Today brings the news that brand-new Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2018 charms have hit stores at Disney Parks across the globe! There’s only a small selection of charms, and these focus on Parks-specific Mickey/Minnie motifs – no new characters this time around, I’m afraid. These beads will not be sold in regular Pandora concept stores – they are exclusive to Disney Parks locations.

The pieces pictured here are now out in the Hong Kong, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo resorts and, I believe, will be out in US Disney parks next week. You can see them on the Tokyo Disneyland website. :)

Pandora Disney Parks Spring/Summer 2018 campaign

On a side note, I am still catching up from a super busy week, both at my day job and on the blog, so I will get round to replying to all your lovely comments on the SS18 launch posts asap! :)

Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2018 release

The first is a Walt & Mickey charm, which has a lovely amount of detail, especially on the texturing of the suit. As usual, I feel the pavé on the bail is superfluous, but overall the silver is very detailed. It’s retailing for 49€.

The Disney Family charm is a reimagination of the classic Pandora Family Ties charm, but with cute black enamel Mickey hats on all the little characters instead! It’s 49€. The Disney Mom charm is cute with its red enamel bow. I don’t mind the CZ on the bail so much with this one, seeing as it brings out detailing in the charm itself. This is 65€.

The other exciting news for charms is that the Duffy and Shellie May charms, previously exclusive to the Disney Parks in Hong Kong, are getting a wider release this season! They’ll now be available in Paris, the US, etc, which make them so much easier to get hold of. They are 59€ each.

However, the most exciting of the selection for me is this Disney Parks bangle! It has the iconic castle logo on the clasp and Where Dreams Come True engraved on it. How amazing would this be as a Disney Parks souvenir? You can purchase this for 89€.

Finally, an additional release is this Hong Kong Disneyland exclusive, which has HK Disneyland written on the other side!

You can see the other side of it in this Instagram shot, along with some of the other beads:

Finally, here are a couple of live shots that have been posted online:


The following three charms have been released in Disneyland Paris for Spring, also. The first two are apparently due to remain Disneyland Paris exclusives, but the Mickey & Minnie Dance charm is coming out in Disneyland Hong Kong this season as well. Whether it appears in other regions as well remains to be seen.

My Comment

None of these are must-haves for me, but I do love the bangle design and would be very tempted by it if I were to go to Disneyland Paris again! It’s true that I’m mulling the idea of doing a dedicated Disney bracelet, but I think that I’d want to use a traditional charm bracelet for that rather than a bangle.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to preview these in advance – as many of you will know already, the Disney line is currently embargoed by Pandora in terms of Mora Pandora previews. I am trying to see if there is wiggle room on this. There are a couple more Disney Parks charms coming out later this season, but until I get clarification with Pandora on where I stand with Disney previews, I’ll hang off on posting these.

What do you think of these latest Disney Parks offerings? Do any tempt you?

81 Comments on Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2018 Collection Release

  1. As always, thank you for showing doing these blogs for us!
    I have been looking forward to the Disney release but am so disappointed with the charms being released. The bangle would have been nice on a regular bracelet for me. I’m not a bangle fan. There were some other beads previewed briefly before you had to take them down. Are those being released in the summer? When are we getting a release of charms available at the Pandora stores?

    • Yes, there will be a regular release on Disney beads on 12 April – there are all Mickey/Minnie designs, the ones I previewed before I had to take them down before Christmas. They should be in the catalogues for most regions (and it’s on that basis that I’m trying to get permission to post on these on the blog). :)

      • Hi Ellie,
        I picked up a Spring/Summer catalogue and looked through the pages for new Disney. Both Mickey&Minnie in a car and Mickey holding a crystal heart are not listed, they only appear on a picture. I assume they will be Parks exclusive. The Floating Minnie is there @110$CAN and both security chains. I will get those later in the year.???

        • Hi Rachelle! Those will be sold in concept stores and Disney parks. How funny that your catalogue was missing pages, haha. I have been trying to get permission to post them but have not heard.

      • Will the Mickey holding the red heart be coming out in April in the US stores or only exclusive?

  2. The bangle and the charm of Mickey and Walt Disney is very tempting! I dunno if I would want to spend so much on a bangle even with the czs but still they are very nice looking and great for a Disney theme bracelet

    • I really love the bangle as well! And in this case, I think the engraved message works really well. I’d love to go to Disneyland Paris sometime soon and if I did, I expect I’d be very tempted to get it as a souvenir.

  3. I love the Bangle. I’ve been wanting a bangle with the Disney Parks logo but this one with the crystals is even better. I may need to get Walt & Mickey too.

  4. I would love the Walt and Mickey charm but not with that cheap, tacky looking bail. Pandora need to treat the “collector” items differently.

