Today brings a little host of small Pandora updates, offering a look at the limited edition Pandora Valentine’s gift bag and packaging for 2018, a sneak peek at a new US exclusive St Patrick’s Day charm and more! :)

This is really a follow-up to yesterday’s launch post for anyone else out there who loves their little extras, with a focus on the various packaging and jewellery box GWPs on offer around the world with the Valentine’s and CNY 2018 collections, which made their debut on the 11th. :) Nevertheless I’ve included a couple of other interesting tidbits of news as well!

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 gift bag

For those who are new to Pandora, every year they put out limited edition gift packaging at key holiday periods – Christmas, Valentine’s Day and, more recently, Mother’s Day. Some lovely images have popped up on Instagram showing off the new gift bag that Pandora stores will offer for Valentine’s Day 2018!

The gift bag is a pretty baby pink, with a cerise ribbon and Pandora’s slogan for this campaign written on it – #docelebrate. It’s so pretty! This image is from a collector in the Philippines, so I’m not sure whether the pretty matching boxes will be released worldwide.

Image by mymisalyn

It varies from region to region as to when, exactly, the packaging is offered. Some stores won’t offer this until February, while others might start handing them out sooner. Historically, the Valentine’s LE gift packaging doesn’t get released in the US and Canada, but maybe they’ll make a change this year. It is very cute, and Pandora NA are normally so good on offering extras for shoppers.

Pandora Australia & New Zealand jewellery box GWP

I previously posted that Australia & New Zealand will be getting a very pretty jewellery box GWP starting at the beginning of February:

I now have a better image of the box itself, which looks to be a pink leatherette. This will also be offered in Asia as well, although I’m not sure which countries specifically.

Pandora Jewellery Box GWP 2018

I haven’t managed to track down an image of the jewellery dish that will be offered in the UK as a GWP next month, however.

Pandora Chinese New Year 2018 extras

Next up, I have some stock images of the gold box currently offered in Singapore & Malaysia when you buy the Luck & Fortune CNY 2018 dangle. :D This is a rather lovely box – it’s nice to have a GWP box that isn’t pink or red.

These envelopes are offered when you buy either the Luck & Fortune or Double Happiness charms. :)

Pandora US exclusive Lucky Charm 2018

Deviating from the packaging news, we have a look at another engraved design from Pandora NA that should be coming out soon. There have been a whole series of these released in recent months, and they seem to be an easy way for Pandora to offer designs that are just seasonal or have a more limited/niche appeal.

This latest charm is a four-leaf clover design, in honour of St Patrick’s Day.

Pandora US exclusive Lucky Charm

I’m not sure exactly when it will be released, but it will be some time between now and St Patrick’s Day, which falls on 17 March. It will be priced at $65 USD!

Pandora’s future collections strategy 2018–2022

To finish off with, Pandora recently put out a press release detailing to shareholders their strategy for the next four years, which contained some interesting details. You can read the full thing here, but the main things I took from it were these:

    • They are going to increase their annual collections from seven to ten;
    • From 2018-2022, they are planning on releasing at least one new innovative jewellery concept a year;
    • They’re planning to generate around 50% of revenue from rings, earrings and necklaces by 2022.

I find this quite interesting – and I wonder what constitutes a full new concept? For example, are the open bangles from last year a new concept, or do they mean something bigger, like the Pandora Essence or the Pandora Rose lines?

My Comment

I know it’s a little bit silly, but I always get excited for the gift bag reveal each time. I have a little shelf in my wardrobe with all my special Pandora bags lined up, and it’s always fun to add in a new one! I think this season’s gift bag is very sweet, and I prefer it to the duo-tone bags we had recently for Christmas and Mother’s Day last year.

The Lucky Charm is a sweet design, but I still don’t know quite where I fall on the plethora of engraved stock charms that Pandora are releasing at the moment. They’re better than nothing, but it would be nice to see them commit to proper designs, even if they do have a more limited appeal than other celebrations and occasions.

What do you think of the new packaging? Are you planning on getting anything?

105 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s 2018 gift bag and other updates

  1. Than you so much for the update. Love reading about the packaging & GWPs & extra news. Is it weird I am more excited about the Au GWP than the actual Valentine’s collection????

