Today’s post brings my next Pandora SS18 preview, with an overview of all the Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 jewellery! I already wrote about the charms and bracelets coming out, but today’s article covers the accompanying jewellery – rings, earrings, necklaces and non-charm bracelets! These will be available to purchase worldwide from 12 April. 

Side note: I’m a little behind on my comments and messages, apologies. I’ve had my parents staying for the Mother’s Day weekend and I’ve also been prepping posts for launch week! Yay! But I’ll catch up as soon as I can. :)

Read on for today’s preview!


The Brilliant Bow bracelet is retailing for $60 USD, and will come in three sizes: 16.5cm; 18.5cm; and 20.5cm.


The Sparkling Strand bracelet is being released in a new golden colour for Mother’s Day – I suppose this shade is intended to go nicely with the Pandora Shine collection. It will be $50 USD.



The Flourishing Hearts earrings were already released in the UK last month, and they’re really very pretty in person. They’re priced at $40 USD.The Bright Hearts Hoops feature the same blend of lilac and lavender stones that characterises other pieces from this collection – it somehow makes the pieces seem more contemporary to me. These are $60 USD.297231NRPMXThe Brilliant Bows are rather pretty, but I wonder how large they actually are in person. They’re priced at $60 USD.297234CZThe Sweet Statements earrings will be $40 USD.297275EN160


Next – necklaces! We have matching offerings for the Brilliant Bow and the Bright Hearts sets. The Brilliant Bow necklace is priced at $100 USD.



The Bright Hearts offers a bit of a twist on Pandora’s usual necklace designs, and is priced at $75 USD.


Finally, we have another Floating Locket design. This is the Sparkling Heart, which will retail for $140 USD.397230CZ


Finish off, we have three new rings. The Brilliant Bow ring is the only standard design of them all,


The other two are something a little different – floating locket rings! The rings themselves are quite chunky looking, but I like the concept very much. This first one is plain silver, but features a lot of Pandora branding – it’s $75 USD.197251

The Sparkling Floating Heart Locket ring swaps branding for sparkle, and is correspondingly more expensive at $100 USD.


My Comment

As I said when reviewing the charm jewellery, I like that the tone of this collection isn’t overly sweet; it offers a little dash of sentiment with the pink enamel earrings and the Flourishing Hearts motif, but the majority of the jewellery has a wider appeal, too. I like the idea of Floating Locket rings, and being able to customise my ring with a petite charm, but I’d have to see them being worn to get an idea of size.

What do you think of this collection?

65 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 Jewellery Preview

  1. Hi Ellie!

    It’s fabulous that you have your parents there for Mother’s Day. Hope you are having a great time.

    As I said in your other Mother’s Day post, I like the flourishing hearts and the – gulp! – bows. Like you, I’m cautiously optimistic about the floating locket rings. Once I dip a toe in the water with the bracelet that has a floating lock, I’m doomed to play catch up with the lockets and petites. So hopefully I can resist a little while longer. My Spring list keeps getting longer and longer.

    Thanks for taking the time to post all this while you have family guests. I won’t tell your Mom that you’ve been spending a lot of time photographing “charming” bottoms. Or maybe I just did!?

    • Hello Ellie,

      I can feel the excitement about the new and I already got the tassel, but I’m trying to hold it in on the pieces I’m curious about example the flowery pieces, unlike the spring collection with baubles and colored clips I’m seeing more of interest here.

      • Hi Sanikki! Oh, so you’re not that keen on the Spring launch? It’s been one of my favourites they’ve done for years! I’m also pretty excited for Mother’s Day though. There are some very pretty things!

    • Hi Deborah! Thank you very much, it was such a nice weekend. We spoiled my mum with dinner and homemade cake, and some nice presents, which was fun to do! She still won’t let me buy her Pandora though. She’s a spoilsport! ;)

      I am dipping my toes into the floating lockets myself for the first time with the SS18 collections. I love the Ladybird petite and so am going to buy the Floating Locket charm to go with it. Whether that leads to more Floating Locket indiscretions will have to be seen!

      Ahaha, inevitably my mum knows all about my Pandora loopiness, but I’m not sure that she is ready for miniature panda bottoms yet, lol. When the time is right! ;)

  2. Thanks for the update. Happy you were able to spend time with your family(so important)?

    I am excited about the FLOURISHING HEART….
    I love the Floating Locket rings. I am concerned about the locking mechanism used to keep the petite insde.

    My list keeps getting longer?

    • Hi Sabrina! Thank you, it was a really nice weekend :D

      The Flourishing Heart designs are beautiful! I have the pendant and love it. I also wish that I’d got the bangle while it was still available here in the UK! I hesitated because of the script, but the padlock clasp is so pretty.

