Good news today, as I have just been told that Pandora will be back on US shopping site Rue La La tomorrow (17 April)! The sale will begin at 11AM ET and run until 27 April, offering discounts of up to 50% off.

There are new styles included this time around, which is always exciting! I spy the Disney Jasmine muranos in the corner of this image, along with the Dainty Bow clip and Shooting Star spacers. I’ll definitely be having a mosey tomorrow!

Unfortunately, Rue La La is not able to directly ship Pandora internationally. However, they do still accept international credit cards, and you could opt for a freight forwarding service to get your purchases. I don’t have much experience using mail forwarding services, but please feel free to share any recommendations you might have!

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

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  1. Oh my, I keep watering that money tree in my backyard and it only gives me acorns and absolutely not a single dollar bill.

    Checked Rue last night to see if they were up before I placed an order. Oh well, I know they will run another sale again next month!

    • Thank you for the heads up. I need to pay closer attention to your blog so I don’t put in an order right before the new releases. Thanks again.

    • I laughed so much at your comment! I think that’s the type of tree all of us Pandoraholics could do with lol :) :)

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for posting the Rue sale. I had hoped you would still receive notice of their sales.
    I also see the Blue Cathedral Rose in the top left corner.
    I’m happy to see new items. Definitely looking to purchase some Murano beads. I missed the Folklore Muranos from the last sale. I hope those will be back as well.
    Thank you! Have a great week!! :)

  3. Hi Ellie!

    It’s always exciting when Rue posts that new styles have been added. I will, of course, be checking out the boutique tomorrow at the very moment it opens – 8am Arizona time. I showed admirable restraint during the Mother’s Day promo. I was aided by the fact that our store didn’t have everything in. Lol!

    I hope they have opulent heart. I never picked that one up and I’d like to add it to my plethora of hearts. I’m sure I’ll find some things I “need”. ?

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Just a warning incase anyone signs up with Borderlinx, Unfortunately, after reading Borderlinx policy, it is prohibited to send gold, silver or precious stones jewellery through them. So my search is on for a freight forwarding company that does not have restrictions on jewellery. So sad that Rue no longer ship to Australia but after contacting them, the decision came as they had broken Pandora company policy by shipping outside of the country, so hence had to put a ban on shipping Pandora outside of the US.

      • I’m in Australia too. Now seeing the sales on Rue is so heartbreaking. I was trying to find out how much it would cost on borderlinx and seemed like it would cost heaps. So thanks for the heads up about them not shipping jewelery. I understand Pandora’s policy for new stuff still available but when it’s retired and not been available certainly in Australia for a long time it seems like the policy shouldn’t apply anymore. People who like the old stuff and real gold are not going to be convinced to buy just the new stuff if it’s not the same style and quality. They will either buy on eBay or elsewhere or change brands. Thanks to Rue I have been able to get alot of missed regrets. It’s back to looking and not touching like before. At least I received my final order that they originally said was cancelled. If only I knew I would have bought more.

        • Hi, could you please send me an Invite for BuyInvite? I kive in Australia too and its heartbreaking not to be able to purchase from US easily.

        • hi to everyone in aus I didn’t realize rue was unable to ship to us untill today funny that I received an email from borderfree a few weeks ago giving free postage to australia with $150 spend on pandora via Rue anyway I have used shop and ship in the past with success ordering from lets just say a certain company that doesn’t ship internationally costs around $27 au for 1kg there was a link via another blog site maybe the art of pandora? waiving the joining fee you would need to check if still valid

      • I have used Shopmate several times to ship from America to Australia. It is run by Australia Post. They give you the shipping fee in Australian dollars. Can range from $25-$50 for a Rue box to be forwarded. Also, Australian sale site BuyInvite has listed Pandora for sale recently and stock was practically identical to what Rue La La had in last sale. Prices not great though, but it is described as shipped from the US??!! I can post an invitation to BuyInvite if any Australian readers are interested.

    • Deborah, the Opulent Heart is a really pretty bead. I have it with a Rapunzel murano and some other beads. Hopefully it’ll show up on Rue soon. I suspect I’ll also see some beads I “need”, but I hope not!

