can’t wait to put up our tree next weekend. I am looking forward to showcasing the Bright Ornament and the porcelain reindeer. I do put my Pandora ornaments on the tree, but I wire them to the branches like a madwoman.

    Thanks for the beautiful review and a peek at your CNY Bracelet. You nailed the review, and I always love to see how thoughtfully you style your bracelets.

    • Hi Deborah! I did that, too, although as time has proven we really didn’t need to! But there was no way I was missing out on that pretty ornament. ^^ Sounds like a truly stunning design, I love the sound of the cerise with the red. And the heavy dangles, a nice traditional charm bracelet but a traditional theme ^^ Would love to be able to see it!

      We put up our tree today as well! We have a kind of copper colour scheme though, with a little bit of purple, so unfortunately this ornament would be a bit of a clash. I’ve chickened out of putting any of my white Pandora porcelain ornaments on though, it just doesn’t feel secure enough haha!

      Thank you, Deborah, you always write the most thoughtful and lovely comments in response too! Have a lovely weekend. :)

  3. I had thus shipped from the US and it beautiful I think I like the ornament more than the actual charm itself haha ?

    • Aha, I know that feeling! I was very happy to pay a little bit extra to get mine from the US so I could have the ornament too

  4. Ellie, several weeks ago I offered to help a lady that was outside the US be able to buy the ornament and charm set. Other ladies started to ask for help with it also. I ended up shipping about 25 of the Bright Ornament and charm sets to Germany, Italy, Poland, Canada, UK and Australia! Everybody was so happy with their purchase! It is truly an amazing charm and ornament packaging set. Absolutely gorgeous. If anybody is hesitant to get it I advice them to definitely get this set!

      • Agreed, one of my favourite things about the Pandora community! The amount of charms that zoom back and forth between us over the world haha :) I recently got the Arabian Hearts charm from Dubai! ^^

    • So kind of you to help out, Susan! I’ve helped people out with UK exclusives, but 25 charms is on another level! <3

  5. Hi Ellie it such a great charm, so far I have only picked up the polar bear but I will definitly be getting the Christmas wreath.

    • Hi Nicola! Ace choices, I also have the polar bear :) I would have got the wreath but there’s no room on my Christmas bracelet!

  6. I love your mix of the new and old in your bracelet
    I am currently waiting for the decoration to arrive from the USA as I’m in Australia
    So appreciate pandora family around the world helping us collectors

  7. I just bought this charm as part of the 3 for 2 Black Friday sale and I love it! I currently have it on my Christmas bracelet but think I will wear it on my red theme bracelet once Christmas is over – it’s fairly versatile. Unfortunately I didn’t get the pretty case with it because I’m in Canada.

    • Oh, ace! I definitely think you can wear this for longer. It’s so pretty, and it’s not as overtly festive as, say, the Christmas animals or other holiday charms. :D

  8. Hi Ellie! The Bright Ornament Charm matches absolutely perfectly with your CNY design! I caught a glimpse of the charm and ornament it comes in, and it is so pretty. I am receiving it as a gift for Christmas from my mom. I am not sure where I am going to put the charm yet, as my red Christmas design is full. I might have to put some of my “leftover” beads on my red smooth leather bracelet, but I would have to take off the charms that are already on it. Such problems haha! I look forward to your review of the Christmas Polar Bear Charm, which I am expecting to get as a gift from my friend. I don’t have a place for this one either, but this charm looks so cute and I love polar bears, so this one had to go on my wishlist!

    • Hi Joanne! Thank you, really pleased that you think it works :D Haha, every collector knows that dilemma! My solution, inevitably, is always to start another bracelet. I find that loose beads bug me – in fact, I have a handful of loose charms right now, and I just cannot fit them in anywhere, and I hate it! ? I’m tempted to post them in my next round-up and ask for suggestions!

      I’m sure you’ll find a design that looks great with it anyhow :) it’s very pretty and easy to style! Thanks for commenting :)

  9. This charm has to be the most beautiful charm that Pandora has released from any christmas collection, i am so pleased that this charm was released in Australia & as it is a limited edition we received some lovely green boxes instead of the regular white boxes, i received 2 of these charms for my birthday along with the mesh braclet, i wear them with a dainty bow cubic zirconia charm in the middle & the red christmas charms on either side.
    These charms really do stand out wornen on the mesh braclet.
    Thanks for all your reviews ellie.

