*UPDATED* The Pandora sale will resume next week at Rue La La – details to come! :)

As if we didn’t have enough temptation already with the launch of the Pandora Spring 2018 collections – Pandora is back on sale at US shopping site Rue La La today (18 March)! The sale is due to start in under 10 mins at 11AM EST, and will offer discounts of up to 50% off RRP.

It’s been a couple of months since their last ‘proper’ sale, and I’m told that this one will include new styles, although I wasn’t given a banner in advance this time. There have been a few new styles available over the past couple of weeks if you search ‘Pandora’ via the ‘Brands’ section, including the White Primrose clip, the pavé Strawberry and Watermelon and more – whether there will be more still in this sale remains to be seen! :)

*UPDATED* We now have a banner, and there tons of new things, including the Pandora traditional silver charm bracelet!

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years.

Also, for readers outside the US, Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

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  1. Hi Ellie!

    Read with 3 minutes to spare! I’ll certainly check it out to see what new things they have…

    • Haha, straight in there! :) They have some fun new items in this time. Lots of spring pastels, for one!

      • I purchased the ram (UNC mascot) for the basketball and UNC stone armory mini design. They are my favorite basketball team. Picked up a couple of the classic bracelets. The car for the tech bracelet. And some of the 14k gold charms while they are still out there. So I’ll have to be good and not spend too much at the spend more save more starting Thursday. Really happy you gave us the heads up.

  2. There is definitely a lot of new styles. Sadly, the Iconic bracelet is also included.
    Such a shame they have retired this piece.
    Also, quite a selection of the 14k gold.

    • I know! There have been lots of rumours that the classic bracelet is retiring, and I guess they are true. End of an era!

      • Yes, had heard much talk in that regards. Sadly, it is now fact. :(
        Of all the offerings, this is my favorite one. I did purchase a couple to put aside when I first heard talk about this. I think I will purchase a few more to have on hand for future projects.
        Hopefully what Pandora may replace it with will be just as classic/timeless.
        But, just in case…

        • I noticed in the description the iconic bracelet is the oxidized one. But the picture is silver. So maybe that helps explain why it’s in there since the oxidized did retire.

        • Nichol, Thank you, I went back and reread the info. I did not notice that until you pointed it out. I confess, I did just go by the photo. Hopefully Rue will fix that photo. :)

          Ladies…so very sorry for my error. The Iconic barrel clasp bracelet rides for another day!

        • I just checked the Pandora page and it does still show there. But my understanding is that Rue only sells retired/discontinued pieces. And since it is in this sale…
          I take that to mean it has been discontinued. I also saw it on a recent outlet store offering for discounted pricing.

    • I saw that the classic barrel cladsp bracelet on Rue so the rumors are true anou it being retired. I was looking at getting another one but in a 18cm but too late as sold out of all the medium size ones. Costco in Canada carries them in warehouse but not online along with some select charms at discount price. They aren’t authorized Pandora sellers so no Pandora warranty but does have warranty under Costco if anyone looking for this bracelet. No Pandora gift box or gift bags though for those who collect Pandora gift boxes.

  3. Hay everyone, I purchased only one Pink Crystal Essence Charm from Ruelala….is an Easter gift for my daughter! I promised my husband I would be a good girl since I have been doing way too much gold shopping for myself!!! I will not be purchasing any of the Shine line….not interested in plated at all….but for those who will, I hope it wears well for you!! Enjoy!!!

    • Hey Janet! Haha, excellent self restraint! I was not so good – I purchased a couple of the Spring pastel beads that I’ve wanted for a little while. :D

  4. I’m pissed – I religiously check RLL and this site and I miss the good size bracelets bc I was too late this time. I had no heads-up from Rue La La (even though I’m signed up to get their alerts). I’m sad and disappointed. I hope they will stock these items again someday…

    • Aw, I’m sorry Sarah! They usually do get most items back in stock, so I’d keep checking the sale just in case. :) And I expect they might have more next time, too.

    • You can “still want it” and on the newer bracelets you should be able to get them. They will be getting new stuff and order returns. I almost always get an item that I put on the Still Want It list. Hope this helps.

