Today brings an update on the Pandora Valentine’s 2018 collection, with a sneak peek at the upcoming jewellery gift sets, a look at what might be the Jared exclusive charm for this release, and three new Disney beads!

The Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection is due out next month – for a full preview, please see my post here. Otherwise, read on for some additional updates on this upcoming release! :)

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 gift sets

First on the agenda, we have a variety of gift set previews! I don’t have pricing for many of these, and some of the images are tad on the low res side, so this is more a sneak peek than a preview proper. :)


In the US, the first gift set to show you is the Kiss Me bangle set, which will include the Glitter Kiss charm, a silver bangle and a pair of earrings. The set is accompanied by a pink make-up bag.

The next set is the Stacked Open Bangle gift set. The picture is only low res, and it’s hard to make out the details, but it looks like you get two open bangles, a pair of earrings, the Shape of Love charm and then your choice of one of two silver heart pendant designs. These look to be versions of the usual engravable heart dangle, but I can’t see what’s written on either!

Then, there are two charm ‘gift sets’. These usually just mean that the charm will be sold in a special box for a limited amount of time. The charms in question for this collection are the Pandora Club 2018 bead and the Kiss More, the latter being sold with a red lip bag.


In Canada, there will be two jewellery gift sets. The Tree of Love will include two of the new Valentine’s Explosion of Love clips and the new Tree of Love charm on the silver heart clasp bracelet. The Lock your Promise set includes two of the new Valentine’s heart earrings, the heart-shaped Floating Locket and three new Valentine’s petites, and will retail for $175 CAD.

It’s hard to make out the details on any of these, but I suspect that they are the same as the Australian gift sets pictured below. I love the pink boxes!

And then two charm ‘gift sets’ – one is the Club charm, like the US, but the other is the Glitter Kiss, which differs from the US.

Australia & New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand, the gift sets are very similar to those in Canada. I don’t yet prices for these either, however!

There will also be a CNY-themed gift set, featuring the red leather bracelet and the silver dog pendant, as it’s going to be the Year of the Dog. 

I don’t have info for any other regions yet, however.

Pandora Valentine’s 2018 previously unseen charms

My second update includes four Pandora Valentine’s 2018 charms that we haven’t seen before!

First up, we have a new dangle charm, featuring baby pinks. This one wasn’t shown in the regular catalogue for the Valentine’s 2018 collection, so my guess is that it’s the Jared exclusive charm for this season.

Next, excitingly, we have three previously unseen Disney charms. I assume that these are Disney Parks exclusives, but I’ve not got any concrete information on them yet, so I don’t know where or when they’re being released exactly. They were in the Valentine’s set of stock images, but the Pandora Disney Parks collections often run on their schedule.

The first of these is a new Epcot charm, featuring a Mickey portrait design with a twist:

The next charms I’m going to be fascinated to see the reaction to. These are ‘cutie’ versions of Mickey and Minnie. They remind me of Disney tsum tsums in style – very ‘kawaii’ (cute!). I kind of like these, in spite of myself…

My Comment

I don’t have much that I’m looking to get from the Valentine’s launch – the Club charm is probably my only must-have so far, along with the CNY 2018 God of Fortune – but I’m open to the new charm bracelet, perhaps! However, I do quite like the ‘cutie’ Disney charms, in spite of myself – however, it’s definitely a kind of novelty thing, and I don’t imagine these will be anything other than expensive, and I have no idea how I’d use them, haha.

I think that the US gift sets are, as always, very nicely done and the extra gifts are a bonus! The Stacked Open Bangle gift set would be rather an amazing present! The Lock Your Promise Floating Locket gift set strikes me as being particularly nice for Canada and Australia, too.

What do you think of these new beads? Or do any of the gift sets catch your eye?

65 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection updates

  1. Hi!
    Fab update as usual! There isn’t much for me here, I’ve never been overly keen on the hearts/valentine charms.
    However the red CNY bracelet and dog dangle are beautiful and i would love to get my hands on one! I really hope it’ll be available in the UK at some point but I don’t hold out much hope sadly :-(

    Thanks again for the wonderful update! And Merry Christmas xx

    • Hi Kerry! The dog dangle is a really sweet bead, I got it years ago for Valentine’s Day from my OH :) It makes an even nicer set with the red leather – I hope you manage to get them!