  2. Hi Ellie!

    I took a quick peak at the Pandora Strategy through your link. If I understood it correctly, they seem to be planning to phase out the franchise stores by buying them back over the next 4 years. In addition, they plan to grow their on line presence. A release of 10 collections a year will be interesting. I wonder if the promo/sale schedule will continue as it has been over the past 6 months to a year.

    Back to the jewelry – I still plan on buying the tree of life gift set immediately. I will wait on the rest to see if there is going to be a promo or a sale. There are several other things I like, I just don’t want to pay full price.

    Thanks for the very informative update.

    • Hi Deborah, I have to say, once I got used to it from a blogging point of view, I really loved having all the sales last year! It was great to be able to pick up beads I’d written off as too expensive before. So that would be good! Although it does raise the question of whether it’s worth buying beads on release day at all.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. I found the 4 year plan fascinating. What I hope though, is that by increasing the product drops to 10, the quality of them does not drop. Or, should I say, drop further. Quantity does not equal quality, so I am hoping that this decision for the increase, does not come at a cost. The Valentines collection at the moment, is indeed a….choice in terms of design (I can only wonder what other concepts they had, before lips was the one to go for). However, on the flip side, with such an increase in the number of product drops, one can hope that they will look for fresh, new inspiration for the products for each launch. Although I did not manage to see the Spring collection photos, the descriptions sounded promising and different. I don’t know how many more flower charms we can have for Spring time (to quote Miranda from ‘Devil Wears Prada’: “How original.”)! Also, I find it interesting as well that nothing, so far in any case, has mentioned a new Mother’s Day collection. Personally, I think they have created enough Mum charms to last a good while, before refreshing that collection. Have you heard anything on that front?

    • I should also say, that the move to (possibly) buy back franchise stores is one that I have expected to happen for some time now. My own store is, so I shall be following that part of the plan very closely. Interesting though to think a lot could be changing in the next four years.

    • I would imagine that it’s a question of only slightly increasing output and then splitting collections up further. Otherwise there’ll be so much jewellery to keep up with! Or maybe splitting Essence / Rose / Shine releases, perhaps? I think that the Spring collections do offer something fresher than we’ve seen in a long time – and in a much better way than the Valentine’s collection did. Lips were bold, but not to most people’s taste.

      Haha, I actually rewatched The Devil Wears Prada over the holidays and that same thought occurred to me! :P There will be a Mother’s Day collection, and I think it’s much nicer than last year’s. :) It’s less explicitly mumsy than previous years’ launches.

  4. Wow, I am so impressed with your amazing presentation skills and attention to detail! I live in the United States, but have Iris heritage. The “lucky” charm is kind of bland. I went wild with my Christmas $$$ on my Pandora collection, so trying to hold back till I see something that I can’t live without. Thank you, as always, for the amazing updates!

    • Aw, thank you, Laura! :D The Lucky charm is cute, but only so far as the UM pendants can go, I think. They’re all a bit samey :) if it were less expensive, I’d be tempted to get it to go with the Kiss Me I’m Irish murano, which is often on Rue La La at the moment. THanks for commenting!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the pink jewellery box GWP. I will be getting this one with a few purchases of the beautiful blue winter charms.

    • Sounds like an excellent plan! Unfortunately my brother has just come back from Australia, or he’d probably be sent off to the Pandora store for me lol.

      • Ellie I can help if you want the GWP at Aus.

        Always love to see your posting although i’ve been busy lately and no time for commenting.

  6. Lucky for the wallet there’s nothing I want to rush out to buy from the new collection. I really like that we got the new panda charm now but I have no need for a panda charm unfortunately. I actually really like the GWP from the new image I’m quite tempted to participate in the promotion now.. I absolutely love the valentines day gift bag! Pink is my favourite colour. However I did a lot of NZ promotions and the June and boxing day sales in 2017. And I’ve got almost all my wish list. So I’m feeling lucky and that I should be good this year will see how I go.

    • Aw, you don’t ‘need’ a Panda charm, but you should get one anyway ;) I got one to finish off my summery tropical bracelet! But it would have been good on my Asian bracelet too. I have overspent as well but I would have loved to take part in the Australian promo if possible!

