Today sees the first new collection from Pandora for 2018, with the launch of the Valentine’s Day and CNY jewellery! As is traditional, this is only a small release, but it manages to pack in a range of different pieces. As well as jewellery for the Moments range, there are also new offerings for Pandora Rose, Essence and the Floating Locket petites!

As usual, I’m celebrating the launch with a selection of live shots of all the new jewellery! ?

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 release

The Valentine’s 2018 collection offers some of the usual pinks and heart charms, but there are a few more off-the-wall options as well this year! With a lip-themed set of beads and some emoji-inspired jewellery, some of the new pieces seem to be aimed at a younger, more contemporary style.

For full previews, and details on accompanying gift sets and GWPs, please take a look through the Pandora Valentine’s 2018 tag. :) I actually finally made a promotions page for 2018, which has all the info I know so far listed, so you can take a look at there as well!

As usual, stores have been uploading various live shots to social media, which gives us a better idea of what all the beads look like in person. The heart-key jewellery looks delicate and I particularly like the heart-shaped Floating Locket. The heart-lock bracelet is also cute, but I’m still surprised by how big the clasp is in person – it’s definitely a piece you could wear without any beads on it. In fact, I wonder how it would suit being filled up like a proper charm bracelet.

Pandora CNY 2018 release

There are two new designs launching in celebration of the Lunar New Year today! One is a very traditional Pandora CNY design – the Luck & Fortune charm, as pictured below, features cheerful red enamel and beautiful detailing.

The Double Happiness is more contemporary in style. For a full preview of both charms, have a look through the Pandora CNY 2018 tag. :)

These gorgeous live shots from Patty Ng show off the new beads perfectly. The Luck & Fortune dangle is just as pretty as I hoped it would be! I don’t know if I’ll get it straightaway though – I might wait for a promo, seeing as I’ve spent all my pennies during the various sales.

Image by Patty Ng
Image by Patty Ng
Image by Patty Ng

The Double Happiness dangle has a nice shade of enamel, but I would have preferred it without the pave detailing. The pop of enamel colour against bright silver would have been lovely on its own.

Image by Patty Ng

It’s the year of the dog – there isn’t a new dog charm launching to celebrate it, but Australia and New Zealand do have a cute little red leather bracelet gift set in honour of it!

$89 AUD

Pandora Club charm 2018 release

Finally for new releases, this year’s limited edition Club charm is launching a little earlier this year! The 2018 bead is a globe design, drawing on the theme of a global Pandora community.

For a more detailed look at this bead, you can have a look at my original preview here. It comes with a pretty little heart-shaped box, as usual – this is marked with the year, to add to its collectability. <3

This live shot shows it off rather nicely:

Image by Coventry Corners

They are also already asking fans for ideas for the 2019 collectors’ Club charm! You can go online and answer a few questions. The survey asks you to pick a metal, colour, stone, etc., and then to upload an image that inspires you.

The only vaguely inspirational image I had easily to hand on my phone’s camera roll was quite a generic shot of a park in niceish weather that I’d taken recently – my apologies if they run with that. ;)

My Comment

Like many, my thoughts on this collection haven’t really moved very much since our initial sneak peeks – many of the pieces are pretty – particularly the new bracelet, the Rose pieces (especially the ring) and the Two Hearts spacers. However, at this point in my collecting career, so to speak, I need to be more selective and stick more to character beads, or pieces that are more distinctive from those I already own. I’ll be going to see the new charms this weekend, and am prepared to be pleasantly surprised by any of them, nevertheless.

Consequently, the charms I’m planning on buying are the Luck & Fortune charm, which will make an adorable addition to my favourite Chinese New Year red bracelet, and the 2018 Club charm. This will be going on my mesh bracelet along with the So Many Reasons to be Happy pendant that came out for the US a couple of months ago and the Home Sweet Home charm. ☺️

Are you buying anything today? Have you seen any of the beads in person yet?

83 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year 2018 collections debut

  1. Great update as always, Ellie. Any tips on how to get the God of Fortune as I understand it won’t be released in the UK?

