I have an exciting post today, with a preview of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection! :D Featuring some cheerful rainbow colours, aquatic blues and adorable animals, this year’s Spring collection moves away from the traditional florals and draws from a wider array of natural themes.

The Pandora Spring 2018 collection is due out worldwide on the 15th of March; so you won’t be able to buy any of the products featured here until then. Thank you all for your patience after the pictures on my initial preview posts got taken down; I’m so happy to be posting this article, I can’t tell you!

Read on for a closer look at all the charms & bracelets coming out (I will feature jewellery in a later post!).

Pandora Spring 2018 collection preview

Starting with the charms, I just want to say that my themes for each collage are a little nebulous, as there’s quite a lot of overlap between the charms. ^^ This first one features beads inspired by the natural world, drawing on rainbow and water-themed motifs. I think it’s great that Pandora have looked beyond flowers for a little nature-themed inspiration – this is something a little different.

The cheerfulness of the rainbow designs is refreshing, and you could use the rainbow dangle to represent pride, too.

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Blue Ripples – $50 USD

Enchanted Pavé – $70 USD

Iridescent Rainbow Glass – $55 USD

Aqua Heart – $70 USD

Blue Swirls – $45 USD

Arcs of Love clip – $45 USD

Rainbow Hearts – $45 USD

Rainbow of Love – $45 USD

Enchantment – $40 USD

Arcs of Love safety chain – $80 USD

The next collage has some of my favourite designs from this set! The entirety of the Enchanted collection is so pretty, and it’s so refreshing to see the majority of the pieces detailed in plain silver; the safety chain is an absolute must. The strands of the Tassel are slinky, and I think in terms of practicality it would probably work best on a necklace. The Enchanted Heart clip reminds me of decorated gingerbread; it would look great with the other enchanted tea party pieces in my next collage.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection preview

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Enchanted Pavé – $70 USD

Enchantment – $40 USD

Chandelier Drops – $35 USD

Enchanted Heart clip – $40 USD

Enchanted Tassel – $80 USD

Enchanted Heart safety chain – $45 USD

Enchanted Heart Tassel – $40 USD

There is also one other decorative bead that I missed off my original collage – this is the Pearly Dreams charm, which will be available in both pink and pearlescent enamel.

Next, we have more nature-themed beads, which again contain some of the prettiest and quirkiest designs IMO! :) The Enchanted Garden Glass is an instant contender for my favourite Pandora murano, depending on how it looks in person – I’m always head over heels for pastels, and I love little bumblebees. The Enchanted Tea Pot is listed as having pink enamel and CZ, so I’m guessing it opens up to reveal something inside? 

The Sparkling Snail is very a quirky little bead – I wasn’t sure when I first saw it, as I think the pavé will make it quite pricey, but it’s such fun that I’ll have to have it! :PPandora Spring 2018 collection preview

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Wildflower Meadow spacer – $35 USD

Wildflower Meadow safety chain – $45 USD

Enchanted Tea Cup – $45 USD

Enchanted Tea Pot – $45 USD

Enchanted Garden Glass – $55 USD

Spring Bird House – $45 USD

Cute Mouse – $45 USD

Enchanted Nature – $90 USD

Dreamy Dragonfly – $40 USD

Glorious Blooms – $75 USD

Promise of Spring – $30 USD

Sparkling Snail – $55 USD

Of this set, the Arcs of Love safety chain is my favourite – I’m considering using it to finish off my CNY red bracelet, which is on the Moments bracelet with the Love of my Life clip clasp. However, I do also like the Ribbon Heart Glass beads – it’s nice to see Pandora getting creative again with their use of glass – and the Perfect Pals is rather sweet.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection preview

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Ribbon Heart Glass dangles – $45 USD

Arcs of Love clip – $5 USD

Perfect Pals – $50 USD

Bella Bot – $60 USD

Playful Wink – $45 USD

Arcs of Love safety chain – $80 USD

Women’s Day 2018 – $65 USD

Princess – $50 USD

If any of you end up getting the Bella Bot (which will also be available in Rose), I would absolutely love to see how you style her!

Finally for charms, we have some new petites launching! These are worn with the floating locket charms and necklaces.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection preview

Prices for the US are as follows:-

Signature Heart – $15 USD

Ladybug – $15 USD

Perfect Pals – $10 USD

Crown – $10 USD

To finish off with, there are three new silver Moments charm bracelet designs. The most innovative, perhaps, is the Sliding Bracelet, which comes in one size and is adjusted to your wrist. You can wear it with charms, much like the regular Smooth bracelet.

My favourite is the Wildflower Meadow, which is what I’ll be purchasing to wear with my new Spring charms. I’d have preferred the clasp without the purple CZs, but the little enamel ladybird dangling from it is such a cute detail that I am sold!

My Comment

I’m aware of mixed feelings about this collection online; however, overall, personally I haven’t been so excited for a long while. I love all things fairytale, so I have to have the teacup and teapot. The little mouse reminds me of a sugar mouse, so you could wear all three together!

My absolute favourite is the honeybee murano, however. So pretty and detailed! I’m also planning on putting the Rainbow glass on the mesh bracelet with the Club charm, Home Sweet Home bead and the So Many Reasons to be Happy dangle as a mini happiness bracelet design. I posted a picture of this recently on Instagram:

All in all, my wish list from my collection is pretty big – I need to whittle it down a bit, but so far I’m considering all the safety chains, the Enchanted Tea Cup and Pot, the Mouse, Snail and the Ladybug petite, and the the two muranos.

What do you think of this new collection? Do you see any must-haves?

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  1. Hi Ellie, see you have been busy again, I have mixed feelings too, but I like some of the new braclets, which I am in the market for. Like a couple of the blue charms, but nothing I would rush out for, still in love with my latest purchase and that is the valantines ie red set. I like some of the ones you have picked, very cute enjoy. Happy Valatines to all !! and tnx Ellie xx

    • Hey Karen, glad you like the bracelets! I love the Wildflower Meadow. My problem with both this Signature bracelet and the heart lock Valentine’s one is that I prefer the look of them without charms, as the lock is so big. And I’d want to put charms on them! So, I think I’ll pass on those for now. :) Thanks for commenting! <3 xx

  2. Great Post :-D. What happened to the rainbow pave heart clip? I hope they haven’t scrapped the idea :-/. I won’t buy the safety chain without the clip, so I hope I will still be able to get the clip :'(.