      You’re welcome, a very Merry Christmas to you too xx

  2. The dangle dog is always available on Rue, but the single red leather is not. I’d pay for that. What happened to the spherical clasp single leathers Pandora announced way back but then didn’t release? Hopefully with this red single, they’ll release the others. I prefer the spherical clasp, if the screws are still ugly, the clasp is much nicer.

    • so so agree, they missed a place in the market. I went and made my own, and that is so so easy too. I have a colour for every occasion, shame they dont have more colours, made necklaces to match, even if I say so my self I am quite proud of the result, had a lot of kind remarks even asked where I got that colour in Pandora, just dont look at the clasp, not bad, just not pandora. and they did not pick me for their customer board in UK, guess I am to old for Pandora. Ha Ha I dont think so

    • Yes, I know! That was odd. I don’t really know. It does happen that we get pre-release images and then products don’t make it out. Like the mesh bracelet. Hopefully they’ll still see the light of day! It’s encouraging that Australia are getting the red leather, as you say.

        • Oh yes, it came out here in the end too! But we saw stock images for Autumn 2016 originally and then it got delayed and redesigned before coming out this year :) I’ve just bought one ?

  3. The Disney Epcot charm looks to me like it will be released for the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival which runs every spring. I may have to get it. The other two Disney beads are quite unappealing to me, I’d be surprised if they go over well. They look more freakish than cute to me. Maybe they are aimed for the Asian market. The Valentines releases are a miss for me as I avoid most heart shaped and valentine themed offerings and the lip & emoji stuff just don’t appeal to me at all.

    • Yes, that sounds likely! Thanks for the info :) I find the cutie charms both freakish and cute, but I kind of like them. They definitely have that Japanese kawaii tsum tsum look to them to me – but I do imagine they’ll be expensive/hard to get hold of, and I can’t imagine actually making a design with them…

  4. The best thing of the collection so far is that make up bag. I love it already, lol! Now seriously. I´ll consider the club charm and I like the TT key dangle. However none is a must- have till I see them in person. I supposse you don´t know yet if the club charm is threaded (?) The rest of the collection is, in my very personal opinion, just junk jewellery at high price. Anyway I hope that bag will be offered offered in Europe with a regular purchase ;)
    Thanks for this sneek peek and Merry Christmas!
    PS. The dog dangle is a cutie, but it´s retired now, isn´t it?. Such a shame!

    • Haha, sometimes the GWP items are more exciting than the charm :P I love fancy packaging! I’m afraid I don’t know for sure whether the Club charm is threaded. From the images I’ve seen, it looks like it is to me (there’s maybe a hint of a thread) but I can’t tell 100%. :)
      Yes, the dog dangle is retired for the most part. It’s one of my favourites! I got it pretty early on in my collecting days.
      Merry Christmas to you too Marie, and thanks for commenting!

  5. The tsum tsum style mickey and minnie are cute but seems abit too kiddy for me to style into my existing bracelet. Definitely getting the club charm to add on to my collection of club charms.I really like the epcot charm. But that one will be hard to get my hands on.

    • The Club charm is one of the ones I’ll be getting too, along with the God of Fortune. I don’t know if I’ll get anything else yet :)

  6. Hi Ellie,

    The club charm is the only one in my list. I think novelty was a good choice of wording for the Disney charms and I would apply it to most of the other charms for Valentines. It looks as though this Valentine collection is a compliment to the girls night out charms. The Mickey with grass on his head is odd. The gift sets are not a stand out for me, unless they are stunning in person, so I will reserve final judgment on those until I see them in the store. Perhaps my Valentines gift might come from the Winter collection or it will be the club charm.
    Your review is truly appreciated. Having a heads up helps me to make better spending choices.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! I think the gift sets are quite unusual this year, in a good way – especially that stacked open bangle set. It would be too expensive for me, but that would be a rather great Valentines present! :) My two purchases will be the Club charm and the God of Fortune, and then I don’t think I *need* anything else. the Shape of Love is pretty indeed, but doesn’t match any designs I have on the go currently.

  7. Hi Ellie!

    I’m afraid there isn’t much for me here. Which is good news for my husband and my poor credit card!

    I do like the club charm, and it will come home with me. In your first review there was the heart lock bracelet and a new key floating locket that I thought I might want. Other than those things, maybe the red faceted hearts?

