Today’s post rounds off the week with an updated look at the upcoming Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection! I previously posted some sneak peeks a month or so ago, but this post offers a comprehensive preview of the upcoming jewellery. With the usual pinks, a dash of red, and some controversial lips motifs, this release is both conventional Valentine’s Day Pandora and a slight departure from it, at the same time.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview

I don’t have an official release date for this collection yet, but going on previous years, I’d predict that it would be out on 11 January. I’ll update if I hear otherwise. I’ve included the pricing for North America as well. I was only given CAD pricing, but I’ve worked out the USD prices based on those. :)

Read on for a look at what’s coming out next!

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection preview

Firstly, we have two new bracelets – the Explosion of Love is an adjustable bangle, while the Lock your Promise offers a new twist on the existing threadless charm bracelet with pink CZs. I do like the concept, but would have preferred plain silver detailing or clear CZs for versatility. I’d be interested to know whether the padlock closure affects sizing, too – does it take up the same amount of space as a regular clasp?

Pricing for North America is as follows:-

Lock Your Promise – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Explosion of Love – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Next – charms! These range quite a lot in style, with some more elegant decorative pieces such as the Two Hearts spacer or the Key to my Heart pendant, to some busy, colourful designs such as the Explosion of Love. My favourite of these is the Shape of Love charm, a beautiful faceted design with a really rich colour (although it’s hard to tell whether this will look more red or pink in person). It looks like it has raised silver dots either side of it. I have to admit that I don’t get the ‘kiss’ beads very much, and will be interested to see how they do.

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Two Hearts (silver & CZ) – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Two Hearts (two-tone) – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Shape of Love – $55 USD / $60 CAD

I Love You – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Key to my Heart – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Explosion of Love (clip) – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Explosion of Love – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Talk about Love – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Two Hearts (spacer) – $30 USD$35 CAD

Tree of Love  – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Glitter Kiss – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Lock Your Promise – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Burst of Love (charm) – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Kiss all round – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Burst of Love (clip) – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Kiss More – $75 USD / $85 CAD

There’s a matching Essence version of the Shape of Love, representing the value of (you guessed it) LOVE. The Pandora Rose pieces are some of my favourites from this set. The combination of the red CZ with the pink metal is really beautiful. It works particularly well in the spacer and the ring – I like the pendant charm, but think it might be a bit bulky on a bracelet. We’ll have to see!

LOVE (Essence) – $50 USD / $55 CAD

I Love You – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Love Kiss Petite – $15 USD / $20 CAD

Two Hearts (spacer) – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Two Hearts (ring) – $60 USD / $70 CAD

Next up, we have necklaces, floating lockets and petites! Pandora are incorporating the popular heart key motif into two new floating locket designs, which work well. I can see these being very popular! The plain silver petites are nice to see, also.

Prices for North America are as follows:-

I Love You – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Tree of Love  – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Lock your Promise – $100 USD / $110 CAD

Floating Locket Heart Key – $140 USD / $155 CAD

Petites (individually priced) – $10 USD / $15 CAD

Large Floating Locket Heart Key – $200 CAD

Finally, we have rings and earrings! The You & Me ring is engraved underneath the stone – I can’t tell whether it has something carved into the stone or not though! The pink pave earrings to the bottom left did not appear in the NA catalogue I saw, and I’m wondering whether they are possibly exclusive to some regions or maybe to Jared in the US.

Prices for North America are as below:-

Two Hearts (ring) – $45 USD / $50 CAD

You & Me – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Love Lock (ring) – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Two Hearts (earrings) – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Pure Love (long earrings) – $65 USD . $75 CAD

Love Locks (earrings) – $45 USD / $50 CAD

There are also going to be some gift sets offered for Valentine’s Day, as usual, but I’ll post about those separately.

My Comment

Having seen a fuller look at the collection, there’s more that I like. The Two Hearts motif is really pretty; the spacer is lovely both in Rose and silver, with the red CZ offering a particularly stunning contrast against the Rose. The Shape of Love faceted charm is another favourite of mine, and I also like the two-tone Key to my Heart dangle.

However, so far, my only definite from next year so far is the CNY 2018 Cai-shen charm. Other than that, I will have to see if any bracelet ideas pop into my head for which I could choose any of these others. I have many, many Pandora hearts at this point, so I need to be quite selective and sensible (gulp)! ^^

What do you think of this collection? Does anything leap out at you?