      • Hi Deborah,
        I was happy to see your comment in regards to the “Still Want It” list.
        I was going to ask if anyone has had luck with that option.
        I have an item on the list. It is actually the second time I have put on the list. What is strange to me is that Rue has had it in the last few sales but it always comes up as sold out. And I see the Dreamer safety chain is in this sale as well(and still says sold out). I hope it does come in before my “want” expires as it was a better price when put on list than in the current offering. I still have about 2 weeks left on this one. Fingers crossed.

    • Sarah,
      dont be upset. I learnt from the same experance previously.
      I have a look now and again, last week they day a numbers of days for the saleperiod as 365, the few new things they are now to to less than 3 days.
      Not alot of new bits. And to make you fell a little better, they had not listed it on their up and coming sales. So just something I have learnt all ways keep a close eye on site when Pandora have made some new releases. Can be boring looking at the same stuff all the time. A quick tip, go in select by brand once in see number of items for sale, so a 2 min check. Good hunting. I am in uk new sales and adittions start at 3in the in the afternoon. Love to have a great easter

      • Thanks! I did try a “still want it” but I’ve had bad experience with that. Only once have I gotten an item on there. Oh well, I actually really would like the blue pave barrel clasp which wasn’t even on the sale. Maybe some day.

  5. If they are retiring the classic barrel clasp snake chain, what will be replacing it as their standard bracelet??

    • I’m guessing that there won’t be a ‘standard’? You’ll just pick whichever clasp & chain you like… or, the heart-clasp bracelet is kind of the new standard, I guess. It is odd!

    • I suspect the standard will be a silver bracelet with clip stations and the round clasp, like the bracelet without clip stations has (and the leather bracelets).

  6. I figured there would be a Rue sale sometime around now. It seems like there’s always a Rue sale near promo time. I haven’t gotten anything yet, but I’m going to take another look.

    • Judy, dont take to long, site states down on over 100 items already, but that depends what you want, same item is listed several times namely due to being differant sizes.
      Good hunting

  7. Thanks so much for this heads up! My daughter was able to get the ring she’s been wanting, in her size, at a great price, and I got 2 of the opalescence spacers that I’ve been wanting – at $19.99 that’s a great deal! YAY for happy purchases! Thanks again!

    • Oh that’s great, you’re so very welcome! Glad to hear you bought something too. I got a couple of older spring pastel beads that I’ve wanted for a little while as well. :D

  8. Hi there!
    I’m a newcomer to your blog but I won’t lie- I’ve been stalking your posts at least once a day to check for Pandora updates! For the Ruelala sale, I noticed that the prices are more or less the same. The One of a Kind Pearl charm that I’ve been eyeing for my ‘Tropical Vacation’ bracelet is still at $25.99. That being said, is this ‘sale’ basically just a ‘new arrivals?’ Or have I just overslept and missed the whole sale entirely? Thank you!

    • Hi Katie! Haha, that’s so nice – welcome to the blog! :D So, basically, Rue La La offers varying discounts on Pandora’s US RRPs. They run official sales usually once every one or two months – this is usually up to 50% off. Every now and again they’ll do a flash sale with a greater amount of discount (typically 60%, very occasionally 70%). However, in between these sales, Rue La La offer a certain number of items outside of their official sales via the ‘brands’ section of the website. Which is why you were able to see the Pearl charm at the same level of discount before this sale started.

      I hope that makes some sense lol! I’m super sleepy and the words are just not there like they should be haha.

  9. I think for things that are only available in the US, only the US site should have access. The rest of us don’t want to see what’s only available in the US, it just makes us angry and then we close out the site without buying anything.

      • For example, the Birthday Blooms June Grey Moonstone studs are US only, but all other months are international. I screen capped the page so I can send it to Rue with a complaint. I know other items on their site are US only, kids books, for example, and some food and glassware, I just wish they’d give us a break with Pandora and not show us what we can’t have. It’s annoying enough with other stuff.

        • Ah, I thought that might be what you meant. I heard from someone else that apparently it’s because Rue are limited by US export laws and can’t export certain materials such as MOP, etc. :/ it is frustrating for you and I don’t remember seeing such restrictions there before!

    • I agree with you Lola, it is very frustrating. I was trying to buy the Daisy Signet ring and got a message this item is only shipped in US. I did wrote to Rue La la about it. Hope they read your comment as well.

      • It’s so frustrating. I stopped shopping Rue for anything but Pandora because everything I liked, boots especially, were US only. Pandora never has been restricted. I’m hoping it’s an error. I’ll email them today with the screen cap I grabbed and ask.

