Following from my earlier post, I also have an update for Pandora collectors in Australia and New Zealand, with details on new jewellery boxes for Mother’s Day! I also have some information on the Mother’s Day 2018 promo for AU/NZ.

Read on for all the details! :)

Pandora Jewellery Boxes 2018: Australia and New Zealand

I previously posted about some new jewellery box designs that had been released in Europe; these designs for Australia and New Zealand are quite different, and are based on the popular style of stacking boxes. They should be available from Thursday (12 April) with the Mother’s Day 2018 launch.

There are two layers: the first is a lid, with a mirror and rods on which to store your charms. This will be $89 AUD.

Pandora stacking jewellery box top layer

The other layer is a stacking tray, priced at $49 AUD. The dimensions of both layers are 25 cm x 14 cm x 3.5 cm.

Pandora Australia medium stacking tray

In addition to these stacking boxes, there will also be a travel jewellery box on offer.

Pandora travel jewellery box 2018

This is priced at $49 AUD, and has the dimensions 16 cm x 11 cm x 4 cm.

Pandora AU/NZ Mother’s Day 2018 Promo

Usually Pandora collectors in Australia and New Zealand receive the Mother’s Day limited edition bangle as a free gift with purchase. However, this year Pandora are changing things up and instead the offer is for the pavé heart bracelet.

  • From 26th April, spend $150 AUD and get the silver pavé heart clasp bracelet:
  • pandora valentine's 2016
  • and spend $220 AUD to receive the Rose pavé heart bracelet:

My Comment

I think it’s a shame that the usual bangle GWP isn’t running, as that’s always seemed a really fun and special offer, but it’s nice that there’s still some kind of promo running. The jewellery boxes are lovely, but I’d need a storage solution that put more emphasis on bracelet storage, rather than rings and other items.

What do you think of these new jewellery boxes? How do you feel about the change in promo?

70 Comments on New Pandora jewellery boxes and Mother’s Day 2018 promotion for Australia/New Zealand

      • What a shame. The us customers seem like they get forgotten sometimes when you compare the promotional giveaways that other countries recieve.I know so many us Pandora collectors that would love one of these. It would be nice if we could at the very least buy one. Ive been in retail marketing,customer service and sales my whole life. Someone is really missing the boat on this one.

  1. Just heard today that we’ll have a jewel box promo here in Canada as well, towards the end of the month. Not sure about the details though. I wished we had the bracelet promo, it seems a very good deal to get that bracelet spending only 150$ AUD. Anyway, I shouldn’t complain since we’ll get the lotus dangle (which is already out in store). Good shopping to everyone for the mother’s day collection!! Looking forward to the mice on the balloons, I saw it today in the store and it’seven more adorable than the pics!!

    • Yeah I totally want the free bracelet. I hope we get something like that in Canada. I saw and purchased the lotus Sunday.

    • Oh really? I heard a jewellery roll and then the Patterns of Love bangle for Canada. In the US they are getting a white jewelry box at the end of the month. Pandora do change around their offers and promos a lot at the moment!

      • I don’t see pattern of love bangle in AU here nor in catalogue. Is that something exclusive to country? Or limited edition?

  2. Wow! I hope this is something they offer in the U.S.! I’ve been thinking about making a ‘Stackers’ purchase (I really like the charm bars!) I think I’ll wait and see…

    • They don’t have a good track record of offering boxes in the US but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Hi Ellie!

    The promo for Australia/New Zealand is nice. I always like getting a free bracelet. I never seem to have enough bracelets to go with all the charms.

    I’m like you, I think Stackers has a better design solution for charm bracelets and extra charm storage than the Pandora boxes. And Stackers also has good solutions for necklace, earring, and ring storage. But the Pandora boxes are quite beautiful. I don’t think we ever get them in the US though.

    I’m looking forward to Thursday. Can’t wait to see that bow in person!

    • I’ve heard some of the Pandora concept stores already have the bow available.has anyone actually seen it? is the charm threaded?I would like to use this on the open bangle but I don’t know how to stop it moving and whether the spacers would work with the edge of the bow. And I wonder what it looks like from the back side?

    • Hi Deborah! I like to get different clasps and have both these two so I’m not as tempted by this one!

      Hope you had fun shopping yesterday! ?

  4. Hi I got today the big bow charm it’s so nice u can put it to on an bracelet and it’s big I am waiting for the rest hopefully this week I hope you all enjoy something new it’s a good pick me up

  5. I read earlier where someone in Australia isn’t happy with their promotion at this time. I would love to have that promotion in America. I’m dying to find a good place to store my Pandora addiction! I guess they can’t make everybody happy! Maybe, just maybe you could start a place where we could all work together and swap out what we want from each other’s countries?

