Today sees the start of a couple of Pandora promotions, with offers for the UK and Australia/New Zealand! With a free bangle for the UK and pavé bracelets for Australia, there’s lots to tempt you to indulge.

Read on for the details!

Pandora UK Celebration bangle GWP

The Patterns of Love bangle is being marketed as the Celebration bangle here in the UK. From today until 7 May (or while stocks last), spend £99 or more in a single transaction and receive the bangle for free!


The bangle is not engraved with anything, which adds nicely to its versatility.

Pandora Australia/New Zealand Mother’s Day 2018 promo

The promotion for AU/NZ will run until 13 May – details are on the poster below!

I know that a few of you were disappointed not to get a limited edition bangle for free as usual this year, and I can understand that! From a collecting point of view, getting the LE bangle for free was amazing. I can appreciate that regular Pandora customers may have got tired of collecting them for a bit.

My Comment

I have taken part in the UK bangle promo, and will be using it for a rather special purpose, which I’ll reveal later! :) Are you taking part in either of these offers?

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  1. hi ellie. i also took part in the promo today too.its so beautiful with a very detailed clasp.cant wait to see what you do with get mine i got the silver sliding bracelet which im in love with and the silver enchanted crown ring.cant wait to see the summer review from you.??hoping to see some more sea creatures charms hopefully??

    • Yes! Just saw my local jared SA and she told me this bracelet will be free with $100 during memorial day weekend!

      • Thanks for sharing this Jen. I was going to order two hearts to complete my heart bracelet that total exactly $100. With your information I will wait until Memorial Day and hope to pick up that bracelet too.

      • I heard as well about this bangle with purchase at end of month. I didn’t know the spend amount though. Thank you for posting!

  2. Hi Ellie, I have seen a Canadian retailer advertising a promotion in Canada to get the Patterns of Love bangle as a GWP when you spend $150 from May 3-6, 2018! I am thrilled this promotion is coming here too.
    Thanks for all the information you share with us all.

    • Thanks Ingrid, I am very happy to hear this.
      I do love bangles and this one needs to be part of my collection.??
      I wonder if Pandora Canada will allow us to buy Disney charms toward the 150$.
      Happy shopping everyone!???

        • An open bangle with the dazzling daisy duo and the pink field of flowers Murano. i already have a pink field of flower Murano that I want to put on a different bracelet because it’s too tight on the one that I have it on so the whole ting revolved around getting another one and matching it with a daisy. :)

    • I believe there will be 3 promotions in Canada in May. The LE bangle, then a GWP jewelry box and then I heard a ring promo Victoria Day weekend.

      • Three promos!!…..May could be an expensive month. Do you have any details about the jewelry box? Wondering if it is the same one that is shown on the promo page. I am definitely going for the bangle and will have to see about the others as I did just get three new charms.

        • Hi Sheila, the jewelry box is not that one, ours will be a cylinder shape, pink or blue, and it opens up like a spiral ladder (not sure if I described it properly). From the pictures I saw though it looks small, maybe a travel size.

        • Is there a picture on website I could check the jewelry box?
          I will also check with my location if they have it on display.

        • Someone posted a picture on a facebook group I am part of, I am not sure I can show it because it was not my post

        • OK, thanks for the info – this is helping me decide where to spend. The smaller jewelry box/roll might not be as desirable. So will do the bangle and maybe the ring event. When in the store the other day they were not overly informative but the SA did say the Shine line was not included in the promo on Thursday. I have not seen anything official however.

        • I picked Disney charms Daisy, M&M Vintage car and also the Shopping bag which was on my wishlist for so long but now was the time before it goes on their last call tray. These new charms had already a special place waiting on my other bracelets.

          Today, I wore my new bangle without charms. Very beautiful.???

          I asked about the jewellery box promo which will is scheduled next weekend. My S.A. said it is a travel case either pink or blue and definetaly worth spending 150$ CAN. I don’t have any Pandora travel case so far so I am excited to see it next week. Just can’t make up my mind about which charms to pick from my never-ending wish list. ??

          It was very nice from Pandora Canada to authorize purchasing Disney charms for this promo, since Shine line was not eligible for the GWP.

