Today’s post brings a full look at the Pandora Disney Spring 2018 collection! This release is small in comparison with previous years, and focuses entirely on Mickey/Minnie designs. However, these are a little different to some of the more abstract designs we’ve seen before.

The collection launches today worldwide, but the products have been available for a couple of weeks in a few US stores and Disney Parks locations. The Pandora Disney collection was strictly embargoed by Pandora and so I haven’t been able to preview it ahead of its official launch.

Read on for a detailed look at the new pieces!

Pandora Disney Spring 2018 collection overview

The Vintage Minnie mixes pink enamel with pink pavé detailing, and as I mentioned back in my initila preview way back in December, I feel t this is going after a very iconic kitschy vintage shade of baby pink. It’s priced at $75 USD.

797170EN96The Vintage Mickey (RRP $55 USD) equivalent comes in white enamel and is actually a clip – so you could do a nice design with two of these clips, and a Minnie charm in the middle. Or, you could put one Mickey clip at the end of your bracelet to stop charms rolling off, and the Minnie openwork on the other side of the clasp.797169EN12These all have quite a ‘vintage’ feel to them, relying on quite old-school and detailed silver depictions of Mickey & Minnie. I think this works particularly well in the Car charm, which is quite sweet – I like that the charm’s details are left to speak for themselves without the addition of any enamel or bling. It’s priced at $50 USD.
797174The Floating Minnie is a little more pricey due to the pavé ball at the top of charm, retailing for $100 USD.797171CZThe Mickey Love Heart is a beautiful colour, although the stone again pushes the price up to $90 USD. It’s effectively a Mickey Mouse wrapped around a Shape of Love charm, which is a fun little concept.

797168NFRThe Mickey Iconic Glove is $55 USD.797179EN12There have been so many safety chains coming out this season, which I absolutely love to see, as I am a safety chain addict and like to have different ones on all my bracelets. The Mickey Gestures safety chain is plain silver and priced at $65 USD.797172The Climbing Mickey safety chain, retailing for $75 USD, is my favourite, though, with the adorable red heart CZs and that cute little Mickey figure hanging on for dear life on the chain! It’s great that Pandora are becoming much more creative with their safety chain designs, adding little stones to the chains last year, and now this little Mickey figure. They can be character beads too!

797173CZRThe Mickey Floating Locket will be perfect to wear with the Disney petites that came out in AW last year! It’ll be priced at $180 USD.Pandora Disney Floating LocketFinally, we have this Classic Mickey pendant for $50 USD. The yellow would normally be pretty hard to style, but it could easily be worn as a standalone necklace pendant, and Disney dedicated designs are often pretty bright and multi-coloured anyway.


Pandora Disney Spring 2018 news

I’ve collated some live shots below. I just love the detailing on the back of the silver car charm!

My Comment

My favourite of these is by far the Climbing Mickey safety chain, which I find really quite sweet! I’m considering starting a dedicated Disney bracelet, especially if I do get to make a trip to Disneyland Paris this year – that would be such a fun souvenir. I was also pondering the Mickey Gestures SC as an addition to my Halloween bracelet… I could pass them off as magician’s hands or something haha!

I’m hoping that we might see some more new characters later in the year, though, as I was disappointed not to see new Disney franchises enter the main Pandora collection as usual for Spring!

What do you think of this new launch?

59 Comments on Pandora Disney Spring/Summer 2018 collection release

  1. Hi Ellie!

    I soooo wish they would do Star Wars!

    The car is very cute. But I don’t think any of these will be coming home with me any time soon. That’s okay, I still have a really long wish list from Spring and Mother’s Day. It will be really hard to show restraint tomorrow, but I’m going to give it a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes! ?

    • Hi Deborah! Haha, snap. I like the safety chain, and the car, but I love so much of the regular collection that I’m not immediately tempted. :D

    • No, no new characters at all! I’d love to see more Winnie the Pooh, but also other franchises – Mulan would be wonderful.

  2. I think they are cute designs but I have too many items on my list already from Mothers Day and Spring.

    • I am not quite so desperate for Mickey/Minnie designs, and am also much more focused on the regular collections!

  3. I’m not a fan of vintage Mickey/Minnie in general. I do like the climbing Mickey safety chain and might get that (someday) for my bracelet I’m putting together for our Walt Disney World trip next year!! I’m actually planning on using the classic “car” charm on it, opposite the “perfect gift” bow to represent the mice couple along with a bunch of other Mickey/Minnie, red, and black charms. And I was excited to get two snow white muranos (a perfect red) so they will glow on the dark rides!!

    • Me neither! I think the car and the safety chain are rather sweet, but I prefer the Disney characters overall. I just didn’t have a lot of Mickey/Minnie growing up. Your design sounds very sweet – excellent thought about the glow in the dark muranos too haha!