    • This is a wonderful idea Dalane! I really don’t like country specific promotions or charms because if you see something you like you cannot have it, and I know there are countries with no or few promotions so really not fair, I’d love to help out other Pandora addicts all over the world ?

    • Hi Dalane! There are some really wonderful Facebook groups where collectors help each other – I can give you some recommendations if you like! :). Or, there are some readers who just post their emails and help each other via the blog’s comments sections, which is something I allow. Currently I worry that if I did something official I would need to moderate or vet people, or arbitrate in any problems, and I struggle for time as it is… It is a really good idea though! :)

  6. Hello! Love your blog!! I feel sad (and spoilt of course) that the promo is the pave bracelet as being a new collector that’s what I aleeady have and is the only bracelet I have. Not a fan of rose gold but would like it if it was gold or shine and would have slent accordingly to get there. And would love if the jewellery box was GWP. I’m literally waiting for the promo to start so I can buy the enchanted garden murano you wrote so nicely about. Addicted to pandora. Much love.

    • Hi! That’s so lovely to hear, thank you ? oh, that’s a shame for you. It is a bit more of a limited offer than usual bracelet promos. Thanks for commenting – I hope that your promo luck turns around and you guys in Australia get something a little better soon – perhaps the Patterns of Love bangle will be an offer later on!

  7. I collect the promo bangles (I have over 20 bangles, leathers and bracelets) and animal charms (over 150 charms), so am disappointed this year. I already have the pave heart bangle so won’t be getting the promo bracelet.

    • Yeah it is a shame, as it was a lovely tradition for collectors in Australia/NZ! Apparently Pandora were concerned that regular customers were getting a bit bangle saturated. :(

      • Lol.. it’s true that some of us ARE a bit bangle saturated here! I just got my GWP pave bracelet yesterday and was putting it away, when I realised that I have more bangles than bracelets in my collection!

        Still, I love collecting the LE bangles anyway! I will be keeping an eye out to see if Patterns of Love will be offered at a later date. That’s one bangle I’d buy, even if it isn’t a GWP… the clasp is just so pretty!

  8. Hi Miss Ellie! ?
    Thank you for all you do for all of us Pandoraholics! To the ladies who can’t get their hands on a Pandora jewelry box, I can testify that the Stackers jewelry boxes are wonderful! (I started planning my purchase after I saw Ellie’s Stacker!) I just got the Limited Edition Charm Lid for my birthday and it is perfect for Pandora bracelets! ?

    • Hi Eve! :) So glad to hear you like the Stackers too :D I have five layers now, and if it weren’t for the fact that my jewellery box will become something of a skyscraper, I’d love to add another of the new style lids (I like the new necklace one very much!).

      • The Container Store had a 25% off Stackers!!!!! so I got three more layers! I think I’m good now! ;) Love, love, love!!! I wish I could post a picture ~ just perfect!

  9. Hi, I think a jewelry box such as this should be offered across the globe. You have Pandora fans worldwide and something nice to store it in should not be limited to just some regions.

    • Hi Donna! Yes, you’d think that this might be something they would coordinate via their global team, rather than leaving it to each region to offer something.

  10. I have two jewelry boxes as free gift from one concept store opened few years ago. Don’t mind get few more.

    • I have a little collection of the little jewellery travel boxes! I don’t own any proper Pandora jewellery storage boxes though.

  11. someone mentioned “stackers” jewelry boxes. I just wanted to tell everyone that “Wolf” brand makes an anti-tarnish version. i didn’t know this until i got online searching. they also sell multiple configurations of anti-tarnish tray inserts which lets you design your jewelry box the way you need it to be. i particularly love the tray with 8 square bracelet sections! I found them on Amazon and and Wayfair.

    • I have a wolf ice blue jewelry chest and I can attest that Pandora stays absolutely shiny and beautiful. I consider it well worth the investment.

      • I’ve already got stackers but this sounds like the brand for me, lol ;-), it’s got my name on it.

        Do you know if it will slot in with my stackers as I was thinking about getting a new layer as what I have is stuffed now :-/.

  12. I’m disappointed with this promo at AU / NZ as I was expecting the regular GWP with LE bangle like before.

    Well I don’t mind to get free bracelet but will be good to own the LE bangle as GWP!

    The jewellery box really nice and I also like the traveller box.

