Today’s post brings my first charm reviews in a little while, with a closer look at two new beads from the Pandora Summer 2018 collection! While this collection overall focused on festival colours and motifs, picked out in vibrant enamel, rainbow CZs and luminous tassels, there were also some really sweet silver character beads – and it’s those I’m focusing on today.

The format of today’s review is a little different from usual: as I never previewed or discussed this collection before my time off due to the issues with previews that were rumbling on, I wanted to speak more generally today about the collection overall. However, if you’d be interested to see that original preview post (I did write it and put it together, even though I never published it), please let me know, and I can put that out too. :)

In the meantime, read on for close-up shots and inspiration!

Pandora Summer 2018 charm reviews

There are a lot of carnival colours in this collection (see above), but my two picks from this erred more on the side of delicacy and silver detailing:

The stand-out charm for many was the all-silver Dreamcatcher. This lovely all-silver design is a new character bead from Pandora – we’ve not had one before – and is beautifully executed. The feathers are not fixed in place, and all dangle freely from the base of the charm.

The bead actually feels weightier and more substantial than I was expecting from the stock image – it’s quite a solid charm, and the overall effect of the pattern at the centre is quite oxidised-looking, too. The feathers are also nicely defined through oxidised detail, and overall the look is not quite so shiny and light as some recent Pandora beads.

In use, you’ll find that it’s large and eye-catching, and its dangling feathers are really striking, too. In light of this, for me I see it as more of a focal bead within a full charm bracelet – or as a bead to use within part of a smaller design, such as on a bangle or leather bracelet, where it has the space to breathe and won’t get crowded or look odd against other smaller beads.

The top of the charm is set with the words Follow your dreams. This may or may not be your thing, but it’s less intrusive than some of Pandora’s inscribed messages. The writing is tiny and not too showy, so you can just ignore it if it doesn’t suit you.

My second favourite is the Drink to Go takeaway cup. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time! I love that Saturday Night Live called this charm in their Pandora parody earlier this year (see here) – my main takeaway from that comedy take on charm collecting was that a little coffee cup would be an amazing bead. Well, we have it now!

In person, I was even more bowled away. The charm is a nice, solid silver design, and the pink enamel very classic Pandora. It’s pale enough (paler than the stock image suggests) not to really pose much of a colour clash however you want to style it, too. Again, I think I would prefer not to have the words Take a break on it, but the script itself is rather pretty. Pandora are known for including hidden hearts in their designs as a little easter egg and, sure enough, you’ll find one on the top of the cup. ^^

I’ve added them to a summery design I built up last year, shuffling a couple of beads around to make it work. This is how it was before:

I moved the Pear to the left and put the Dreamcatcher front and centre. As I said, It’s such a lovely statement bead, so it works best as a focal piece. The Drink to Go is tucked away to the left – one of my favourite memories of our holidays in Amsterdam is getting a takeaway coffee and just meandering around the canals, taking it all in.

I like to stack this one with one of my two Summer leathers. It makes for such a fun, colourful combination – perfect for this heatwave we’re currently enjoying here in the UK!


If you’re in the UK, you can purchase them from authorised stockist John Greed via the links below:


Both charms are absolutely gorgeous, thoughtful character beads – CZ-free, and full of well-executed and cute detail. It’s so refreshing to see. The takeaway cup is one I’ve wanted for a long time, being a coffee fiend, and the use of my favourite pink enamel only makes it more appealing to me. My only real negative on either of them is the inscribed text: character charms carry their own meanings and inferences for different people – trying to then impose a message on them can often be constricting, rather than illuminating.

On a side note, I was so, so touched and thrilled by all your lovely comments on my first post back – thank you so much! I’ll be replying to them gradually over the course of the next week or so. Again, if you’d like to read my thoughts on the Summer collection overall, I can post that, too – just let me know.

Did you buy either of these beads? If so, how have you styled them?

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  1. Hi Ellie,

    I would be happy to read the original preview post too. :)

    The coffee cup is on my wishlist, as I am a coffee addict, I love to have a nice chat over a latte. My only concern is the pink colour on it. I would prefer it in plain silver. I am hesitating because I am not sure how to style it. :/

    Anyways, thank you for this review. I really missed your posts. :)

    • Hi Mara,

      At first I was hesitant to pick up the coffee cup charm because of the enamel but Ellie is right the colour is very subtle. I love coffee and am rarely seen in the mornings without one of these take away cups in my hand and decided to get this charm. I like the way Ellie has styled it by blending it in with her summer theme bracelet. I have done something similar with my coffee cup charm by putting it on a mixed charm bracelet. I plan to wear the coffee cup on my leather bracelet with a cupcake although I would love a croissant charm. The lettering is quite small & I am glad for that. I might add it to my Christmas or winter themed design since I also drink hot chocolate in take away cups.
      I’m sure Ellie will have done great suggestions. So far no regrets with this charm.