    Looking forward to seeing the jewellery dish tomorrow, I’ve got my list ready and waiting if I like it ;-).

    • I’m afraid I’ve seen spring catalogues for a few different regions now and it has not cropped up in any. Sorry to disappoint, Pat! :(

      I got the jewellery dish today! It was pretty in person and I knew I wanted the Rose safety chain, so I just went for it. :D

  3. Hey Ellie
    Such an exciting post with some very cute pieces coming our way. Every time I think I can take a break from my addiction Pandora puts out more besuties. I have a long list and getting ready to do my valentines haul. If a good promo comes along I might be able to add a few to my list. Just finished my 14kt gold collection so I really have to take a break! Nevertheless I’ll enyoy vicariously through your post! Thanks again for all you do to keep us up to date! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Hi Marsha! Haha, they do have a habit of doing that! I have finished all the designs I was working on, and am very excited to start something new in March. So I have a little window of time to save up my Pandora pennies until then! Hypothetically at least, haha.

      Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you enjoyed the preview :)

  4. Hi Ellie! I agree that this collection is really exciting and I’m glad I saved my money and didn’t purchase anything from the Valentine’s Day Collection! It seems like Pandora finally created some old-school, plain silver designs in this collection. I adore the Enchanted Tea Pot and Cup charms as well as some of the “aquatic” designs such as the Blue Swirls and Ripples charms. I am really interested in seeing how the Sliding Bracelet works and am crossing my fingers that we will see a March bracelet promo like we have in the past. I also love the Enchanted Heart Tassel charm, Pearly Dreams, the Ribbon Heart Glass charm in both colors, and some of the petites. I also saw a dragonfly ring and some other rings somewhere else that I’m really excited for. I can’t wait!

    • HI Joanne! Yes, I completely agree! I was so happy putting together this post, as I knew it would get such a better reaction than most recent collections. I like the blues, but I find it hard to design bracelets with a blue theme. It has to be pastel or mixed in with another colour. So I probably won’t be getting those. Otherwise, I love all the Enchanted designs pretty much ^^ This collection definitely has the feeling of a shift in direction from Pandora – the first Spring release in years to not pretty much be exclusively florals or heart designs. I’m so excited too!

  5. None of the charms really do it for me, but WOW! The sliding bracelet and Pandora signature lock clasp bracelet are ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVES for me!!! I’m hoping they make a signature lock necklace (just like they did for the heart lock). Can’t wait to see your spring jewelry preview ?
    Thanks for the updates!!

    • Excellent! :D I am very intrigued by the sliding bracelet – I don’t think it’s for me, but I’d like to have a play with it and see how it worked. Hope you enjoyed the jewellery preview too! :)

  6. Absolutely zero in this collection for me. I will spend my money instead on the GWP Pandora circular jewellery box which is available today in Australia with purchases of $120. It is quite small and compact but I like it.

    • Oh I’m surprised! But I’m glad that you’re getting the jewellery box. What did you choose for the spend?

  7. Oooo! The birdhouse is an absolute must have for me, as is the Perfect Pals petite charm. I will be curious to see the Bee Murano in real life, so will be heading to the mall as soon as they get the pieces. Thanks for the preview!

    • Oh good! I like the birdhouse as well. The bee murano is potentially one of my favourites that they’ve ever done – it would have to look very different in real life for me not to like it ^^

  8. Hi like the collection however
    The teapot,teacup and snail
    Have been done before
    Pandora need some new
    Designs people that have
    Been collecting for a long
    Time already have most of these
    Designs already thanks for
    You great post kylie

    • Hi Kylie! Oh, but this snail is really quite different from the previous one. :) It’s so much more quirky! I am keeping my fingers crossed it’s not too expensive. ^^ You are welcome, thanks for commenting! <3

      • Is the previous snail bead that you are talking about the nautilis shell? That’s pretty different then a snail. Maybe there’s a snail one I don’t know about?

        • Yes, but it was marketed as a snail charm here in the UK at least! It’s not really all that snaily as you say, which is why I think this one is great fun.

  9. Hi Ellie!

    I am so thrilled about this new release! I am finally excited about a new release in over a year! Pandora has restored my faith; I was nearly about to give up on them! Amongst my favorites are the Blue Ripple, Enchanted Heart, nearly every character bead in the Enchanted Nature Series and of course, Bella Bot! So ecstatic they are bringing new molds into the mix (rather than the regurgitated flat circle and heart pave style). This is the Pandora Style I truly love! I’ll probably purchase the tea pot, bird house, mouse and garden glass because who knows how long until their next release of cute (non-pave) character pieces!?! :)

    Thank you for your AMAZING and informatove posts, as always! Your intel is unequivocally appreciated!

    Margaret :)

    • Hi Margaret! That’s so lovely to hear! I’m very pleased that you feel like you have a fresh dose of the collecting bug, haha. :) It is so refreshing to see completely fresh designs, isn’t it? There are still a few buttons and pavé beads, but they’re so much more palatable when balanced out with some truly interesting character beads. :D

      Thanks for commenting Margaret! So glad you enjoyed the post :D

  10. I have been awaiting this wonderful post from you. I will begin by saying I am sad to hear so many people complaining about this Launch and the direction pandora has went with it. For starters they are back to cute little animals and objects and they stayed away from many pave and stones on most of them. Remember back when we all began collecting pandora because moments meant something to them. I was delighted to see Pandora not overload us with
    Massive pave balls and redundant button style charms. For me the emoji princess, bee Murano and the mouse ( whoa this cutie caught me by surprise) are must haves and although I may not indulge in the rainbows ,I think they are fun and not super childish at all. For those still looking for elegance the enchantment , ripples and swirls bead still offer that blingy feel. This was a welcoming surprise for me and I am excited to see what they have in the works for the rest of the year. Thanks ??