  10. As usual, can’t turn down a sale! It’s nice to get the discount however! I did have so much marked for the sale on Thursday; know I am doing 3 bracelets. But will not get the additional things I wanted. After the Rue day event! The Rue event is nice for gifts for the girls and sometimes I wonder if I don’t enjoy this more than they do. I think I need to use some common sense in the future when I gift them.
    I appreciate the heads up Ellie. My BFF also texted me and it was a good thing! I was busy doing other things and I would have been really late. Had to get on the “wait list” for the gold spacers. But “wait list” usually comes through.

  11. Thanks Ellie. Not sure if anyone got this issue-i try to check out realize many items not able to ship to Australia, weird. It never happen before

    • Hey, a couple of people have mentioned that now. I think someone else said that it was become there are US laws forbidding the export of certain materials such as mother of pearl. :(

      • I ordered a few days ago (to Australia) and they have just sent me an email saying that my order has been cancelled because the items are restricted by customs…

  12. I checked the sales but the price are good only in US dollars. When they give me the Canadian dollar price is not that good anymore but still doable but then they charge for shipping and import taxes to pay in advance (I’ve always been buying from US and NEVER payed any duty taxes). In the end the final price is double of what is originally displayed. I’m very disappointed, I saw a ring I really wanted that now is retired ?.
    Wish I could ship in the US!!
    But thanks Ellie for keeping us updated ?

  13. I am so bummed! We were traveling today and I missed out on several things I would have loved to have had. Signed up on some of them on Still Want It so hopefully they will become available. I signed up the other day for a safety chain on still want it and had an email saying it was shipping this week.

    • Hi Beth,
      If you wouldn’t mind my asking, which safety chain will you be getting? Is it the silver Dreamer safety chain?
      Just asking as I have twice now put that on the still want it list but haven’t heard from Rue if it will ship. Thank you.

      • Yes, I’ve had it on my list at least 3 times. Just got an email today saying it was shipping. Good luck on getting yours soon!

        • Thank you so much for the reply. I think I will check on this with Rue as I have been waiting quite awhile now.

        • Hello, I am fairly new to the rue lala website. Could you tell me how do you enter items on their waiting list? Thank you.

        • How strange….. I had a followup email this morning that said there was an error in their inventory and they would not be shipping the safety chain and that my account would be refunded promptly. Something seems to be going on with them lately.

          As to how to get on the waiting list…….. When you open an item that is sold out you will see a small red box that asks “do you still want it”. Click on that box and it will take you to a page to authorize payment when it becomes available.

        • Still Want It isn’t available for every country. I don’t have it in Canada. The odd times Rue messes up and shows me the US page instead of the Canada page, I’m amazed at all the things the US gets that Canada does not. It’s actually mind-blowing. It’s understandable tho, given Rue is US based.

          The Dreamer safety chain is available on Rue right now.

    • Keep checking the website. Two charms that showed sold out last night were available this morning. Needless to say I just placed another order.

    • I hope you get your ‘still want it’s! I’ve had good experiences with that in the past. I’ve put two charms on it this time around and hopefully they’ll be back in stock too!

  14. I’m so frustrated. I placed my order promptly at 11:30am yesterday and just now received an email saying Rue LaLa cancelled my order, with no explanation as to why.

    • I just learned something upsetting! Pandora took Rue La La off of its list of authorized retailers. When I contacted Pandora’s customer service, they simply said Rue La La isn’t an authorized retailer. No explanation. Do you know anything about this? Is it because Rue La La only sells discontinued and retired pieces? They were on Pandora’s official list for quite a while, so I wonder what’s going on! Needless to say, I do quite a lot of Pandora hauls, so this is not happy news.

      • Please someone tell me this is not true?!?!?!?
        I have been so leery about ordering Pandora items online, and now this? Place an order with my daughter yesterday from this sale!

        • Why doesn’t anything come up on the US Pandora website for authorized dealers anymore? There used to be a long list of online dealers, not anymore. Can’t find what state Ruelala is in, to figure out if it’s still there.