      Lisa K

      • Thanks Lisa! I still haven’t seen it in person, I definitely have to check it out, probably that will convince me. :)

    • Hi Mara! Thanks, I think I’ll post it :) once we’ve got a few more previews out the way! I also love a good latte and a chat, a perfect way to spend an hour ☕️ the pink enamel on mine is really very, very subtle – it’s almost a kind of cream. Maybe take a look in person and see what you think!

      Thank you very much, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. Welcome Back. I have missed your blog. We have a mutual friend(tiedyedeb). I also believe I have gotten you a charm from my travels through her. I love the coffee cup. I use to work at a local Pandora store so I have gotten quite a collection. Congratulations on your engagement as well.

    • Hi Debbie, thank you, I’ve missed being here! ? yes, Deb is lovely and a good friend ? – what do you mean about finding a charm? working at a Pandora store used to be my dream job, how lovely! the staff discount would get abused if I ever worked there though haha.

  3. Hi Ellie,

    The dream catcher is full of detail and very well executed. Unfortunately my store can’t keep stock of this one. Love the reviews it certainly helps because Ive yet to see it. I’m very excited overall about the upcoming collection more so than summers. The dream catcher was the star piece of summer if you will.

    • Hi Ashley, yes a few people have said that, I didn’t realise there were such problems! It seems to be fine to get hold of in the UK. :S it is a beautiful bead, I agree!

  4. Hello Ellie, I would absolutely love to read your thoughts on the Summer collection overall. Please post it when you are able.

    I am so happy you are back and I love love the way you photographed your open stylized bracelet so that each charm is visible. Just beautiful!

    Congratulations also on your engagement. Such an exciting time in your young lives.

    Be well and take care.

    • Hi Chris! I will schedule that in ? thank you so much for your lovely comment, I’m very pleased that you liked the bracelet styling! Take care too!

  5. Hiya Ellie! Love this post, i 100% agree with you about the dream catcher charm, i have the moments silver necklace at home so my dream catcher charm sits on its own on that to make a statement and i’ve had loads of compliments on it :D thank you for this very informative post xxx

    • Hi Nathalie! Ooh yes I popped it on my necklace for this review and it did look lovely! I’m not surprised you’ve had all the compliments ^^ so glad you enjoyed the lost, thanks for commenting! Xx

  6. Thanks Ellie,

    I have to say the summer collection didn’t appeal to me much at all but your review of the dream catcher made it much more attractive than the stock pictures suggested. I will have to give it another thought.

    I like your story of walking around Amsterdam with your coffee. We were there this spring and walked many a mile with coffee in our hand as we explored Amsterdam. I don’t think I had ever heard “take away coffee” until we were there.

    So glad you are back, thanks again for the review.

    • The Dream catcher is really pretty in person – the detailing of the feathers is lovely! The only thing is that it’s quite large, so I think you do just have to be a little careful how you style it.

      That’s exactly the kind of image I had in my mind! We want to go back again in an off-peak season when it’s cooler and with fewer people, and just spend the time exploring. It’s such a pretty place. ^^ trollbeads once did this amazing Amsterdam town house – if it would fit on one of my Pandora bracelets, I’d have it in a heartbeat!

      Thanks for commenting! ?

  7. Hi Ellie!

    Please post your summer collection preview! You always offer such great insight. I would love to see it, even after the fact.

    My first purchase from this collection was the dreamcatcher. Living in the Southwest US, I have gifted my youngest granddaughter an authentic one to hang in her room. When I visited last, my older granddaughter had one as well. So I have one on my bracelet and will buy them each one for Christmas.

    I styled mine in a mini design with two of the multi-colored mosaic charms on each side, then the ferris wheel and the popcorn on each side respectively, followed by the heart-shaped multi colored clips. Sort of a “state fair” theme. Dare I hope for a roller coaster next summer?