  4. Thanks again for your lovely commentary on the new Disney charms. I love the car charm! It reminds me of a ride that will open in Pixar land at Disney world! I am sure that I saw it on one of the proposed rides that will be opening soon. As far as the Mickey love heart, is that heart a deep red or is it a cerise ? I am going to buy many of these charms as I am a Disney fanatic. I would like to ad that I am still hoping that Simba will be coming next year. I heard that there was some talk of it in local Pandora shops here in the states. I hope they can work it out with Disney!!!! Please , Pandora – listen to what your loyal fans are asking for!!!!!

    • The love heart certainly looks redder in the stock image, but the item code is ‘NFR’, which is the same as the regular Shape of Love charm that came out in cerise earlier this year. So I imagine it is much the same colour as that one – the same bead, but with the silver Mickey added to it. The live image in the gallery certainly makes it look a bit pinker!

      Lion King charms would be amazing! I rewatched it the other day after years, such a wonderful film :D

  5. Hi Ellie, my favourite from the disney collection is the vintage car and climbing mickey chain. I’m thinking of getting the vintage car and pandora shine honey bee hive charm and another charm (not yet decided which one first )to get a free rose pave bracelet. Like yourself, I’m keen to start a mickey & minnie bracelet.

    • Those are the two I like from this collection too! The safety chain in particular. :) Sounds like a great start to your promo planning, there should be a GWP in the UK later this month for the Patterns of Love bangle and I am also planning out what I might get :D

    • They could have made the balloon enamel to match the rest of the release and it would have been cheaper!

      • I agree, I’m not sure the pavé brings much to the design apart from the price tag in this case.

    • Hi Crystal! Some of them are really pricey, I know. The Disney line has always been a bit more expensive due to Pandora’s licensing costs I think.

  6. I went a little crazy at Disney World last week and got Duffy, Shellie Mae which are finally available in the US, the car charm, the pink vintage Minnie and Mickey. I’m actially using the clip as a regular charm, and the hanging Mickey safety chain. I ordered the floating Minnie charm and just got it in the mail today and haven’t had a chance to look at it. I am on the fence about the Mickey with the yellow shoes. I think adding black to the eyes would have made look a little less creepy. Lol!

    • Ooh such fun choices! If I start my Disney bracelet proper, I would love to add Duffy and Shellie Mae, plus the StellaLou bead that’s coming out soon, as I’d like to do some softer colours than you’d usually expect from a Disney design. :). Haha, yeah, the eyes of the Classic Mickey pendant are a bit vacant. He doesn’t seem to have pupils either from the stock image!

  7. Hello Ellie, it’s the preview I’ve been waiting for yay! love the Mickey and Minnie vintage car charm and it is on the way to me now! I think I like the Mickey love heart too but it is a high price point alright! Might need to drop a few hints on this one to my other half ha! Do you know what the stone is. I have a Valentine’s / Love themed bracelet in red, pink and two tone and figure it might look good on that. I agree that the climbing Mickey safety chain is very cute! Thanks again for the lovely preview!

    • Hi Pauline! The stone for the Mickey Love Heart is the same as the cerise Shape of Love charm that came out for Valentine’s Day. It looks red in the stock image, but suspect it will be pinker in person (as it is in the live image I posted above). I think, whether it’s red or cerise, it would certainly look lovely on your bracelet design! :)

  8. Thanks for the preview! Nothing is grabbing me here. I, too, would’ve liked to see other Disney characters. Maybe some new princess dresses (Tiana and Moana especially!), I’d love to see some Star Wars charms, but most of all, I would absolutely die to see a pink and purple pavé and/or enamel Cheshire Cat head or full body… I would buy several ???

    Some Alice in Wonderland petites for the lockets would be cool too!

    • The princess I would really like to see is Mulan! I rewatched a few Disney films recently and it’s such a great one. Cherry blossom themed beads to go alongside would be lovely. The Cheshire Cat would be an absolutely fabulous charm and I would snap that up!

    • I agree with you Katherine,

      Pandora should make more Disney petites, Alice in Wonderland would be too cute.

      I will be asking a locket ring for my birthday.?
      Than I could ask Santa for all kinds of petites???

  9. Hello Ellie
    I enjoyed the review ☺️
    The car is definitely on my list. I am pondering the Mickey with the yellow shoes….
    I officially have to start a Mickey and Minnie bracelet. I love Pooh and would love to see more.

    My list is growing?

    • Hi Sabrina! Yay, thanks! :) Haha, I know the feeling. My wishlist from the regular Spring and Mother’s Day collections is so long even without throwing Disney in the mix.

