Today brings my next Pandora review, with a closer look at the Pandora Club charm for 2018! This is the fifth limited edition Club charm that Pandora have released so far, keeping to a tradition of honouring their loyal fans and Pandora Club members with a dedicated charm in celebration of them.

This year’s charm is a globe, celebrating the idea of love and Pandora collectors around the world. Read on for some close-up shots and thoughts on this bead! <3

Pandora Club Charm 2018 Review

Previous Club charms have been primarily heart-based designs, as you can see below. This has always seemed something of an error to me – if you’re aiming the bead at collectors and real Pandora fans, you should come up with something more unusual and not a generic design that we have seen many times before.

This is why I think this charm does quite a clever thing. You can take it to refer specifically to our global community of Pandora collectors, but it also has a more message with universal appeal. My OH’s mum was given it by a friend for her birthday last week, and she loved it, despite being a very casual collector.

Pandora Club charm 2018 review

One rim of the charm has ‘PANDORA CLUB’ written on it, and then the other features the usual S925 ALE hallmarks. Like all Club charms, the little stone in it is a diamond – a very low carat one, but a diamond nevertheless. It’s just the little touch of opulence that sets them aside from Pandora’s regular charms. :)

The charm is inscribed with the date, as is also traditional! It is threaded, and feels nicely solid – much more like an old-school charm.

Pandora Club charm 2018 review

The attention to detail goes all the way round; it’s very prettily executed. I like how the charm’s sentimental message is offset by its contemporary detailing, stopping it from being too saccharine. The geometric grid dividing up the globe and the contemporary font work really well in contrast to the sweet little silver hearts. The silver is beautiful and shiny, which is emphasised by the contrast of the oxidation used to outline the grid of the globe.

Pandora Club charm 2018 review

The other collectable aspect is its pretty presentation box. This is identical to those from previous years, with the exception of this year’s date being on the lid.

Pandora Club charm 2018 review gift box


I had so much going on over the weekend (including replying to all your lovely Spring comments!) that I didn’t have much time to put together lots of stylings, but this charm is so versatile. It would look great on a travel bracelet, or on a mini design with other club charms! These are some previous designs of mine for a little inspiration, and I’d add this charm to any of these:

However, I’m using my Club charm on the silver mesh bracelet in a special design. Like many, I suffer from anxiety and, at times, depression, and it’s been difficult to deal with at times over the past year, especially since we moved so much further away from my family last February. My happiness bracelet is a mini-design dedicated to reminding me of cheerful, comforting things; in addition to the Club charm, it has the Home, Sweet Home  and the So Many Reasons to Be Happy US-exclusive dangle.

Pandora Club charm 2018 Happiness design

I’m thinking of adding the Rainbow murano from the upcoming Pandora Spring collection, which would really complement its cheerful, bright message – although the beauty of it currently is that it has no colour scheme and stacks beautifully with pretty much any other bracelet I own. Whenever I feel in need of a bit of cheerfulness, I can just slip it on my wrist with whatever else I’m wearing.


I’ve heard from a lot of people that this Club charm is their favourite – and I can completely understand why. With an uplifting theme that works well both as a general message of love and as a tribute to the Pandora community itself, this charm has a little more going on than some of the previous Club charm heart designs. I still think my ultimate favourite is the 2014 Hidden Heart, but this one is a close second. :)

I also think Pandora did well to release it with the Valentine’s collection instead of Spring & Summer, as in previous years. The Valentine’s collection is often more generic and less appealing to long-term collectors, so this charm offers something interesting for us to purchase while waiting for the Spring collection launch.

The Club charm is $65 USD or £55.

What do you think of this year’s Club charm? Have you added it to your collection , or is it on your wish list?

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  1. I’ve got mine and it’s my favourite for a long while. I’ve put mine on my travel bracelet and I’m trying to resist buying another to make a pair.

  2. I have got mine and it sits with the other club charms on my ‘club charms only’ bangle. Mine is so shiny that the details are not easily seen. As a collector of club charms, its a must have for me.

    • Oh really? Someone else said that to me about theirs, but the details are nicely oxidised and quite clear on mine. I wonder why that is. I’m glad you like the design too though! <3

    • Starlight!!! thank you for your post… a club charms only bracelet.. I was thinking where this would fit on the bracelets I have now. Christmas, Birthday/Mothers Day, Travel, Valentines/Hearts and one that right now just have my initials on..hmmmmm So my club charms need their own bracelet…thank you!