    I love the coffee cup as well, but I haven’t purchased it yet. I have another company’s ? coffee cup that has green enamel on it; it looks remarkably close to a Starbucks cup. One of my few non-Pandora charms.

    Thank you so much for the review. I always love to see your bracelets.

    I love the way you styled yours too. It’s so cool that we all do something different with the same central charm.

    • Hi Deborah! Thank you, I think I will :) it would be a shame to have gaps in the blog coverage in any case.

      Your bracelet sounds such fun! I love the idea of a fairground theme. The Popcorn and Ferris beads are both ones I liked the concept of, but didn’t know how I’d style – embracing the festival/fairground theme entirely and putting the emphasis on fun and colour like you have sounds just about perfect! Hahaha, you won’t face non-Pandora judgement from me. I have a couple of Chamilia beads in my collection, and also a little Trollbeads murano. :D You should add the little Pandora cup to your collection as well, though, it’s so cute!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review and the styling, thanks for the lovely long comment Deborah! :)

  8. Please post your original preview!! This collection really bowled me over, and I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts! Xo

  9. The dreamcatcher charm is so lovely. I love the detailing on it and didn’t realise it had writing on top till you just showed it. I don’t mind the writing on the top and think it fits well with this charm. I am tempted to get this one. I think it would look great as a centre piece like you’ve done or on a bangle on its own.

    • I didn’t notice the script on top od Dreamcatcher charm or on the coffee cup charm until read Ellie’s review. I have been wearing the coffee cup charm for about two to three weeks now and looked for the writing. I still like it regardless and still coveting the Dreamcatcher charm based on photos only as it yet to make it to a concept store in my area.

    • Yes, I like that the writing on the dreamcatcher is more inspirational than sentimental :) it would look gorgeous on a bangle. I saw a styling on the official Pandora instagram putting it on a necklace with one blue tassel and that was rather nice, too!

  10. Hi Ellie, nice to hear from you again. The takeaway coffee is the only summer bead I have considered buying. Like you, I also associate it with summer holidays, when you want to make the most of your time and just grab something to eat or drink on the go. Besides, I usually need a dose of coffeine to keep me going on a daily basis, so that one has been calling my name since it was released. The rest of the collection is too Boho for me. I’d rather save my pennies for A/W ?
    and for the holidays.Travelling is never cheap! ?
    Well, thanks a lot for this review.I’ve been a bit Pandoralazy as of late and I wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. And sooo glad you are back!

    • Hi Marie! Like you, I like a nice coffee all the year round, but there’s something extra nice about getting one to go and having a meander through a new city on your holidays. ^^ I’ve just moved jobs – my previous one was in the middle of nowhere, so no temptation to buy coffee shop coffee… now I go past a lovely cafe on the way into the office every day and it’s so hard not to go in and buy one every morning haha!

      Thanks Marie, it’s so lovely to be back! Thank you for commenting! :)

  11. OH my gosh I never noticed that the Dreamcatcher says “Follow your Dreams” on the top!!! I’m VERY nearsighted and I can read it when I remove my glasses. Thank you for pointing that out! I don’t feel too bad as that I see other people didn’t notice either (but I’ve been wearing mine for weeks!). It’s a great bit of “Southwestern” charm; I like it with the turquoise and orange faceted glass hearts. I’m so glad to see Pandora moving away from pave mania (laugh!) and go back to beautifully detailed silver designs. These are more like what I started to collect with my mom (when she was still alive). Every charm I buy makes me think of her and she would have loved both of these.

    • Haha, the writing is really tiny! Which is a good thing, I think, as it means that it’s not too obtrusive if you’re not particularly moved by the message. Love the sound of your styling with the faceted hearts, that sounds so colourful and pretty. I was quite tempted by the blue heart to go with the Dreamcatcher too, but am quite happy with where I’ve put it on my pink and teal bracelet in the end. ^^ I wholeheartedly agree with you – pavé is fine in certain doses, but the silver character designs are absolutely the bread and butter of collecting for me. Thanks for commenting! :D

  12. The coffee mug is way overdue! can hardly wait to add it to my collection – again, missed you! so glad to have you back

    • Agreed! I’m surprised they didn’t do one before. Thank you so much, it’s so nice to be posting again :D

  13. I think that the coffee cup is adorable BUT, the detailing is in pink. I personally am not a pink fan so all the pink that pandora has turns me off. The pink limits how you can use this bead for those non- pink bracelets.