    • I haven’t seen them in store here yet, either. I might get the Club charm when I see them on offer! Have fun adding to your new collection ^^

  7. I have ordered and am awaiting the arrival of the luck and Fortune charm for my CNY bracelet. I want to try on the heart locket bracelet before I make a decision on it. So many people are describing the lock as very large and kind of clunky so I don’t want to order it sight unseen. I’m disappointed that they’re going to start focusing on earrings and necklaces and such, away from the bracelets and charms since that’s why I collect Pandora. time will tell.

    • Likewise, I only started collecting Pandora for their bracelets and charms. I don’t have any interest in tne other jewellery categories.

    • Me too! The word ‘Pandora’ means that style of bracelet; they are almost at the stage where people would say they have a Lovelinks Pandora bracelet in much the same way they say they have a Dyson Hoover ;-), they need to be very careful not to destroy that good marketing by focusing on other jewellery! I’m not interested in their necklaces, earrings or rings, I have one or two but I find them over-priced and unoriginal compared to other jewellery on the market, so I worry that there won’t be the choice of new charms to keep me interested ;-), might be a good thing, lol ;-).

      I’m really interested to see what this jewellery dish looks like, there are one or two bits that I still want but don’t need in the sale so I will get them if I like this dish :-D.

    • I never got into the other jewelry categories either. I bought a few and never wear them, so won’t be buying anymore.

    • Yeah, me too. I don’t like any of their other jewellery like earrings, necklaces & rings. I much prefer real gold jewellery when it comes to these. The rings, in particular, are so thin and flimsy looking. To me, they are suitable for teenagers only.

      • I am more into their charm bracelets too and haven’t quite gotten into rings, chains etc. Usually if I want to buy a ring/chain I tend to go for real gold too. So I do hope they continue making good quality charms and bracelets in future

    • Me too! :D I was going to wait but it was just too pretty in everyone’s pictures online so I went for it. Ah, well I felt the same about the heart locket bracelet. The clasp just looked too large in person.

      I don’t think that they’re going to rein it in on the charms and bracelets – I think that htey’re just going to invest a bit more time and energy into their other offerings as well!

  8. We have gotten in the new gift bags at the store I work and they are very lovely. I have not seen the pretty matching boxes as shown in the photo.

  9. Thanks for the review Ellie! The jewellery boxes look very cute indeed! Curious to see what the inside of the pink one looks like. I like the St Patrick’s day charm, it looks like it would go really well with the ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ murano glass charm. The future plans that Pandora has are interesting indeed! I do hope they still make some lovely charms though and continue with their bracelet. I have not really gotten into their rings, earrings and chains much. But am addicted to the bracelet :) More launches sounds great! Always nice to see a bit of variety. Have a great weekend and thanks for all the updates!

    • Yes, that was my thought re the Lucky charm as well! If it were a little cheaper, I’d be more tempted. It’s a lot to pay for a charm that’s so generic.

      I have quite a few rings and a couple of necklaces, but the charms & bracelets are what I love to properly collect! So I’m interested in innovations, but only so far as it encompasses the charm jewellery really :)

  10. Hi Ellie! I, like you, love collecting the Pandora bags and have most of the Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other special bags from the last four years or so. This year’s edition is very cute. Like you said, we don’t usually get the Valentine’s Day packaging here in the U.S., and I don’t know if that will change this year, I am not planning on visiting the store for a while, as I don’t have much interest in this collection. Plus, I have been buying a lot more online recently since they now offer all the promos and it’s just more convenient. Although it’s nice to see the jewelry IRL, I can usually make my decisions based off of social media images of the jewelry.

    Anyway, I usually purchase the Valentine’s Day bags from the FB selling pages or from eBay UK. However, I have noticed that the selling pages have really slowed down, so I may not be able to find it this year. I even recall having trouble getting last year’s bag. I may have to resort to paying a higher shipping cost if I find one on eBay UK. I have no interest in the St. Patrick’s day charm, but my Pandora-loving BFF is Irish and gets really into St. Patty’s Day, so she will probably love it haha. The four-year plan is certainly interesting. I am not too surprised at the changes, as Pandora has become much less predictable with their promo schedules and have added random mini-releases throughout the last year. It will be interesting to see how 10 collections a year will go and what they mean by the yearly innovative jewelry concept.