    Thanks Ellie for such a great info sharing :)

    • Yeah, I was always jealous of that particular Australia promo back in the day! Such a great way to keep up your collection of LE bangles. We did get the UK Winter 2017 one as a GWP at the end of last year, which was fun. You’re welcome for the info in any case :)

  13. My husband saw me reading this and said I NEED to do this promotion ? because I could do with a new bracelet so I can keep collecting charms ? Husband approval I better do as I’m told! Is there limited addition Mother’s Day packaging? I regretted my February no buy month because the valentines bags were cute . I’d quite like a rose gold Bella bot not sure what else I’d buy to hit the spend . My husband bought me the enchanted garden charm on the weekend it’s beautiful probably the best glass one ! If I didn’t have Stackers I’d be buying the new jewellery boxes!

    • Silly me just remembered I have seen the gift bags I momentarily forgot U.K has already had Mother’s Day ?

    • Aha sounds like your husband has his priorities very much in the right place! ? I love the Enchanted Garden Glass, it’s one of my favourites as well! I was out walking earlier this morning and noticed how beautiful it is from sideways on when the light hits it. <3

  14. Nice boxes. However I think Stackers is a better solution. I can’t wait to see what we get offered as a GWP here.

  15. Love the jewellery boxes. Will be getting all three and maybe two of the travel boxes.

    I had the pave charm bracelet but was never a fan of it tbh so a bit disappointed that it is the GWP this year. Haven’t got into Rose Gold yet but may consider it with this GWP.

    • The Pandora Rose collection is lovely, although they have retired some of my favourite Rose beads now. :) Glad to hear that you’re up for the boxes though!

  16. Hi everyone, i too was very disappointed with this year’s promo for Aus/New zealand, i was soo looking forward to the tree of love bangle being offered this year for mother’s day & i thought that it would look perfect with some spring/ mother’s day charms on it.never mind
    It still will be nice to have a free braclet, i might do a disney design theme.
    Thank you very much ellie for keeping all of us updated on the latest promos.

    • Hi Julie! A Disney design sounds fun. I am thinking of doing the same if I get to Disneyland Paris this year to buy a Disney Parks bracelet. :D You are welcome, glad it’s useful!

  17. Thanks for the great post there
    We’re some new charms that have
    Come out in Australia this week
    I notice there are silver ones
    Rose ones and pandora shine
    Ones but no 14k gold charms
    It’s easy to see that pandora
    Will probably no longer make
    Them as the shine will
    Slowly take over very

    • No, there are no new two-tone or gold beads through to Pre-Autumn this year. I suspect that we may not see any this year at all :(

  18. Kylie I totally agree with you on 14k gold charms. I also noticed no new 14k charms. Pandora has said they are not discontinuing the 14k line. However they have not added any new charms! I think they want to see how the Shine line does and how it holds up as far as fading in color etc. I am disappointed but fingers crossed ? some new piece will come out in near future. Hope Pandora is listening ?. Have a good day.

    • I suspect that they are waiting to see how Shine does before winding things down on 14kt gold entirely, but of course I’m only speculating. It might just be that they don’t want to launch any more 14kt gold while they’re launching Shine, so as not to dilute the effect of the new product.

  19. I like the look of the travel case. I’ve been eyeing up the Stackers boxes recently as I’m in need of a bigger home for my jewellery collection. The floral lids they released are lovely so I’m rather tempted to treat myself to an early birthday present, I just wish i could see them before buying.

  20. Hi does anyone know what the spend is for NZ is to get the Rose heart bracelet? Its always more than the AU amount :)

  21. I went to buy the just released Pandora travel case and was so disappointed as it does not fit my 21 cm bangle in it,
    Surely Pandora could have had a case designed for all size bangles.
    I would have purchased at least 4 of them but they are useless if you can’t fit your bangle in them
    Very very disappointed

      • Thanks for your reply
        It is such a shame that Pandora only had the travel box made to fit up to the 19cm bangle , I was really excited about buying the 4 as gifts for some of my friends.
        And I would have got one too ( as you do ) LOL
        Maybe next time they will get right

  22. I’m waiting for the Pandora jewelry box for a long time now in Canada. I’m crossing my fingers that they will have them here!

  23. Hi Ellie. I’m excited for the upcoming GWP in Australia. To me, it’s about time to get something useful. I have many bangles that I’m collecting from previous promos that I couldn’t even use it because the sizes doesn’t go smaller than a 17cm. I’m glad this year I can finally pick my usual size 16 instead! Happy days ?

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