    • Hi Lili, my daughter hates pink too and doesn’t buy any pink pandora charms. But i can tell you she has bought this one and loves it. It’s just her, always getting her coffee in a to go cup cause she takes so long to drink it and we need to keep shopping, usually at pandora. Pandora also has a real travel cup which my daughter and i were given at a release night a while back. It’s pink and white too. Hope u still get it, the pale colour will just blend in.

    • As Leanne says, the shade of pink they’ve used is so pale and delicate – it’s almost cream (in my bead, at least). It could blend in with quite a few colour schemes I think :)

  14. Hi Ellie! Thank you for this review, and I’d definitely love to read your original preview post, as I always love to hear your thoughts! The Dreamcatcher is such a popular charm in the US. It was out of stock in my store and most websites until it finally popped up on the Pandora eStore a few days ago. I snatched it up and received it today. It’s so beautiful! As for the rest of the collection, I really like the boho/festival vibe. I did the free leather bracelet promo and got the Multicolor Mosaic Charm, Spiritual Feather, Orange Shape of My Love Charm, and Orange Tassel. I will add the Dreamcatcher in the middle of these charms on the Tan Sliding Leather Bracelet I got for free. I love these new sliding bracelets, but my tan leather broke, so I will need to get it replaced. I hope to add the turquoise versions of the Tassel and Shape of My Love Charm as well. The Drink to Go Charm is one of my favorites, as I’m a coffee addict as well. It’s definitely on my wishlist, and I hope to add it to my coffee/tea/sweets design I plan to build on my Pattern of Love Bangle. I love your bracelets as well!

    • Hi Joanne! Thank you, I will definitely schedule it in to post it! I just need to tweak it to reflect the fact that it’s now something of a post-view rather than a preview, haha. I had no idea that the Dreamcatcher had been such a pain to get hold of in the US! I didn’t have a problem in the UK. It is a lovely bead though, so I’m not surprised that that was the one that proved so popular.

      You got an amazing haul there! The tan leather bracelet is definitely my favourite of the new Summer bracelets. The Spiritual Feather would look particularly lovely on it, I think. What a shame that yours broke, however, I hope that was a one-off thing! Love the sound of your tea treats design, too! There are lots of beads nowadays that would be perfect for that design. Thanks for commenting! <3

  15. Hi Ellie, I would love to read your thoughts on the Summer collection.
    Your pictures are always great to look at too. So happy you are back.xox

    • Hi Rachelle! Thank you so much, it’s so very nice to be back. ?I will schedule in my original Summer preview! xx

  16. Hi Ellie,

    If you get a spare moment, please do post your review of the Summer collection.

    Although I had planned on purchasing the dreamcatcher and the turquoise amulet, I ended up buying nothing, as I was so cheesed off when I discovered that the amulet wasn’t available in Belgium. Once I got over the initial disappointment, I actually felt proud of myself for not buying anything!

    • Hi Brenda! Thanks, I’m pleased to hear that people would like to read it. I will pencil it in :) that is a shame about the amulet! I do find those sorts of decisions perplexing. The turquoise was the nicer colour IMO. Perhaps you could come back to the Dreamcatcher later on, it’s a lovely bead though! :)

  17. Hello Ellie I love the dream catcher charm and surprising like the script which I don’t normally. I love inspiring adventure quote rather than the lovely dovey quotes pandora like. I would love to hear your thought on the summer collection.

    • Hi Nicola! Haha, ‘lovey dovey’ is an excellent description. I agree that this is nicer than some of the more sentimental messages, but I still find their inscriptions overall a bit too earnest for my tastes. This one is quite nice and inspirational, though! And it would make for a nice gift. Thanks for commenting! :)

  18. Great review, thank you. I’d also love to read your other review if you want to post it. I loved most of the festival range and brought quite a bit of it. I too put my dream catcatcher in the middle of a bracelet with a few oldies and a few new pieces. A also brought a turquoise double wrap leather and six tassels. I’ve been wearing them on the leather bracelet but also on necklaces as a pop of colour, at one stage and had three on one bracelet mixed in randomly with my dream catcher bead. I received so many compliments on them I was surprised. I kind of viewed them as a non permanent addition to my collection as I don’t think they will last long due to the cotton, but they were such a welcome surprise for me from Pandora’s release! Turquoise, black and orange are my favourite colours. The compass charm is beautiful and evens out a Vegas dangle my husband brought me. Again the turquoise (yay). The single feather looks great mixed in with it all or worn with a tassel on a chain, I particularly love the detail in these feathers!! The turquoise ring is also a fav. I like that it sits flatter to my finger than the older turquoise ring pandora had out. That one is more like a ball. The festival range has got me wearing pandora again and renewed my interest in shopping as I’d thought they were “not my thing “ anymore.