    • I think people are definitely coming around now that they’ve seen the full set :) the initial sneak peeks focused on the rainbows and decorative charms, but it’s so good to see that the collection overall contains such a nice variety of options. I agree that Pandora should take a look at their roots – the unforgettable moments – not the art of us, or what have you! I don’t mind their current campaign – ‘do this, do that’ haha – as it does put more of a focus on celebration and doing what makes you happy (buying Pandora lol), but I liked their original slogan best.

      There is a similar bunny charm to the Mouse in the pandora Rose spring collection, but he has CZs for eyes and I’m not sure if I like him as much! You will have to see what you think :) thanks for commenting Alex, I am excited for this year too!

    • I completely agree Lozzie! But my idea is to buy a floating locket to wear on the bracelet and swap out the heart petite for the ladybug. Awkward, but at least I’ll be able to get it on my bracelet in some way!

  11. Hi Ellie,
    What a great post puts you in the mood for spring and warmer weather! Do you have an update for the spring Disney collections, trying to save up my pennies so I am ready! Thanks so much.

    • Hi Heather! I’ve had the Disney information for a little while, but according to Pandora, no one should be publishing those pictures currently, as it’s embargoed. The collection for both Disney stores and Disney Parks is very heavily Mickey & Minnie based. I’ve not seen any other characters!

      • Hi Ellie,

        I am not sure what embargo means?

        I have seen pictures of the new Disney collection in another blog and it seems they were not forced to remove them. Some pictures are blurry. Its not fare considering you are not affiliated to a retail store and you are doing all the hard work to offer such a beautiful and useful blog. In my opinion, Pandora should give you some privilege too.?

        • Hi Rachelle, it means that the pictures are not cleared to be shared with the public.

          I’m aware that they have been posted elsewhere, and I’m also a little confused by what the situation is, so I have asked Pandora for clarification. Thank you for your support, it really means a lot to me and I do appreciate it! :)

      • I did get to see your earlier posts that you had to take down, the car with M&M I will have to have. I do hope they continue with the character heads with Goofy, Pluto, Chip & Dale, I would so love that! I will keep watching your blog, going on shopdisney and pandora site – what I do every day so I don’t miss out! It just seems impossible to budget! :)

  12. Thank you so much for the preview. Honestly, you are one of the main reasons I still have interest in Pandora! Your research and information are invaluable. When I go into my local store, the sales associates don’t seem to have much information at their disposal. Even more, they don’t seem to CARE to be informed. So I get all my scoop from you haha! Thank you! I am very excited about some of these newbies—I feel like the tassel is coming home with me for sure. Love the teapot, the teacup, the snail, the birdhouse, the enchanted hearts everything and the wildflower safety chain ( love that discrete little purple cz). I also am excited for the new bracelets. I’m curious how the beads get onto the smooth adjustable one. All in all, I’m super excited to see everything irl, and I may be in big trouble! ?. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to keeping us informed ?

    • Thank you so much, that put such a smile on my face! :) I imagine store employees are often a bit stuck as official guidance probably tells them that they explicitly cannot in any circumstances reveal upcoming info to customers. I’ve had SAs look pained and give me very strained answers about promos we both know are going to start in two days, so I’ve given up asking haha. They used to be a bit more forthcoming back in the day.

      Ah right, well, I’ve seen another photo of the adjustable sliding bracelet – the join where the charm bracelet meets the adjustable tassels unclips and you can add charms on that way. :)

      Thanks for commenting – really pleased to hear you’re in trouble with this collection too haha!

  13. saharasp66@hotmail.com
    I might be interested in blue swirls & aqua heart, I love birds so the birdhouse might find its way onto 1 of my bracelets. I snubbed the valentines collection this year and this spring collection will help keep more money in my wallet. That’s ok because I went overboard at the end of last year with all of the great sales in the USA. (We’ve never had good sales here b4.) I’m also disappointed that there aren’t any 14k gold & two-toned beads being offered.

  14. Thank you for sharing Ellie! I am beyond excited for this release. I love the rainbow theme to start my new bracelet that represents my kiddo. Some of these are perfect! I need to figure out how the snail fits in my collection because its the cutest!

    • Me too! :D That’s such a cute idea for the rainbows. I actually quite like the rainbow dangle, but I just don’t have a theme that it could fit on. A bracelet for your daughter is perfect though :) the snail will also be coming home with me (I just hope he isn’t *too* expensive) – I will find a place for him one way or another lol! Thanks for commenting Nichol!

  15. Lovely preview Ellie, thanks so much! I am excited about the enchanted teapot and maybe the teacup too, think I may have to see the teacup in person. The enchanted collection looks so amazing! I hope the Disney Mickey and Minnie in the vintage car charm will be available? I am so looking forward to that! The muranos look pretty.. think I may wait to see them in person too.

    • Thanks Pauline, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I love the whole Enchanted collection as well. Yes, the Vintage car will be coming out for the Disney collection :)

  16. Wow, I can hardly believe it! I like enough of this collection to justify buying a new bracelet, with the Enchanted Garden Glass and Sparkling Snail heading up the list. Thanks, Ellie!

    • I will definitely be purchasing another bracelet just for spring! I love snails and am very excited that one was included in this release!

    • Yay! The Enchanted Garden Glass (I keep just calling it the honeybee murano haha!) is top of my list too. I think day one purchases are the new bracelet, the murano and one of the other enchanted pieces – the tea pot, the tea cup, or maybe the snail. Whichever most takes my fancy in store ^^ Thanks for commenting!

    • Yes! I’ve seen another photo of the adjustable sliding bracelet – the join where the charm bracelet meets the adjustable tassels unclips and you can add charms on that way. :) I will share that one soon I think!

  17. Hi Ellie,
    I hope all is well! I’m excited about the garden murano and birdhouse. I like the enchanted heart clips too. I am looking forward to seeing the rest in person. I like some of the rainbow themed but will probably skip out on them. What has kept me mainly interested in the brand is looking forward to your reviews. There are no local retailers for troll, Chamilia etc. I prefer to select mine in person if possible. I’m excited for this launch. My pandora store also knows me by name and goes out of their way if an item is out or discontinued they will try to get it from another store. They were able to score Maximus for me and I understand he’s now retired. I hope you are staying warm and safe in this cold weather!