  3. Hi Ellie,

    This club charm is my favorite to date and I wear it almost everyday either on my bracelet or moments necklace. Initially I had asked my husband to get it for me on Valentine’s but once I saw it in person I couldn’t wait and bought it right away. Hubby will pick out something from a previous valentines collection. I agree Pandora Corp was wise to release this charm early.
    The message on the charm is relevant as is the design. This charm will spend time on a number of my bracelets including my travel themed bracelet as you suggested. The actual weight, level of oxidization & threading of the charm really appeals to me – like you said it feels substantial.
    I am so glad they asked Pandora fans to design the club charm – this years is a must have for sure.
    BTW Love your happiness bracelet!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Haha, I know the feeling about wanting to wait for a charm and then not being able to. Whenever I put a couple of charms on a birthday or Christmas list for people to choose from, I am always then tempted to just get them for myself at some point in the interim and have to remind myself that they are off limits haha.

      They’re asking people to design next year’s, too, so hopefully that design will be another fun one! <3

      Thanks for commenting Lisa - I'm glad you like my happiness bracelet! It's only a little design, but that's part of its charm. It's so easy to wear!

  4. Hi ellie hope you are ok I really like the club charm this time the design is really unique and could really fit well into a lot of design. This charm remind me of the instagram following how we all support one another and love each other designs/collections. Pandora is such a lovely little community.I love how you have styled you I love the fact of a happiness you I also get anxious from time to time hopefully you bracelet will work and bring some joy.?

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, that’s exactly my kind of feeling with this charm as well – it reminds me of us all sending each other charms around the world and following each other’s collections! It’s a really fun group, and such a nice bunch of people. Thanks Nicola, Pandora is such a fun, pretty thing that I find it can be a small little way of warding off anxiety sometimes :)

  5. I love this one Ellie and I plan on wearing them all that I have collected. It is an especially versatile one as you pointed out. I love your styling, “So many reasons to be happy” as a reminder to us all! I may need two of these. I am a person that puts a bracelet together and I refuse to take it apart! LOL, in love with the addiction.

    • The So Many Reasons to be Happy charm is my favourite engraved charm they’ve done to date! Every now and then they hit upon a design that’s a bit more special, and that is one of them. :D I tend to keep my bracelets pretty much all together once they are designed, but occasionally individual charms might swap between bracelets if necessary. ^^

  6. Hi Ellie!

    Love that Pandora decided to change up its Club Charm. I bought it right away but still haven’t decided how I’m going to wear it. I love the suggestions from you and other Pandora collectors. Right now I’m wearing my Valentine open bangle ‘creation’ almost every day at the shop!

    • Hi Sandy! I know, it’s part of a more general trend we’re seeing this season, I think – a bit more of a return to character charms and less of a reliance on hearts, flowers and buttons. :) Have fun deciding how to style it, it looks good with so many different things!

  7. Although I love heart jewelry I’m glad the club charm was different. I have a club charm/black Friday bead/limited edition bracelet I placed this charm on. I really like how the club charm comes out a lil after the black Friday charm so I’ll have another reason to buy another charm. ? The tiny diamond is always a plus and adds a lil something special. Thank you Mora for all your fabulous reviews!

    • That sounds like a lovely bracelet! Having all the different dates on there must be fun. :) Glad you enjoyed the review and thanks for commenting!

  8. Ellie, you always make every charm look spectacular. I was totally against this charm, not being fond of globes, but now, I think my daughter will love it. She likes globes (she has the globe clips), and she’ll be traveling internationally for the first time this year, going to Denmark, and then Scotland. Her Denmark trip excites me the most. Oh the bead souvenirs I will get!!!!!!

    • Haha, thank you, Lola! ? How fun for your daughter to go travelling! Denmark being the home of Pandora as well. ;) I hope she finds some Pandora treasures to bring back for you!

  9. Hi Ellie!

    I love all your designs, but I really like your happiness bracelet. I have a couple of beach themed ones (the ocean is the place I go to put life in perspective) that are make me especially happy.

    Although JJ doesn’t like to take her bracelets apart once they are styled, I tend to rearrange mine a lot based on season and my general preferences. Sometimes I want to wear just a few charms, sometimes I want a full bracelet with lots of dangles, well – you get the picture. I am finding though that I have a lot more “permanent” bracelets than ever.