68 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection preview

  1. I like the petit’s for my necklace and maybe the essence bead. But i’m way more excited to see the spring collection which is always my favourite

  2. Tacky, tacky, tacky!!
    Hate all of this collection, what has happened to Pandora lately?!
    Too much CZ just cheapens the look (but not the prices!) I was a huge fan 10 years ago but sadly the brand has massively gone down hill in quality and class in the last couple of years.

    • JoJo ,I couldn’t agree more! I’ve got a lot of the gold and two tone,the gold necklace and bracelets but the newer stuff is cheap and nasty. I am done with Pandora.

    • Okay, I can’t say that I’m done, but I totally agree that a lot of this charm line was done in poor taste especially the glitter kiss which my daughter is gooshing over but she is 5!! and says that it looks like one of her emoji dolls. In a way I’m glad because I just purchased 2 of the gold color fresco charms and need to save some money!!!

    • I do miss the older style of charms a lot as well! There are lots of decorative beads that are stunning these days, but I miss the solidity and character of some of the older designs.

    • I agree…Very tacky…It seems that their target market has been narrowed down, excluding the classic appeal of ages forty and up. If this is the direction they are moving in, then I too will have to give pandora the drop ??

  3. I like the 2 hearts ring in rose, shape of love and key to my heart charms. Can’t wait till the collection is out. Will definitely come home with shape of love first upon release. Thanks Ellie for the preview. I’m always on a lookout for your new post.

    • Yes, that ring in Rose is lovely, isn’t it? I like the combination of the red CZ with the Rose metal as well. Glad you enjoyed the preview! ?

  4. OMG it’s absolutely amazing!! Finally a little difference and the twist from the usual known stuff! I’m coming to buy stuff, Pandora! X

  5. I’m starting to lose interest in Pandora. Some of the colors are getting garish, using too much bling, themes are teenagy, and they’re repeating styles over and over. Trollbeads with their more edgy designs and more organic feel are starting to appeal to me more these days.

    • And real stones with Trollbeads too; solid silver and good size gemstones at nice price points, you can’t go wrong. :-)

    • I know that you’re far from being the only one who feels that way! :) It would be so refreshing to see a few older style charms sprinkled into the mix going forward.

  6. Will there be a valentines promo or any upcoming promos apart from the heart of winter bangle one coming up please?!

    • I’m sure there will be one for Valentine’s Day, but no details as of yet. I expect there’ll be a jewellery box GWP – I’ve had one confirmed for Australia but not the UK yet. :)

  7. Hi Ellie!

    I really like the new bracelet with the heart lock. I also like the heart lock charm, the red faceted hearts, and the heart key locket. Pandora finally gets me to buy a locket! Never say never…

    The talk about love looks interesting, but I will want to see how busy it is in person.

    My initial thoughts on the Rose with the red is no, but I will probably fall in love when I see it in person.

    Still no on the lips, but I have seen lip motifs in other jewelry lines lately. I must be getting old, Haha!

    Like you, I am trying to be more selective. I said no more pink and no more hearts. So what do they do? They come out with beautiful red faceted hearts. Again, never say never…

    Thanks for the preview.

    • Hi Deborah! I like the heart key locket as well, but I still don’t think I’m sold enough to purchase one. Charms and bracelets are ultimately the things that get me the most, pretty as the floating lockets are ^^ I think the red with the Rose is really pretty, and I’m looking forward to seeing them in person :D

      I don’t like the lips either! I can’t imagine wanting to have worn something like them at any age. Will be looking out for people posting pics on social media once they’re out to see what kind of designs people come up with using them, I guess!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

        • Haha, I’ve really not noticed that! I’ll have to keep an eye out and see if I spot any here as well.

  8. I work in a concept store & I have to say “What were they thinking”?!There are very few pieces that even I would want .I love the petite heart locket necklace but I think it’s quite pricey at $200.00. I don’t see much if any I will be getting .

    • Always interesting to hear from people on the inside, with actual experience of what sells well. I’m not putting any of these down as must-haves, but I’m open to being persuaded to get a couple depending on how they look in person!