    • Ah, well I’m glad that you got some kind of special box even if it’s not the Rockettes ornament packaging :) I’d like to be able to get one of the green boxes myself, but I’m trying to rein in my spending until the post-christmas sales a little bit now, ahah. :) Your design sounds amazing, a little bit of symmetry always works wonders!

      Thanks for commenting Julie! :)

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I love this charm & ornament combination, but sadly the ornament option is not available in Canada. Instead of getting the charm on Black Friday I ordered through Tiedyedeb on eBay so I could get the charm with the ornament. My charm & Ornament are due any day – can’t wait!! I love that you opted to put the charm on your CNY bracelet. Really glad the ornament is metal, one of the first Pandora Christmas ornaments was a metal sled. My Rockettes ornament will most likely end up on my tree.

    • Hi Lisa, I know, it’s a shame that Canada and the US seem to have split off a bit, as it means that Canada doesn’t automatically get included in cool offers like that anymore. :( Great shout to order from Deb, I got my new Halloween charm from her too. I hope your charm arrived by now, and thanks for commenting!

  11. Like you, Ellie, I am wearing this charm on my Asian bracelet to complement the CNY Dancing Lion. I love, love, love, love it! And the ornament, too! I hope the God of Fortune will be released on time in North America. I’m afraid I’m not very patient! Thanks for the review!

    • Absolutely love this charm and ornament. I picked it up the first week available. I will wear it simply alone on the open bangle, a necklace and I want another! The way you designed it so fun as well. If you don’t own it and can buy it or get it as a gift it will not disappoint!

      • I got it on day one as well! Turns out there was plenty of stock, but I couldn’t risk not getting it. ^^

    • Yes, the God of Fortune is being released in the US with the Valentine’s collection! Both the CNY charms are, which is great. :)

  12. Nice review and I like how it looks on your CNY bracelet. I personally won’t be getting this charm but it’s nice to hear that so many people are enjoying it. And wow, it sounds like it’s really bringing some collectors closer! What a nice community to be involved with. You have great readers and posters :)

    • Thanks, Sarah! It does fit with the CNY charms really well too :) The Pandora community is wonderful, it’s generally a very fun and welcoming place to jump into! <3 Thank you!

  13. I’m new to the Pandora mania. Fortunately, (or unfortunately for my husband) I am heading head first into this new addiction. I purchased this ornament charm and several others during the Black Friday sale. I’m wondering how others store their charms when they aren’t actively being used on a bracelet? I have about 30 charms now and thoroughly enjoying creating different styled bracelets. I was thinking of using a plastic bead/craft box with the charms sorted by color.

    • Depending on where you live and humidity levels, silver can tarnish very quickly when not used. For seasonal charms, seal them in airtight baggies. For charms you use more often, if you don’t have a tarnish reducing jewelry box, put silica gel packets in the box to help absorb moisture and slow tarnishing. The silver bits on glass won’t tarnish as quickly as full silver, or silver with enamel, and surprisingly, my Essence silver beads don’t tarnish at all. Store bracelets the same way. The silver bits on leather though, it’s best to clean those very often, even if not tarnished. Two of my leather bracelet clasps tarnished and the screw ends will not come shiny again no matter what I do, but the smooth ends don’t tarnish at all. Collecting is really a lot of work!! :-)

      • Hi Lea,

        I have a jewelry box made by Stackers that I love, you can add trays to it and it has compartments to organize your charms. I have one tray for Muranos another for clips & spacers and so on. Last year my husband bought me another couple of ttrays to add to my Stackers jewelry box and I think he found it a nice change to buy me something other than charms. Like Lola I too use little baggies to put my charms in and in each Baggie I put in an anti-tarnish strip. I store the baggies containing my charms in the little Stackers compartments in the trays. You can find Stackers jewelry box systems on Amazon. I bought the Medium size. Once a year I polish all my charms with either with a Pandora polishing cloth or give them a bath in some gentle soapy water (rinsing well). I use a strainer to make sure I don’t lose any charms.
        Enjoy building your collection!!