    • Hi Joanne! I hope that you do get the bags in the US :) it’s always seemed weird to me that you haven’t, given that the US seems far and away the best region at offering special extras. I have been buying most of my beads online for some time now. Back when I lived closer to a store, the temptation was always too great to go in and buy, but I can get better deals shopping between regions with the help of friends so I do that :)

      Yes, the pages aren’t quite what they used to be! Lots of smaller ones have popped up as the community has branched off a bit, too, I think. There’s a certain amount of fatigue I sense. Reactions to new collections have also been more muted in the past couple of years – the comments on this year’s spring sneak peeks before they went down were at the highest levels they’ve been in a while!

  11. I don’t think is that easy to buy back franchise shop within 4 years. They might stop sell new franchise shop and start their own shop very soon. Just like not let jewelry shop silver level sell Pandora, only shop carries 14k items can stay in business. Pandora is huge now, they can do whatever they like but just not fair to small business owner, eventually Pandora will themselves.

    • I haven’t read Ellie’s link to the plan yet, but I would imagine they could buy all the stores back if the contracted licensing time has a limit. Interestingly, most franchises started as a concept to use other people’s money to sell your product. Why use only your own money when you can use everyone else’s?

    • It will be interesting to see how the next few years play out. There’s a lot of talk about moving away from repetitive or boring designs, so I think in terms of the product it’ll be an exciting time for collectors at least. :)

  12. For me Ms. Ellie, It has to be the Valentine’s Day bag. And I was wondering if the pink leather jewelry case will be in the U.S. Thank you and may God bless you.

  13. I really like the lucky dangle and will try my best to get it:
    For the Valentin’s day packaging, I would have preferred to see same packaging in all countries.
    It is a big frustration not to get the one you like that we can find in another country
    Thanks for all

    • Yes, I live in Croatia, we won’t have any of those nice boxes. Hope for online shopping ( without taxes) in the future.

    • Aw, I hope you get the dangle! :) It is a shame that we don’t all get the same offers. I guess most shoppers won’t even be aware of what’s on offer abroad, so it’s not so much of a consideration for PAndora to make sure they all align.

  14. “Innovative” is the word that stands out for me. Pandora has not done anything innovative, meaning original and creative, for years. Open bangles are not innovative. Bejeweling is not innovative, neither is a heart. Copying other brands is not innovative. It’ll be interesting to see how they mean the word, because I’m thinking they don’t know the meaning.

    The Luck and Fortune dangle man isn’t available in Canada or the US yet. :-( Will it be? I thought it would be.

    • So he’s only available in stores? Because he’s not online. He’s not showing on either country’s online store, but he’s also not showing on either website that shows all items, even items exclusive to stores.

        • He’s online now. They have a special collection link now for CNY that wasn’t there yesterday. Websites are getting slower to add items, and not updating properly. It’s weird. For instance, Trollbeads Canada went from a New Year banner back to a Christmas banner with the newest collection drop. Lol.

        • Oh, the “buy now” link on the main website takes me to the e-store, as it should, but to a product not found page. But the item detail doesn’t say it’s only available in-store. My luck, the little dangle man is not lucky for me. :-( I hope he shows up online eventually.

    • Hi Lola,

      He is available in Canada, my local shop in shop has them and I live in the Maritimes. So it is possible stores in your area are just waiting for their shipment to come in. Online try searching using the product code 796565ENMX I got this from the Australian e-store site.

      Lisa K

      • Yeah I did that yesterday. He’s on the Canada website but the ‘buy now’ link goes to an error page on the e-store site, as does putting the product code directly into the e-store search.

        “We’re sorry, no products were found for your search: 796565ENMX

        Try your search again using these tips:

        Double check the spelling. Try varying the spelling.
        Limit the search to one or two words.
        Be less specific in your wording. Sometimes a more general term will lead you to the similar products.”

        He’s not available online in Canada, but the ‘buy now’ page doesn’t say he’s an in-store exclusive. I have no store within a four hour drive of me, so buying in-store is not doable.

    • I’m focusing on that, too! I’m hoping that it might be a more exciting time for us collectors going forward.

