Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for February 2018! This month we have a whole host of cute Valentine’s GWPs, plus new releases for the UK to look forward to. :)

I don’t mind January as much as some people, as my boyfriend and I have our anniversary midway through, which is nice to look forward to – nevertheless, it’s seemed like such a long month this year! It’s good to be out of it ? Read on to see what’s going on this month! :)

Pandora Valentine’s 2018 jewellery dish GWP for the UK

Pandora UK have launched their Valentine’s 2018 GWP today, offering a free heart-shaped jewellery dish with spends of £99 or more. This will be running while stocks last, both in store and online.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Jewellery dish

I think the dish and the pretty box it comes with are rather pretty, but I can imagine that some people will not find this offer as enticing as the jewellery boxes on offer elsewhere in the world.

Pandora Valentine’s 2018 jewellery box GWP for Australia & Asia

The next fun little Valentine’s GWP promo we have is for the Asia Pacific market (Asia & Australia – it’s a pretty pink jewellery box:

Pandora Jewellery Box GWP 2018

  • In Australia & New Zealand, this will be available until 14 February with spends of $120 AUD / $150 NZD or more:
  • In Singapore, you can get the jewellery box either in store or online with spends of $230 SGD or more. I couldn’t see an end date for this promo listed, but I’m guessing it’ll be Valentine’s Day.

We have a great live photo of the inside too, thanks to Kylie McCoy:

Image by Kylie McCoy

Also for Asia, there’s Valentine’s special engraving available from the Pandora China eStore, which is pretty cool! I cannot understand or translate the small print, but it looks like you can get the new bracelet or the two-tone Two Hearts charm engraved with your initials! There are two styles – I love the heart calligraphy one, and would be more tempted by the bracelet if I could get it like that. ^^

Pandora Valentine’s 2018 offers for Canada

There are a couple of extra offers starting for Pandora Canada today as well! These two offers are running until Valentine’s Day both in store and online. These look to be the same items on offer with Pandora gift sets in the US, but in Canada you have a bit more flexibility about which pieces exactly you purchase in order to get the freebie.

If you purchase a Valentine’s Day gift set, you now get a make-up bag for free with it! :)

Also, if you buy any two charms from the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018, you get this lip-shamed key chain pouch.

Pandora Valentine’s 2018 offers for Europe

There are a variety of pretty little Valentine’s 2018 GWPs going on in Europe currently – I’ve listed what I’m aware of below:

  • In Spain, from 1-14 February, this jewellery roll will be available with spends of 99 euros or more:
  • In Italy, they have what looks to be a separate jewellery roll – it’s a different colour, and has a different fastening. Again,this will be available up until Valentine’s Day with spends of 99 euros or more:
  • In France, they have a little pastel pink bag on offer with spends of 89 euros or more. The offer will be running until 14 February:

Pandora leather bracelet offer at US outlets

If you live near a US outlet, there’s currently an offer running until Valentine’s Day: get a free honeysuckle leather bracelet with spends of $100 USD or more. I’d double check to make sure that your local has stock, however.

Pandora Valentine’s 2018 gift sets

Of course, each region has their own Pandora Valentine’s 2018 gift sets, which will be on offer until the 14th of February. You should check your own region’s or store to see what exactly is available to you :)

Many of them come with the same beautiful pink presentation boxes, both for bracelets and charms (you can see the bracelet-sized version in the image above). I’m such a packaging magpie that it’s tempting to indulge in a gift set just to get one! ??

Pandora US engraved dangles for February 2018

We have our next round of engraved charms for the US – they’re releasing these on a regular basis now! These latest ones concern sports, and are priced at $65 USD each. These are exclusive to the US, so if you live elsewhere, you will need to find a friend in the US to help you out if you want one of these.

Pandora cheerleader charm

Pandora hockey charm

Pandora US American basketball charm

Pandora sports charms

Pandora US American baseball charm 2018 sports

I also mentioned the Lucky Charm in a previous post! This should be shipping to US stores very soon, as well.

Pandora US exclusive Lucky Charm

Pandora Disney & Mother’s Day releases for the UK

As I mentioned before in my January 2018 round-up, we in the UK are getting our next Disney release this month! I posted the details there as to the new characters we can expect to see. :D

Because we celebrate Mother’s Day earlier than the rest of the world, we also get a portion of the Mother’s Day 2018 collection early. I would predict that our MD release would be either launching at the same time as the Pandora Disney release, or perhaps the week after, but I will try and find out more. :)

I have a really teeny-tiny sneak peek for you. This is the Flourishing Hearts pendant, which is one of the new beads making its debut. It strikes me as being perfect for anyone who liked the Valentine’s Tree Of Love charm but didn’t want the pavé:

Pandora Mother's day 2018 collection

My Comment

I have bought both the beads I wanted from Pandora’s January releases – the adorable Fortune & Luck charm and then the Club charm, which I’ll be reviewing soon. However, I am greatly tempted by the jewellery dish GWP for the UK. A reader suggested a little while ago that I might want a little jewellery dish to keep in the kitchen to drop my rings into when I’m baking, and that’s as good a reason as any to feel like I can – nay, should – go and spend more on Pandora. ? I quite want the all-Rose safety chain, so that would be a good way to hit the spend.