    On a similar note, I’ve spotted that Ruelala aren’t doing Pandora…is it likely to be available through them again?


    • Hi Lisa

      I’m from singapore and the god of fortune charm is currently being offered with a free Jewellery box that is in gold Colour and the shape of a coin. (I think the preview can be found above) I can help if u need it. The charm is SG$129 with the box for free and free golden envelopes. I have a discount this month and can get them at 10% off retail prices making it SG$116.10. The tracked shipping for the box and charm is SG$22. If u got any other questions about the charm u can let me know! My email is Don’t worry about bothering me cause sharing is caring :) any other ladies that need help or info can ask me too !!

      <3 Cindy

    • Actually I just got an email – 60% off Rue La la at the moment. Nothing new but still some nice charms there :)

    • Your best bet is to try and get someone to help you from abroad – no official retailer will be able to ship to you.I’ve had help from Cindy before who’s very kindly replied to you. :)

      They run limited-time sales every month, so there will be down time in between sales when Pandora isn’t available. There should be another sale coming up very soon – I’ll post details nearer the time! :)

  2. I am sorry, but these lips are just “aw”… unfortunately not aw-esome, but aw-ful! They look so “cheap”.
    The Luck & Fortune dangle is lovely.
    I’m not sure about the club charm yet.

    • I love the Luck & Fortune, too! The lips are not my cup of tea, but that’s a good thing, really. I spent so much in the sales ?

    • I haven’t seen the club charm in person yet, but I do like the photo. I like that it isn’t another heart.
      Do agree about those lips, lol.

      • Well, I saw, liked, and purchased the club charm, as well as the GOF. Though I did not get the lovely gift box with him. (Not available with US purchase :().

  3. Thank you for the update. Is it just me or is Pandora losing their high class look as many new charms to be released look awful and tacky? Love Pandora but not many of the new charms for me!

      • I agree. Really tacky and cheap looking. Look like children’s charms At least I’m not at all tempted leaving more Pandora funds for older charms that are in my list

    • Some of the beads in this collection are not my style, and are definitely younger in look, but I’m excited to see what’s next. I liked what I saw of the spring/summer sneak peeks! :) So I’m still optimistic at the moment.

  4. I thought live images would help make this collection look better. Nope. So it’s good we have so many brand choices, so many other places to spend our jewellery money, because it must be spent! :-)

    Pandora needs an intervention; their bejeweling machines must be taken away. Their addiction to these machines is beginning to harm others (my eyes, for example).

    Also, just remarking it again because it’s so noticeable in some of these pics, but Pandora should be paying customers to wear so much advertising. It’s fine to put a brand name on a bracelet clasp; it’s tacky to plaster that name on more and more charms so eventually a full bracelet will be nothing but the Pandora name, and/or bejeweling. Ew.

    But the little god man is adorable!!!!!!

    • I only buy Pandora really! I’m a bit of a purist, as you know. However, yesterday I did see the Chamilia Lady & the Tramp charms that are coming out soon though and fell a bit in love with those. So I might make a rare exception for them!

      The Luck & Fortune is very cute :D I decided to hang on and not get him straight away but it’s been a tough decision to live with haha.

  5. Hi Ellie, thaks for the update. I had completely forgotten that today was the day, so to speak ?
    Although I’m interested in the heart and key dropper and the club charm, I don’t think I’ll get any of them this month. We are having a 30% off sale on selected items and luckily there are some I want, so I’ll take part in the sale and everything else will have to wait. Besides I have overspent a bit at Christmas time. Anyway I’m planning on going to the mall on Saturday, as they are doing their regular 10€ off voucher for all shops, including Pandora and I think I can benefit from both the sales and the vocher, so I’ll see the new Valentine’s collection in person, as well.

    • Hi Marie! Ah, good shout on the sale :) I spent lots in the UK, US and Australian sales, and am very happy with my purchases. I’m still angling to get the Luck & Fortune and the Club charm 2018 sooner or later though. :) have fun shopping tomorrow!