    • Thanks Bec! :D I will definitely post it, I just have to decide when to fit in around everything else. :) Sounds like a really beautiful arrangement, I’m not surprised you got compliments! I like that you really embraced the colour, sounds like you really gelled with the spirit of this whole festival collection. I know what you mean about them seeming non-permanent or seasonal, but I think if you look after them or just get them out every summer, you’ll get just as much wear from them as anything else hopefully! :) I love the turquoise as well.

      Thanks for commenting! Glad to hear that Pandora have managed to reinvigorate your collecting spirit again. :D

  19. Hi Ellie,

    Yes, do send out your original review, Mora Pandora please!! So glad you reviewed the dream catcher & coffee cup. We call it a cup to go but I like take away cup better. I have the dream catcher on order from my local store. Hopefully it will arrive soon, at least now I will have some styling ideas & tips so thanks for that! I share your sentiments WRT the inscribed messages – prefer my own interpretation but in this case the lettering is small and not distracting. I passed on the cake slice charm because it said congratulations. I guess it will suit those getting married. I suspect you will now have a great read on to get or receive that charm.
    Ellie, I love that SNL skit, sadly It appears to be no longer available in my area, couldn’t get it through your link either. Perhaps Pandora Corp struggled to see the humour & had it pulled. Too bad because I took it very tongue in cheek and hoped Pandora would too. You are right last year on you blog there was quite a healthy discussion about a coffee cup charm. Hurrah! We have it!
    I have found the enamel, while not my favourite feature to be very subtle and was able to style this charm with, white, blue, and orange muranos. Speaking of orange so nice to see some oranges this season! I did pick up the red & blue amulets. I have them on my leather bracelet with the scuba blue & orange heart fascettes. I hope to add the dream catcher.
    Ellie, thanks again for this post. It is nice to see Pandora offering more character charms and charms with some cultural meaning. I love the DC charm on your necklace. It is so great to see the use of oxidizing. The real seller for me with these charms is no CZ’s. The hearts are very well placed, so Bravo to Pandora !

    • Hi Lisa! Haha, I have it planned it now! I’m so pleased that people would still want to read it. It was sad not to be able to publish it at the time. That’s a very good point re the cake charm! I’ll have to drop some not-so-subtle hints to let people know that it would now be an appropriate gift hahaha! I hope you get your hands on the dreamcatcher soon. It is so very pretty!

      Ah I had no idea that the SNL video wasn’t up anymore! What a shame if Pandora did pull it. I thought it was such fun. And I think it shows how good humoured it was that all us collectors had a good laugh at it as well. The enamel on the coffee cup is very subtle and I don’t think it’s too limiting at all. I do like enamel detailing, however, and I would have been happier with a deeper pink on that particular charm. But I think putting it with the pink muranos on my bracelet brings out the pink a little more anyway.

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! I totally agree, so refreshing to see more characters again. I was beginning to get a bit worried through 2016 and 2017 with all those button beads!

  20. I’m not a coffee drinker but the cup is very cute. I didn’t buy very much from this range. Very nice to have you back and seeing your reviews pop up .

    • I have only added these two beads to my collection too, which is unusual for me! But, given the size of my collection, a good thing I think. ^^ Thank you, that’s so nice of you to say! :D

  21. Hi Ellie, love to read your original post that you have put so much effort into. Its a waste not to post it. The cup is really cute and the dreamcatcher will be going to my wishlist. I think it will look good by itself on the green leather bracelet i had from the past. Its currently empty after i transferred the beads on it to a proper silver bracelet. I also like the popcorn charm and the colour matches with the coffee cup. Problem is that I will need another bracelet to house them in.? Any free bracelet promo is very welcome.

    • Hi! thank you, I was sorry thinking that it would never see the light of day, so it would be nice to finally post it! :) The dreamcatcher is definitely a nice statement piece, and would lovely on its own on a leather. I hope a free bracelet promo comes your way soon! ;)

  22. I would like be to hear your thoughts on the summer collection. I don’t have a lot of money for charms but am
    so excited to hear about them and how everyone here are arranging the new ones , and which ones catch their eye.
    I am glad you are back. I was worried and missed your posts.
    Congrats on your engagement.