  3. Hi, I am seeing a lot of designs similar to Tiffany & Co….the silver heart with pink enamel surrounding is like their key, and the necklace with a curve with bow is like their Tiffany Smile necklace…..

    • Hi Jane, yes, I guess the bows are kind of Tiffany like. :) I don’t follow other jewellery brands that closely so that sort of aspect often doesn’t occur to me!

  4. Hi Ellie I like the rings and I’m really intrested in the floating locket design not much for the rest of the jewellery. Probly a good thing as I like a lot of the spring collection coming out.

    • Hi Nicola! No, the Floating Locket rings would be a maybe, but otherwise I am safe from these! :)

  5. Hi Ellie!! Thanks for the update!
    I really like this new bow design! Something a bit different from all the hearts we have…
    I’m curious to see I will look the floating locket ring on the hand, that’s something I really would like to have if it doesn’t look too excessive!

    • Hi Diana! You are very welcome. :D I would also be curious to see a live shot of the Locket rings in action. I imagine they’ll be daintier than they look in the stock images.

  6. I like the bow bracelet. Dainty and sweet. However i’m still wondering if there is a GWP for Australia. If they not having one, then i will just go and get my Spring charms as soon as it hit the store and not wait till then. ?

    • I have tried to find out about AU promos but no info out there yet. My usual sources hadn’t heard anything when I asked!

      • I did not see the flourishing heart bangle in Aust latest catalogue. I’m hopeful that it might be offered as GWP here. Its a pretty one. Cross my fingers and toes.

  7. Hi Ellie!
    I love the bright heart hoops they look nice but which size are they?
    And of course the bright heart necklace but it’s the kind of necklace that doesn’t stay in place ?
    Hope my husband will think of it for my first mother’s day !
    Have a nice time with your parents !

    • Hi Aurelie! I haven’t seen any Mother’s Day shots, or I’d have had a look to see if these earrings were in any!

      Thanks, it was a very nice weekend! I hope you have a wonderful first Mother’s Day, and that you get what you’re hoping for too! <3

  8. I like the flourising hearts and the no charms bracelets, above all the one with the bow. Thanks for this wonderful review. Enjoy Mother’s Day!

  9. I just started a pandora 14 kt gold charm bracelet . I have read your blog and I never see anything about new charms. I need clips and nothing is new. Are you coming out with new charms and clips? I loved the white swirl murano glass and see that is discontinued.

    • They have done away with most spacers and clips for the real gold. I don’t know what, if anything, is coming out in the future for the gold line. You can easily get gold clips on rue la la at a discount, and gold beads also. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you for getting back to me Lisa. I just checked Rue la la And they did not have any 14 it gold charms. If you have any other suggestions I would appreciate it.

        Thks again.

        • I’m not sure what they have now, but they will have another big sale soon and there will be gold items.:)

        • I just looked. Sometimes they sell random stuff between the real sales. Just check or ask rue to send you updates.

    • No, there isn’t any new 14kt gold coming out this season. We will have to wait and see what the future of the gold line will be now that they’ve released Pandora Shine, which is a new line of plated gold jewellery.

      • I am very disappointed. I just started the 14kt gold bracelet and I am not sure if I want to mix the gold plated with the 14kt gold. I was looking for 14kt new line of clips and charms. What about all the other customers who are looking for 14 kt gold? Will the charms be selling at a discount price?

        Thank you

        • There’s a chance that they’ll put some 14kt gold in the next sale (they usually run summer and winter) but I honestly don’t know what their plans are at this point. All I can say is that Pandora are not releasing any new 14kt gold beads this season. :(

  10. Thanks so much for the new reviews Ellie. I know this takes a lot of your time and you’ve had your family with you. Thanks for your sacrifice to bring this to us.

    I’ve never been much of a jewelry person aside from the charm bracelets but I must say the Bow Bracelet is attractive. I get a double dose near Mother’s Day in the US. My birthday is always the week of Mother’s Day so I get two gifts from my husband and my girls.

    I’m glad you had a good visit with your family as I look forward to my weekend with my family in May.

    • Thanks, Beth! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the preview. It was my pleasure to put it together! :) The Bow bracelet is pretty, but my attention is most grabbed by the charm bangles coming out for Mother’s Day. I do love the lacey bangle and the Floating Locket bangle is nice too!

      Yes, it was a really nice weekend, thanks. :) I hope that you enjoy your Mother’s Day in May – and your birthday too!

  11. Hi Ellie,

    I love bows and so this ring looks lovely… and not too many zirconia.:)

    Can’t wait to try the floating locket ring. It would be interesting to change the style every now and than. I did not indulge in any floating locket yet.

    Last Saturday, I tried ordering the Daisy Signet ring on Rue La La and was told by their Associates this item cannot be shipped internationally, for US customer only. Pretty strange isn’t!

    Have a great week!