      The dangle is available in the US and Canada – it’s weird that it’s not on the Canadian estore yet. It was in the NA pre-release catalogue and it’s available online from other US retailers. I don’t know why the Canadian online delay! :(

  15. Hi Ellie, well I am more relaxed but excited, I went and did it.Delivery due today my red collection,as soon in picture plus to more. I am so so skint. But thanks I am waiting for the postman as a right. telling every one who phones I am expecting HA HA. I do not know how you do it. But love it, keep it up. I love the pink jewel box too, do not how I will get one. Why is the UK so sad.
    Any news on this thing in London that taking place on Monday???

    • Hi Karen! Yay, I hope you enjoyed getting your new things :D the UK does usually get a jewellery box GWP, it’s weird that this year’s is a dish. Hopefully it will be really really cute and we’ll all be excited for it haha.
      Which thing? Do you mean the consumer workshop thing for SS18?xx

  16. Hi Ellie,

    I work at a franchise store so I guess I’ll have to see what the future holds. All the concept stores are a bit of a drive so I can only hope a concept store will open here in my city.

    I’m happy most of the jewelry looks better in person! I had fun last night putting some bracelets together and have to go back to purchase the rest of my items today. I just think there are some really fun pieces, and I love that the have various price points so that there’s a little something for everyone. I have a couple of open bangles so I’m going to do some small combos on them and wear those to work–customers DO pay attention to what we wear!

    I am so happy to have found your blog–I love having a ‘heads up’ so I can start planning. Not being a concept store I don’t get a lot of information at work so this is great. Keep up the wonderful service you are providing!

    • I always notice if Pandora SAs are wearing the product or not and quantity and if two toned etc as I put more faith in those individuals to answer my questions with accurate info. Newly hired SA many times just don’t have the knowledge or familiarity with the stock. Plus, it adds to my shopping experience when I can share my interest, more like obsession, with someone equally obsessed as no great who also collect Pandora.

    • Hi Sandy! Oh good, I’m glad that you liked more of the jewellery in person :D I didn’t like the lips at all in person, but thought that the Rose jewellery and the cerise pieces were very pretty. The greater variety in prices points is very very welcome and a pleasant change from the last few years ^^ And yes, I’m always fascinated by what SAs are wearing. The manager at a concept store I used to live near to was a real Pandoraholic as well, and she had the most beautiful -full – two-tone bracelet with some really rare beads on it. She knew her stuff! And it was an SA serving me that made me rethink the mesh bracelet, which I had written off. She wore it so elegantly! So I’m sure you make a real difference too.

      I’m so pleased to hear that! I hope that you continue to enjoy it, and thank you very much for taking the time to let me know :)

  17. I’m a Sucker for pretty packaging! This years Valentines gift bag reminds me of 2016’s Christmas silver and red packaging-they should have made last years all green with the gold. My nearest Pandora seem to only get the seasonal gift bag/wrap close to the event itself, I couldn’t get last years Christmas packaging until a week before Christmas. It’s a shame the UK’s GWP is a dish, I would have preferred one of the little Jewellery boxes. I won’t be taking part in the promo anyway, nothing I want from this collection and I’m saving for the Disney releases. I do want to pop back in and get the purple field of flowers murano and another blue one from the sales tray. Seeing their four year plan and their request to remove the spring collection pictures-perhaps that was a taster of what they are planning? After all there was a significant number of necklaces, rings and earrings included in those stock images (not counting the ones we didn’t see),the collections overall youthful vibe and it makes their idea of using gold plate make much more sense(aimed at younger customers who can’t afford/don’t want 14k gold?). Increase in number of collections- different collections aimed at different age/financial brackets perhaps? Plus if they pay attention to blogs such as these (the photo removal request proves someone is) then they are aware of how popular New release promos are and they provide an opportunity to lure new customers their way. It’s going to be interesting and I hope it works out.

    • I’d have preferred last year’s to be all-green as well! The pink/cream combo worked quite nicely for Mother’s Day, but not so well with the Christmas green. It lost a bit of its impact. (Listen to me, analysing Pandora’s gift bags lol!) I quite want the Club charm, and would be up for getting it in the promo… it’s just finding something else I’d want! And so close to the Spring launch in March. My boyfriend’s birthday is at the beginning of February, too, so I need ro save for that as well :) I’d like another jewellery dish for the kitchen, as someone suggested to me when I was doing all my Christmas baking in full Pandora lol – having a little dish in the kitchen to plonk all my jewellery in when I’m cooking would be good.