  9. I love the 2 hearts spacer esp in the rose gold but not sure what it would look like with other charms on either side – could be that the actual design might get ‘lost’, for want of a better word – the faceted glass ‘shape of love’ and essence ‘love’ charms are very pretty and I like the ‘love locks’ design but mostly the rest of it is pure tack – everything Pandora did used to be so classy but sadly that is no longer the case

    • I agree about the spacers. I have some odd shaped spacers that look great in theory but either get lost or don’t look good on the bracelet.

  10. Wow. Fully half of the comments here express my feelings: What is all this? It’s all so busy and the chosen motif (lips) is again for a younger demographic. I am speechless at what is happening with pandora.

  11. I’ve been looking over the stock images trying to find something good to say, trying so hard…

    No. I can’t even find the right word to describe the horror.

    So I’ll just say — THUMPER IS ADORABLE!!!!!!! The origami crane is nice too. Pandora can still do good bits of silver work.

    DO the silver, Pandora!

  12. Hi Ellie. Thanks for the preview! I agree with some of your favorites: the Shape of Love and Two Hearts spacers. I agree with you that the Rose/red combo looks stunning, and I am in love with the Rose Two Hearts ring as well. I am hoping to eventually start a second Rose bracelet on the Smooth Rose Bangle, so maybe I could use the new rose spacers on that design. Do you know if any of the new clips in this collection are siilicone-lined? As for the lips motifs, I actually don’t mind the Kisses All Around Murano, but I think the Kiss More charm looks tacky. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Hi Joanne! I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that the Explosion of Love clip is, because of how it’s used in the campaign images :) it’s also slim like the other silicone clips!

      Enjoy your weekend, too!

  13. Greetings Ms. Ellie, those charms for Valentine’s day are great!!! Not a bad one at all & It’s better than a box of chocolates.

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the Valentine’s Day preview. The Lock Your Promise bracelet is an interesting concept, but I agree with you regarding the pink cz’s. Clear stones would have been more versatile. I rather like the Explosion of Love bangle , but not sure I’d buy it. I do think the Explosion of Love clips are very pretty. My absolute favorite from this collection is the Shape of Love faceted heart! From the sneak peeks, this charm looked more of a deep red, but the above shots make me wonder if it is more like the cerise color. Gorgeous no matter the color. The Two Hearts spacers are pretty, but I’m wondering how they would look between charms. What’s up with all these lips again? Definitely not working for me! Must be geared toward a much younger generation.

    Thanks again for the preview. Always enjoy seeing them. Hope you have a nice week ahead!

    • Hi Emily! Yes, it’s tricky to tell the colour on that bead – the catalogue shots from the previous sneak peeks looked like they were photos of the catalogue , so it is possible that they aren’t as accurate in colour :/ the lips are not my cup of tea at all, and I would be very interested to see how people use them!

      Have a lovely weekend!

  15. I can’t say that these new charms do much for me. I don’t buy much Pandora anymore due to the overuse of Czs and no real stones anymore. I really like “old school” Pandora! As a result, I have definitely been buying trollbeads instead, as a few other ladies have mentioned. The charms are solid and the variety is great. :) (p.s. I do however love the Disney Thumper charm!!)

    • I love old school Pandora as well – what I tend to do is to buy the new murano beads, safety chains and the odd character bead from new collections, and then supplement them with older charms on sale or on the FB pages ?

  16. Hi Ellie,
    I am curious about the Lock Your Promise bracelet. Can the padlock be removed? Maybe i can use it as a locket too..
    But I agree with you on the padlock. I’m too prefer a plain silver than cz. It looks cheap to me.

  17. My favorites are still Key to My Heart & Shape of Love, but I do wonder what color Shape of Love is. I think Pandora should create a red enamel heart like the existing blush pink & violet enamel hearts. I would like the murano if it had red hearts or flowers on it instead of lips!

  18. Not to be defensive about other comments but only only 4 of 17 new charms are lip themed. I don’t think people buy a WHOLE new release so I can live with having a few that don’t float my boat. That being said I really like a few of them and could see me buying the ‘explosion of love clips’ eventually. I also really like the ‘shape of love’ but only of it’s a true red and I’ve said this before but if that’s the case, it screams Snow White Themed bracelet to me! Otherwise I don’t have red as a motif going bc it’s not one of my favorite colors. I also really like the two hearts spacer (again, not sure about the red). I love that they kind of turned the heart shape to the side. I think the heart shape won’t be as noticeable with other charms around it but it’s kind of neat that you would know but maybe not someone else unless you pointed it out. Like a special like secret of love haha. I like that it’s a different shaped spacer than what I’ve seen.