    Happy shopping everyone! :)

    • Hi Rachelle! I haven’t gone for any Floating Lockets yet either, but I am going to get one of the charm lockets to wear the Ladybug petite on a bracelet :D I don’t know whether I’d get one of these rings, I’d need to see it in person!

      That’s so weird about Rue La La and the Daisy Signet. I can’t think of any reason why it would be restricted. Did they say why? :S

      Have a lovely weekend and thanks for commenting!

  12. I like the concept of the bow bracelet, the two different sides. I’ll bet it’s very hard to fasten tho. I would have liked the floating locket ring had Pandora left off the branding, just silver would have been lovely. The bold branding will take away from the little charm inside. Maybe they’ll eventually make one without the name. I’ll be curious to see what people say, if they ring is too top heavy, or nicely balanced.

    • I agree about the plain silver Locket ring – I’d have preferred a plain version, or maybe one with some other kind of decorative plain silver design. The branding is a bit distracting! But like you say, they might do more if they prove popular.

  13. Do you know what the “select styles” will be for the spend more, save more event coming up? Is Disney excluded? Thanks

    • It should include everything apart from Shine. The only thing listed as being excluded in the T&Cs in the poster I have is Shine – no mention of Disney!

    • Hi Gill, yes – it will be £50! It’s in our new catalogue, if you get a chance to pick that one up from a store. :)

  14. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks for the post as I always enjoy reading your writing as very thorough. I probably wiill wait until promos before stepping into a concept store for now. I have list of charms for spring collection and my list keeps getting longer. I will have to figure out which are must haves as car repairs took massive chunk out of my Pandora budget but at least I now have reliable car. Priorities.

    • Hi Kelly! Aw, I’m glad you got the car sorted. At least you can get back to spending money on the fun things now :) my Spring list is super long as well and will be keeping me busy for a little while haha!

  15. Hi everyone, are there any news on the bee mine collection. Or is it to be kept under wraps for now?

    • Ellie was saying she isn’t able to blog about the shine collection, the bee themed 18k plated, until it is release date as Pandora put an embargo on her. Guessing you are referring to the shine line as didn’t know it is called Bee mine.

      • This is strange seeing as I got a catalogue all about the shine collection in the mail weeks ago from my store.

        Come on Pandora, stop being weird. And be fair bc I see other sites with updates of these collections and their not being policed… Like another reader said, these “games” are kind of turning me off to the brand.

        • That’s exactly why I asked, Ive seen other bliss post about the collection, no prices nor reviews just pictures. Obviously I prefer a more reliable point of view like Ellie’s, cuz I’m going crazy for a specific bead but have no way to know if it’s worth it price wise

        • I threw away the mailer bc I’m not interested in the collection but they were all on the higher end of the Pandora price range iirc.

        • I find it odd as well as seen photos and previews elsewhere too. Maybe as Ellie’s blog is very active and higher number of followers and comments so Pandora took notice?

        • Maybe I’m wrong but I feel that it’s Ellie’s blog what it has been “embatgoed” rather than the Shine collection. As I see it, this is not about stealing images or something like that. We are Pandora followers that get thrilled to see upcoming collections just because ee like thd brand and we expect to add some new pieces to our collections with each release. It doesn’t either influence us in any way. Ellie’s reviews are always very detailed and always very objective. I have myself been in two minds about a charm more than once and after reading Ellie’s post have decided to get it.
          Let’s face things: we are adults with their own tastes, ideas and budgets and in the end this is what moves us to buy or not, so come on Pandora, be serious andrelease the blog!

    • Hey! As others have said, I was embargoed and told I couldn’t post until release day – even though there were sneak peeks on They implied that everyone else was meant to be embargoed too apart from the official website and their ‘brand ambassadors’, but I figure that they were just too busy to police it. At least I have my post up now! :)

  16. Hi Ellie,

    This is an interesting post. Nothing here for me, however it is nice to see some variations on the bows. Also, for those who have invested in the petite S they now have another option to wear them in the locket rings. Shame they haven’t gotten back to you about the Disney release, since you are giving them a lot of free promotion via your blog.
    I was chatting with the gals at my local shop in shop and while they are excited to see the shine pieces they are of the same mind I am about the long term wearing of these pieces, will they be worth the cost. The rose gold is pricier and I have opted not to purchase any new pieces because of the wearing away of the finish. I pull out those pieces occasionally preferring the durability of the silver & 14k gold. I think I will concentrate on the silver pieces, so many lovely ones to choose from that I want and see how the shine pieces wear. Hopefully they will prove to be durable. I notice Pandora has hired a new male design team, they feature them in one of their email releases talking about the shine collection. Would love for them to feature some female designers too, I am assuming Pandora has some women on their design team.