    • Hi Ashley! How lovely that the blog has kept you interested, that’s so nice to hear :) I used to have that kind of relationship with my local store years ago before I moved away and it’s nice to be able to have a bit of a chat with the SAs instead of dodging awkward questions about whether the charms are for you haha. I’m glad you like some of these beads, I’m so excited for the murano :D

      Yes, Maximus got discontinued :( it’s a shame as I love the silver character beads but he was quite small.

      Thanks for commenting Ashley, I hope all is well with you too <3

      • How did you guys know that Maximus or any charm is discontinued? Because I am waiting to get a few older charms -hoping there will be a sale on Disney, which never seems to happen. I just don’t want to miss out but I would be not to pleased if the sale happened a day or two later after buying them! Decisions, decisions….

        • Hi Heather,
          My sales associates informed me it was being discontinued when I tried to purchase it in store during the last sale as it was one of the eligible sale items. But they gave me excellent customer service and really went the extra mile to get it from another store. You could possibly call around and do an order over the phone if your local store is sold out?

        • Thanks Ashley for the info. I think my plan is to wait until after Valentines day to see if there is a sale and then I will order the older ones I have been eyeing. I guess I could also contact my local store and ask which Disney ones are retired. I did not know if there was a list online. Glad you got Maximus!

  18. Great post!!!! Looking forward to seeing Bella bolt, and Murano bumble bee in person. Just a heads up Rue La la is having a 60 percent off sale tonight!!! Thanks for all your hard work keeping us all posted on all Pandora.

    • Yay, I love that Murano too! Thanks for the heads-up on Rue btw, I got the Kiss Me I’m Irish murano and the Everlasting Grace charm :D

  19. Oh. My. Gosh. There is so much I want from this collection!!!! And a snail??!! I love snails! Pandora is getting part of my tax refund lol. Thanks for this post!!!

    • Haha me too! When I first saw the full set of stock images, I couldn’t believe how many things I wanted! That hasn’t happened for such a long time :D

  20. Hi Ellie!

    My husband is in the hospital, so I came home exhausted tonight. Then I saw your post and was instantly energized!

    There are way too many things I want, so they are too numerous to list here. I. Am. In. Trouble. Lol!

    I am definitely getting Bella, I might use her opposite the emoji from the Valentine’s Collection. They could both represent “technology moments”. I know they aren’t the same size, and I’m a sucker for symmetry. But with a spacer or a dangle with the smaller one and I can probably make it work. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    On top of that, I’m probably going to redesign a couple of things to incorporate the new character beads. I love the snail and the mouse. I have some flowers and some character beads on my Poetic Blooms design, but I might rework some things and add a second bracelet. I have the cool breeze topaz dangles and some March birthday blooms in a design that isn’t full. The new blue and aqua things may end up there.

    And I love the details on the enchanted Heart Clips. Just when I said, Never another heart…I should know better than to use that word by now!

    And I really like the adjustable bracelet. I’m looking forward to discovering how it opens.

    Thanks for truly brightening my day!

        • I just wanted to say that I’m so, so glad to hear that your husband is doing well, and I hope that he’s home soon. Wishing you all the best :)

        • My husband had heart surgery in April 2015. I got the club charm that year to commemorate it. :-) He had his aortic valve replaced and a triple bypass. He’s awesome. Huge good luck to your husband.

      • Thanks to you and everyone else. I am cautiously optimistic that he will be coming home tomorrow. If not, they say definitely Saturday. It was a quad bypass but no valve replacements.

        • HiDeborah, hope your husband is now home and well. My prayers to your family. Home Sweet Home!

    • Hi again Deborah! Haha, good to hear from someone else who is also apprehensive at the length of their wish list ^^ I do not have plans for Bella, but I would love to hear what you decide to put her with in the end! Such a fun bead. I do have many bracelet designs that I could get any of these Enchanted Nature charms too as well, but I love them so much that I think I just have to do a brand-new bracelet design dedicated to them. <3

      In terms of the adjustable bracelet, it unclips where the two different chains join - so you can add charms that way :)

      Thanks for commenting, I'm so glad the post helped to brighten your day a little :)

  21. Hi Ellie,

    Well I am pleased to see a collection that celebrates moments, has whimsy and has not been killed with pave. I am thrilled with the selection of silver charms. My favorite are the water themed charms, blue ripples, blue swirls and blue enchantment, my Fairtale fish bracelet will be freshened up with a few of these new charms, My second favorite part of this release is the enchanted nature with the new tea pot snail, and bird house etc. The Bellabot is fun & I think it will appeal to the techies and sci-fi people. I like sci-fi,myself and may decide to get it for my celestial themed bracelet.
    The dreamy dragonfly & wildflower safety chain are strong possibilities. The tassel charms are nice but I have a chamilia version that I put on a necklace already and yes I have worn it on my bracelet but I find it looks nicer on the necklace.
    Honestly, I think this is one of the best Spring releases is years! I can see why they asked you to remove the photos a few weeks back, virtually everything in those photos is in the new collection.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! You summed up it very nicely :) this collection is very generous with the whimsy and it is all the cuter for it! I am very excited, and have lots on my wish list to work through. I don’t get on that well with blues, so I think I am safe from those, but I want pretty much all the enchanted pieces! Bella Bot is such a funny, quirky little bead, but I’d struggle to know how to use her in my own collection, so I will settle for admiring other people’s stylings I think. ^^

      All in all, yes I agree with you – lots to love, and easily my favourite Spring release since my all-time favourite (2013!). Glad you feel the same way! Thanks for commenting, Lisa. :D

  22. Hi Ellie!

    I haven’t been this excited for a new release in a very long time!!! Just when I thought I was done with Pandora for the most part, they come up with one of the cutest collections ever. My absolute “must haves” are the Enchanted Tea Pot and Cup, Cute Mouse and Sparkling Snail. I totally agree with you, Ellie, the Enchanted Heart and safety chain should look nice with all my favs. I also like the Arcs of Love clips in pink, as well as, the pink Enchantment. The wildflower Meadow bracelet definitely has my attention. It would have been so cute to have a matching ladybug charm, tho’. The Enchanted Garden Glass looks very promising, but I’ll need to see it in person to make a decision. Thank you, Ellie, for this lovely preview. You made my day!!!