        • Seems that the Pandora web site is really screwed up right now. Only can get to the sales site and not the normal site (with the wonderful list of retired pieces) unless I go to South Africa or some other countries. I already emailed asking about that but no response so far. It took quite a bit of digging to find the list of online retailers. BTW, Rue La La staff doesn’t even know they are no longer an authorized dealer (based on chat a few minutes ago).

        • Ok this is totally weird! I just looked up on my desktop where Ruelala is located, and found out Boston, Mass. 2 seconds later I got a call on my cell phone, which I did not answer, not recognizing the number, given all the spam calls out there. When I looked it up online, it said “spam caller from Boston”! What are the odds of that coincidence? I hope someone gets to the bottom of this situation soon, as I am starting to paranoid!

      • I just spoke with someone at Pandora’s U.S. corporate office in Baltimore. She confirmed that Rue La La is no longer an authorized Pandora “online” dealer, but any Pandora products that Rue La La still have and are selling are genuine Pandora products. Once Rue La La sells out of those products, they will no longer carry Pandora. They will not be getting any more Pandora inventory of the discontinued products. What they have le3ft is all they have, and that will be it. I also asked about what other authorized dealers Pandora deals with in terms of having the discontinued items, and was told that there are some Pandora Outlet stores that Pandora actually owns. She gave me a couple and said that once you call one of those stores, that particular location has access to check the inventory of all the Outlet stores to see if the item is available and where. You would just have to know specifically what item you are looking for so they can check. The downside is that there is no web site to check and see what items are available with photos and pricing. One location is in Hilton Head, SC: 843-837-2211; another is in Branson, MO 417-336-1111. Here is the information for the U.S. Pandora corporate office in case anyone has other questions. Hope all of this information will help answer everyone’s questions.

        PANDORA Jewelry, LLC
        250 W. Pratt Street
        Baltimore, MD 21201
        Phone: +1 410-309-0200

        • Thanks so much for this information Lee! I just spoke with a supervisor at Ruelala, and both she and the first employee “had not heard anything about no longer being an authentic Pandora dealer.” She said that was up to their buyers and I would have to speak with someone there. No time for that. I was also concerned about 2 of the items I had ordered this time – 2 opalescence eternity cz spacers. Yesterday, next to the correct picture, it simply said “eternity cz spacer” without the color. I was hesitant to order it, but decided to take a chance. The real reason I called Ruelala today, was that on my order history page, there is a graphic of an open empty box with the word Ruelala where the opalescence spacer picture should be. The supervisor, while very nice, could not confirm that I was getting the correct items, and it’s a wait and see situation. ALSO… she said that the Pandora items are from a 3rd party vendor and NOT directly from Pandora, so they couldn’t say whether they are genuine or not. Repeated that if I wasn’t happy with anything I should call and I would get a label to send them back once my charge went through Paypal. All I can say at this point is.. buyer beware!

        • Thanks so much for this information, Lee! This is very helpful. Guess this means we should buy everything we want now! Shopping for Pandora jewelry through Rue La La was very convenient. . .

        • Well, now I have some more confusing news. I just received a call from the CEO at Rue La La, who said he has not heard a peep from Pandora about this situation. He said he feels confident that they have a good relationship with Pandora for the past ten years, and that to his knowledge, they will continue to work with Pandora in the future. I told him about my conversation with the Pandora corporate office in Baltimore, but he continued to stress that he did not know anything about this. It is very frustrating, and I told him that perhaps Pandora has not informed them, although that does not make sense. I guess we will all have to wait and see, but I personally am not banking on finding anything new coming up in the Rye La La inventory.

        • Thanks for the information especially that Rue won’t be getting anymore retired Pandora once they are sold out.

        • Yes, but that is a list that has been around for some time. Since Pandora’s corporate office told me today that Rue La La will no longer be on their list, they most likely will not update it until the partnership changes are completed.

        • Hi everybody, I noticed this a few days ago… and I messaged Pandora about it on Facebook. I got a reply today that Rue La La are still an authorized online retailer and that the website update caused a glitch and that’s why they are no longer on the list. I thought that might be the case as if you look at the current list you’ll notice that everything after Reeds in alphabetic order has been cut off the list. But if you look at Wilkins and Olander’s site for example they have received spring items but as they are below Rue (as they start with W) they are not on the current list either. So I do think it’s a glitch with the site and Pandora just confirmed it with me on Facebook. I’m surprised that others have heard different from Pandora though!