    • Hi Deborah and Judy
      I have looked at the Opulent Heart charm for awhile now. I think it is such a lovely charm. Very vintage looking. I just wasn’t sure what I would pair it with. I don’t really have anything in the purple range in my collection. The suggestion of the Rapunzel Murano was not one I had thought of.
      Like you, I will pick up the Muranos and go from there. I think I will also add the Fairytale Bloom for this design.
      And now I’m off and running on another bracelet lol.
      Have a great day!

      • I’m interested in the opulent heart too! It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast for some reason.

        I will be getting the repunzel muranos sometime. They will go on my Little Mermaid themed bracelet if they are purple enough (since I consider Ariel’s accent color to be the purple of her shells).

        • Hi Sarah,
          The Opulent Heart is so pretty and I’m sure would be a nice addition to your Beauty and the Beast.
          I hope the Rapunzel Murano works out for your Little Mermaid.
          It is so nice to read how each person will use a particular piece.
          And I enjoy getting suggestions on pairing pieces together.
          Have a great day. :)

  4. Do you (or RLL) know if Rue La La will ever be doing the 60% or more sales again? I feel a little nervous with their shipping changes that this will change too. I really try to stretch my pandora dollar and live for those sales.

    I’m gonna really have to hold myself back from the Jasmine muranos as I love the disney muranos!

      • You convinced me. Haha, it didn’t take much. I have this feeling that I “need” to get all of the disney muranos, so I guess I can’t wait til these are gone for good (even though I don’t have an immediate home for them).

  5. Thanks so much Ellie for making me aware of this glorious and amazing site. I have collected Pandora for so many years, but have never been able to add gold charms until now……yea Rue La La. I thank you very much, but not sure if my husband agrees……LOL.?

    • Yep. I keep getting the gold charms too. I bought so many last time that I am ignoring the love all around ones this time. Or I am so far…

      • Hi Deborah, happy shopping!!! With such great prices, who can blame us for being so tempted. Like I say to my husband, I’m just saving you money…..LOL?

  6. Hello Ellie, thanks for the update on the sale! I would certainly love to take a peek, which ultimately leads to shopping. I am excited about this sale a lot as I didn’t really have too many items from the Spring and Mother’s Day collections on my wish list. I probably bought just one bead from the Spring collection. I love, love, love retired beads and may get some two tone on Rue seeing that Pandora is only doing Shine now.. Thanks again!!

  7. I’ll take a look but I think it’s no use buying from them anymore, as I don’t want to pay borderlinx or any other mail forwarding company. Unless some old TT beads come up to justify the extra shipping expense. Thanks for letting us know ?

  8. Hello Marie, thank you for keeping us updated with what is going on with Spanish Pandora. From what I understand even if we would like to use Borderlinks, on their site it is clearly stated they do not ship precious metals, including silver. Again, I absolutely think it is not fair not to have access to older, retired beads. If Pandora made sure that customers had access to these in their countries, then maybe I could understand/ accept their policy. Since this is not the case, I find it totally unfair.

    • Yes, I couldn´t agree more. I prefer older beads,too. They are original and much better quality. You can check retailers. Sometimes they still have retired items left and sell them at reduced prices ( usually 30% off). So far I haven´t found anything interesting but it´s worth a try.

  9. I had my order cancelled from RueLaLa twice last month – they emailed saying it was reinstated only to cancel again a few days later. I’m in Canada and understand they no longer ship here but the way they dealt with previous orders was very unorganized and unprofessional. Even if they began shipping to Canada again I would never order from them.

  10. Gosh,I just had a look at their website.So many retired muranos which I would love to have. Is there really no way to order from them now?

  11. I caved and got a Jasmine murano and hope to get the repunzel ones in the future. There were a lot of muranos available but I love the disney ones! I was also able to get two of the life saver medical emblem charms before they sold out. My Mother-in-law has been wanting that one. Now, excuse me. I need to get started on growing that money tree ;)

  12. Have you ever seen the blue Mom on and star dangle on Rue La La? I bought the clear one from them but I’m still searching for the blue

    • The silver star on the midnight blue faceted ball? Rue used to have that one, but I don’t remember seeing it this time.