    • Hi Emily! Me too :D The blog has always kept my interest in Pandora ticking over, but this collection has really re-energised it! I’m so excited to put together a bracelet based around the Enchanted pieces. I expect we’ll all have some very similar designs come Springtime, but nevertheless they’ll all look beautiful haha. Maybe next year they’ll do a matching ladybug! For now, I think I’m going to buy a floating locket charm and pop the ladybug in that to use with the Wildflower Meadow bracelet. March seems so far away!

      Thanks for commenting Emily, I’m glad you enjoyed the preview :)

  23. Great review. I really like the enchanted garden collection, especially interested in the mouse, snail and birdhouse charms. I also really like a blue ripples charm, the bot charm and safety chains too. I like that the designs are a little quirky but detailed. Still wanting Pandora to design a silver, full-bodied chipmunk or squirrel for a woodland themed bracelet. I will be adding to my bracelets and wishlist.

    • Thanks Kelly! The Enchanted pieces are what I’m most looking forward to as well! I really like the pretty rainbow murano as well, although I hope the colours aren’t *too* bright in person. A full-bodied squirrel would be adorable! I’ve been wanting them to do a woodland theme for a long time – or just some more animals – a fox, otter, more birds, a nest, squirrel, deer – there are so many pretty things they could do!

  24. Ellie, do you know what the blue ripples is made of? Is that glass? That one and the light/icy clue charms are my favorite. I also like the blue enchanted pave bead. Very cute all around! Great post!!

    • The blue ripples is ‘aqua blue crystal’ – not glass. :) I guess it’ll be like the petite/geometric facets that came out a couple of years ago! Glad you’ve seen things you like!

  25. Just loving this drop! Rose good Bella Bot and bangle for me as a priority, but I have a long list for the beautiful things you have listed! Such good news.
    Cheers, Jill

    • Excellent :D I have a long list as well, it’s good to know that lots of you seem to be in the same boat, haha. Thanks for commenting!

  26. Wow! I can’t recall the last collection where there were so many charms that have caught my eye. The enchanted teapot, enchanted teacup, spring birdhouse, cute mouse, sparkly snail, dreamy dragonfly, promise of spring and blue ripples are all on the list. It’s got my wallet worried… ; )

    • I know, isn’t it exciting? :D Your favourites pretty much tally with mine… I need the Enchanted pieces, and the Wildflower Meadow, plus that cute mouse and snail <3 I need to rob a bank in the meantime lol!

  27. I couldn’t be happier with this Spring release.Like you mentioned, have not been so excited for a while. Enchanted series ones are the best. Many silver charms to love. The bumble bee glass, teapot, spring bird house, mouse and wildflower bracelet(too cute). Those will fit perfectly together with my other lilac/purple charms. I can see the old school pandora design here. Quirky and original. I always prefer character charms rather than decorative one. So…. looking forward to these new collection.Thank you Ellie for this wonderful post.

    • I agree with you Starlight.

      This collection is such a nice surprise.

      Pandora seems to be back on track. Thank you!

    • Snap! :) I am so excited for March. I think that this collection really nicely blends some of their newer techniques with a more old-school Pandora feel. There’s some pavé but a decent amount of silver character beads to balance it out. Much better! I love all the same beads you do, but will have to decide which to prioritise come March! Thanks for commenting, really pleased that you enjoyed the post and are excited for the collection!

  28. Where are the yellow plated honeycomb jewelery you put on your post last december? Also I would rather buy the Arabian coffee pot charm 791756 in Holland instead of the teapot. I think it’s a scandal and very customer- unfriendly that one must depend on friends to get charms that are only sold in America or Asia. One should simply be able to buy charms that come out in Asia or America online for example with Pandora-US. We no longer live in the Middle Ages. Thank you for your post.

    • Very well said Marga, I can understand possibly the stores not stocking all the international charms but there ought to be a way for us worldwide to order them.

      • I totally agree! Another reader suggested that they should put aside a little allocation of exclusive beads for international collectors to order online from their own eStores, even if the charms don’t see a wider release in all regions. I think this would be great! :)

    • That is the Pandora Shine collection – it is still coming out but Pandora have told me that it’s strictly embargoed and I’m not allowed to share it I’m afraid. I love the Arabian Coffee Pot too and was very sorry for everyone who struggled to get it!

  29. Hi Ellie,

    I couldn’t have started my day any better than reading your post. I love so many things in this collection that i’m not going to start naming them because it will become a very long post.

    I always love the spring releases the most. What i’m curios about if there will be some Essence beads? I also really look foreward to the post with other jewellery.

    Thanks so much for your revieuw!

    • Hi Manon! Haha, I felt the same writing the ‘My Comment’ section of this post. So many things I like from the collection! :D Yes, there will be Essence beads coming out in April. However, they’re mostly all Rose charms and there is only one silver one.

      So glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for commenting!

  30. Thank you for the lovely spring collection pictures especially the enchanted garden ones. I am still waiting to see the uk disney releases pictures so I can make a list of the ones that I would like to buy.

  31. Thank you Ellie for the lovely preview. I’ve been waiting to see the Spring collection. It’s lovely to see Pandora change it up a bit. I’m liking enchantment, enchanted nature and dreamy dragonfly.
    Can’t wait to see live shots, the Spring Jewellery, Disney and the rest.

  32. Thank you for the update. Whether I like the release or not, I ALWAYS enjoy getting the sneak peaks.
    I have to tell you I had the manager of my local concept store (Sydney Australia) quote your blog to me. I told her about you site a while ago. When I was in the store just after your retracted post went up, she asked me if I had seen it. Made me giggle that the Pandora staff find out their info from your site first. Love your work!

    • Haha, thank you so much Jackie – that’s so nice of you to take the time to let me know! :) And very cool that you actually chatted to your store manager about it! I don’t know whether I’d like it or hate it if someone mentioned my own blog to me while I was in store, haha. I’d probably play dumb lol!