    One more thing, it looks like with ‘burst of love’ and ‘explosion of love’ they are trying to give a dimensional feel to how love can seem to burst out of someone. I appreciate that and like the sentiment!

    • I like those you named as well. I bet the “explosion of love” is going to look gorgeous in person. And people should try the open bangle if they haven’t, it really lets you showcase just a few charms without having to start a new bracelet theme or worry too much about odd colors. You can change out charms quickly and easily. The “shape of love” or “lock your promise” in the middle with an “explosion of love” on each side would be very pretty! I might do that, then take them off and put my two Saint Patrick’s day charms on there. Right now my two open bangles have some of the midnight star charms.

    • You don’t need to worry about being defensive! Everything is subjective ultimately, you either like it or you don’t! :) I take your point that the lips only make up a little part of the collection, but it is a bit of a shame that there are lip prints on the murano, though, as the new glass charms are usually a sure must have for me from each collection! I also like the two hearts spacer, and would be interested to see how they look actually on the bracelet as well. I don’t think it’s too much of a problem if the heart spacer shape isn’t too obvious until you look at it a little closer, I quite like charms that reward a closer look!

      Thanks for commenting :)

  19. well, I’ve been collecting Pandora for 7 years and while I have and appreciate the solid gold , silver, and two-tone pieces of the past, I also love the pave’ and enamel. The craftsmanship is still 2nd to none. Camilla is just not as pretty and detailed. Troll beads looks like jewelry from the middle ages, which is cool, but not as sparkly and elegant as Pandora. Tiffany is way over priced and a little boring. I think this Valentines collection is more fun and cute than ever before. I would like to see more two-tone and silver, but I dont think its all bad by any means. The enamel heart charms are pretty and fun, i think the pink and red hearts combo looks good, (so valentines looking). The heart lock design collection is great too. And we get a true red heart glass charm, awsome! I like that Pandora is changing it up a bit with designs and adding RED colors, not just pink all the time.

    • I’m really glad to hear that you’re excited, it’s nice to hear from the other side, haha! :) I was also glad to see some more red tones this time around. The heart lock/key collection is really pretty, and I love the Shape of Love charm, but it will depend on whether any bowl me over in person as to whether I get them! I think one of the problems is that as a long-term collector I have similar pieces, and I’m always on the hunt for something a bit different. ^^

  20. Thanks for the lovely review Ellie! I think the lock your promise bracelet is quite pretty.. I tend to like the older Pandora designs so may focus my US Thanksgiving promo purchases on some old school charms. I have a two tone and 2 muranos in mind and some of the sterling silver ones too! I think the Key to my heart charm is cute too.

    • Oh that sounds like it will be a good haul :) I think that I strike a good balance between old and new Pandora in my shopping these days! When chosen well I think they can really complement each other!

  21. As usual, there’s nothing for me in the Valentine’s collection. My seven-year-old granddaughter, however, might find some of these attractive. Cai-shen is all I want so far for 2018.

    • That’s my only must have so far as well! But my collection is large enough as it is these days that that can only be a good thing really, haha.

  22. The only charm I like is the dangle key with gold heart. It’s classy. The valentine line screams “teenagers” with its pink and red CZ. It downgrades the look and feel of Pandora. Sorry to say it looks cheap and cheesy.

    Pandora should come up with a boho and whimsical line! Would love to see new and fresh designs for charms such as a feather, dream catcher, wish bone, peace sign, free spirit etc..

  23. I love the Shape of love charm as faceted will be very pretty when light hits it and hoping it is a true deep red. I really like the rose with red as looking to add Moe rose to my collection and happy they are starting to incorporate some colour stones in with rose charms. I think that the side by side heart silver charm would have be much more pretty with some gold detail as not so much into the gold dangle heart.

  24. Ellie what awesome hearts! I keep saying, NO MORE HEARTS, and once again I will be hooked. Love your bracelet that you are showing above… burst of hearts with that faceted heart of Love! OM golly! I can give up the club charm this year and wait for 1/11. You are awesome, too! Thank you so much for these sneak peeks. Oh such an addiction! I also love the Essense heart and glad they remembered that collection. Will be pretty by itself with a pretty cz space. I keep my Essence really simple. Saves me money too!

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