  6. HI Ellie,

    Yes, I plan on picking up the Luck & Foryune charm, even though I have passed on the doll dangles I think this one dangle would crested interest to my design. May pick this up as part of a promo, it is $85 in Canada. I have the plain silver double happiness that I love. I have to agree with you the new enamel version without the pave is out for me. Simple silver beading around the bail would have been more elegant and kept the focus on the silver against the enamel. During the recent sale I was able to pick up the ruby (more magenta really) fascetes that I always felt were way over priced but will now provide an nice splash of colour on my current VB. The new magenta fascetted heart looks nice, but I don’t need another heart. I will be curious to see if this trend continues toward the “younger looking beads” , sales figures will no doubt dictate some of this for the company.
    In the mean time, the club charm is something to celebrate, both the design and concept are well executed. One could argue the design is traditional but a globe is a globe as a heart is a heart. I am glad to see the club charm not so closely associated with Valentines in the design. I will wear this charm all year round and to be honest the club charms should have a broader concept theme. So well done to Pandora on that one!
    Thanks Ellie,

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, we will have to wait and see what direction they’re going in next. They just put out a big press release about what’s coming up next, saying that they are going to increase their annual collections from seven to ten, and that they want to release one new innovative jewellery concept a year. I think that we will struggle to keep up haha.

      I’m really glad you like the Club charm too! I think it’s really fun and a very apposite design with a theme that is relevant to both us dedicated Pandora collectors who are brought together from across the world and people in general. It’s clever in that way :)

      thanks for commenting! :)

  7. I went instore today. Surprisingly quiet. Had a look at the locket bracelet but it wasn’t appealing in person so have decided to give it a miss. Had a look at those quickly retired fabric bracelets as they were in the last chance tray. Gee they looked filmsy. No wonder they didn’t sell. Nothing else in the new collection really appealed. Looking forward to the next release – spring or Mother’s Day.

    • I’m going to go and see everything in store tomorrow! :) I’m really interested to see the bracelet. I don’t think I will get it, but I’d like to see how they’re styling it in store at least.

  8. Just bought luck and fortune charm with Patty Ng! My husband will have a fit when he finds out the Club charm will be out early! I’ll probably will wait to buy the club charm 2018 just to ease my Pandora shopping spree! I’m hoping that the club charm will not run out of stock by the time I buy it! Isn’t usually out in May the club charm?

    • Oh nice, Patty is so great at helping out with the Asian beads! :) The Club charm is usually out with either spring or summer, yep – this is the first time it’s been out quite this early! I was pleased it was out earlier this year though as the Valentine’s collection doesn’t have anything in it that I need to have.

  9. Pandora’s email here in Italy has now arrived. I like only the heart of red hearts but I have to look good, I still have in mind the winter charms. Very beautiful Chinese pendants, as usual I’ll have to ask for the collaboration of some of you … but in April for my birthday. Your reviews are always very accurate. Thank you

    • Yay, they will make a nice birthday present! :) The Chinese pendants are my favourites from this launch too!

  10. I have just ordered the CNY GOF charm. For whatever reason, this charm is appealing to me. The past year or so, not much of what Pandora has come out with has appealed to me. I don’t like pave’ and almost everything they make is loaded with czs. Most of what I have purchased in 2017 from Pandora has been “old school” charms! I buy more Trollbeads now than Pandora

    • Pandora is very sparkly these days. I’d love to see more of a mix of their old and new styles going forward. I feel like we might see that from spring, going by some of the sneak peeks, but we’ll have to wait and see. I love the Luck& Fortune bead too!

  11. The only piece I have been wanting since I saw the preview pics is the rose ring, but I am not sure if I will get it, do you have any experience with rose rings? I am not sure how it will hold up, since rings are usually more prone to scratching then charms.
    I would also want the large key locket if it was with clear CZ, but the pink CZ makes it much less versatile, and the small key locket is just too small for my taste. I do want to check then in person though, maybe if the pink is not super pink I will get the large one. Anyway I am happy I don’t want too many things so my wallet can recovers because I bough a bit too much during those end of the year sales… lol

    • Actually, it seems more the width of the ring for attracting scratches. My 6mm wedding ring, for example, after 25 years of constant wear has a noticeably scarred surface, whereas my 3mm engagement ring looks hardly touched.