  33. The mouse is great, so is the snail, and the blue swirl looks interesting. I’m trying to see the rainbows as Chakra colors, because if you put all the Chakra together you get a rainbow, but I’m failing. The rainbows just don’t work, unless on a bracelet representing a baby, kids, or maybe on a kid’s bracelet.

    • I think that the rainbow murano works very well and is probably the easiest to style, but I struggle to imagine how I’d incorporate the other pieces into a regular bracelet design.

  34. The blue charms look great and I will def consider these. Is there any news on the gold charms with the bees on (particularly the gold and amber coloured one)?

    • They will be coming out as part of the Pandora Shine collection but Pandora have embargoed this – they don’t want anything else leaking ahead of time as they’re planning a big launch for it :)

  35. Also, for any ladies in Canada, starting today, Feb. 1, buy any 2 charms from the Valentine’s collection and get a free “kiss me” key chain pouch. In-store and online.

  36. Hello, Ellie. Thank you so much for preview Pandora Spring 2018. I was so anxious about the collection. Everything was wonderful, but I liked the CHARM HEART TASSEL, ENCHANTED HEART CLIP, CHANDELIER DROPS, ENCHANTED TEA POT AND PROMISE OF SPRING. Must have for me CHARM HEART TASSEL AND CLIP HEART TASSEL I SIMPLISLY HAVE LOVED THIS TWO, the first for the necklace and the second for the bracelet. Thank you Ellie.

    • Great choices, Aline! You picked out some very pretty pieces – I like the enchanted pieces as well, and am already planning out a bracelet using them all. <3 Thanks for commenting!

    • There are a fair few Pandora Rose Spring charms, but I will be previewing these as a separate post :) some more flowers and other things!

  37. I am so excited about this collection! I didnt think I would like anything new again after the previews we saw earlier but this preview has changed my mind in a big way. I LOVE the enchanted hearts, the teapot, teacup, the safety chains, the animals, the birdhouse, the wildflower bracelet – my big problem now is whittling my wish list down to something affordable! Aww and the perfect pals petite! Pandora I forgive you for the lips and the massive CZs (but not the fake gold haha!) ??

    • Yay, I’m so glad to hear it! I knew as soon as I saw the enchanted pieces that they would change a lot of people’s mind. I am also in the process of whittling lol! There are just too many nice things. At least I know that, even if the AW18 collections aren’t too my taste, I’ll have pieces to buy all through the year just from spring. ^^

  38. Is it me or is there a definte lack of essence charms being released? I love all things pandora but essence is my favourite.

  39. Hi Ellie. Well I’m really glad they finally let you post the pics for the spring release ?. I was already wondering how long we would still have to wait to see them again!
    As I had anticipated I like the three acqua charms (ripples, swirls and enchanment). I think that they might go well with my acqua RH from last summer. I also like the fact that there seem to be more silver pieces, with less or no czs at all. And no botton charms ( except for that horrible emoji, but I’m all right with it since there’s plenty to choose from).
    Some other enchanted beads have also caught my attention, for example, the teapot and cup, dragonfly, bird house, the safety chain and the chandelier drops.
    Then I like the tassels, but I have been keeping an eye out for other brands after reading some of the comments here and realised that they are very popular. So, I’ve thoutght it better and I think that I’ll probably give them a pass. I don’t want any pieces that they’re likely to be out of fashion in a couple of years. Brands are expensive and Pandora has rised its prices in the last couple of years, as we all know. So, I’ve decided I’m not going to pay an extra amount of money for branding. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a couple of tassel earrings, but they will be brandless. Same with gold plating. From Pandora I want timeless, classical items, something that will last forever. I hope they will make TT pieces again, but with real gold.
    On a different note, I don’t like the bracelets very much. The prettiest one, in my very personal view, is the wildflower meadow but anyway not for me.
    And to dnd up this tirade, thank you very much Ellie for your dedication. You really help us to plan ahead. Since you first published these pics I’ve had time to think over and take decissions. That’s something I think all your followers appreciate. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection.

    • Btw, I miss flowers ?. As a not long term collector I don’t have that many ?.
      Another thing I fotgot to mention is that I’d be happy to see a comeback of black, stones or enamel. But it would be really usefull for winter clothes.

      • There will be a lot of flowers and discontinued pieces on Rue La La starting, I think, on March first. At least that was the date on the pieces that were erroneously put on the site during the last Pandora Boutique. And I’m with you on the black. I have 2 half bracelets that could benefit from a few new black, or black and silver, charms. And I hear people complain that they need more yellow too.

    • Hi Marie! I agree, I think this collection strikes a much better balance than many of their most recent launches. So many pretty character beads, with enamel tastefully applied or a little hint of sparkle. The pavé beads are nicely balanced by the amount of character charms. I am thrilled!

      I don’t think Pandora’s current model of business really tallies with the ‘timeless pieces’ idea – so much gets retired so quickly, and so many new products come out with each new launch now. It’s been fascinating watching its business approach change over the years. Such a different landscape from when I first started blogging!

      You are welcome, Marie! I know how important previews are for everyone, and I will continue to try my best to get them out there. :) Thank you for commenting! <3

  40. I am intrigued by the Wildflower Meadow items. The safety catch ends don’t appear to pave but what is the purple sliver of a flower like thing to the left of the safety catch – a spacer? The center section of my 2nd bracelet is made up of charms with lavender or purple pave and the two side sections have charms with pink pave. Sort of looking for either pink or purple pave safety catch. I keep trying to stop buying more bracelets but have already bought a bunch of pave snowflakes to put on a bangle and a turquoise leather necklace/bracelet to put aqua and green sea charms on. I like the Aqua Heart and Glorious Bloom charms but thank goodness I don’t have any bracelets they would look good on.

    • Yes, that’s a spacer! It’s very thin indeed. It’s not part of the safety chain, I’m afraid :) There is a pink and purple safety chain coming out for Mother’s Day – it was in my original Spring preview that got taken down but hopefully I can post it again soon. Haha, I’m sure you will end up with more bracelets! :) I used to think that I needed to not start new ones, but now I don’t even rightly know how many I have. So you are probably okay to start a third haha. Sounds like your ideas for new designs are really pretty too!

