I did not think that there was going to be a Mother’s Day promo in the US this year (there usually isn’t), but Pandora have continued their recent trend of increasing promotional offers and there’s rather a fun one running in the US this weekend!

Pandora Mother's Day promo 2018

The promotion offers collectors the chance to grab an exclusive Pandora signature item, and there are a few options to choose from.

Pandora Signature Style Promotion for the US

The promotion rules are as follows:-

  • Running from 12–15 April, spend $125 USD or more in a single transaction and get one of the following Pandora Signature items for free!

The items that you can pick from are as follows:-

These items have not been released with the regular Spring collection, and are only available currently in the US via the promotion.

Pandora Signature Spring 2018 Italy

I have researched these pieces, and the other only place that they appear to be available is Italy. They’re all listed for sale on its eStore. Italy also received the following items in Pandora Shine. They haven’t been listed as part of the US promo in any of the promotional material I’ve seen yet.

My Comment

This is a fun promo, offering exclusive items as a GWP – the items themselves aren’t particularly unique, but I’m rather tempted, as there are a couple of things that I would like from the Mother’s Day collection. I think that I would probably pick either the pendant or the charm, probably in Rose. Whether these items will be offered for sale after the promo is over, I don’t know.

Are you tempted by this offer?

33 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Signature Styles for the US

  1. I would be interested as there are several items being released that I am wanting in the new range. However in Australia (which is where I live) we never have the great deals that seem to be available in the northern hemisphere. ?

    • Maybe they’ll be released elsewhere as well! :) Australia are set to get new jewellery boxes with the Mother’s Day launch, which might be a small consolation, and you’re also getting a pave heart bracelet promo. ?

  2. Meh, not the kind of promotion I was hoping for. Oh well, Mom’s going to cost me a small fortune this Mother’s Day but she could say the same about me! Haha! Thank you for the post!

    • Haha, fair enough! There is meant to be a jewellery box GWP at the end of the month too ( I’ll update the promos post with a pic.) as far as I know this is still happening but Pandora do have a habit of changing up their offers at the last minute!

    • There are some similar signature designs coming out for Pre Autumn this year so we may be getting these pieces then :)

  3. Hmmm, I might be interested in this promo. If I go for it, I’ll get the Pandora Rose heart. Please do update the promo page with a picture of the white jewelry box. I was thinking I might do that promo, but I may like this one better. I’d probably rather have a bead than a small jewelry box. Thanks for the update!

    • Yeah, there are still a couple of pieces I would like to get too so I am tempted to do one or the other. I’ll update the promos post when I get home tonight! :)

  4. Hi Ellie!

    This is an interesting promo, but I’m not always keen on things with obvious branding.

    I will be picking up a few things from the Mother’s Day collection, so I’ll definitely qualify for one of the free charms. If I don’t like it I can always use it for a gift. Birthdays abound, and all the women in my family love Pandora.

    I hanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Deborah! Yeah, they’re not the most interesting pieces in the world but they would make a nice extra if you’re buying Mother’s Day pieces anyway. I like the pendants, especially in Rose!

      You are welcome!

  5. Interesting promotion. I’m not one to jump on the branding pieces but the Rose heart is kind of cute. I was planning to get a couple of pieces from the Mother’s Day collection so this is just a nice bonus.

    Thanks as always Ellie for giving us the heads up. I always feel like you should get something for saving the rest of us money and helping to get us those wonderful gifts.

    • That’s the way I’d see it – as a pleasant bonus if you are spending anyway!

      Haha, it’s my pleasure Beth. Always glad to enable others! ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing the promo. Would this promo apply on all the collections including Shine and the new Mother’s Day releasing on 4/12?

    For the Italy promo, would you please advise the anount needed to spend for GWP there?

    Many thanks!

    • In the T&Cs, there isn’t any mention of restrictions on what you can buy apart from gift cards. So I imagine Shine and Disney are included.

      There isn’t a promo in Italy – they’re just available to buy! :)

  7. THANKS ELLIE! I love your sleek previews! Not much for me this Mother’s Day that I am nuts over. Will consider my Essence collection and perhaps a bracelet or 2 that I could use. I am not much for the branding but the heart or pendent could be a freebie that I could use or gift. The heart might be neat to use. Will have to see it in person

    • Thanks! :D I am not much for branding either, but I think the pendants are quite nice. I think I prefer the Mother’s Day box, but don’t know if I can wait that long to make my purchases haha.

  8. Thanks for the review and promo info Ellie! As I have never been into the signature branding I don’t think I would go for this promotion. But a promotion is always fun to have anyway and I hope many ladies on your blog might take advantage of this. You are so up to date with all promotions, I don’t know how you do it! Thanks again for all the valuable info you provide :)

    • I decided against it in the end as well :) I couldn’t decide how I’d actually use any of the pieces if I got them. You are more than welcome Pauline, thank you for commenting! ?

  9. Thanks for the heads up in the US! I’ll be heading up to Canada in the next few weeks – do you anticipate a promo coming up in Canada?

    • Yes, there are promos to get a jewellery wallet and the Patterns of Love bangle coming up at the end of this month and beginning of next. I’ll post details on my promos page!

  10. Received my order today and am very pleased to say the signature heart in Rose Gold is beautiful. You can’t see that it is a signature piece. The writing looks more like filigree than words. I am excited to add it and the other charms in Rose Gold I bought.

    Thanks so much Ellie for the heads up on this special. Once again by following your lead I’ve added some beautiful charms to my collection.

  11. Hello Ellie, I’m feeling quite concerned for you as I haven’t received an email from you for far too long. Please know that you are in my thoughts and whatever is causing your absence I hope you will return to your Pandora family soon. Take care

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