      I don’t wear plated jewellery, but my sister wears rose gold plated rings, not Pandora, and her wider rings have far more scratched than the narrower.

    • I actually don’t have any Rose jewellery apart from the charms and bracelets so I can’t advise unfortunately :(

      The pink CZ does make it a little less versatile – perhaps if it sells well they’ll do another colour? I also spent too much during the sales haha, so I am perfectly happy with taking a little break until the SS18 collections. I shouldn’t even be spending to get the Club charm or the Luck & fortune yet, but I’m still considering it haha.

  12. Greetings Ms. Ellie, the charms are gorgeous looking. I will look forward to getting one of the charms instead of chocolates.

  13. Nothing in this collection for me. Looking now for a retired Aqua Oval Lights charm. Not blue but aqua!,Does anybody know if Pandora had this color years ago? Thanks

    • Judy, I do not know about years ago but I love the aqua oval lights charm and it works with all my summer. I also want 2 of those. Keep our fingers crossed that we will find them and outlet reduce price will be even better!

  14. Hi there,

    Do you have any photos or ideas what the pandora dish promo for the UK is going to look like pretty please. Another great post. Thank you for all your updates and great idea about promo page, so useful and exciting!

  15. Thank you for a great review. The new bracelet is very lovely. I believe I would wear it plain
    Since the clasp makes the bracelet. Only drawback is it is very difficult to get on without help. The lock necklace is very pretty. I was not impressed with the lips or emojis charm. It may appeal to the younger collectors.
    I do like the red heart ring. It is very nice, it’s on my list.
    Sorry this was long.

    • I think wearing it plain would look great – the clasp is so large, it definitely seems like a standalone bracelet, although you do have the option of adding charms.
      No need to apologise – I love reading longer comments! :) Thanks for commenting!

  16. Hi Ellie!

    I am tempted to order one of the gift sets – the one with the heart clasp bracelet, the tree of life charm, and the 2 pink and red clips. I like the tree of life charm quite a bit. I think you could style it on a family bracelet the rest of the year.

    I am finally loving an open locket – never say never! The small key one is really pretty.

    I do like the heart lock bracelet. I would wear it plain stacked with an open bangle. I will probably buy one size smaller than normal since I won’t wear charms on it. I think it stands on its own nicely. A pink encased in love on the open bangle will go nicely with it I think.

    But all these purchases can wait until the next promo/sale.

    I agree with the branding complaints. I don’t like in your face branding on anything. It has stopped me from buying apparel and handbags in the past. And it does ruin for me what would otherwise be a pretty charm from Pandora.

    I don’t agree, however, with a lot of the complaints about the new collections. There are new and younger Pandora fans who will love the quirkier charms. You can’t blame Pandora for trying to cater to this market. I, at 62, love the emoji charm. It is timely and relevant in today’s world. Since Pandora is evolving into more styles of jewelry, I understand and accept there won’t be as much in each collection that speaks to me. But my credit card is loving that!

    Off my soapbox and back to work! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do. I know it’s a labor of love, but I don’t know what we would do without you!

    • I think all the different opinions and experiences here are great. :-)

      I’d think it was great too if I could believe Pandora was trying to hit a younger market, but I can’t believe it, not with their prices. Unless a young person is getting parents and family to buy all their jewellery, young people can’t make rent and food every month, never mind spend 100+ on a charm. If the young people have credit and they’re running up debt for Pandora, (or any jewellery), that credit should be taken away immediately. Lol.

      The biggest problem with Pandora’s new direction for me is that they’re making imitation easier. Bejeweling is so easy to mimic. Go into Walmart and you’ll find full “Pandora type” bracelets for 25.00 that look the same as what you see in a Pandora concept store. I saw one at my drug store last week for 30.00. I was embarrassed. I don’t want what I’m wearing to be so easily imitated, and so cheaply.