  41. Your post was such a pleasant distraction…Im studying for an exam tomorrow! Thankyou for taking the time to share this information with us.
    After reading your post is has become very clear to me that I will need alot of money this spring because I love it all. My only concern is that Pandora tends to show their charms more vibrantly in pictures and then when you actually see the charms they are washed out. Im hoping that wont be the case with this release! Also you stated that the new bracelet will only be available in one size…do you have any information on how big it will be? Thanks again for the wonderful news!

    • Oh, I hope the exam went well Dee Dee! :) Glad that this was able to take you away from your studying for a little bit (but I hope not for longer than it should have haha). I also am trying to either a) think of ways to become very rich very quickly, or b) whittle down my wish list at least a fraction, because I am also in tremendous trouble with this collection haha. THere’s a lot to love!

      So, the new bracelet is only available in 28cm, but you can pretty much adjust it to fit your required size exactly :) thanks for commenting!

  42. I love both the tassel charms. Have to see them in person to decide which one I will chose. Also like the spring bird house.
    Thanks for the lovely preview.

    • The bird house is super cute! I love that it’s plain silver. You’re welcome Nellie – thanks for commenting!

  43. Wow, I can see why pandora wanted you to wait to post this collection. It looks much better in this final version. I like the enchantment beads that look like they have bubbles in them, the snail and the dragonfly bead, and the bots, which is much more than I expected to like from the collection. I still think they are skewing a bit young, but they have definitely provided some good beads for their older audience. And it’s not just more of the same hearts and flowers. I may be picking up some of these beads!

    • Yes, I think that’s right – while there are some still emoji beads and things aimed at younger audiences, I think there are a fair few beads that have a more general appeal. And yes, there’s an astonishing lack of florals this season! Very refreshing :)

  44. I forgot to mention the mouse, the teapot, the teacup and the bird house. Very exciting! I wonder if they will also adjust their prices down a bit, since they had really gotten a bit out of hand

  45. Wow Ellie the collection looks amazing something so refreshing and new but still very classic to Pandora. Love the safety chain sucker for a new bracelet. I’m in love with all the nature beads especially the tea pot so excited for this collection to come out.

    • Me too, Nicola! :D I love the new bracelet, and I can see lots and lots of beads that I would like to put on it too, haha.

  46. I’m having a problem with posting comments still. I can’t wait to see this collection IRL! Rather a lot I like, which is a surprise as most of the time only the winter collection interests me. Blue ripples, blue swirls, Enchanted tea cup, enchanted tea pot (I would love some biscuit/cake charms to make an afternoon tea or mad hatters tea party themed bracelet! I’ve seen Jammie Dodger and custard cream charms by other companies), Enchanted garden glass, Spring bird house, Cute mouse and Bella bot are all on my potential to buy list. I like the look of the sliding bracelet but I’d be concerned it would move about like many other sliding bracelets I have, I constantly fear I may lose them. I’m still debating the purchase of the mesh bracelet so I won’t be buying a new one anytime soon. Any news on the Bee pieces you had to remove?

    • Hi Sofie, I’ve seen a slice of cake dangle with a touch of pink to match the Enchanted Tea Pot and Tea Cup. You can see it on The Art of Pandora. Not sure if it’s being released with the Spring or later.

    • What problems are you having Sofie? :) A Mad Hatter themed bracelet would be amazing! There are some great Chamilia beads for Alice in wonderland as well, I imagine you could put together a wonderful design out of a combination of the two brands. The bee pieces are part of the Pandora Shine collection, which is strictly embargoed – I’m not allowed to talk or post anymore about it until its launch I’m afraid.

      • Ah, my posts don’t show up and I have to re-post several times before they do. Not to worry. I will have to take a look at chamilia, I have to seriously stop myself from buying their Winnie the pooh collection last year(I’m in hope of Pandora one). Is it safe to put their beads onto a pandora bracelet though? They won’t get stuck or damage the bracelet? Can’t wait for the Shine launch! Is there a confirmed date at least? or is that under wraps too?

  47. Forgot to mention that the enchanted heart safety chain might be a contender for my fairy tale/disney bracelet! Also, in general I like the (minimal) use of CZ in this release bc sometimes a girl needs a good sparkle. There are cute little touches of it, like the wildflower meadow collection and the dreamy dragonfly (which would look awesome opposite a galaxy spacer on my bracelet that is half night sky/half day sky)! Okay I guess I’m getting pretty excited about what will be going on my wish list in the future haha.

    • Yes, that safety chain is beautiful! I’m thinking it might be nice for my Asian CNY bracelet :) there are so many nice safety chains coming out this season! I love the idea of putting the dreamy dragonfly opposite the galaxy :) makes me think of dragonflies and fireflies on a summer’s night!

  48. My favorite bead is the blue swirls bead. I hope it has translucent blue enamel like the Chinese lion dance bead has translucent red enamel.

    The other beads that I really like are all from the Enchanted collection – the enchanted tea cup, the enchanted tea pot, enchantment (pink), and the enchanted heart tassel. I also like the enchanted heart clip perhaps as a stand alone bead instead of a clip. It’s so nice to see a release not loaded with CZs!

    • Yes, that one is pretty! I have a soft spot for enamel detailing. It does strike me as having that luminescent look that the Lion Dance has, so fingers crossed fro you :)

      I completely agree – this release is such a return to form for me. No overload of button beads or CZ-heavy designs!

  49. Dear Mora Pandora,

    I saw on your last post (Spring/summer 2018) that we were getting some Bumblebee themed charms… (sorry if I have spoilt things, and I am not suppose to know about this is yet). My question is- when are they being released?