    Have a great day.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I am still trying my best about Disney but have not had any kind of decision offered me yet. I guess they are super busy with the Shine launch. I have also requested to bring forward the Summer release date, but it is slow progress. :)

      It’s funny as people have mentioned having issues with the Rose, but I really haven’t. I know that I don’t wear mine as often as some people as I have a lot of different bracelets to choose from every day, but my oldest Rose bracelet and charms are four years old now, and they still look great.

      The two new designers in charge of everything are the two Italian guys. :) I don’t know much about the design team beyond that. The promo material that the SS18 collections are the first entirely based under their creative direction – I assume that means that they pretty much have the designing of everything. I’d love to know more about how it all works and the process!

      Have a lovely day too, and thanks for commenting!

  17. I don’t usually like Pandora rings as I don’t suit band ring styles, I prefer more chunky and elongating rings, hence I only have one, the diamond-shaped one with cherry blossoms. The floating charm ring looks interesting but I would need to see what it looks like on a finger as my fingers need to be elongated ;-), stubbly little sausages that they are ;-). I’ve just ordered the floating necklace this morning :-).

    I love the bow bracelet and necklace and might have to get those.

    Are we getting the usual essence free bracelet promo at the end of March?

    • Ah, see, I’m kind of the opposite, I find the chunkier rings a bit distracting to wear, especially if I’m at work and typing. They’re super pretty to look at, but I don’t find them that practical. :)

      I have not heard anything about an Essence promo. I imagine that they won’t be running anything so soon after Shine’s launch this year, but I could be wrong!

  18. Hi Ellie,

    I had thought of using the Brilliant Bow with the Shiny Bow clips from the M’Day collection, but the Brilliant Bow bracelet above would certainly be a much less expensive option at $60. My guess is it’s tiny and I’m not sure about the closure being a lobster claw.

    I’ve not given in to the lockets as of yet, but I do like the ones coming out in the M’Day collection. I think I’d prefer the pave’ over the Pandora branding. The ring looks nice, but I’m not sure it’s for me.

    Hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day weekend with your family. Thank you for taking time out to bring us the jewelry preview.

    I’m looking forward to your Shine Preview later this week!

    • I haven’t given into lockets yet either but I do like the tree off hearts design and the idea of mini charms to personalize. I don’t wear necklaces very often as mt hair tends to tangle around the chain and painful to remove. Plus, I don’t want to start collecting necklaces and pendants as I already am obessessed with expanding my Pandora bracelets and charms collection. I can see it getting out of control very easily if I start on non-bracelet jewelry items.

    • Hi Emily! I think I’d probably go pavé over the branding as well out of these two rings. From the stock image at least, the branding on the ring looks quite overt. Having said that, I am wanting to get a charm floating locket in which to wear the Ladybug petite – and I think I will go for the silver version with the branding. However this is mostly because of the size – the branded silver version looks smaller and more proportionate to me on a bracelet!

      Yes, it was such a nice weekend, thank you! :) Thanks for commenting, and I hope you enjoyed the Shine post! :D

  19. Hello Thank you for always taking the time to do these sneak peeks I enjoy them very much and appreciate it. I know this is off topic but do you or anyone happen to know what the canada promotion for march 22nd is? My store told me it was spend 150 but they didn’t know what you got for spending that amount and I’m trying to make a list and plan ahead for all the spring items I want.

    • Hi Hayley! You are very welcome! :) Yes, the Canadian promo is spend $150 CAD and get a free piece of jewellery up to the value of $65 CAD.

  20. Thanks for the post Ellie! You have been super busy these days getting us all to speed on our Pandora and we truly appreciate that! I do love the bows in this collection – they are so pretty and feminine looking. I can never get enough hearts, bows and flowers so Pandora seldom disappoints ha! The brilliant bow ring is so cute. Glad you got to spend time with your family on Mother’s day. I’m wondering how large the floating locket rings will be when worn.

    • As always, it’s my pleasure and I’m really glad you’ve found them useful! Haha, Pandora is the perfect brand for you then. :D ??? I love bows as well, and I do think it would be fun to do a Disney design with the Bow clips from this collection. I think I’m mostly safe from this accompanying jewellery, although I am curious to see the Locket rings in action! THanks for commenting :)

  21. How long will this collection remain in stores once it’s launched? And how much is the bow bracelet in CAD?

    • Unless they’re marked as ‘seasonal’ in the catalogue, they’re not limited edition pieces and will remain in stores until Pandora decides to retire them. I don’t have the CAD pricing for that bracelet but if you can get a catalogue from your local store it will have it in!

      • Thank you, Ellie!

        I’m a fan of the chain-style bracelets, so I was dismayed to see that Pandora has retired most of those bracelets, except for the Sparkling Strand ones. I had to drive all over the province in order to find an outlet that still had the Hearts of Pandora bracelet! I hope the bow bracelet will still be in my local stores later this year. ^_^

        Thanks again!

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