      • I think Pandora see themselves (as a brand) something that is gifted and not something that one purchases for themselves (but who doesn’t like to gift themselves now and again?) It’s happened a few times to me and happened just this week when I purchased sales charms in store. The SA asked who the gift was for and looked a bit baffled when I said for myself- she even looked at my mother, who then offered to pay (I didn’t let her) It’s not worth me getting offended by assumptions that my jewellery is all bought by other people(I’d be waiting forever! Lol) but I think because they assume most customers are buying as gifts and not personal, that helps to justify the price. So any ‘youthful’ ranges, by their thinking would be purchased as gifts, so loved ones would stump up the cash. The young are a big market, any business would be stupid to not exploit that, but they will have strike a balance so they don’t alienate long time customers. Also good point on imitation-Pandora are still a contemporary brand, over flooding of the market with cheaper alternatives can be bad for business in the long run-like fashion, Jewellery can become a classic or just a trend of a particular period.

    • Hi Deborah! Oh, fun! I have to say, I found the pretty packaging of the gift sets and all the advertising campaign images pretty tempting. The Tree of Love one is the one that tempted me as well, but I decided against it. I really don’t need it! That doesn’t stop me hoping that you went for it, though, haha.

      I don’t feel that exercised by the big branding on the heart clasp bracelet. It would be nice if they did a version without, so that all tastes are catered for, but I think personally I find that there are enough other Pandora bracelet options to choose from that don’t have such obvious branding, so I’m okay. It bothers me more when they write sentimental slogans on the bangles that instantly limit their appeal (e.g. Family Forever, etc)!

      Aw, thank you, Deborah! As always, I appreciate the time you take to write your lovely comments and to let me know :)

  17. Well I agree with so many comments. Starting with branding, I already have enough of that and unless a piece really will grab me, I say no! Love the hearts, and I think it will draw a young crowd and a couple of pieces for oldies like myself! My granddaughter will love the emoji and I love it as well. Absolutely must have the burst of love clips that will add so much to my other heart collection. I say NO MORE HEARTS and every year, I buy another. I must have the 2018 club charm. The bracelet for $149 with blow kiss and burst of love, I keep saying NO because of the bracelet. But it is a great buy and I may end up with it and struggle to fasten it! BFF can help with that! Today is not over! Most of this I will have to wait for a sale!
    Ellie, “hearts of love” to you this holiday season as we celebrate February. You are my “charm”. Love your pictures and ideas!

    • Also Ellie, the design the club charm for next year was a fun event! It was tricky and I chose the charm because it is hard to use a dangle if you like display all your clubs on one bracelet and just starting out and the dangle isn’t in the correct spot! I love the idea of a diamond since that has been the theme and we all love them. It concerns me that Pandora is not using them (especially in gold as well as other fine gems and using cz); and the gold is a wonderful idea but I chose the silver to keep it affordable for others.

      • I agree, I think a threaded charm is a more versatile option than a dangle! I need to have dangles symmetrically on a bracelet as well, and I only like to have a certain number of them, too – four or five, usually – so they can be a bit limiting.

    • I don’t mind the branding on the heart bracelet, but the pink pavé put me off I think – I just don’t want to do another pink design right now. I also found the clasp so much bigger than I was expecting it to be, so all in all I decided I was better off without it. I love the Club charm as well – I saw it in store over the weekend with its pretty heart box and it was so quirky and cute! I didn’t get it, as I’ve spent so much recently, but it will definitely come along home with me sooner or later. ^^

      Haha, thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much your comment made me smile this evening :D thank you for commenting! ?