        • Rachelle, your charms sound lovely- I have the M&M car and it is adorable. I can’t wait to get my bangle and charms; they are on their way. Still thinking about the next promo. I quite like the open bangle so this is on my list. Does anyone have it as I am wondering about comfort level. I do like that the two stoppers come with for $90 CDN

        • I have the open bangle, it is very nice because it fits snugly on the wrist so it doesn’t turn. I put my favourite charm on the top and it remains there thanks to the stoppers. The two end balls though felt a bit wobbly after few days if use. I got them changed at a Pandora store but it’s the same thing. They don’t seem to be at risk of falling off just wobbly, maybe that’s how it is. I still like it a lot because it allows me to showcase one charm at the time and I can use all the charms that I like but don’t have a place on any bracelet.

        • OK thanks, I will most likely get it… one of the promo events. Just have to decide on the size.

        • Just letting everyone know that the 2nd Canadian promo has started today. Spend $125 and get the free jewelry roll (retail value of $30) ALSO 4 mothers day sets on special for an additional 20% off…..the flourishing heart padlock bangle is already sold out on line :( Anyone getting in on this one?

  3. Hi Ellie – details of the AUS/NZ promo aren’t quite right – the spend is NZ$180 and NZ$240 respectively. Thank you for much for keeping us all updated – looking forward to a trip in store to sort myself a Mother’s Day gift :-}

    • It looks like the details on the Aus/NZ promo is quoted in A$. A$150 for the silver pave. A$200 for the Rose gold pave.
      I just got mine today… but still disappointed that we didn’t have the bangle here. :(

      A bit of disappointment for bangle lovers in Australia: I went to the store hoping to get the Pattern of Love bangle, but was told that the bangle is not available here in Australia (not even if I want to pay for it!)
      The one with the “tree on the heart lock” bangle is available, but not the “Patterns of Love” :(

  4. Can’t wait to see what you use it for, I’m thinking about taking part just deciding what to get, I said I was on a Pandora band but I’m a sucker for a promo and different clasp bracelets/bangles.

  5. Ooh can’t wait to see what you are using it for… I have an idea but I’ll wait to see :)

    I see the US has a jewelry case promo coming up. Since mother’s day is coming up I won’t be participating. Unless I can convince my Husband to, but we usually don’t spend that much for Mother’s/Father’s day gifts! I’d rather have the free pavé heart clasp bracelet promo anyway. It’s my favorite bracelet I have at the moment. So pretty and the clasp size is nice and big. It looks like a charm!!

  6. I ordered mine today from the e-store and got an amazing deal for Pandora vouchers from Zeek, £82.30 for £100 worth of vouchers :-O. I got the rainbow safety chain and the Union Jack flag dangle :-).

    Oooo, special purpose, I’m thinking baby or wedding ;-).

    • P.S., I’m so glad that we have finally got this bangle promo here in the UK, hopefully we’ll get it again as it’s much better than the jewellery boxes we usually get at this time of year, I have enough of those, can’t have too many bangles, lol ;-).

      • No, I agree with you Pat. We can wear bangles on two arms.?? I am still debating if I should get the Beauty & Beast bangle while it’s still available.
        I have the clip with that same rose and it is beautiful.?

        • Rachelle, you should definitely consider the BaTB bangle. It is such a pretty bangle, pictures don’t really convey how nice this one is. I also purchased the rose clips that match the clasp. I’m not sure yet what charms I may put on the bangle. I thought maybe a pair of Belle’s Murano, the rose clips and 1 Belle’s rose as the centerpiece. Also considering wearing the bangle as is and putting the charms I mentioned on a snake chain and pairing together as it does seem a shame to cover the engraving. Decisions…lol

          And I’m so excited to have heard that the US will be getting the Patterns of Love bangle in an upcoming promotion.

          I definitely prefer a bracelet/charm gwp as opposed to another mini jewelry box. (Wish the US could have the larger jewelry boxes I had seen listed in the UK for sale. Those looked so nice, and so much more practical.)

          Oh my! This did turn into quite the post lol.
          I hope you decide to pick up the bangle, you definitely will not be disappointed.

          The suspense in waiting for the design reveal on her Patterns of Love bangle…

        • Hi Teri, I just my pattern of love bangle. I hope Pandora will offer a promotion for a free bracelet in June. I could upgrade to the B&B bangle. Crossing fingers?

  7. Yes I got fgwp re the bangel I got the cute teacup, teapot and cake charm plus I got a £20 voucher if you spent £120 end of May

  8. Hi Ellie, I hope you are doing well! I’m eager to hear what you will be using your bangle for—I have some ideas! ;) The Patterns of Love Bangle is so beautiful. I have one on the way that a trusted seller helped me out with. I did see the packaging that it comes with in the UK, and I’m so jealous haha! I’m also really looking forward to participating in the US jewelry box promo next week—though I have heard nothing else about it other than what you posted on your blog!