    I wore my lilac/purple full bracelet yesterday in honor of my husband coming home from the hospital. His birthday is in February. Thanks to everyone who was rooting for us. He is doing great.

    I love this club charm and will definitely purchase it when I get the time to go to the store. It will go on a mesh bracelet with my other club charms.

    I am so pleased that it has the old school weighty feel and is threaded. The diamond, however tiny, does add to the aesthetic.

    Thanks for the review. I always enjoy your take on things.

    • Hi Deborah! I’m so pleased to hear that your husband is home! THat’s wonderful news. All the best to you both, and happy birthday to him for this month!

      Thank you, I’m glad you like the happiness bracelet :) it is a simple little design but a comforting one! My other bracelet that I tend to get out when anxious is my very first one, as it has a lot of my most precious memories on it.

      I don’t take my bracelets apart once they’re made – I do occasionally swap beads around if I feel that they would work better on different designs, but as a rule, once I’ve designed a bracelet, the fundamentals of that design stay the same! If it were less effort to screw them all on and off I might be more tempted haha.

      Thanks for commenting, Deborah! <3

  10. Deborah, when you are willing to rearrange and add/subtract charms, it does save on bracelets. I have a couple, but the club charms has become my “club”, LOL! I believe this 2018 is my favorite and it is so versatile. Can’t bear to UN-PART!

      • Deborah, I do the same thing. My bracelets are permanent unless I rearrange a bracelet theme because a new charm fits better than another. I have so many bracelets that I wear one on each wrist everyday. Besides I would go crazy to disassemble them all and starting fresh… not a good idea for me since I would get very anxious to try and make a perfect match or theme all over again. LOL

        • I don’t start from scratch each time either. Well, I did once several years ago. Took a week! But I just decide one day yo wear just the part between the clip stations. Or I’ll decide I want a full classically styled bracelet with dangles. Or I go on a tangent of not wanting dangles. But the bracelets with a finished design stay the same. I have several of those. I just like to give Judy a hard time!

        • Well girls, I did it! I bought a second 2018 just so I would not have to take this travel bracelet apart to share with another idea of mine! LOL, happy P addictions.

  11. Very lovely charm. I’ll say it again: I’m so glad pandora is going back to a “moments” type of style, rather than just more and more decorative charms. I still can’t quite forgive the lips though, lol.

    • Me too! It’s been so nice to see in the previews so far for this season. I haven’t been this excited in some time :)

  12. Hey Ellie,
    Thanks as always for your timely, uplifting post. I absolutely love globes because for many years I taught world geography and love learning about new cultures! I have used the open bangle to display all my club charms and I can’t wait to add this one! Pandora has become so therapeutic to many of us who suffer from anxiety and depression and I’m grateful to be able to share my love of Pandora with so many others.

    • Same here. I feel a sense of belonging to a group of friends who understands me. Thanks Ellie for your lovely blog who has become a part of my life.

      • Hello. In my case it’s been anxiety plus agoraphobia for many years. I also find Pandora therapeutic in many ways and I don’t have anybody outside the blog to share my enthusiasm with. So I enjoy every post and comment, even those about pieces I’m not interested in. Thank you Ellie.

        • I work with mine during a migraine episode. The pleasure of it restores balance in my brain, and eases the symptoms. So I know exactly what you mean. It’s nice to feel such a kinship with people all over the world with a common interest. Thanks to Ellie for this.

      • Rachelle, Marie & Deborah: That’s so lovely to hear – and thank you to all of you for reading and being part of the community. You lovely bunch are such a big part of what makes the blog so enjoyable <3 It means a lot to me that it might help a little bit with your own anxieties.

    • Hi Marsha! Thank you, I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the post! I also find Pandora can be therapeutic in terms of anxiety – it’s so pretty, and simple, and even the act of rearranging charms can be something small to concentrate on when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. This globe is a lovely one, and even better that it has that extra layer of meaning to you as a teacher of geography!

  13. I have yet to see it in store. I am in an “Essence phase” lately and so excited at the upcomming spring release that I kind of have neglected the rest of the Pandora’s world, lol.
    I love your happiness bracelet. It’s beautiful and full of meaning. I like especially the “so many reasons to be happy dangle”.Sometimes I could use a reminder to have a more positive outlook on life. It’s a shame that we cannot get it here. Have a nice freezing week.