  18. Hi Ellie!

    Thank you for updating us yet again with another post! Love reading your post to be informed of everything that’s happening around the pandora world! I will definitely be getting the god of fortune for my Chinese New Year bracelet for luck and fortune XD! I love the Jewellery box that they are having so I don’t mind paying a little more than in other places since the discount I have makes it cheaper! Hahahhaha! After seeing so much of this year’s collection I’m only interested in the God of Fortune, Club charm and the tassels that’s coming out soon I hope! The rest are not MUST HAVES for me and the LIPS.. they look like they came out of a horror movie… if I’m forced to place them on a bracelet, a Halloween theme is where it’s gonna go! The emoji and lip charm looks so cheap, it’s pointless to be pandora since I used to like them for their sophistication.. their new collection is lacking that except those must haves I mentioned above. Let’s hope they listen to different opinions else I’m afraid I’m gonna start another brand soon!

    <3 Cindy

    • Hi Cindy! Yay, I love the Luck & Fortune bead as well :D I ended up paying a little extra for the gold box as well. I just got so envious of everyone else’s on Instagram that I *had* to, haha. Which definitely puts me out of the running for Pandora spends for a little while haha! I like the Club charm, too, from Valentine’s. I did not like the lips beads at all in person after seeing them yesterday. But the Rose pieces and the cerise hearts were nice – just not must-haves.

      I was enthused about Spring, or what I’ve seen so far, so hopefully I’ll be adding more to my collection come March :)

  19. Love “makes the world spin” is a wonderful idea for the 2018 Club Charm and so symbolizes what needs to happen throughout the world and our communities. Can’t wait to get it and won’t wait for a sale more than likely.

  20. I’m curious about the bracelet and the heart lock that is used as s closure? Is the lock a spring type which opens and closes? I have many Tiffany&Co heart lock charms; are you familiar with those, and if so, are they similar to this Pandora heart lock?

    • Oh, I haven’t bought that one, so I don’t know in detail how it works :( I don’t have the Tiffany charms either, just the silver beaded bracelet and an Elsa Peretti necklace. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  21. Hi ELlie treated myself to the emoji glitter kiss charm, love it❤️ because it’s quirky. Also the rose gold I love you dangle charm❤️? thanks for all your hard work, and Happy New Year

    • Hi Joy! Aw, I’m glad to hear it :D I liked the rose gold I love you pendant in person as well, but I don’t have a space for it in my collection. I thought the Rose pieces were some of the nicest of the new collection. Happy new year to you too, and thanks for commenting!

  22. Hi again!

    On a completely different note, I noticed the Art of Pandora pin board has some of the Spring collection pics back up. Just a heads up…

  23. I’m not talking about the Valentine heart charms. But why does Pandora have so many regular charms that are hearts? Not every body likes hearts.

    • This has become more of a thing in recent years – I think they’re all to tap into the vast amount of OHs (and children, too, I guess) who want a straightforward and pretty option to buy come Valentine’s Day / Mother’s Day etc.

  24. I think I’m interested only in the Luck & Fortune dangle, but I might also be interested in the Essence faceted heart bead. The Essence heart bead is one that wouldn’t flip! But I don’t have any non-round Essence beads so I’m not sure if I’ll like it. Hopefully I will. Thanks again for another great post!

    • I caved and ordered the Luck & Fortune dangle with the pretty gold box from Asia in the end! I was just too envious of everyone else’s cute pictures, haha. I hope that you like the Essence heart bead – the silicone is a good solution to keeping unevenly weighted beads in place. Thanks for commenting! :)

  25. Hello!
    My store hasn’t received the full collection yet, but I had to bring 3 pieces with me:
    – the lock bracelet, and like some ladies said, I bought it one size smaller than my regular bracelets, as I don’t see myself using it with charms;
    – the tree of life necklace, because I love the motif, and the new chain style and size regulation mechanism are great (I’ll be switching the pendant with my regular locket when I want to use that too);
    – the rose ring, it’s very light, dainty and unique. The red stone looks amazing on the rose.