  9. Hi there!

    I took part in this promo today. It wasn’t actually for me as I’m not the biggest fan on bangles for one but especially not quite this one. I much would have preferred a bracelet promotion where you can pick a bracelet of a certain value so there’s more choice. But I did spend the £99 and I will be surprising my mama with this for her birthday, I know she took a liking to it so hopefully it won’t disappoint. It comes in a lovely celebration box slip.

    And where I shopped today it was Student night so I received a lovely complimentary tote bag which I adore. I treated myself to qualify for the promo the new pull bracelet in gold dimante (the one that comes in silver and pink, I have them both and just hope it comes out in more colours especially baby blue) and then I got the newer tiara sparkle earrings which I absolutely love as I’ve got the ring set.

    I’m hoping for lots of exciting new things from pandora and hopefully with that some new or old favourites promos coming up!

  10. Hi Ellie!

    Lucky you, that is such a beautiful bangle! Can’t wait to see how you style it.

    I’m glad you are getting a good promo. I guess here in the US we are again getting a travel jewelry case starting April 30th. I got an email about it earlier today.

    On another subject entirely, have you heard anything about the Essence open bangle? It was supposed to be in the Mother’s Day release, but no one has them in stock that I can find.

    Thanks for the promo info.

  11. Hi Ellie!!

    I am in the US and my area did not get any of the floating heart lockets. ( charm/pendant heart with CZ ; floating heart lock bracelet; floating locket rings ).

    I heard they are delayed until the pre – autumn launch. Have you heard anything on this??

  12. I have decided to get the Pandora Rose pave bracelet and start a family themed bracelet with it. To reach the spend I want to buy the limited edition lock bangle, another layer of the Pandora jewellery box and a charm – easy done.

    Looking forward to your bangle review and styling. Do you know if it is being released in Australia?

    • Hi Lozzie, I just picked up the Limited edition bangle with the tree on the heart lock for my daughter in Qld. It comes with a special box. Very beautiful.

      • Thanks Leanne. I asked the sales assistant about the special box and she said it only came with the bangle and matching charm set. Is this what you bought for your daughter? or just the bangle only.

        • Hi Lozzie, I definitely got the Limited edition box with just the bangle. Not a set. I was at the Chermside store in Brisbane on Friday. It’s a white Pandora box like the regular ones but has a beautiful family tree embossed on the top and limited edition around the sides. Hope this helps.

      • That’s what I wanted to hear. Thanks Leanne. I am sure your daughter will love her bangle. It is indeed beautiful. Can’t wait to get mine.

  13. I got my pandora fix yesterday. I bought the mouse & balloon charm, hanging mickey chain and vintage mickey car and got the rose pave clasp bracelet. Dissapointed the the mickey red heart charm is delayed here in Australia. Really wanted to have a look at that one. Was told might come in next month. If the promotion still around then, and i really like it, will do a second purchase for silver paved heart bracelet.

  14. Happy shopping!. We have a cute pink purse with a 99 Euros purchase. I think this is the first time I´m missing the traditional travel jewellery box :(

  15. Today I purchased the climbing mickey chain and the vintage mickey clip to get the lovely free bangle. I was told that the mickey red heart charm should be available to buy in a couple of weeks due to production issues that have caused the recent delay of this charm.

  16. I really like the looks of this bangle. I live in US and is there a web site I can go to and order this bracelet?
    Also as usual, this and all your past reviews are really great and full of good information. I look forward to each new one.

  17. Hi Ellie,

    The Patterns of Love bangle is one of my favorites to date. I can see why you would choose this one in particular for something very special. I have a couple of things in mind. Can’t wait for your reveal! I’m happy to see you ladies in the UK get this one with a nice promo. Unfortunately, we don’t have it available here in the US. Seeing it listed as ‘on back order’ gives me hope we’ll see it at some point. I’m planning to take part in the free jewelry case beginning April 30th . I still have a few things from the Spring release on my wish list to hit the spend.

    For those who might be interested, April 30 – May 6 Jared is offering a free Jared Exclusive Pandora Jewelry Piece up to $65 (upgrades allowed) with a $125 spend. Beginning May 7 – 13 they will offer two Jared Exclusive Mother’s Day Gift Sets. (1) Sparkling Love for Mother Gift Set for $199 includes Sterling Silver chain, Love for Mother charm, Hearts of Pandora earrings and Sparkling Strand bracelet. (2) Classic Love for Mother for $249 includes SS chain, Love for Mother charm, Classic Elegance earrings and Lacework ring.