        Lisa K

        • Hi, I have a few of the Stackers jewellery boxes too, but find the jewellery in them tarnishes very quickly (more so than when it was stored in other jewellery boxes). I have a lot of individual items I want to store in the separate compartments, so small bags become fiddly to keep/see everything in). Wish they did an anti-tarnish lining in their boxes, I have some very small Lori Greiner boxes which are great, but not enough storage.

        • Marie, I use the Pandora or Trollbeads cleaning cloths on everything, silver, enamel, CZ, real stones, everything. If you use the white cleaning cloths, you’ll see black stains on them even if you wipe a brand new bracelet or charm. Tarnish is always there, so prevention of build-up is best. Jewelry I wear every day, or very often, (not stored at all), I wipe every night after taking it off. I don’t remove charms, I just give the entire bracelet a wipe. I’ve never once had my everyday bracelets and charms in water of any kind, and they’re as perfect as they can be. :-)

      • Thank you! I have to admit, I love just looking at the charms and use the polishing cloth on them before I put them away at night. I’m like a kid with a prized collection. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, so humidity is not a big issued. I appreciate your knowledgeable input!

    • Amazon sells 4 x 4 inch anti tarnish bags. They also sell mask strings and clear silicone stoppers. I put my extra charms on a string with a stopper on each end Then the string or the bracelet can be stored in an anti tarnish bag. Only have to clean them once or twice a year. Oh, and I always wipe my silver ones off with a polishing cloth when I take them off after wearing. Hope this is helpful.

      • For me anti-tarnish bags (Pandora brand or otherwise) have never worked, the charms within tarnish like crazy and very fast. :-( But the jewelry within my mahogany jewelry cases with silica gel packs inside take quite a lot longer to show any tarnish. It depends a lot on your climate. My stuff shouldn’t tarnish quickly at all given I live near a desert. :-)

        • Thanks all! I checked out the Stackers and love them. Santa Andy (aka, my husband) will definitely be looking at these tonight when he gets home ;) This is such an addiction! I’m grateful for all the wonderful advice – this is a great community!

        • Wow! It has been my experience that the anti tarnish bags help a lot. Of course, everything is stored in the Stackers boxes too. But my earrings that aren’t in an anti tarnish bag have to be cleaned much more often than the bracelets which are. But I don’t want to steer anyone wrong. Thanks for letting us know.

    • I have been collecting Pandora since 2013. I have lots of spare beads. Never had an issue with tarnishing. Some are stored in a stackers box and some in a normal jewellery box. Only time my charms were “tarnished” was when I bought 2 charms duty free on board a United flight and when I opened the box on arrival home, the charms appeared “tarnished”. Turns out the black lining of the gift box had temporarily marked the charms. Pandora staff at my local store brought them back to a sparkling shine with a polish cloth.

    • Hi Lea, I can see that other people have already recommended you the awesome Stackers boxes. You can also get stackers charm bars, which are rods on which to store your charms when they’re no ta bracelet. :)

  14. Hi Ellie, i bought this charm eventually although i thought it was a bit busy in the beginning. It is now on my christmas theme bracelet. It looks great with the old enamel jolly santa that has the similar translucent enamel work on it. The red present also looks good with it. Looking forward to see your Christmas bracelet in the next post.

    • Glad to hear it :D I can imagine it looks great with that Santa charm. If I’d had space on my Christmas bracelet, I’d probably have put it on that, but it works very nicely in my CNY bracelet too. I just need to not fill that up too quickly too, haha! :)

  15. Ellie, I love that red bracelet of yours more every time I see it. I have my weather doll with my other dolls too, just missing the Korean doll. I have them on a Trollbeads bracelet though, with a Troll Tree lock and some yellow amber beads. I can’t wait for the God of Fortune! For the first time in a long time I’m excited about a Pandora bead. Imagine. It’s crazy. Lol.

    You’re right too, the Bright Ornament is well done for such heavy bejeweling, but it has limited use for me. I know you’re a purist with Pandora, but I mix brands and I can’t see using that bead with anything else I wear, so it’s a no for me.