I got my Valentine’s bag when I purchased the Club charm last weekend – it’s so pretty!

However, I’d love one of the presentation boxes to match. I know that these bracelet jewellery boxes are available with gift sets, but has anyone, particularly in the UK, found that stores are giving them, or the individual charm boxes, out with regular purchases at all?

Anyway – what are you looking forward to this month? Are you taking part in any promos?

52 Comments on Pandora News Round-up for February 2018

  1. Alot of work for you to provide these monthly updates. Thank you Ellie. Lots of nice GWPs on offer from Pandora. I would buy the dish if I was in the UK but I am happy with our Aussie jewellery box which I will be getting this weekend.

    • You’re very welcome, and yay, I’m glad to hear you’re getting the jewellery box. I’ve 99% made up my mind that I’m going to go and get the jewellery dish tomorrow!

    • I like the box overall, but they should’ve made it a bit larger in a diameter. I like bangles more then normal bracelets and I have 19 cm size bangle with a few charms on it, which just fits to a box. If you have dangle charms on your bangle, it won’t fit into the box. Basically, this box is ok for a 19 cm bangle without beads or may be up to 2/3 with charms, 17 cm with metal charms and may be normal bracelets only. if you have larger sizes, I’m not sure how it is going to fit in it.

      • I like the box overall, but they should’ve made it a bit larger in a diameter. I like bangles more then normal bracelets and I have 19 cm size bangle with few charms on it, which just fits into a box. If you have dangle charms on your bangle, it won’t fit into the box. Basically, this box is ok for a 19 cm bangle without beads or may be up to 2/3 with charms, 17 cm with metal charms and may be normal bracelets only. If you have larger sizes, I’m not sure how it is going to fit in. Ah, and additionally in NZ we get a 25$ gift card, which you can redeem between 15-25 of Feb on purchases of 150$ and more.

  2. I have purchased the necklace bundle online and the bracelet bundle in store (uk) I received the pink box and normal bag from the online shop but a plain box and plain bag from the in store. Would’ve loved one of those cute bags! I was tempted to buy the beads I wanted to get the free dish, would’ve loved one of the boxes or make up bags instead though :(

    • Thanks for letting me know Rebecca :) if you went into store now, you’d probably get a bag – maybe you could show them your recent purchases and they might let you have one? I would still love one of the presentation boxes, but I get the feeling that they’re probably exclusive to Valentine’s gift sets. I will ask, nevertheless, in store tomorrow!

  3. Hi Ellie,

    I didn’t see the valentine collection in real life until today. As i didn’t like anything online i wasn’t rushing to store and in real life i also didn’t like it.

    My bankaccount is happy i didn’t bought anything because of the upcoming releases of disney and spring the spendings will be high.

    I talked to an employee of my local store and she told me that disneyrelease is planned for the 15th but that it also can become the 22nd because of some delivery issues(this is in the Netherlands dont know about the rest of europe).

    Thanks for youe news round up!

    • Hi Manon! I wasn’t really bowled over by the Valentine’s collection in person, either. There were some sweet things – the two-tone key, the Shape of Love fuchsia charm, & I quite liked the Tree of Love charm – but nothing that was a must-have. I am quite content with my Club charm and my CNY bead. :)

      I’m also planning on spending a lot on Spring, so I’m also not too sad about missing out on Valentine’s. ^^

      Thanks for commenting! <3

    • I like this year’s Mother’s Day collection, but there are quite a lot of occasion-specific charms – e.g. wedding charms, that kind of thing. I think Spring will be mostly where my money is spent!

  4. I’m not sure about the little dish I think it’s a lot for what it is. I really like those jewellery roll they would be perfect for holiday.

    • It is a lot, but I’ve been wanting that safety chain for some time, so it would be a good excuse to get it!

  5. The dish and its box is cute but I’d rather have the jewellery box or the roll. The Valentine’s bag is cute :) I can’t wait for the Disney release. Will the mothers day collection have a GWP?