    • Hi Lily! Yay, it’s great that you bought a few things. I did look myself at the Tree of Life necklace – it’s really pretty. I’d have liked the little charm version if it hadn’t had that sprinkling of pave at the bail of the charm. The Rose pieces were also very striking in person! Enjoy your new pieces :)

  26. Hi Ellie and friends, i went to my local store in Australia yesterday. I was really looking forward to having the dangle dog charm (looks alot like my dog). I’m disappointed as it only comes with the red leather. Only thing is that it’s not a red leather. That, i would have been very happy with. It’s more like a burnt browny/red. So unlikely to go with my red/cny bracelet. At $89 i had to really go away and think about it. And they have very limited stock. Also i have to say i was rather disappointed with the club charm. There was no definition with the high points and the low points. I know my eyesight is not super but i really struggled to pick out what was going on. The 1 diamond although small was sparkling like crazy. Which was very nice to see. I recommend seeing this in person before purchase to make sure it’s what u want. I loved the red heart ring with you and me engraved. The colour was amazing. And looked well made. Oh and we just got the cny panda. Oh how the photos just don’t do him justice. He is super cute. I do hope he comes home with me soon. Maybe he would look ok on a non red leather, red leather lol. Thanks again for your great posts Ellie.

    • Hi Leanne! That dog charm did use to be available on its own – I think it has been retired in Australia now, apart from this gift set release. It’s a shame you missed it :( I actually really liked the Club charm in person! I thought it looked fun and quirky, but also very pretty and quite elegant. The diamonds in the Club charms are always small, but they’re a really nice touch. Glad to hear that you got the panda, finally, it’s such a cute bead! I wish they had released here in the UK. As it was, I got him in the US sale ?? thanks for your comment, I hope you decide to get the dog! :) I don’t know whether the new red leather is the same shade as the original barrel clasp one, but I do really like the colour.

  27. Spend way too much 40% off sales so will skip Valentine collection. I like to go Pandora shop with girl friend for fun but we only buy on sales. We just treat Pandora likes LEGO, buy it for fun.

  28. I went into my local pandora store today and purchased the glitter kiss charm as it looked very quirky and tempting to buy and I have got over a month to save money for the uk disney releases as I will probably buy many of them.

  29. Hi Ellie. Thanks for your great posts. I am reading your blog about a year, but never write comments. You doing amazing job. Thanks again.
    About collection, I bought God of Wealth only. I don’t really like another staff.

    • Hi Olga, lovely to hear from you! :) So glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying the blog, thank you for letting me know. The God of Wealth is a beautiful and quirky little charm – I just bought that one too. Enjoy! <3

  30. Hello, I’m new to Pandora, I want to buy some of the rings in Valentine 2018 collection for my best friend’s birthday in mid-autumn but don’t wanna purchase them so early, will all of them be discontinued (if yes, normally when?) or will they be permanent? Thanks for your help !!

    • Hi Bae! If you’d asked me a year ago, I’d have said, for sure they’ll still be around. However, recently Pandora have started discontinuing things very quickly if they don’t sell. Muranos from last year’s Autumn collection are already axed, for example.I’d have thought that the rings will in all probability still be around – and, even if they are discontinued, they may well go on sale before they vanish, so I’d have thought you’d be okay to wait until later in the year. It’s just not a sure thing :)

      • Wow I didn’t know you replied! I received nothing via email. Thanks for your answer I hope it’s not too late. I keep a eye on those rings’ status recently and what surprises me is that it’s been sold out for months on US website but still available in other countries. I did email US customer care to ask when it’ll be available again but they didn’t answer, another surprise… Finger cross it’ll be available soon…

  31. I was so bummed! I went to my Pandora store yesterday and they said that they did not receive the Luck and Fortune charm yet. I just went to a time share presentation and got a $200 dollar gift card for my trouble. I went to Pandora just raring to go and when they said they didn’t have it, I just about cried. I asked them to call me when ii comes in. Fingers crossed it will be soon.

  32. I received my God Of Fortune or luck and Fortune charm today. If you are sitting on the fence about purchasing it this charm is absolutely adorable. As in the old movie Babe.. that’ll do Pandora that’ll do.

    • I agree totally with Anne. I received my CNY god of fortune charm in the mail today. It is very cute! I’m glad to have one. :)

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