    Thanks for the sneak peek. Maybe the newly retired charms will hit Rue La La during January…

    • Hi Deborah! The cool thing about the heart lock bracelet, which I’ve found out, is that I think you can take off the clasp and use it as a necklace pendant or charm. I like the faceted hearts as well, but they don’t match anything I’ve got planned!

      I’m hoping for more retired beads on Rue soon :) I hear the UK sale is going to be good!

  8. I’ll be honest the collection is hidious, it looks cheap and childish, the only charm that will be coming home with me is the club charm, the Disney ones are awful what were they thinking?, I’m guessing they’ll be aimed at the Asian market or be a Hong king DL exclusive.

    • I agree with you Kelsey, they look awful.

      I love Mickey and Minnie in their original look and wish Pandora would make some efforts in creating a full body of each one. Daisy and Donald too.

  9. Nothing for me from this collection, but that is ok cause I am still be buying from the winter release and I am very happy with what Pandora had put out. I received one order today that included the blue dazzling snowflake Beautiful!! and two blue mosaic clips but I got the celestial mother of pearl charm Oh my how beautiful!! I think I will get a couple more of this charm it is so nice!! Thanks for this blog really enjoy it and I cant wait for you to see this charm in person!! So beautiful

    • Ah, I’m really looking forward to seeing the Celestial Mosaic in person as well :D it looks so pretty in pictures! It’s going on my Halloween bracelet, so it won’t be quite as elegant as some stylings, but I think it’ll be perfect for that theme :)

  10. I like the CNY-themed gift set but I’m not holding out much hope that we get it in the UK, shame. The Disney ones scare me a bit! The collection isn’t really my cup of tea, no matter as there is still things I want from the winter collection but I really want the sweet panda :(

    • I have the Sweet Panda coming to me from the US :) I don’t understand why we didn’t get it here in the UK, it’s adorable!

  11. Hi Ellie

    The only purchase I may make from the Valentines collection is the new bracelet, otherwise nothing here for me.
    Whilst I was making the most of the FGWP at my local Pandora store the sales assistant told me that her owners had to sign confidentiality papers as Pandora is changing there whole concept????????. I not sure what this means, but looking at all the charms that are being retired and going in the Boxing Day sales, I get the feeling there is some truth.
    If the other collections are way of track like this Valentines Day collection, looks like 2018 will be a year of saving lol.
    Thank you for your updates, I enjoy reading them. Have you heard anything Ellie about a change with Pandora?
    Have a great day?

    • Hi Janelle! I have not heard that, no! I know a couple of charms from the upcoming Spring collection, and they seem pretty par for the course, but I’d be interested to know what changing their concept means! Pandora UK are holding a big top-secret consumer product council in January where they get feedback from customers on upcoming releases, so perhaps there is something in the works :)

  12. Thank you for another amazing update. The last Valentine’s Day charm that was a must have for me was the little Valentine’s Day card dangle from several years ago. It even opened and there was a little message inside. Since then it just seems to be a repetition of hearts year after year. For me, this year’s collection is much the same. I do like the club charm and will definitely be getting it. I’m not sure what to think of the Disney charms. ? I can see them appealing to some but I’m unsure how popular they will be. I can’t think of a way that they’d fit with my collection. However I am interested in the red leather CNY set. I’ve been looking for a red leather bracelet for a while and I like the dog. If that becomes available in Canada I will be very tempted. Thank you again for the update. Merry Christmas!

    • Yes, the Valentine’s card was one of my first charm reviews I think :D I loved that bead too (and still do!). They also did the Turtle Doves the year before, those were pretty and a bit different. And the engagement ring gift box! There used to be a fair few nice designs.

      You’re welcome – a very Merry Christmas to you and yours too! :)

  13. Bet the Mickey with “grass” ears is for Epcot’s annual flower and garden show. They have previosuly done a charm for it and 2018 is the 25th anniversary.

    • I went to Epcot this year during the Flower & Garden Festival. The park has several topiaries (of Disney characters) throughout the park. I took pictures of most of them. I remember the topiaries outside the UK pavilion were Winnie the Pooh (and friends) and Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. It’s a good time to go to Epcot!