      I’m sure that Pandora do keep an eye online at what people are saying :) and with all the recent issues regarding shareholders and their need for a change in approach, I’m sure it’s become particularly important to them at the moment!

  18. Hi Ellie,
    After reading Pandora’s plans I must say that I’m a bit worried. Ten drops a year? ?. My wallet is trembling and my common sense is advising me to take up another hobby. Innovative concept?. Taking into account what “innovations” Pandora has come up with, lately … ??
    Well, to be honest I cannot be objective today, as I’ve been to the mall to buy a courage Essence charm, which I have been wanting from a long time only to find out that, as it is discontinued, you can only buy it online, so I got an Essence spacer instead to get the 10 € off voucher the mall is offering. But I spent some more than I bad anticipated, so I’m a bit mad at myself ☹
    On a different note, I tried on the new little Essence heart and it is really cute. I didn’t get it straight away because it does not match my winter clothes but I will later.
    Well, thanks a lot for this update and looking forward to see what Pandora is going to come up with next ?

    • Hi Marie! Haha, it might be a case of them just splitting their collections into smaller portions :) or perhaps releasing Shine / Disney / Rose at different points in the year? That would be easy enough to do.

      Aw, I’m glad you liked the Essence heart! You’re sensible to wait, I never have enough willpower to make decisions based on sensible things like that haha. :) It’s a shame you couldn’t get the Courage bead, but hopefully you will buy it online?

      Thanks for commenting Marie! :)

  19. I really don’t know how innovative a jewelry company can be. I feel like it’s all been done before, if not by them then by another company… I didn’t read the plan but hopefully they will have positive changes over the next four years.

    Since I am a newer pandora fan, I seem to have missed out on the cool compose earrings concept and I wish they would bring back that into the future earring designs. Maybe not since it’s not “innovative”. I have the plain silver hooks and I just bought the rose gold cz hook ones on Rue La La for 11.99! But now I’m realizing that the only earring charms I see to go with it are the ‘light as a feather’ in pandora rose. If I get the barrels I suppose I can put some fun sets together. Hopefully I can get some earrring charms on RLL for a good price in the future!

    • Hi Sarah,

      I have the barrels and they work with the non threaded charms that works out to a fair number of charms you can play around with when designing. It is nice to wear some of my charms as earrings, it is more bang for my buck. Pandora also as the Pandora necklace that holds charms.

      Lisa K

    • Yeah, they had some great concepts back in the day! They retired a lot of things that I really liked. I never got the compose earrings either, as I was still trying to hoover up as many charms & bracelets as possible back when they were around. I’ve since expanded into other things but not really earrings. I hope that you find something to go with the hooks you bought! :)

  20. I did read the link to the plan, and I believe pandora will be making jewellery in a cheaper, more mass produced way than ever, given that they have built even more production facilities. This may reflect in the cheaper look and quality we already see. They also seem to want to retain 100% of the profits, so they are going to buy back franchises as they can. As for innovative jewelry, that remains to be seen. Thanks, Ellie, for that news statement!

    • They’re also going “to grow” their e-stores. I don’t know. I appreciate their Canada e-store, but it still ships from the US and takes 3 weeks now for delivery. They dispatch in 2 business days, but they’re using very cheap postal shipping that’s super-slow. Even paying for “express” is not much faster. They used to sometimes use UPS, which was 3 day delivery, but they’ve done away with that. I’d like to see shipping from within Canada at a faster pace using UPS or FedEx, not Canada Post.

      • I have been receiving my packages in a week or so after they ship by Puropost. I actually like this shipping option as there are no extra fees involved. If they start shipping by UPS or Fedex I will stop ordering all together as those always involve extra brokerage charges when shipped from USA.

        • No brokerage or other charges if the e-store is a Canada store, which Pandora’s is. Pandora used to use UPS for 9.95 shipping, no other fees, with a 3 day delivery guarantee no matter where you lived, then they switched to PuroPost International for 9.95, and delivery got slower, now standard post is free, but express is 15.95, and we’re at the middle of January and I still haven’t received a Dec. 26 order. I live on the West Coast, so my Pandora comes in at Ontario customs and then comes ground across the country. If you live back East, delivery from Eastern US will be a lot faster.