        • Pandora also said that once the tech issue is resolved Rue will be back on their list. As I work in Software testing I thought this might be the case… But am glad that Pandora confirmed it on Facebook

    • Hi Christine, see the info I posted above that Pandora let me know in response to my Facebook message. I think everything after Reeds got cut off? For example Urban Fusion, Wilkins and Olander and a few others etc.

      • Thanks for the information, Pauline! I certainly hope it’s a website issue and not the end of Pandora at Rue La La. It is frustrating, though, that Pandora is giving out conflicting information. They told Lee something different, and they actually wrote me an email saying that Rue La La is no longer an authorized retailer. The explanation you received makes sense, since everything that used to appear after Reeds is no longer there. My fingers are crossed!

        • I agree it’s certainly frustrating to get conflicting information! And actually as I scrolled up to view the message they sent me on Facebook I realized that I had 2 messages! The first one had the same info that you ladies got – that Rue and some other online retailers were no longer authorized. That was at 1 PM and then a bit later at 3 PM I got a second message that apologized for the confusion and said their IT department had just alerted them to an error that some of their online retailers had not merged correctly onto the page. They sent me the full list and Rue, Urban Fusion and Wilkins and Olander among others were on it. So it seems like they had a bit of a communication issue too! I do think it’s unlikely that they just ditched everyone after Reeds on their list :)

        • Glad they realized their error! (Glad it actually was an error and not the end of the road for Rue La La and Pandora.)

  15. Hi Lynne, not sure if you saw my other updates, but I did speak with Pandora US corporate directly, and was told 1. the items that Rue La La sells are genuine Pandora, and 2. although Rue La La will no longer be an authorized online Pandora retailer, any items left in Rue La La’s inventory will be sold by Rue La La, and once all sold, they will not get any new inventory. Hope that helps.

    • Lee, I’m so glad you were able to get this information! Sad that it’s the end of the road for Rue La La.

  16. Hi Lee. Yes I did read and understand that. Thank you. I was just passing on what the supervisor had told me. Perhaps she shouldn’t have said it without finding out what is going on, as she hadn’t heard anything about it. My bigger concern at this point is whether I will receive the correct charms. Hopefully we will know on Wednesday.

    • Lynne, if you want, you can call Mark McWeeney, CEO, for Rue La La in Boston, MA directly and tell him about your concern regarding the charms you ordered. I just spoke with him and updated my comments. Dial 617-695-7300, When the recording starts with the prompts, press 1 for name directory, then after entering the first name, Mark, press 3 when the choices are given–his name comes up as the third choice. You can leave him a message and he will call you back, just like he did with me.

      • Thanks so much for the information Lee. I am going to wait until hopefully be pleased with what arrives this week. By the way, we vacationed in Hilton Head this past December, and I insisted on going to the Pandora outlet store there. They had very little in the way of retired charms but lots of current ones.

  17. Yes, I feel very disappointed as well. Even contacting the outlets is going to make life difficult because you have to basically go on their FB pages for the two I mentioned, and Like their page to see some of their posts. If you want to know what they have in stock, you have to call them and ask if someone has time in their store to send a photo of their trays, and then call them back once you find something in the photo that you like to inquire with questions, including info on pricing. Very inconvenient and time consuming.

      • The shipping for the outlet stores is $20.00. High to be sure. But I recently ordered some retired pieces and with the 25% promotion that was in effect at that time, it was worth it.
        I sent a list of items I was looking for via Facebook messenger and received a timely reply as to which ones they had in stock.
        I do see there is a 30% customer appreciation promotion off purchases of $150.00 or more March 21 – 25 at participating outlets.
        May be worth checking out if you are looking for retired pieces.
        Hope this helps. :)

  18. Good to know. I called the one in Branson MO a little while ago, and the manager said they mainly have the retired and older pieces, and do not get the newer ones until a year after they are available in the regular stores. That one may be a better place to search for something in the future. Still inconvenient though. Try Pandora’s Angels on FB. They have been recommended by Mora Pandora in the past, and I have purchased items from there. They have a list of Outstanding Sellers that show many who are very reputable.

  19. Well all good things come to an end! Never too old to learn this old lesson, LOL. We just have to wait it out and see what happens. Strange Rue has not received official notice and doesn’t make good business sense. Having said this, I always thought it was unfair to the Pandora stores that they lost the advantage of the reduced prices on those pieces. They had trays picked up without notice. I am not worried about Rue, they have always been very honest and I will continue to shop with them. Excellent customer service!