  6. Hi Ellie! Another great update, thank you! I went into a Pandora store today to have a look at the collection. I was specifically interested in the heart lock bracelet and planned on purchasing it and wearing it alone with no beads. Then I saw your spring update and noticed there was a new bracelet with a round lock. I thought it would be nice to collect as I am sure there will be more lock bracelets coming out. Well, I was disappointed when I saw the bracelet in real life. The heart is much smaller and thinner than I thought and from how it appeared in the Pandora photos. The side that has the pink zirconia has a plate over the locking mechanism and can’t lay flat; on three locks I saw, it was warped. That is a quality issue that I wasn’t able to get past, but the worst is the actual locking mechanism; it is so finicky that it is awkward locking it and difficult opening it, even the SA had a difficult time. I really wanted to like this bracelet and collect all the others, as they would look beautiful together, but the quality issue and design flaw make it a “no” for me. Have a great first day of February!

    • Hi Vera! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :) Ah, it’s interesting that you thought the heart clasp was smaller than you were expecting! I was struck by how big it was in person. That was what put me off the bracelet. I also wasn’t sure how convenient it would be to put on. It’s such a shame that there seemed to be quality issues with some of them – I’ve not heard much about this online yet, but would be interested to see how people get on with them once they’ve been wearing them a while.

      Thanks for commenting and enjoy the weekend! :)

  7. I ordered my dish at midnight last night from Swag and it will arrive before 1pm tomorrow, I’ll let you know if I get special packaging but I don’t think I will as I ordered all sale items. I like the look of this, especially since I don’t really have room for or need yet another small jewellery box. I keep some of my jewellery on top of my watch box so I plan on putting this dish on top of that for my bits :-). I do like the make-up bag with the hearts on and I would have gone for that too even though I don’t really need another make-up bag ;-).

    • Aha, amazing! I hope you do get special packaging. :) I don’t blame you for ordering sales items, I’ve been eyeing up a few on swag for ages. I am quite tempted by the Nostalgic Roses murano! What did you go for? I would also have been tempted by a make-up bag, as it’s definitely something I’d have had a use for. A cute pink Pandora one would be have lovely!

  8. Hi Ellie. Thanks for the update! I was wondering what you meant by the new sports dangles being “engravable”? Does this mean you can get a custom saying engraved on them? I love the hockey charm, as I’m a huge hockey fan and would love to get my favorite team’s name engraved on one of these.

    • Hi Joanne! Oh, I’m sorry, that’s just my silly typo. I meant engraved :( that would be a neat thing for them to offer though – it would probably be more popular than swoosh or goal!

  9. Ellie, your hard work is greatly sppreciated keeping us so well informed.I heard through the grapevine that the u.s. will have a spend & save promo the week after the spring launch.Have you heard anything to that effect?My list will be huge & the budget is do you have any styling recommendations to create a secret garden type bracelet including the new enchanted line & previous charms? I used your fabulous cny design as inspiration for a good luck bracelet.I so value your ideas :)

    • Thanks so much Anne! I had actually not heard that, but that would be nice. I would hoover up some spring charms haha! I will try and do some digging :) I did do a secret garden design back in the day with the pretty pavé robin charm and the floral heart padlock, but I will have to think of some new ideas. You could very nicely combine some of these bracelets with some of the heart lock/key motifs to make a very pretty enchanted garden bracelet indeed. I will be doing a spring bracelet design along those lines and I’ll include some thoughts in my next post on the spring collection! ^^ It’s so lovely to hear that you get inspiration from the blog, thank you for letting me know :)

  10. I love the Canadian and French bags. Lucky ladies ?. After my Pandora birthday presents two days ago (I got the hematite Essence bead, yay!) and the spring collection looming over, I don’t know if I really want something. Or rather, if I “really need” something ?. Anyway I think that 99 € is a high amount for such a promo.
    Thanks for sharing, I can hardly believe that I’ve got two posts from you in my inbox today. You’ve made me happy ??
    PS. I agree to your reader, you really need that tray (I almost hsd a stroke when I read you had been baking in full Pandora) ??

    • Ah, happy birthday for two days ago Marie <3 I'm glad you got some Pandora on your special day! 99€ is a lot to pay for a GWP - and £99 is a lot for the tray, but I was sort of planning on it anyway! And I promise that no bracelets were harmed in the course of that Christmas baking ?

      I'm so glad that you enjoyed the posts, Marie, and thank you for commenting!

  11. Hi Ellie!

    Once again I came back from the hospital to find you waiting in my in box. (Well – not literally!) So once again I thank you.

    The only one of the gift sets I was tempted by is the bracelet with the tree of love dangle. With all the medical stuff that January became, tests, tests, and more tests that lead to my husband’s hospitalization and surgery, I haven’t had a chance to run into the store. I like the look of the new bracelet but haven’t even had a chance to test drive one of those either.