      • Thanks Deborah, I think I read that differently but you are probably right!

        I have seen the moon and star blue crystal dangle Betsy, but it was not on offer for very long. Fingers crossed it will come up again for you soon!

        • It was suppose to read as moon and star! Lol! Thanks y’all… I will keep searching for it, hopefully they’ll have it at some point in the future!

  13. I am not finding the Blue Cathedral Rose charm or the Shooting Star spacer. I even got on site at 11:00, checked site via cell phone, tablet and lap top, but neither are showing for me other than the promo photo. Disappointed.

    • I’m sorry you’re disappointed but maybe they will add them soon. I know they have them and have seen them recently offered!

    • I logged on right at the beginning of sale (10am my time) and those 2 items were not listed :(
      I was hoping to purchase the Shooting Star spacers and the Cathedral Rose charm too.

      So many things sold out so quick. I put the Chinese Ingots in my cart and they sold out before I could complete my checkout. That was disappointing!

      Hopefully sold out items will be able to be replenished before end of sale :)

  14. I got the dainty bow bangle in a medium and the holly murano and the candy cane dangle which were on my wish list for a while. I’m sort of pondering the Rapunzel Murano now :)

  15. Does anyone know if the TT apple charm has ever been on RLL? I really would like that for my fairytale bracelet but am having a hard time tracking down a new one from any authorized sites.

    • I think the TT apple is in the outlets now.. I saw it in the list that the Rehoboth beach outlet in Delaware sent me. Usually if it is in the outlet I think it will be on Rue fairly soon.. The outlets are great, but if you don’t live near them there’s a 20 dollar shipping charge. I have often shopped with them at their sales where they have 25% off the outlet price and it works out pretty well to get a few charms when shipping at that cost. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you! That would be great. I live an hour away from an outlet so it’s not always easy to get there! I hope you are right!!

  16. Does rue Lala sell pandora often? I am considering the 365 shipping, it seems better than paying 10 USD ever time. And also, I saw there is a “still want it” option, anyone tried before? Will you still get the item later? Thanks!

    • Lately every month but it’s unpredictable. I bought the 365 shipping when it was offered at $30 (I think). Totally worth it!

      Regarding the Still Want It: I have not had the best of luck with it but some people say they usually get the item. Good luck!

    • Ok, I have a question to whoever cares enough to answer. Why is it that Pandora decided not to allow access for international buyers of older, retired beads? We are not talking about new, current jewelry for which their policy is somewhat understandable, given the difference in price in different currencies, running different promotions, scarcity of the new items, etc.

    • I think Rue has a Pandora boutique about once a month. Sometimes you can access Pandora when there isn’t an actual boutique running. And sometimes they have a Moonlight Madness type of sale where the charms they’ve had for a while are 80% off. So the 365 shipping has been totally worth it for me. And I can buy what I think will sell out within 5 minutes on one order, then go back and place a second order. That was I don’t lose stuff that I put in my cart, but sold out before I checked out.

  17. Oh my goodness, I just got one (of three) Jasmine’s Signature Color Murano in the mail today. Drool! It is gorgeous.

    I’m so in love with all the Disney princess muranos!! Must. get. all. Teehee. Next one on my list – repunzel’s.

    • I keep looking at that one. It looks very nice. Trying to decide what I would use it with…
      I have not seen in person, do you think this is more to the teal color?
      I have seen the Belle Murano and that is def on my list for a Fall/Halloween design.
      The Rapunzel Muranos are on the way from Rue. I have not seen those in person either but took a suggestion from another poster that they work well with the Opulent heart charm. Which I have been eyeing for awhile now.
      Just when I say no more projects until I complete the ones I have in progress…lol

      • I have several bracelets that are just 3 muranos, 4 spacers and two clips. I usually have 3 of the same murano or 3 in the same color family. I know you aren’t really supposed to have all your charms in just the middle section but none of these bracelets are worn all the time like some of my other bracelets are so I’m not real worried about it. I like to color coordinate with whatever I happen to be wearing.

        • That is such a great idea Beth. A very nice way to accent your wardrobe.
          Out of curiosity, why shouldn’t you have beads only in the center?