  5. Hi again!

    I love the Walt Disney one! I’ll be adding that one at some point. It brings back some very special childhood memories.

    Thanks for showing us the new collection.

    • Hi Deborah! Yay, glad you’ve seen something you like. None of these are must-haves for me, but I’d be very tempted by the bangle should I ever make it to the Parks myself. Thanks for commenting!

  6. I have a park exclusive bracelet, I need Walt and Mickey! Also I have a Minnie bracelet because my granddaughter calls me Minnie ❤️ Out of my 14 bracelets, my Disney’s are my favorites!

    • Aww, that’s really sweet! I prefer Minnie designs to Mickey ones, so I have a lot of Minnie beads on my red ‘special occasions’ bracelet. However I’ve not started a proper Disney design yet – it’s very tempting!

  7. Interesting but no must haves for me.
    What would be crazy amazing though is villain muranos and dresses to counter princesses. I could only imagine maleficient and etc muranos and items. These would be must buy for me.

    • That would be so great! I hear it mentioned a lot and I’m surprised they haven’t done it yet. Chamilia are just about to bring out a Little Mermaid set of charms, and they have a really fun Ursula villain bead in there. Pandora should follow suit!

        • Chamilia are still allowed to produce Disney beads in Europe and the UK at least – not sure about where else!

  8. Hi Ellie I love the bangle and the Walt and Micky charm I really want to go back to Disneyland Paris. I keep seeing rumours of a new Micky bracelet I hope it true because it looks so nice.

  9. Wondering why there is no Tiana charm. My daughter’s favorite Disney movie and I know she would love to add Tiana’s dress to her bracelet.

  10. Am I the only one who think that Walt looks nothing like him? Great concept but for this reason I don’t like it. Can’t wait for future Disney pieces!

      • Haha yes Lisa G! I couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought it looked more like Michael Eisner (sp?) than Walt Disney. Where’s his signature mustache?

        But you hit it right on the head with Bush hahahahah.

    • I had to Google him to see what he did look like, but I think Lisa’s comment is probably a bit closer to the mark haha.

  11. Thanks Ellie for sharing this info. I am anxious to see more Disney previews?

    I love the bangle and hope it will not be too expensive in CAN$.

    My sister just bought a house in Largo Florida so we will be visiting them very soon… April 15 to 20th. We will be celebrating my husband’s 60th birthday. Hopefully I can convince him to go to Disney to get my favorite Parks exclusive charms. Afterall, it is only 2 hours drive LOL

    • Ha Ha Rachelle, your two hour drive to shop made me laugh! I collect lots of things and was considering a 10 hour round trip drive to get some of my favorite dinnerware at their factory – great deals- but decided against it – for now! For my Pandora Disney collection I want the Mickey head charm for the Epcot flower and garden festival. I even thought for a brief moment to ask my husband to ask his coworker to take time out of their family Disney trip to get me the charm. After my husband bringing me back to earth with a look of -are you crazy?- when I landed I realized I was crazy and will wait. I hoping they will make it available and separate it from the Minnie dangle.
      I too love the bangle looks like fun!

      • Heather, I must say that if it wasn’t for the sake of visiting my sister and brother-in-law, I would have bought flight tickets to Orlando instead as I promised my husband we could go to Universal Studios for couple days anyway. Since this trip might be cheaper, I will be able to indulge myself in Pandora Disney. LOL

    • Hi Rachelle! As I’ve said previously, I would love to be able to post them, it’s just proving impossible to find out where I stand with them with Pandora at the moment. :) I hope that you get to make your trip to Disney, haha. I’m trying to convince my boyfriend that we need to go back to Disneyland Paris to get some Parks exclusives… he was like, ‘But couldn’t you get someone to get some for you?’ Well, yes, I could, but that’s not the point lol!

      • Hi Ellie,
        I’ve been reading your blog occasionally ever since the Disney collection began. I’m an exclusively Disney Pandora collector and I only get one bead/charm each trip to Disney as my souvenir. So needless to say, I don’t have a very large collection yet. :o) That said, I was at Disneyland Paris for my 40th birthday in 2016 and at the time the didn’t have any specifically Paris themed charms or beads so I didn’t get a souvenir from that trip. Now I’ve seen over the weekend that they have released (or will be soon) a couple of charms that are specific to Disneyland Paris. I’m in the states and I’m assuming these will be park exclusives. As I have no plans in the very near future to get back over there, do you have any advice, suggestions etc. on how I could get one of these new charms to commemorate my trip (even if it is a couple years late!)?

  12. Hmmmmm, the bangle is nice but nothing else is a must have for me. I am going to wait for the Pandora Disney release in April and go into the store and look at Mickey’s white glove and Mickey and Minnie in the car and the safety chains. I should wait until my Disney World trip at the end of April to purchase them there, but don’t know if I will be able to stand waiting.