  20. I just received my last order from RueLaLa today.

    I can’t believe their business with Pandora comes to an end. Shopping on line with RueLaLa was fun, convenient, offering such good deals for retired jewelry.

    Many of us just can’t buy at regular price. I am nowhere close to an outlet store, its like 10 hours round trip.

    I truly hope Costco will still carry some.


    • Rachelle, did you see the recent posts from Pauline? She was given different information than I was. I spoke to US corporate today, and they told me that Rue La La will no longer be a reseller for them. Pauline got a different story, and said it was a technical issue, and that Rue La La will continue to be a partner. I spoke to the CEO at Rue La La, who said he did not hear that Pandora was cutting them off, so let’s hope for the best. Maybe the person at Pandora corporate I spoke with was given the wrong information. We shall all see I guess.

    • Costco??? I have never seen Pandora being sold at any Costco around here in NY – interesting! I am sorry you don’t have an outlet store nearby. I have actually bought most of my charms at the one that is 25 minutes driving time from my house. I usually wait until they have their 25% off retired charms sale. Most recently I got several of the birthday blooms charms with different stones for $14.95 each during a sale. Ruelala has them from $29.99 to $32.99. Twice what I paid, which is a shame, as I would have bought more.

      • We have Pandora in Costco Canada warehouses but can’t it online. It might just depend on the city, province or state specific.

      • It does seem like they are going to make the most out of their inventory while it lasts. Gone are the days of 60- 70% off. Unfortunately for us…

  21. I think they will be ending their relationship with rue because they have started having their own sales. Before now sale items went to rue. Now they don’t need rue.

    • By sales you mean Pandora promotions? What about the items that remain after sales and get retired, like for example many of the muranos and flowers from last year? where do they go? Who sells them?

      • Actually there’s no reason why Pandora can’t run their own discontinued jewelry section from each e-store, considering they’ve been showing long retired items on their Canada e-store for quite a while now–the items never come back into stock, obviously, but they’re always showing. Pandora has no real need for Rue.

        • Yes, but those discontinued items are rarely, if ever,offered at discount prices. While on rue, as we know, this is the norm.

        • The Rue deals are only really good in the US. Internationally, I’d pay less getting them from my Pandora e-store, so no, I don’t need Rue; I need Pandora to start re-offering discontinued items.

      • Daniela, where are you located?. I was told by my SA that discontinued items are sent to the outlet. At least that seems to be the norm in my country ( Spain). We have only one outlet, located in Madrid. As I live about 400 km. from it I can´t tell whether that´s true or not. Lately there have been several discounts of retired pieces online, which is good since not all of us live somewhere near Madrid. In other countries such as the UK or Germany they have a permanent section online. I hope this helps you a bit.

        • Hello, Marie. Thank you for writing and for the useful info. I live in Seville and I was amazed to see so many discounted items online recently. I just hope it wasn’t a one time only event. I knew about Pandora but I started collecting more seriously this year. I am especially interested in older pieces, so Rue was excellent for this. As for the Madrid outlet do you know if they do deliver in Spain? Thank you for getting in touch.

      • Before last year pandora never went on “sale.” They had promos, but never something called a sale. Last year that changed and they engaged in actual sales, called buy 1 get 30% off, up to ” buy 3 get 50% off on the beads that were going. People went through the stores like savages:); there was nothing left after the sale. So pandora is now selling their own retiring beads for 50% off. I don’t think they wanted to be associated with the word “sale,” but have taken the leap. Leftover beads can go to outlet stores or even an online outlet store, if they want to create one. RueLaLa will not discuss the end of their business with pandora while they are still engaged in selling product. It would be a poor business move.

        • Daniela, sorry I don´t really know if you can order online from the outlet in Madrid and get the items delivered but I don´t think so. They don´t even show online all the items they have, only a few, so my guess is that they don´t sell online. As I said, I´ve never been there, as I don´t travel to Madrid that often and when/if I do I never have the time to go shopping.
          As Lisa says Pandora offered discounts last summer for the first time, so you haven´t missed a lot. I know many ladies are ordering from abroad because Promos and discounts are better. And about the recent sales, don´t worry, I don´t think it´s going to be a one time event. Anyway Pandora Spain is still far from treating us like they do in neighbouring countries, lEt alone the US.