        • And then worse, once the package hits my city, I never know if Canada Post will deliver. PuroPost International passes off to Canada Post. Sometimes CP delivers to my mailbox, sometimes I have to go pick it up. They never deliver Pandora to my door anymore, because PuroPost International is the cheapest delivery method going, with no perks at all. I’d happily pay for a courier option. Pandora should consider offering it.

          Trollbeads Canada uses FedEx; from Toronto to my front door overnight. It’s free on orders over 150.00, and 19.95 on orders under. I’ve paid it a few times without thinking twice.

          I haven’t bought from Rue either in a very long time because of long delivery times, but they were shorter than Pandora’s been the last 6 months.

    • I think that what we’ve seen so far of the Spring collections are an improvement – far less reliance on tried & tested designs and heart designs. We shall have to wait and see what happens next. It’ll be interesting! ANd I don’t relish the prospect of previewing 10 collections a year, lol. Thanks for commenting Lisa! :)

  21. Does anyone know of a good way to sell real Pandora charms and bracelets that are used but in excellent condition? I see alot of fakes on EBay so I don’t want to use that site!

  22. Hi Elliie,

    It’s always a nice treat seeing your posts. I did venture out to have another look at the Valentines collection and my opinion is still the same, not a fan. Again, I realise some may take issue with my take on this collection as it being aimed at very young and in some instances the pieces seem to fit the teen category. I have no problem with part of the collection being marketed for the younger set, how about introducing a Junior Category. Pandora could market for teens & young adults and make some smaller sized bracelets, if adults want to buy these pieces for themselves then they still could. But let’s have some of the collection reflect an older age range. I have observed other customers in the store I shop in seem to be drawn to the older items, so it will be interesting to see how well this release does. Honestly this collection does lack in a number of areas. I did purchase the red fascetted heart, and that sadly is the only purchase from this collection I will be making. It was the piece I thought I might buy. The double happiness without the CZ’s would have been an option but I am taking a pass because of the CZ’s in the design. Sigh,….next year perhaps….
    I have mixed feelings about the recent trend in creating moments charms for occasions & tourism- the button Halloween charms were ok but the dangles are becoming too many and I think the Pandora Four leaf clover dangles that was put out a year and the recent good luck clover with horseshoe dangle are better than this moments version. In the UK there appears to be an option to personalize Pandora puffed heart & button charms. I would love to have that option in Canada. I hope Pandora continues to release some travel themed charms.

    Lisa K.

    • I think that’s a excellent idea for a junior category. That would appeal to the younger collectors. While Pandora could still continue the gold and Siver/ gold charms. Hope Pandora is listening to all suggestions ?

      • Thanks Susan!

        Perhaps it could be one of their “Innovations for the year” I know some people have commented on needing a smaller sized bracelet then what is currently available, so a win, win. It could be a nice mother daughter promo or mother son for that matter. I have seen men wear Pandora. I would love to see a more sophisticated (not all bling) range of charms added to the upcoming releases,

        Lisa K.

    • Lisa, you’ve read my mind. Junior sizes would work for me. I have only one 15 cm regular bangle, bought in France because not every country carry that size. I like it without charms, maybe a dangle but I’d like to stack it with one or two more. With a different clasp.

    • Hi Lisa! A younger person’s category is an interesting concept :) and you’re right, the lips & emoji charms would fit neatly into that. They’re doing some new 18, 21 charms for the new collections, so they’re clearly trying to tap it into that. I wonder if they actually advertised it as a younger person’s jewellery whether younger people would still want to buy it though haha. Teenagers etc are perverse like that lol!

      I just saw that there are a bunch of sports related dangles on the US eStore now – soccer, baseball, etc – and they’re all $65 USD, too. I think it’s a bit much tbh, as they’re very generic! I got the So Many Reasons to be Happy dangle, as I absolutely loved that particular design and thought it worked well in that UM pendant format, but a lot of them seem a bit forced. The travel charms are good to see, as there wouldn’t be enough demand for a proper charm for each US destination.