      • Yeah, I saw it and passed on it this time because the price Canadian, with shipping, duties, etc., was 10.00 higher than the charm was when new. I’ll wait for a moonlight madness sale and hope it’s still available.

    • Thanks so much, Lola! The Korean doll does complete the set, it’s just a shame that the colour doesn’t match that well with the rest of them. I have my Korean doll on a separate travel bracelet with pink tones :) So pleased to hear that you’re excited for the God of Fortune bead, that’s nice! I’m really looking forward to that one, and I think to the Club charm as well.

  16. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for this review. Although I’m not a fan of this bead I always enjoy reading every one of your posts and other ladies’ comments.
    Looking forward to your next post. As usual ?

  17. This ornament and charm are more beautiful in person! The reds are so vibrant and the ornament is a nice presentation box.

  18. I checked out the Stackers and love them. Santa Andy (aka, my husband) will definitely be looking at these tonight when he gets home ;) This is such an addiction! I’m grateful for all the wonderful advice – this is a great community!

    • I rub everything. Lol. For example, I have the soccer ball charm, which would be impossible to use the cleaning cloth on without touching the enamel. I’ve been wiping that charm for two years steady and it’s perfect. Pandora enamel is resin, not glass based, so they say it’s more durable. Pandora gives no cleaning instructions for their enamel that I’ve ever found. In their US product cleaning and care guide all they says is:

      Enamel: All enamel is Italian made without glass, which makes it more durable.

      • Thanks. It’s a very usuful info. I got two of 5he Wintry Delight during the Black Friday promo and I’ve been terribly worried about cleaning!.

  19. Pandora dont do red often (apart from CNY charms) but when they do they do it well. I purchased 2 red muranos in the recent retirement sale and have finally started a Christmas bracelet. Would love to add this charm to my bracelet but refuse to purchase it unless I can get my hands on the lovely Rockettes packaging.

    • Hi Ellie!

      Thank you for another new post! Yes I’ll be getting the ornament with the charm! Its too special to pass! The best thing is only USA has it making it even more special!! Looking forward to your other reviews!!

      <3 Cindy!

      • Omg so sorry for posting this as a reply Lozzie,

        My fat fingers!
        If u are not in USA and u need help for getting it with the Rockettes packaging pls feel free to let me know, I can purchase it tax free and post in Singapore is much cheaper than in US. You can drop me an email @

        :) Cindy

      • Hi Cindy! That is a good point, it being a US exclusive does make it feel extra special, even if it is more difficult to get hold of!

    • Ah, I understand that, I paid more to get mine for the US as it just seemed a bit like second best to get it without like the pretty ornament box. I hope you find one!

  20. I don’t have this bead yet, but plan to get it. Like you, I’ll put it on my CNY bracelet to complement the lion dance bead. I think the ornament needs a silver bow on the top to match its “mini me” bead. Enjoy actually hanging one of your Pandora ornaments on the tree!

    • Haha, I didn’t actually put it on the tree in the end! We’ve got gold/purple tones as a colour scheme, so the red doesn’t actually go at all ^^ the white ones would be nice though, if I weren’t so afraid of them smashing!

  21. Hi Ellie,

    Lovely review and I love this charm. The matching ornament is icing on the cake! I’ll be picking mine up this week along with the Heart of Winter bangle. Glad the SA put one on hold for me because they all flew out the door. I had a surgical procedure a couple of weeks ago and I’m running behind on all things Pandora.

    I always enjoy seeing your awesome CNY bracelet and I think this charm is a nice addition. I’ll be using mine on my red Christmas bracelet for sure and afterwards with my Lion Dance and Cerise Radiant Hearts charms. Can’t wait to get it!

    Thanks again for another great review!

    • Hi Emily!

      Thank you! :) Glad to hear that you’ll be getting one, too, and even better that it’ll be making an appearance on both your Christmas and your CNY bracelets! ^^

      I hope that your procedure was okay, and that you are on the mend now <3 enjoy your new Pandora, I'm sure your new bangle and charm will be a lovely little pick-me-up this week! Thanks for commenting!

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