  13. Will the Walt and mickey charm, Disney mum charm and bangle be available in the parks in Florida September time. So want these.

  14. Hi Ellie,

    No must haves for me here, but I do like the bangle. I’m waiting on the Mickey Minnie Vintage Car coming in April. Thanks for the update!

    • Hi Emily! I don’t blame you, the car is cute – and a nice plain silver bead, to boot. Thanks for commenting!

  15. The Disney pieces are some of the most exciting charms being released by PANDORA at the moment. Thanks for the preview Ellie! I am looking forward to seeing some of these items in the flesh.

    • Do you think so? Some of the Mickey & Minnie ones are cute this season, but I am just bowled over by the regular Spring collection!

  16. hello,

    do you happen to know if the Dinsey bangle festures both castles from Disneyland as well as Disney World—or if there will be separate bangles available at each park -similar to the format of the very first release of beads with a version of a WDW round bead and the same bead for Disnyland with their castle.
    thank you very much!

    • Hey! The only stock image I have seen is this particular one – it’s the only version of the bangle around as far as I’m aware. :)

  17. The bangle is about the only thing that interests me. I don’t have a bangle yet but this catches my eye. No trip to Disney for me in the future so maybe I can find someone going.

    As to the Walt dangle, while I think the detail is very nice I don’t think I’m interested. As a general rule I don’t like dangles on my Moments bracelets. I have two 14kt gold bracelets that are all dangles and they make a lot of noise when I wear them. I’m sure it is distracting to people sitting beside me in church.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the car though and may just have to get it.

    • I used to be anti-dangle as well for my Pandora, haha, and my first ever bracelet doesn’t have any apart from the safety chain. Since then I’ve come around and I like them to help with spacing and symmetry on my bracelets. Some of them can be a bit jangly though and I don’t tend to wear dangle-heavy bracelets to work for that reason, haha. My coworkers don’t want to hear me jingling as I type! ^^

      • I think I wear more dangles because I’m left handed. I can wear a watch on my left arm and load up the right one!

  18. Do you know if the walt and mickey charm will be available to go on the snake chain bracelet or just the bangle? My sister and i are dying because we love this one so much but neither of us has the bangle bracelet.

  19. I usually try to avoid dangles, but I think I have to have the Walt and Mickey charm. That one is really cool. I’ve ever seen a charm with Walt on it before. He doesn’t quite look like himself, I suppose that’s why charms usually aren’t of real people. You know who it is because it’s the statue, though.

    • That’s very true! Miniature faces are so hard to get right. I imagine that’s why the princess dresses don’t feature the princesses themselves!

  20. Just to let everyone know, Magic Kingdom is now selling the Mickey and Minnie in a car, and one of the new safety chains (the one with Mickey hanging), as well as Walt and Mickey and Duffy and Shellie May. I presume other parks and Disney Springs will also have them.

    Can’t find a passholder charme anywhere!

    • P.S. Disneyland Paris are getting a couple of exckusive charms – one of the castle and one of the Eifel Tower with Minnie.

  21. I’m currenty at Disney World right now and they have all the regular release charms available. Apparently they just got them in yesterday. Lucky me. ;) There is also a Mickey Mouse figurine charm that wasn’t in the catalogues before. He’s a solid silver charm with yellow shoes. Completely adorable. ;). I’m so tempted to splurge but hopefully there will be a sale coming soon. All I get right now is 10% off.

    • He is in the Australian catalogue, so not a park exclusive. He is being released in two weeks with the mother’s day release.

  22. Hi,
    Like some here, I don’t have a dedicated Disney bracelet…yet lol.
    I did purchase the Mickey Icon bracelet because I like the way it looks, but nothing on it yet.
    So I am happy to see here that a HK exclusive, Duffy and Shellie May, will come to US.
    I had seen a photo and thought they were cute little bears, not realizing they were a Disney item and exclusive to a specific region.
    I do like the bangle. Like many others though, I would love that clasp on a traditional bracelet. Hopefully Pandora will notice the thoughts on this.
    Another charm I did like was the garden Mickey. A bit different, but I like him.
    Unfortunately I did miss the recent sale, but hopefully another will happen soon.
    I think I’m on my way to a Disney design lol.
    Have a good day and a Wonderful Easter!

  23. Do you know if the Mickey climbing up the safety chain is a park exclusive? Also, is the blue 2018 a park exclusive do you know? Thanks!

  24. I am DESPERATELY searching for the Disney Mom and the Mickey and Minnie dancing charms. Anyone willing to ship them to me in the US?! TIA

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