    I love the natured enchanted theme.. I may have to get them all, with the ladybug bracelet.. with 18 charm bracelets already.. whats one more??!

    many thanks


    • Hi Claire-Louise! Those bumblebees are part of the Pandora Shine collection, which I am currently not allowed to talk about. :) This, as far as I’m aware, is due to launch in Spring. :)

      Aha that’s the spirit! I have more than 18 myself and have got to the happy point where, once you’ve hit double digits, it hardly matters exactly how many any more. ^^

  50. I absolutely love the Blue Ripples, the Enchanted Heart safety chain, blue enchantment charm, and the Enchanted teapot and cup!

  51. OMG! I want them all! I feel that a lot of these pieces are quite different of what pandora is used to. I’m looking forward this new collection in Belgium ?

  52. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I hope you have a wonderful winter so far. Since I took a look at the Pandora Spring collection. I like some of the charms like, the Enchanted Teapot and Enchanted Teacup that goes great with the regular Teapot and Teacup that I have, The Rainbow Hearts Charm looks beautiful it reminds me of Spring. Well thank you for the wonderful charms. I will look forward to it. May God bless you.

    • Hi Karen! Oh lovely, I very much like the Enchanted tea pieces as well :D they are very pretty! Thanks for commenting!

  53. Well, my bank account will probably suffer once again. I like a lot of this collection. I did buy a few from the winter collection but have not been interested in anything in the Valentines Day collection so at least I am safe from that.
    I need to see them in person, but the Sparkling Snail, Cute Mouse, Enchanted Tea pot, Enchanted Garden Glass murano, Blue swirls, Blue ripples, aqua enchantment and maybe the Iridescent rainbow glass murano and the Enchanted Tassel are all huge possibilites for me.
    On the Disney side, of the ones I have seen so far, I like the Disney Mickey Glove charm and either the Disney Mickey Gestures Safety chain or the Climbing Mickey Safety chain. I am going to Disney World at the beginning of May so will save any Disney charms for purchase there, since it will be a remembrance of the trip.
    I hope Pandora has more of the bee theme for spring or summer since I love honey bees.

    • Haha, I know – this is going to be avery expensive collection for me! It’s going to be tough deciding what to get first. I love all the Enchanted beads, the rainbow murano, the bee murano and the clear pavé heart safety chain. :) I’m envious of your Disney trip – I’d love to get to Disneyland Paris some time soon, especially since they are going to be having a couple of exclusive designs there too :)

      They’re doing the bee charms as part of Pandora Shine, which I believe will first launch for Spring in March, so hopefully we’ll see some bees then!

  54. I like a few of the charms. Heart designs and some of the others but will not be rushing out to buy most of them like I usually do. Not the highly polished look of many charms Pandora have brought out and what I personally like. I like the slider bracelet.

  55. I’m in love with the spring collection, the rainbow charms are beautiful, the enchanted garden murano is awesome and it’s a must have, I really have a big wish list from this collection, the tea cup and the tea pot are perfect for my Beauty and the Beast bracelet but I also can imagine them in a beautiful and girly tea party mini design with bows and cupcakes! The safety chains are in my wish list too, I have a lot of bracelets without them because I’m trying not to repeat the pieces in my collection, so it’s great to have more options. Thanks for this amazing post!!

    • Me too, it’s my favourite collection they’ve done for a long time :) I am also really excited for more safety chains. I have collected pretty much all of them to date, except for the gold ones, but I still have bracelets that need them! ^^ Thanks for commenting!

      • The safety chains that open move from bracelet to bracelet fairly easily. But, like you, I’m looking forward to a different one on each bracelet. I have a lot of rain chains that I could pass on to other family members.

  56. Wow, this Spring collection is a beautiful surprise!
    Cannot wait to see the enchanted charms in person.
    Have a great weekend Ellie!

  57. I am looking forward to getting the rainbow and enchanted garden muranos along with the enchanted teapot, teacup, birdhouse, snail, mouse and bellabot. I think that they are all very pretty and is a very good collection to be released.

  58. Hi I saw last time you had some images up (before they were taken down) of bumblebee themed charms. Are they still coming? Do you know?

  59. Seriously. I haven’t been this excited about a collection in sooo long. This collection is going to break the bank for me. SO MANY THINGS I WANT. I couldn’t stop saying OMG OMG. So prettty! i think I’ll have some problems pairing them with the rest of my collection but who cares?! I think they missed the chance to launch a rainbow UNICORN!!!!

    • Me too! :D :D I was so excited when I first saw some of these, particularly the Enchanted pieces. A unicorn would have been ace!

  60. Finally a glimpse of light after years of nothing but Pavé. I’ll be getting enchanted teapot (for me this is a bit Harry Potter and uk style charm) and enchanted bumble bee murano.
    I’m happy to see they either hired new designers or somehow the management let them design a few new charms. There’s still plenty of Pavé and ugly charms but at this point I bet Market is craving for some lovely moments charms and will bump up the sales for the right charms.
    Netherthless I’m excited and looks positive so far.

    • I was going to say, the pavé charms are nicely balanced out by beautiful enamel and silver designs :) so refreshing! I am really excited and positive also, and hopeful for what’s to come.

  61. Made a trip to the mall today for a few things so of course I had to take a detour into the Pandora store. . They were very excited to talk about the spring line coming out and said they would have a party with door prizes on release day. The sweet girl waiting on me said their manager was more excited about this spring line that any in a long time. After seeing these pictures I have to agree.

    I asked about the free bracelet promotion they’ve had before and could not get any indication one way of the other. Either she didn’t know or she was very good at evading.

    My wish list is long in the spring collection and am like a kid waiting for Christmas.

    • I am not surprised that the manager was excited! It must be such a relief to have something so much fresher to sell after a couple of years of pavé and buttons :) I’m told that the next promo will be a spend & save, not a bracelet promo. SAs are often not allowed to tell you what’s coming next!

  62. You know I have probably looked at this post 20 times and it just jumped out at the that the Enchanted Heart is a clip! I really need those for my heart theme bracelet. I have two heart theme bracelets with the idea of giving one to each of my granddaughters someday. These will go perfectly on the bracelets. I am in so much trouble this spring!

  63. Spring collection is usually one of my favorites because of the flowers , butterflies , Easter time , etc … this collection is not one of my favorite . I was expecting more of spring, maybe yellow , green , white . More nature , more animals , insects .

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