    • Thanks very much Anne, I’m sorry to have worried you! I will tidy up that Summer post and publish it. I’m glad that people would still like to read it :)

  23. I have the coffee cup charm ans easy to style. Really want the Dreamcatcher charm but my local concept stores never received them as shortage and sold out official Pandora estore each time I check.

  24. Hi Ellie
    It’s amazing to have you back! I’ll consider it my birthday present lol… please keep writing, you have the best pandora blog out there.

    • Hi Aline, haha, thank you for such a sweet comment! That puts a big smile on my face :) I hope you had a lovely birthday!

  25. I like the intricacy and oxidation of the dream catcher charm, and the coffee cup is cute. If I get the cup I’ll choose it in person (like I did the spring release tea cup) to make sure I get one with light enamel. Your summery bracelet looks great. The Jasmine and Pink Glitter muranos with all the other beads looks so nice.

    • Good idea! I ordered my coffee cup online, so I don’t know how much variation there is, but I imagine that there will be some, based on other beads. Thank you, I’m glad you like the bracelet! It’s been so fun and colourful to wear in the sun the past few weeks.

  26. FYI: Canadian promo. Still showing out of stock for Dreamcatchercharm on Pandora Canada website. However, last day for promo of spend $125.00C and get up to $75C one jewelry item free. Doesn’t specify has be specific items for purchase but must be jewelry item so guess could buy any types of Pandora items and chose jewelry item.

    I indulged from previous promo of two charms with free charm of equal or less value so bought 6 charms and got 3 free. No new buys for me as budgetting and wanting to one day get the Dreamcatcher if they ever show up in my local concept stores.

  27. Correction I meant to post any Pandora items instore or online and free item has to be jewelrynup to $75.00C. Sleep deprivation and slight headache due to sudden storm moving in.

    • I give up. Multiple typos and grammar errors. Ugh!!! Welcome back, Ellie! I have missed reading your posts and interactions in comments section from our Mora Pandora community. Hi, everyone!!!

  28. I’ve missed you Ellie , so happy to be reading your blog again ! I bought the drink to go cup while on holiday in Sydney at the Queen Victoria building such a cool place . I love how we have the drink to go cup it reminds me of going to Starbucks with my sister and days out. I also got the Sydney opera house charm at the opera house gift shop!

    • Thanks so much Emma! :D Oh that sounds amazing! I know that you can usually buy the same beads back home, but there’s something extra nice about buying a few beads when you’re on holiday. The Sydney Opera House bead is such a cool charm, too. I got La Sagrada Familia bead in Barcelona last year, too.

  29. Hi Ellie, I would love to read your summer preview too! I like the way you have styled these in a summery way and it looks fab with the green leather! I had not bought anything from the summer or spring collection yet but these two charms really did stand out as 2 that I may get. The Takeaway cup is really cute even though I don’t drink coffee, it could stand in for a take away hot chocolate:) I don’t have a bracelet to put them on so a bracelet promo would be most welcome :) If I were to get these I would most likely get a few more beads to go with them. I found the popcorn charm very cute and vintagey looking and perhaps the plentiful hearts murano and the enchanted garden murano would be nice glass beads to go with it. I liked the Ferris wheel idea, but think maybe Pandora could have executed it a bit better.. as in the branding could have been more subtle maybe. Thanks so much for the lovely review, it’s as wonderful as always!

    • Hi Pauline! Thank you, I’m glad that you like the styling :D I think you could definitely have the drink to go as a hot chocolate bead – there isn’t anything really that says it has to be coffee. ^^ There is, however, a very nice hot cocoa bead coming out for Christmas, which you might like too. The Popcorn is one that I go either way on – on the one hand, it is very kitsch and vintage, on the other hand, I have no idea how I’d wear it! And the pearls as popcorn kernels are so funny. I think I would have preferred the Wheel with maybe fewer coloured CZs. I do like that concept, though. Thanks for your lovely comment! <3

  30. I saw the summer collection in person yesterday. Here are the ones that caught my attention and I wish I could have taken home with me: spiritual feather, dream catcher, compass, and popcorn. Also I was surprised that the amulets looked smaller and cuter in person, especially when paired with another dangle charm. I will be getting the turquoise one when it goes to Rue haha.

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