    • Haha, I don’t think I’ve had a full out Essence phase. ^^ The upcoming Essence spring collection is not particularly exciting to me (a lot of spacers and Rose beads) but there are a lot of older pretty Essence beads on sale right now. So in a way, it’s a good time to be an Essence collector!

      Thank you, Marie! <3 It is a very cute dangle, and I'm sure it would do well worldwide. Perhaps Pandora's global team will pick it up and do something similar. Have a lovely weekend. :)

  14. Hi Ellie,

    I love your new Happy theme bracelet. I agree with Marie, the dangling charm should be available to all Pandora collectors.

    I did not like the globe at first glance and did not think where it could fit on any of my bracelets. Since your review, my mind has gone crazy because now I actually love it. So I was thinking maybe getting the other planet “Around the world” to make a full message and in the middle, I could add the celestial mosaic charm (which I love but did buy since my starry&Winter bracelet was full). I think I would use the same bracelet as you did, which I have not seen in person yet. I wanted to get the new clips with stars and zirconia so now I have a reason to get them and a nice spot to use them. This would be my twentieth bracelet!!!! I NEED more drawers in my safe. LOL

      • Hi Lozzie,

        My husband bought my first two, the elephant and the dolphin, and I believe that was in 2014.

        I also bought some Chamilia and Persona beads to mix with Pandora since it was cheaper that way.

        When Rue Lala started shipping internationally, I also bought many retired charms to fill my bracelets. I am very picky on matching colors and try to have a theme for all my bracelets.

        I try to stick with Pandora GWP sale for free bracelets. Last Boxing Day 40% sale at Pandora, I bought many charms to finish all my bracelets.

        I do not own any Pandora rings, earrings or necklace which makes my life easier LOL

        Now I can say I am up to date LOL

        • No wait, I do have a pair of earrings… my lovely bows with pearl, from my OH as a birthday gift. Sorry honey:)

        • I like your shopping style Rachelle. I need to buy more charms during the sales but I usually can’t wait that long especially after reading MoraPandora preview posts.

        • Hi Ashley,

          Chamilia makes good quality charms sterling and are associated with Swazorsky for their crystals (much better than zirconia) Most charms fit on a Pandora bracelet but I have a dangling Tinkerbell which is threaded and made too small to fit on any of my Pandora bracelet. My muranos have scratches and are less shiny now, but maybe because they are old and I do wear them when working at a computer all day.

          I have earring loops which I can change beads now and than and wear them all the time. These are great.

          As for the bracelets and clips, its a different story. I have a bangle which does not shine as much as the Pandora ones. One of my chain link bracelet had a bent at purchase and I had to exchange it. I have two old chain links which tends to open when I get my Winter coat off and are being caugth at the cuffs I guess. Not a good thing even with a safety chain. I have to be very careful. The clips are hard to remove and you can’t use the tool from Pandora. I do have to clean the beads so there goes my nails lol.

          Chamilia do make beautiful muranos and cute charms at a cheaper price than Pandora, but I have not bought any for a while now.

          I never had to exchange any of my Pandora bracelets so far and hope my muranos will keep their beautiful shine.

          As for rings, I do not own any of the brands. I don’t like silver sterling with rhodium plating and I dont know if Chamilia or Pandora’s rings are produced that way.

          Hope my comments have answered your question.

      • I have around 15 Pandora bracelets & bangles ( 2 Pandora Rose & 1 Essence try for fun) since 2014 March. I usually only put charms & dangles between 2 clips to style mini theme bracelet, only shop on sales in promotion period. There is a Pandora outlet store 45 minutes away, I go there buy many discounted retired pieces. I have 2 full bracelet two toned bracelet which I love the most. I buy Trollbead and Thomas Sabo too.

    • I have 18 bracelets between Moments and Essence. I’ve given many away too, mostly the snake chains because they’re so uncomfortable for me, and the newer versions are so badly manufactured. The difference between a Moments bracelet from even four years ago and today is amazing. The quality is gone. I actually threw away a smooth snake chain, it was so badly made and totally unusable. As a sale item, I couldn’t return it, and of course Pandora did not reply to my email.

      • I was able to stay away from Essence and Pandora Rose collection so I could concentrate on the regular bracelets. I also have three Pandora bangles and five Pandora leather but I do not put any charms on these.