  14. I like the red leather bracelet and hoping that Pandora will release it with the God of Fortune as option in Canada. I am not interested the dog charm. I would be very happy if they package it in fancy CNY red gift box and bag as the ones in Asia as really beautifully presented.

  15. I am still looking forward to seeig the rose gold Valentine’s charms in person and the faceted red heart. I am seriously considering getting an Escence bracelet after seeing this collection as they look quiet elegant and not overly busy.

    • Mm, I do like the Essence collection, particularly the older beads! I got out my two Essence bracelets for the first time in a while today and am enjoying wearing them stacked together. :)

      • I like that idea of stacking essence bracelet with mesh bracelet as stacking my full moments bracelet with mesh bracelet seems to detract from each other as too visually cluttered.

  16. I like that there’s a bead to represent the Flower & Garden Festival, but a Mickey head is a bead that would flip, so I wouldn’t be interested in it. I think the “cutie” beads are cute, but as you noted, they may be hard to style.

    • Ah, right :) I don’t worry about beads flipping as so many of my favourites do, but I get why that would put you off!

    • I bought silicon ring inserts off eBay. I thread silicon ring onto my bracelet followed by charm then use piece of waxed dental floss and thread it through silicon ring insert and charm then pull floss gently until ring located inside charm. Works for threaded and open works charms. I tied using tooth pick etc but never worked for threaded charms. My lion dance and few other top heavy charms no longer flip upside down. Downside is that charms don’t slide around for those who like hearing and seeing charms move on bracelet.

      • So basically dental floss threaded over and through centre of silicon ring akin to threading sewing needle. Put charm onto bracelet. Both ends of floss threaded through inside of charm and then gently tug until ring inside bead then pull one end of floss to remove it from inside of charm. Would be easier if I could post a photo or diagram. Hoping you can visualize my description as not sure if I am very clear in my instructions. Waxed dental floss as wax helps with threading and easy removal.

  17. I am very pleased to see Pandora doing relatively more reds in their Valentine’s collection this year. And I agree with your guess that the Disney charms are going to be Parks exclusives; the green Mickey head in particular reminds me of the Flower and Garden festival they do in the spring so it makes sense they would release this charm potentially around that time.
    Unfortunately for me, there is almost nothing I care for in the Valentines collection. It just seems to me to be more items and designs added to this new very tacky look and concept that Pandora for some reason is trying to feed their customers. Quite honestly I could do without most of the things they are peddling that I feel like I could get at any cheap airport gift store. The Disney collection is a big exception, although I am very curious to see how those “cutie” charms do as they are not my personal cup of tea but I can see how they might appeal to other people (might also be a good way to appeal to younger audiences who parents might be trying to get into more “grown up” jewelry and purchased to commemorate a special vacation).

    • Yes, people have been asking for red for a long time now! It’s a shame that there aren’t some more classic Pandora pieces in the collection, as a lot of it isn’t what people were hoping for I think. There isn’t much for me from this collection, but I could imagine picking up the ‘cutie’ beads if I were actually on holiday in the Disney Parks! As it is, I predict that they’ll be quite expensive for what they are.

  18. Nothing for me with this collection and I am very happy since I can focus on the Winter’s collection and more Disney charms next year.

    Thank you Ellie for your devotion to your beautiful and very useful blog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Well that’s an up side! ^^ I want the CNY god of fortune and the Club charm, and I’m happy with that. :)

      You are so very welcome – thank you for all your lovely comments, and a Merry Christmas to you too!

  19. Seems like Pandora isn’t doing too well anymore. These charms are an embarrassment to their collection. What use to be a sophisticated piece of jewelry now looks like a joke and something you buy at claires.

  20. Hi there,

    Thanks for the amazing update . It’s exciting to see the new up coming products. Just wondering if you know if there is going to be any gift with purchases this year ? Particularly in Australia or NZ ?


  21. Hi there I adore the new ranges from the sneak peaks you gave us, however do you have any idea of what is available in terms of valentine’s specials in South Africa?

    I adore the bees and honey and the wonderful spring summer range, everyone has individual tastes so they have to choose for themselves, what they would be purchasing from the range.

    the gold pieces in South Africa is obscenely expensive with the exchange rate, my only concern I have is how badly would they tarnish with “wear and tear”. I do agree they are bringing in the plated items due to the price factors, and the economic viability and sustainability of the company. All organizations look at keeping their companies alive in today’s economic times.

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