    I love sports, so some of the sports themed dangles will probably find their way onto bracelets – I currently have a Diamondbacks baseball bracelet and a football themed bracelet started.

    I love the new club charm, so I will definitely get that as well.

    I’ve been in such a Pandora “holding pattern” that I will probably spend a large block of time with all the lovely ladies in our store.

    Thanks for the Round Up!

    • Hi Deborah!

      I’ve been thinking about you both today and hoping that he is doing well! Best wishes to you both :)

      I like that gift set as well – but not enough to indulge. I’d have to pay to get it shipped to the UK, and I’m not 100% sure I like the clips very much, so I’d be paying a lot just for the charm and a pretty box / a new bracelet. I hope that you find the time to go and look yourself though! :)

      Thanks for commenting Deborah! <3 Sounds like you deserve a bit of dedicated Pandora time soon.

  12. Also for Australia, starting from 1st Feb, Pandora a giving a $25 Voucher with any purchase. It is quite conditional though: to be used with a purchase of $150 or more, on charms & bracelets only, from 15th to 25th Feb, one per customer.

  13. Ellie thank you so for all the reminders of what is in my future. Love the Mother’s Day dangle, hearts cute idea. I will get the emoji for valentines. Love it and the gift set is great for gifting. I did receive the new club charm and grabbed last years from Rue thanks for your reminder. Everything else will await sales. I also love the tree of love dangle and will be getting soon. Not sure how I will be designing it but will wear on an open bangle. The enchanted teapot and cup are so whimsical and my addiction to fun ideas continue. With some of the earlier floral spacers and that little mouse and snail, I believe it would go into an enchanted garden! February has arrived!

    • Hey JJ, I love the Mother’s Day heart dangle as well – it’s a really nice silver alternative to the Tree of Love and I think it would make a nice centrepiece for the next bracelet design Im planning. An open bangle sounds lovely for your Tree of Love dangle, too! It would offset the pavé nicely and stop it from looking too busy :)

  14. I have a friend in Chicago I’m tempted to send in to get me Goal, but I’m afraid she’d send me Swish and tell me, yet again, that I need to follow a good sport. :-/ To be safe from the hoops-addict, I’ll wait until that charm comes up on Rue in a year or two.

      • Juventus, Italy Serie A. My girlfriend is a Bulls girl. :-) And I see now it’s Swoosh, not Swish. :-/ Sigh. I just don’t like basketball. Lol. We’re big on hockey here in Canada too. Vancouver Canucks for me. Bad as they are.

    • Haha, I don’t follow any sports apart from tennis so they are all much of a muchness to me :) my boyfriend is a dedicated Arsenal supporter in English football and I have sat through a few games, but they leave me mostly unmoved ^^ I’ve not seen any of these engraved dangles on Rue yet, but it would be so good if they did make it on there – they’re very pricey for what they are!

      • I like Chelsea all the time, but extra the last season and a half because Antonio Conte is coaching. I LOVE Conte!!!!! Ex Juventus coach.

      • Yay! A tennis buff. I would love to go to Wimbledon someday. My husband had the good fortune to go several years ago, but I still haven’t had the chance. I own 3 of the tennis racquet charms, one for my story bracelet, one for my son’s ( he went to college as #1 seed on their tennis team), and one for my granddaughters. We all play every chance we get.

  15. Hi Ellie, I agree nice looking little gift, but someone needs to tell Pandora it is 2018 not go out of my way for this uk deal, sorry cannot say anything nice, a gift that would stay in box in a cupboard.
    Need to go down under, now this every one would use

    • Hi Karen! Aw, it’s a shame you’re not more enthused. I’ll admit that the dish isn’t much of an incentive to spend £100 if you weren’t going to already – the jewellery box is more of a pull. Nevertheless, it’s a cute dish so I think I’ll probably end up with one as I have been wanting the safety chain for a little while!

  16. Can’t wait for the new Disney charms, that’s the only thing I’m really excited about right now. Do you know when we should be getting it in the U.K., can’t wait

  17. I’m in the US. Do you know if we’ll get the collection with the tea cup and bird house here? I’m in LOVE! I’m creating a spring theme bracelet and would really like to add them.

  18. Hi Ellie, thanks for all of the reviews that you do & also for keeping us well informed about pandora’s upcoming releases, i didn’t really like any of the items out for Valentine’s day this year, i am a bit like you in that i needed a full rose gold safety chain so i could start wearing my rose gold braclet.
    My husband purchased it for me for Valentine’s day & i also received the lovly pink jewellery box & a Pandora 25.00 gift card.
    In Australia we only had to spend 120.00 (Aud) to take part in the promotion.
    Have a great week & thanks again for all the time that you put into your blogs

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