        • I wear beads on bangles, but not on leather.

          I don’t avoid any line within a brand. I buy so many brands tho it’s ridiculous. I just did the Trollbeads free bracelet promotion again, buy a lock and get a free chain. It’s super for me now with the global price balancing Trollbeads did recently, lowering US prices dramatically, but oddly not Canadian prices, so I get my girlfriend in Chicago to grab me what I want. I save SO much money now it’s insane. Troll Canada will go out business if they don’t lower their prices to match the US. I don’t know what they’re thinking.

    • Hi Rachelle! Yes, I’ve had many questions about that bead since posting it on Instagram etc. It seems like it would be a sure hit worldwide, so perhaps Pandora in Copenhagen will pick it up and think about doing a proper charm on those lines :)

      haha, you’re not crazy, it’s just a very nice bead haha! Your idea for a design sounds lovely – it would go great with the existing globe, and be a nice contrast to it. You can feel better about it being your twentieth bracelet if I tell you that I hit twenty some time ago and haven’t looked back haha!

  15. I love globes so I’ll probably get the club charm. I did look at the club charm (just one) at the Concept Store, but it was quite shiny without much oxidation. When I’m ready to buy it, I’ll have to look at a few to see if the oxidation varies at all. I’m pretty picky! Your bead looks nice and looks good with your happiness dangle.

    • Someone else said that to me as well about their charm lacking oxidation, but mine is very clearly defined – and I think it looks defined in the photos. I haven’t really had a close look at any others in store, though. I’d be interested to hear if you did find variation in the beads you look at!

  16. Hi Ellie. I hadn’t considered this charm until your review. Must go in store and check it out. Glad you have a happy bracelet. This Pandora community that you have built is a happy place to me. I love reading everyone’s comments and I love reading all your replies. It is a lot of work for you but you do give alot of happiness to many of us who do not have anyone else to share their Pandora passion with. Thank you. Take care.

    • Hi Lozzie, you should! I think it’s so much nicer in person. :) And thank you, I’m so very glad to hear that. It’s a funny and lovely thing to me that it’s grown like this! Take care too, Lozzie, and thank you for taking the time to let me know! :)

  17. Hi Ellie, this is a beautiful review and thanks so much!! I have to agree with everyone else who has commented so, your blog brings so much happiness to everyone! Recently at work we have had a lot of reorganizations going on so it has been hectic. Your blog and the Pandora community really help me chill every evening. Just love the pictures and stylings you share and reading about everyone else’s bracelets and experiences here too. Definitely a lot of love and happiness on Mora Pandora and the Pandora community :) :) :)

    • Me too. I read to unwind after work even the reviews along with comments for charms that I have no interest in. I am so happy when I get notification that new Mora Pandora review been posted. Also, none of my close friends share my Pandora obsession so it’s rewarding to take part in this online community and I can visualize everyone else’s bracelet designs. I like to redesign my bracelets as only been collecting for a year. Plus, it is calming and relaxing and in the moment task which helps when stressed and anxious.

      • I’m so pleased to hear that Kelly! :) I don’t have any close friends with a similar Pandora obsession either, so this is absolutely my place to come and indulge too haha. I absolutely get what you mean about Pandora itself being a good task to set yourself when you’re stressed. There’s something about rearranging beads that is something very simple and calming.

    • Hi Pauline, thank you so much! The blog and writing about Pandora is often such a source of pleasure and relaxation for me myself, that it is so lovely to hear that you get something similar out of it too. <3 You are very sweet to take the time to let know, it put such a smile on my face this morning!

  18. My sweet hubby stopped on his way home from work yesterday and picked up the club charm for me. He is a technical educator and was teaching a class of students from around the country this week. One of the students had on a Pandora bracelet and he asked if she had any new charms. She showed him the club charm and he knew I didn’t have it. He came home with the charm, a new bracelet and a safety chain saying he just knew I’d want to start a new bracelet. The man definitely knows me well and I cherish him. Now to just decide what goes with it. It is my first club charm so I’m perusing your ideas on bracelet design.

    • What a sweet husband! I have a limited edition and club charm bracelet. Since this one is 1 of 5 you can pursue the others if u choose. Not all collectors like all the designs but I get them for the limited aspect. Happy hunting!

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