  10. Seems everyone is craving for some Star Wars and I can understand that. I’m not a fan of Mickie and Minnie too as they are just different designs of the same characters. If I wanted to have them I would just buy one piece and be done with it, but that’s me and they are iconic figures for Disney so I understand no one cares about buyers opinion. Also I just bought so much from spring collection which I have to say was by far the best in a few years now. Kudos to product owners for finally alowing some creativity in design!
    Regarding Disney collection I would have went all in for Disney villain muranos and dresses! Maleficient etc. also all in for simba, Nemo and a bunch of other recent and gorgeous characters.
    As the majority of fans I’m looking for new Disney characters to complete my bracelets.

    • Never been to any Disney parks so passing as well. I do like idea of villian characters and that might persuade me to purchase. They did a good job with the Mickey car charm as great detailing.

      • Indeed. The car really stands out for me too. I’d be buying this charm as my one and only mickey and Minnie charm. Don’t see the point of having more.
        Let’s see what they come up with in the future but I’m all in for designs like the car.

    • Disney villains has been requested many times since the collection first launched! I’d love to see Pandora do something a bit more off the beaten track and creative with the Disney beads, and perhaps with them trying to shake things up a bit this year it might happen. :)

  11. Thanks for the review it gave me time to think about what to order at midnight. They are already on their way 2 of the Mickey clips and the M&M car. Was thinking about the Mickey with the heart but once I saw the price from your post I put it off, plus I feel that is one I want to see in person. I could be wrong but that one sold out almost immediately on the US estore – I added the ones I wanted to the cart and clicked on the heart Mickey and it was gone.

    I would really like to see a Goofy, Pluto, Chip N Dale head charm.
    More of Beauty N the Beast characters
    Someone mentioned the cat from Alice.
    Something that represents It’s a Small World Ride.
    The Snow White Queen
    I guess you can tell pretty much anything!
    My husband would want Star Wars charms :)

    • Some great ideas! :) There is a Disney Parks It’s a Small World Ride charm coming out in the US parks for Summer. I think it might be available in Hong Kong now.

      • I CAN NOT WAIT! Yes, I am screaming at you, do you hear me across the pond?!!!! That ride has such memories. Both my parents rode it at the NY World’s Fair as kids,then they rode it with me and my sister and then they rode it yet again with their grandkids. My husband’s grandmother was working at Pepsi at the time of the project for the fair. Between another cold and the news:( it has not been good weekend. But you added a ray of sunshine, silly I know. I will get it even if I have to drive to 20+ hours to Orlando :)

        That is what I love about charm bracelets – memories, fun and good times every time you look down at your wrist.

        Do you or or any one else know if there will be a 90th birthday Mickey charm?

  12. Thanks again for the photos and information on the disney releases. I purchased today Mickey and Minnie in the car along with the mice and balloon. I hope to purchase more of the disney releases in the next month. I would love to see new disney designs such as the articocats, 101 dalmitians, the mice from Cinderella,lady and the tramp to name but a few.

    • Hi Disney lovers,
      The Mickey and Minnie car looks like the new ride called Runaway railway, coming to Disney soon !
      Has anyone gotten the new Mickey heart yet? I am wondering if it matches the fascia heart they already released? I can’t tell if it is a darker red or Rose red fuscia color???

    • I would love to see more Disney animals as charms! The Chamilia Lady & the Tramp charms are adorable. It would be amazing to see Pandora versions too!

  13. Yes, mkr characters please! We still need the CHESHIRE CAT. I need to add him to my Alice bracelet. Also, Pandora please, add the rest of the princesses like Merida, Mulan, and Pocahontas. It could be more muronos or a charm representing them!

  14. Hello,

    Do you know if any of these are park exclusives?
    and so far we are not finding the mickey wrapped around the red stone heart?
    is that not out yet?

    thanks so much,

    • Hi
      I had a tough time as well. It was popular and sold out fast. I did get two from Reed’s jewelers but you should call and do it fast as they said they only had a few left!!
      Good luck

    • Hi Joni, no these are all part of the regular Pandora line. There seem to have been supply issues with the Mickey heart bead, and stores are not expecting more shipments for a few weeks in some cases. :(

  15. I was looking forward to buy mickey and the red heart but everywhere seems to be sold out, do you think it may become a limited edition with not many being produced.

  16. The Mickey Floating Locket is only selled to China, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil and United Kingdom is out of stock now.

  17. I would love to see some of the disney side kicks – flounder/Sebastian, Pascal, flit/meeko, mooshu/cricky, Ray/louis, jack/Gus, Baloo, etc. Please excuse any misspellings as I wasn’t sure how some where spelled and didn’t want to look up. Also, I second Simba/Nala and Lady/Tramp. I’m seeing a really cute “Disney Duos” possibility here Pandora! I want commission!

  18. I was looking on the uk pandora website and Mickey love heart charm is no longer listed on there. I was wondering what has happened to it as if the charm doesnot exist anymore. Can anyone shed any light on this. Thank you.

    • Just checked UK pandora site and the mickey love heart and the floating mickey shaped necklace is now in Stock with the free GWP bracelet! Just ordered mine and very excited!

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