    • Did you see the earlier post from Pauline? She was informed by Pandora that there was a technical glitch and that Rue La La is still an authorized dealer. (Pandora does, however, have a problem with communication. They gave conflicting information about this issue.)

  22. Ellie, are you able to weigh in on the Rue La La discussion? Any info; you seem to get insider info on sales and such?

    • I’ve not been told by either party that the partnership between Rue La La and Pandora is over – it sounds to me like it was just an error on Pandora.net that crept in while they were working on the website. I certainly hope that Rue and Pandora keep on working together as the sales are a lot of fun! :)

  23. I just heard back from Pandora on Facebook and they simply said “Yes they are an authorized retailer. Thanks for checking.”

    • I received the same message essentially. They said, “due to technical issues with all of our websites many of our authorized dealers are being left off the posted lists. RueLaLa is still an authorized dealer and we will continue our business relationship with them as we have in the past.

      • It’s so odd that others got different responses yesterday saying that they would no longer be getting more Pandora stock after what they have sells out.

        • I wouldn’t surprise me if Pandora cut ties with Rue, but it does surprise me that a Pandora employee would say so.

        • I agree with Lola. There seems to be no US estore any more. I just get redirected to pandora.net

        • Lisa, same here in Canada, the e-store that used to be separate from Pandora.net is no more, now it’s just Pandora.net, which is why my sign-in for the e-store stopped working and I had to renew my password to get my account and history back. Changes going on.

  24. Lola, thank you for posting about needing to reset your password. I have reset my password multiple times the last two weeks but to no avail. However, I had not done so in several days and had simply been trying to log in with no success. Due to your post I did reset my password again this morning and was pleasantly surprised to be able to access my account. The website certainly has changed. Thanks again.

    • Well, I have finally been able to log in to my account, however everything I had there is gone. My saved items, my purchased items, a design I was working on. Has anyone else had this happen? Or, when you were able to log in, did you still have your wish list, my jewelry page, etc?
      I really dislike this new page right now lol. It is less user friendly than the previous page.
      And, I can’t quite figure out why I have to keep resetting my location back to the US. Would anyone have any ideas on that?
      Thanks in advance for any information.

      • My wish list and order history is there but everything else is gone. I sent an email to customer support this afternoon asking about the ability to see the retired charms and where my designs went. The response was those things are no longer available but they hoped to reinstitute them soon. I find the website to be a very watered down version of the club website combined with the estore. It is indeed very lacking.

        • Beth, I completely agree with you on the state of the new page.
          It would have been nice to have had some communication in regards to these changes. Especially as I had quite a few saved items in the “Club” page wish list which did not transition to the new page, let alone my complete “My Jewelry” list. More my fault I guess as I should have made a back up file. Which I will now work on as I don’t think I will try to recreate my lists on this new page.
          On the plus side, I’m happy to see Rue is still an authorized retailer.

      • When I reset my password, I reset it to the same old password, and all of my stuff is still there, order history, addresses, etc. This new combined site is very much reduced tho from the stand-alone e-store. But all e-commerce sites now are trying to make their pages all-device friendly, and to do that, they have to be sparse because mobile devices can’t handle clutter.

  25. Looks like Pandora.net have fixed the issue and Rue La La and the others left off the list are now back on the Authorized Retailers list! :) You have to go through ‘Explore the Brand’ to see them.

    • But see, both answers given might be correct — an error to the list occurred, and Pandora will at some point in the future cut ties with Rue. The cut ties response is so very out of the normal for an employee to give as an answer that it has to have something in it, somewhere.

  26. Also, pandora is trying to buy back as many franchise stores as possible. When owners want to sell their stores, pandora will buy them. When contracts are up with stores, it may be hard for some of the franchisees to get new agreements for the stores. Or they may just do it when franchise owners are willing to sell. Pandora is pulling everything back into the fold.

    • Yeah they have, and this has been hard on customers who don’t live in metropolitan areas. I used to have a shop-in-shop nearby, now I have a two hour drive to my nearest concept store. Nope, no time to go.