        • There are people, including SA I’ve talked to that say if you aren’t going to have a full bracelet that you should have your charms equally spaced in all three sections. They say keeping them only in the center section will cause your bracelet to stretch unevenly and may put pressure on the clip points of the bracelet and cause them to break. I’ve heard opinions from people saying it is okay and from people saying don’t do it. On my bracelets that I wear all the time I do keep the charms evenly space in all three sections but for these with the muranos I keep them in just the center section.

        • Ahh…I see. I hadn’t thought of it in that respect. It does make sense to not put stress on just one part.
          Thank you for answering my question.
          Have a terrific day!

      • Definitely teal. It actually matches the color in the teal lattice murano pretty well and I might pair them with that one in the middle. Not sure if there’s much variation between muranos though. I will do either a teal ocean theme or put them on a Little Mermaid bracelet until I get the actual Ariel ones.

        I want to get Repunzel ones next rue la la sale.

        • Thank you Sarah. I appreciate the helpful response. I’m thinking I may go ahead and get the Jasmine Murano. I’m sure I could find a home for them. Maybe a teal and purple theme. Uh oh…another project lol…
          Just got the Rapunzel Murano today and they are indeed lovely. I’m sure you will not be disappointed when you get yours.
          Your bracelet designs sound very nice, I especially like your ocean theme idea.
          Thank you again for response. Have a great day!

        • Hi Sarah,
          Between your comment and Judy S, I couldn’t not, in good conscience, pass up this bead lol. I ordered the Jasmine Murano.
          Looking forward to them arriving.
          Now, if the money tree would just begin to sprout, and Rue would have a moonlight madness sale, I would be all set :o

  18. Hi again Ellie. This is totally out off topic but after my last purchase I have been doing some research about the summer collection and surprisingly I’ve seen a number of pics some american ladies have kindly posted. I must say I wasn’t expecting such detailed reports and sneek peeks. That made me wonder if Pandora doesn’t allowed you to preview them yet. If so, I can’t understand Why. I mean, if they have published the summer pieces or some of tbem, then they can’t expect people to take photos of their catalogues and share them on their blogs or insta accounts. Has Pandora gone completely mad?. Why are European ladies the last to see what’s due out next?. I even read a comment from some American ladie, who found it interesting that Pandora kept Europeans out of the loop, even though they are a European brand. I must say that I agree 100% with her but for the ” interesting” part. I find it irritating. Most irritating.
    Have a nice time.

    • I saw the summer collection a few weeks ago, first on instagram and then on the art of Pandora blog. It hardly makes sense that some people/blogs can post about upcoming content and others are restricted. It’s a strange one. What do you think of the collection anyway?

      • Hi Sophie,
        Yeah, I cannot understand Pandora’s random policy either. On the summer collection I can only say that it’s not my style at all. However, I feel attracted to the new leathers. Above all the hot orange and the tan brown ones. I’m surprised myself. I’m waiting eagerly for Ellie’s preview!

  19. Sorry I skipped a Word. I meant ” they can´t expect them NOT to take potos from their catalogues …”

  20. Just an FYI for anyone who may have purchased Pandora from RueLala in the last 30 days. They have reduced the price on a significant number of things this evening. I was just on chat and because 4 of the items I had purchased had reduced in price he credited my account for the difference. He said they always price match if a lower price occurs within 30 days of your purchase, you only have to ask for it.

    • Hi Beth,
      Was it a Pandora sale? I did not see it. Darn!
      I have had the same experience where an item I purchased was lowered in price and I received credit for difference.
      Have always had a positive experience with Rue.

      • Teri,

        They didn’t have an announced sale but yesterday at some point they reduced the price on a lot of charms. Four of the charms I had purchased in the last couple of weeks were reduced in price so they gave me the credit. I imagine they are trying to move all their inventory. The concierge I chatted with said they would keep dropping prices until things were gone and encouraged me to keep checking back to see if any of the other things I purchased are reduced in price.

  21. I have a question about a retired piece of Pandora. Did “Winter Wonderland” come as both a charm and a clip? Ruelala has it listed as a charm but I know it was made as a clip. I thought it was only made as a clip. I need clips for my Christmas bracelet so was just curious about these.

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