    Thanks for the post. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

    • Emily, I replied to this post with some questions, but for some reason, it did not directly reply. The post is right below your post.

    • Hi Emily,
      If you haven’t found yet…
      The Patterns of Love bangle is available and in stock on the Precious Accents page. They are an authorized Pandora online retailer.

  18. Thanks for the info on the promos Emily! I really wish I would have known about this Jared promo because I just ordered the Jared exclusive Love for Mother charm for my mom, and I would would have waited had I known. Do you have any idea what this exclusive piece is? Also, since Jared is offering this promo at the same time as the jewelry box promo, do you think this means that the shop-in-shops will NOT be offering the jewelry box promo? I was really hoping to buy the Pandora Rose Floating Locket Necklace from a local shop-in-shop if they were offering the jewelry box promo, as I have a gift card to this store. Thanks again!

    • Hi Joanne, Sorry for delay in answer. I called Jared this morning to verify free exclusive jewelry piece with $125 spend. The Love for Mother charm is included along with Best Mother, Mother’s Love Hearts, Family Always & Forever, Sweet Mother, Lacework Ring and Glistening Adornments Earrings or necklace. If item is over $65, you can pay the difference. The offer cannot be combined with the free jewelry case offer for $125 spend. I’m not sure regarding shop-in-shop offer, but in the past, they have same promo as concept stores. Hope this info helps.

      • Hi Emily, thanks for the response. I ended up placing another order with Jared and receiving The Love for Mother Charm for free. I am just going to return the original charm I bought. I needed to buy some Pandora pieces for my BFF for her birthday anyway. I also checked with the concept store, and they are offering the jewelry box, so I am going to do that promo later today!

        • Happy you were able to work this out to your advantage. The jewelry case is lovely. I put one on hold when I called this morning. The store had only received six.

        • Emily, yes, the case is so lovely! I went and got mine today. I went to a shop-in-shop that I don’t typically go to because I had a gift card to use there. They had the jewelry box there, but they were unaware that the promo started today and thought it began on Mother’s Day haha! So, I guess I was the first to get a jewelry case from that store! It’s becoming a theme that I know more info than the SAs. ;)

  19. Got my order coming Tuesday. I’m going to put my vintage k charm on the bangle as I think the style will match and if I can still get it the vintage t charm so it will represent my daughter and husband.

    • I will also be getting one of tbe vintage letter charms, rainbow murano, bee murano and finally the god of fortune dangle. I think this will add up to the $150. Spend for GWP for LE bangle spend.

  20. For those of you who wear bangles I have a question about fit. I order most of Pandora from the estore because it is so far to my concepts store. I am considering getting a bangle. I wear an 18 in the regular bracelets but am unsure about size on the bangle. I am leaning toward the 19 but am afraid it will be too big. What is your experience with sizing?

    • Hi Beth! I have bangles in both the 17 and 19 and the 17 is quite snug. The 19 is slightly big but not big where it’ll come right off of my hand. I gave the 17 to my daughter as it was leaving marks around my wrist and become very uncomfortable. I’ve gotten used to the 19, but really wish they made an 18. Sorry for the rant but I’d recommend the 19 especially if you like to stack.

    • Hi Beth, I would go for size 19 since you could add charms to make it fit better if you find it slightly looser.
      When a bracelet is too tight it tends to stay in the jewelry box ?

  21. I agree. I wear an 18 in bracelets and the 19 is what I wear in bangles. Mind you, I’m going to get a 19 next time in a bracelet because I find them too tight if I put muranos on them. And yeah the 19 is a bit bigger but. It too big.

  22. I received my GWP Patterns of Love bangle today. It is my first bangle and I am in love. It is very pretty and thanks to the advice of postings on here the size I ordered fits perfectly. The clasp is very nice and vintage looking. I see more bangles in my future. I’m looking forward to stacking some bangles with my other bracelets.

  23. Does anyone know if there is a GWP sale for July 4th. It seems like every holiday they have something. I have a couple of bracelets I’m working on and need to order a few charms. I’ll wait until July 4th if they usually have a sale. I asked at my concept store yesterday and they said they knew there would be a special sometime this summer but they weren’t sure what or when. I’d sure like some advance notice if anyone has an idea of what might be happening.

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