      Equal problem for me with Trollbeads. They sell through retailers, but so few that my nearest is 300 miles away. Good thing the Troll e-store has overnight shipping, so that’s almost equal to buying in-store. And of course other countries can ship anywhere, so it’s a much freer e-commerce experience than Pandora. Trollbeads doesn’t put the heavy corporate hand on everything. :-)

      • Yes Lola. Troll only has corporate owned concept stores. Not even franchises. I buy online from photos.

  27. Hello!

    I wanted to clarify that Rue La La is an authorized retailer of Pandora (see updated list here: https://us.pandora.net/en/explore-the-brand/authorized-retailers.html

    If you’re having trouble with your order, please reach out to our customer service team here: atyourservice@ruelala.com

    If you are an international user, you can toggle between US and your local country in the upper right corner of the site by clicking on the flag icon.

    Hope that helps!

    -Rue La La

    • Hi,
      promo code ‘MORAPANDORAMARCH’ for international shipping is not valid. I spent 157 $.
      I’m very disappointed.Is there any other online place from which I can order to Croatia?

  28. I am wondering if anyone else is having problems with delivery of their orders also? I ordered from Rue La La on 3/18, up until today the tracking kept saying that it would be delivered yesterday – 3/22 by 8 pm. Did not get here yesterday, and now the tracking says “No scheduled delivery date available at this time”???!!! I have been experiencing packages through USPS lately getting rerouted all over the country before finally getting here and this is just so frustrating for me! I live in a suburb of NYC – getting mail should not be this difficult!

    • Ooops so sorry – just realized that this delivery is coming from FedEx. Hmmm – now issues with them as well?

      • OK! Sorry for making a mess of my posts here, but now it seems that FedEx DID pass the package off to USPS. So it’s anyone’s guess when/if I will get it.

  29. I’ve had four packages from RueLaLa in the last month. Their estimated delivery date is usually about 8 business days out. Since they’ve all been Smartpost I always log onto FedEx and ask for notifications so I can follow it. FedEx will give an estimated delivery date but I’ve learned that date is the date they hand it off to USPS. Then sometimes USPS will take two or even three days to get it to me.

  30. I got my package from Rue Lala today, a day earlier than what it said when I tracked it. I’m in Tennessee and I don’t know how it is with everywhere else but FedEx delivers to our post office and then they deliver the package to me. I have always received my package on or before what the FedEx tracking statement says. I did notice on the tracking statement it says that some people that are in the bad weather might experience delays. I have been ordering Pandora for several years now from Rue Lala and they are and have always been genuine Pandora.

  31. I’m very confused. I received a link to the Ruelala Pandora extended sale from Morapandora March 21st. Only people who use that link can buy Pandora.The sale is until the 25th. I went back to find the link and its disappeared. Would someone send me the link, or help me find it. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Jillian, so sorry for the confusion. Rue emailed me to say they had to stop the sale until next week as their promotions are not meant to coincide with Pandora’s. It’ll be back soon though!

      • Hi Ellie,
        Its 3:26 AM here and evidently I am not sleeping haha
        Ruelala is still available for me. I was just checking to see if new items has arrived. I need some spacers with crystals, purple, old rose pink or light blue, maybe both lol

        • I think it’s just not available for the US! :) As it’s a US promotion. So if you’re shopping via Borderfree you should still get it.

        • And haha, I hope you get some sleep soon!! ? I just woke up, it’s 7.30 here!

  32. I tried to order online for the CAN promo and when I choose the free item, it gave me a choice of items less than 65$. Totally unacceptable… so I deleted my order. Pandora should improve their website and offer the same promo with option of upgrade.

    I may go shopping in store instead… a 45 minutes drive..I should not be complaining. ???

    • I just had a look and realised that very few charms are exactly $65 CAD! That’s a bit of a shame really. Either you miss $5 of promo or you have to upgrade!

    • I just found out that the UK cannot send Pandora Jewelry to the United States. So it’s probably the same with other Countries. But UK can send Pandora to other Countries. Why can’t they send to the United States?

  33. I have similar question for Croatian collectors. Can we order online from any EU country?
    Our Pandora concept stores are quite unprofessional. For example, there is no silver Bella Bot, and also, they give no information about when we can expect it.

  34. I received an Email from Rue Lala/Pandora offer stating “Borderfree – Free international shipping for order above 150US. But than my order could not go through since all items were shown for US shipping only. That’s ridiculous!!!

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