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! :)

  23. Hi Ellie I saw the bracelet today and it looks very pretty. I am having a little break after the uk sale. That’s very intresting what Pandora have said that they are increasing to 10 collection I wonder what else they could do possibly Halloween I’m going to have a read of the article sounds very intresting.

    • Hi Nicola! I’m having a kind of break, too. I’d like to get the Club charm, otherwise I’m planning at least to sit tight until the next release. I doubt they’d do a full Halloween collection, but this new Pandora seems like a company who might be willing to put out a couple of Halloween charms this year – the lips were a risk, but they do seem a bit more up for some quirkier, more thoughtful character beads. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  24. I think the outputs are too many, it is already difficult to keep up with these outputs and then on the economic side have they flipped us for banks? Not everyone can afford two or three charms a month. Rings, earrings and bracelets not for charms do not conceive them for Pandora, for me Pandora means just charms, I have two rings, one with enameled rose and the other with my son’s birthstone, I do not feel the need for Pandora rings or earrings. I feel the need for the charms to be distributed equally in all countries so that I do not have to continually ask unknown people “please buy me etc etc” I like being independent and I want to see the goods live. I hope at least that the quality is medium / high and that prices are low. Pandora is climbing too high and in my part it is said that “those who climb too high, precipitate falls from the stairs” … is a proverb.Bye girls

    • Perhaps it’ll be the same quantity of jewellery, but split over greater launches? You wouldn’t have to buy everything you wanted before the next launch, but it might be fun to enjoy new launches more often. From my point of view, it would mean a lot more work haha!

      I am divided on the exclusive charms thing. I completely appreciate the frustration of people who don’t like having to reach out to unknown people for help, and I’m lucky to have some well placed friends to help me. But also, there’s something fun about countries having exclusive beads that mean something to them. So, if it were done with a lot more thought and structure, I think that would be better. There are some charms that have no reason to be exclusive and yet weirdly are (e.g. we didn’t get the Celestial Mosaic here in the UK :S).

  25. So now that the Valentine’s Day collection is out, is there any official preview of spring or mother’s day collections?? It seems like spring is right around the corner!

  26. Hello Ellie!

    Thanks for the updates and the information you shared about Pandora’s future strategy. It was very interesting to see the direction the company wants to take in the next 4 years. I have bought a few rings and earrings from Pandora before, if only as part of promotions with charms I already wanted to buy, and they are nice, I enjoyed getting them as GWP. However, they are quite pricey for the quality they offer and not unique/sophisticated enough to attract customers on their own accord, in my opinion. From what I can tell, reading other people’s comments and judging from their recent collections, Pandora is swiftly moving away from the meaningful charm bracelet idea to a more generic fashion jewelry concept and not looking back. That is a bold move, considering the plethora of competing brands in that market. That being said, I see a nice niche for any other brand creative enough to develop plain silver designs at the $30-50 range, similar to the classic Pandora style, that can be sold to people who are still interested in character charms. I would definitely be excited to see other options! For now, I am looking forward to the spring collection having seen the images you very kindly shared! There may be something I can add to my beloved and cherished bracelets! :)

    Always grateful for your blog!

    • Hi Victoria! I think that Pandora are actually trying to strike more of a balance, in terms of their charm jewellery offering, between traditional charms and fashion jewellery. There are more character beads coming up, and less of a predominance of generic hearts. They might not be to everyone’s taste, but they’re making a move to be less repetitive, I think. So, once the full previews are out, maybe have another look and see what you think! :) I’m personally really excited about what’s coming up, but it is still nevertheless different to the kinds of charms they started out with.

      Thanks for commenting! ^^

  27. I like the St. Patrick’s Day dangle, but it’s far too expensive so I’ll give it a miss.

    I like the idea of 10 releases. I hope we get another one between winter and spring since the (nearly all hearts) Valentine release is the only one between November and March. A bigger late summer release would be nice, too.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing new designs instead of hearts, hearts, hearts. It will be interesting to see if we do get some different designs.

    • Yes, I agree with you on the lucky dangle. Cute, but not $65 dollars’ worth of cute! :( As a buyer, I’d like ten releases, but as a blogger, I have to say that I’m a little apprehensive ? from what I’ve seen of the new collections, there are definitely some different things coming up. There are hearts, but they’re not the soul of the collection anymore..

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